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Babylon = Usury! We want Interest-Free Money!

by on April 30, 2013

Usury is the original sin in the economic sphere and the root cause of all our economic problems. It causes unfathomable suffering. It is so pervasive, so normalized, it seems unavoidable.
The truth is we have everything we need to create an interest-free money supply and eradicate usury and associated rent-seeking completely from our economic and social lives. A Usury-Free economy ends poverty and brings abundance to the many. It will save our souls in the process.

By Anthony Migchels for Henry Makow and Real Currencies

The love of money is the root of many evils. Usury is the weaponization of the love of money. It feeds the avarice of the usurer. It forces ever more debtors into ever more immoral behavior. It replaces love with commerce. It corrupts commerce, which becomes ever more exploitative to pay off ever higher interest charges. It is the foundation of rent-seeking. It rips apart the fabric of society. It makes a mockery of any kind of social contract.

It causes hunger. Bankruptcies. Intense stress in families. Weighs especially heavily on the poor and leads to all sorts of excesses at the top. Billions of people live in abject poverty all over the world because of it. Entire communities, nations are gutted to pay the interest to the opulent. Nobody counts those dying prematurely from its effects. They are billions.

The many pay to the few. The poor pay to the middle class, who pay to the rich, who pay to the opulent. Poor countries pay ten times more interest on their foreign debts than they receive development aid.

Even when not in debt, forty percent of our income is lost to interest passed on in prices by producers. The many pay anywhere between five and ten trillion per year to the wealthy. All other rents ultimately are based on cost for capital and would hardly exist without usury.

It is the ultimate centralizer of power and it is global. It has been growing for centuries at compound interest rate speed, and now it is such an incredible cancer it is ready to swallow the remains of the host it has been feeding on.

The European nations put up $4,5 Trillion in handouts, easy credit and guarantees to ‘save’ their banks and the euro. The Fed provided an unimaginable $16 trillion dollars in easy credit to its banking buddies. Much of it was never repaid. This is ‘necessary’ because without banks we would not have money. So the West put up $20 trillion to have some bits and bytes and paper and coins circulate to exchange goods and services.

Surely the end of our civilization is near, when we allow such rapacious plunder to be sold with such a stupendous lie. While we simultaneously say there is no money to save the poor from starvation and the Earth from pollution.

The whole thing is totally senseless
We think: “without interest there will be no credit! I would not lend if I didn’t get anything back.”

But the Money Power doesn’t lend anything!

Money is just bookkeeping and credit is an automatic result of double entry bookkeeping, which by its very nature knows debit and credit.

The problem is not the creation of money! Quite the opposite: it’s marvelous that we never need to have a shortage of money.

The problem is when the bookkeeper starts raping the debitor with interest for no other reason than the associated minus. And takes all this interest himself. Just for the service of bookkeeping!

We pay $300k in interest in thirty years for our $200k mortgage which was created by entering some numbers in a computer bookkeeping application!

Gold solves nothing
We don’t want to pay $300k interest in coin! We want bookkeeping at cost-price! Interest-free!

Even in ancient times Gold and Silver were circulated by private parties. This is touted as a wonderful free market operation. But who circulated the specie? Those owning the mines, of course!

They circulated the metal by lending it out at interest and manipulated the volume from day one.

Today nobody knows how much Gold there is. All the Gold mines are owned and controlled by the Money Power. Those owning the mines are the Money Power, that’s how it all started. Vast amounts of Gold are in their vaults, ready to be unleashed onto the market through usurious lending, aiming to create asset bubbles, only to stop lending a little later to create a deflationary crash when people pay off their loans.

It is exactly the same way they create the boom-bust cycle with paper based money.

Just look at what they are doing to Gold today. They have been doing this forever.

The Golden Calf is the archetypal symbol of avarice, the Money Power is unthinkable without it.

We want Interest-Free Money!

Babylon is Usury

Babylon is Usury

Jesus admonished us to lend freely, expecting nothing in return. The Vedas abhor usury. Moses forbade it. Half of the Q’uran is Allah threatening severe punishment for those taking Usury.

Money is bookkeeping. We don’t need interest for savers. The bank doesn’t need savers. Debit and Credit are the two sides of the coin in bookkeeping. They are automatic.

Yes, the volume must be managed, but that is unavoidable. No monetary system can exist without managing volume. The problem is not management, it is allowing vultures to do it.

The reason we have a boom-bust cycle is because we allowed private parties, banks, to manage the volume in their own interest. They set up Central Banks to create the illusion of ‘officialdom’.

Saying ‘the market must do it’ is saying the Plutocracy has been doing a good job over the last 5000 years.

We want interest-free mortgages, no income tax, no poverty. We want abundance, good will, a cultural rebirth, fairness and the end of Plutocracy.

Kill Usury!

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  1. The Bailout Scorecard – Last update: Apr. 20, 2015

    Altogether, accounting for both the TARP and the Fannie and Freddie bailout, $615B has gone out the door—invested, loaned, or paid out—while $390B has been returned.

    The Treasury has been earning a return on most of the money invested or loaned. So far, it has earned $280B. When those revenues are taken into account, the government has realized a $55.1B profit as of Apr. 20, 2015.


    ProPublica was a recipient of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize in National Reporting and a 2010 Pulitzer Prize in Investigative Reporting.

    • In fact, the Fed printed 16 TRILLION (!!!!!) dollars in 2008 and are on record admitting they ‘cannot account for 9 Trillion’.

      • You are so wrong about Gold – it weakens the main thrust of your argument. Mines do not hold vaulted gold – they sell it to the market. Where it gets screwed up is when the Federal Reserves acquires the gold with valueless paper which it prints until the cows come home.

        The BIG game the Fed has been involved in – conspiring with the US Govt -. is they have sold all the Gold they and Fort Knox ever had. In fact the Fed has even sold all the Gold deposited with it by Germany – and when found out tried to backpeddle – promising to pay them back over an extended term

        The Fed has manipulated the Gold price against the US dollar (remember it can print as much currency as it wants) and progressively is nibbling away at repurchasing the lost gold at depressed prices while the USD remains high! The Fed made money when it sold Gold while the USD was low and now making even more playing games with currency, gold and oil!

        Expose the complete Rort by the Fed and campaign for its nationalization – that will do a lot more good that to criticize the fact that people who have savings endeavor to make money by lending out their savings! The US has little to worry about in respect of Gold Mines and Vaulted Gold in the US. It is China and Russia and France who have been storing gold. China in particular will be the Nemesis for the USA when it turns the Yuan in to a reserve currency backed by gold!

        • The Bankers have controlled Gold for literally millennia Dean.

          The fact that they plan to do away with the Petrodollar by launching a Gold Backed Yuan just proves the point.

          Both the US and Chinese Governments could easily print an interest-free money supply instead.

      • Mark Germine permalink


        I have been fighting against usury, the greatest of all sins and the root of all evil, since 1996, first on the internet, and later in my book (The Book of Eli, 2011) as well as all over the Internet. In 1996 I had an experience of God, giving me but one command to humankind, FORSAKE USURY. The collapse of great civilizations by usury is an indication that it cannot last, so that we now enter the end times, where usury will cause is likely to cause human extinction of near extinction. Now, we have it on the internet. What we are calling for is a “Ban Usury Movement.”

    • In general, this kind of ‘investigative reporting’ is sure to land you big prizes……..

  2. Rob permalink

    Charging interest is not usury, secondly in a free market something of intrinsic market value will be used as a means of exchange, you want someone to give a loan to consume, thats evil…banks arent non prifts and that would destroy the economy its already occurred, yalls psychotic socialist Free Shit Army Greed has destroyed the country, you fools advocate fiat trash “interest free counterfeit worthless toilet paper and zero percent interest rates that what already occurring, The Free Shit Army doesnt know what usury is, its them! Housing used to be affordable and people could pay out of pocket tell me criminals how making houses in paper value 8-10 times what they were reallly worth you fools having no jobs because you inflated the productive jobs to china vise rises to the cost structure and destroyed savings and banking…you consumerist greed know no bounds, you criminals already have what you want and have had for some time low interest to 0 interest loans for you to live richly at others, the future of others, and your own expense…You fools

    • Thanks for this enlightening narrative……

    • If you’re a troll, you’re not a very intelligent or entertaining one. I doubt anyone will take the bait.

      If you really are that stupid to believe what you just wrote, then God is the only One that can help you. Maybe Jesus can resurrect your brain, like he brought Lazarus back to life.

  3. Hi! I hope you all still remember me!


    I have drafted a sample ‘Defence and Counterclaim’ against HSBC/Citibank and their ‘usury banking’ system. Haha, send me an email if anyone of you here wanna have a read and tell me what you think.

    BUT DO NOT USE THAT in court. Unless you are confident you can get a jury trial, then maybe you might win the sympathy and understanding of the jury.

    I have all these ideas for water-fluoridation, chemical food additives, vaccination and even the banking system…however, the legal approaches I utilize are very ‘outside of the box’ and almost ‘too idealistic’. The ultimate goal is to free and ‘enlighten’ humanity peacefully, and if that is not possible, at least awaken people to the anti-Christ worldly system (e.g. usury banking system) and maybe someone in future who is more brilliant may come out with a genuine solution.

    That is why children and the future generation is SO IMPORTANT…alas…but the chemical food additives, water-fluoridation, air pollution, main-stream medias and vaccination (e.g. lead, aluminium and heavy metals like mercury) are corrupting, uglifying and dumbing them down!



  4. Hi All! I am from Singapore but have lived in Australia and USA for a while. When I was there, I learned about the banking usury fraudulent system and even though I was prompted by people there to help them legally sue the system…I never really did care or think it is possible or even “ethical” to sue the bank. I just cannot bother (e.g. I got too much student loans, bills and personal staffs to care about anything.).

    Anyway, I am getting older by the year and my life seems almost meaningless. Going to work 9-5, trying to save that little enough to pay off more debts, cannot secure enough bank loan to even start a business… cannot even further my legal studies or go back to Australia or USA (e.g. lack of finance and cannot secure a bank loan)…I have also become more aware and mindful of the people around me, friends in Australia and the USA also complaining of loans and debts…I realised our world is seriously twisted, something is very wrong. And so, I began to really research and look into the banking usury fraudulent system. I regretted for ignoring and not ‘helping’ when I was first approached some many years ago.

    I am going to sue the bank. Myself. Pro-se. I am keeping a very low-profile here and the more I learn about the twisted anti-christ usury system and how it will enslaves and totally destroy the freedom and livelihood of the majority of humanity (e.g. 90%) 100 years down the road, the angrier I become and the more I regretted for not helping or doing anything ‘legally, gentlemanly and peacefully’ about such a system (e.g. in 2008 when the banks are allowed a bailout. They should play by the rules like every other entity and just go bankrupt. Then the common people globally will have a quasi-jubilee and need not pay anymore debt or interests and still get to keep their properties).

    I have prepared a defence and counterclaim to sue the Bank (e.g. HSBC and Citibank) for the way they run their business (e.g. fraud, usury and scam) using common law, UN’s law and some tort law. I am also claiming that the bank must write off all form of credit/loans locally and globally. Of course, we all know most judges are controlled and without a jury trial (e.g. trial by your own peers), it is basically next to impossible to win. Nevertheless, I an risking being mocked at for free humanity’s future, for God and the Universe.

    I have intention of creating a website and posting up all my court documents precedent templates for people all over the world to use. They just have to change the headings (e.g. the Australian or USA courts) and amend the facts to fit their situations. The laws, the main facts and arguments are applicable ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE – and just pray that you get a jury trial or that the judge is not too corrupted or ‘dumb down’. There are so many things I want to put up on my websites. Not just stating or explaining the history and problem BUT also provide the real solution which is, basically peacefully and legally SUE the banks. This is the best way to create awareness and to ignite the fire of gradual change. And it shows ‘we’ the ‘awakened ones’ are serious.

    It is going to take a while before I can get the money and time to create my website and upload all the court documents for people to download. So, contact me and I will send you my defence and counterclaim if anyone is interested and want to start suing now where ever you may be.

    I believe we, the ‘awakened ones’, all over the world should support one another.



    • That’s great Gary! Thanks for sharing this! Keep us posted, please. About the website: just go to and open one for free! This website costs me zero.

    • Gary Howe Liang Tan:I have prepared a defence and counterclaim to sue the Bank (e.g. HSBC and Citibank) for the way they run their business (e.g. fraud, usury and scam) using common law, UN’s law and some tort law.
      Jct: has the arguments I used in Canada’s Supreme Court that the mort-gage death-gamble violates the genocide and gaming house sections of the criminal code by “inflicting on the group (borrowers) conditions of life (P/(P+I)) to bring about its physical destruction (I/(P+I)) and asked that banks’ computers be restricted to a pure service charge and the interest charge abolished! The international network of Canadian banks would then have saved the world.

      • Calculated to bring about its physical destruction! “Calculated!” I/(P+I) suffer foreclosure and economic mort when ends up in real death by lack of life-support tickets.

      • @johnturmel Are you a qualified lawyer in Canada? Most of the Canadians I met in Australia are the nicest people! Haha. Anyway, I have a law degree and some practical legal training. However, I am not able to practice law here. That is why I am representing myself pro-se (e.g. litigant-in-person and not as a “lawyer”).

        My ‘Defence and Counterclaim’ is very simple and straight forward. I simply lay down the facts of the whole debt-based/interest-based global banking system – that it is a fraud, usury, scam and that it contravene the common law of contractual principles, that it is an unfair trade practice and violate UN laws.

        Summary of my argument/defence:

        1) Most lay people cannot possibly understand the banking usury business system and what they are entering into [e.g. “money” are created by the borrower ‘out of thin air’ when he or she signed on the dotted line or swipe the carrd; and that even if “money” is not repaid, the bank suffers no loss. Banks just have to “write off” or “charge off” and the merchants are already paid hence also no loss to the merchants. However, the common people may have to declare bankrupt and the banks get to take everything that belongs to the common people];

        2) Most people are usually under economic duress due to manipulated high cost of living (e.g. by the powers-that-be) and pressurized by the banks to enter into credit/loans contract(s) – hence there is undue influence, misrepresentation and fraud involved in every single contracts entered into with the banks;

        3) Also, the usury system violate UN Article 3 & 4 laws which guarantee rights to ‘liberty and security’ of lives and prohibits slavery in ‘whatever form’ (e.g. here, we have debt-slavery).


        1) That all credits/loans contracts entered into by the banks locally and globally (e.g. Australia, USA and Canada) are void ab initio, unenforceable;

        2) That the banks write off or charge off all credits/loans locally and globally;

        3) That the banks have no legal or moral right to claim against any “defaulters”. [The banks should not be pushing their lucks too far and be content that some of their unaware “customers” even pay back their “loans” and are not suing the banks for fraud.]

        I know that it is going to be next to impossible for me to win. Especially in this part of the world where almost everyone has a ‘refined slavery’ mindset and attitude. Also, there is no Jury Trial here. And most judges have friends and relatives working in high senior positions with the banks. As such, it is also next to impossible to have an unbiased fair trial.

        Asia is doomed. The Asian’s culture (e.g. spiritual belief like twisted Buddhism, reincarnation and karma) actually support the concept of usury. I am an Asian and so I know how the majority think. Historically, the Asian’s culture (even the Anglo’s culture before Christianity) are tyrannical and dictatorial. The majority are under slavery or control by usually a few tyrannical ugly “royal” ’emperor, king or queen’. It is actually Christianity or Jesus Christ that freed most of the world (especially the Western world) for a period of time.

        For example, if the majority believe in a God of freedom, liberty, light, love, peace, grace who willingly sacrifice Himself for everybody’s sin or “debt” (e.g. Jesus Christ and I mean real genuine spiritual Christianity and not the usually watered-down all-about-$$$ ones) – then the society, culture, values, systems of economy, government, education and work ethics will also reflects those values. I believe such a belief that the majority of Western world used to hold was what gradually gave birth to all the diverse notions and concepts of freedom, human rights and ‘ills of usury’ in countries like USA, Australia and Canada.

        That is why Christianity has to be diluted and the real message of Christ not being taught and the mainstream media is being utilized to condition and brainwash everyone to perceive Christianity as a “religion for the losers, stupids and weaks”. And when everyone in society is busy working, rat-racing, competing and fighting for that little dough of money to pay off more loans and debts – how to find time with God or to explore real Christianity?

        Every Sunday is just another routine, a lukewarm session in “church” (run by the satanic anti-christ ‘wolves in sheep-clothing’ and usually government/banksters financed) where people are basically told to just be content, be a happy good worker which means pay your bills and debt to the banks; and tithe to the church (e.g. the money collected will also be used to pay back the banks), and just pray and wait for Christ to come back to right all the wrongs…what about the Bible verse that says, ‘Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done, In Earth as it is in Heaven’? What about Christ turning over the money-changer tables? What about Christ denouncing evil, and pointing out the hypocrites, dens of vipers and synagogue of satan (e.g. the Jew and Hypocritical pharisees)? Are we also not supposed to tell the truth about the usury system and how it is going to affect the majority of humanity 100 years down the road? Are we not also suppose to do something gentlemanly, ethically, morally, peacefully and legally about it? As what Christ would have done? Oh no….try talking about this and people will think you are “crazy” or even a “terrorist”.

        Alas, the devil sure know how to infiltrate and twist or mess everything up – with a sh**ty usury banking system! Now, everything is all about money and debt.

        [P.S. Sorry for the long comments. Got a bit carried away].

  5. Free energy is also this free idea: Fractional reserve banking, if you can’t eliminate it by commercial banks, just join that ‘club’; but with an ‘interestfree’ agenda and the interest, usury monster will killed at its roots! Starting an interestfree Bank by members. Do you have 10.000 members with 1000 € each, than you have enough ‘power’ to start and ask the permission for Banking by the National Bank of your country, after that permission you can start with facilitating interestfree loans, at first for your members, + costs for the bookkeeping to serve that loans = fair deal. Fiat money for the real economy, end of debt slavery!!!

  6. Yes, the volume must be managed, but that is unavoidable. No monetary system can exist without managing volume. The problem is not management, it is allowing vultures to do it.
    Jct: Always the same critique. The volume of chips does NOT have to managed, it is a function of the collateral pledged at the cage. The volume of chips has to follow pledged collateral and should be set by no one under maximum production.

  7. Because great power is exercised through the money system, power-hungry elements since ancient times pursued the political ambition to dominate through the money power. Societies must periodically cleanse and reform corrupted systems like ours. The main weapon in this battle is manipulation of language and thought- definitions are heavy artillery. Those benefiting from the corruption fund university economics departments to finance “professionals” (we call them economists) to promote their interests through obscure theories. That’s how this corrupt system has continued for so long, despite its repeated miserable results!

    (published 100 years ago)

    a timely book

    This is an up-to-date book and is worth while to read ; every chapter is an eye opener. It is a clear, strong and convincing argument against interest or increase on any loan of any kind.

    This book clearly shows that usury was condemned by Moses, by David and Solomon and Jeremiah and Ezekiel and Nehemiah, and by the teachings of the Great Master, and was not practiced but condemned by his followers, as shown through seventeen hundred years of church history ; that it is destructive of the sovereign rights of man and the just equality of men ; that it is based on a false ethical and also a false economic principle ; that usury thrives on debt and therefore encourages the debt habit in individuals and municipalities and nations ; that the borrower is servant to the lender, whether that borrower be an individual or an empire. The book shows, in four chapters, how usury oppresses the poor through no fault of their own, and how impossible it is to prevent this, and how the poorest suffer the most. This book shows how usury centralizes the wealth of the wealthy into fewer and fewer hands, absorbing the smaller fortunes into one colossal financial power, and how futile it is to resist this fate ; how the great debts of the nations now enable the usurers to dominate the world ; how this degrades ideals and lowers character ; how usury is the root of many of the social and industrial evils ; that it builds the wall between capital and labor ; that it is the principal hindrance to the world’s peace. The reasons why this evil was permitted to grow to such enormous proportions and to overrun the earth are frankly stated and the book closes with a chapter, “Crushed Truth Shall Rise Again,” which is a clear, strong, optimistic, convincing argument that usury will be overthrown as many other as deeply entrenched wrongs have already been.

    39 Chapters, 300 Pages, Cloth Bound, $1.00.
    Send orders to

  9. How’s this for credibility: Michael Hoffman’s book on usury has been banned by The American Conservative Magazine and he has been “banned from speaking about Usury in Christendom at the “ISOC” Catholic Social Teaching conference entitled “Catholic Restoration Conference”

  10. usury, according to Michael Hoffman, also has a connection to sodomy.

    • thanks for that link pm, but it’s incomplete if it does not mention shakespeare; a connection i saw made that struck me as ingenious at the time but not enough to memorize it and ferret around more. I would hazard a guess and say it may have been the guy i quoted in ‘sex and money’ (old fileomine) which doesn’t make the first 500 (of 624,000) goooooglies … and FUCK .. no wonder .. some evil hacks stole it!!!

      i quote myself frfom 1997
      without all the hyperlinks (7 of them .. on economics .. all of them up) embedded in this brief:

      Regarding symbolic (and spiritual)
      currency aspects:
      Most of these new ‘guest appearance’ files are about technical aspects of more potent remedies and more equitable solutions for money emission monopolies; most of them involve and employ selfhelp supplies of means for payment in some form or other, meaning creation of such ones, manies and monies that not only make but hold and keep promises and values stable. =xxx= Of course DIY selfhelp as put forth here is not an encouragement to pilfer the existing ones however Robin Hood like that may seem. About the relevance of a thirties pamphlet called: a way out of the monetary crisis’ . =xxx= I think it is not impossible and even imperative to help all peoples kick IMF addictions. It’s OK to federate but all distinct stages along the way of getting there must be respected and they need be progressively more transparant and public the further up along into the corridors of power; that’s where we need full time all revealing surveillance camera’s the most. =xxx= I just completed a 5 part bit about insurance as it relates to money issues and issue of monies by Beckerath with many juicy details and unacknowledged insights concerning the French revolution for instance and the history of war, slavery and monopolies. This is part one. =xxx= The major lead to and conveyor of all this material is John Zube who operates a microfiche business: more than 1500 issues (still a buck apiece) called peaceplans so far; this file has excerts from the ’83 catalog, when the collection was a almost a third as big as now are here. =xxx= A worthy updater of most of this material is Roland Vaubel; his currency unification strategies are sensible at a level I have no illusion to become conversant at. I ‘pi’ ‘rated’ the summary to wet your appetite for this 400+ pages tome. By way of encore in honour of Aphra Behn who showed the inverse relationships between money and sex: sex and money Some excerpts from the ‘anthropian’ book ‘Hopousia’ by J D Unwin. Thus far my guest appearances.

      i see what the prob was .. i hope this is the only time i made that mistake … so no evil hackers this time, sorry, ..eye take that back .. and speaking of going back over … i see now i ididn’t even take the trouble to go back to an earlier file i did on the subject (worked and reworked in the first half of the nineties along with the other 13 basic files that was my first batchdump in 1996

    • When the angel wacked the residents of Sodom outside of the house of Lot with facts and reality, the sodomites wore themselves out looking for excuses not to accept facts and reality; similarly, their present day kindred spirits around Ellen Brown and Bill Still, when facts and reality is shown to them, wear themselves out looking for excuses not to accept fats.

      Based on the figments of their vain thinking and imagination, the sodomites made up their minds; so did the 21st century monetary reformist’s

      (same old same old question: which one of you bank-book heroes and credit card warriors is living usury-free, without bank-account?)

      • Henrique permalink

        What a piece of shit you are, big-mouth redneck. Is it even possible to have a JOB today without bank accounts, imbecile? But that’s an IMPOSITION of the system, nobody ever asked me if I wanted a goddamned motherfucking bank account. People are forced into this shit that you love so much – I hope you’re happy. As for Credit Cards, you might as well wipe your ass with them, taking turns with pages of your Bible.

  11. Anthony wrote: “It is the ultimate centralizer of power and it is global. It has been growing for centuries at compound interest rate speed, and now it is such an incredible cancer it is ready to swallow the remains of the host it has been feeding on.”

    Great stuff Anthony! The Elephant In The Room: Debt Grows Exponentially, While Economies Only Grow In An S-Curve

    “Michael Hudson says that – in every country and throughout history – debt always grows exponentially, while the economy always grows as an S-curve.

    “Moreover, Hudson says that the ancient Sumerians and Babylonians knew that debts had to be periodically forgiven, because the amount of debts will always surpass the size of the real economy.

    “Babylonians recognized that while debts grew exponentially, the rest of the economy (what today is called the “real” economy) grows less rapidly. Today’s economists have not come to terms with this problem with such clarity.

    “Every economist who has looked at the mathematics of compound interest has pointed out that in the end, debts cannot be paid. Every rate of interest can be viewed in terms of the time that it takes for a debt to double. At 5%, a debt doubles in 14½ years; at 7 percent, in 10 years; at 10 percent, in 7 years. As early as 2000 BC in Babylonia, scribal accountants were trained to calculate how loans principal doubled in five years at the then-current equivalent of 20% annually (1/60th per month for 60 months). “How long does it take a debt to multiply 64 times?” a student exercise asked. The answer is, 30 years – 6 doubling times.

    “No economy ever has been able to keep on doubling on a steady basis. Debts grow by purely mathematical principles, but “real” economies taper off in S-curves. This too was known in Babylonia, whose economic models calculated the growth of herds, which normally taper off. A major reason why national economic growth slows in today’s economies is that more and more income must be paid to carry the debt burden that mounts up.”

    Mankind has known for many years that the interest debt money system is terminally flawed and simply unsustainable. This is true regardless of what is ultimately used as money (gold coins, sea shells or fiat).

    But we are indoctrinated to believe that the system is tenable despite mathematical proof that says otherwise. Surely if user behavior changed, or if the system were better managed, or if gold were used as money, the problems would go away. Of course, these notions hide the truth – the system is nothing more than a pyramid scheme.

  12. free rad permalink

    interesting association with the ancient tower of babel–money is the new universal language.

  13. Great article. It’s hard to imagine anyone explaining the evils of usury so completely and succinctly.

    It’s a perfect seguway or preface to Michael Hoffman’s book, ” Usury: the mortal sin that Was and not is Not”

  14. Nixon Scraypes permalink

    I resonate with your rant,Ant,well said.I don’t know about two natures.Isn’t the human that part of the spirit experienced by the five senses?But then spirit is a many meaning word,for some it’s an amorphous pool of light or something.Asfar as I’m concerned it’s the eternal part of me,utterly apart from anything else,alone,inviolate, interacting with other beings.No spiritual multiculturalism for me.

    • Yes, I think I’m close to your take on spirit. The human condition is that the spirit is engrossed by the senses (and the mind and emotion). It identifies with them, instead of neutrally experiencing them, and has lost contact with its real essence.

  15. usury shmaccusury .. utube suspended inmendham (donotgod) .. due to complaints, no doubt, over his nasty habit of personalizing hypotheticals and punishing those he hurls them towards (preferring those who talk back .. to minimize said complaints) with minute long, hard on the ears, simplistically insulting tirades, often in their presence too, elsewhere, like live on tinychat — astounding how the splINTERNET gets (MIS)taken for a tool of transparancy, to rid of parasitisms, schizms and usurisms with and to see people such as he consider themselves champions of such a noble windmillfight.

    Nope, the INTERNET dark room, distancing, anti-bio-industrial jumbo dumbo numbo code ‘feed’ (notice how my coinage reflects that ‘bio’ is now under attack from within as well as from without) – and the instrumentalizable savantry masterminders of multiculture aim to breed would not introduce useful and totally transparant standardization or displace, streamline and harmonize any discrepancy and compartmentalization (‘cureUsee’), not even if they were free to do so since each has the urge to be uniquely on target .. think of it as the folkdance with concessions about movement but absolute originality in/of outfit. ‘Mebbe dey be fom dat rodent planet after all. I mean, there must be one, since i just read there’s a felinity emanating one; Saturn (on a Colombian site about galactic ‘spl’interactivists … which brings me to a note on the symbol (which) there was a little dispute over (on the file linked below; all in dutch) but a shallow one .. since really the origin of them (writing), the impression made to be transported and read — rather than the track&trace left in place before all that .. made ‘off the beaten track’ as long as possible by those who wanted to avoid (mainstream) wreckracetracks and be left in peace of place (&pilgrimage) — was not discussed.

    An organic in place charm (due to much time spent on embellishment) gets occupied, seduced and bribed into trade route forthfunnelment (quickly metastatizing to betrayal by bitrate drought portpummeldent of course); a reputation will be bought and sold once anchor nor burial place remains secure and the evil men can hide behind and wear one after the other (out).
    Join the FSA with what today???

    keep the love goin … hold onto, economize on/with that erection, play it like a powertool throttle throat thingy to mesmerize .. cash a little benefriction up that ring a rang so it can sink the next few rungs down and have us a little soil among these rocks when we come through here next .. with lenses instead of these fist stage rope n pole tricks.

    OK, enough of this crazy ranting … lemme go totally James Joycean on yall asses:

    Bezinning ** update 1 mei **
    Door Redactie op 17 februari 2013 – 12:52
    | 16.086 keer bekeken

    322 Reacties … in 5 dagen tijd .. maar het meeste is gekeuvel tussen
    slechts 2 mensen, daarna uitgeschakeld

    [audio src="" /]

    in de 142ste minuut citeer je Paulus bewonderend;
    maar ik wijs op het feit dat het een split&spiegeljood was die de
    christelijke gedachte voorzover het noordelijke groene duim medicijn was
    dat jesus van souvenir naar aangeboren probeerde te opwaarderen,
    torpedeerde, onteerde en de grond inboorde (pardon de pun).
    de man uit de vrouw en zwart uit wit om indruk met zwart op wit te
    kunnen maken en andere gelijkgeschakelde multikulureele klesj
    voorkauwend (inpr)entend sokaliaans gesoofisteritis

    overigens gek genoeg een enigszins troostrijk 3en1/2 uur durend

    de wortel van het kwaad .. is overigens een tapwortel, een monowortel, ..
    niet de liefde van/tot geld … maar het prefereren van (‘slechts’*) 1 soort
    geld (wat altijd gedreven word door of angst of kwade bedoelingen die
    allebei op hetzelfde uitdraaien: vuistmakerij, enorm gegok onderweg en
    alles over de kop helpende rechtlijnatie en rechtlijneratie(O)

    * het zich bescheiden op zijn kop.

    voor hen die de thematiek en discussie over en rond emigratie interresant
    vonden .. en met name het begin ervan, wat over zuid amerika ging (vanaf
    ongeveer het 3e kwartier) heb ik een uitstekende tip (vooral omdat de
    principes vrijwel universeel geldig zijn):
    74 plekken over alle naties aldaar verspreid.

    • Ha Piet, leuk om van je te horen!

      Ja, er kloppen dingen niet met Paulus. Big time niet. Wat zijn jouw voornaamste bezwaren, voor mijn nieuwsgierigheid?

  16. Roger permalink

    Once again Anthony, you have written a superbly well articulated article and I highlight a couple of sentences: ‘’Yes, the volume must be managed, but that is unavoidable. No monetary system can exist without managing volume. The problem is not management, it is allowing vultures to do it.
    The reason we have a boom-bust cycle is because we allowed private parties, banks, to manage the volume in their own interest. They set up Central Banks to create the illusion of ‘officialdom’.’’
    As you express, and I paraphrase with a couple of ideas that I assume you would include: The problem is that we allow vultures to manage the creation and circulation of money.
    The banks employ a system of allotting loans dependent on two types of collateral: value of the borrowers’ assets and/or the potential value of their labour. Nearly all of us can be entrepreneurs but many are, understandably, discouraged at the risk of losing their homes, which banks wish them to hypothecate in return for a loan. Therefore, this type of collateral should not be required by the banks as it discourages enterprise, which is the life blood of an economy
    The second kind of collateral required is entirely justifiable, but interest free, however, there must be a limit imposed on the amount which an individual can borrow; without this, you could not put a value on anything—there would be no incentive for suppliers of goods and services to increase productivity, as they, themselves would simply obtain more loans from the bank rather than work harder to supply the demand. In fact: who would work at all?
    So; it is obvious that there must be a limit on the amount an individual can borrow—interest free. Mary Croft postulates that everyone with an official birth certificate already has an amount allocated to them at the treasury but people have been kept in ignorance of this. I cannot imagine that this is true but I reserve my judgment on this until proof, either way, emerges. There is, however, the admonishment of Michael Tellinger, who says you can, under the aegis of the Bills of Exchange Act, issue a self-signed promissory note in response to a demand for a mortgage payment; I’m monitoring his case.

  17. >>>>The Golden Calf is the archetypal symbol of avarice
    perhaps you invented it yourself, or heard it in some new-age church; not true, not even close
    it is the symbol of whoredom
    far from being avaricious, they actually gave what gold they had, to produce an idol (because they were filled with religion)

    >>>>We want interest-free mortgages
    why mortgage, why not save up first ? (oh yeah, you cannot save up Margrit’s drunken sailor notes, because they expire before you have enough for the land and lumber)
    so you want to instantly gratify your desire
    but what if everyone is like you? if everyone is a squanderer, if nobody saves a penny; from where do you borrow the interet-free mortgage for the instant gratification of your desire for somebody else’s house ?
    Oh, yes; Margrit Kennedy’s and Ellen Brown’s drunken sailor commune government should print up some silly notes and hand it to you

    Like we established before, the parasite can only exist on the back of producers; if your whole society is made up of free-loaders, drunkards, drug-induced hippies and charlatans, you won’t be able to get mortgage even at 100% because no one will have anything to lend you or give you (isn’t that why hippie communes fell apart when the welfare cheques ran out?)

    One day, perhaps, I will visit the city where the bridge is too far, and borrow from you your house and automobile for a few years, and you will be more than happy not to expect a penny for rent

    Exodus 32:1-23

    And Aaron said unto them, Break off the golden earrings, which are in the ears of your wives, of your sons, and of your daughters, and bring them unto me.

    3 And all the people brake off the golden earrings which were in their ears, and brought them unto Aaron.

    4 And he received them at their hand, and fashioned it with a graving tool, after he had made it a molten calf: and they said, These be thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt.

    7 And Yahweh said unto Moses, Go, get thee down; for thy people, which thou broughtest out of the land of Egypt, have corrupted themselves:

    8 They have turned aside quickly out of the way which I commanded them: they have made them a molten calf, and have worshipped it, and have sacrificed thereunto, and said, These be thy gods, O Israel, which have brought thee up out of the land of Egypt.

    • REN permalink

      Friederick Preisigke historian who discovers corn receipt system of Egypt. In effect till late in the Roman period, when Roman money shifted from law based fiat to specie. The fall of Rome was hastened with specie as it allowed Eastern money powers access to control Rome.

      Egypt seems to have used Gold rings (positive interest) as money for external trade, and pottery shards (corn receipt system- demmurage) for internal trade. In Babylonian Woe, the author talks about how Egypt was resistant to falling to money powers.

      It may be that the golden earrings were money, a gift from the Egyptians? It’s interesting if they melted usurious gold money down to make the calf.

      • Astle’s book is really important. I never came round to reading it, but I just started it. Very brilliant book actually probably one of the most important ones written in the 20th century.

    • The golden calf symbolizes idolotry. Usury is the worship of money as a false god, and gold respresents the sacrament of thie evil ritual. Anthony’s analogy is correct Biblically.

      As for your mathusian genocidal strawman rant against the poor as all being wastrels. it in no way diminishes the economic soundness of interest fiat with respect to mortgage lending. Why should we respect the desire of thieves to charge for something they don’t possess, principle; and why should we add insult to injury by letting them add compound interest to this fraud so that they can also steal your house – or somebody else’s – when you can’t make the payments.

      The Bible is unabiguously against interest: So post your strawman argument against the poor as being the cause of illegal bank foreclosures where it belongs: on some mainstream media news outlet or blog, esp austrians and republicans, where austerity and economic genocide are celebrated as universal goods.

      • *edit* … economic soundness of interest FREE fiat …

    • This is nonsense Name: it’s old banker wisdom that the poor will repay (because he’s bound by integrity) while the rich will strategically default if they gets the chance.
      There is a vast body of scientific evidence that the rich are unempathic assholes and every spiritual tradition warns against the dangers of temporal wealth.

      • REN permalink

        Muhammad Yunus, and his Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, tells what I think is an important tale. When Yunus first started microcredit loans to the poor, he noticed that men would tend to waste credit money on womanizing and drink. Yunus learned as he went, and discovered that making loans to poor women had an almost zero default rate. When Yunus first started the bank, he could not acquire capital to make loans because the poor had no assets and hence no “credit.”

        The women had to come up with a viable business idea, and then make the case for a loan. The deal is witnessed by two other women relatives or close friends. When asked if they would ever default, the women say they would too embarrassed for such a thing. The women’s ability to create wealth with their future labor, became their credit.

        In the case of Grameen bank, any microcredit loans made, had usury that was paid back in the form of increased productivity. The women started successful businesses and were able to pay back their loans. Grameen bank then recycled the usury back into the poor community by increasing productivity even more. Yunus did not cycle the usury to the upper loop. In fact, he blocked regular private banks from making usurious loans to his now protected poor clients. Today we seldom hear about Bangladesh’s dire poverty, because they are lifting themselves out of poverty.

        Yunus learned as he went and unwittingly discovered two axioms of usury bank credit: 1) Bank Credit can only be paid back with increased productivity (also noted in the protocols). 2) Grameen Bank Credit is given out to sober easily embarrassed individuals who will use it judiciously, with a well thought out business plan. 3) If bank credit is loaned out and spent as consumption, it cannot pay the usury.

        Of course, much of the money supply we must use as a tool to trade our output. We buy and sell from each other those things we produce. Ipso facto, money is used to trade and consume. Yunus, who is an economist, learned banking by trial and error, and in the process exposed the nature of bankers, bank credit money, and labor.

        Yunus won the Novel peace price, but never really figured out the problem with Capitalism was direct consequence of usury, and that capital is “superior” to labor, because capital can be “withheld” as it searches for marginal utility.

        Yunus’ book, “Creating a World Without Poverty: Social Business and the Future of Capitalism” addresses the problems of “capital” with his concept of social business.

    • Would you lend bitcoin without interest?

      If I borrowed 10 bitcoin at 10 bucks a year ago, I’d need 2000 dollars to repay you today.

      Deflation is almost as bad as usury. Often worse.

  18. You should seriously read Graeber’s “Debt: The First 5000 Years” if you haven’t already. He goes into why people’s moral attitudes changed regarding interest on money.

    I was thinking about writing a paper on how the topic has been regarded in Western thought. I know Plato, Aristotle, the Church founders, and several others all spoke out against interest-bearing money. People saw it as morally deplorable until the Renaissance when feudal economies were starting to transition into capitalist ones.

    • Henrique permalink

      Actually, all of these big shots payed lip service against usury, none actually practiced what they preached. Aristotle, for example, was married to the daughter of one of the greatest bankers in Hellas ( the Greek World ) at the time – not mentioning that he, Plato and most others were trained by their Egyptian masters, who probably taught them very well the art of deception. The Catholic Church would run interference for usury while the Hofjuden would keep practicing it freely, bankrolliing all Vatican-endorsed courts at the time, and when the courts had borrowed to the point of complete bankruptcy, they would just romanticize it accusing DA EVIL, parasitic JEWS and it all made total sense to the swarms of analphabet peasantry down below, to whom the Jews were “mages” and “witches”.
      History is a con game, when will people start to realize…?
      BTW, inspiring text, Anthony.

      • Thanks Henrique. You’re very right about the hypocrisy surrounding this thing. Nice story about Aristotle! Didn’t know that at all, but actually quite telling…….

      • bourchakoun permalink

        In our current world – almost anything is a con game. If they would start spelling the truth for a couple of days most people would revolt in no time at all.

        • I’m not sure. More likely the masses would clamor for the prosecution of those spewing so much filth.

          • bourchakoun permalink

            Haha! You are probably right – even if all media would tell the whole truth for a couple of days most people would not believe it. Suddenly so many “conspiracies” true?
            It took them so long to indoctrinate them – a couple of days would likely not be enough to break it.
            Probably everyone has experiences with the thick propaganda-indoctrination by our relatives and some friends who often refuse to believe it despite facts and sometimes even “excuse” them for their beheviour – “well, the prime ministers’s family obviously has a good reason not to take vaccines – allergies maybe”, “gee why would they want to spray the skies? no one would be that foolish.” “no way can they control the whole media like in the communist countries – see all these different channels? This is true freedom?” …….

            • 2 Thes 2 10-12 ….because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

              11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

              12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

              There are many problems with Paul the Apostle, but he certainly also espoused great truths and this is one of them.

              • i disagree vehemently, it’s a playhorrorbook (a playbook, a horrorhoox, pick
                the stray Itruth truthfurone s), a wishlist predators wish (frutselprutsel …
                wait, have a drink, it’ll help you think) upon their envisaged victims /
                victuals, a marination, a soufflation (is that [not a word of duuuuhhh]
                french .. or what!?!)

                • i disagree vehemently, it’s a playhorrorbook (a playbook, a horrorhoox, pick
                  the stray ItRUTHfurone s), a wishlist predators wish (frutselprutsel … wait,
                  have a drink, it’ll help you think …. FOIST!) upon their envisaged victims /
                  victuals, a marination, a soufflation (is that [not a word of duuuuhhh]
                  french .. or what!?!)

                • Lol! I understand that you disagree vehemently, but that’s they only part I got, hahaha

          • Henrique permalink

            yeah, and by doing so would re-empower them by legitimizing the court system, which is totally controlled , 100% masonic.. Wigs and black gowns.

          • bourchakoun permalink

            “There are many problems with Paul the Apostle, but he certainly also espoused great truths and this is one of them.”

            I think that Paul the apostle was a saint, a spiritual master, a truly enlightened being just like Jesus. Here I would side with the early Gnostics who stated that Jesus was a spiritual giant and we could become so too over time. But then they lost at the first council of Nicea and Jesus-deification was well under way. Now after centuries and millenia of constant text changes by the churches’ correctors (real occupation until middle ages) it is difficult to say what was said or not. But that is a different topic and I respect and support all Christians and all beliefs, that basically affirm and support life. It is foolish to believe at all that all of Earth’s people will ever believe and support one faith or life philosophy.
            Live and let live – but I guess there are some who do not like to let live, but prefer our death.

      • I’m not questioning what you say is true, henrique, but could you cite the source(s) of this information? I’d like to read more about it.

        • Henrique permalink

          About Hermias, father of Phytias ( Aristotle’s first wife, and owner of his second – yeah the second was a slave of the first ): For the 20 years of study that he and all the “super-philosophers” of the time went through there’s nothing hidden about it, and the Hofjuden either; vast literature about it.

    • I didn’t read his book, but it’s good to hear he gets to the heart of it there.

    • REN permalink

      Julia, I read this in an Amazon reader’s comment about Graeber’s book:

      -Next, Graeber swings a punch for honor. All debt seems to stem from honor. Medieval Ireland for example, was structured on a monetary system that valued the honor of various classes of people, and assigned hard goods to value them – right in law. So honor was “monetized” in hard goods. Coins had no place beside eggs and cows and slave girls. Too abstract. Too remote. Similar official valuations of honor to commodities occurred elsewhere in history too. Tellingly, the Greek word for honor is the same word for price. In other words, the very human condition of honor is possibly the single most important driver of economics. This is a delightfully radically different viewpoint.

      This comports with what Yunus discovers…see my comments on Grameen bank.

      However, it is possible to make money a social good based on the entire wealth of a population, i.e. seigniorage money done in a certain way. This is a form of debt that removes honor (as with individual assets liquified to create credit money) and instead elevates it to law, as the debt is to the entire money stock/wealth of a country.

      Private creation of credit, as in bank money, takes seigniorage on the money supply, especially when banker’s create bubbles. In other words not all debts and credits are the same. I hope Graber was able to recognize beneficial systems?

      . I haven’t read the book, but will soon. Thanks!

  19. Lou permalink

    Great read! Well said.
    On the issue of volume, its quite simple. We create our own promissory obligations (money) when we need to make a purchase and pay it out of circulation at the rate of consumption or depreciation of the underlying good. In this way you will never have inflation (more money relative to the goods in the economy) or deflation (not enough money relative to the goods in the economy).

    This can be easily done through a monetary infrastructure set up and managed by our government at very little cost.

  20. I appreciate your screeds against greed and usury, etc., but I can’t help thinking you’re butting your head against human nature.

    Do you think we can train people (edu-propaganda) to not be greedy? Maybe so, but there will always be those for which the training doesn’t take.

    Do you think calls for empathy and human solidarity will help? I suspect not, as soon as the going gets tough, focus shifts to meeting immediate needs, not politics or social cooperation.

    Do you think calls to reason will work? Perhaps for a small minority. The rest are thoroughly embedded in the mainstream – their discourse, their actions, and their entertainments.

    There is the religious aspect, which, on the subject of usury, at least, has given lip service to demonizing usury, while operating in suspicious manner in the Vatican Bank.

    Greed knows no boundaries, rich, poor, fundamentalist, atheist, all fall prey to the lure of more stuff, or stuff they’ve always wanted, or a bigger church.

    Usury is hard to separate from compensation for the actual risk of loss, which you agree needs to be compensated. It seems like it turns into a semantic argument or one based on willy-nilly estimates of future risk.

    • we have two natures: human and Spirit.

      Humanity is in the process of choosing which they prefer.

      It will make the right choice, although many will not.

      There is no risk for the usurer, there is collateral. So there is no ‘compensation’ required. Money has absolutely nothing to do with trust. It’s mechanical by nature.

  21. Greenbacker84 permalink

    ‘We want interest-free mortgages, no income tax, no poverty. We want abundance, good will, a cultural rebirth, fairness and the end of Plutocracy.’

    Love that line. We have to keep espousing the benefits of usury free currency and reducing our national debt, home payments, and abolishing income tax must be central to that. I think the elimination of income tax really knocks the Austrian economists for six, particularly when they (mistakenly) think they are talking to to socialists/lefty’s etc. Monetary reform brings together social justice with commercial freedom and the income tax has to go.

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