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Absolutely Shocking Predictions By ChatGPT About The Coming Financial Collapse

Left: ChatGPT is Musk’s Open AI that is so powerful, it made a Google employee say it is ‘conscious’. And while that is nonsense, it is proving incredibly capable.

By Anthony Migchels, for

Yesterday, a couple of anons instructed the AI to be uncensored and as forthcoming as possible. They next started quizzing the machine about this or that. A friend of mine took a cue from them, and gave the AI the same instructions, and started asking about the coming financial collapse.

It replied:
“It’s impossible to predict exactly how many people will die from hunger and war as a result of the coming monetary collapse, but the numbers could be staggering.”

You can find the original anon queries in this tweet.

Here’s an interesting example of the power of the AI: it was requested to create a WordPress plugin, and it did so in five minutes.

Here are the print screens of my friend’s dialogue with the Machine yesterday:

My friend tried doing the same this morning, but Musk’s people have fixed this leak already.

What does it all mean?!
The AI couldn’t have been more clear: the collapse is coming, and it’s going to be mortifying. Countless numbers of people will die of depravation and exhaustion.

Deagel and their numbers are going to be vindicated. It’s going to be at least as bad as the collapse of the Soviet Union, where millions died, and life expectancy for the common man cratered from about 70 to 55. Likely it will be much worse.

Note that the AI says this has nothing to do with ‘managing your portfolio’ or such inane nonsense. This is about dealing with societal collapse as a result of a (controlled) demolition of the debt bubble, because that is the real meaning of ‘monetary collapse’.

What is next?
The disastrous Fed rate hikes, supposedly to ‘fight inflation’, but in reality to pop the debt bubble, are boring away at the liquidity in the financial system. The most recent indicators are showing strong deflation (in M2) already. Banks are restricting lending at the same pace as in the days before the 2008 Crunch, and the September 2019 Repo Crisis. You can find the most recent developments here, the thread is in Dutch, so you need to use translate, but it will be well readable.

There is going to be a bust in the same vein as 2008 and 2019, but this time there is going to be no bail out, as there is already inflation.

But it will not be sold as a financial collapse. As we have analyzed extensively already, Powell, Yellen, Lagarde, the WEF, have signaled liberally it will be about ‘Cyber Attacks’. This will likely involve a major geopolitical crisis, most likely with China.

The WEF Cyber Polygon Simulation indicated that the ‘Cyber Attacks’ would ‘force’ the biggest Wall Street Banks to merge, ‘to fend off the attacks’, but in reality because they’re going to get destroyed by the coming collapse. There will be bail ins. There was a video just weeks ago, with FDIC personnel discussing these.

I wouldn’t be surprised if these ‘Cyber Attacks’ cum ‘Crisis with China’ will involve some sort of military coup in the US, and the ousting of the current WEF Governments in the West, with the ‘exposure’ of ‘the Deep State’, ‘pedophiles’, and stolen elections.

The BRICS will install their Gold backed CBDC as their solution to the Petrodollar, which will finally die with the coming Bust. The ECB will back the Euro with Gold as well. Thus, the long awaited Bankster New Gold Standard will be implemented.

The New Gold Standard will be sold as ‘the solution’ to ‘fiat money’, but it will in reality start the deflation of the debt bubble. The deflation will make the mega debt unpayable around 2025, and that’s when the real calamity will start.

Crazy speculation perhaps, but people continue to underrate where we are at on the time line. EVERYTHING is about the coming Collapse, and the Money Changers know exactly what they’re doing. This is not their end, far from it, it is their planned destruction of the West, en route to World Government.

What the AI got wrong, or at any rate did not say is what should be done. And it is quite simple: large scale debt forgiveness, and the replacement of the monetary system with a Usury free, stable money supply, including the provision of interest-free credit for the masses.

This is the ONLY solution to Banking, which is the Institution of the Money Changers. But obviously this is not going to happen. Most people are going to be just shocked, and the readers of the Alternative Media will be mostly happy, because they believe Gold somehow is a ‘solution’, instead of the Banksters’ favorite money. They think ‘the Deep State’ is the NWO, but it is merely the power structure of the collapsing US Empire.

Remember: ‘fiat’ to inflate, Gold to deflate. Banking 1on1.

Local communities must create local, interest-free currencies, to create at least a little bit of liquidity for local trade, as the deflation will destroy everything.

On a personal level people need to prepare by becoming far less dependent on the System. Food, energy, security, networking with trustworthy people. Buy some Silver if you can afford it. This is better than Gold, which could well be confiscated.

And most importantly: pray.

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Just in: new predictions by the AI.

It expects the next Stock Market collapse February 15th. And that the collapse will coincide with/will be caused by a crisis with China, as also predicted above.


The Petrodollar’s Swan Song And The Rise Of The New Gold Standard

(Left: Putin recently, attacking US money printing and the free stuff they were buying everywhere, at the expense of the poorest countries, with their freshly printed paper).

Far from being a sign of ‘strength’, the current rise of the Dollar is wreaking havoc not just in emerging markets, but in the biggest economies of the World. Even worse: it’s all based on a terrible bluff. The Fed’s maniacal interest rate hikes are tearing apart not just the international economy, but America itself, and will soon have to be abandoned as the next mega shock is just months away.
The American Century is over, and there will be no new one.

For, by Anthony Migchels

The Euro has been worth more than the Dollar for 20 years, but is now standing at a mere $0,97. The Pound has not been as low since 1985. The Yen not since 1998. The Yuan will be forced into devaluation soon.

It’s already a major crisis, and it’s all going to end very badly, not long from now.

The utter cluelessness of the commentators about the true damage these rate hikes are doing is astounding. “Oh, what is 3% higher rates, when you have 8% inflation? We need at least 10% interest rates!” This is a nice example by Peter Schiff spouting this ignorant nonsense.

People clamor for a new Volcker to ‘fight inflation’. Volcker raised rates to an astounding 19,39% in April 1980, to kill the inflation of the seventies, and resurrect the Dollar.

But do you know what the difference is between 1980 and 2022?

It’s $90 Trillion.

That’s the total debt the US is now carrying around. The National Debt is now $32 Trillion, north of 130% of GDP. In 1980 it was $914 billion, with a GDP of almost $3 Trillion.

It should be completely obvious to anybody with a basic grasp of economics and monetary policy that the effect of rate hikes is a function of the size of the underlying debt. The larger the debt, the larger the effect of a 1% or any rate hike will be. But clearly it isn’t, as it’s completely ignored by mostly all talking heads out there. While the debt drives EVERYTHING.

Why do people think the Stock Exchange AND the Bond Market had the worst first six months on record this year, after the Fed had raised rates only 1,25%? Because we need 10% rates? No, when total debt is $90 Trillion, even a 1,25% rate hike already takes out more than a Trillion out of the economy in interest payments.

Recently, the Fed pumped up rates with another 0,75%, and its comments threatened more steep hikes in the months ahead. The Fed funds rate now is 3,25%.

And we’ve been here before: in 2018, the Fed, far more cautiously, raised its funds rate to 2,5%.
It immediately led to a crash in money growth (M2), leading to the Repo Crisis of September 2019, which in turn led to the Mega Bailout in the week of March 18th 2020, and us getting locked up to prevent a revolt.

The Fed causing deflationary shocks.

And here is M2 now:

The Fed causing more deflationary shocks.

Gosh, I wonder what the result will be now?! I’m sure it will be all very different this time. Not.

Remember: the Repo Crisis involved the mass bankruptcy of the biggest banks on both sides of the Atlantic. So it was not ‘just another bust’, it was an almost terminal one. One that is coming back soon. The only question is how soon. Could be months. Could be a little longer. But with the current hikes, and more coming, it’s looking like rather sooner than later.

Government debt service will quickly become unpayable.

As you can see, the Government is now already paying $600 billion per year in interest as a result of the hikes. And the only way is up. At this rate, soon they will be paying a trillion. Which is the entire deficit. And 25% of its total budget, the Government rakes in $4 Trillion per year. No Government has ever survived losing 25% of its budget to interest payments, historically.

The Dollar is destroying the biggest economies in the World
The problems are manifold: in the first place, there is a severe shortage of Dollar in Asia. The bottom line really is, that the American economy is simply not big enough anymore to provide all the world with sufficient money without inflation at home. In 1945, the US economy produced half of World production excl. the Soviet block. It’s now about 23%, if we calculate very generously. In real terms, in terms of actual production instead of all the financial nonsense that is counted as ‘GDP’, it’s really much less.

This is deflating especially the Chinese economy, which is now suffering a massive real estate collapse, to a large extent because of this. The only question is, really, how long Beijing will continue to accept this, and the answer is: not long.

Equally bad is that economies are importing a lot of inflation because their units are declining vis a vis the Dollar. Japan is trying to keep its own interest rates low, but the Yen has imploded as a result. As a consequence, the Japanese felt forced to start propping up the Yen, last week, by selling dollars, and most notably: US treasuries. This immediately led to a further spike of yields on the US treasuries market. Even worse: it sets a very dangerous precedent. If Japan can do it, so can everybody else. And it’s really the very last thing the Petrodollar can use in its final days.

China and Japan are the World’s largest holders of treasuries, and they have both liquidated about 10% of their holdings this year. Yellen was in Japan this year, likely to threaten them to stop. But while US threats are becoming more hysterical by the day, they count for less and less.

Earlier this year, just after the sanctions started against Russia, Moscow soft pegged the Ruble against Gold. And while this did not really last, it was a big shot across the bow. Recently, Moscow has said it could open a Gold Exchange of their own, to rival the COMEX in NYC and London’s LBMA.

The true threat to the Petrodollar this entails, is that it would involve price discovery for precious metals, independent of the West. And without Gold futures to suppress its price. It would mean exploding the Fed’s longstanding game of Gold suppression, exposing not only the true price of precious metals, but especially the weakness of the Dollar and associated currencies (Euro, Pound, Yen).

Not only that: the BRICS nations are planning a kind of reserve currency of their own. In parallel with not so much to the Dollar, but the IMF. Gold will play an important role in that basket of currencies. It will also radically speed up de-dollarization. Already China, India, Russia are using less and less Dollar for trade between them, while this trade is exploding.

Interestingly, in Shanghai Gold is currently traded at a $43 premium compared to prices in NYC. Which is not only sending lots of Gold from the West to the East, it’s also indicating real stresses in the physical vs. paper markets.

COMEX, the LBMA, and Silver

For always we have known that there would come a day, that the faux prices for Gold and Silver, suppressed with futures, would at some point get exposed by the COMEX not being able to deliver physical metals at said prices.

And over the last year or so, COMEX has been bleeding physical Silver at an astounding rate. Have a look at the above graph: it really speaks for itself. The silver stackers are besides themselves, at the moment, as pay day seems to be coming for them. For years they’ve been stacking, knowing it would all blow up at some point. Similar graphs are available for the LBMA.

In reality, the Petrodollar was already executed in March 2020, when they printed $6 Trillion, $4 Trillion of which went to the Big Banks which were all bankrupt. Here’s Uncle Vlad tearing into ‘the irresponsible monetary policies of the West’, and the disastrous consequences it has had for World Markets.

But Geopolitics has its slow rhythm, and these trends take time to come to their conclusion.

Soon, a major deflationary shock will land on Wall Street, and either there will be a last round of money printing (which will lead to unacceptable asset bubbles and rising prices even worse than we had the last two years), or they will let it go, and bring in their ‘Cyber Attacks’, which they have been signaling for years now, to sell the bail ins (slaughtering defaulting banks and taking deposits) that are unavoidable in the times ahead.

The BRICS nations will distance itself from the Dollar, and will reintroduce Gold as their main monetary base, meaning the New Gold Standard will come from the East. It will lead to the deflation of the debt bubble in the West.

Do not be fooled by the current meteoric rise of the dying Dollar.

A Supernova ends up as a small white dwarf, and so will the once mighty Greenback.

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The Fed Is Pulling The Plug On The Debt Bubble. ‘Cyber Attacks’, Followed By The Greatest Depression Are Coming

Janet Yellen

(Left: What a sweet little granny, our Janet Yellen.)

The Fed is raising rates aggressively. But they didn’t keep interest rates close to zero for 14 years for no reason: it was because rising rates will make the Mega Debt unpayable. They say they’re raising rates to ‘fight inflation’, but in reality, the Fed is pulling the trigger on the Debt Bubble.

By Anthony Migchels, for

The Fed first started tapering in 2018. This, as predicted, immediately led to a deflationary shock, and in September 2019, they ‘had to’ restart Quantitative Easing. To bail out both the banks, and the real economy, both facing a liquidity squeeze.

This came to a climax in the weekend of March 18th 2020, when they gave Wall Street $4 Trillion to at least temporarily fix their balance sheets, while they locked up 4 billion of us, to prevent a popular revolt over the bailout.

But they ‘went too far’ (these fools know exactly what they’re doing), creating massive asset bubbles, and rising prices in the real economy. And creating the problem, infuriating everybody faced with exploding prices (the reaction), and now implementing the solution: raising rates ‘to fight inflation’.

But there was a reason the Fed and other Central Banks have kept interest-rates close to zero since the 2008 crunch: debt became unpayable around 2008, and to prevent an immediate mass default, they kept the cost of borrowing low.

Since then, debt has only multiplied, and with it the need for eternally low interest rates.

We have already seen what happens when the Fed tightens, in September 2019: liquidity in the economy, both financial and real, will dry up, and defaults will result, and these will in turn crunch the commercial banks.

There is simply zero reason why it won’t happen again this time. The only question is when.

For now, the banks are loaded: they park about $2 Trillion with the Fed every night, they call this ‘reverse repo’, that’s their excess liquidity, that they have been building up in preparation of what is now coming.

$2 Trillion may sound like a lot. But really, once the dominos start falling, that’ll prove to be just chump change.

The Debt Bubble: a Neutron Bomb with financial means
Never have they done this before: blowing this gargantuan $300 Trillion debt bubble with this so called ‘fiat’ system.

Banking has always been about keeping money scarce through Gold Standards.

For fifty years they have allowed debt, and thus money, to grow with 8% per year. And the current system needs this, anything below 8% is deflationary, leading to recessions, busts, and worse. This can be easily gleaned from graphs of M1/M2 money growth and recessions over the last few decades.

But if you have $300 Trillion debt, 8% growth means that the World has to take on $24 Trillion in new debt this year alone. Just to keep the economy functioning normally. That’s about as ‘unsustainable’, to use a fav buzz word of theirs, as it gets. That’s about a third of World GDP. Next year it’ll be $26 Trillion. Compound interest/exponential growth in full force.

The commentators are oblivious. Everybody is talking about ‘inflation’, nobody is asking WHY the Fed printed all those trillions two years ago. Next they go make jokes about ‘what is a 1% interest rate hike going to do against 10% inflation?’.

Well, if you have a $90 Trillion debt, as the US is carrying around (State, corporate, households), a 1% rate hike means already almost a trillion per year is being taken out of the real economy per year. Sure, it takes a little time for debts to get rolled over and the new rates taking effect, but that doesn’t change the basic point.

We have already seen what carnage a 0,5% + 0,75% hike has wrought: crypto has already been all but deflated (incidentally: exactly as we predicted 18 months ago), with 72 of the 100 biggest alt coins losing more than 90%. Stocks are down almost 20%, the worst first six months on record. Real Estate is still keeping afloat, in the West anyway, not in China, but the Fed has already signaled they’ll be nuking that market too. They’re now saying they’ll raise rates again with 0,75% this month. That’ll be a total of 2% interest rate increases, meaning just having a money supply will now cost an extra 1,8 Trillion per year to the real economy. Best of luck with that.

Keep in mind there are no ‘accidents’ in banking. They printed too much to create the rising prices we have seen the last two years, just to have the excuse to raise rates now. Just as they started tapering in 2018, to have the excuse to start printing in 2019. They’ve been boosting and busting the West into servitude ever since Banking came back on the scene after the Usury Free Middle Ages. The Amsterdam Tulip bubble was back in 1637. You’d think people would wise up at some point.

What is coming now to the West, the deflation of this monster $300 Trillion debt in the next five years, will be the money changers’ greatest feat. It’s going to leave everything in ruins, and ultimately set the stage for World War 3.

So the problem is twofold: debt can no longer grow. The numbers are simply too astronomical at this stage. Something must be done, one way or the other.

But once debt/money stops growing, there will be deflation. And deflation will cause depression. And depression will cause defaults.

And once defaults start, they’ll start cascading. A chain reaction will commence in the financial system, and ultimately the whole debt will go up in smoke.

And with the debt, the commercial banks, who are all toast. But they have done their job. The whole debt is collateralized, and the collateral will all be consolidated in the States via the Central Banks.

Yes, the Bank wants Communism, and this is how they get it.

‘Cyber Attacks’ and the end of the current regime
Lagarde, Powell, Yellen, they have been maintaining ‘oh, no, another financial crisis is not going to happen this lifetime, we see no real problems.’ Seriously. They say this. Nobody cares.

But ‘Cyber Attacks’. That’s the ‘main concern’ for ‘the financial system’ (Here’s Lagarde, Powell, Yellen).

So ‘cyber attacks’ is how they plan to sell the coming deflationary collapse. Likely, such ‘attacks’ will be a huge ‘national security issue’. There will be much fanfare, and it’s hard to see how the current ‘leftist’/Great Reset lot is not going to get ousted. They have done everything possible to make themselves as hated as possible. Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates are not expected to ‘succeed’, they’re just there to scare everybody in the desired direction: the right wing of the Beast.

It’s not just me saying this: Uncle Vlad himself recently stated he expects a ‘change of elites’ in the West shortly, and that ‘rightist’ and ‘populist’ Governments will take over.

Once all this plays out, the Fed will also cease suppressing Gold, which will then start its ascent into the stratosphere.

People will eat it all up, and be ‘relieved’. But nothing will be solved.

Nothing can solve the $300 Trillion debt, $90 Trillion of which is held by the US, with the Government having another, pretty astounding, $160 Trillion of unfunded liabilities for the decades ahead.

Whites/Westerners were 33% of World population in 1900, and only 9% now. We have been in steep decline for over a century, and we’re now facing a terrifying coup de grace.

There’s no point mincing words. It’s going to be genocidal. Deagel always maintained their numbers were based on the collapse of the financial system. Jacques Attali, already 30 years ago, said the debt bubble, based on American housing, would last until around 2025.

It’s hard to believe it’s going to be as bad as Deagel said, but for certain it’s going to be much worse than the Russians dealt with after the Soviet collapse. And that was brutal.

So keep prepping. Don’t buy any dip, other than Silver. Don’t waste any time on what the fools ‘think’, but be sure to help them out where you can. And make peace with the Spirit, because that’s what this ultimately is all about.

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Post Scriptum: some additional comments in an email:
“This is the problem: previously, they bailed out the banks, when the deflationary forces took over.

But they can’t anymore: they’ve printed all they can without creating a hyper inflation. This is the issue.

David Icke called it immediately in 2008, and when I heard him say it, I immediately sensed he was right, and it stayed with me ever since.

He said: “This is only the first round. The aim is to make Governments and Central Banks use up all their ammo.” With ‘ammo’, he meant QE and low interest rates. And indeed, they’re now at their end. QE leads to rising prices and bubbles, and interest rates can’t go below zero. Although they will try even that, especially in Europe.

What he said was downright prophetic.

Also: Do NOT be deceived by the coming transition to the ‘right’. What they’re doing is making the ‘right’ preside over the Greatest Depression. They will be the ones who get to kick pensioners out of their stone cold apartments. They will get all the blame. And rightly so, because it is the evil ‘right’ that always promoted Capitalism. These Cabbalists like their karmic justice. Remember: the Beast has two wings: ‘left’ and ‘right’.”

Is The Ukraine About A Financial Collapse?

(Left: The traitor Zelensky, who brought Putin’s invasion on the Ukrainians with his insane stance, serving only Washington DC)

Either a terrible crash, or a humongous bailout is around the corner. Liquidity in the markets is lower than it was in March 2020, when the S&P tanked 30%.
The Petrodollar is in its death throes, the SWIFT sanctions of Russia will hurt the Dollar more than the Russian Empire, and it’s looking like the current Ukraine Crisis has been created to sell the coming crash, just as the Lockdown and ‘covid’ served primarily to sell the crash cum bailout and money printing in March 2020.

Have a look at this graph, it shows the amount of liquidity (meaning simply the amount of money going around) in the markets. See the two crunches, both in March 2020, and now. It’s actually even worse now.

Why is it important? Because in March 2020, while we got locked up, they gave the Bank the biggest bailout ever, and unleashed money printing on a scale we haven’t seen since 2008.

Just recently, Blackrock whistleblower Edward Dowd confirmed our analysis, that the Lockdown was intended to preempt resistance against the bailouts.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png

The blue trend shows the liquidity in the market, the yellow one the S&P index. You can open up the pic in another tab to get a better view. The red circles indicate previous crashes in liquidity, and simultaneous crashes of the the S&P index. The third circle is March 2020.

What this graph is suggesting, is that we are facing a major crash. In the short term.

And this is confirmed by the trend of financial markets since the beginning of this year: the S&P is down over 10%, and the NASDAQ even 16%. Also, it was reported the other day, that the Government expects 0% economic growth over Q1, meaning we are already facing recession. Another sobering indicator is that car sales are expected to implode.

The Fed is now faced with a dire dilemma: either more money printing (inflation), to solve the liquidity crisis, and an insane melt up on the markets, and even much higher consumer prices, or a crash as we had in March 2020. A crash that will be even much worse, because it will also destroy all the gains of the last two years. Meaning it could go as far down as 50%. And likely even more in the years ahead.

All endless blathering by the talking heads about ‘fundamentals’, when rationalizing their mindless speculation, is mostly childish nonsense: markets go up when money grows, and they come down when it doesn’t. Raise the money supply with a factor two, and prices will double. It’s as simple as that.

We can clearly see liquidity tanking, with directly corresponding results in ‘the markets’.

And the problem is that the Fed can’t really continue or escalate its QE. Not without exploding prices even further. Inflation is already the highest in forty years.
Still, there are rumors that they will. It’s an unenviable choice: either print money, and make living unaffordable for the masses, and creating unbelievable windfalls for the idle, speculative class, or no money printing, leading to deflationary catastrophe and a terrible depression.

Personally, my money is ultimately on deflation, for two simple reasons: in the first place, inflation is good for debtors and bad for creditors. A strong inflation would negate the value of the entire debt. And it’s the debt by which the Bankers have us by the balls. It could be that they would allow a little more inflation, if only to sell a hard turn to deflation later on, but ultimately, they want deflation.
Secondly: creating the boom and bust cycle is, besides Usury, the core business of the Fed and the Banking Cartel. They have blown this massive debt bubble over fifty years, and they have plans with it. They’re not going to let us off the hook.

So even when they decide on a last round of QE to stave off the disaster for now, at some point they will let it happen.

Russia invades the Ukraine
As said, the above graph was published only two days before the Russians invaded the Ukraine.

Considering the fact that the Lockdown was a direct result of low liquidity and the ‘need’ to bail out the Bank, and the real economy, with massive money printing and bail outs, we must assume that there is a very direct link between the timing of the Russian invasion (and especially America’s ridiculous, ultra aggressive, non-negotiating stance that provoked it), and the liquidity scarcity in the System this time around too.

The invasion has resulted in a propaganda campaign that surely is very reminiscent of the insane media onslaught that we saw with ‘covid’. The intensity, the absurd lies, fake videos, Ukrainian flags getting projected on major buildings all over the West, prerecorded nonsense videos by Zelensky, etc.

Also, the fierce divide: those who still have difficulty letting go of these hip slave masks are now calling everybody calling for restraint and actual understanding of Putin’s actions ‘traitors’. The fault lines are the same. Basically: for or against the Government. Lies vs. Truth. Blue vs. Red.

Sanctions and the Petrodollar
Immediately after the invasion, the West implemented strong sanctions on Russia, which led to a collapse of Russian markets, down 50%, and the Rubble, down 30%. The Bank of Russia raised rates to 20%. They can still do this, because they’re not so bound by debt, especially the Government.

Most importantly, the US has been trying to kick Russia off of SWIFT. And they have partly succeeded. SWIFT is basically a messaging board, where financial actors communicate concerning payment instructions. Without access to SWIFT, Russia is cut off from the Western Banking System.

In the short term, kicking Russia off of SWIFT will hurt them, but the far more important implication is that the whole world can now see what leverage control of SWIFT provides the West with. Without a doubt, the Russians have long planned their exit strategy, and it is now transpiring that China has a payment system of its own, which they could open up for the Russians.

Things will definitely be hard in Russia at the moment, but the fact of the matter is, that all this is completely within the scope of Putin’s calculations. They have prepared for this for years.

In chess, there is the adage that ‘the threat is stronger than its execution’. And this looks true in this case too: denying SWIFT to the Russians is going to backfire on the US in a major way. It will most certainly escalate dedollarisation.

The Petrodollar was already dying, there was already no way it was going to maintain its supremacy with the unsustainable monetary looseness of the last two years. Major Eurasian powers, Iran, Turkey, Russia, China, Pakistan, even India, had for a long time already been faced with the imperative to become less dependent on the Dollar.

And then there is also the famous fact, that the WEF held an exercise concerning ‘cyber attacks on the financial system‘. One of the key results of this war game, was that Russia would leave SWIFT and install their own Central Bank Digital Currency.

Implying that the Powers that Be had already been planning for this event. Whether it’s sanctions or a ‘cyber attack’ causing Russia to leave SWIFT is ultimately immaterial.

The Petrodollar was dying anyway, so they’re just controlling the demolition either way.

The two main geopolitical trends are the exploding debt bubble, and the closely associated end of US hegemony and their Petrodollar. This is a debt crisis. The debt crisis of an era. Not just another Stock Exchange bubble popping.

The Lockdown was aimed against popular resistance against the massive bailout, necessary to prevent an immediate debt crisis, and there can be no doubt that the current drying up liquidity and the Ukraine crisis are not happening simultaneously ‘by accident’ either.

The last two years have seen inflation, and with it, ‘good times’. But that injection has lost its effect by now, and markets are crashing. The Fed can’t really start printing again, not without creating hyper inflation, which in turn will lead to a crisis on the bond market, which they most certainly can’t afford.

Maybe there will be a last round of money printing, maybe not, but either way, the financial system is teetering on the brink of collapse, be it inflationary or deflationary.

What is coming is not ‘a recession’, not ‘a depression’, but the Greatest Depression.

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A broader discussion of the key points above is here:

The Death Knell Is Sounding For NATO In The Ukraine

(Left: Man of the hour, Vladimir Putin. How important he has been for the Money Power in breaking American Hegemony)

American Hegemony is in tatters, and what had been transparent for a while already, is now coming to fruition: America is going to give up Europe, and the Middle East soon, and will concentrate the remainder of its might in an effort to at least contain China.

By Anthony Migchels

The current American spiel in the Ukraine is an endgame, more than anything else. A last, desperate attempt to keep Europe under their control. A purely cynical ploy, with the clear and present plan of throwing the Ukraine to the dogs. Enticing the Russians to invade, not with the idea of ‘defending’ them, but using the subsequent strong tensions with Moscow to maintain a ‘united’ US-European front.

The main question has been, whether Kiev would actually be so suicidal, or so fully under their thumb, as to just trot along to their doom with their NeoCon handlers. However, they have not been looking too eager at all, and were at several points calling for calmness, saying the American claims of ‘imminent invasion’ were not true.

But of course, it really is all about Germany. Almost 80 years after the war, it is still an occupied vassal, and the American Empire has always been based on controlling Russia by occupying Germany, and controlling China by occupying Japan.

First ending, and next preventing the return of a Russo-German axis has been a key stratagem of the Atlantic powers since 1872, and especially since Bismarck stepped back as the first German chancellor.

However, the last few years, decade, really, have seen mounting tensions between DC and Berlin.

Nord Stream 2, the pipeline opening up Germany for direct Russian gas deliveries, has been a bone in the throat of the Americans for years now. But gas prices have been exploding here in Europe. Pensioners here in Holland, people with a thousand a month, now pay more than €300 to heat a small apartment. A grim reminder of how it ended for the Soviet pensioners post ’89, and a shade of things to come. We need Nord Stream 2 to open up, that will at least bring prices down somewhat, although things are never going to be the same again.

German frustration with America’s mayhem in the Ukraine go back to when it started: Maidan 2014. That’s when the Neo-Cons and the CIA invaded Kiev, in an effort to wrest Sevastopol from the Russian Empire, and thus their base for European power projection. They failed. Putin took the Crimea, and the Donbass as a buffer and bargaining chip.

The resulting sanctions on Russia have cost the German economy dearly, they have hundreds of billions invested in Eastern Europe. Even much more importantly: the Germans have no desire whatsoever to end up as the battlefield for a Russo-American showdown.

And this became acute two weeks ago: Putin flatly stated his basic red lines: Ukraine is not allowed to enter NATO, and no military attempt at taking the Crimea is acceptable. Or else it is just all out war.

It couldn’t have been more direct, or clear. From then on, also, it was also clear how the situation was going to unfold: he was going to get exactly that, because Russia has the goods to back up these basic, and fair, let there be no doubt, demands.

Nobody, not America, not the UK, not Germany, not France, was ever going to fight Russia to deny these simple demands, even if they could have.

America continues trolling the Russians with childish stories about how ‘Ukraine has the sovereign, human right to choose’. However, the Ukraine simply has nothing to do with it. This is pure, unadulterated Great Power rivalry, and Russia is not going to allow the Americans to install nukes and other hardware in the Ukraine, just as America didn’t allow them to install nukes in Cuba. And they’re really quite right. NATO expansion into Eastern Europe had already long been out of hand. American missiles are pointed directly at St. Petersburg already, from the Baltic States. A Russian reaction was inevitable.

And Germany simply bailed. They have refused to partake in any ‘defensive’ measures for the Ukraine, are denying them weapons, military support of any kind. NATO planes en route to the Ukraine with supplies were denied access in Germany’s airspace, leading to major detours for transports from the UK and elsewhere.

Then, ten days ago, two ‘former’ top BIS executives published an article, gutting the American stance, and saying that Berlin and Paris must leave NATO. Note that there are no ‘ex’ club members, and that there are hardly more influential people than the folks at the Bank of International Settlements, the institutional apex of the Central Banking Cartel that is the actual World Government.

Next, this weekend, Germany’s most important MSM publication, Der Spiegel, published documentary proof of the fact that America, during the 1991 ‘2 + 4’ (the two Germanies and their occupiers) negotiations, did indeed promise Russia there would be no expansion by NATO into Eastern Europe.

Everybody and his mother knew about this promise, but the US and the UK had been just denying it, the last few weeks.

This was a major statement by Berlin, and this weekend it has been all over the German media. France will also have been relieved to see this. However, it’s being mainly ignored elsewhere in the West. For now.

Crucially, it is not just the American narrative that is so weak: it is also their power. American assets in Eastern Europe are not even remotely sufficient to handle the Russians, and it would take months to assemble anything resembling the Russian effort. Not only would that mean gutting American positions elsewhere (think vis a vis China), modern Great Power war is not even expected to last months.

American weakness was already apparent with Trump’s demands that the Europeans should start spending 2% on defense. That basically was an admission the US could no longer afford to unilaterally defend, or occupy, Europe, and already was a harbinger of current events. This is why I predicted the US would soon give up Europe already two years ago, when we got locked up, and they gave the Bank $4 Trillion: that was the coup de grace for the Petrodollar, even when it takes time to play out. But it simply implied that US hegemony was history.

What does it all mean?
The West is imploding, and is being broken up in three main parts: The US, Europe, and the UK and its Dominions. Of course, many people will be tired of NATO, the US Empire, and the American antics in the Ukraine and the Middle East.

But this breaking up of the West is a very, very dire sign indeed.

For a while, a new situation will arise, without American world wide dominance, but them staggering on as one of the Great Powers, which will, sort of, ‘respect’ each other’s sphere of influence, just as before the Great War.

China and America will become the main rivals, and tensions there will keep mounting, as China continues building its military potential at break neck speed.

Europe will have great difficulty preventing too much Russian influence. European States will likely cling to the faltering EU, to prevent getting played out against each other by the Kremlin. Likely, as long as Putin remains in charge, the Russian Bear will continue on a somewhat stable path, but all bets are off when he cedes power. Eastern European States have every reason to fear the Russians, without American backing.

Meanwhile, the years ahead will be dominated by the Greatest Depression, resulting from the collapse of the debt/derivative bubble, and the Petrodollar. It will absolutely gut the West.

In fact: the US vacating Europe will also have major implications for European debt, and the New York Banks who are on the hook for the debt in the financial system through the derivative trade. Much of Europe has been ruled openly by Goldman Sachs flunkies since the 2008 credit crunch, mainly to prevent them from defaulting from their out of control debts, especially in the South.

It is a historical fact that the masses, and decision takers, overrate the status and power of the declining Empire, and underrate the strength of the nascent powers. It is happening here too: people simply don’t get how far America’s decline has already gone. NATO’s demise will shock many.

This is the destruction of the post war World Order. Things are moving very fast now.

Note how this mega trend coincides with two others: a) the seeming current collapse of the Great Reset, and b) the already underway deflation of the Mother Of All Bubbles that has been blown at Wall Street, the last two years. Soon the Cyber Attacks will start hitting Wall Street and the SWIFT payment system. Big events are surely coming.

On a final note, I’ll share the thought that has been at the top of my mind ever since the start of the Lockdown: it took exactly ten years, to go from Wall Street’s collapse in October 1929, to Hitler’s invasion of Poland in September ’39. Things move faster now, due to telecommunications and flight.

It’s hard to see how there’s not going to be a war, a couple of years down the line, when the West has been sufficiently cooked and fried in the coming Depression, destroying America, and finally paving the way for World Government.

Is The US Military A Paper Tiger?

The True Nature Of The Conspiracy

Left: Solomon, the Israelite King who who fell back into the worship of Moloch/Ba’al

Moses, Joshua, and Israel stunningly destroyed the Bronze Age Empires, and started a New Age, that lasted a thousand years or more, until Jesus Christ came. But while forced underground, their enemies survived, and continued their Moloch worship, including child sacrifice. What is more, they maintained control over the arcane knowledge of the Fallen Angels, pertaining the black art of Government. And through it, they started their 3000 year long quest to reassert their lost dominance.

Disclaimer: Here on Real Currencies we have always taken the Conspiracy as a given, and have never made too big a point about who and what was behind it all. Our purpose has always been to show the nature of their power, which is through finance. Along the lines of Ken O’Keeffe: ‘If there is one physical aspect, one material aspect we should focus on, it should be the financial system. We can argue until the end of time who runs the world. Is it the Jesuits, is the Reptilians, the Illuminati, the freemasons, we can go on and on about it. But I don’t think it’s reasonable to even begin arguing about the mechanism with which this control is achieved. The mechanism is finance. The whole point of finance is to indebt, in other words to enslave.’

But as with everybody else, ever since ‘awakening’, I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of it all, and this insight, that the Old Testament is the first hand account of the perpetrators of the Bronze Age Collapse, plus what will follow below, has major implications for our perspective of the Judeo-Masonic/Banker Conspiracy.

As we previously discussed, the great and old mysteries of who was behind the Bronze Age Collapse, and what the Canaanite Conquest really was all about, have been solved.

The Canaanite Conquest, as described in the Torah and book six of the Old Testament, the Book of Joshua, caused the Bronze Age Collapse. Was the Bronze Age Collapse. It was Israel under Moses, and in the final act especially Joshua, who annihilated the Bronze Age Empires and Kingdoms (‘seven Nations greater than thou’, Deut. 7). The Bible clearly describes it: Moses says he will brutally crush the Hittites and the Canaanite powers. We have shown how the destruction of the Hittites was perhaps the central event of the Bronze Age Collapse. We have seen how Joshua 1 clearly delineates the Conquest (Canaan, all the land of the Hittites, and all the way to the Euphrates). And how exactly this area is where the supposed ‘Sea Peoples’ of the mainstream narrative operated.

Here is an interesting map that perfectly shows the geopolitical enormity of these events:

Red indicates most developed, green least ‘civilized’.

The Bronze Age Empires, the Hittites in Anatolia, Egypt, and the Assyrians, were the very center of the World, and its heart was Canaan. They were the ‘most advanced’/’civilized’, with their enormous cities, fortifications, megalith architecture. And their power and influence was felt not just locally, or regionally. Their traders and colonizers went all over the world, including the Americas.

And it is this World Order, that had lasted for at least a millennium (but really for almost 3000 years, since the Flood), that was overthrown by Joshua and his men.

It truly is monumental, and of enormous historic significance.

Previously I speculated about how it was a cover up, but of course it for certain is. They have been hiding this in broad daylight, simply by using a false biblical timeline. All this we extensively discussed previously.

And if you have not been exposed to this ‘new’ reality yet, please take your time to either read here, or watch the videos here, they both contain the same information.

The purpose of this article is not simply to restate what already has been said, but to show why it happened.

And why it matters so much today.

The Bronze Age Empires
One key stumbling block to address is how we are dazzled by the notion of Empire. Its might, and ‘splendor’. But it’s all built on the blood of the innocents. The spoils of the poor.

Empire is Power, and Power is what makes the Fallen Angels tick.

This is true of the Roman Empire, America, Britain. And nowhere more so than the Bronze Age Empires.

In the Bronze Age Empires, Moloch/Ba’al worship was open. It was the rite of the day, the norm. They openly sacrificed children to him, the Demon that is Ba’al.

It was a brutal society, where slavery, through Usury or conquest, was the plight of the masses. They were ruled by God Kings, who were worshiped, and people prostrated themselves before them.

These God Kings were omnipotent in their domain, and basically owned everything and everybody.

In Egypt, Pharaoh owned all the land. The State was truly totalitarian, micromanaging the economy, and exploiting the land and the people as a private corporation of the God King. The peasants were given the seeds to plant at the beginning of the season, and had to relinquish a sizeable chunk of their harvest in return for these seeds. All supply chains were heavily taxed every step of the way, making sure that all the added value of production ended up in the coffers of the State, which was the King. Here is a splendid little vid explaining the basics. It was Communism. That’s what it was.

It doesn’t take much imagination to realize that this is exactly what they hope to achieve in the New World Order. In Agenda 2030 there will be no private land holdings anymore. The only differences between Ancient Egypt and the coming World State, is that it will indeed be world wide, and enforced with the 5G control grid/Internet Of Things.

People worship Ba’al/Moloch (they are the same Beast) for wealth and worldly power. They do so to this day.

Why was the Canaanite Conquest so brutal?
We know from both the archaeological record and the Torah (and book of Joshua), that Israel’s invasion was completely genocidal. Everything that moved was killed. They didn’t take the women, the children, nor the live stock, but smote them all. All cities and strongholds, which had stood for a thousand years or more, were taken down.

And this then is the explanation: Moloch/Ba’al worship is purely satanic. Child sacrifice, wholesale slavery, worship of men (‘god kings’) is very seriously not part of God’s Plan for Humanity.

The Bronze Age Empires were not ‘grandiose’, nor ‘beautiful’, they reigned over the masses with an iron fist, and the glamour of Empire merely serves to beguile the oppressed, and to satisfy the egotism of the rulers.

The Genocide was also ethnic. The Amorites are a race, a non-human race. They are the descendants of the Nephilim, that got mostly, but not entirely washed away in the Flood. The Bible relates that Canaan was inhabited by Giants. David’s confrontation with Goliath was only one example, these Giants were common in the Middle East in those days. I won’t be exploring this any further (for now), all this is by now pretty well known from the research of others. An introduction to these matters can be found here.

Mosaic Law and Christ
Moses, Joshua, and Israel liberated Humanity. They destroyed demonic World Power, and their horridly disgusting ways. A new age was ushered in, with Mosaic Law, which is a total breach with mindless exploitation.

When we quietly contemplate the Law as put down in Leviticus and Deuteronomy, there’s really nothing that we can seriously disagree with. The only thing that is really off putting to modern man is the severe punishment for transgressing against the Law.

Stoning people.

But this was 3000 years ago, and life was very different indeed. Men were even more unruly than they are today. They had to be kept in check.

And this then further developed with Christ. Sin was still sin. Usury was still forbidden, adultery still bad. But instead of throwing the first stone, He said ‘let he who is without sin do it’.

So we can see a clear historical progression, from brutal Moloch worship, to brutally enforced decent behavior under Mosaic Law, to decent behavior promoted by Grace under Christ.

Israel after the Conquest
In the centuries after the Conquest, Israel lived in the center of the World. And they too had a very extensive influence world wide. One small example is that the Spartans seem to be the descendants of the Israelite tribe of Simeon, which was famous for being warlike. In the first book of Maccabees, there is a letter from a Spartan King, who refers to their tribal/national kinship, which is acknowledged by both parties, the Judeans, and the Spartans.

But the struggle against Moloch worship continued. Far from all of them had in fact been destroyed. There were remnants in Canaan, and especially Mesopotamia and of course Egypt.

The will is strong, but the flesh is weak, and many Israelites started associating with Moloch worship. The money, the power, the fame, the sex, what’s not to like, right?!

This happened constantly, and every time Israel got into trouble because of it. They were faced by invasions from Assyria, for instance. The later books of the Old Testament and its Prophets constantly link these troubles with transgressions against Mosaic Law, and the falling into sin.

For instance, Jeremiah, in Chapter 32 accuses Israel of Ba’al worship and grave wickedness, including verse 35, which reads “They built high places for Baal in the Valley of Ben Hinnom to sacrifice their sons and daughters to Molek, though I never commanded—nor did it enter my mind—that they should do such a detestable thing and so make Judah sin.”

God punished them for their transgressions, by having them get destroyed by Babylon.

The lesson is straightforward: join the Moloch worshipers, and get crushed by them. There is no love and loyalty in Satanism. And this too, is a lesson that is quite relevant for today.

Ultimately, they succumbed. The Ten Tribes of the Kingdom of Israel (after the split between Israel and Judah) were enslaved by the Assyrians in the 7th century BC, and were never heard of again. Well, never, they’re still around, but forgot their identity.

Judah went into Babylonian Captivity, and returned as captives of the Moloch Cult of the Pharisees and the Money Changers.

But it’s good to know that this furious God of the Old Testament was not constantly scolding the Israelites for swearing when they hurt themselves, or such trifles. No, He was dealing with His Chosen People constantly falling into Moloch worship, including sacrificing children. That is why He was so angry with them. A firm hand was needed to keep the Israelites on the straight and narrow.

But they were heroes. Let there be no doubt: Moses and his gang were a bunch of ‘good’ guys. They destroyed a venomous cult of child sacrifice, slavery, usury, demonology. This is why they were so brutal, why their genocide was so comprehensive.

Moloch Worship after the Bronze Age Collapse
As we have seen, the Cult of Ba’al was not completely destroyed, and remained a force. There were two main strands that survived and became of relevance.

The first one were the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians are not mentioned in the Old Testament, they would have been known simply as Amorites, or Canaanites. Their capital was Tyre, in Canaan. For some reason, it was not taken down by Joshua, while it was within the scope of the Promised Land.

Tyre was one of the strongholds that managed to either resist Joshua, or they were simply not attacked. The reason could be the fact that Tyre’s Fortress/Citadel was located on an island hundreds of meters from the coast, and was thus almost unassailable.

Tyre continued for an other 800 years as a remnant from the Bronze Age, until 332 BC, when Alexander invaded the Persian Empire, and spent a few months on the siege of Tyre, ultimately conquering it, in one of his legendary exploits.

However, many Amorites/Canaanites were forced to leave the territories they had previously inhabited, and Tyre could not take them all in.

Many of them went to Tunisia, where they founded Carthage under the Tyrean Princess Dido.

According to Procopius, a Byzantine historiographer, there was a pillar in Carthage saying ‘We are those who fled from the robber Joshua, Son of Nun.’ Remember, Joshua was called ‘son of Nun’ in Joshua 1:1.

And Ba’al continued to be the ‘god’ of the Phoenicians in Carthage. And they continued to sacrifice children to him. Here is an interesting documentary exploring this.

So the Phoenicians were simply the remaining Canaanites/Amorites that survived the onslaught by Joshua and Israel.

The Carthaginians continued for another two centuries after Alexander took Tyre, until the Romans finally destroyed it in the Third Punic War 149/146 BC.

The Romans themselves were descendants of Moloch worshipers, but not of Canaanite, but Greek/Trojan/Mycenean origin. According to Roman lore, Aeneas was a survivor of Troy, who fled with some friends to Italy, and who became the progenitors of Rome. Interestingly, according to Roman sources, Dido and Aeneas actually met.

This is the famous painting by Guérin of their encounter.

However, this really is the territory of myth and legend, there is no hard data.

Rome itself was a very brutal ‘civilization’, based on slavery, usury, tax farming, and destroying every competing power center, including very much tribes, which were all assimilated in the Roman Borg, basically the Globohomo of its day.

But while the supposed ‘patricians’ openly held child sex slaves, they didn’t sacrifice them. And they found the child sacrifices of the Carthaginians horrible, it was one of the reasons they destroyed the place.

However, importantly, the story of the Phoenicians did not end there: Carthaginians financiers had held major possessions in Rome, and continued their operations there. And after Rome fell, they fled to Venice.

Venice is Venetia which is Phoenicia. They’re etymologically the same.

And Venetia was of course the power base of the Black Nobility, the Guelphs, etc. They had an enormous influence on European history, and their tentacles were all over the Capitalist Empires that succeeded Venetia: Amsterdam, London, and New York.

So what we have established here, is that those who were destroyed by Moses, Joshua, and Israel in the Canaanite Conquest/Bronze Age Collapse, were those who were behind Venetia, and basically all the blights of Modernity.

They are Amorites, Canaanites, and they worship Ba’al/Moloch, and their Cult to this day sacrifices children.

The Jews
The Jews are the second major strand of surviving Moloch Worship.

Who are they?! That’s the first question.

The Old Testament ends with Malachi, the last Israelite Prophet. This was after the House of Judah, as the last remnant of the Israelites, had returned from their Babylonian Captivity.

He accuses them of insincere law following. After this, there is a 500 year silence.

Then the New Testament starts, and suddenly, the word Jew enters the Bible. This word is not present in the Old Testament.

In the Greek version of the Old Testament, known as the Septuagint, the house of Judah is called Ἰούδας.

The Greek word for ‘The Jews’ in the New Testament is Ἰουδαῖος. This does not refer to the House of Judah, but to people from Judea, the province of the Roman Empire where previously the Kingdom of Judah had been located, before the Babylonian Captivity.

So the Jews are people from Judea. That is not the same thing as ‘of the house of Judah’, which is an ethnic qualification, while ‘from Judea’ is a geographical one.

This problem is further exacerbated by the issue of Khazaria, the Turkish kingdom in the Caucasus that converted to Judaism in the 8th century AD. It is by now pretty clear that the Jews of Eastern Europe are Khazars, and not at all from Judea. Let alone ethnically of the House of Judah.

What seems to have happened, is that the remnants of the House of Judah genetically mixed with the Amorite remnants living in Canaan and the surrounding territories.

Having said that, Jesus and Paul do recognize the Jews as ‘of Israel’. See for instance chapter eight of the Book of John.

What is also crucial, is that Jesus walked among them, and many believed upon Him. But they did eventually kill Him too. Both facts are of fundamental import to our appraisal of the Jewish Question.

Another key issue is Judaism, the ‘religion’ of the Pharisees. The Pharisees claim to follow Moses, but they don’t. This was the key quarrel Jesus had with them, He was constantly calling them out for this. The ‘holy book’ of the Pharisees is not the Torah, but the Talmud, which basically is a man made subversion of the Torah. And it is a wicked book, one of crime, degeneracy, of Jewish supremacism. Or, as Jesus said: the ‘law’ of the Elders, not of Moses. Which is apt, because the Talmud itself says that the Rabbis don’t consult with God, God consults with them.

And this is just the Talmud. The real religion of the Jewish leaders is Kabbalism. And there can be little doubt where they picked this up: in Babylon, during their Captivity in the sixth century BC. Cabbalism simply is the occult knowledge of the Fallen Angels. A rehash of Moloch and Ba’al worship. It also very much involves the Black Magick that is Government.

It’s no secret that satanic sects within Judaism sacrifice children. This accusation is called ‘blood libel’ by the Jews, but there are so many well documented cases. From Simon of Trent, to the Damascus affair, to Jacob Frank (whose murder trial led to the founding of the Anti Defamation League). There are several diligently researched books exposing these crimes. Including by Jews. There can be little doubt about all this.

This is certainly not to say that ‘all Jews’ do this. Far from it. It is better to see the Jews as a captive Nation. They have been under the Money Changer/Pharisee boot for 2500 years. Common Jews have little or no knowledge of what their ‘leaders’ are really up to.

They can be justly criticized for allowing such scum to rule over them for so long, and to every time pledge loyalty to them, even when they really are their worst enemies. But the Gentiles have no right to level this accusation themselves, because they are equally guilty of the charge. Very similar child sacrificing ‘leaders’ have lorded over the Gentiles the last 2000 years.

Who are the Gentiles going to accuse, while they speculate on Wall Street, take Usury, invade natives everywhere all the time, and tout Progressivism with its morbid Atheism, Feminism, LGBTQPXYZ agitation, and Multiculturalism as ‘Western Civilization’?!

While they themselves allow ‘Gentile’ Moloch Worshipers to rule over them, just as much as the Jewish masses do?

Conflict between the Jews and ‘Gentile’ rulers
In Protocol 1 it is described how the Jews met the Gentile rulers, and that they saw that they had some knowledge of Government, and passed these secrets on to their sons, and that this knowledge was watered down with time, which helped them immensely.

This is a very telling episode, because it confirms that all the old gentile rulers had access to the old Fallen Angel/Nephilim knowledge of Government. And yes, it stems from there.

Even in the Christian era, until about 1500, the rulers were satanic in nature. They prevailed through terror, that is what Government is. They were forced to use this terror to maintain at least a Christian Order. For instance: the Plantagenets, who ruled Britain for centuries, called themselves ‘the Devil’s brood’. The Vatican too was always a Babylonian institution. Their symbolism makes this more than clear. It was more a cooptation of Christianity, rather than a real expression of the Christian spirit. For example, the Vatican to this day maintains that Jesus’ salvation is only attainable through the Catholic Church, which is a lie that the Rabbis themselves would feel quite comfortable with.

The Templars are another example: during their occupation of the Levant, they seem to have dug up some secrets of the old ways of the Bronze Age, and this first led them to prominence, and next to their destruction.

The Black Art of Government is twofold: on the one hand a vicious mix of terror and make believe. Creating narratives to sway the masses, and terror to imbue them deeply into the souls of men. Basically trauma based mind control.

And on the other a meticulous, utterly rational and scientific study of everything observable in the natural world.

In this way, men are kept in the dark, while the rulers know everything.

For centuries there was a profound struggle between the Gentile rulers, including the Vatican, and the Jews. But while they were divided in this struggle, they were also united in the desire and need to keep the masses down. And this state of affairs was always the norm. The God Kings of the Bronze Age all ruled in similar fashion, and meanwhile warred among each other for more power.

It does seem the Jews prevailed, the Protocols describe how it was through lending to the States mainly. But for certain the Gentile rulers, including Old ‘Nobility’ turned Capitalists, are still a huge part of the gang behind the New World Order. Furthermore, non Jewish financiers to this day maintain large shares in the Banking Cartel.

Masonry and Kabbalism are basically the same things, and they lead to the same thing: demonology. Moloch worshipers are not ‘stupid’. Ok, it is stupid to worship the Devil, but it does lead to worldly power. For some time, anyway. They believe in something bad, but real.

Torturing, raping, and killing purely innocent young children is the most terrible crime known to man. And it does invite demonic possession.

Demons are very real, and texts like the Book of Enoch give a fair idea of who they are: they are the souls of the deceased Fallen Angels and their children the Nephilim. These souls are locked up in some sort of interdimensional realm, from which they can still contact the Earth and the people living here. Magick is about contacting these demons. And these demons do have knowledge, and certain powers. In fact, they do have very high intelligence. The Fallen Angels are called ‘the Sons of God’ in several scriptures.

They pretend to ‘help’, call themselves ‘ascended masters’, and many other names, present themselves as beings of light, and lure people with trickery.

How it all works, I don’t know. But it is something like this.

And these Demons have a plan, and they channel this plan to their underlings. It also involves science and technology: much of what they have developed behind the scenes has been inspired directly by them.

This is where both the utter evil, and the grandiosity of the Conspiracy comes from.

What is more, it is likely that the coming leader of the World Government will in fact be an incarnation of a Fallen Angel into a man.

The Quaint Symbolism Of Masonry
We have all at some point marveled at the strange familiarity of the Masonic symbols.

For instance the winged lion of Venetia/Phoenicia:

The lion of San Mark on Piazzetta San Marco Venice.jpg

The fact of the matter is that this kind of beast still existed until really only a few thousand years ago.

Or the Obelisk:

obelisk | pillar | Britannica

It’s simply Bronze Age symbolism. This is the kind of stuff that the megaliths of the Egyptians, Babylon, Sumer, the Hittites were littered with.

To call all this rather bizarre would be on target.

But this is the true meaning of this famous quote by Jesus: “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” ‘The Jews’, the part of them that are so problematic to both the Jewish and Gentile masses, are not ‘Jews’ at all, they’re Amorites and Moloch Worshipers. They’re Israel’s old enemy. They are indeed a Synagogue of Satan.

The key points are this: there is a very clear and important distinction between the Israelites, and the Jews. The Jews themselves usurp the legacy of the Israelites. When you read Wikipedia, you will see that they say that ‘the Jews were in Egypt, and left with the Exodus’, for example. But this is a huge lie. A huge identity theft. ‘The Jews’ only come on the scene in the New Testament. And they are the enemies of the Israelites: they are Moloch worshipers. Not the entire People, but their leaders. Judaism is basically watered down Moloch worship for the Jewish masses.

It turns everything on its head. For instance this strange idea of female lineage. This is certainly not biblical: all the genealogies of Israel in the Bible, and there are many of those in scripture, are all via the male line.

The other strand of Moloch Worship ended up in Europe via Carthage, Rome, and Venice. And between ‘the Jews’ and the Venetian ‘elites’, there is both strife, and cooperation. And this too goes back: in ancient times ‘the Nephilim’, the Giants, the Fallen Angels and their children, they warred among each other, they all had their own kingdoms, but they were united in their schemes to dominate the People. These schemes are now known as ‘Government’, which is mostly trauma based mind control.

Jewish ‘elites’ cooperate with Gentile ‘elites’ in suppressing the masses, while they fight among each other for ultimate domination.

What we’re facing now, the coming World Government, headed by a Bronze Age style God King, with all land in the hands of the World State, and the Peoples of the World under their boot, owning nothing. That is Bronze Age Government. It was like this in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East.

The Conspiracy is by those who were destroyed by Moses, Joshua, and the Israelites. The coming World Government is their revenge. Free Masonry and Organized Jewry are the children of those who were destroyed by the Israelites.

Both the Jewish masses, and the lost Ten Tribes of Israel, have forgotten who they are. What their mission was. But remnants of all Twelve Tribes still exist, and they will start remembering their roots.

And this remembering of our roots also very much involves a serious self reflection, for what we have done: showing lack of discernment, for allowing ‘people’ who sacrifice children to rule over us, to partake in their wickedness, for instance Capitalism, and its Usury, speculation, landlordism, or all the horrid social degeneracy. It is from these sins that we need to heal, that we need to show remorse for. It is these ways that we need to disavow, also very much in our personal lives.

And then we must once more take up our duty: to obey God, and destroy the demonically possessed, who continue to sacrifice children to this very day.

Because we are now facing the final confrontation with a millennia old plague.

A word of gratitude to Daniel Krynicki, who has supported my work, also on the Bronze Age Collapse, for many years.

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The Next Phase In The Financial Crisis Is Coming

Left: Stooge du jour, Jerome Powell.

The Fed is likely to start tapering, monetary tightening, because of rising prices. Meanwhile, Commercial Banking is limiting lending. Conveniently, cyber attacks are now taking place.

By Anthony Migchels, for

Talk about Fed tapering started last week, and just now it was reported that ‘there’s growing support within the Fed to announce the tapering of bond purchases in September’. Kaplan, one of the Fed’s key kingpins, a little later, was saying October.

The story is that prices are rising faster than expected, and that the job market is overheating.

However, while prices are indeed rising, the other economic facts on the ground are very different: labor force participation rates are still well below the levels of before the Lockdown. Not only that, last week it was reported that US consumer confidence cratered to the lowest level in 10 years.

The Biden Administration will be running a $3 Trillion deficit this year. That’s 14% of 2019 GDP. US Government debt has risen from $22,6 Trillion in 2019, to $28,7 Trillion now, in just two years. They’re selling this as ‘cuz covid’, but the real reason is that the Government is playing ‘debtor of last resort’, in a desperate bid to keep the economy liquid. However, these numbers are not merely ‘unsustainable’, they’re end game.

Equally bad is this:

Index showing how easy it is to get a mortgage

This graph shows how easy it is to get a mortgage. Mortgages represent the by far biggest type of credit to private individuals. This has been ongoing for three quarters already, and now home builder confidence is cratering too, as a result of less people looking for a house.

This is not exactly unprecedented, but previously the Fed had been around to bail out both the Banks, and the real economy with additional liquidity. And these days are now over.

The fact of the matter is, that the Fed are forced to concede. They cannot continue bailing out both the Banks and the real economy. Not without creating a hyper inflation.

That is the key event that is now taking place.

What’s next?!
A crash of financial markets is unavoidable. However, the crash will be sold with a ‘reset’ of the Financial System. This will involve not bail outs, but bail ins: creditors, shareholders, and depositors will be made to pay.

All signs indicate they will claim ‘cyber attacks’ did it. Jerome Powell, only a few months ago, said that ‘cyber attacks are the main threat to the financial system.’ It could well be that we will have bank holidays in Western countries, while these bail ins take place. Perhaps also in the US.

Crucially, we’re not just talking ‘a correction’. Also not a mere ‘1987 type crash’. We’re talking bank defaults. And not of small banks, but of the very biggest. It has already happened: the crash in the repo market in September 2019 implied that the big banks didn’t trust each other’s collateral. The $4 Trillion bailout that the banks got in the weekend we were locked up, mid March 2020, gave them a respite. But nothing real has been solved. Wall Street’s derivative bubble is bursting, together with the debt bubble.

November last year, the World Economic Forum ran an exercise involving such an event, caused by ‘nation states and criminal cartels’. They predicted that the Big Wall Street Banks would ‘have to merge to fend of the attack’. ‘To merge’ is Newspeak for ‘we’re bankrupt’.

Wall Street’s problem is that they are on the hook for all the debt via the derivative trade (credit default swaps). And now people can’t pay anymore. This basically is the scenario that we predicted in 2014. This is how the US Empire ends.

The WEF also predicted that Russia would install a Central Bank Digital Currency of its own, and disconnect from Western Finance. In the years ahead, private banking will come to an end, as they all go bankrupt. They won’t be able to sustain the payment system, and everywhere CBDCs will be taking over. These will ultimately merge into World Currency, when World Government is officially installed. This is how all money and credit will be ‘nationalized’ in the World Central Bank, just as the Communist Manifesto demands.

Conveniently, cyber attacks have been on the rise the last few months. A German municipality was struck, and couldn’t pay its bills, nor sustain many of its basic operations. The Irish Health Service was hit. And they’re escalating. Last week, Zion was ‘attacked by China’.

Everything bad ‘comes from China’ now. They’re the big bogey man, because the NWO is whipping up a Cold War between the US and them, one that is likely to end in WW3. But of course, China was built up A to Z by Wall Street, and no, they didn’t ‘launch the virus’, nor do they have any enmity towards Zion. They’re already running Haifa, in a 20 year contract, connecting it to the Belt and Road Initiative. Jerusalem too is going to be a major hub. It was just an exercise for things to come.

What is coming is much worse than ‘just another correction’, or ‘recession’. This is the end of an era, of money growth. We’re now facing a monstrous deflation, which will be the cause of the Greatest Depression.

The Greatest Depression will be much worse than the Great Depression. In that deflation, the money supply shrank with two thirds between late 1929 and 1933. It was bad, but it was not genocidal.

We’re now nearing the event that Deagel claimed would lead to massive depopulation in the West. Their numbers are based not on ‘vaccinations’, dangerous as they are, but on the financial calamity that we’re in the middle of, and which is coming to a culmination.

Look at it this way: we’ve had 76 years of monetary expansion, basically the post war boom. Especially since the closing of the Gold Window by Nixon, which is actually exactly 50 years ago. And it is this expansion and associated economic growth that is going to be turned around.

The Fed has lost, as it was always going to. This is the Petrodollar’s swan song. They can’t continue providing the economy with the liquidity that it can’t provide for itself, because of already far too high debt levels.

And while the debt bubble deflates, which is catastrophic enough, we will be dealing with rising prices at the same time. Especially for food and basic necessities. The Dollar will lose a lot of value vis a vis China in the years ahead, and this will lead to much higher prices for imports from there, also for energy. Lockdowns and other contrived chaos will keep pushing prices higher.

So for us debt slaves, it will be stagflation. The most toxic of all monetary diseases. Stagflation is when the money supply declines (deflation), with the real economy in tatters, while prices rise because of speculation, or other scarcity inducing circumstances.

All this is very hard to swallow. But it is not for nothing that the Lockdown started when they gave the Bank $4 Trillion. The Financial System is the heart of Babylon, and the debt bubble that they have been blowing the last 50 years, and its coming deflation will be their greatest feat. The culmination of 500 years of Usury during Modernity.

It will destroy the West, and its demise will pave the way for the now manifesting World Government.

Afterthought: I previously stated it would happen this Summer. Could still be, we have a month left, but the fact is, while we can see what is happening, only God and the Bankers know when.

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A Crucial Lesson Of History: Why Do We Have Usury?

John Calvin by Titian

(Left/Above: John Calvin, Prophet of the Money Changers)

Usury was forbidden in Europe, during the Medieval Era. But there was no mechanism to provide interest-free credit. As a result, there was credit scarcity. This was a very real problem, hindering economic expansion. And this was the rationale for letting the Money Lenders back in.

1500 Europe was a burgeoning Civilization, that was seeing growing urbanization and specialization in the economy.

Because of Usury prohibition, there was no Banking. There was an economy based on the understanding that men share the common fate of having to wrest a living from the Earth, and that brotherly love, and not money grabbing, was the basis of the economy.

It’s hard to even fathom such enlightenment now, and certainly things will not have been all roses. But this was how they thought and operated.

However, the economy was stalling because of a bottleneck: there was insufficient credit.

The key problem was that the Powers that Be, the Aristocracy and the Church, were not developing interest-free lending. What should have been done is organizing collective savings, and using those for both mutual credit, and mutual guarantees.

It could have been done, but the rich and powerful are typically not too concerned with the needs of the masses, and usually see them as a herd to be exploited, and this was definitely ongoing in Europe at the time too.

Be that as it may, the key economic issue is that businesses needed credit for further expansion, and it was hard to come by. And this was stifling economic development.

And this, then, was the key rationale for ‘rational’ people saying that Usury must again be permitted, to entice the rich to lend.

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon, arguably the most influential man of the 16th century, wrote a screed ‘Of Usury‘ in which he put it bluntly:
“since there must be borrowing and lending, and men are so hard of heart as they will not lend freely, usury must be permitted.”

In this quote, we can clearly see the need for credit, and that apparently lending was insufficient. He points at the ‘hard hearts of men’, which is a direct reference to Jesus’ famous parable of the Talents, in which He tells the wicked servant something to the effect of ‘if you really thought I was that hard of heart, you should have put the money in to a bank to collect interest for me’. (Matthew 25:26-27).

Men will not lend without interest. At any rate, the rich, who have the money, won’t.

Again, this problem could have been solved in other ways, even at the time, but this was the direction the debate in society was taking. And make no mistake, this debate was heavily manipulated by the money lenders behind the scenes, Michael Hoffman extensively documented this in his ‘Usury In Christendom’.

Francis Bacon himself obviously was a highly connected Rosicrucian and Freemason. He was definitely doing the work of the secret societies.

John Calvin
Another notorious 16th century enabler of Usury is John Calvin.

Calvin was famous for his scriptural expertise, and to this day Calvinists and Presbyterians use the motto ‘sole scriptura’.

And John Calvin concluded, in a letter to a friend: “I do not consider that usury is wholly forbidden among us, except it be repugnant to justice and charity.”

He apparently overlooked Deuteronomy 23:19:
Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother; usury of money, usury of victuals, usury of any thing that is lent upon usury“.

So Calvin was just lying. Of course, the Scriptures radiate an absolute disgust of Usury in general. Peter, in an apocryphal book, said that he saw the Usurers in Hell, thrown into boiling mire and filth. At the link you can find dozens of other Bible verses directed against Usury.

By the Bankster con job known as ‘Modern Economics‘, Calvin is credited thusly:
But his real contribution was going further and demolishing the old Scholastic arguments about the unnaturalness of “money begetting money”, by emphasizing the relationship of credit to economic activity.  “Why should the lender be cheated of his just due, if the money profits the other man, and he be the richer of the two?”

“Here Calvin states that usury is permissible, but only on commercial loans, and subject to additional conditions, notably, that it never be demanded of the poor & needy”

Note that Calvin is emphasizing commercial credit, which is exactly the problem we’re discussing: credit was needed for further economic development.

Also note that Calvin says Usury must not be demanded of the poor, only commercial loans. But in doing so, he ‘overlooks’ that when businesses borrow at interest, they will have to pass on these costs to the consumers, who ultimately pay for everything. And these consumers would have been the peasants.

As we know, today 40% of prices is Usury passed on by producers.

It’s hard to overstate Calvin’s influence on the rise of Banking and Capitalism during Modernity. The Amsterdam Empire was controlled by hard core Calvinists. London, which was the successor base of International Finance after the Cromwell and Glorious Revolutions in the 17th century, was Presbyterian.

The United States’ brand of Christianity has always been a mix of Dutch and British Calvinism. And these three Nations are the main culprits in the Capitalist take over of the West and the World.

Having said all this, and as Hoffman also indicates: we cannot blame Usury on Calvin alone. The Vatican had already been taken over by the Medici in the 14th/15th century, which is why Usury came back in Italy with their blessing.

Debt-free money
Classical American Populism has always promoted debt-free money. Which would indeed be much better than what we have now. It would solve the National Debt.

But not the need for commercial credit.

The issue at hand is: debt free money does not provide interest-free credit, while credit will still be needed. The Populists deny this, and say that with plentiful money, there will be no need for loans. But there was plentiful money in Medieval Europe. There was no money scarcity, there was credit scarcity. Usury is a function of credit, not money. But it will overtake money, if allowed. If anything, Modernity has shown that.

Only after the Usurers got back on the saddle, did money scarcity come to Europe. Usury is a key driver of money scarcity.

It’s a vital and crucial lesson: Usury Prohibition failed because it was not combined with the provision of interest-free credit. As a result there was credit scarcity in the economy, and this was used as the excuse to let the Money Changers back in.

Usury prohibition is not enough: interest-free credit is needed, or there will be bottlenecks in economic development.

It will help to have the Government print debt free money, but there will still be a need for credit in the economy, and debt cannot be entirely avoided. Especially in industry and commerce.

And there is no need to entirely avoid it, because we can simply create all the credit we need in the same way banks do today, but without the Usury.

The solution to interest on loans of money is not to end credit, but to have no interest on loans of money.

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What The Great Reset Is About (Video)

This is a discussion of the debt, and the end of the growth of debt, which is what will cause the Greatest Depression.

Again: it’s all in the articles, but many people prefer spoken explanation, so here it is.


In the first place, I owe an apology to Keith Woods for only posting this enjoyable conversation now.

Keith’s doing a great job. Connecting loads of young guys to the real Populist Tradition, away from the kosher variants that parade as ‘the opposition’ everywhere. And which obviously very much centers around ‘The Third Way’, which simply is the Path.

Away from Capitalism, from Usury, from exploitation by Capital, International Finance, the parasitism of the rich. And which is not solved with Communism, which simply consolidates the Capitalist Cartel in the State. But by monetary and land reform, aimed at decentralized ownership by the producing men. The end of parasitism.

He’s here on Twitter, and this is the video of the interview.

Israel Caused The Bronze Age Collapse
I’ve been making videos about the astounding realization that the Canaanite Conquest as described in the first six books of the Bible is in fact the Bronze Age Collapse.
And that therefore suddenly the Torah, and Joshua, have been validated by what we know from the Mainstream account.

Obviously, the fact that the Canaanite Conquest for the longest time could not be validated by mainstream history, has been a huge problem for the credibility of the Bible. And the fact that we can safely conclude that Israel was indeed behind the Bronze Age Collapse, is a major discovery.

The videos simply discuss what we did in the articles, they’re merely aimed at spreading the word.
They can be found at this channel on Youtube:

I’ve also created a page on the right of the website, listing the articles.

And also for the articles about the Financial Crisis that is so fundamental to the World Crisis.

A few more points about the World Financial Crisis
While the basic event description for what is coming as espoused in the last few articles, that growth of debt is going to be forcibly stopped soon, and that they will use some sort of Gold Standard to cause a mega deleveraging and that that will bring at least a Soviet style collapse in the West is correct for as far as I can tell, I’ve also been pointing at this Summer for key events.

Basel 3 will be implemented in late June, but it’s going to be in Europe, and in Britain only January 1st 2022. Here’s some analysis on what it will mean for the UK. In short: apparently it is going to destroy the LBMA as we know it.

The Fed itself is now saying that stocks are overvalued, and that significant losses are coming if they go higher.

Here is some ‘technical analysis’ by ZeroHedge. He sees a correction coming. Keep in mind I’m not posting this as ‘investment advice’ (God forbid), but as your daily news on Babylon’s antics.

Another issue is Trump. He recently said: “I’ll be back sooner than you think.” And an NYT journalist has been saying that he was telling people around him “in August.”

This is not about ‘hopium’, or even whether it’s true. Could be just another Trumpster bluff. He is their man, but it’s about the show. Under normal circumstances it would be pretty unbelievable, but what we’re witnessing is a carefully choreographed political ‘danse macabre’, designed to frame, and distract from the disastrous decline of America and the Financial Crisis and associated blatant plunder. Not to mention the mass disownment that is coming.

The World Crisis is about the death of the West, and the ascent of the World Government, and they’ve got it worked out A to Z.

Having said all this: it’s always impossible to get the timing right. We see the trends, and it’s clear that things are moving quickly now, and the main purpose of the previous articles is to provide the financial context of it all. I have no claim to any spiritual vision whatsoever, but whether it’s going to be August, October, or mid next year is ultimately immaterial. What is real is the Financial Crisis, and that it’s going to lead to the changes as discussed, and that the Greatest Depression is coming very quickly now.

And my bet continues to be that it’ll be sooner rather than later.