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The Battle for Europe: will the People or the Euro survive?

by on November 4, 2011

A lot has been said about the Euro’s problems, most with a purely economic view. It is clear that the imbalances that the Euro created in Europe are not sustainable. Germany and it’s satellites (Netherlands, Finland, Austria) are much more competitive than Club Med. This is no problem, but because of the Euro the latter group of nations cannot devalue their currencies. This results in trade deficits and net capital out flow to the North.

As a result the Euro cannot exist without a permanent bail out mechanic for the South. This is clearly not sustainable, from an economic point of view.

But economics are of lesser import here. Because the Euro was not created to build wealth, it is the Banker’s best bet for World Currency. To rule the world, one must rule Europe and World Currency is a key goal of the Globalists. Clearly, the Euro is their pet project.

The current crisis is not at all unexpected. The Eurocrats couldn’t get their coveted Federalization in 1992, at the time of the Maastricht Treaty so they had to settle for the Euro. They reasoned the ‘right major crises’ would pop up at some point, making clear that monetary union without fiscal union is impossible. They expect the nation states of Europe to surrender fiscal sovereignty to save the Euro.

Please understand this is not at all speculation. In a recent article an insider journalist, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, exposed this process. Evans-Pritchard: “Certain architects of EMU calculated that the single currency would itself become the catalyst for a quantum leap in integration that could not be achieved otherwise….. This was the Monnet Method of fait accompli and facts on the ground. These great manipulators of Europe’s destiny may yet succeed, but so far the crisis is not been remotely beneficial.”

He ends his intriguing report with the point that “I think it is fair to say events are unfolding more or less as we expected.”

So the Eurocrats have been waiting for this crisis and they are trying to use it to further their project of a federalized EU empire.

They don’t mind too much about how this is to be imposed. There could be a euro bond, the ECB could accelerate buying up Italian Bonds (which the Germans now vehemently oppose), or they could settle for the bizarre European Stability Mechanism.

So, knowing this: what to think of the Euro’s problems? Will it fail? If you look at the economic data, this is a silly question, but if you realize the world is run by a few bankers who want World Government, with a World Currency the answer must be ‘no’.

However, over the last two years, the Eurocrats have suffered badly. The popular resistance, both in the North and the South, is dramatic. Recently, the German Supreme Court allowed Merkel to go ahead with what had been done, but clearly reprimanded the Kanzler for the lack of democratic legitimacy and the breach of the Maastricht Treaty, which does not allow fiscal or bond cooperation.

What happens if Greece leaves the Euro? Could they ever allow Romania, Bulgaria, and all these other second rate nations in if even Greece didn’t manage to deal with the Euro’s dynamics? How would they ever sell World Currency if they cannot even make the Euro work?

Their biggest problem is: they lack all legitimacy. Especially after 2005, when France and the Netherlands pounded their ‘European Constitution’ with a 60-40 NO. They pushed ahead with Lisbon anyway, but this was a disaster.

Because they need the popular vote. The Protocols make clear they need to be able to say: ‘you wanted this, you voted for it’. Without this legitimacy, they face revolt at any time. They can’t push ahead, if the underlying treaties and laws were never accepted by the populace.

So when Papandreou calls a referendum and ‘the markets’ and Merkozy are in total shock, what does this show? It just exposes the quicksand under their feet.

They know this, but they are losing. They are losing the battle for the mind and they are pushing ahead because they have no other way.

So this whole European mess turns out to be a massive front against the NWO. If the Euro fails a death blow will be landed on their project. It will take them decades to recover and resume the march to World Government. But they don’t have this time, because people are waking up.

True, the Occupiers are still largely clueless, but in Europe, where austerity is already biting badly, people are forced to look for answers. There is talk of debt repudiation, there is the Icelandic example and there is of course interest free currency. In Germany dozens of regional currencies are flowering: they report 100% per annum growth.

It is now more important then ever to start talking solutions. We must keep in mind that this credit crunch is a total fabrication that could be solved over night. Interest free currency is the main dish. Debt free Government currencies are a quick fix, but far from ideal. Much better is Public Banking, which is interest free credit provided by state owned banks. But eventually the monopoly of currencies must end.

With the Oceans on the brink of collapse after Deep Horizon and Fukushima, with the Credit Crunch, (HAARP induced) earthquakes everywhere and wars and rumors of wars its fair to say the NWO is preparing for their endgame.

But seeing their weakness in Europe, the result is not a foregone conclusion. The challenge is to provide real alternatives, it is not enough to expose them. They expect a fight, but they expect to succeed, because they don’t think we can create the right solutions. Jacques Attali, another insider: ‘Most of these new contestants will propose no system of substitution… Except for a handful who will propose a return to theocracy.’

So we know what to do. Let’s get going.

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