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The World Crisis = The Financial Crisis

by on June 14, 2021

Left: We went back to sleep. And now we will pay.

The World Crisis started September 2019, with the restart of Quantitative Easing by the Fed. It signaled the return of the 2008 Credit Crunch. Nothing was solved in 2008, only postponed, and now we face a Reckoning that can only be compared to the Fall of Rome, or even better: the Bronze Age Collapse.

Babylon is Usury. The Financial System. The (Central) Banks. They rule, not ‘politicians’. The World Financial Crisis, the coming Gold Standard, and the destruction of America and the West it will bring, are the final stepping stone to their World Conquest.

By Anthony Migchels, for

In September 2008, during the Lehman Collapse, Hank Paulson went to Congress and demanded a closed door meeting. He told them: “you must give us $700 Billion, or the financial system will melt down, no more money will come out of ATMs, people won’t be able to pay their bills, and we will face an armed revolt in a week.”

He got the money. The package was known as the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

He later admitted he and his staff had had no idea how much money they were going to need. They just thought up a number that sounded really big. To imprint the gravity of the situation on Congress, and to make sure they were not going to be short.

The popular resentment in the US and the West was immense. Filthy rich banker scum, who had been enriching themselves to the max during the ‘boom’, were receiving hundreds of billions for their bets going south, while they were evicting people with their houses under water by the millions.

It led to Occupy Wall Street, the movement of the have nots against the parasites. While not perfect, they were definitely at least a huge embarrassment to the Powers That Be.

Their challenge was solved by having the Banker Media ratchet up their ‘racism’ hate mongering against whites. Occupy was accused of being ‘too white’ and ‘not inclusive’. The word ‘racism’ started exploding in the Media and on the Web. It has been with us ever since.

Suddenly, white wage- and interest-slaves fighting Capitalism were ‘privileged’.

Combined with the apparent return to ‘normality’ with Fed money printing, things seemingly calmed down again. The media and the Government started babbling about ‘green shoots’ and ‘economic growth’, but nothing was solved.

Also not under Trump, by the way, notwithstanding his nonsense about ‘the best economy ever’.

How do we know nothing was solved?
It’s really very simple: we’ve had (close to) 0% interest rates for 12 years between 2008 and 2021. Under Capitalism there is no ‘economic growth’ with 0% interest rates. There is only massive monetary stimulus avoiding an immediate rout.

When there is economic growth, interest rates sit at 6, 8, 10%.

The return of the Crunch was caused by the Fed when they started tapering in 2017, and raising rates ever so slightly to 2%. It immediately led to a deflationary shock, which was the reason they restarted QE in September 2019.

Fast forward to 2019
In September 2019, the Banks ‘suddenly’ (rest assured that the Fed and the Government knew quite well it was coming) stopped lending to each other. They were all bankrupt, and didn’t trust each others’ busted collateral anymore.

The Fed started providing them with day to day loans, to avoid them all having to go in receivership. They also started buying up Treasuries, both to keep real interest rates low, and because nobody else wanted Treasuries at 0% rates.

Because they knew that this was not going to go down well, they started a big circus simultaneously: the ‘Impeachment’. While they were printing trillions, robbing the People and enriching the wealthy, they gave us poor old Donald and how unfairly he was being treated to fret about.

Then, on the first working day of 2020, the Fed had to report on what they had been up to on the repo market. By that stage, they had already supplied $6 Trillion worth of day to day loans to the Banks and other institutions. And such a thing might have led to questions.

So they executed Soleimani. Making sure that everybody was in shock, and busy fearing a war with Iran.

Loans on the repo market were ‘only’ $75 billion per day when they started, but things kept deteriorating, and by March 2020, they were already doling out a Trillion per DAY!

Please read that again:
The Fed had to lend them $1 TRILLION per DAY, to keep them liquid and solvent.

Something structural had to be done.

And so they decided they were going to allow the ‘financial institutions’ to clean up their balance sheets, by buying their busted junk at nominal value in a Fed asset purchasing program.

$4 Trillion worth.

That’s six times Hank Paulson’s $700 billion TARP program. The program that led to Occupy.

And it was clear that it was going to infuriate the People. So they decided to pre-empt social unrest and resistance, by locking everybody up, while scaring them to death with a spooky ‘invisible enemy’.

The Lockdown destroyed the First Amendment (Freedom of Assembly), and Americans were forbidden to come together en masse for a year, and still are in California and some other States. Europe still forbids most gatherings.

For good measure, they revamped the ‘racism’ distraction that had worked so well to do away with Occupy. Hence the BLM riots

And it worked. There has been zero resistance or public out cry against the bailouts. Most people think they were ‘necessary’ to ‘manage the economic effects of the Lockdown’.

Their success has been total. Even now, only a handful of people realize what’s happening.

How do we know that the Lockdown was aimed against social unrest?

Harry Vox predicted it splendidly in 2014 (!), after analyzing the Rockefeller Lockstep scenario. My apologies to my readers, I don’t like repeating stuff too much, but this is vital.

Harry Vox read Lockstep, and next witnessed: “If there is ever going to be social unrest in the United States, there will be an Ebola Outbreak.”

That’s what he concluded and said. The Lockstep scenario never had anything to do with any ‘virus’ or any ‘pandemic’, both of which never existed, other than in the Media fed popular imagination.

It has always been about locking people up and acquiring a tool for an insane Tyranny against any popular uprising.

Here is the video (again):

God knows how we in the Patriot movement, managed to miss his prediction. For decades we’ve been fearing Martial Law, and when they install it, we’re all (well, a great many) happy they do. Even when warned years in advance.

This truly is the NWO Endgame. For always the People have been blind to the Omnipotence of the Bank. It’s uncanny, how all this can happen without people even realizing it. But it’s the Bank that is behind the coming World Government.

The New Gold Standard will create the Greatest Depression, and to forestall resistance, we will have Plandemics and Medical Tyranny. And much more.

Because things will be crazy. They’ll keep us very busy. Politicians and the Media will be talking about a million things, but not about the immediate need for interest-free credit to alleviate the terrible suffering the deleveraging is going to bring.

Ultimately, the demise of the West, and ‘the need’ to ‘solve’ ‘global problems with global solutions’ will lead to World Government.

Within five to ten years.

The Crunch Is Back, There’s Going To Be A Gold Standard, And It Will Be Disastrous
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Occupy Wall Street And Marie Antoinette

Here’s a video discussing the issues described in the last few articles about the Crunch. It’s longish, reading the articles is quicker, but some people prefer listening.


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  1. bighearterritory permalink

    We would like to know about a new type of currency are you still developing the Florign? We are in France and are not at all sure about using our bank for the future because of the control that will come from the use of it.

  2. Reblogged this on Muunyayo .

  3. War Drum Beating, Climate Change, and COVID19 Pandemic false flag are used in instilling fear and cover-up of the World Corporate Government Bankruptcy and the impending Global Currency Reset. The Governments of the Bretton Woods’ member countries are illegitimate corporations. (KH)
    Karen Hudes: Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF announced a transition to asset-backed currencies.

  4. Hugo permalink

    What I find difficult is that these distractions, even when engineered, are real enough and worthwhile to fight for, by design:
    – They are carefully selected to actually matter to people.
    – They can be enhanced at will until they are indeed causing enough of a problem for enough people.

    And they don’t really have to be ‘engineered’ by the Powers That Be. Existing small problems can just be ignored and stimulated a bit to reach proportions that are real enough to be distracting enough.

    E.g. there was bound to be a zoonotic crossover sometime soon. It seems more likely to me that the (inevitable) financial crisis is planned around the (inevitable) natural occurrence of such a disease rather than trying to create the virus. The only thing necessary was to (not) be prepared. (Although I’m sure people are trying to create viruses; I’m not arrogant enough to assume we can do that better than nature, yet.)

    So it seems we are screwed either way. The two choices I see:
    – Be distracted and spend energy on things that most people find valuable: creating more equal chances for everyone, preventing deaths, preserving nature, etc. This will play directly into their hands.
    – Stay focused and spend energy on changing the root cause: fighting the usury system. This will only result in the Powers That Be enhancing / exaggerating the distractions even more, leading to more problems.

    And it is not just me or other individuals. We need to get everyone together. We cannot do that by dismissing these distractions: these are problems people truly feel are important, and in fact, they are designed to be true and important.

    The only way I can see this working out is by connecting the two: most of the distractions can fairly simply be tied to the financial problems. Doing that will clarify to everyone that tackling the financial system will directly tackle all these other problems too, but that the other way around is “dweilen met de kraan open”.

    – Pandemics: The usury system ensures these will happen more and more, for many reasons. E.g. it forces us to intrude in nature like destroying rain forests. It forces industrial farming of animals (I was expecting the pandemic to be a “varkenspest” from the Netherlands). It forces people to live without good sanitation. Etc.
    – Climate change: Usury forces us to be exponentially more efficient, which requires exponential more natural resources. It is no coincidence that the costs of combating climate change is estimated to a number that is similar to the interest we pay on government debt.
    – Systemic racism: Usury enhances inequality. So the people hit most by usury are exactly the people that start out at a disadvantage, which happen to be mostly people of color.

    This will allow us to do both:
    – Apply bandaid to the distractions: isolate our houses, fly less, wear masks, eat less meat, help disenfranchised people, whatever. We probably cannot all agree on the exact things to do and that is fine. What is important is that we should ensure we will not be divided over such problems. We should address the real part of the distractions in a way that unites us against the bigger problem.
    – Change the root cause, usury, by being united through tackling the distractions.

  5. Good summary, thanks. How do you anticipate they will reinstate the gold standard? What sort of timeframe? Gold has been so demonized, is that just misdirection?

    • I’m really not sure. Basel 3 is implemented in Europe end of this month. That’s going to start things, but it’ll take a little while to take hold.

      Especially the US is hard to figure out.

      Could well be that it’s the Yuan that is going to lead the way.

      The current ‘inflation’ fear mongering is definitely a huge sell for Gold, that’s for sure. They’ve always sold Gold as a ‘solution’ to ‘inflation’.

  6. Reblogged this on Jana Murray and commented:
    “It has always been about locking people up and acquiring a tool for an insane Tyranny against any popular uprising.”

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