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Germany, the Money Power’s Golem in Europe

by on April 21, 2012

Far from opposing the New World Order, Germany is implementing the Money Power’s policies in Europe. Its deflationary policies (austerity) are causing the mayhem the Money Power needs for further consolidation of power in the EU, most notably Fiscal Union through the European Stability Mechanism.

By Anthony Migchels for Real Currencies

In many respects Germany is to Europe, what America is to the World: the Money Power’s Golem. The Golem is the soulless mind controlled brute doing the bidding of its handlers in Jewish Folklore.

It is quite a common mistake made by many otherwise reliable commentators to believe Germany is in some way resisting the New World Order. The reason for this is clear: people wrongly equate the Anglo-American Elite with the Money Power, as discussed last week.

The basic issue is that Germany does not allow the ECB to buy up bonds from the peripheral European Nations (the so called PIIGS) who are in trouble and can’t find market players to buy their debt. This is what the Americans want the ECB to do, just as the Federal Reserve Bank has been buying up US Treasury Bonds that the Chinese and Japanese no longer want.

This German stance, while much maligned in Europe itself, can count on much sympathy from many commentators in the Alternative Media. So when Germany is telling Geithner in no uncertain terms to mind his own business with his ‘stupid plans’, many people are elated with this kind of macho theatrics. Just like they adore Putin’s anti-American antics.

What is really going on?
One of the points is that the Fed’s interventions in the Bond market have been severely criticized as being ‘inflationary’ by much of the Alternative Media which is dominated by Austrian Economics and its fascination with the volume of money.

The swashbuckling monetarists at the Bundesbank share much of this kind of ‘volume is everything’ outlook on the monetary.

But the reality is, America is still somewhat independent from the Money Power and the public there would not allow the punitive interest rates and ongoing taxpayer funded bailouts which are the norm in Europe, which has been under the New World Order’s boot for centuries and cannot even think of any other way. That’s why the FED is forced to buy up the US Treasury Bonds at close to zero percent, instead of allowing the Republic to be strangled by 8% bonds, which is probably what the market would have the US pay at this point.

The hyperinflation scare is still much on the minds of many people. It also happens to be one of the major drivers in Germany’s ‘obstinacy’. After all, it is the Weimar inflation of the early 1920’s that is the basic case against money printing.

But ‘hyperinflation’ is indeed just a scare. M1 has been under severe pressure both in the US and in Europe ever since Lehman Brothers went down. The statistics are quite clear.
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard recently reported that at this point M1 is growing at a paltry 1,5% per annum in the US and tanking with a very severe -11% per year in Europe’s weaker economies. That’s deflation and depression, not inflation, let alone hyperinflation.

Meanwhile this overrated fear of inflation is destroying the EU and the euro. That may not be so bad, the euro is a disaster anyway, in terms of power centralization, systemic imbalances in a far too big currency region, and loss of national independence and democracy.  But the loss to interest payments, already massive even before the crisis, is getting totally out of hand and is destroying not only the European periphery, but also threatening its heartland. And it is not the EU that is paying for this, it is the people. As Ellen Brown reported this week:

“Why not lend the money to the Greek government directly (by the ECB)? Or to the Portuguese government, currently having to borrow money at 11.9%? Or the Hungarian government, currently paying 8.53%. Or the Irish government, currently paying 8.51%? Or the Italian government, who are having to pay 7.06%?”
Such interest rates are not sustainable.

Meanwhile, the Germans themselves are further and further enslaved by debt. They are now already on the hook for maybe as much as €2,1 trillion in guarantees and other liabilities. Many of these will go sour. And eventually all these risks are coming from the banks and are dumped on the hapless taxpayer, who is represented by nobody, notwithstanding the nominal ‘democracy’ that we hear of.

What we basically see is that the Germans and Americans, much like the Keynesians and Austrians are playing, or being played, along the lines of the Inflation vs. Deflation dialectic. People are led to believe the only choices are more debt and associated rising cost for capital and rising prices, or austerity with crashing demand and skyrocketing unemployment, including societal instability. Crucial is the misunderstanding that the problem is debt, while it in reality is all about the interest on the debt. People are so brainwashed to believe interest is unavoidable, it’s really uncanny and sometimes discouraging.

All the talk of Germany ‘resisting the New World Order’ is nonsense. Its leaders are the usual bunch of soulless traitors, doing the Money Power’s bidding in enslaving both the rest of Europe and their own people.

Europe’s problems could quickly be alleviated with the ECB buying up the bonds at 0 % interest. Yes, this would create a moral hazard: politicians could feel invited to spend more. But at this point they are forced to lend at unsustainable rates that are destroying the European economy.

A more permanent solution would be to nationalize all the banks, while repudiating all the nonsense on their balance sheets and quitting all interest payments. Banks are just criminal ‘institutions’. True, this notion is not yet acceptable for 99% of the people out there, but since it is the truth it is worth while to insist on it. A sensible program along these lines can be found here.

A sort of middle ground and more classical approach against depression can be found in Webster Tarpley’s five point program.

In short: there is absolutely no reason for all this chaos. The only problems are that both the people and their representatives are being conned by the financial wizards. Our leaders are indeed either useful idiots or willing traitors.

Look how they laugh while they feast on our life blood.

Dutch bankers Zalm and Staal having a good time while raping the public

Dutch bankers Zalm and Staal having a good time while raping the public

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  1. krle permalink

    you seem to have overlooked one thing in all this discussion.. The fact that the “money powers” own all industries, compartmentalized across the globe.. along with the politicians..
    so, they are not gonna let someone destroy their little monopoly just like that.. no more iphones, cars, or pretty much anything lectric.. it is their system.. ALL OF IT..

  2. Joachim Murat permalink

    As for the fate of the euro itself, I wouldn`t say it is going to last, as you do. You live in the USA I presume and therefore you ignore the European realities: the Eastern and Southern part of the EU have no noticeable exportable industry, only tourism and small/medium enterprises which are relying mainly on regional markets. Therefore these counries not only need cheap local currencies vs the euro in order to fuel their tourism but also local customers for the small and medium enterprises and one of the effects of the eurozone is to make the local products too expensive for many local customers (because too much taxes linked to the national debts which have to be paid back in hard currencies). If and only if the peripheral countries return to their national currencies, they could boost their economies and therefore lower their taxation which in turn would boost their economies and so on. The euro is only usable between the core European countries which have exportable industries and once the peripheral countries begin to exit from the eurozone, Germany and France will probably take back their own national currencies too which would be the end of the euro. Not in ten years, but probably less than five.

    • The Euro’s prospects have certainly took a big hit the last few weeks. Geert Wilders also dealt it a fateful blow.

      I agree with your analysis of the basic Euro problem.
      You’re not taking it to its logical end though: because of these imbalances the Euro has allowed the North to have the South for lunch. A bailout is therefore not so unreasonable, although it is clearly much better to nationalize all banks and close the ECB.

      • Joachim Murat permalink

        Anthony, imagine you`ve fallen into a pit. Do you think the solution for you would be to dig yourself even deeper underground? That`s the meaning of the “bailouts”, since bailouts are only more debts for already deadly endebted nations. If Germany and France would accept the ECB continually “bailing out” the peripheral Europe, it would be bailout over bailout over bailout until even Germany and France (and the other still working European economies) would be broke too. Then, the big banksters (you know who I mean) would say the only solution is a European super-state (what Germany nor France do not want) with a centralised “super government” which of course would be much easier to control for the “chosen few” than a multitude of governments. As for nationalizing the banking system and closing the ECB, I hope something like that will happen after the collapse of the eurozone but maybe this couldn`t be implemented right now in a time of general economic war on this planet without causing even more serious trouble for the European economies than they are in now.

        • That’s the story they’re selling Joachim.

          What we should do is immediately quit all interest payments on all sovereign debt. And use the debt service to pay of the debt.

          Problem solved.

          • Joachim Murat permalink

            The German government might agree with you, because while it is closing the door of the ECB bailout to the peripheral countries, it also knows that the bond market doesn`t buy any more these suvereign bonds and that the IMF -controlled by the USA- will not engage itself in massive bailouts in Europe. So, sooner or later the only open road for the peripheral countries will be the Argentinian road and the bankers` dream of a European Superstate will be broken for ever.

            • That doesn’t sound too bad, but it is useful to keep in mind the two simple solutions I offered in the conclusion of the article, besides the ECB buying up the debt.

              The idea that we need the banks for our credit (at interest!!) is the basic hoax that this is all about. We don’t.

          • krle permalink

            wouldnt this cause a deflation?

    • Well, only Germany and its satellites (Netherlands, Finland, Austria, Denmark) could have monetary union.
      Germany would destroy the French economy in a monetary union too.

  3. Joachim Murat permalink

    Hey man, do you really think you`re smarter than the German government? The Germans know wery well what they are doing: they are resisting the Rothschildian plan to make Germany pay for the debt-enslaved peripheral Europe (debt-enslaved by the international banksters and their cronies the corrupt governments of the peripheral Europe). The plan is to weaken Germany (and also France) by making them pay for the bankrupted European countries and once both are weakened enough the bankers will take the absolute power over Europe. Use you brain man.

    • I’m not sure smart has much to do with it. More honest.

      If the German Government was against the Rothschild, would it allow the build up of the world’s biggest Central Bank in the Rothschild’s hometown Frankfurt?

      If they don’t want the debts to go out of hand, why don’t they just let the ECB print the money at zero percent?

      They are allowing the Rothschilds to use them to bludgeon the South into submission………

  4. derickwrite permalink

    The money power is playing ping-pong Table Tennis with the sweat and blood of nations. They do this so that which ever of deflation, inflation or war finally conquers the minds of the peoples of the world, the Money power can install their regime.

  5. All the western nations are in reality just bankrupt corporations eg US Inc and UK Plc and the voters are just common stock holders. Until the people are educated and realise that every time they vote their votes are considered by the PTB a vote of confidence, so they continue with the raping and pillaging of those same voters..

    • Oh absolutely. Don’t vote, don’t sign petitions, don’t shop at their outlets, don’t put your money in their banks. If you do, you are just telling them how much you love them.

      • Absolutely or your debt notes are just adding to the debt – which is what they want. Debt can never pay a debt.. Accept for value and return for settlement wherever you can.- start with utilities – they love AFV.

        • When you deposit money in one of their banks they are deposing you of your money. We should open private bank accounts or reposit accounts – non interest bearing.

  6. memehunter permalink

    It’s refreshing to see a non-libertarian and non-mainstream spin on what is happening, thanks.

    I don’t think that Germany is opposing the New World Order, but I still believe that there is a distinction to be made between the US/UK/Zionist block and the Vatican-dominated European block. The ISGP website has more to say about that. FOFOA also explains that the Euro was designed to survive the death of the US dollar. Note that the Euro does make an explicit distinction between the means of exchange (Euro and other currencies) and the store of value (gold) as can be seen on the quarterly assessments of the ECB.

    They may all be serving the same master(s) in the end, but that does not mean that there are no factions or rivalries at the top. Some have invested so much in the dollar as reserve currency that they want to try to make it survive for as long as they can, while others are preparing for a post-dollar world. Of course, both factions are globalists in their own way, no question about that.

    In conclusion, the politics are a “sideshow” (dixit Another, FOFOA’s “prophet”), but the distinction between the dollar architecture and the Euro architecture is real.

    • I agree. As I worked out here the Euro is intended to last and I never believed it was in trouble. Until the last few days, actually, see Euro Crisis 9 and 10.

      Most certainly the Anglo American and European elites represent different factions, I agree with that. But the Money Power originated in Europe, that must also be understood. In fact, it is in America that the last vestiges of sovereignty remain, as the article points out. It’s difficult and counterintuitive, because the American Empire is such a blatant tool and utter aggressor. It is some kind of vampire leaching on the American people and bringing it down by overextending itself.

      Tensions are rising really high. The Dollar is not dead yet. The Euro’s survival not a foregone conclusion. As always it is very difficult to grasp the game in real time, we must grope our way through all the conflicting data and spin together and your input is most welcome!

  7. I know generally as a rule most people do not ask but if it is OK I would like to add a link to your blog to a new webpage I am starting up. I have found that most people who say they understand the monetary systems really don’t.

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