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The Protocols of Zion – Debunking the Debunker

by on June 5, 2012

(left, Umberto Eco, post modernist, atheist, expert in semi-idiotics (cabalistic wordgames.) In his bestselling 2010 novel The Prague Cemetery, he absolves Masonic Jews of any connection to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.)

Umberto Eco did nothing to discredit the Protocols. Rather he discredited himself.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion have taken the Blogosphere by storm over the last ten years. More and more independent minded bloggers quote them routinely and extensively. Whether they are for real remains hotly contested, but at the end of the day it is their undeniable incisiveness that grants them their timelessness.

By Anthony Migchels for Henry Makow and Real Currencies

Recently Umberto Eco published ‘the Prague Cemetery’, an obvious attempt at discrediting the quickly growing awareness of the Protocols as a blue print for domination. But although Eco is in good form, with good historical and gastronomical detail, he’s left looking silly.

The book centers around Simone Simonini, an Italian antisemitic conspirator. He is commissioned by a number of conspiring groups to write the Protocols to defame the Jews. This is the classical explanation for the Protocols, of course.

In an afterthought of the book, Eco ‘debunks’ the idea that the Protocols are for real with the usual worn out narrative of ‘plagiarism’ of Maurice Joly’s ‘Dialogue from Hell’. But as Henry Makow has shown, Joly plagiarized the Protocols, not the other way around.

The reason Eco is left looking silly is this: in the book literally everybody is scheming and conspiring for all sorts of causes. The French Secret Service, the Russians, Freemasons, the famous Mazzini (to whom Pike addressed a famous letter) is mentioned several times, the Vatican and the Jesuits. Even Weishaupt’s Illuminati are featured. They are all vying for political power and all of them are trying to blame the Jews.

The only group that is not involved in these schemes are the Jews themselves, except for a few self hating Jews that are trying to implicate their brethren. I’m not kidding, nor am I overstating the case. This is what Eco is doing in this obvious and dimwitted attempt to do away with the Protocols.

Of course, had Eco described the Jews as conspiring like all the others, he would have made a much stronger case. Everybody is doing it, so why pick on the Jews, the innocent reader would have thought. But going about it the way he does makes the good professor look rather inadequate.

But are the Protocols for real?
Henry Makow in particular has made a very strong case that they are. But it is probably impossible to prove either case, for or against, conclusively. The Protocols are to the adversary what Scripture is to the One. Only savoring the veracity of its content leads to understanding of its source.

And the Protocols are very powerful indeed. Just like the Holy Books they remain fresh with every new read, proving a great mind produced them.

Much has already been said about them, but a little scope remains concerning the financial program. As an author focusing on the monetary aspects of the New World Order, I remain absolutely perplexed by the profundity of Protocol 20, regarding their ‘Financial program’. Every advanced student of money should have a closer look at them.

Considering the absolutely shallow appreciation of monetary matters in the public mind, as witnessed by both Mainstream Economics and Austrian Economics, it is quite clear that a real insider must have written this text. It discusses all the main issues with money with great authority and knowledge. A detailed analysis of this Protocol can be found here.

It explains how destructive interest is, both in terms of cost to the borrower and because it hinders circulation of money, which is very important and little understood.

It mentions Gold as being ‘the ruin of the Goyim States’. It explains how the scarcity of Gold hinders full economic activity, while adding ‘they’ have taken as much Gold out of circulation as possible. Thereby openly admitting both their domination of Gold and the specie’s inadequacy as a means of exchange. And thus validating our extensive criticism of Austrian Economics.

It also cogently discusses the issue of the volume of money and how it should be managed. It provides  a powerful appreciation of how things should be, including an interest free money supply and a workable unit of account. They suggest a working man’s hourly wage, which, incidentally is the unit of account that LETS circles use all over the world.

In short: Protocol 20 offers a unique insight into all the essentials of monetary theory and practice. It does so in just a few pages, proving great mastery of the issues.

To my mind it is absolutely impossible that some outsider could have written this. I know of nobody that could have created such a text. There is nobody in the Alternative Media, let alone in normal academic circles that could have come up with this. The fact that this was written more than a hundred years ago makes it even more incredible, although it must be said that political and economic awareness was probably higher back then than it is today.

Umberto Eco did nothing to dispel the Protocols as a very important text. Worse, he damaged his reputation in the way he went at them: showing that literally everybody is busy trying to take over the world with conspiracies….except the Jews.

Meanwhile, the Protocols just sit there as a timeless witness of the truth: there are a few men out there who know. And who use their knowledge to rule over us all.


Boyle: IRELAND: Does ‘Protocol 20’ sound familiar?
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  1. SheriffOfRottingham permalink

    Good article. It’s funny, 1984 is fiction, but extremely relevant. People who think the protocols are ‘fake’ do so often without seeing just how well it describes the world today in its current state. Same thing the with Albert Pike WWIII letter. I mean think about it, if any semblance of these things would be true, the ONLY tactic, like any good politician will be to discredit the accusation and re-direct the true foundational points of the accusations into side arguments with no real substance. Unfortunately these things seem too far fetched to most people, even though the evidence that there is at the least SOMETHING very wrong with all this, is in your face every day.

  2. Johnycomelately permalink

    I think your right, it is just too succinct and accurate for global financial domination to be a spurious work. There are only three possibilities:

    It’s genuine.

    It was written by an insider exposing the plan (whistle blower).

    Or it was written anonymously by the most brilliant man to have graced this earth to cast aspersions on the Jew.

    For me 2 is the most likely.

    • Tian permalink

      I think you left out another possibility: it is a legit insider working document which was stolen/copied. This is the explanation I favour.
      Remember that for a long time the jews’ strongest allegation (was there not even a court case establishing this fact?) was that the Protocols was “a forgery”. Ironic, considering the definition of the term implies “an unauthorised copy of a true original”.

      Thank you, Anthony, for adding to the coherent, articulate debate about this most seminal document.

      For me, the strongest proof of its authenticity is the fidelity with which it reflects the actual course of history over the past century or so.

  3. The worst lies, and best disinformation, are 99% true.

    Thanks for disabusing another weaving spider.

  4. Money, Inflation, Fraud and Slavery
    Even a Child Can Understand It

    A Monetary Policy for the 99%: Twelve-Year-Old Reformer Goes Viral.

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