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Tarpley versus Jones, some Comments

by on June 5, 2012

A major and very important development: a fierce discussion between Tarpley and Jones, i.e. between Libertarianism/Austrianism and the ‘Greenback’: interest free Government money.

Tarpley destroys Jones, of course. Austrianism is deflationary, only worsening our problems. Ron Paul wants to take out another trillion from the budget, destroying the economy overnight.

One problem: it would be even better to provide the people with the purchasing power, instead of the state. Libertarians have a good case for opposing reinforcing the State, as the US Fed Govt is quite a scourge indeed.

Check out the Faux Economics page to find out all about the nonsense of Austrianism.

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    Tarpley is right-on concerning U.S.Imperialism & Banksters’ killer ”austerity” which is just ”libertarianism” on steroids. Alex Jones’ & Ron Pauls’ scam for suckers is to pretend that by peddling an even MORE extreme version of Rethuglican (including stealth Rethuglican:- Obama) & Bankster “austerity economics”, they are promoting an “alternative” to it!!! See: “The Not So Spontaneous Libertarian” expose the Multi-Billionaires who concocted & massively funded, published & promoted that astro-turf bunkum. Also Search: ”Fascist Birch Society Ties to Nazis & CIA” (Jones was forced to come out of the closet as a Birch asset who carries on the BS Society’s tradition of red-baiting President Eisehower & the Joint Chiefs as ”commies” by now red-baiting everyone less right-wing than Attila the Hun & out-warmongering the CIA by recently calling for a second genocidal carpet bombing of North Korea) See: “Lies Concerning the Soviet Union” . ..The moderator’s objection to the Capitalist “goverrnment” distributing the increased buying power is really an argument for the mental & manual working CLASS people to control that government, otherwise known as genuine socialism, which the otherwise brilliant capitalist reformer Tarpley I believe mistakenly seems to oppose. or dismiss..

    • Well, clearly we share a great disdain of Capitalism and its stooges, but I’m equally opposed to Marxism/socialism, which was designed to usurp the opposition to Usury (Capitalism is Usury) by claiming the problem is private control of the means of production.

      But the problem is not private ownership, it’s the disownment of private ownership by the financier class through Usury.

  2. I watched the debate and thought Alex destroyed Tarpley utterly. Tarpley is smug and thinks that cutting food stamps would be genocide. What proof does he have the 60 million people NEED food stamps?? I know people that get food stamps and they are just taking advantage of the system. There would be no genocide at all and most people would just go to food banks and churches.

    Tarpley was being rude to Alex and talking to him like he was a child. Alex has a better outlook on the elites that have taken control of government. The elites would have no power if they didn’t control government. Government protects the fed reserve and all the corporate welfare.

    Tarpley is done in my eyes. judge a tree by its fruit and infowars has better and more fruit than Tarpley ever did.

    • To be honest, I find it annoying how easily you want to do away with even such a little handout as foodstamps, which is a negligible portion of the budget.

      You just show why people hate libertarians: even in a depression with 22% unemployment, you kick the poor in the teeth.

      • madtom permalink

        darn, I was just starting to read your site with great interest, but this post just ended it for me. it’s not about “little handouts”, and who the heck is kicking the poor in the teeth? the post clearly singles out abuse in the system. we all know people who abuse the system and collect food stamps either because they’re scamming the system or because they’re too damn lazy to get off their fat asses and work for a living. what folks like you fail to understand (or purposely ignore) about libertarians is that we care as much, if not more, about the poor then those who just want to give them government handouts. you think we want the poor to starve because we want to get rid of food stamps? no, the poor stay poor because of food stamps, and we believe in helping our fellow man who truly are in need on our own through charity, not through wasteful government programs that steal from one to give to another.

        • No madtom, the poor stay poor because in the US alone they are paying at least 1,5 trillion per year in Interest to the richest 10% The poor are not poor because they are lazy. The system is skewed.

          It’s too bad you are offended by a critique of libertarian resistance against Government hand outs. To be sure, I’m not looking for big govt and believe less is more. But for instance in Paul’s budget with the famous 1 trillion cut he was going to take out 50% of food assistance, but only 16% out of the ‘defense’ (orwellian for mindless violence) budget.

          I most certainly have a problem with these priorities.

          Also: during the last great depression millions of Americans starved. I don’t believe that libertarians would do anything about that and that most definitely is a point of concern.

          • madtom permalink

            we can agree on one thing. no talk of austerity and spending cuts can be taken seriously without drastic cuts in military spending. with respect to the poor and starving people, no libertarian calls for the immediate abolishing of government programs. not ron paul, nor any libertarian would eliminate food stamps tomorrow. what we advocate is a steady movement away from those programs, which we believe only serve to keep people in poverty, until the time comes that such programs are unnecessary. you may be concerned with caring for the poor, but I am concerned with eliminating poverty altogether.

            • Ron Paul’s cuts go into effect in his first year. Every libertarian pol or austian economist agreed with this through their many accolades and unqualified support. You are the only one to even suggest that this might be a concern. Ron Paul confronted directly with this in an interview, said let them – 50 million – find a charity in an already overburdened survice economy. No sympathy whatsoever.

              • Personally, i don’t believe that govt is inherently evil, as most libertrarians do. I believe govt is necessary to protect the rights of individuals against the mob and more powerful financial groups. I am against centralized planning of socialism, but short of that im a dirigist. i believe govt should play a role in guarenteeing the prosperity and well being of its citizens through nationally instituted policies, such as safety net for poor, zero interest loans to businesses, tarriffs of foreign goods ect. Our current national policy safeguards the profits of the military industrial complex and the banks. This is corporatism/socialism of the most tyrannical order.

        • Who is kicking the poor in the teeth? Ron Paul would have killed millions barely surviving on food assistance and medicaid ect. had he gotten elected. Did you even read his Restore America Budget In his first year he would make 63% cuts to food assitance (53 cents a day for meals), 43% medicaid, 57% S-Chips , ect.. while giving tax breaks to american business’ in China.

          .Where is all the abuse in the system and who gets the govt handouts that cause all of the poverty and unpayable systemic debt in this country? Its the private federal reserve banking cartel. It’s also the pentagon and the transnational corps that got tax breaks for opening up slave labor factories in china. Libertards will never figure that out. Libertarians seldom even mention this in their malthusian tirades about wasteful govt programs. When they do, they propose ideas that make things worse: such as a gold standard (which robert zelig of the BIS wants) or tax breaks for transnational corps. They’ll never realize that they are dupes for the 1%.

          Good riddance.

          • madtom permalink

            see my comment above. it’s clear to me that I agree with a lot of what’s said on this site (against the federal reserve, tax breaks for corporations, gold standard – which I’m not a fan of), but there is this disdain for libertarianism that I just don’t understand. nor do I understand why so much faith is placed in programs run by a government that at the same time you label as corrupt.

    • This is the typical dunderheaded austrian/libertarian boilerplate rant against the poor. Somehow these people are convinced that the poor are all living in luxury from foodstamps at 200 bucks a month (to which ron paul wants to cut down to 130.00), responsible for the trillions of national debt and are feverishly plotting to overthrow the governement with socialism. The poor are a symtom of the problem: victims not the cause. Entitlements are not the cause of our budget overruns and often go underfunded to pay for banker debts. Never to these libertarians complain about the private central banks as the being the real source of wealth transfer, theft, and govt usurpation. No, they can only see as far the bankster’s collection and enforcement agents, govt, and think that stealing is helping the poor to survive. Jan Helfeld quintessentially captures the libertarian monomanical myopia in this exchange:

  3. Jones; Tarpley; Kaiser; Paul, you name ’em, I don’t trust ’em – end of.

    • quite right Charles.

      I wouldn’t believe tarpley too much either. He’s just better at economics than the austrians, but what does that really mean……..

      I like max, at least he calls the bankers by their real names……………but he’s a gatekeeper too of course.

      • Hi Anthony, Yes “economics” just what does that mean and what is an “economy”? I would have to say it’s a fiction or an artificial construct designed to blind us with science or is it baffle us with bull shit? E.g did anyone ever learn anything from the London School of Economics? I think The Rolling Stones were their greatest achievement. LOL

  4. It was something to see, wasn’t it? We knew this was coming, but I didn’t expect to actually see it live, and with Alex clearly intoxicated. What bothers me is seeing indications that Infowars is throwing Tarpley under the bus, so to speak. I hope Alex repents from his mistreatment of Webster, works to resolve their differences, and allows their friendship to continue.

    Good video response. Tarpley’s not just looking to use the government to rebuild infrastructure, but to re-assert a Hamiltonian national banking system of public credit. I posted a LPAC video which gives a general explanation of how this works. I think when this is understood it addresses your concern with purchasing power.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Alex wasn’t drunk nor was he when he lied about the debate in person to his cult following at Bilderburg. The guy is a shameless gatekeeper. Don’t make excuses for him.

      Hamilton did not try to establish a national bank with sovereign currency. He wished to continue with the usurous private banking system that favored maintaining a monopoly of wealth for the landed gentry.

      • Although I have difficulty exactly grasping the historical context I believe you’re right there.

        Tarpley and also Ellen Brown are quite close to the Hamiltonians.

        Their approach, state controlled but interest bearing banking (although the State will provide itself with interest free banking) is basically probably the most the Money Power would be willing to live with.

        I actually see a new ‘conflict’ here: with the AUstrians on the right and Tarpley/Brown on the left.

        • We’ll still have private banking, of course. However, we’ll not have a private Fed, rather a nationalized Fed. The big difference being, the Federal Government wont go into debt in order to get money. Money is no longer the issue. Now, you’re dealing with credit, which is not created by a pledge to pay, but issued to fulfill the intention of Congress. Once that intention is achieved it will have generated new physical wealth. Therefore, transforming the meaning of debt all together. As Hamilton said, a national debt will be for us a national blessing. It’s that Christian principle, resist not evil, transform it.

          It’s not a right and left thing. It’s a Constitutional thing, specifically, article 1, section 8. The Austrians hate the Constitution, while pretending to represent it, and cloaked in the conjured spirit of Thomas Jefferson.

          The Powers of Congress:
          To borrow money on the credit of the United States;

          To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;

          To establish Post Offices and Post Roads;

          Adams, Franklin, Hamilton, Washington, these people were not Austrians, they were dirigists. This is what Webster Tarpley represents here. This is how you can begin creating your way out of an economic crisis such as we have.

          Ron Paul proposes the Gold Standard in disguise, and overtly the idea of competing currencies. Well, that’s saying Congress should compete with private finance over the creation and regulation of money and credit. This is not the intention of our Constitution.

          Ron Paul represents brutal austerity. Instead of rebuilding our civilization, the Doc wants to cure the disease by killing the patient. Austerity is unacceptable.

          Ron Paul and his Austrian fellow travelers are on the wrong side of history and the Federal Constitution.

          It’s not right and left thing, it’s right and wrong thing.

          “There’s nothing to fear from globalism, free trade and a single worldwide currency… The ultimate solution will only come with the rejection of fiat money worldwide, and a restoration of commodity money. Commodity money if voluntarily and universally accepted could give us a single world currency requiring no money managers…” ~ Ron Paul – The Beginning of the End of Fiat Money

  5. The last time Tarpley debated someone like Alex Jones was in the 3rd grade. Jones had nothing to say except for childish heckling and antics, calculated in part to upset him and make him look foolish. Naturally, Tarpley was too smart for that.

    Do you know that Jones had the nerve to tell the protesters at the Bilderburg protest that Webster Tarpley was “emotional” and hence irrational regarding his debate. I saw it on livestream filmed by york. Like Bill Cooper said of him, he’s a liar and a bs artist.

    You say more in 9 minutes than he has in whole career.

    • Alex heckled because Tarpley was making zero sense and was bashing and harping on a person who woke up millions to the federal reserve scam and that’s Ron Paul. Tarpley is delusional to think the system can be reformed. Alex handled Tarpley easily and adequately in my opinion as did Kokesh. Tarpley was acting like a child for that Kokesh interview and then Adam destroyed that government apologist.

      • Alex heckled Tarpley because Tarpley threatened to expose the facts about Ron and Rand Paul Alex knowingly suppressed from his listenership for the past 17 years. Alex the gatekeeper also heckled because he had no intelligent rejoinder to anything Tarpley had to say. Can you name one issue that Jones refuted? Nothing. What about kokesh? dito.

        If the typical infowars/kokesh listener wasn’t so wrapped up into the cult of alex jones/adam kokesh worship and had any understanding of economics they would not have been so badly duped by Ron and Rand Paul. People listening to Tarpley knew this was coming from day one — longer for those that have read his books debunking libertarianism and austrian economics. We knew that the Paul were establishment men. All of Paul’s economic and monetary policies favor the 1% and this undermines everything positive he might say regarding the constitution or war. Paul adam, and alex took you for a ride and you don’t like it. Too bad. So sad.

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