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Ken Adachi and Ron Paul

by on February 29, 2012

Like many in the Truth/Patriot Movement, Ken Adachi seems to have fallen for the Austrian Economics Mind Control operation.

Ken Adachi has defended Ron Paul against our analysis that he is a Money Power change agent. Since he evidently feels it is useful to discuss this in the public domain, I will answer him publicly too.

Before going into this, I want to express my admiration for Ken Adachi’s work in general. His site was one of the first I came across when I started digging almost ten years ago. It is a treasure trove and greatly enlightened me. So I seek no quarrel with Adachi, I just vehemently disagree with him about the Ron Paul phenomenon.

First, Adachi is upset that I (I’ll speak for myself in this article, although Makow and Memehunter are also involved) only attack Paul.

I don’t. When I first suggested Ron Paul was a change agent, I compared him to Obama. But it is true I waste very few words on all the jackals, whether it’s Obama, Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, the Clintons, the Bushes, or all the other childraping, cokesnorting and sodomizing children of Satan who rule in his name.

I don’t need to. People visiting Real Currencies don’t need that. Plenty people, including Makow and Adachi himself, have done an excellent job in exposing these fools and showing they all work for the same cabal.

The reason I attack Paul is not because I like defaming people. It is because hardly anybody else is doing it. I’ve seen to my chagrin that the Truth Movement has been completely taken over by the Gold diggers. So much so, that even a man like Adachi has fallen for their brainwashing.

Normally speaking I would have better things to do. Like creating Interest Free currencies that people can actually use to lessen their servitude to the Money Power.

Another point Adachi makes is a lot stranger. According to him we needn’t worry about the 1 Trillion austerity drive that Paul will use to destroy the American economy in the name of the Money Power. Because America is a democracy Paul will not be able to implement these policies anyway:
You talk about a Ron Paul presidency as if it were a dictatorship. President Ron Paul could only vote in favor of or veto a bill sent to him by congress. He can’t propose bills or make law by presidential fiat. A president can have an influence on policy, and perhaps coerce legislators of his own party, but he can’t declare law (which your statement implies)…..

…..At best, a Ron Paul presidency would act as a brake to slow down the acceleration of the NWO takeover freight train that has sped up so precipitously in the past two decades.

Does this mean Adachi is also worried about Paul’s insane proposals? If so, why support him?
We don’t need the Inflation vs. Deflation dialectic the Money Power is setting us up with. We can reflate the economy interest free overnight.

But the main point is this: Adachi: “He wants to audit the Federal Reserve and establish precious metal as backing behind the US dollar. Wow, what an Illuminated/Masonic/Satanic slime ball.”

He reinforces the point thus: “For us thinking Americans, it’s what Ron Paul has actually done and said and the political positions he has embraced for the past 3o years that count, and not what you or other Ron Paul character assassins wish to paint him as, in the 11th Hour of the besieged American Republic, while there is still a glimmer of hope that he may get the Republican party nod or run as an independent in November.

Well, what can I say. As a thinking Dutchman it is exactly what Paul is saying that is what gets me so worried. He has been calling for Gold as Currency for thirty years. He has said Gold is actually World Currency. He has called for an insane austerity drive, which cannot create anything but a deflationary depression over night.
Ron Paul is directly connected to PNAC. He wrote ‘the Case for Gold’ with PNAC boardmember Lehrman. Perhaps that explains why Paul says the Arabs did 9/11?

And yes. Wow, what an Illuminated/Masonic/Satanic slime ball Ron Paul the Freemason really is for calling for a Gold Standard. Indeed. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

What does it matter whether we pay all those billions of interest to the Money Power in Gold or in Paper Ken? Do you think Rothschild cares?

He doesn’t. He cares about continued control of the money supply. This is the issue:

Ron Paul is trying to make us believe the Government is the problem. It is not. The Money Power sits on top of the Pyramid, not the State. It rules by controlling the money supply, so they can rape us with interest. It uses that interest to buy all the politicians.

Rehash here, it’s amazing Adachi forgot about all this.

They own the printing press and they own the Gold. They don’t care which we use, as long as it is one these two.

What they are really worried about is Interest Free currency.

A Freemason. A completely unnecessary and highly destructive Austerity drive. A Gold Standard. Austrian Economics financed from A to Z by (crypto) Jewish Businessmen. The sheer satanic ‘I’ll do as I please’ that is Libertarianism. Ignoring the Money Power while blaming the State for everything. Which perfectly explains why Paul himself is sponsored by a Globalist.

Ken, I can understand it’s painful to understand you’ve been had.

But like they say: to err is human, to persist is folly.

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  1. J Parka permalink

    Good job on exposing Ron Paul. What tipped me off about him are his pictures posing with one of the most dangerous Aryan supremacists in the U.S.: Don Black. As for his push to return to the Gold Standard, remember Gen. Smedley Butler. Remember his 1933 Congressional Hearing testimony about a man named Jerry Macguire who was a henchman of the NWO global elite. Butler said Macguire tried to recruit him to lead an army of 10,000 retired military vets on Washington to overthrow the government, put Roosevelt in the Macguire group’s back pocket, and install a military-backed dictatorship similar to Nazi Germany, Facist Italy, and specifically based on a French model of the “supersoldier”. Butler and Macguire both testified at the same Un-American Activities Hearing that Prescott Bush was involved in for his material support (money laundering) for the Nazi party.

  2. helium permalink

    dr. leonard george horowitz published recent investigation results linking adachi to the rest of them. good job for exposing this goverment test tube baby

  3. Finally! Someone else who can see through the Paul facacde. I’ve taken to calling him Ron Paulppet. See what I did there? Clever eh? Nice work bud.

  4. Thank you Keith.

    I was lucky to read Interest Free economics before touching the Austrians, so fortunately I escaped that mind control operation. But of course I believed we were in the ‘Free West’ experiencing the ‘end of history’ before 9/11 happened.

    The good news: when you recover from something, you’ll never suffer the same disease again, that’s how the human immune system works. That’s why it’s not bad to catch something at times. The recovery gives wisdom that is impossible without the disease.

    I want to thank you a great deal for all the muck you’ve been unearthing over the last two years or so. the Volker Fund article was a major hit and Memehunter got me the basic data via you.

  5. “Ken, I can understand it’s painful to understand you’ve been had.

    “But like they say: to err is human, to persist is folly.”

    Exactly. I was duped even though I had intuition enough to disagree with the Austrian School of Economics over gold as legal tender and unregulated land ownership. I ignored my own intuition and assumed they were right, even though my intuition was right and the Austrian School of Economics is a funded fraud by the same people who put Barack Obama in office and who will likely put Mitt Romney in office next. Fortunately, I was able to admit I was wrong, largely because I could also admit that my original intuition was right. It is more difficult for a person to admit they are wrong when they lack intuition that was right.

    Hopefully, he knows enough to man up and see the glaring connection between Ron Paul and the New World Order agenda, enough to research and rethink his own beliefs given to him by the Rockefeller Foundation.

    Ron Paul’s Goldbug PNAC connection, Lewis Lehrman, also wrote “Money and the Coming World Order: The Creation of International Monetary Order.” Gold collapsed the Roman Empire and sent us into the Dark Age of serfdom. It looks like Ron Paul wants to repeat that history.

    The New World Order owns all horses in the race, including Ron Paul. Ron Paul has gone against his own stated support of deregulation by voting against the deregulation of financial derivatives. Otherwise, he does have a very consistent 30-year record of corrupting understanding of free markets and classical liberalism for the New World Order.

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