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What’s up with Anonymous?

by on October 5, 2011

Are they for real?

Instinctively I don’t like their V for Vendetta thing. That’s just a Hollywood symbol. Haven’t we gone passed that stage of adolescent movie hero worship?

I saw that film a few years ago, but the only thing I really remember is that the ‘hero’ was torturing his girlfriend in his basement.

However, I don’t mind that much, every positive operation fighting the good fight can use whatever symbols they like, for as far as I’m concerned.

I think they did a good thing finding out about this lunatic.

This cop will have had a bad day. I assume these girl’s husbands, dads and brothers have payed this joker a visit by now and put him on disability leave for a few weeks. After the job was done they provided each other with an alibi and all the rest is history.

This we will need more: all ‘law enforcement’ personnel should be closely monitored, so we can have justice.

Also, I underwrite their motto, ‘we will not forget, we will not forgive’. I used to underwrite this long before Anonymous appeared, it’s not very original either, just like the mask.

However, I have a serious problem with this. Anonymous says it will conduct a Denial of Service attack at the NY Stock Exchange.

Wait a minute….. Say what? They are going to ‘erase the NYSE from the internet’?

Isn’t that an act of Cyberterrorism?
It is in my book.

And why attack the Stock Exchange? Isn’t it absolutely, completely clear that if people object being fleeced by the Global Bank’s trading programs they should simply not ‘invest’ there?

Or is there some God Given right for that I have missed that allows us to fleece others, but to get angry when we get fleeced ourselves? The Stock Exchange is just a wealth transfer mechanism. People go to the Stock Exchange for a free lunch and are disappointed when it transpires it does not exist. Or better: that the free lunch of the Stock Exchange has already been served, with us on the platter.

No, if people want to exploit, or want to be exploited, they should be free to go the NYSE and eat their or somebody else’s heart out.

There is a very easy way to avoid all that: don’t invest there.

This, by the way, is also the easiest way to get rid of all the problems: don’t invest with these banks! Don’t put your money there! Don’t buy at Wal Mart!

And if you do? Then shut up. You’re a big part of the problem. Don’t come clamoring for someone to bail you out. You start sounding like a banker.

This stunt, if it is to go forward, is most unwise at best. It will give Super Congress the excuse they need to reign in free speech on the internet.

To be honest: this whole thing looks like a false flag 2.0: attack ‘in the name of the people’ and then let the people suffer the blowback.

Don’t fall for this one: Anonymous stinks.

Update: Anonymous released a statement, the whole thing was a hoax.


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  2. on the 25th of september i made pretty much the same point to … short version (last thought on that day:
    geopolitics are flipping faster than downtown Manhattan burgers
    Al-Cia-Duh .. when still presumed to be Ghadaffi’s allies and called Al-BasicNeed, is now souping up some remainder stock of the Izwar industries, doing the old capital destruction trick to prop up the hi-rise out of style stratification they have managed to pawn off on and enthrall all them stupid chinamen with.

    see also comment-2048 at (3rd of october)
    the real evil right now is taking the focus and media heat off of another crusade like slaughter … this time including blacks … sanctioned by a hybrid such hopey for duh dopey Barracks man
    ‘creative’ destruction breakneck racing diminished returns and dwindling resources to the death.

    Morris making the same point here fresh today:

  3. quite perceptive anthony .. but .. you’re a few notes shord of a chort, a few beats away from a break … . i suggest you take another 3, and better still, 5 steps, as follows:
    you began correctly to step down and devolve the erroneously delegated minting and emitting power … scold the public for letting them be conned out of Real Bill Doctrine and the like. Fair enough … but is it far enough?

    Let’s look at the ASN ad campaign. Quite clever really. Without running the risk of getting in trouble for putting stuff in perspective, they loosely throw out a number of things money can be. All right, so far so good. But they too fail to connect deeply enough.

    Money (coins especially) namely, is first and foremost a substitute for bullets and if those who prefer the latter don’t have remorse, ethics, etcetera, and/or haven’t been taught better and do not abdicate, that ‘places’ and ‘leaves’ moneyminders* at their mercy and they will ply their trade accordingly, Goldmanites under duress, we have to set them free! Free them from their heaps of birthdefect money. It’s the Pentagon people, Alliant Tech and the like who need the sternish talking to.

    *Fucking Ghettos full of such savants at the time. Talk about breeding grudges hard to outbreed and breed out again.

    Soon as, if and when monies does get a chance to offer a choice of weapons, offer help along the way to in- and conduce fair fighting, take away causes fought over, it sets of towards the end of that road where it itself stops being necessary, not even as a companion, let alone as a surrogate and caChing nudge, … and will and can be obviated altogether … if ever and no sooner then when the white race will once again understand that bag of coins an old northern god (sculpture of Cernunnos in Reims) lets run onto/into the ground, the very type of work/emission of currency that gets a little closer to the charge of compostactic, of biodiversity, honest craft and friendliness – remember, twas no small feat that won him the friendship of 2 of the largest roman gods (not to mention a possible jesus kinaction). Or was it just a crazy artistic pipedream? Overconfidence in the continuation of good repute spreading rapidly?
    To be honest that sculpture is a bit one ofish.

    but never mind, that’s all speculative, hypothetical, projection, wishful thinking and i have to let it go to face the facts even if they are sordid. Where were we? Oh yeah, bankers not to blame, but people’s overdependence on specialisms of all sorts tempting to try delegate stuff they can not be alienated and disowned any easier than bodily fluids.

    what if not only the banker but also the people are not to blame as/so much as we are? You and I? Educated dutch with a heightened and hyper sense of justice? We failed to attract, fascinate and lead the multitudes to their birthrights. Our knowledge has failed to assimilate. Luckily for us, in the face of the bullet people story, we are moot, off-side.

    • Hi Piet,

      To be honest: I shouldn’t be scolding at all.
      It is a valid point that this ‘new world order’ cannot exist without our cooperation.

      But it was not long ago I did so myself.

      I get carried away sometimes, but I usually try to communicate in more constructive manner!

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