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A Visit to Ireland

by on June 17, 2013

I’m visiting Ireland, God willing, from July 2nd to 9nth. I’ll be staying in Dublin with my aunt for a week.

The preliminary schedule now is:

Tuesday July 2nd
A meeting with Bill Still, who’s leaving that day after being in Ireland for 10 days, as of June 22nd. The details are still to be settled, but I’m really looking forward to meeting Bill.

Thursday evening July 4th
A meeting in Cork

Friday evening July 5th
A meeting in Dublin

Sunday afternoon July 7th
Optional: A follow up meeting in Dublin

Cathal Spelman of Fair Money Ireland is organizing these events.

I’ll be meeting people interested in the key issues of monetary reform, including the implementation of Community Currencies, where I’ll be looking to share some info on how to get these units to the next level, able to compete with Euro in the market place.

If you have any suggestions for me during this trip, please let me know.

I hate to say it, but I’d really appreciate any contributions for the costs of this trip too. Thank you very much.

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Mutual Credit, the Astonishingly Simple Truth about Money Creation
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  1. Have you heard Bill Still pumping the cryptocurrency Quark? Please give us your take on the situation. Here is what Don Harrold of the Day Trade Show has to say about it.. Bitcoins, Dimon Dollars, and Blankfein Bucks | @scoopit


    alternative (to black rule) currency:

    Migchels, of course, could interview Dutch refugees (and non-refugees) what happened to Afrikaners after the takeover of their country by aliens.
    His mentor, Henry Makow –the expert on homosexual hazing and satanist rituals– would not write about this reality with a 10-foot pencil
    His other mentor, Bill Still the professional liar, would also not make a downloadable movie on the end-result of a Rothschild policy
    His other mentor, trojan infiltrator Ellen Brown, inspite of all her nazi talk, would not publish a book on the tangible experience

    why not reach into your own pocket to pay for day-trip to Irish land?

  3. Hi Anthony, do you know the FEASTA folks in Ireland? Well worth you meeting. Graham Barnes is the key man:

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