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Disconnecting from the System

by on March 28, 2010

We have had plenty of time and pleasure exposing the Illuminati/Banker/B’nai B’rith/Freemason conspiracy. But wallowing in spooky stories of MKUltra, Fractional Reserve Banking, Satanism and what have you does indeed invite depression. Ed Griffin rightly said something to the effect of ‘scaring people to death with all these stories creates apathy, talking solutions creates action’.

And Don Bradley is absolutely correct that we need individual action. Maybe small organizations by determined individuals. But we need to understand very clearly, that our self declared masters hope to get us into a fight. Fighting is what they are good at. They relish the blood sacrifices for their fallen angel. They enjoy the fear and pain that it brings.
They have been preparing for this fight for decades, if not centuries. They are ready for it and an open battle they will win without a shadow of a doubt.
Edward Gibbon stated: ‘the tyrant of a single town, or a small district, would soon discover that an hundred armed followers were a weak defence against ten thousand peasants or citizens; but an hundred thousand well-disciplined soldiers will command, with despotic sway, ten millions of subjects.’

But the solution to our predicament is quite simple. One only needs to understand that their incredible power is based on our cooperation. It is dependent on it. We despise the system, but let’s face it: we are working with it. Most of us are trying to get their little share of the goodies our masters throw us.

Disconnecting from the System

But the Illuminati fear only one thing: non-cooperation.
We are in total control of our fate and we can quickly make this NWO nightmare go away by taking just a few simple steps. I’ll propose four, which I believe are key and are easy to achieve, but there are more and will leave it to the intelligence of all out there to be creative on this one.

1. Take immediate control of your health
Health is not the absence of disease. Creating vibrant health is one of the major opportunities for everybody in this lifetime.
Health is not acquired by visiting doctors. Far from it. Iatrogenic disease is the number one cause of death in the US. In 2001 783,936 people died by Allopathy. ‘Only’ 553,251 died of cancer, but you must realize that many of those actually died of the chemotherapy, radiation and operations they took.
Did you know there are only five known instances of dramatic decrease in mortality rates in communities worldwide? You know what these instances had in common? There was a doctor’s strike. After they resumed their jobs, mortality rates quickly got back to their former level.

How do you create good health? There are three major items: finding spiritual peace, a wholesome diet and the avoidance of toxins. Easier said than done, but for most people even a few steps in this direction would quickly result in profound effects. Educate yourself. Build a network of natural healers. Discuss health with your friends and family. Avoid doctors and their bizarre concoctions. Realize that the word Pharmacy is etymologically linked to the ancient Greek word Pharmakopeia, meaning ‘sorcery’. Don’t put your health in the hands of others, but find your own resources.

2. Take your money out of the bank.
We know about Fractional Reserve Banking. We know that our savings are multiplied by at least 10 and than lent out at interest rates of five to ten percent. If you take 100,000 out of the bank, you take away up to 100,000 income for the bank.
Take your money out of the bank NOW. Buy some silver coins, pay off debt or your mortgage. Invest it in local enterprises so that the money is doing some good work. Better yet, start looking for local currencies to pay with. Defeat usury!
It not only protects your wealth (because in the next round of insolvencies, which is expected shortly, savers will have to bleed too, they can’t expect the taxpayer to compensate them endlessly), but also destroy that vampire squid we call Banking.
We know we are dealing with a Central Banking cartel, so why are we putting our money there?

3. Avoid Multinationals
By saving a dime at WalMart, you are allowing a dollar to get out of your regional economy. You are backstabbing your neighbor. Go shop at his or her business. They can invest the money back into your community, in stead of sucking the community dry with Chinese Slave Labor. Saving a dime there will have your kids end up begging for a little job there. Shopping at your neighbor will allow a thriving local community with far better economic opportunities for yourself. Think a little longer term and don’t whine about the short term loss. Buying locally is an investment that is absolutely sure to pay off in the longer term.
They are luring you with a little discount. Don’t be a fool falling for it.
Avoiding getting your gas at Exxon is difficult, but it is good to realize you are sponsoring some of the main sponsors of the Iraqi Genocide and coming World War 3 starting against Iran.

4. Don’t vote, don’t write your congressman and don’t sign petitions.
You know what you are showing them when you write them? That you are a good little serf pleading with his master.
Everybody today is gloating about the news that millions of whites are deserting the Democrats. What fools that they were there to begin with. Where are they going now? Back to these Republican Neo Con bastards?
Don’t vote. Show them you do not recognize their system. Show them you know voting is empowering them. Don’t threaten them. It is just giving them an excuse to implement their Patriot Act Police State.
These people have very fragile ego’s. The one thing they hate is being ignored.


Nobody is expected to change his or her lifestyle over night. But every little step in the right direction helps. Every step is one shackle less wearing you down. Every step is one nail in their coffin.
Don’t talk about it. Do it. Live by example and know that our Lord sees what others do not.

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  1. Muhammad Afzal Khan permalink

    USA : The Bull in China Shop.

    After the World War II, USA took steps forward in world affairs on several fronts and UK settled down in the backyard. As the mother of USA , UK had transferred her world views and pushed him vigorously towards her unfinished agenda.

    For this new role the cowboy started hunting around and created a grand military empire. Its massive military build-up horrified the nations. They started the wars against the poor, backwards and those who were weak in military power and far from their boundaries. So there were no direct threats and fears of the counter attack on their soil. The US population was safe and secured in their homeland but the ruling elite made life miserable around.

    If we look at the US war history after the world war II, they fought the Korean War against China and Korea, the Vietnam War, intervention in Lebanon, Cambodia, Iran, Libya conflict, Cuba, Panama, several times in Iraq, intervention in Somalia, Haiti occupation, bombardment in Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Drone attacks and sabotaging in Pakistan.

    The Osama bin laden, Taliban and Al-Qaida were not capable of 9/11 even they could not plan this sort of destruction. They lived in remote areas without education, electricity, roads, clean water, toilets and other basic facilities. The world can not be fooled any more on this point.

    The invasion in Iraq was to search the weapons of mass destruction which were there only with the US and they used it nakedly in this area and in Afghanistan to capture Osama bin laden who was planted there before by the US themselves.

    The US economy is now dependent on war industry; these industries were expanded in around 20 US states, working 24/7, manufacturing heaps of weapons of mass destruction. Several politicians are engaged with them in one way or another. A class of weapon merchants and traders emerged in this area, closely linked with the pentagon. This is the real war mafia.

    Mr. Barrack Husain Obama started his election campaign with the slogan of Change and mentioned it several times in his speeches that the military alone cannot secure the US . His campaign was totally build up against the war lunacy of Mr. George W. Bush but he could not withstand the pressure of war mafia and bowed before them, continued the Defense Secretary of Bush administration and his lunatic war policies. Mr. Obama addressed few traditional, ostensible and cosmetic issues and could not take any bold steps for real change. So this change is only for Mr. Obama not for the world.

    The America of George Washington, Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Kennedy is high jacked by warlords, weapon merchants, oil traders and other mafia groups. Now they are running the show and the American presidents are puppets in white house.

    There is no real threat to America from the out side; whatever threat is, it is from within.

    There is a verse of one of our great poet of Urdu, Mir Taqee Mir, le saans bhe aahista keh nazuk hey barra kaam / aafaq ke es kargahey sheesha gare ka. The theme is :The craftmanship of this universe is so delicate and is made of fine glass so even breathe cautiously, it should not shatter.

  2. Najam Saqib permalink

    On religion, Karl marks a vie’y line – “Bank is the cathedral of Das Kapitalist System”.

    Bankster$ de\Sign is the false name-word “god”, a vague idol of a Corporation called the “State”. The V’toed man-agers, the government of con-men, P’Laced these estates in “p\Ledge” to raise loans from the Bank. So you know its been Mort-Gaged.

    Very often ordinary folks find them-Selves, fallen, into situations where conflicting loyal-ties exist. This does not pose any pro’blem for p’imps and garbed mercenaries, they however remain loyal to their P.A.Y.E-master.

    Questions were raised aloud, there were outbursts on toPic to pick, still in open offices “USURY” was OFF-the-Agenda. Most men had not heard this strange term before, no chance. A sym~Ply hidden word was either made a matter of “Great Controversy” /or hush-hushh. Modern scholarship of speculators, Kan’t be trusted, under-standing the situation, now – a
    major “Foul-U^P”. This brew ‘evolves’ and keePs changing it$ colours with various degrees of corruption add%ed to it. Acts, like blind-men lost in a dark room, looking for a black cat which is not there. Pre’sent time ‘urbane’ is very cosme’Tick and Sign’T’-Fick. Rarely in the City you meet that Man, the Son of Adam, who cares to remind in the wise’dome of the ancients.

    Thanks for opening this page /thread, to add-wise.

  3. TomK permalink

    Make sure you pay your property taxes though!

    • 50% of Americans have zero net assets or less. Yet they lose 45% of their income to interest passed on through prices.
      We are Interest Slaves and we don’t even know it.

      • Muhammad Afzal Khan permalink

        There are 2 factors which gripped our lives. 1.Time: Every click of Time is consuming and depreciating our lives. No. 2 is interest which consumes and depreciate our economy, belongings and wealth at every second. One is natural for growth and wisdom other is imposed on us by hunters and criminals. This is entirely immoral.

  4. Lady Jane permalink

    Ladies and Gentlemen If we all stopped watching any t.v. at all and going to the cinema the house of cards and mind control would soon collapse. No air travel until the tsa humiliation, x-raying and molestation is a thing of the past, and the airlines would once again treat their customers with dignity and not as criminals. Women really could turn this around by dressing as ladies in modest skirts or dresses and not the hideous ugly unisex pants uniform seen almost on all females these days. It truly does take our participation do keep the evil construct alive. We the help of God and sites such as Anthony Migchels we can kill the beast.

  5. M. Stephen permalink

    It’s good to see more recognition of this idea that we have a choice NOT to agree to be part of a corrupt political system and corrupt economy. I plopped out of my mother’s womb in a place called New York. I didn’t agree to anything, let alone being a subject of the State. I never took on a contract with the USA, and I never agreed to support the insanity we call domestic and foreign policy.

    Why any sane adult would vote is beyond my comprehension. I do not endorse, or accept this crooked, rigged up system. You’ll have to go on your psychotic rampages in Iraq and Vietnam on your own – don’t count me in for any of it.

    Walmart? They can go fuck themselves. Cheap shit at low prices is no bargain. And why on earth would I want to add one centavo to the Walton family fortune in the asshole of the earth – Arkansas?

  6. Ivan permalink

    Best to get back on your medications. Paranoiai is a treatable condition. May I suggest that you also get into counseling. The only one out to get you is “you”.

    • Thanks for the advise Ivan!
      It is absolutely true that I’m my own worst enemy, but please remember that being paranoid does not mean your not being followed!

      • Muhammad Afzal Khan permalink

        May b enemy to your own BUT friend of humanity.

  7. Good work! BTW, the other day I put together an experimental blog page: You folks might find it interesting. If so, please feel free to copy the idea, and use it as you please.

  8. HeartSet permalink

    There is a great way to establish your own diplomatic immunity. The general process goes like this, and can be tweaked for each of you. You each have to partake in peaceful and wise action for yourself, without a hint of violence or disent. Learn humility and keep smiling.

    1. Write to the county auditor, that person who normally manages the statewide voter registration database, telling them that, “Effective immediately, please remove my name from the statewide voter registration database. I hereby cancel my voter registration. I will no longer be participating in the political process.” This revokes any consent you may have given in the past to being governed by any part of the current system of government, as it has become destructive. This also removes you from the juror pool. Nothing more is needed.

    2. Consider yourself an American national, rather than a U.S. Citizen. You are a free inhabitant in the __________ Republic (state of ___________ (not all capital letters) “i.e. Alabama Republic” Allowing yourself to be regarded as a U.S. Citizen grants to them your tacit acceptance to being one of their “RESIDENTS”. The word RESIDENT means “A THING IDENTIFIED” The phrase “U.S. Citizen” means a loss of many rights and freedoms, which they are happy to take away from you, per their blood lust.

    3. Understand that the organic laws known as “Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776” and “Articles of Confederation of November 15, 1777” are still fully in effect and preceed all the written law that is only applicable on “the territory owned by and ceded to the United States” which for most of you free inhabitants, is not the place where you keep your belongings and hang your hat and lay your head. You can find out where all the federal ceded lands are. It’s growing too, so watch out!

    4. Create and record an Affidavit into the public record; a statement about yourself, a public communication, and include within this your revokation of consent to being governed. Add to your affidavit something to tells how you govern yourself under God, with his unwritten laws placed on your heart. Cite the UCC 1-308 as your complete reservation of rights. Also cite US Code Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 13 sec 241, conspiracy against rights, and 242 deprivation of rights under color of law. Then have your affidavit notarized, and record it (small fee) at the County Recorder office of vital statistics, or if they refuse, record it at National Republic Registry. Post a legal notice in the nearby press to where you are at, which directs the public to see your recording.

    5. Terminate your ALL CAPS NAME from commerce in every way you can. Taking your money out of banks and closing bank accounts, closing all business accounts, stop seeking new agreements with any corporations. Try to “retire from commerce” and figure out how to live quiet, peaceful and within your means. Check out the resources of to revoke your participation in the huge fraud of banking.

  9. I agree 100%. For every dollar you take out of the bank you take away 9 dollars from the control system. If you want to be free, stop relying on systems designed to control you! Get free now, open your mind!


  10. Totaly agree with you. I have medical backround myself, and I am disgust with our academia and what they teach to us. I feel cheated and ashamed that I did not know the lies they were telling.
    Regarding the alternative money investments, it is a bit difficoult at the moment. In this “crisis” all business are struggling under current monetary system. Do you have any more practical advice? you know, you can not get groceries with silver coins ?!?

    • Don’t be ashamed. You were born into the system. Be proud and grateful that you actually managed to face the truth. Use the remorse for past mistakes as a source of energy to do good.

      I’ll give you some more tips, but also be creative!

      – One creative way of getting rid of excess cash that is lingering in a bank is going to your local health store and offering to pay up front a few thousand dollars. Ask for a 5 percent discount for ever in return. They’ll have an interest free loan and customer loyalty to boot. You get a discount and have a nice return on your money.
      – Silver Coins are meant for wealth preservation and should be stored away safely. They are a hedge against total breakdown, when they can become as much as ten times more valuable. They are not meant for daily groceries.
      – Give some money away. A little more than you like. It builds your character, lessens your dependence on money and if you have money in the bank I’m pretty sure you know people who can use it better.
      – Start a business of your own.
      – Realize there are worse problems than contemplating what to do with excess cash :-))

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