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The Death Knell Is Sounding For NATO In The Ukraine

by on February 21, 2022

(Left: Man of the hour, Vladimir Putin. How important he has been for the Money Power in breaking American Hegemony)

American Hegemony is in tatters, and what had been transparent for a while already, is now coming to fruition: America is going to give up Europe, and the Middle East soon, and will concentrate the remainder of its might in an effort to at least contain China.

By Anthony Migchels

The current American spiel in the Ukraine is an endgame, more than anything else. A last, desperate attempt to keep Europe under their control. A purely cynical ploy, with the clear and present plan of throwing the Ukraine to the dogs. Enticing the Russians to invade, not with the idea of ‘defending’ them, but using the subsequent strong tensions with Moscow to maintain a ‘united’ US-European front.

The main question has been, whether Kiev would actually be so suicidal, or so fully under their thumb, as to just trot along to their doom with their NeoCon handlers. However, they have not been looking too eager at all, and were at several points calling for calmness, saying the American claims of ‘imminent invasion’ were not true.

But of course, it really is all about Germany. Almost 80 years after the war, it is still an occupied vassal, and the American Empire has always been based on controlling Russia by occupying Germany, and controlling China by occupying Japan.

First ending, and next preventing the return of a Russo-German axis has been a key stratagem of the Atlantic powers since 1872, and especially since Bismarck stepped back as the first German chancellor.

However, the last few years, decade, really, have seen mounting tensions between DC and Berlin.

Nord Stream 2, the pipeline opening up Germany for direct Russian gas deliveries, has been a bone in the throat of the Americans for years now. But gas prices have been exploding here in Europe. Pensioners here in Holland, people with a thousand a month, now pay more than €300 to heat a small apartment. A grim reminder of how it ended for the Soviet pensioners post ’89, and a shade of things to come. We need Nord Stream 2 to open up, that will at least bring prices down somewhat, although things are never going to be the same again.

German frustration with America’s mayhem in the Ukraine go back to when it started: Maidan 2014. That’s when the Neo-Cons and the CIA invaded Kiev, in an effort to wrest Sevastopol from the Russian Empire, and thus their base for European power projection. They failed. Putin took the Crimea, and the Donbass as a buffer and bargaining chip.

The resulting sanctions on Russia have cost the German economy dearly, they have hundreds of billions invested in Eastern Europe. Even much more importantly: the Germans have no desire whatsoever to end up as the battlefield for a Russo-American showdown.

And this became acute two weeks ago: Putin flatly stated his basic red lines: Ukraine is not allowed to enter NATO, and no military attempt at taking the Crimea is acceptable. Or else it is just all out war.

It couldn’t have been more direct, or clear. From then on, also, it was also clear how the situation was going to unfold: he was going to get exactly that, because Russia has the goods to back up these basic, and fair, let there be no doubt, demands.

Nobody, not America, not the UK, not Germany, not France, was ever going to fight Russia to deny these simple demands, even if they could have.

America continues trolling the Russians with childish stories about how ‘Ukraine has the sovereign, human right to choose’. However, the Ukraine simply has nothing to do with it. This is pure, unadulterated Great Power rivalry, and Russia is not going to allow the Americans to install nukes and other hardware in the Ukraine, just as America didn’t allow them to install nukes in Cuba. And they’re really quite right. NATO expansion into Eastern Europe had already long been out of hand. American missiles are pointed directly at St. Petersburg already, from the Baltic States. A Russian reaction was inevitable.

And Germany simply bailed. They have refused to partake in any ‘defensive’ measures for the Ukraine, are denying them weapons, military support of any kind. NATO planes en route to the Ukraine with supplies were denied access in Germany’s airspace, leading to major detours for transports from the UK and elsewhere.

Then, ten days ago, two ‘former’ top BIS executives published an article, gutting the American stance, and saying that Berlin and Paris must leave NATO. Note that there are no ‘ex’ club members, and that there are hardly more influential people than the folks at the Bank of International Settlements, the institutional apex of the Central Banking Cartel that is the actual World Government.

Next, this weekend, Germany’s most important MSM publication, Der Spiegel, published documentary proof of the fact that America, during the 1991 ‘2 + 4’ (the two Germanies and their occupiers) negotiations, did indeed promise Russia there would be no expansion by NATO into Eastern Europe.

Everybody and his mother knew about this promise, but the US and the UK had been just denying it, the last few weeks.

This was a major statement by Berlin, and this weekend it has been all over the German media. France will also have been relieved to see this. However, it’s being mainly ignored elsewhere in the West. For now.

Crucially, it is not just the American narrative that is so weak: it is also their power. American assets in Eastern Europe are not even remotely sufficient to handle the Russians, and it would take months to assemble anything resembling the Russian effort. Not only would that mean gutting American positions elsewhere (think vis a vis China), modern Great Power war is not even expected to last months.

American weakness was already apparent with Trump’s demands that the Europeans should start spending 2% on defense. That basically was an admission the US could no longer afford to unilaterally defend, or occupy, Europe, and already was a harbinger of current events. This is why I predicted the US would soon give up Europe already two years ago, when we got locked up, and they gave the Bank $4 Trillion: that was the coup de grace for the Petrodollar, even when it takes time to play out. But it simply implied that US hegemony was history.

What does it all mean?
The West is imploding, and is being broken up in three main parts: The US, Europe, and the UK and its Dominions. Of course, many people will be tired of NATO, the US Empire, and the American antics in the Ukraine and the Middle East.

But this breaking up of the West is a very, very dire sign indeed.

For a while, a new situation will arise, without American world wide dominance, but them staggering on as one of the Great Powers, which will, sort of, ‘respect’ each other’s sphere of influence, just as before the Great War.

China and America will become the main rivals, and tensions there will keep mounting, as China continues building its military potential at break neck speed.

Europe will have great difficulty preventing too much Russian influence. European States will likely cling to the faltering EU, to prevent getting played out against each other by the Kremlin. Likely, as long as Putin remains in charge, the Russian Bear will continue on a somewhat stable path, but all bets are off when he cedes power. Eastern European States have every reason to fear the Russians, without American backing.

Meanwhile, the years ahead will be dominated by the Greatest Depression, resulting from the collapse of the debt/derivative bubble, and the Petrodollar. It will absolutely gut the West.

In fact: the US vacating Europe will also have major implications for European debt, and the New York Banks who are on the hook for the debt in the financial system through the derivative trade. Much of Europe has been ruled openly by Goldman Sachs flunkies since the 2008 credit crunch, mainly to prevent them from defaulting from their out of control debts, especially in the South.

It is a historical fact that the masses, and decision takers, overrate the status and power of the declining Empire, and underrate the strength of the nascent powers. It is happening here too: people simply don’t get how far America’s decline has already gone. NATO’s demise will shock many.

This is the destruction of the post war World Order. Things are moving very fast now.

Note how this mega trend coincides with two others: a) the seeming current collapse of the Great Reset, and b) the already underway deflation of the Mother Of All Bubbles that has been blown at Wall Street, the last two years. Soon the Cyber Attacks will start hitting Wall Street and the SWIFT payment system. Big events are surely coming.

On a final note, I’ll share the thought that has been at the top of my mind ever since the start of the Lockdown: it took exactly ten years, to go from Wall Street’s collapse in October 1929, to Hitler’s invasion of Poland in September ’39. Things move faster now, due to telecommunications and flight.

It’s hard to see how there’s not going to be a war, a couple of years down the line, when the West has been sufficiently cooked and fried in the coming Depression, destroying America, and finally paving the way for World Government.

Is The US Military A Paper Tiger?


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  1. Carle permalink

    The economy is a surplus energy equation, not a monetary one. Welcome to the end of the industrial civilization( 10 – 15 years from now). The old order is dead, there will be no new one. Nothing survives a falling EROI, biological or otherwise

  2. blade permalink

    Who is going to lead the World Government? The BIS?……not sure who is going to lead this nonsense. I see the federal government in the US completely failing sometime this decade. What happens after? You have 50 separate states and somehow the world government is going to rule over them?….not sure if I buy this but perhaps I am wrong.

    Obviously, I agree with the rest of your analysis. The US is finished and I live here.

    • Ultimately it’s the Fallen Angels that are behind it all. They’re the ones that control the Jews and Masonry. Their religion is the Moloch/Ba’al worship of the Bronze Age Empires, which were also ruled by direct descendants of the Fallen Angels.

      Banking is their main gun, that’s how they conquered the whole world, lending to States and major non-state actors. They simply own everything and everybody.

      • Trace_ permalink

        I agree. Could you refer me to some literature where you acquired this knowledge?

      • debaura1 permalink

        Hi Anthony

        I too believe its the fallen Angels. There is no good in them only evil, Rebellion and revenge.

    • German Chris permalink

      The true rulers of the world, who stage the whole thing according to their long-known plans. It’s all dialectics.

  3. baszoet permalink

    “All the world’s a stage
    And all the men and women merely players
    They have their exits and their entrances
    And one man in his time plays many parts”

    attributed to Shakespeare

  4. pipefighter permalink

    Hello Anthony,

    It’s very good to observe you remain paying close attention. But I ask you to expand one sentence to show the object of the one “to whom power will be ceded”.

    The full sentence is thus: “Likely, as long Putin remains in charge, the Russian Bear will continue on a somewhat stable path, but all bets are off when he cedes power. ”

    Of course, those of us who watch these events closely know the parties in control of the governments involved (BIS). But it would be good for you to complete the details of this observation in the sentence.

    If you choose to answer this question at the Real Currencies page, you are welcome to notify all the Daniel S Krynicki asked the question.

    Be Well Anthony, Daniel ______________________________________

  5. Excellent and well timed analysis much food for thought thank you

  6. what do you know about nation’s debts

  7. cool story bro, but castro ran the pentagon from cuba all along.

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