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What? A Greek Referendum?

by on November 1, 2011

Papandreou must be either suicidal or he must have a major trump up his sleeve. Of course, it is not unthinkable that the Greeks will vote for the EU package. The Irish had a chance to see ‘to hell with you’ not too long ago, but they succumbed to the fearmongers. Make believe is their game and still many people fall for the idea they are being ‘helped’…….

Papandreou has survived this long, so he must have some skill. But if he loses this referendum, and the chances that he will are substantial, he will have to face the wrath of his employers: the Bilderbergers, Eurocrats, Bankers and other criminals.

More powerful people have been killed for less.

If he wins, he may regain a shred of legitimacy for the European Project, which has been badly damaged since the 2005 referendums in France and the Netherlands were ignored. Their march to fiscal union is another power grab that will not go unnoticed in Europe.

This referendum is a great opportunity for all Greeks who cherish sovereignty, tradition, fair play.

I’ll be praying for them, every European should. Their vote is a unique chance to deal the Globalists a death blow. Because if they say no, I can’t see how the Eurocrats could recover.

It is becoming more and more important everyday to have a clear cut populist plan to clean up this mess. Only a year ago this was superfluous, because there seemed zero chance of implementation, but this is turning out to be a gargantuan struggle and the peoples of Europe are restive.

Something’s brewing, for better or for worse.

go here for some backgrounds on the chances of Euro’s survival

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