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Let’s consider Alex Jones MSM from now on…..

by on March 31, 2010

Alex Jones has been hit lately by a number of very critical reviews. Jeff Rense is the most authoritative figure disconnecting from him.

Jones has a great audience, for sure, and he has helped many people snap out of the MSM brainwashing. But there are simply too many things that don’t add up……….

I’m not going to repeat any of the complaints I have vented on earlier, nor again cite the critical sources I already have.

The reaction to earlier complaints, though, have made clear really very many independent minded people distrust him as well. I’ll leave it to your own resources to check this statement.

Why again start this subject?

His latest publicity stunt. Now he has been invited by CNN to come on one of their shows. I’m not going to link to his scoop, you have probably already seen it and his site is well known to all people who read this blog.

He explains that CNN asked him to come on the show and he decided to go along. CNN is asking him (in his own words) whether he is responsible for all the violence against the government that is going on and being threatened. He says to them something to the effect of: “oh, you’re gonna interview me for fifteen minutes and then air maybe fifteen seconds.”

Notwithstanding his excellent appreciation of their tactics he agrees to do the interview. In his own words: ‘Ok, I’ll come in, because if I refuse, you’re gonna say Alex Jones wouldn’t come to the interview’……….

Now, what’s wrong with that? What is wrong with having the whores of CNN admit you don’t want to talk to them? He has a great site, millions of viewers. He probably has better exposure with his site than CNN with their TV show. Alex Jones on their show is probably a bigger asset for them than his appearance there is for him.

He could use the exposure he could generate easily to explain why he didn’t want to reinforce their show and deal with their tactics on his own site. More people would learn about CNN wanting to interview him there, than from their own programs.

In itself there is nothing wrong with appearing on CNN, whether they air the interview or not, which is apparently not certain at this point.

But I’m going to put forward three points. The most blatant first, another interesting point of content second and a challenge for your own spiritual discernment third.

One. Go to 8:16 of his interview. He states: ‘Ron Paul or myself……ahm……..The New York Times got it basically right that I’m the Prophet of the Tea Party Movement’. Now, I’m transcribing this, I’m not totally complete here.

But listen to his words. He is telling us his MSM opponents are right when they say he is the Prophet of the Tea Party Movement. Since when is the MSM saying anything worthwhile?

I ask you: is Alex Jones the Prophet of the Tea Party Movement? You are in a better position to answer this question than the MSM.

I ask you a second question. If you were the REAL Prophet of the Tea Party Movement, wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable when the MSM, of all people, would call you that?

I know I would. I have experience with this. Some of the people around me, people that love me, have likened me to a prophet. You know what that does to me? It makes me sweat of discomfort. And not because I can’t handle praise, but because it is unreal. You read some stuff. You get to your own conclusions. You share them with other people. If they then call you a prophet is almost as bad as when they call you an anti-semite.

But Jones is telling CNN they are probably right.

Two. Alex Jones makes very clear in the interview he is a ‘constitutionalist’. He adores the Constitution and the Founding Fathers.

Please take note of this story, if you haven’t already.

There is something pretty big you are missing if you equal the Founding Fathers to Jesus Christ. I know there are many who do so in the Patriot/Truth community. But this is something you wanna wake up to.

So his grasp of the content is pretty meager, for a prophet.

Three. Look at this picture. Look at it hard. Look at it, while connecting with the silence within yourself.

Then look at this picture.

And third, look at Alex Jones while he is being interviewed by CNN. Look at the entire interview and observe his body language. The way he uses his body. Look at his blinking eyes. Listen to his voice.

Now, this is what it is all about. How do you discern truth from non truth? How do you discern false prophets from real ones?
I’m not kidding you, I look a lot more like Alex than Meher. Especially when I’m dealing with people who want to destroy me, like Alex is when dealing with CNN.

But look hard while opening your heart. The answers are there.


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  1. I to think Alex Jones is a disinfo agent, a gatekeeper etc. This stems from the time he came over to England a couple of years ago, to cover the Bilderberg meeting that was taking place. He was actually invited on to a show by the BBC to be interviewed and talk about the Bilderberg group, conspiracy theories etc. When his chance came to ‘reveal all’ he totally lost the plot. He started yelling and shouting, getting angry, acting like a deranged, hell-fire preacher. He lost all credibility at that moment, with the interviewer, studio guests and viewers.

    People tuning in, who were curious and looking to hear some startling revelations, would’ve probably just turned the TV off, laughing as they did and probably thinking what a wanker he was. With the notion that a conspiracy theorist was exactly as the press etc had told them.

    Jones had the opportunity, in front of a large audience to reveal the truth about the Bilderberg group and others. With the amount of knowledge he has, he could’ve quite easily silenced any doubters and informed plenty of people. Instead he chose to put on a show, giving the impression that he was a bit of a joke. Anybody who messes up an opportunity like that, is suspect in my view.

    Also, I think it’s safe to assume that nobody who is a 100% Truther, will ever be allowed to appear on national TV and tell a large portion of the population what is really going on. The risk of a mass awakening would be too great. Also,the BBC is state owned, with MI5 interaction, so no way would they invite a ‘Truther’ on. The programmes they run about conspiracies etc always backs up the official narrative.


    I hear his wife/controller has left him. Maybe we’ll see something different from him now

    • Billybob permalink

      Alex Jones is Bill Hicks. He has had surgery, and come back, to serve his gnostic masters in destroying christianity by becoming a parody of it.

  2. ConcernedCitizen permalink


    Well, he DID link to your blog article, The Hidden Slavery of Interest.

    There is so much noise today that is hard to filter out from the truth. You are never going to agree with someone else 100% of the time on all views or opinions. Each one of us has a different personal agenda. Why not focus on the common beliefs, rather than the differences?

    I agree with Mike S. Ron Paul WOULD make the best possible president.

    • Yes. And I’m grateful for it.

      From what I’ve been seeing the last few months and last week particularly, I’ve been starting to realize ‘it is really feasible that an honest man sitting on the info that Jones is sitting on, can still be for a goldstandard’.

      A lot of things are still unclear, and especially a clear grasp of the interest issue is necessary to get to the bottom.

  3. I attempted to querry Jones several times on his avoidance of the role of Zionism in the “New World Order.” (Regarding my last post, the Japanese called their NWO vision “The Greater Asian Zone of Co-Prosperity”.) Did Jones respond rationally to me? No, he blocked my e-mails several; times from different servers.

    Two of my non-intellectual grown children find Jones depressing. Which I suspect is the effect he has on many, i.e., you are being watched in every way, it’s hopeless.

    I will say that I believe Jones in genuine in his desire to avoid an insane war against Iran–probably because his backers (wisely) feel the same way.

  4. Mike S permalink

    Alex Jones is far from perfect, but he does a lot of good work. How much good work has this blog done, or have any of the harsh commenters done, to wake people up. Like Freud, you can use Jones’ approach – critical analysis – to analyze Jones and see his shortcomings. But who has done more to wake up the average person? Ron Paul would be the best President I can imagine, not that he has a chance, but how many people would be aware of him if Alex Jones hadn’t talked about him and interviewed him so often. This is my first visit to this site found with the FF plugin SimilarWeb, and I can’t say I’m too impressed with the site. It’s really easy to be critical, it’s far, far more difficult to create something as AJ has done. Instead of playing the (critical) parasite, how about building up an information network to help the public see how things really work? Or is that what you think you’re doing with your blog?

    • Hi Mike,

      Yes, you sure have a point. My core business is not blogging, it is creating usury free money, the blog is just a ‘hobby’. To change things, however, blogging is not enough, we need real solutions, therefore I leave the hardcore blogging to others.

      Also: I agree that Jones has helped a lot of people, including me, to get rid of a great deal of brainwashing. However, in these dangerous times it is also important to maintain a critical attitude to all sources. And the thing is that too many things don’t add up with Jones.

      It is unpleasant but necessary to blow the whistle when one deeply senses a rat. Especially regarding people who wield a lot influence.

      Jones ignores Zionism, he pleads for a Gold Standard, he is married to a (jewish) Bronfman heiress, he flashes the diablo sign, and his style of communication is simply not trustworthy.

      What is worse: he does not respond to the doubters in a rational way. He has plenty of credit and if he simply speaks his mind openly on these issues, everybody would give him a fair hearing. The fact that he chooses not to do so, does not speak for him.

  5. I have this vision of Alex Jones after Pearl Harbor. True, all the attacking planes have Japanese insignia on them…but Japanese are nice people and we can’t lump them all together with a few bas apples. It’s not the Japanese that are attacking us…it’s the “zone of co-prosperity” that’s the culprit. he’d have everyone looking for the “zone of co-prosperity” instead of ships and planes sporting “meatballs” and firing guns.

    Every time Israel runs amok, Jones (whose children are Jewish) disappears and leaves some host like Jack Blood behind to deal with criticism. He recently banned Sephardic Jew Mike Rivera (a 9-11 survivor) from the show for being critical of Israel.

  6. Caryn Louise permalink

    Totally. Are they trying to fool people into thinking Aliens from the Moon were responsible for 9/11?

    This is straight out of Hollywood:

    David Icke: ‘Human Race get off your knees’-

    ‘His most staggering revelation is that the Earth and the collective human mind is manipulated from the Moon, which, he says, is not a `heavenly body’, but an artificial construct – a gigantic `spacecraft’ (probably a hollowed-out ‘planetoid’) – which is home to the extraterrestrial group that has been manipulating humanity for aeons.

    He describes what he calls the `Moon Matrix’, a fake reality broadcast from the Moon which is decoded by the human body/mind in much the same way as portrayed in the Matrix movie trilogy. The Moon Matrix has `hacked’ into the human `body-computer’ system, he says, and it is feeding us a manipulated sense of self and the world 24/7.’

    An explanation is due : where did David Icke get his 9/11 information from?

  7. he’s just another soul less a liar making a living off of people interested in the truth

    he’s one of many

  8. Caryn Louise permalink

    Questions to the A.R.E. – the Association for Research and Enlightment:

    1. Is the A.R.E. associated with David Icke?
    2. Where did David Icke get his 9/11 information from?
    3. What is the A.R.E.’s explanation to David Icke’s ‘Human Race get off your Knees’ publication?

  9. Mihail permalink

    Is Alex Jones Linked To Zionist-Jew?
    THE CONTROVERSY OF ALEX ‘BULLHORN’ JONES being an alleged Zionist shill has now expanded to his apparent Zionist-Jewish connections on his 1) Personal Staff 2) Website Advertisers 3) Link To Time Warner President, Edgar Bronfman Jr.

    Jones’ seeming allegiance to Zionism, which explains why he virtually never targets Zionist Jews or the racist, Zionist rogue state of Israel when engaging in his notorious rants and attacks, may well stem from a Protestant-Zionist belief system, and the widely circulated reports that his wife is a Jew – – which makes his two children Jewish under Talmudic law and eligible for the Israeli Law Of Return. In that Jones’ wife is of Jewish heritage, both she and the children would be automatic dual citizens…Alex would not qualify.

    With additional information on Jones which this site is now providing, Alex Jones’ Zionist connections prompting his reticence to expose global Zionism, becomes ever more obvious.

  10. Josh permalink

    The US government would nuke its own cities before it would ever allow a angry U.S. public to rebel against it.
    Too many psycho nerds in government/business media today , that like the way things are going – for them.

  11. GoodAmerican permalink

    We all know of the secret/illegal meetings for planning world events/world govt and that the zionist control/skew/lie about all of our main stream information and that the REAL enemy we face is a domestic one mainly because of these two guys.
    lol, if by chance one or both of them is a gov’t agent, it shows US once again, how ridiculous the minds at the pentagon really are.
    We all just need to keep doing what these guys are doing, spread the truth to anyone who has the guts and brains to listen to. Everyone will know When and If the time comes for a mass uprising. Everyone must be on board for US to bring down this corrupt govt we are suffering under and reestablish our constitutional govt. Dont’ try to do something like that alone, thats what the crazies in the pentagon want to happen.
    Peace, in spite of the liars who would have it otherwise.

  12. Kevin Beair permalink

    I read this whole article, this is a bunch of mud slinging nonsense, nothing concrete has been stated here, shame on you people for end fighting with AJ. This article sounds like the nonsense CNN is spewing. This makes me a bigger AJ fan and I still dont even know the bozo who wrote it and I dont care to.

  13. Billy G. permalink

    Something I said? Why did you take my post out, wordpress?

  14. Billy G. permalink

    Its great to see that more and more people are not getting caught in the trap being set by government agents posing as care givers.
    Reading between the lines is now more important than ever. its the little things that stand out the most. So as the times call for desperate measures we are going to see a spiritual awakening among the world.
    Even pat Robertson is a fraud, what the bible calls a “false prophet”, for profit. He endores lesbian and gay political figures and constantly tries to anger Christian viewers spewing half-truths.
    Even though Mike Riverio is a cheerleader for the satanist gay agenda and bashes jews and Christians on a grand scale, he has been on Jones programs alot. I donot understand why this is? Alex claims to defend Israel’s behaviour and admires the Jews, and yet he still thinks Mike is a great guy. Huh?

    PNAC mentions the war in cyber-space a few times, making no doubt that there will be more of the Mikes and Alexes popping up all over the place enmasse to try and confuse readers. Only they will offer nothing more than fear and snake looped spin cycles of government empire that do nothing to inspire viewers to commit to real change. People are growing tired of the whole charade of pointing out corruption, but not offering advice to want to set up constant public protests or group gatherings and sit-ins.

    Arm chair warriors are what the Mikes and Alexes truly prefer, not physical contact. Christians should be setting up shop in front of the Whitehouse and demand answers NOW!!

    WHR and associates are nothing more than regulated sites that will help government, when the time comes (soon) , to round up those who will be trouble for the NWO.

    We need sites that not only demand change and give warning signs to people the governments are about to open up the death camps. We all know government can’t get any more corrupt than it is now, but what are you going to do about it?

  15. Brett permalink

    Well I for one always had a gut feeling about Alex Jones so with a little research Ifound a few things that make me not believe Jones is all he claims to be. Fist off there was Jones claiming he predicted 9/11 when clearly he stole the information from Willam Cooper. Then Jones going on a rant trying to discredit Mr. Cooper saying he was a paid shill so on and so forth. Sidebar on Bill Cooper he was later gunned down on his front lawn by the FEDS later that same year. Google William Cooper if you haven’t heard of him he was a true patriot to our nation. Second was Jones video on the Bohemian Grove during the whole video he made seem that the infiltrated covertly and did a hell of a job making it seem there lives were at risk. However it turns out he was invited there to be shown nothing was going on. Don’t get me wrong Alex has shown the light on many things but I personally have a hard time believing anyone who gets paid the money he does to be a patriot of our beloved republic. Alex Jones is just a little too much hollywood for me. The truth will sell its self.

  16. Jim Barlucci permalink

    This is an incredibly stupid hit piece. Alex Jones isn’t perfect, but neither are his critics. I don’t know what the idiot was trying to say in this post. It’s clear though he was struggling to get it out. I guess we can expect more of this from Mike Rivero, whose site linked me to this monstrosity.

    • Good points. There is a very paranoid streak in truthseekers that needs some serious discussion.

      Alex Jones is brash, too 5-alarm fire, and a bunch of other stuff.

      Buy hey, the dude makes excellent points about our food, environment, and ruling class structure.

      Yes a lot of guessing about stuff, but compared to some of the lunatic theories here in the comments section- he actually sounds quite sane.

  17. randy stone permalink

    I realized that AJ was a fraud about a year ago when his site consistently refusted to post entries justifiably critical of Israel

  18. the NYT link requires an annoying login. you may wish to replace it with (took me a moment to find a workaround: as a tip of the hat). Good article. Good turns of phrase. Excellent lead-a-horse-to-water style: without it the article IMHO would be op-ed fluff. thank you again & be seeing you.

  19. LO PHATT permalink

    All it takes to get banned from commenting on his site is the smallest criticism of Israel or Jews. There is absolutely no way to discuss our current situation without the ability to do that. Anyone who claims to love freedom but engages in the degree of censorship that A.J. does is, at a minimum, a hypocrite or a fool.
    My opinion is that Alex Jones cares more about Alex Jones than anything else he discusses. He’s a gatekeeper, just like Amy Goodman and the Huff Post. Who needs ’em? They just exist to “define the acceptable limits” for their masters.

    • Jim Barlucci permalink

      That’s not true. I’ve posted and seen posted on Prison Planet some pretty outrageous stuff about Israel’s involvement in 9/11.

  20. DOGISMYTH permalink

    bahahaha….sorry to laugh at 99% of the people (sheep?) that reside in the unfenced area known as the USSA, but you really are ignorant and lack any ability in critical thinking or “gut” feeling to matters.

    I knew alex jones was a fake after watching him on two videos a couple of years ago. Its called intuition, and everyone has it but most are so mesmerized by chemical additives and selfishly worried about their narcissistic individualism that they are blind to their spiritual and mental capabilities. Everyone is searching for the truth, and so what do they do? They listen to others and accept what they hear if it conforms to their beliefs.

    How many freaking times do I have to say it?? Your beliefs are formed from perception (of things). Perceptions are based on what you have received and processed as input data. Therefore, unless you are entering in truthful data you will misperceive, and thus have false beliefs.

    Only you can know the truth. And the answers lie within yourself. Do not accept any data at face value. Believe in yourself and others. There is no reason to disagree because none of “us” know the truth. Therefore, the truth really doesn’t matter does it.

    Go on living and enjoying your lives. The affairs of the world are created and directed to distract and confuse you. Worry simply about your life and the factors that affect it directly. Otherwise, search for happiness and ignore the “noise”. It WILL go away.

  21. Gunnar permalink

    I used to be an avid Alex Jones listener and supporter for years until I started noticing the elephant in the room that he chooses to ignore.

    Notice how Alex never says anything negative about Jews and Israel even though they are clearly a huge part of the problem? On the contrary, he has stated that he is a supporter of Israel and that the “NWO” is trying to “destroy Israel”.

    And to you people who say that Alex Jones never talks about Jews because he would be taken off air immediately, well that just proves my point. He’s able to talk freely about the “NWO” without fear, yet speaking the truth about the Jews is off-limits and would cause him to be shut down immediately. It shows you who REALLY runs shit.

    The “NWO” and “Illuminati” are nothing but strawmen created to mis-direct you away from the real issue which are the Jews pretending to be American who have infiltrated the highest levels of our government and are destroying it from within.

    It was the Jewish bankers who looted and destroyed our economy. It was the Jewish AIPAC lobbyists who were the biggest pushers and funders for the Iraq invasion. It was the Jew-owned mainstream media who lied to us about 9/11 and Iraq and continue to lie to us on a daily basis.

    Alex Jones is nothing but the controlled opposition.

    Alex Jones is nothing but a fraud.

  22. Gee, your reasons don’t really add up to much. I was expecting a better critique of him. Instead you linked to several non-sequiter pictures??? and told us to look hard??? what???

    I like Michael Rivero more than Alex Jones, anyway.

    • yeah – seems more like jealous bloggers than any real critique.

      Maybe if you all worked as hard as Alex Jones does you might get somewhere.

      And no, Alex Jones doesn’t have all the answers or even all the questions.

      And he would probably be the first to admit it…

  23. in4mayshun permalink

    I really think all these A.J. critics are grasping at straws. If he was a Government shill he’d either have alot more air time or have his own cable show like Glenn Beck. (which he has been offered before) I have listened to his explanations and defenses from accusations and they sound reasonable to me. Alex has to be very careful about which direction he lets his discussions and guests go because he is under much scrutiny. I’m sure there is a number of Government and civil liberty lawyers waiting for him to screw up. I think its much more likely that Alex just has his own way of doing things but I believe his heart is in the right place.

    I know 1st hand what it is like to try and help people and then get nothing but criticism and false accusations from people who need to get a life.

  24. imp permalink

    How did life evolve on a planet that spends ninety-nine percent of its time beyond the orbit of Pluto? Why would anyone live on a planet that spends ninety-nine percent of its time beyond the orbit of Pluto?

  25. Howard T. Lewis III permalink

    Sounds like Monkey island to me. HEEYYY!!! Alex probably likes beer on occasion. Rivero likes something else Throw rocks at someone else, please.
    Matthew Simmons is GONE. Who else do we have of that stature and importance who has as much influence?
    Remember, the N(Old)WO wants to exterminate everyone who acts like monkeys doing tricks.
    Quit shitting on your computers and get back to business

  26. AntiLieGuy permalink

    Dont worry. The sheeple are still sound asleep to most of it. I wonder why I try sometimes. Carry on.

  27. Howard T. Lewis III permalink

    Sounds like Monkey Island to me. HEEYYY!!! Alex probably likes beer on occasion. Rivero likes something else. Throw rocks at someone else please.Matthew Simmons is GONE. Who else do we have? Remember, the NWO wants to exterminate everyone who acts like monkeys doing tricks.
    Quit shitting on your computers at get back to business.

  28. matt permalink

    I have just watched the video Jones did while supposedly on cnn. The behind the scenes footage. I am a videographer and I have made a few observations. First of Jones said he was recording his talk using a cell phone. That is some mighty fine video quality but even more impressive is the exceptional directional mic quality. I wish my on camera mics could eliminate all the ambient noise like that. Also the way the camera shakes is more like a small video camera. if you have a thin camera like a phone you would have more of a tilting back and forth rather than just up and down and side to side. Also the focal length looks a little long for a cell phone. Lastly, this isn’t my area but the exposure goes out at one point and shows Austin 8 on the side. here is a wiki section about the channel.

    The channel is also distinct from traditional TV news operations in that its shows are traditionally hosted by a single anchor and in that its reporters occasionally set up, shoot and edit their own stories without the assistance of a video photographer.

    I smell set up. Especially since it never aired on cnn. We never see any other people except him. there are no other voices.

  29. AntiLieGuy permalink

    Maybe I want to dispel your lies here. Maybe Ill ad a little more:

  30. imp permalink

    I find Alex Jones to be a valuable source of information . . . as to who the other tools are. Anyone who gets along good with Alex, that’s a sure sign they’re another regime puppet. Thanks for your invaluable service, Alex!

  31. AntiTruthGuy permalink

    Yes we are all government liars, so can you now go and find some another blog to copy/paste your spam?

  32. Urod permalink

    Negative !
    The whole point of this article revolves around the interpretation of the ‘Prophet’ statement . That’s silly !
    Please give us more powerfull arguments …
    Question to the neyers : why not hire a private investigator and post the resoults . With video too .
    Good luck !
    Until than see another world free of corruption at , future shocking .

  33. AntiLieGuy permalink

    You will not win a debate with me because you are liars. That is why all the government liars I have debated in the past resort to threats. You do not have facts, science, or logic on your side. You are evil. You are traitors and guilty of treason. Your lies are aiding and abetting genocide and you will make restitution for your lies, either in this life or the next, but you will.

    • whoa dude – lay off the bat juice for a while.

      Life is getting better and the world is not ending.

  34. AntiTruthGuy permalink

    AntLieGuy, the answer to all your why questions is obviously: Planet X

    It all make sense.

    So since we established this, can you STFU and go back from where you came?

  35. JOJO permalink

    Alex Jones is a fraud, plain and simple. He is a gatekeeper for the less intelligent amongst us.He wants your money and your worship and if you do not give it you are akin to the Nazi. Remember! Arabs run hollywood. Jones should be arrested for treason and executed. The guy hates America.

  36. AntiLieGuy permalink

    Ok. I gotta deal with more paid liars. answer these:

    What was causing the perturbations of the orbits of the outer planets?

    Why were scientists looking for Planet X for over a hundred years?

    Why did NASA launch their IRAS telescope in 1983 specifically looking for Planet X?

    Why did NASA announce they found Planet X immediately after launching IRAS?

    Why did the governments of Earth commence underground bunker building at an unprecedented rate?

    Why have they sprayed chemtrails every day globally for the past three and a half years? For the ones who want to claim chemtrails dont exist: STFU, that cats already outta the bag.

    What is causing the massive increase in seismic and volcanic activity?

    Why all the lies about “global warming”, “climate change”, “polar shift”, “galactic alignment” and all the other BS?

    Why does every ancient civilization tell us all about Planet X and when it will return?

    What caused the flood of Noah’s day and the sinking of Atlantis? Why are the governments censoring Noahs ark siting on top of Mt Ararat on all the map programs when it was plain as day?

    What is the winged disc object in many SOHO images that exactly matches the ancient Egyptian descriptions?

    Why are “they” filling up the oceans and lakes with oil?

    Why all the poisons in our food, water, medicine, and air? why the fabricated diseases like AIDS, Lyme, and the bird/spanish/pig flu?

    Whay are we in a planned economic collapse and what has been the response to depression in the past?

    Why has Russia threatened to nuke us for three years over Iran?

    Why did Russia wipe out our satellite over Siberia and why did the Chinese take out one of our pull-behind sonar arrays?

    What happened to the missing nuke from 07 when NORAD was supposedly looking for that private pilot Steve Fossett?

    Why does the Bible and numerous other sources say that nuke will be used as the next false flag?

    Why are the movies now showing 10-10 on the clocks like the movies showed 9-11 on everything before 9-11-01?

    Thats enough for now government liars. Answer those. I hate liars.

  37. I also have a red pencil box.

    AJ is one of those cases where you have to take the good with the bad. Could he be part of disinfo and psyops? Sure. He also sees the world thru the eyes of a Judeo-Christian Texas upbringing, that alone can spin his world view; however, he often points out government and media lies and has made it clear that there are those who have an AGENDA and what that agenda is…hindsight proves him fairly accurate.

    This latest campaign to discredit him may also be psyops and disinfo because he has hit on something “they” would rather not have you hear…

    Be careful, they can and will turn anybody and anything into a tool that fits their agenda…critical thinking always required.

  38. Grimriffer permalink

    Ooooo look! Somebody got a free blog at WordPress and now they’re postin’ stuff. Now where the heck did my bottle of Bisphenol-A go?! Oh, there it is. *glug, glug, glug, glug, glug*.

  39. Joey Tavares permalink

    My silence has always spoken louder than words.

    What a beautiful way you have, speaking with silence so.

    Thank you for counting on us. As we do you…

  40. AntiTruthGuy permalink

    You are traitor, you censor my comment about planet y, z and w. (you don’t have to censor planet x, i am through with them, they are liars and smelly feet)

  41. AntiTruthGuy permalink

    On other than the planet xyz, AJ is and always was terrible. He is not an actor, but opportunists. It doesn’t matter for him what he says, it matters how loud he is saying that. but then it is sometimes entertaining.
    ok, back to planet W.

  42. AntiTruthGuy permalink

    No, no, no, AntiLieGuy you are complete government shill. It is Not Planet X, but Planet Y the chemtrails are hiding, you just want us to follow you towrong direction because you are paid agent by government or the planet Z.

  43. uyf permalink

    chemtrails are real? Planet X being nearby? Wheres your proof on THAT one? Yeah thats what I thought.

    Alex Jones and Rivero are indeed disinfo designed to keep us from going too indepth on mandatory topics but you planet X people have been saying this tripe for a decade now, how slow is this damn thing?

  44. AntiLieGuy permalink

    Alex and Mike do not have “blind spots.” They know full well about Planet X and the chemtrails that hide them. Im betting they also know about the planned extermination of America better known as the war of Armageddon on 10-10-10. Alex Jones has me permanently banned on his sites and Mike Rivero deleted me from his myspace friends for telling the chemtrails hide Planet X. Theyre ALL liars, all the governments, all the media, all the scientists, they ALL lie.

  45. AntiLieGuy permalink

    ok. my bad. good job. so many people in all forms of media are liars today and i been banned from many sites for telling the truth.

  46. mikie permalink

    i have a red pencil box

  47. Cold Wind permalink

    It is clear, Israel, Israeli Fifth Columnists and other pro-Israel traitors did 911. Alex works hard to obscure this fact.

  48. AntiLieGuy permalink

    so you wont post my comment with the truth about the chemtrails hiding Planet X? youre a traitor to your country and your planet.

    • If there is in reality an increase in seismic and volcanic activity it is that damn Haarp Monstrosity in Alaska. The damn government owns it and it is fully operational (just take my word on this have had a few problems with them).

      NO – That damn thing is operational and has capabilities probably beyond our imagination. It can cause earth quakes and I am sure Volcanic Eruptions. Angels don’t play that Haarp. Our government sure does and it is capable of literal mind control dammit, creating visions and is probably the source for much of the “touted” UFO abductions and it has the ability to implant it in your mind you think it really happened. Your mind is sort of like a computer and apparently those monsters have cracked the code. There are no little green men. It is called dis information. I know for a fact that damn thing works very well.

      There is no damn planet x.

      There is a rational explanation, there usually is.

      If in fact there is an increase – would have to check the history of this type of activity to ascertain that –

      OH Rivero denies Haarps existence and it’s functionality and I know damn well that damn man knows that damn thing is operational. He is running his own game and I am not sure what it is. Mr. Rivero and my paths have crossed and I am a little upset. He also does some pretty funny things with religion and let us just leave it at – I would bet almost everything I have that man in reality is not an atheist. That is how our paths crossed. NO – They all seem to have their little game.

      NO – There is a logical explanation for much – if there is an increase it is Haarp.

      The chem trails – Probably

      There is a de population agenda

      Soft Kill – Hard Kill

      There usually is a rational explanation, the crazy talk doesn’t help.

      I am not trying to be cruel; it’s just true and doesn’t help and really confuses people.

      It is wrong to massively deceive people

      There will be hell to pay – Literally


  49. Oris permalink

    Yes, Alex has entered the outside edge of MSM but he’s still the best show on radio with the most current alternative information. Of course, he’s human and has blind spots.

    I live in Austin and watched Alex rise from local access to an international audience. He’s real but not perfect. We are lucky he’s broadcasting six days a week and producing videos.

    I know Rivero has jumped from GCN to RBN, suspect he’ll learn it was a frying pan into the fire move.

    My favorite news sites are WRH and Rense, and, Drudge who is very much the MSM.

    We are lucky to have Alex, Michael and Jeff pumping it out and balancing each other.

    • ehswan permalink

      Ah. Finally some sanity in an otherwise, (so far) pretty much insane comment stream!

    • Jim Barlucci permalink

      Excellent post. All three sites in your post, including Alex’s, are contributing mightily in their own ways to the resistance.

  50. Shaka Lakqa permalink

    I stopped listening to AJ over two years ago because all he does is insight rage and anger. He is obviously a paid shill in disguise. He has been able to fool most people up until now.

  51. wrong criteria permalink

    No supernatural discernment necessary here. Just the facts.
    * AJ proclaiming that “Arabs control the media” !?
    * AJ banning any and all real investigation into the Zionist reality behind US foreign policy wars, 911 etc
    * AJ banning WRH and Rivero
    * AJ refusal to use his clout to back the ANTI-Federal Reserve groups, instead pushing venal, diversionary, and incendiary contests like the Obama “black face poster contest” which plays the NWO race card
    * AJ infamous forgery- the ‘Charlie Sheen intv w/ Obama’ debacle which only further demolished Patriot credibility
    * The consistently empty, sensational content of much of his coverage. WHAT is NEW and usable in his tabloid style?

    Thats just for starters…

  52. AntiLieGuy permalink

    Alex Jones and Mike Rivero are both liars because they will not tell you that the chemtrails are hiding Planet X and that’s whats causing the massive increase in seismic and volcanic activity. That’s also what the 2012 thing is about and it’s the sign in the heavens warning of America’s total destruction on 10-10-10, the same day as the next false flag to invade Iran. That same day America will be destroyed and invaded by Russia, China and the SCO. News here:

  53. texasrebel permalink

    Anyone that aligns themselves behind so-called `Good jews’ or is married to a Jew can NOT be trusted at all.. Jews are evil period.. They carry a genetic satanic defect which labels them as the Tares that choke off the Wheat..

  54. Jenny permalink

    Well I’m glad to see someone publicly beginning to question Alex Jones. I saw it back in 2008. I guess I just can read people well. To me it was so obvious when I saw how he allows himself to appear (when in public protest-type situations) the slightly unhinged, looney type, yet lover-of-freedom. He allows the sheep who watch him to lump two concepts together: “Patriot” and “Extremist.” Why does he always know what they’re doing in advance, with such certainty? He’s juxtaposed in the MSM with the neocon radio talk-show hosts by being lumped with gun-toting conspiracy theorists ready to blow a fuse. The perfect way to scapegoat freedom-lovers. Call them “Alex Jones followers.”

    He’s a shill and a paid actor. That’s what I’m certain of. I think I read somewhere Alex Jones is his alias and he’s really a floundering actor who was hired because he was so good at playing “unhinged.” So he’s been typecast! Once his “Alex Jones” role is up, I’m afraid his acting career will be over, though. I have no interest in verifying it. My instincts are enough to tell me to move on, don’t linger there, and avoid connection with such easily-pigeonholed groups.

    Good day and God bless you.

    • Karmakaze permalink

      You can read people well, and you “saw it back in 2008”? I saw it in the 90’s!

      Jones has always been nothing more than a distraction – making people think about satanic armageddon etc when the truth is far more human. A group of very greedy people have risen to power in every country of the world over thousands of years, and they exclude everyone else from that level of the discussion.

      Politics, religion, war, environment, you name it, it is all just a distraction from the elemental truth – wealthy elites have more in common, including blood, with each other than they do the rest of us in the “herd”, and they feed us “bread and circuses” to keep us amused and productive.

      Jones was a clown in the circus all along.

  55. Good article. But also have a look at the Dutch site, identifying itself from time to time (not always) to the Alex Jones disinformation.

    Who CAN you trust

    • There is only One you can trust unreservedly. Not only because of disinformation, but also because of human limitation.

      Yes, is far for perfect, but it is Dutch, so it is just a few years behind. I appreciate their warriorspirit. For instance Micha Kat confronting Nout Wellink about his Trilateral Membership.

      Time will tell how real they are………

      • IQU permalink

        Proverbs chapter1 verse7 for starters. Trust no man, put your just in thee Creator.

        How many 1 2 3 points can you make with sub points second and third???

        Alex Jones, first five minutes was enough to discern.

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