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Financial Warfare 2012: Boycott all Banks

by on January 14, 2012

The Credit Crunch is not some natural phenomenon but an all out assault by the Money Power. The solution is simple: quit their banks. To say this is irresponsible as it will worsen the crunch is ridiculous: propping up a system that only exists to enslave us is irresponsible, not disconnecting from it.
We have everything we need to shut this system down and start over in a realistic and equitable way.
We must force the hand of Government and Banking. They will never stop anyway and that’s why a Boycott is the only real way forward.

With Christmas and the New Year well behind us, the next round in the war of the Plutocracy against the West has been opened.
Downgrading European Nations leads to increasing borrowing costs for them and will further increase the tensions in the bond market.

The Money Power’s goals are obvious. It is not just the massive multi trillion wealth transfer that is under way. It is about bringing the West down a few notches. The US seems strong with a nominal $30.000 per capita GDP, but when the dollar devalues against the Brazilian Real and the Chinese Yuan things will quickly look different. It will also end cheap raw materials.

In Europe it is clear that the credit crunch is used to consolidate (fiscal) power in the EU. Once the Nation States surrender control over their budgets to Brussels, the pressures will quickly subside. Until the next crunch, of course.

Both developments, consolidating Europe and bringing the US down, are crucial in their march towards their global despotism.

The reason this crisis exists is because the banks, politicians, the media and economists are colluding in fooling the many into believing we need banks for our money supply. Most of them probably even believe this is true themselves.

They say we need the banks, because otherwise the real economy would have no money to trade with.

The banks are busted and as a result cannot provide new credit. And since people and businesses are paying off debt, the money supply, which is based on credit, is dwindling. As a result the economy is collapsing throughout the West.

Central Banks and Governments are supposedly bailing out the banks to keep them operational so that we can keep trading.

All this is complete and utter rubbish, of course. If banks can create credit, then we can too. That’s just common sense.
And if they create a multi trillion dollar fiasco, they should be closed.
Can you think of any other approach for any other organization that would mess up things so badly?

Just imagine: we are led to believe that we need to cough up trillions just to have a means of exchange. One that is completely paper/computer based. I.e., almost free of cost.

Banking is part of the Babylon Mystery and bankers believe we are still enthralled with their ‘fractional reserve banking’ sleight of hand.

And they are right. Although people are waking up, they still don’t get it.

A good example of this is the ‘take your money out of Bank of America’ of last October. Bank of America decides to rake in an extra 60 dollars per year with a silly fee. This upsets people.

While they are paying $300k interest over 30 years on their $200k mortgage. Which the bank created the moment they borrowed it. Meanwhile, 45% of our disposable income is lost to cost for capital included in the prices we pay for our daily needs.

Penny wise, pound foolish.

Coming to terms
Of course, it was a great step and absolutely fantastic to see people finally showing a little teeth. It just shows how hesitantly people are coming to grips with the reality of banking.

Boycotting the banks is the blindingly obvious approach. If somebody is enslaving you with interest and fractional reserve banking while destroying the economy by not lending why would you patronize his business?

But only few even within the Free Media are willing to accept this simple conclusion.

The fact of the matter is: many are still enthralled with the ‘magnificent edifice of international finance’, as Rothschild mouthpiece the Economist once called it.

And how about this: “The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from its profits or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class.” — Rothschild Brothers of London, 1863

Most people who are waking up are indeed trying to profit from the system and the crunch. Hence the popularity of ‘independent’ investor sites plugging their gold franchises.

How many of the people buying gold are hoping deep inside things will get worse and their gold/silver investment will make them rich?

One of the key reasons banks exist and why we are in the mess we are in, is because people are not looking at the system to reform it, they are looking for ways to move higher up the food chain themselves.
And this attitude does not only guarantee continued enslavement, it makes us accomplices.

In discussions I have with people about interest I often notice how strongly people will defend the rights of the lender. They will explain vehemently ‘capital will always expect a return on investment’. I wonder how many of these people are investors themselves. Or how rich they are.
My bet is, most of them are ‘poor’. In the sense that they belong to the 50% of Americans who own zero net assets.

So why is it that they are so enthralled by the excuses of the loan shark? Why are they not just saying: ‘this system is breaking my back because ‘capital wants a return’. What are we going to do about it?’.

Most people suffer from a paradoxical set of attitudes. They have a slave mentality, but they can’t bear the idea of being one. They believe the way to escape slavery is to enslave others.
This, at any rate, is my understanding of the implications of investing in Gold and explaining why we need interest.

All this is not meant in a vicious or negative way. It is just what I see happening. Knowing a little about man’s history and psychology it is understandable that we find ourselves in this mess. It is understandable that people think what they think. I used to share in this worldview wholeheartedly only a decade ago.

But it is clear that the Money Power stands to gain a lot from it. We are not going to get rid of it by hoping we will share in its rewards. We are not going to end slavery by explaining capital needs returns.

After all: how can lies liberate?

It is a lie to believe you or capital in general has a right to a return. Capital is soulless. Money doesn’t work.

People work.

You’re one of those, working for the ‘return on investment for capital’.

It is foolish to look at things from the perspective of capital. Only very few belong to the capitalist class and these people burn inside from avarice and lust for power. There is no reason to believe they are better off. That our salvation lies in becoming one of them.

The problem is that by not understanding money we have allowed capital, as a factor of production, to be the bottleneck in the economy. It shouldn’t be. Labor should be the scarce factor.

In a natural economy there would still be rich people. In fact, there probably would be more millionaires than today. The ultra rich would be far less wealthy, that’s true. Because their wealth is based on exploiting their control over the scarce factor of production.

Real wealth creation is based on producing useful goods and services. And when normal people can get abundant low cost financing, they will prove to be incredibly productive and this is the real way to prosperity.

And, of course, when people are no longer forced to compete with each other for scarce liquidity to pay off ever higher costs for capital, money and wealth will soon lose a lot of its attractiveness.

Most people will have other priorities than wealth creation when they have a solid and secure economic base.

It is unfortunate that there is still widespread misunderstanding about both money and our real problem with it.
People do not yet understand how pervasive the enslavement through interest really is.

That’s why they fall for the notion that Gold will solve our problems. But what does it matter whether we pay all this interest for Gold or for paper based credit?

The Money Power owns both and all the interest will end up in the same place.

The mind control of the rich, the social conditioning to accept the current order and its despicable ‘morality’, to defend it at the cost of oneself and one’s loved ones is very profound and pervasive in our beliefs. They are not easily uprooted, not even by the ‘Internet Reformation’.

In the mean time we are ignoring the real solution: interest free money. Either debt free, in the form of Social Credit, which would work out like a ‘Citizens Dividend‘.
Or interest free credit, through for instance Public Banking or Mathemetically Perfected Economy. Or why not even my own suggestion?

These solutions are real and we can implement them today.

We would no longer pay interest on a mortgage, which would also mean much lower rent. While paying 45% less for what we need. World Government would be dead and Big Business would face the competition of well and cheaply funded small business.

The reason we are not doing this is not only because Washington and Brussels are owned by the Money Power in the City of London.

The main reason is we don’t see the problem and therefore we miss out on the solution.

Fight Back!
But in the mean time a new class of warriors is standing up. They are not waiting for reform on a national level, but are building their own currencies, actively attacking interest. Their aim is not a business for profit maximization, but to build organizations that serve the Commonwealth. Of course these organizations must be viable, but to become so sacrifices are necessary. Financing is difficult to come by. There is much disbelief.

But these people can look beyond these difficulties and their own narrow ‘self interest’. The truth is that humans need each other. The truth is that strong individuals should take their responsibility. Strong men should stand up for the little guy. The women, children and our elders.

Free markets exist for one second. Then they are taken. The choice is to let the bullies and their self serving liars take it, or to take it ourselves.

The technology for free market currencies, interest free, is available and everywhere around me I see people reading up on Interest Free Economics. Lietaer, Kennedy, Eisenstein, Brown, Greco.

In Germany dozens regional currencies are operated by dedicated individuals in small organizations. They are growing explosively, although they are still very small, of course. But they provide real liquidity to the real economy in both cities and the country side. More and more people are paying with them. They already turn over millions.

Another example is Bitcoin. Although it is built on the false premise that it must be a good store of value (instead of a good means of exchange) it does show the way: free internet currencies. These will become available, I’m certain some smart cookie is already programming it. Based on interest free credit. Or even just giving his units away for the public to spend into circulation.

This is an important part of the future. It may even be THE future, if Governments don’t clean up their act and take the monopoly back from the Central Banking cartel.

And until it does, it must be clear that we should not have one dime in that system. Every dollar we put in the banking system gives them a dollar income per year. Remember that. The system, through fractional reserve banking, multiplies your dollar by ten and takes interest over each of them. Real interest (including credit cards) are probably close to 10% and that means they make a dollar per year over every dollar you have in your account.

Remember that 40 years ago nobody had a bank account. Before then there were no computers and the banks couldn’t have handled the administration.
You don’t need a bank to keep your money. The whole idea is insane! Nowhere is your money more prone to abuse and risk than in a bank.
And you can keep an account, just keep its balance at almost zero.

Take the money out and force the FED to print ever more. Pay cash only. Liquidate all your paper assets, both to blow up the system and to minimize your own exposure to the implosion. Let them squirm and lie ever more transparently with every new bailout that they need to force upon us. Let them show their hand. We’re not going to ‘repay’ odious debt.

We’re not afraid. We don’t need them.

Let them eat cake.

On Interest

The Problem is not Debt, it’s Interest
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  1. Steve permalink

    The only way to insulate yourself from banks altogether is to turn away from the currencies that they use. That means NOT taking out your savings and putting them under the matress but taking out your savings and burning them, and then patiently wait for independant uncontrolled currencies to pop up. Until then you have to live on fresh air. Either way, the transition from “their” currencies to “our” currencies isn’t some fanciful thing that we can just pass off casually in an internet discission because I believe that transition would involve REAL hardship and widespread violence.

    Say what you like about banks (and I do often) but they at least tie the binds of civilisation together……without the banks and while we transition to other means of living, things would get might feral for a while. Are you prepared for anarchy? Because most people aren’t.

    It’s this, that is the real threat that the banks hold over us, not the currencies they use. We’d need to work out a way to navigate the arnarchistic times that the banks would impose on us if we turned our back on them. You cant just hope that bank owners will fade away just because you turned your back on them, that might work in a Nightmare on Elm Street film but this is the real world.

    The moment you boycott them, you’d better have a ready made solution for the anarchy that would be dropped on us because as far as they would be concerned, it would be war, and they wouldn’t be fading away just because we want them to. These people are used to control for hundreds of years, you think they’re just going to let us go like that? These are master manipulators, they have the ability to start wars over this kind of thing.

    Take these people seriously first, then I can listen to what you’ve got to say, because all I see here is flipplnce and a casual attitude to making very difficult decisions. You at least have gone to the level of thinking of alternative ways to live and that much I appreciate, but you haven’t dealt with the issue that the 1% isn’t going to go away lightly. They will continue to try to invade everything you can build and you know it…….you just haven’t remembered it. These people are f***ing dirty, they are gangsters in suits. They are not going to go away if you slip their bonds, they are going to give chase. So – whats the plan for that?

    • Yes, taking money out of the Bank aims to destroy, I have every right to promote such destruction, as I’ve have done my fair bit in exploring and explaining how proper money should work.

      What is more: it’s bizarre to say ‘they keep civilization together’: they have our Nations in BONDAGE.

  2. Steve permalink

    Yhea you can keep your dollars and pounds and whatever in the suitcase under the bed, or under the mattress, or in a safe………

    ……and then the 1% will just devalue those currencies if you won’t let them put it to work… know how bitter they are, they will crash their own system just to make your stashed savings useless or to at least rob you of most of its value. Then what do you suggest?

    I dont think boycotting banks is the answer. I think only full scale revolution is going to do it, including force if necesarry. Unfortunately that would be messy and most wouldn’t have the stomach for it. You wont beat them by boycotting them, you are underestimating their intelligence and how low they’re willing to go to pay you back.

    • Ah, your poor stashed little savings.

      Don’t save money, sink it in useful assets. Don’t ‘invest’ (as in financial ‘assets’), but only in your own life, your own business, downpaying debt, buying a home so you don’t lose to landlords or mortgage interest, etc.

  3. I bailed on the banks in 1991…never looked back…do not miss them. It can be done. He’s right…you don’t need them. We have all been totally brainwashed.

  4. krle permalink

    are you kidding, buttcoin? who do you think started it up? same old same old.. all these alternative currencies just serve as a final drop to brake the camels back.. either way, they are useless cause they are not legal tender.. what makes money money? I will answer this question for you correctly.. the fact that it is legal tender.. that is why you accept it.. cause the gov. will take it and not take your house away from you instead. sure, they could tax that too.. not much use for repaying the debt though–>default–> rape by bankers.. than they will take your house, your car and your dog.. they might leave you your bitcoins though..

  5. Bruce permalink

    Thank God for this website. Indeed, this IS God’s website. It is far more important than Infowars, David Duke, Rense – the lot of them put together.

    This is the REAL WAR and provides the real solution: Death to the Enemy. Not physically. Economically. The enemy, of course, being the previously indestructible Moneychangers.

    O Blessed Anthony, forgive a few naïve questions about the Worgl experiment, but . . . can you tell me in twenty-five words or less . . . ?

    – Why exactly did Worgl citizens pay off their taxes right away? What exactly was their economic incentive to do so?

    – Was money issued by the town of Worgl limited to a certain amount of schillings? In other words, did they print money extra money as the need arose like the Weimar Republic or the Fed? or was it one fixed amount that circulated umpteen times?

    The Worgl experiment ought to be fully self-explanatory but I find myself unable to wrap my mind around certain concepts within the whole thing.

    Thank you for being one of those “few strong men” who stand up for the little guy. Them are strong inspirational words and I join you in your service to the One. God bless you, Anthony.

    With the ultimate respect and affection, from Bruce in New York City.

    • Well Bruce, it’s certainly pleasant to wake up on my birthday and find a comment like this! Thank you for it!

      It’s true: when you’re first exposed to demurrage and interest free economics, the brain at first can have difficulty adjusting, so not to worry, it’s not ‘self explanatory’.

      The point with the Worgl is that the certificates were losing value. It had stamps with a date and every month the certificate expired, and its holder had to cough up 1% of nominal value for a new stamp. So it lost value to the tune of 12% per year. As a result, people immediately spent them when they were paid with them.

      Total outstanding capital in Worgl was always incredibly low. On average it was something like 5,500 Schilling worth of certificates. But in a little more than a year, those 5,500 turned over more than two million, ending unemployment and financing many public works.

      So it was a fixed amount, circulating like crazy.

      Hope this helps!

      • Bruce permalink

        Happy Birthday, most esteemed Anthony, and many many more!

        Thanks for the reply, it helps. However, the business about taxes still puzzles me. The townspeople rushed to pay off their taxes first. Without tax receipts, the town wouldn’t have been able to finance its public works projects. What economic incentive motivated the stampede to the tax collector’s office? Was forgiveness involved on the part of the town?

        Also, I’m looking for an article about the alternative currency you created. Found one about the Chiemgauer but not about yours. Pls advise, Bruce. And don’t forget to have a splendid day on this special occasion.

        • Earlier on in the process, the municipality would have been one of the few accepting the certificates. Later, when all debts were paid, people started to actually pay taxes in advance, to get rid of the cash and basically that’s a way of saving. After a few months, when the certificates were well established, many stores and businesses also accepted them. There was no tax forgiveness. Just by providing the town with the liquidity it needed to get the economy going again people were able to settle all outstanding debts.

          You can read about the Gelre here:

          Below the article you find links to related relevant articles.

          Feel free to ask Bruce, I may not always answer immediately, but I enjoy any conversation with people catching up.

          Thanks for the good vibes!

  6. Very true observation. They get upset at the small fee, not the huge fee.

    A good example of this is the ‘take your money out of Bank of America’ of last October. Bank of America decides to rake in an extra 60 dollars per year with a silly fee. This upsets people.

    While they are paying $300k interest over 30 years on their $200k mortgage. Which the bank created the moment they borrowed it. Meanwhile, 45% of our disposable income is lost to cost for capital included in the prices we pay for our daily needs.

    Penny wise, pound foolish.

    • you can boycott commercial banking and go with non-profit banking like a credit union.

      • also very important to note that the idle rich don’t pay taxes nor create jobs, they collect interest on national debt. paying off the national debt with public debt-free greenbacks as you end fractional reserve banking would free up a lot of wealth to be put to use in more productive ways.

    • in atlanta, all the new large skyscapers have a bank name on them. and people wonder where their money is going.

    • it is important to all differentiate between real capital and financial capital. real capital is the production of machines and tools, creation of technology, building a business, and getting an education. financial capital is insurance, fractional reserve banking, collecting interest on national debt and mortgages. interest on real capital is real wealth.

      let’s say you charge $40 to mow a lawn. if you work 2 hours mowing a lawn with a $100 mower, you’re making $20/hr. if you buy a $10,000 mower and mow the lawn in 1 hour, you’re making $40/hr. your labor is worth $20/hr and your capital is worth $20/hr. you’re earning $20/hr in interest on real capital.

      if you buy treasury bonds and collect $10,000/year in interest, that is unearned wealth, stolen from the tax payer. the profits of a bank and insurance corporation is also unearned wealth since there is a profit is taken on non-production.

      if you buy bonds in corporation or stocks, that is earned wealth since you’re financing the production of real capital with your earnings.

      there is a fine line when interest becomes usury, and it is important to understand this distinction. financial interest is fine if it is not tied to the monetary system, the interest is non-profit, and the interest is earned on real production. the interest on a savings account or cash deposit is fine if it is equal to the cost of such a loan in terms of risk of default and inflation.

      • interest on stocks and corporate bonds should be taxed progressively, and surely taxed at a higher rate than wages. insurance and commercial banking (savings and loans) should be non-profit or public. you don’t want those commercial since the commercial interests would corrupt those institutions. investment banking is fine since it is investment in real capital/production. national debt should be banned and replaced with financing through greenbacks (inflation) if necessary in emergency situations.

      • “there is a fine line when interest becomes usury, and it is important to understand this distinction.”

        Yes indeed. Although I must say that I’m always looking for ways to minimize any return on capital, just to be on the safe side.

        Philo (a regular feedbacker) has the interesting proposition of a ‘brokerage’. For major investments people can come together and dump deposits in a brokerage. In this way large pools of liquidity can be brought together without ‘return on capital’ based on annual percentages. I feel those investing capital (as opposed to time and effort) should also partake in the risk if they want part of the reward.

        That’s another nasty side effect of usurious lending: even if the investment for which the loan was granted fails, the debt grows with every second. The ‘investor’ risks nothing.

        I’m not too happy with Investment Banking. I understand your point, but it is also clear that it has led to very severe speculation and abusive practices. Carol Quigly points out in his famous book how investment bankers were already floating totally ridiculous ‘stocks’ in the 19th century. Raking in millions from gullible small time investors. But always on the A-list of New York society, of course.

        • When you purchase stock, your purchasing a percentage of a company and hopefully the company increases in value and potentially the stock pays a dividend of the company profits. Once the bank dies, it will be impossible for industrialists to monopolize due to their collusion with bankers. The workers in the factory will own the factory. This will happen through the free market process. Workers will have a choice of whose factory they work in – not their own, but for higher wages, or their own for lower wages to start. It just takes a currency not controlled by a parasitic private entity to facilitate the creation of stock to exchange for the start up funds. Most importantly I’m trying to eliminate any influence of “social engineers” who don’t understand what free market means – the kind of people running the earth now.

  7. a_reader permalink

    “The problem is that by not understanding money we have allowed capital, as a factor of production, to be the bottleneck in the economy. It shouldn’t be. Labor should be the scarce factor.”

    Great sentence. This is exactly Gesell’s point, by the way.

  8. The only way to quit the bank would be for all the people with “money”(debt on the positive side/credits) to exchange or give their “money” to people “in debt”(debt on the negative side/debits). This would extinguish all bank facilitated currency/debt. The only currency left would be that which is issued not by a bank but by community currency bookkeepers. Point being, banks could care less if people on the plus side take their money out. They only care about contracting/expanding the money supply and embezzling from the borrowers on the minus side. “The few who understand” are probably motivated largely by the belief that if a person doesn’t get it already(the fact that banks don’t loan anything), they never will. I, for one, am crazy enough to believe they will. If this were actually a free market, the workers in the factories would be well versed in terms like “hostile takeover”, and would in short time be the owners of the companies stock. Or, they would pool their savings at a local brokerage and start their own company. In other words – you don’t work, you’ll be very poor. But alas, this is not a free market is it.

    • I understand what your saying, of course philo, but in fractional reserve banking they need the deposits. They’re all undercapitalized as it is.
      So taking money out forces them to deleverage or go to the FED for fresh capital.

      And I don’t believe for a minute that in a society where the many live in abundance those without a job will perish. They will be taken care of.

      Labor will know its rewards, but there is absolutely no need for the harsh ‘you don’t work you don’t eat’ kind of mentality that got us through the horrors of the ‘industrial revolution’.

      • You understand what I’m saying? I never said the poor will perish. “Poor” is a relative term. As it stands now, in the extreme, it means dying of starvation while “rich” means flying around the world in private jets built by craftsmen such as myself.
        I don’t know why you are stuck on believing a bank could be undercapitalized when it never had any money to start with, it never loaned anyone anything. See my comment on this –

        • Of course philo, but the banking system has been designed in such a way as to obscure this fact.

          Fractional reserve banking requires reserves. That these ‘reserves’ are just freshly printed CB ‘money’ is indeed completely irrelevant from our point of view, but not for the bank: it will be defaulted (or bailed out) if it does not have the ‘reserves’ it ‘requires’ from the ‘system’.

          • So, to clarify, banks simply start with a number, or amount of money that they can facilitate the creation of. In a boom cycle they allow the maximum amount to the point of expansion caused inflation(as opposed to default caused inflation). In a bust cycle they have contracted the supply by not replacing extinguished debt with new debt(no debt, no money). All the while, a big orchestrated drama unfolds introducing terms like “bailout” so the masses can speciously rationalize why bankers should run the planet and obscure reality.

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