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High Treason: The European Stability Mechanism (Updated!)

by on February 21, 2012

European Parliaments will be ratifying the European Stability Mechanism in the coming weeks. Never before has the European Union proposed anything so anti-democratic and outright fascist. Members of whatever parliament voting for this legislation commit treason and WILL be held responsible.

Treason is:
1. Violation of allegiance toward one’s country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one’s country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.
2. A betrayal of trust or confidence.

Members of Parliament voting for the European Stability Mechanism commit treason in both meanings of the word. Of course, this is their daily work, but considering the nature of the ESM it is worth recapping what we are talking about here.

The ESM is nothing less than Fiscal Union by stealth. It will allow the EU’s finance ministers to steal trillions of tax payer money to pay off banks. Without any democratic oversight. Governments will obliged to pay within seven days whatever the ESM demands. Governers of the ESM will enjoy legal immunity and the ESM itself cannot be challenged in court.

In short: all checks and balances have been destroyed and the ESM will have the right to force Governments to pay whatever it needs to bail out the banking system and broke member states.

The reason the ESM exists, is that the Eurocrats are unable to sucker the peoples of Europe into fiscal union via normal means. They are in a hurry. They cannot allow member states to default, because it would destroy Wall Street. Wall Street’s biggest banks are the counter parties in the Credit Default Swaps insuring financial institutions world wide against default. Wall Street would have to pay up and they don’t have the necessary trillions.

This explains why Goldman Sachs landed her ex-employees Galloway, Papademos and Monti in Dublin, Athens and Rome.

Read Rudo de Ruiter’s excellent article on Henry Makow’s site  for all the details.

Check out Rudo de Ruiter’s brilliant website for more details, including his coordination of the campaign against the ESF in the Netherlands: Courtfool

In an incredible development, Prodi, former president of the EU, has admitted he and his colleagues knew this crisis was inevitable. They hoped to use it to force fiscal/political union on Europe.

Further confirmation we are dealing with an organized crime gang and that anybody voting for it as MP is a traitor.

We have opened a special page to support Rudo de Ruiter’s actions against the ESM’s ratification in the Dutch Parliament. The page is in Dutch.

The Battle for Europe: will the people or the Euro survive?

  1. Reblogged this on EbolaInfo and commented:
    The ESM is nothing less than Fiscal Union by stealth. It will allow the EU’s finance ministers to steal trillions of tax payer money to pay off banks. Without any democratic oversight. Governments will obliged to pay within seven days whatever the ESM demands. Governers of the ESM will enjoy legal immunity and the ESM itself cannot be challenged in court.

  2. ESM verdrag is eedbreuk :
    De ratifikatie van het ESM verdrag door Rutte en/of De jager is voldoende grond om tegen hen een artikel Grondwet 119 procedure te starten.
    Het ESM verdrag is in praktische maar ook in juridische zin in strijd met onze demokratie.
    Het ESM verdrag stelt onze deelnemende staatsplichtige(n) imuum voor straffen op zelfs de zwaarste misdrijven (coup) tegen onze grondwet en andere wetten als die door hen onder de paraplu van het ESM gepleegd worden. Als een nederlandse staatsplichtige het ESM verdrag ratificeert of voor het ESM verdrag stemt dan pleegt die eedbreuk. Nogal wat staatsplichtigen hebben zelf of iemand met een woning in het zonnige GISPI zuiden en dan is stemmen voor het ESM verdrag verdacht onder artikel 362 Strafwet.
    Voordat de staatsplichtigen legaal voor het ESM verdrag, die in deze vorm onwenselijk is, mogen stemmen moet er nogal wat gewijzigd worden aan onze grondwet en andere wetten. Dat is in Duitsland en andere landen niet anders.
    In Duitsland kan dit aspekt waarschijnlijk succesvol acuut aan het constitutionele hof voorgelegd worden.

  3. theo permalink

    Hello Anthony,
    accidentaly found your webpage, and read some posts (so maybe i missed articles related…)
    So first good articles, thanks.
    wrt this article i have some questions, appreciate your comments:

    I fullly agree that it is a very strange and dangerous mechanism (ESM) and definitely not democratic. But here I am wondering: As far as I read, you state (?) that the Euro is bad for people and good for a small number. Is this really so?

    I have the impression that the Euro was set up to replace the dollar (are you familiar with super imperialism of M Hudson?), because the dollar is basically a paper export of the US for real goods of the rest of world (maybe I am wrong?), and that was annoying the european leaders (starting from the 1974 =>now).

    Now to get rid of the (petro)dollar world hegemony, is kind of dangerous if this is explicilty stated (look iraq, libia) , so maybe a kind of dramatic scene has to be set up to be able to do it.
    for instance maybe the greec drama is, is to trigger default for the ISDA (did you read about this: / )

    So I am only guessing, but can’t it be that extra ordinary measures are necessary to ‘protect’ europe from the us? and that ESM is a tool to ‘help’ in this struggle between euro vs dollar?

    Best Regards

    • That’s just another dialectic Theo, us against them. EU vs US. Both totally under the control of the Money Power.

      The struggle is us against the owners of the banks. They are the same in the US as in Europe.

      The goal of the Euro is to consolidate the money supplies of dozens of nations en route to World Currency. It is a major step forward for the Bankers from London. They will do anything to maintain it. That’s what the ESM is all about, after all.

      • theo permalink

        so in the end it is a class warfare?
        or is this just an ordinary theft, and they hope that after getting all our stuff, the chaos and other disasters will wipe away ‘their tracks’, so that they can get away with it, and blame it on someone else (like some moslims starting a war or something …)

  4. Wolfgang permalink

    So where is an online petition that I can sign against ratification of the ESM?

    Your “special special page to support Rudo de Ruiter’s actions” is well meant but doesn’t seem to be English (hence most people won’t read or support it) and to me doesn’t appear to have any success of offering a public voice in front of the European parliament.

    I would rather like to sign something in English with more public exposure.

    Or do you think it would that have more success if each member country had their own petition?


    • Of course Wolfgang, this action is specifically against the Dutch Parliament, I’ll make it more clear in the article.

      Also: I’ll forward your message and see if other initiatives for other countries are planned.


    • Rudo de Ruiter could not help out Wolfgang: all he could offer was: search google for AVAAZ and ESM.


  5. Denis Cooper permalink

    You may be interested in this article by Professor Kenneth Armstrong:

    and in particular these passages:

    “Anticipating (correctly) potential domestic legal challenges to the bailout mechanisms, Chancellor Merkel sought and obtained the support of President Sarkozy for treaty change to create a permanent bailout fund. Using the simplified revision procedure, the European Council adopted Decision 2011/199/EU to amend Article 136 TFEU to allow Eurozone states to create a permanent financial support mechanism. The Decision states that it shall enter into force on 1 January 2013 provided all the domestic instruments of ratification have been received by then.

    Decision 2011/199/EU, therefore, requires ratification by all Member States in accordance with their domestic constitutional traditions.”

    That Decision is here:

    “In this way, not only will the European Council Decision amending Article 136 TFEU require ratification (by all EU states), the ESM Treaty will need the domestic approval of Eurozone states. However, there is an apparent conflict in that the date of entry into force of the European Council Decision is 1 January 2013, but the mechanism for which it apparently makes provision is intended to be operational from July 2012.

    All in all there is a rather uneasy relationship between the invocation of the simplified revision process to amend Article 136 TFEU to create a permanent financial support mechanism and the use of an international treaty with which to create that mechanism. It is one thing to need a legal basis in the EU treaties for the creation of an institution if that body is established under, and exercises powers through, EU legal instruments; it is another if that body acquires its legal powers and status under an international treaty from which its authority derives. To the extent that the European Commission and European Central Bank act on behalf, or at the behest, of the ESM’s Board of Governors and Directors, it is as result of the ESM treaty and the shadowy authorisation given by EU Member States to the Contracting Parties at a meeting on 20 June 2011 (of which there is no obviously available published decision).”

    As of January 24th it seems that no EU member state has yet ratified the enabling EU treaty change, European Council Decision 2011/199/EU of March 25th 2011:

    As far as the UK is concerned, the Bill for the necessary Act of Parliament will be introduced “as soon as practicable”, WA289 of January 30th 2012 here:

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