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The US Empire is not the Money Power!

by on April 13, 2012

Left: Medvedev holding up his proposed World Currency coin

A widespread mistake is to equate the American Empire with the Money Power or the New World Order. But the Empire is just a tool, an expendable vehicle. The coming destruction of the American Empire will in fact allow the ascendancy of the Money Power’s coveted global despotism.

By Anthony Migchels for Henry Makow and Real Currencies

The American Empire certainly has been very important to the Money Power and it is not strange that many people consider the two to be the same thing. But they are not. In fact: the American Empire is the Money Power’s main competitor for World Power and the last obstacle in their march to World Government.

The Grand Strategy is to have the American Empire overstretch and destroy itself by having it take on the Eurasian Powers. Most conspiracy researchers will agree with this statement, but in real time it is always difficult to grasp the Money Power’s elaborate schemes. As a result people all too easily equate opposition to the American Empire with opposition against the New World Order.

Overrating Putin as a defiant defender of Russian Sovereignty is a clear example of this: Putin resists the American Empire, and therefore people believe he’s a good guy. He is not. Yes, he stopped the Oligarch’s all too blatant rape of the remnants of the Soviet Union in a moderate Nationalist reaction. But just like Ahmadinejad and the Chinese Leadership he is part and parcel of the Control Grid. And not only because the Ruble is an interest-bearing debt. The aim is to have the Great Powers slug it out against each other and Putin as a faithful whore of the Plutocracy is doing everything to pit Russia against the Americans in the coming conflagration.

Supranational Gold based currencies are also widely seen as opposition against the New World Order. Nonsense! It is opposition against the Dollar Hegemony and thus against the US Empire.

Nations aspiring for independence would barter amongst each other on a current account basis.

Mutual debts would be crossed off. In this way they would not need any ‘hard currency’ at all.

This is how Hitler traded with his partners. He had no Gold and no internationally accepted currency, but he traded to his heart’s delight and acquired everything he needed without spending a dime. In doing so he became completely independent from the international financiers. Some say this is what caused his downfall, but I don’t buy that. He was allowed to do this to build up Germany. It would have been impossible for Germany to become a credible force in their coveted 2nd World War had Hitler been saddled with conventional interest bearing Money Power currencies. In fact, by destroying Hitler and his interest free economy, they almost destroyed interest free currency through ‘guilt by association’.

Whatever really transpired back then, it is clear that scarce and expensive Gold is not a good means of exchange for the Nations and their international trade. A barter unit is free of cost and always sufficiently available. Hitler’s historical precedent shows it is not an idea, but a workable fact.

Another aspect is that such barter schemes would allow each Nation to maintain its own currency and thus monetary independence. The fact that all the Gold backed schemes of today have a supranational character is a clear give away of what forces are really behind it.

As a result we can clearly and unreservedly state that these supranational Gold based units are anti Dollar, not anti Money Power.

Conclusion: The US Empire is not the New World Order. The Anglo-American Elite is not the Money Power. Those proposing either supranational initiatives or World War without pointing at the real adversary are the enemy, whether they resist American imperialism or not.

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  2. Johnycomelately permalink

    Brilliant article, Joseph Farell in ‘Babylon’s Banksters’ and David Astle in ‘Babylonian Woe’ show that this monied elite has been behind the temporal powers for a very very long time and might have even created or corrupted the spiritual powers to boot.

    This article has tied in many disparate facts and made sense of the seemingly senseless, thank you very much.

    • Yes. Farell wrote a good book. But from his blog I reckon he too falls for the idea that the Anglo American Elite is THE problem, instead of part of the problem.

      He also believes Germany is in opposition to the Money Power, while it is only (semi)resisting the Empire.

      Germany is bludgeoning the European nation states into submission in the name of the Money Power. In that respect it is to Europe what America is to the World.

      • Johnycomelately permalink

        It is very difficult to identify the elite, I guess I figured the Anglo elite was the ‘money power’ but you seem to think the Anglo elite is only part of the program.

        It is interesting that Mikhail Khodordovkovski left his trust wealth to a Rothchild which means either his struggle with Putin is simply an internal elite struggle or Putin is outside the elite.

        It is very difficult to make out where the head of the serpent begins and where the tail ends.

        • The adversary organizes his henchmen in eternal conflict. We are dealing Satan after all. He believes this allows him the best pick, as the fittest survive. It creates the smoke and mirrors that is so difficult to see through. But once you visualize the pyramid, you can see that at the lower levels there may be conflict, on the higher level the conflicting parties are controlled by the same all seeing eye.

  3. derickwrite permalink

    Who is the “Money Power” then?
    Another thought comes to mind: The “Money Power” has been making extensive use of the world wide networking of the Jewish people for centuries.
    How do the Jewish people rid themselves of this curse; or are the cooperating willingly?

    • The jeWISH ‘nation’ as we know it, which came to be in 1948, through the hand of man not Most High are imposters. The True Jews of Deut. 28 are not of European descent. They are of African descent. Until the world opens their eyes to the Truth and throws off the spiritual chains that blind their spiritual eyes and bound their spiritual man…there will be and can be no relief.

      Until the True Jews REPENT and turn their hearts to Most High- which is the sin that allowed them to be carried off into bondage in Egypt/Babylon and now the New Babylon (American Empire)…not much will change. Those that have been used to punish the True Jews of Deut. 28 will be destroyed. It is written and so it is…Let he who has an ear to hear…hear. Repent! Come out from among them and know that the Kingdom of Most High is at hand. We are day 6 (End Times) and the last books of Revelation are coming true. Look. See. ALL evil empires FALL. America is not an exception to this rule. The world as we know it ended Dec. 25, 2012. Unfortunately the sleeping, dumbed down, drugged up, racist, miseducated masses missed the memo…

      Unfortunately, the One People, are not of one mind…yet. There are still those who seek to pervert the Truth and hold onto white supremacy and racism- which is devilish. Therefore, there can be no true progress. White supremacy (superiority based on melanin DEFICIENCY) is bad for humanity. It is CRIPPLING to those that bear the mark of white skin. It keeps those that love the lie of white supremacy from seeing the Truth. This is why America is being raped by Zionism. Those white skinned invaders in the Biblical Holy lands serve in the synagogue of satan. They are imposters that are bold enough to attempt to sterilize True Jews like the Ethiopians. Due to white Americans’ hateful, lie filled history as catalogued by the ode to white supremacy aka western civilization- the world relishes the destruction of the evil empire America. The Chosen people of Most High as described in Deut 28 BUILT this nation…I assure you, its destruction is written and WILL come to pass.

      In the interim, the descendents of the enslavers will have no choice but to open their spiritual eyes and see…the land of the FREE, home of the BRAVE is a MYTH aka LIE that only exists in your heads. Look and see as the goyim Anglo Saxon is silenced and trembles at the notion of being an anti semite…charges made by AshkeNAZI dissident converted Europeans that are NOT even Semites. Know the Truth…it shall make you FREE. Know yourself. Know your enemy. Walk accordingly.

      After all of that…there will be those that will cling to melanin deficient ‘superiority’ and continue to stumble around in darkness. All those used to fulfill the prophecy pertaining to Most High’s chosen ones WILL be destroyed until they come to the Truth and confess it. May he who has an ear to hear…hear.

  4. derickwrite permalink

    My I ask: Who is the “Moneypower” then?
    Another thing comes to mind. Extensive use (over centuries) have been made by who ever the “Money Power” may be, of international Jewish networking. This has often (rightly or wrongly) caused many innocient Jews to suffer.
    How can the Jews escape this curse, or are they willingly cooperating?

    • To answer your first question: it’s a group of Jewish banking families and co-opted Gentile aristocratic elites.

      Unfortunately the Jewish people have allowed themselves to be useful dupes and so they have more responsibility than most people would care to admit. Here’s some more input:
      Yes, the Money Power is Jewish
      Demystifying the Conspiracy

      • Unfortunately Mankind has allowed itself to be duped- not only the Jews- as they chase after and serve mammon and their Greed. Those that serve mammon could not care less about what is right and wrong. They only want to rich.

        The stiff neck of the proud true Jew allows for the salvation of the rest, so give respect and be thankful. No fanning flames of hatred.

        We war not against the flesh…those that serve the evil one are well compensated for their treason to humanity. If you understand that what the world recognizes as a Jew is an imposter, one would have to call this Truth out in order to restore natural order to the universe. This is why it is crucial to call things what they are…those that love the lie will be sent a strong delusion.

        The battle is between Good and evil. Only the Truth has been perverted and inverted. So most think that white skin is good. Black skin bad. They act accordingly. Most believe white skin is indicative of intelligence. So whatever white skinned people say must be intelligently true, right? Wrong. White Americans have NO IDEA of the true history of the nation in which they live. They have no idea that ancient Egypt or Kemet were inhabited by Black Jews who taught the other nations. They invade the rich lands of the truly blessed and hide the true knowledge. Occult means hidden.

        Those that run the world invaded the lands of ancient Egypt and stumbled upon the idolatry that brought about the curse of Most High’s Chosen ones. It was not the COLOR of the Jews it was their PRACTICES that brought about the curse. Enemy invaders of the land whitened the Knowledge (of course) and set about hi jacking the world while pretending to be sent of Most High. The confusion we see around us is born of the refusal of the American masses to know and speak the Truth. Those that love lies belie the spirit in which they walk and draw power. Do we not understand in our learned state that the father of lies is satan/lucifer? You shall know them by their fruit…pray that Most High opens your spiritual eyes. The battle is a spiritual one and the price is your soul. Search out the Truth and insist on telling and walking in it that the devil may be shamed and shut down. Scapegoat the Jews if you love the Lie.

        I am a Black American and am wide awake-not at all the pathetic image projected world wide. I know who I am and do not look to the historical enemy of my soul to tell me. The tv allows the evil one to out Joseph Goebbels Joseph Goebbels and divide the masses for complete conquer.

        Art of war cliff note: Know yourself. Know your enemy. You will never fear the outcome of any battle. Yahweh goes before me and clears the path with Truth. My Messiah, manifested in the flesh, Yahushua gives me my power. The Word is my sword of Truth. Those on the wrong side of the Word of Most High will be struck down…Hear the Truth if it is in you to know and serve it.

    • Ed Tindal permalink

      …. the salvation of the Jews lies in their committing collective suicide. (Ghandi)

    • The way true Jews may escape the curse is by TELLING THE TRUTH and SHUNNING those that serve the father of Lies. one could look to Helen Thomas as an example-there will be a price to pay. IF you can read and know history- put in Scriptural context- then you KNOW that the Europeans screaming about their jeWISHness are LYING. They are NOT the Jews of Deut. 28. They simply WISH that they were and seek to blind the minds of all that refuse to know, speak and walk according to the Truth. This is why I make the distinction…they are jeWISH.

      If Scriptures teaches that Most High will gather his Chosen people AFTER they repent…how are we sitting here watching the Eurotrash invade the land. Somebody is lying…I don’t believe it is the Scriptures. That’s all. Truth is very simple. It is the LIES that get super complex. Lol. Hope that helps. Repent! The Kingdom of Most High is at hand. Know the Truth and it shall make you free!

  5. Hello Anthony, I agree that the American Empire will eventually fall. There are pro-capitalist and anti-capitalist factions of the New World Order. We are taught that we must choose sides, but both factions are completely evil. I choose neither left nor right. I choose the Kinbgdom of Heaven and the poitical platform of Matthew 5:3-10! God bless and keep up the good work. —Peter Goodgame from Hawaii –

  6. Barry K. permalink

    In the 1930s during the great depression there had been bartering going on. if I remembered it correctly, I think one of the items bartered was booze. No gold, or other precious metal was bartered. The bartering system had been confirmed twice, during world war II and the depression era.

    Of course people tend to refuse to understand the basic truths. It doesn’t take an effort to understand, But people make it so damn tedious. Human nature of denial and the sheer idiocy is obvious. Not to mention stubborness in others, when you try to tell someone something, it’s like talking to wall.

    It takes just person to sow confusion in others. Stating some bullshit, some other crap out ideologies, or cute ass theories.

  7. Please don’t even try if you are American coinherence 🙂
    My mother is Irish and even after living in Holland for 40 years, 66% of her lifespan, she still cannot pronounce it correctly.

    My Irish cousins call themselves Mikkels. Others say Michaels. Mikkels is closer though. The gutteral gch is just impossible for native english speakers.

    • I am American, but studied some Russian and German, Japanese and French at an age young enough to recognize and repeat non-English sounds. The accent on the first syllable, I suppose?
      So it is “Mikkels” in scansion, but the “kk” is actually like the German “ch” in “doch”? Or does the “g” indicate a hard “g” before the “ch” as it is pronounced?


  8. Anthony, how does one properly pronunce your last name? I tell people about you, and always hesitate when trying to figure our your last name.

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