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Usury, Slavery, Sex Crimes, And How It All Goes Back To Rome And Babylon (Interview)

by on June 11, 2020

I was interviewed by Daniel at the Power Hour Radio show (nationally syndicated!).

The whole thing is absolutely worth while, it’s the stuff we’ve been talking about here on Real Currencies.

But in the in the second half things become pretty spicy, and I’ll transcribe a few minutes of that below, because it offers some insight that I haven’t been sharing as widely. We’ll just dive right into it, starting at 41:30.

Anthony: (discussing the slavery of Usury) “And it is slavery, because historically, in Antiquity, slavery was the universal human condition, and you got enslaved in two ways. Either because some pirate went to conquer this or that place, killing half of the population and enslaving the rest, because that is what these fools did at the time, or because you got into debt. And all of the slaves in Rome, or half or so, were people who got into debt, and interest rates in Rome were 48% or 24%, depending on the year…….

Daniel: (whistles in disbelief)

A: “yeah, that’s massive, I mean 48 or 24%, that’s killing, nobody is going to manage to pay that. And if you could not pay, you and your children were enslaved. That’s what happened. And to make it worse, let me put it very bluntly, because it is good to know what kind of people we’re dealing with here, you would see your kid become a sex slave of a Patrician, who was not even ashamed of having these children commit sex acts on them! Because this was the nature of the Patricians in Rome, they were the scum of the Earth, and they were the same people in Carthage…..”

Daniel: “Sounds like the Bankers nowadays.”

A: “Absolutely!”

D: “Are you familiar with this, uhh….I don’t remember this guy’s name, he was a Dutch Banker that came out a few years ago talking about the Satanism?”

A: “Ronald Bernard

D: “Explain that, tell our audience about that story, because that was crazy.”

A: “Yeah, I’ve known Ronald for years, I know everybody in the monetary reform movement here, of course, also in America, and Ronald has been active with “De Blije Bank”, he calls it, ‘The Happy Bank’ it’s called, because, uh…..well, never mind why, but the Happy Bank, with which he’s looking to provide low cost, or at any rate ecologically sustainable, socially sustainable credit to small business, etc.

He’d been working in the banking industry for years, and he rose through the ranks, and the higher you get, because everything in the World is a pyramid, big corporations, secret societies, and also very much the banking industry, so when you rise higher in the pyramid, you start to see the secrets of these people, and he got invited into all sorts of shady things, and he saw how these people operated, how they totally annihilated and destroyed people, and when they killed themselves in pure agony, how they laughed their balls off, had parties, buying $10k bottles of Champagne to celebrate what they had done, and next he was invited into eh……because that’s the kind of scum these people are, you know?! They look good with their Rolls Royces, flashy suits, huge mansions, but they’re the scum of the earth, these money lenders, these speculators, Banksters. And Ronald Bernard, he saw the methods of these people, and he was also invited into even more sinister things, like child sacrifices etc., and that’s when he had a nervous breakdown and decided to get out of there.
And he’s not the only one I know who has told this story, because I also know a Swiss ex-Banker, Siebenthal, Francois Siebenthal, and he’s told very similar stories, and has turned away from the Banks as well, and is now also a campaigner for interest-free money.”

D: “Let me be clear, for everybody who’s listening, because your English, you’re pretty clear for me, but I’m also watching you, so it’s a little easier for me to follow you, high level Bankers have come out in Europe, Ronald, I can’t remember his last name, and you mentioned another one, they’ve been very clear, that the banking industry works as a pyramid, the higher you go, you are asked to do more and more depraved things, the higher you go, the more depravity you’ve got to show, to be able to make this rise, you’re talking about Satanism, child sacrifice, sex, depravity, any depravity that you can think about, that is the Banking industry, is that accurate? Yes or no.”

A: “Yeah…….I mean, all these stories that you hear about Podesta, and all these things, they are real, I won’t say Podesta is involved, although he of course probably is…..”

D: “Allegedly.”

A: “Exactly. But these stories are all true, and they go directly back to Babylon and Rome, and there it was all out in the open, but nowadays, they have to be more discrete about these things…….

D: “Oh my God…….”

A: “but they are still on going and……”

D: “I’m so glad you brought up Roman history, and again, I apologize for cutting you off again, but I have to put a stamp on what you’re saying, this is why history is so important, and when you don’t know your history, then these things seem retarded. Rome, this was open in Rome. This was openly the way things were done in Rome. Do you think it’s any different now?”

A: (mockingly) “Civilization……….”

D: “Yeah, yeah, ‘Civilization’. Let’s bring some ‘civilization’ to the World.”

A: “They were total brutes, and Rome was just a plunder operation, that’s all it was, and with their plunder they built some pretty buildings, and this is what keeps the masses in awe: ‘oh, ah, look how pretty!’, but it was all built on blood and gore, and what they did to the Gauls and the other tribes was just ghastly. And that’s how they operated, and that’s Empire.”

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  1. to some extent, yes.. money lending.. double receipting gold on deposit with counting houses…sure

    the biggie of Biggie’s !!! licensed counterfeiting… Rothschild has managed to seize control of all the central banks around the world… he and his bankstard Buddies.. issue all currency… that makes them the most powerful gang in the world… that is the CBD… Central Bank Dynasty… CBD owns and rules of the world… To use the words of George Carlin… Nobody seems to notice nobody seems to care…

    sleeple will snooze until it’s too late

    If the Fed is not nationalized we will go down the toilet

    it’s not tax-and-spend… it’s BORROW spend tax

    it’s BORROW spend tax

    it’s BORROW spend tax

    it’s BORROW spend tax

    it’s BORROW spend tax

    gvt sells t bonds to get spendy for Kong

    gress to piss … the red ink is $24 t so far and skyrocketing… eating your income tax payments !!!

    fraud …. bribery… BLACKMAIL…murder

    kongress is kompromized…$$$ or illicit sex… otherwise Kongress would repeal the Federal reserve’s Charter to print Federal Reserve notes apart from government…

    what do you think Epstein and people like him are all about??? yes of course trafficking panders to perverts..

    dog makes a lot of money… Over and above that , the purpose is to ensnare public officials who then vote in favor of the Federal Reserve and other criminal Enterprises like the Federal Reserve and it’s Master CBD…

    CBD Central Bank Dynasty… CBD owns and runs all private central banks around the world… CBD Prints

    all money… CBD is the richest entity there is… Capable

    of killing presidents who opposed them… Capable of walking into a secure Manhattan prison and killing somebody to prevent them from naming names in the black book…..

  2. dgaubatz313 permalink

    I remember when I was starting to get on the pro-Rome bandwagon a while ago before you were banned from Facebook. I’m now slowly realizing how bad Rome was. Before the time of Plato Greece and Rome were actually better and had a more Nordic, Norse, and Celtic Germanic element racially. Sometime after Plato, the decay of Greece and Rome started accelerating. Usury, Immigration, race-mixing, profiteering, mammonism, etc. People don’t like to admit that Greece and Rome were actually better before Plato and got far worse after. We’re facing a more potent form of the same garbage today. Though there were revolts against Babylonian Finance in Athens, Rome, and other areas of Greece I find it amusing that Sparta nor Germania had the same issues with Babylonian Finance that the rest of Greece and Rome did. They like to hate on the Heathen Pagans and the Spartans in favor of Rome and Greece (especially Athens), but mammonism and Babylonian finance were unheard of in Heathen Germania and Sparta. You can call them barbarians all you want.

    Also, I’m getting tired of the attacks on the Heathens because of the Mythos of the Blood. I’m starting to think blood is more special than people think. Blood exists before everything else in the embryonic stage. The first thing to form during the embryonic stage is the placenta through the use of the cells within the blood. Feminists don’t like to admit it, but the placenta is the father and all the ancestors (maybe the heathens honor of their ancestors isn’t so primitive) of the father guiding, leading and providing a path to the mother and child. The mothers job is to nurture and nourish, not to lead (which is very important and sacred, not demeaning). Even what the mother passes on to the child comes from the males… the mothers father and grandfathers. Even breast milk is basically filtered blood, the only thing in milk different from blood is the lack of red blood cells as the red blood cells are filtered from the milk.

    Also, check out the book Human Heart, Cosmic Heart by Thomas Cowen. If this man is right, it’s the blood that pumps the heart, not the heart that pumps the blood.

    Also, regarding Empire and Imperium, the Roman Empire was a totalitarian empire, it was not organic. The Scythian’s 4,000-6,000 years ago had their own type of Imperium. You had the Royal Tribe which had its own Chieftain and you had all the other tribes who had their own chieftains. All the Scythian tribes seemed to willingly serve the Royal tribe. They all honored their ancestors, their race and knew they all belonged to the same lineage. The difference between Rome and this Scythian type of Imperium is the Royal Scythian tribe didn’t subjugate all the other tribes, instead all the tribes had their own autonomy. This makes me think that:

    1. Race is higher in the hierarchy and in that sense more important as the root of the entire racial family and the source of everyone’s existence within that family is dependent on race as without the ancestors you wouldn’t exist.

    2. Though race is on a higher level, everything flows in concentric circles from the lower levels to the higher levels and from the higher levels to the lower levels, so even though the defense of your blood on a higher racial level is of a higher level of importance, your more immediate concern is not the whole race, but your immediate family, extended family and tribe on the lower level. Only when the whole race is under threat are all the tribes born of this racial and ancestral blood called upon to rise together and defend it as failure to do so means all ancestral effort to secure your existence was in vain and all the other tribes are basically you with a different ordering (I’ll explain what I mean later).

    “The true state exists as an organic whole comprised of distinct elements, and, embracing partial unities, each possesses a hierarchically ordered life of its own. At the basis of the true state, therefore, lie the values of quality. Hence the sharp contrast between the organic state and the totalitarian: for the latter necessarily expresses a leveling, despotic and mechanistic kind of unity.”

    Another thing I’ve thought of is an old Heathen saying: “blood is a dwelling of all ancestral soul”. I’ve thought about how this saying can relate to multiplicity and the relationship between siblings, parents and children and more distant family. The more closely related (like siblings) have the most similar ordering of that ancestral soul. The ordering of this ancestral soul (just like the frequency and ordering of DNA) is part of what gives rise to the multiplicities of distant and immediate relatives. When you race mix you betray this ancestral soul and now have two competing ancestral souls dwelling in the child which strips the child of a healthy identity as well as other negative things. Even in animals the dwelling of two competing ancestral souls have negative effects even to the point where the offspring is infertile… in some animals where the offspring doesn’t become infertile, there is still negative consequences. On my old computer I used to have information like this saved, unfortunately I lost it. I have a habit of gathering hard to find info that I can look into in detail later if I want to. Losing hard to find info like I did is terrible as “they” have constantly made it more and more difficult to find authentic information.

    Yeah, If we do save the white Aryan European peoples from Jewish (Some bible people that think the bible is about race and economics rather than the modern religion that surrounds it call the Jews the Canaanites) tyranny, plutocracy and mammonism we can go back to tribalism, just like you suggested a while to me on facebook. Though all the tribes will be loyal to their lineage their immediate concern will be their immediate family, extended family and tribe as well as the local community. If some type of Royalty or Philosopher-King exists as head of all tribes (I support this) it will be in a more organic sense like with the Scythian’s where autonomy is given to all tribes and royalties job is to guard and protect with love, not to own and subjugate with tyranny and plutocracy. This needs to be the future just like you suggested to me on facebook. Organic tribalism is far far more difficult to infect with the poison of plutocratic usury and mammonism. The kleptocratic plutocracy loves to attack localism, tribalism, racialism, the family, etc as these things have high potential to weaken their power and tyrannical grip on the masses of people who they have also conditioned and brainwashed to be rootless in a sense. The heathens of Germania were probably not infected internally by mammonism because they had roots… they were connected to nature, the land, the homestead, the tribe, family, local community, craft, harvest, etc. The Spartans also saw disconnecting themselves from this as resulting in a loss of freedom, loss of being rooted and possibly being subjugated by money as many neighboring areas had been.

    It’s obvious mammon’s main target, the majority of their hatred is directed toward the white man. Why? Do they think the white man is a bigger threat, is it ethnic hatred, is it our thousands of years of history, is it all of the above? Either way, we need to free our race, our kin, out patrimony, our progeny first if possible. After that the moral thing to do would be to free all the other masses of people from mammon if possible. I won’t be persuaded into the acceptance of other races over my own (especially to the detriment of my own), my people come first, though I realize the moral, honorable and smart thing to do If we did free our race would be to free the other races of people if possible.

    Sorry for the duplicate comments. I assume they are in your spam because I originally had an amazon link to the book mentioned above.

  3. Ynte permalink

    Dank je hiervoor, Anthony. Heb je beeld bij hoeveel mensen in Nederland begrijpen wat er werkelijk aan de hand is in de wereld? Niemand in mijn omgeving heeft grip op de realiteit. Ik ben geëmigreerd en niemand houdt zich hiermee bezig. Dank je,

    • Nee, het is niet echt ‘mainstream’, ook niet binnen de truth movement. Sex crimes wel natuurlijk, maar niet Usury en de centrale rol van Finance.

      De meeste mensen in het Westen zijn compleet afgedwaald.

  4. DonQuijotte permalink

    Dank je wel Anthony.

  5. Tony B. permalink

    Interesting. That outfit hasn’t accepted an email from me in years.
    Tony B.

    • I hadn’t heard of them, they suddenly came on my radar, but Daniel definitely is informed, his questions were good.

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