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My Facebook Accounts Have Been Suspended

by on April 5, 2020

(this post is not meant as some sort of ‘announcement’, but merely to notify people who will be missing me there, many of whom know me from Real Currencies. Forgive me for taking the opportunity to spew my gall a little.)

At last. Most people making any sense on there have been removed a long time ago already.

The noose had been tightening for a long time.

The last 4 years or so I’ve been Zucked with thirty day bans about 80% of the time. I managed to somewhat limit downtime with a secondary account.

A few months ago, suddenly Fakebook disallowed linking to my blog. Nobody can link to Real Currencies on Faceberg anymore.

Then the New World Order’s Great And Final Revolution started. Being one of the early birds pushing back against the onslaught, I quickly got blocked.

First on my main account ‘Anthony Migchels’. After I had posted a picture of a group hug and calling on people to just go out and give each other a good hug as the best medicine available against perhaps not ‘corona’, but certainly the lock down.

A day later, the same scenario happened with my secondary account ‘Anthony Migchels’.

Luckily, a friend of mine had just earlier created a third account: ‘Michael Anthony’. From a different computer, so with a different IP address, and perhaps another chance to hack into the Matrix.

I managed to do some campaigning for a week or so with that one, but come to think of it, I guess such a thing is out of line for them.


It’s clear I was being a nuisance, and that they got rid of me.

Wordpress has always been good to me. But, the fact is: they have been taking down blogs that were in whatever way unpleasant to Political Correctness.

As it stands now, any dependence on centralized platforms for dissemination of information is foolhardy, unless you’re part of the club, or at any rate not a real bother to them.

I’ve been making arrangements for the migration of this site to At least all the content is safe there.

But it pains me to leave, and as long as WP doesn’t bother me, I’ll continue here.

I’ll also be exploring additional channels, media, platforms to maintain and expand presence, probably also in Dutch.

Just another day in the New Order
And this was a strange day already. I walked into a food store earlier, where I sometimes get some supplies, and they had stopped accepting cash.

The very first thing the WHO said when the ‘corona’ ‘crisis’ ‘broke out’ was to stop using cash to ‘stop contagion’.

Cash is anathema to Agenda 2030, the implementation of which has begun in earnest.

When the Banks are mostly all bust themselves, witness the fact that they have stopped lending to each other for six months already, with the Fed bailing them out with a Trillion a day on the repo market, and in the process of taking all the West into receivership, we are supposed to make ourselves entirely dependent on them for daily payment operations.

The moronicity, and brazen chutzpah, of such a proposition is hard to believe, but that’s where we’re at.

Do not consent to it, and make a point of paying cash as much as is humanly possible. It’s really very important for your own economic health, and a very direct contribution to the Cause.

Paying with debit or credit cards is one of the worst things you can do for yourself and your friends and loved ones, and of the greatest benefit to your worst enemies.

And just before that event, I walked into the Snackbar right next door, and got into a nasty scene about this ‘corona’ tripe, when I started unloading about what bullshit it all is. The owner of the place knows how I think, and I was talking to him, but some other customers took offense.

The atmosphere was quite venomous. Exactly the kind of toxicity one expects from a Cultural Revolution.

Admittedly, I was not being particularly discrete, but this place is my neighbor, I go in there almost every day.

We’re not going back to ‘normal’

Of course we hope we do, even when we know things were becoming, or already had become, unsustainable.

No, just read the goals of Agenda 2030, and try to imagine how much blood will have to be shed to get from where we are now, to what these maniacs have in store for us ten years from now.

This will give a man a much better idea of what we will be dealing with in the years ahead, rather than dreams of ‘going back to normal’.

Already in the weeks ahead, the consequences of the ‘lock down’ for the real economy will become unbearable, and these will quickly start worsening dramatically from the fall out from the unfolding collapse in the financial system.

It’s not hard to predict serious supply shocks in the near future, and all sorts of scarcity, real or artificial.

And they have prepared many more nuclear bombs of Corona magnitude en route to their Utopia.

Let’s face it: even Genocide, in the West, should be part of the calculation.

They have locked up billions of people in their own houses, and to think it could not get worse is foolishness.

What is worse: they have managed to make people call for their own imprisonment and destruction of their own livelihoods.

Certainly, a People so delusional, and now in such a precarious strategic position, in a travesty that is openly controlled by the United Nations’ (Rockefeller et alia) ‘World Health Organization’, is obviously, patently facing an acute National Security Crisis of the absolute highest order.

The People are wide open to all sorts of attacks by the (((Globalists))), while they are begging ‘their’ States to keep everybody locked up inside.

Of course, it’s still just a worst case scenario. But people clearly do not appreciate the fragility of the situation. and that is perhaps the most disconcerting of it all.

At any rate, while things are looking grim, and while it’s difficult to make even short term predictions for all of us, since even our livelihoods are directly on the line, one thing remains the same: the struggle is against Materialism, and the parasites and their financial system.

The need for interest-free, stable currency and credit is now more essential than ever, the great sine qua non in any approach, and our greatest opportunity in this epochal era we suddenly find ourselves in.

And that is what we will continue to be working for here at Real Currencies, and with De Florijn.

  1. Michael – would love to have you as a guest on The Power Hour radio show. Please feel free to email me (Kathryn, show producer) if you are available for an interview.

  2. J Graham permalink

    Hi Mr.Migchels, Do you have any kind of website now? I miss your informative posts. 😦 Thank you. J.Graham

  3. The below “scenario” is directly from a 2010 official Rockefeller Foundation document. The hubris of these people.

    “During the pandemic, national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face masks to body-temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets. Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified. In order to protect themselves from the spread of increasingly global problems — from pandemics and transnational terrorism to environmental crises and rising poverty — leaders around the world took a firmer grip on power.”

    “China’s government was not the only one that took extreme measures to protect its citizens from risk and exposure. During the pandemic, national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face masks to body-temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets. Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified. In order to protect themselves from the spread of increasingly global problems — from pandemics and transnational terrorism to environmental crises and rising poverty — leaders around the world took a firmer grip on power.” [p 19]

    “At first, the notion of a more controlled world gained wide acceptance and approval. Citizens willingly gave up some of their sovereignty — and their privacy — to more paternalistic states in exchange for greater safety and stability. Citizens were more tolerant, and even eager, for top-down direction and oversight, and national leaders had more latitude to impose order in the ways they saw fit. In developed countries, this heightened oversight took many forms: biometric IDs for all citizens, for example, and tighter regulation of key industries whose stability was deemed vital to national interests. In many developed countries, enforced cooperation with a suite of new regulations and agreements slowly but steadily restored both order and, importantly, economic growth.” [p 19]

    “By 2025, people seemed to be growing weary of so much top-down control and letting leaders and authorities make choices for them.” [p 21]

    “Sporadic pushback became increasingly organized and coordinated, as disaffected youth and people who had seen their status and opportunities slip away — largely in developing countries — incited civil unrest.” [p 21]

  4. permalink

    Hi Anthony commiserations on your deplatforming i guess inevitable when the 13th tribe play their final hand  that all true voices will get silenced despite staying quiet ish  as truth never needs to shout (only the liars need to shout lately PLANNEDEMIC and SCAMDEMIC is what im reading between the headlines) . We conversed online a few years ago over me helping promote De Florijn to uk businesses but i lost just touching base again truthful people are hard to find so should stay in touch i think and on that note i hope to hear from you soon good to get insights from respected veiws.



  5. I notice that Bill Gates’ family seems to have a history of participation with the “United Way”, which is a very common ‘charity organization’ in the States but I never looked up its origins until now:

    “The organization has roots in Denver, Colorado, where in 1887 Frances Wisebart Jacobs, along with other religious leaders, began the Charity Organization Society, which coordinated services between Jewish and Christian charities and fundraising for 22 agencies.[2] Many Community Chest organizations, which were founded in the first half of the twentieth century to jointly collect and allocate money, joined the American Association for Community Organizations in 1918. The first Community Chest was founded in 1913 in Cleveland, Ohio,[3] after the example of the Jewish Federation in Cleveland—which served as an exemplary model for “federated giving”. “

  6. Some very interesting insights by this rabbi here about their eschatological prophecies according to the Torah and Talmud. His main message is that he is telling them already (March 2019 in New York) that they all need to return to Israel because the last war is going to start any day now (he says syria is already the start of it) and Israel will be the only place on earth that will be safe.

    He says the final war, an attack by Gog and Magog, will be for five reasons:

    1 to destroy evil
    2 to prove that Hashem is god
    3 Revenge against the Gentiles
    4 to restore to them all the wealth and treasure that the gentiles ‘robbed’ from them
    5 to divide within themselves who will remain and who won’t (those of them who aren’t repentant and devoted to the Torah will not survive).

    The war will last only 12 or 20 minutes
    1/3 of the world population will die
    1/3 will be sick or injured and die after a year
    1/3 will survive

    They have two interpretations for Gog and Magog:
    Gog is a king from the north and Magog is his nation

    Or else Gog is the nation and Magog is 70 nations that will follow it

    The current age will be an echo whereby then they got Moses in Egypt, and this time they will get their Moshiach
    Miracles now as there were then
    Some refused to leave Egypt then; some will refuse to leave the gentile nations now

    He is warning them that even his relatives who wound up leaving Germany initially didn’t want to leave because they said “Nothing can happen to us; we control everything here.”

    He doesn’t like coming to America because every time he does he is worried that the borders will close and he will be stuck here and unable to return to Israel.

  7. Kyrpa 666 permalink

    Satanisti Jews 666. All the Jews are enemy humanity! People masses are piece of braindead sheep

  8. Dan Capp permalink

    Well, I’d say this is as good a time as any to re-start emailing you personally Anthony. I hope you’re well.

  9. There is NO VIRUS. The Testing is for EXOSOME in our body. Its all a HOAX. That is why China has no new cases as they have stopped testing. EXOSOME is naturally produced in our body when we have infection like Flu, Stress, or Strokes, Cancer, Diabetes. They have renamed EXOSOME as CoronaVirus.

    Its retarded to wash your hands 10 times a day. As one commented

    They just convinced almost everyone in the world to obey sharia law and they are obeying it. Who closes bars, churches, musicians, performing arts, sports, etc, makes all the women stay home with the kids and gets people to put on face coverings?


  10. It was only a matter of time! Glad everything is okay.

  11. permalink

    Remnant TV

    KILLING COVID-19: Operation April 30 &feature=emb_logo

    Go to 10:30 in the video. Watch for 45 seconds.

    Go to 16:28 in the video

    Jeffrey Sachs

    Jeffrey David Sachs (/sæks/ ; born November 5, 1954) is an American economist, academic, public policy analyst and former director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University , where he holds the title of University Professor . He is known as one of the world’s leading experts on economic development and the fight against poverty .

    Go to 18:28 in the video

    Bernie Sanders said the first thing we have to do in fighting this virus is “Shut the President up right now!”

    Go to 18:33 to 19:12 in the video

    Nancy Pelosi wants to bring charges against the President for delaying of getting equipment to where it is needed.

    Go to 23:00

    When the country opens back up, the media is going to crucify Donald Trump.

  12. USD and all currencies are fraudulent… They are produced by the Rockefeller / rot schild cabal… And loaned to the respective nation states treasuries… these loans of course, become debt… The government has to try to repay these debts with tax bux…. this is a steady downward spiral to bankruptcy and economic disaster visualize the coronavirus shutdown X 10

  13. Paul H Hollister permalink

    Keep Going Buddy

  14. Congratulations Anthony!

    You have finally achieved maximum street cred status!

    Welcome to the club — though it certainly took you long enough to get here.

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