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In the face of the EU’s drive for centralization Europe’s regions look for devolution

by on February 4, 2012

The Euro Crisis is the main tool used by the Eurocratic elite to force Europe’s Nations into debt slavery and Technocratic Authoritarianism. But at the same time many of Europe’s regions are looking for more autonomy.
The Bankers need a new Big War to bludgeon the Nations into Supranational submission.

Scotland is a case in point. Having suffered English domination for centuries, it is not content with Tony Blair’s devolution, but is moving towards more independence and even statehood.

In Belgium the age old conflict between Dutch speaking Flanders and French Wallonie recently saw a 500 + day stand off involving Flemish Nationalists and their reluctance to continue subsidizing the poorer south of the country.

Even an old, well established, strongly centralized, homogenous and small country like the Netherlands knows certain tensions, both in the south, Limburg and in the North, Friesland, where strong regional cultural traditions, including local languages and dialiects are cherished. Both Friesland and Limburg resent the Hague and its focus on the ‘Randstad’, the massive 6 million agglomeration that is the west of Holland and the centre of the country.

Another example is Eastern Europe, which saw strong devolution and decentralization in the aftermath of 1989. Many ex-Soviet republics have reintroduced their own currencies, quite against the European trend.
Of course, Russian Imperialism is on the increase again, so new supranational initiatives are the order of the day.
But that just confirms the ancient conflict between Imperial power centralization against the will of the people to be left in peace.

Yugoslavia is yet another case in point. It basically was greater Serbia, a result of Austria Hungary’s demise in the first World War. Nowadays its territory sees seven different states and five currencies.

In 2006 the European Union suffered a death blow when France and the Netherlands, two key founding members voted 60/40 against Eurocratic proposals for a European Constitution and proto statehood.
They never dared asking again, while their usual modus operandi is to continue asking until they get a ‘yes’. But they simply ignored it and went ahead with Lisbon anyway.

The European ‘ideal’ never was. It always was a banker operation. It goes back all the way to the Napoleonic wars. They were already scheming for European integration at the Vienna Congress, but Alexander of Russia stopped it.

This was one of the key issues that dominated the 19th century stand off between Russia and Britain, including the Czar’s intervention in the US Civil War.

The 19th century was known as the ‘Age of Rothschild’, but this fact has been erased from human consciousness. As a result we missed that the 20th century was the second century of the Age of Rotschild.

The First World War was created to demoralize the European countries, to destroy their economies, to bind them to debt and to strike a profound fear in their hearts. Its main aim was the destruction of German nationalism, which would have been a major obstacle to World Government.

The First World War’s aftermath saw the League of Nations, which was the banker’s ‘solution’ to the ‘problem’ of war. It was a failed attempt, as they failed to enlist the USA.

But the First World War was basically a draw and a Second one was necessary to settle the score. And to convince the world, including the US, that more ‘cooperation’ was necessary.

Germany was emasculated after this war, it never recovered and will never be a leading nation again. It is of course still the Primus inter Pares in Europe, but its strength equaled British and French power and rivaled that of America in 1914. This was when Britain was still a world power in terms of industrial production. This is no longer the case and never again will be.

But the fear is waning. Europe’s people are not willing to centralize more power in Brussels. If anything, the Credit Crunch has dealt a massive blow to an already waning Eurocratic credibility.

At the same time national elites also suffer from declining respect and legitimacy. They are being caught red handed in the act of surrendering ever more power, squirming and lying all the way to Brussels. Trillions have been wasted to satisfy power and wealth crazed bankers.

What we are witnessing is a disintegration of authority. It is happening everywhere. All over the world, on all levels of society.

It is a hopeful trend.

The main question  now is, whether it will be strong enough to allow the masses to stop their berzerk ‘elites’ to create one final cataclysm aimed at at last destroying the human will to live and prosper.

Because there can be little doubt that such a catastrophe is in the making.

US adventurism in the Middle East is the Money Power’s attempt to create it. And the US is today’s Germany: the main target.

Who would be left standing after the US, the EU, China and Russia lock horns in battle?

The Money Power needs this war.

It is not clear it will achieve its aims with it.

But it is clear we need to prevent it.

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