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The Media And Their Billions Large Blind Mob

by on March 30, 2020

left: Mark Rutte, in a major speech to the Dutch People, for the very first time in his 10 year as Prime Minister, showed some actual leadership and spoke the truth to the hysterical mob: “Most of you will get Corona, and you’ll be fine”

In the U.S. alone, the flu has caused an estimated 36 million illnesses, 370,000 hospitalizations and 22,000 deaths this season alone but we only hear about the 2500 Corona supposed deaths.
The West is just getting destroyed by a New World Order Media directed mob, in the best traditions as described in the protocols.

By Anthony Migchels, for and Real Currencies

The Media have just whipped up a huge, worldwide, billions large, blind mob, with a totally bullshit narrative.

They have CRUSHED all major States, their institutions, everything, forcing them into complete destruction. Of order. The economy. Our most fundamental human rights: to make our living. To leave our homes.


This graph has been published by the Dutch Government. It shows mortality in the Netherlands over the last few years, per week.
It shows a very small peak over the last few weeks: at the top of the ‘corona pandemic’, there have been 500 more deaths in the Netherlands than usual. Average age: 75.
This ‘500’ ‘peak’ is just completely insignificant to the ‘big’ peak in early 2018, with actually about 9000 extra deaths during the flu season. This actual peak was a non-issue, it happens all the time in all countries.
Again, this shows what is going on: Governments everywhere in the West are doing their real damn best to just report the facts.
I know that people working in the RIVM, the Dutch CDC, are completely NOT on board with this entirely fabricated panic. I ask them to go on Social Media, and tell everybody that this is all complete bullshit. 
And believe me: it’s very uncomfortable for me to side with an outlet like the RIVM, who are mostly known for their vaccine pushing.
But this is a Media Blitz. By the International Media. Completely.

It cannot be stressed enough that the media is are all owned by 5 or 10 huge transnational corporations, in turn owned by the biggest banks in the World.

Western governments are trying to tell the truth, while the Media are just absolutely TRASHING the OBVIOUS facts.
1) Trump has for weeks now been saying, consistently, “this is nothing, we got it under control, this is just a flu.” He didn’t want to drop a nuclear bomb on working people and small business! At all! He’s getting absolutely annihilated by the Fake News lot.
2) Bolsonaro has come out blazing it’s a media attack, and that people will be livid when they find out how they have been taken by the noose by them. And that the economy must be restarted.
3) Two weeks ago, the Italian Government has reported that 99% of those supposedly ‘dying of corona’ are 80 year olds already dying of myriad lethal health issues.
4) Mark Rutte, in a major speech to the Dutch People, for the very first time in his 10 year as Prime Minister, showed some actual leadership and spoke the truth to the hysterical mob: “Most of you will get Corona, and you’ll be fine”.
Dutch Government reporting on the facts has been entirely professional and impeccable.
5) Already since March 19th, the UK Government has taken ‘corona’ off their list of dangerous diseases.
And now Boris Johnson is ‘self isolating’ and ‘in quarantine’ because he has ‘been diagnosed’………….with a ‘virus’ that most of us will catch, 99% of us without even noticing, and a few of us feeling crappy for a few days.
This is what has happened: the Media, Internationally, centrally coordinated, has DESTROYED our States and Institutions and Truth and Economy and Liberty and Love with an ENTIRELY fabricated ‘pandemic’, putting the masses into a fear psychosis.
They have whipped up a huge, worldwide blind mob, billions of people, in total fear, gripped by delusion and fear and a faux sense of togetherness in the face of an ‘invisible enemy’.
And States, Institutions, the Truth, our Economy, men and women with a still functioning brain and heart, they are forced to bow to their will. Forced into submission to a few dominant men behind the scenes, and their mob.
Their domination is total. An immense show of force.
To the individual members of the Mob, I’ll say this: “You may want to snap out of it now.”
And to those goading them: “Well, you have fooled even many of the elect.
As it was foretold you would.
You will have a few ‘victories’ still.  But I know, that you know, that your time is almost up.”

Interview: In Case You Haven’t Noticed, This Is A Bolshevist Takeover West Wide
NWO Magick: A Faux ‘Pandemic’, And A Very, Very Real Financial Collapse

As a bonus: watch this and weep, as James Corbett lays out what is actually happening: they are stealing TRILLIONS, destroying small business, and wheeling in their ‘new economy’.

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  1. Finnish goyim permalink

    Trump is jew whore

  2. Dan Capp permalink

    I disagree that “Western governments are trying to tell the truth”. The people have come to hate and distrust their governments, in most countries, and this is well know. The Agenda knows full well that most people will react against whatever their government says, so by having leaders say “this is nothing”, they know most people will react by saying “yes it is, DO MORE”… Problem, Reaction, Solution.

  3. The real agenda behind the Coronahoax is Agenda ID2020. Read here:

    From the official ID2020 website:
    (please go under “Alliance” and look at some of the partners, it’s the real deal)

    An official EU document closely related to this:

    Click to access 2019-2022_roadmap_en.pdf

  4. HSQ permalink

    Remember that one of their rules states they must tell you they are screwing you over before doing so. In this case, we know that their tests don’t work, they are lying about the numbers, they are downgrading the severity of the virus, claiming china is finished with the virus (which would be 100% absurd if it was what they claimed it to be), and all of this is by their own admissions. Yet they are still going through with the big lie. All the evidence is there to show you that they aren’t worth believing in, but people still will. Even though everyone knows about how terrible the fallout from 9-11 was, even though we’ve seen the system lie about all the new viruses from Sars (remember how the media kept switching from the twin towers to SARS fearmongering around 9-11?) to Zika, the general population is . Last numbers I saw, only about 20% of the population think this is overblown. The mainstream media and alternative media have united in their lies so that only 20% of the population are able to question this response. And you know that the percentages are vastly lower than that in your state enforcement/suppression wings like the police and military. So, because people ignore the clear warning signs, the system gets to go through with it by their own rules.

    And do you know how they managed to do that? The followers of the alt media were given the illusion of being ahead of the curb by being given an extra 1/1.5 months to prepare for the upcoming crisis, while the mainstream media downplayed the global nature of the crisis. This made the alt media followers think they were more clever than normal people, and got them on boat with the pandemic obsession. This is all while the alt media showed them how tyrannical and cruel the communists were being with their population, all as a way to mock the alt media followers for what was to come (again, note the above rule). Then the media almost immediately spiked into panic mode, causing mass panic buying from the general population, which sold the illusion of the pandemic. And of course, the joke about the population was that toilet paper was what sold out, establishing the population as stupid morons. And now nobody is talking and seeing one another, which lets the state propaganda put out whatever numbers they want to, and thus justify whatever emergency powers that they want. Occasionally looking at the media channels now, covid is literally the only thing that they talk about.

    So there are several potential scenarios that emerge from this situation, each of which sets up a different outcome that the system can use:

    #1 – The left wins this lying ploy and they succeed in establishing a police state supported by the lower classes, now dependent on them for universal basic income after the mass destruction of nonskilled labor. This then lets them gradually develop the 2030 scenario, coasting on the underclasses. They could also introduce measures by which the state buys property, closed businesses, etc. and begins to employ the unemployed workers who are now desperate for jobs, thus merging to a mixed economy where you are either employed by large corporations, or by the government.

    #2 – The right wins by going through with the economic destruction ploy, using the opportunity to scapegoat globalism and create more nationalist style economies, keeping the established police state measures in place. Think 9-11 patriot act measures on steroids for the future. They could also use this to push the angle of china vs. the west as a new cold war.

    #3 – The left globalists win, claiming that more internationalist power is needed to stop future global disasters. This then leads to increasing the authority of the medical cartel over the planet, globally mandated measures, etc.

    #4 – The white hats of the elites step in (whatever that looks like) to tell everyone that this is a fraud, which opens up the potential for global political, social, and economic restructuring. Theoretically, they can use whatever political leaders appear While this appears to be the good outcome, it would actually be the most deceptive of all.

    Whatever the case may be, I just ask that everyone remember all the people who have been pushing these lies, whether mainstream or alternative, and not trust them ever again. This has definitely sank any argument about there being a global faction divide that goes beyond charades, any real difference between right and left, and exposed how similar the alt media is to the mainstream media (just two forms of propaganda).

  5. Hoi Anthony,

    Ik wil graag onderstaand artikel van jou vertalen en plaatsen op DLM PLus. Is dat ok?

    Hartelijke groet,


    • Ja, zeker, tuurlijk man!! Dank!

    • It’s gotten even worse since you’ve left FB. In fact it is getting worse by the day. The boomers and a lot of the alt right guys have fallen for the “China is to blame” lie completely. I pray that we don’t see a catastrophe in the coming years. Although they may wait until 2030 or especially 2033 for obvious reasons.

      • It’s bizarre, and entirely typical of the cognitive dissonance he creates, that Trump cancels WHO funding, and next goes on to mostly blow that in itself cool feat by claiming ‘it’s because they follow the China party line.’

        And this in itself is not even the worst line in the world (I’m sure there are all sorts of evil connections between Beijing and the WHO, and China is definitely touted as the NWO’s new enforcer), but not only is he consistently setting the stage for war with China, he’s also consistently ignoring that Rockefeller (not to mention (((his buddies)))) has been behind the CCP since they launched Mao back in the day.

  6. debaura1 permalink

    I hope I am still alive to see these evil lot get whats coming to them.

  7. THANK YOU!!!

  8. “Mark Rutte, in a major speech to the Dutch People, for the very first time in his 10 year as Prime Minister, showed some actual leadership and spoke the truth to the hysterical mob: “Most of you will get Corona, and you’ll be fine”.

    Well, you are (somewhat) lucky in the Netherlands. Here in Austria we will all be forced to wear masks when we go shopping and, very soon, every time we go outside (this has already been announced). In other countries (France and Italy) people must fill an official form every time they venture outside their home.

    Interesting that there are still some differences among countries – the official measures in Sweden are fairly lenient for instance. On the other hand, Bolsonaro’s tweets questioning the shutdown were deleted by Twitter, which indeed shows the power of the media/social network platforms. I wonder if they will dare to do the same with Trump when one of his tweets goes against the WHO’s official guidelines.

    Maybe the medical/media/financial cartel (it’s not just the media – here it seems that the virologists, mathematicians, and other “medical experts” have taken over the official political power and can decide the fate of an entire country with their computer models) does not have the same amount of control over the local politicians in each country, or there is something else at work here…

    • It’s just great hearing from you my old friend.

      I think that exactly that is the case: the level of resistance by the different States and their institutions, although all quite deeply infiltrated, will differ.

      You also see them slowly bowing. Japan, for instance, that has done hardly anything thus far, while they’re absolutely packed on each other there, is slowly but surely starting to tow the line.

      And if they manage to keep this pressure up, this will become more and more the case.

      Here in Holland too, tomorrow the Government will convene, and it’s looking like they will be prolonging and worsening measures, while the (already insanely low) numbers are actually already declining.

      Meanwhile, small business is getting absolutely gutted.

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