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Trump Has Added 7 Trillion To The National Debt Thus Far

by on June 14, 2020

(Left: The always entertaining Donald Trump. But of course, he’s their man, and the way they wheeled him in on a wave of populist resentment, that’s just their thing, they’ve done it a thousand times and more before.)

It stood at $19 Trillion in 2016. It’s now sitting at $26 Trillion.

And no, it’s not mainly ‘covid’, although it definitely helps, he was already running Trillion dollar deficits, and remember: the Fed was already bailing out the Banks on the repo market to the tune of …a Trillion. Per day.

I’ve been looking into the Fed’s statements on their own website, as the Media has reported exactly nothing about the repo market since about March 20th. It does seem that for now the repo market interventions are over, but it’s a sure bet that this is only because of these multi Trillion asset purchasing programs, which allowed the Banks and other ‘financial institutions’ (known in earlier, more naive days as pirate nests) to off load some of the derivative trash they had been piling up.

But that exploded the Fed’s balance sheet from an already problematic $4, to $7 Trillion bucks.

It’s a matter of time before that first round of ‘asset’ (junk) purchasing by the Fed will cease having effect. It’s all being thrown at black holes that just keep growing, the more money they suck up.

How long that will be is anybody’s guess, although at the Treasury and the Fed they have a fair idea, rest assured. But considering the Martial Law that they installed in March, it’s pretty clear it won’t be too long. Mnunich only the other day had to promise another Trillion to prop up the Stock Exchange. The ECB and BoJ will undoubtedly step in too, if only to slightly take the heat off the Fed.

Again (sorry, I can’t help myself), all the experts on ‘exponential growth’ may want to look into this particular graph. This is how ‘covid’ should have conquered the World, but it’s really the debt that does that.

Compound Interest, baby. Greatest force in the Universe.

At any rate, this is what is really at stake. At this speed, Trump will add another 7 to 10 (remember, it’s going faster and faster now), meaning the debt would be at about 35 Trillion in 2025. And, of course, it goes without saying, this is just the national debt. The People themselves are drowning in debt too, as are businesses.

Meanwhile, the economy is going through the lockdown implosion. Beautiful stories about ‘2 million new jobs!’ are very pathetic, after shedding a few score million, not to mention about a third of small business. Tax income is down about a third in many places, including undoubtedly the Federal Government.

Rentseekers are getting annihilated too, everywhere, in different countries, different sectors of the economy, you hear the same stories: 25% to 50% of rents are not getting collected. Good riddance, of course, let them go find a job and add some value to someone’s life, instead of sucking blood, but in financial terms this is the funniest disaster ever, and will obviously destroy a really great many speculators. Which perhaps sounds better than it is, because they will take a great many people with them. Many of those getting destroyed are guaranteed to be the small time landlords, all this is going to achieve is massive consolidation.

As always, those that control the debt, control the Democratic and the Republican Party. Through Masonry, through bribes, through blackmailability by sex crime. All the high drama, ‘impeachment’, ‘Soleimani’, ‘lockdown’, ‘BLM’, it’s all orchestrated to both distract from the biggest financial and economic disaster in the West’s history, and to corral their different groups of slaves, dependents, having them fight among each other, driving them in the desired direction.

In previous times, they used clubs and whips.

Now, they use mind control (‘ideology’, ‘science’). Zionism and Capitalism for the Right, Bolshevism and Nihilism for the Left, Usury and World Government for us all.

A big part of Trump’s job will be to usher in the ‘reset’. Gold will definitely become very important. China will become more dominant, and will have a convertible (to Gold) Yuan. Wait until the Dollar devalues, then suddenly in nominal terms, China will prove to have a $30 Trillion dollar GDP, and the US $15 Trillion. This is where we’re going, US GDP is heavily overstated, the Russian and Chinese strategists assume US GDP is closer to $10 Trillion than $20 Trillion in real terms. All they have left is the dying Petrodollar and their stalling military.

Maybe the US will go Gold too. If that happens, the economy is just going to go up in smoke in a deflation/deleveraging of barbaric proportions. People will burn alive, a great many will simply die because of poverty and exertion, especially the older people. Many of the young will be forced to leave the country in order to have a semblance of a life elsewhere. The Empire will just crash, as it will be unaffordable.

But it could also be that the US simply can’t run a Gold Standard (as they don’t have any), so that he would nationalize the Fed and have them print ever more to keep everything going, blowing everything up with a crazy inflation.

And yes, when faced with these scenarios, War is always a great way to reflate the economy, and the US is not over yet, they’re still very mighty, and they’re a great target for a jolly good trashing like Germany got 75 years ago. Just another bunch of white supremacists, you see?!

Be that as it may, the Dollar is toast, and will be replaced by an an IMF World Reserve Currency this decade.


  1. Andy permalink

    Hi Tony, long time reader of ur work. Just wanted to say thank you for all you have done upholding the beacon of truth in a world full of lies. God speed my friend!

  2. jpsoreff permalink

    what’s your take on 1) Black Rock taking over the Fed bond buying and 2) The new policy by the Fed of ZERO % reserve requirement which went into effect on March 26?

    • My take is the obvious one: that it is hilarious beyond measure that a closed Trust fund representing the absolute richest people in the world gets to decide who gets bailed out, and for how much.

      It’s almost as funny as people actually buying it. And the results have been entirely predictable: small business struggles to get even a few thou left and right, millions are being given to big business and all sorts of insider outfits, including all sorts of stupid NGOs and the like.

  3. jpsoreff permalink

    miss your presence on FB… I guess the censor police couldn’t allow this kind of truth right now… too delicate as they weave together their NWO

  4. Carlé permalink

    I think they have some UFOs show and technologies to be released to the public on their sleeves. By 2025 a lot is going to happen, I presume.

  5. (I’m leaving this here for Tony, for some reason, he couldn’t post himself:)

    As always, this new, great increase in numbers is simply that. It is the satanic side of life’s use of numbers to continue its unlawful theft of all wealth and to continue to leech its none-earn of movement of more and more of those false-to-begin-with figures to its own unbelievably greedy gaw.

    The solution, also as always, is still as simple as ever, just erase the numbers and let those sucking out their sustenance just shrivel up to nothing and never be heard from again. Including every last vestige of the satanically rotten Rothschild cabal.

    Yes, with new numbers based on honesty as replacement, enough only to take care of exchanges, but with speculation outlawed on pain of instant death. No government ability to bank, no bank ability to create exchange medium under any form. All medium government created and SPENT into circulation at a proper ratio to exchanges, there to stay at no cost to anyone for its use as it correctly belongs to the people, their government getting first use.

    Tony B.

  6. If the Fed is not nationalized we will go down the toilet

    it’s not tax-and-spend… it’s BORROW spend tax

    it’s BORROW spend tax

    it’s BORROW spend tax

    it’s BORROW spend tax

    it’s BORROW spend tax

    gvt sells t bonds to get spendy for Kong

    gress to piss … the red ink is $24 t so far and skyrocketing… eating your income tax payments !!!

    fraud …. bribery… BLACKMAIL…murder

    kongress is kompromized…$$$ or illicit sex… otherwise Kongress would repeal the Federal reserve’s Charter to print Federal Reserve notes apart from government…

    what do you think Epstein and people like him are all about??? yes of course trafficking panders to perverts..

    dog makes a lot of money… Over and above that , the purpose is to ensnare public officials who then vote in favor of the Federal Reserve and other criminal Enterprises like the Federal Reserve and it’s Master CBD…

    CBD Central Bank Dynasty… CBD owns and runs all private central banks around the world… CBD Prints

    all money… CBD is the richest entity there is… Capable

    of killing presidents who opposed them… Capable of walking into a secure Manhattan prison and killing somebody to prevent them from naming names in the black book…..

    • CBD: controllers of both white and black budgets of every nation’s economy, namely, The Committee of 300 via the Club of Rome through The RIIA/CFR to The City and Wall Street, every alphabet agency attached to every government, all higher ranking positions in every government (plus plus), all NGO’s, all the world’s biggest corporations, and all of the interlocking directorships of all of the above.

      • “…and all of the interlocking directorships…”

        BlackRock, mentioned above, has again been selected to “help” the Fed dole out the billions to crony corporations. BlackRock chairman, billionaire Laurence Fink, is a CFR director. Fed chairman Jerome Powell, like most of his predecessors, is a CFR member. Powell is also a former partner at the notorious Carlyle Group, whose billionaire founder David Rubenstein is the current CFR chairman.

        The CFR and its many interlocking affiliates have dominated US policy since WW2. Most of the secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense and CIA have been CFR members. CFR sponsors include the major financial, energy, defense, pharma and media corporations, and many of their execs have been CFR members. See lists at the CFR website.

        Note that Paul Warburg of Kuhn Loeb, the “architect of the Fed” a century ago, was also a founding director of the CFR.

  7. They are really pushing to issue the digital dollar. You can see the red flags in the terminology they are using here: ‘…that may be tied to a physical or digital identify.’ I imagine that the petrodollar won’t make it out of this year and the digital dollar will become the standard.

    ‘FedAccounts is a term that originated from a bill introduced by Chairwoman Waters titled the ‘Financial Protections and Assistance for America’s Consumers, States, Businesses, and Vulnerable Populations Act.’ H.R. 6321 calls for a digital dollar wallet, which the bill describes as, ‘an account maintained by a Federal reserve bank on behalf of any person, that represents holdings in an electronic device or service that is used to store digital dollars that may be tied to a digital or physical identity.’

  8. aantonucci85 permalink

    Nice. Beginning to ring so ding a ling clearly. Today. What if he wins AGAIN in 2020. How is your take going to ring then?

    Sent from my iPad


    • He will win easily. Biden is a joke, proving only they want Trump.

      • (((Donald Trump))) is an ABSOLUTELY EVIL Dictator who’s so tyrannical that he makes Hitler & Stalin look like Libertarians by comparison, oh the irony.

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