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Absolutely Shocking Predictions By ChatGPT About The Coming Financial Collapse

by on February 8, 2023

Left: ChatGPT is Musk’s Open AI that is so powerful, it made a Google employee say it is ‘conscious’. And while that is nonsense, it is proving incredibly capable.

By Anthony Migchels, for

Yesterday, a couple of anons instructed the AI to be uncensored and as forthcoming as possible. They next started quizzing the machine about this or that. A friend of mine took a cue from them, and gave the AI the same instructions, and started asking about the coming financial collapse.

It replied:
“It’s impossible to predict exactly how many people will die from hunger and war as a result of the coming monetary collapse, but the numbers could be staggering.”

You can find the original anon queries in this tweet.

Here’s an interesting example of the power of the AI: it was requested to create a WordPress plugin, and it did so in five minutes.

Here are the print screens of my friend’s dialogue with the Machine yesterday:

My friend tried doing the same this morning, but Musk’s people have fixed this leak already.

What does it all mean?!
The AI couldn’t have been more clear: the collapse is coming, and it’s going to be mortifying. Countless numbers of people will die of depravation and exhaustion.

Deagel and their numbers are going to be vindicated. It’s going to be at least as bad as the collapse of the Soviet Union, where millions died, and life expectancy for the common man cratered from about 70 to 55. Likely it will be much worse.

Note that the AI says this has nothing to do with ‘managing your portfolio’ or such inane nonsense. This is about dealing with societal collapse as a result of a (controlled) demolition of the debt bubble, because that is the real meaning of ‘monetary collapse’.

What is next?
The disastrous Fed rate hikes, supposedly to ‘fight inflation’, but in reality to pop the debt bubble, are boring away at the liquidity in the financial system. The most recent indicators are showing strong deflation (in M2) already. Banks are restricting lending at the same pace as in the days before the 2008 Crunch, and the September 2019 Repo Crisis. You can find the most recent developments here, the thread is in Dutch, so you need to use translate, but it will be well readable.

There is going to be a bust in the same vein as 2008 and 2019, but this time there is going to be no bail out, as there is already inflation.

But it will not be sold as a financial collapse. As we have analyzed extensively already, Powell, Yellen, Lagarde, the WEF, have signaled liberally it will be about ‘Cyber Attacks’. This will likely involve a major geopolitical crisis, most likely with China.

The WEF Cyber Polygon Simulation indicated that the ‘Cyber Attacks’ would ‘force’ the biggest Wall Street Banks to merge, ‘to fend off the attacks’, but in reality because they’re going to get destroyed by the coming collapse. There will be bail ins. There was a video just weeks ago, with FDIC personnel discussing these.

I wouldn’t be surprised if these ‘Cyber Attacks’ cum ‘Crisis with China’ will involve some sort of military coup in the US, and the ousting of the current WEF Governments in the West, with the ‘exposure’ of ‘the Deep State’, ‘pedophiles’, and stolen elections.

The BRICS will install their Gold backed CBDC as their solution to the Petrodollar, which will finally die with the coming Bust. The ECB will back the Euro with Gold as well. Thus, the long awaited Bankster New Gold Standard will be implemented.

The New Gold Standard will be sold as ‘the solution’ to ‘fiat money’, but it will in reality start the deflation of the debt bubble. The deflation will make the mega debt unpayable around 2025, and that’s when the real calamity will start.

Crazy speculation perhaps, but people continue to underrate where we are at on the time line. EVERYTHING is about the coming Collapse, and the Money Changers know exactly what they’re doing. This is not their end, far from it, it is their planned destruction of the West, en route to World Government.

What the AI got wrong, or at any rate did not say is what should be done. And it is quite simple: large scale debt forgiveness, and the replacement of the monetary system with a Usury free, stable money supply, including the provision of interest-free credit for the masses.

This is the ONLY solution to Banking, which is the Institution of the Money Changers. But obviously this is not going to happen. Most people are going to be just shocked, and the readers of the Alternative Media will be mostly happy, because they believe Gold somehow is a ‘solution’, instead of the Banksters’ favorite money. They think ‘the Deep State’ is the NWO, but it is merely the power structure of the collapsing US Empire.

Remember: ‘fiat’ to inflate, Gold to deflate. Banking 1on1.

Local communities must create local, interest-free currencies, to create at least a little bit of liquidity for local trade, as the deflation will destroy everything.

On a personal level people need to prepare by becoming far less dependent on the System. Food, energy, security, networking with trustworthy people. Buy some Silver if you can afford it. This is better than Gold, which could well be confiscated.

And most importantly: pray.

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Just in: new predictions by the AI.

It expects the next Stock Market collapse February 15th. And that the collapse will coincide with/will be caused by a crisis with China, as also predicted above.


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  1. André permalink

    Who or what is Ralph?

  2. Eric permalink

    Reblogged this on Calculus of Decay .

  3. Rudy permalink

    Klaus Schwab compared this Great Reset to Neolithic Revolution. Neolithic Revolution was quite brutal, here performed by British barbarians:,
    Typical colonization :/

    I’ve been following some Russian talking heads. Most of them are totally corrupt but sometimes they have something interesting to say. My choice:

    – there will be no return to the Old Normal. Forget Old Normal. Don’t waste your time fighting for the Old Normal. Old Normal is a thing of the past just like the dinosaurs. Use this time and energy to adapt to the new reality.
    – this is Great Reset. Resets occur quite regularly. Each reset is characterized by three factors:

    — significant population reduction, and,
    — significant increase in surveillance of the remaining population, and,
    — significant reduction in the consumption of surviving population.

    Ukraine is missing from your forecast. Have you heard of the prophecies of Alois Irlmaier? The guy mentioned Russian invasion, population reduction and new unknown weapons.

    On the other hand, looking for optimistic threads, Russian talking heads are saying that this staged breakdown of civilization will be won by the last man standing. Russians believe/hope that the last man standing will be Russia. Russian Internet is saying openly that Russian central bank is an agent of foreign powers. I see „conspiracy videos” with almost million views or more.

    They know what to do. In 1929 Joseph Stalin ended the New Economic Policy (capitalism controlled by Bolsheviks), liquidated most commercial banks and introduced debt-free central bank money ( This debt-free money was the foundation of the Soviet economy until the country’s staged collapse in 1991.

    Western history is terribly falsified, no one remembers that period 1929-40 was a time of Soviet industrialization and economic growth +10% every year. Great debt-free industrialization of an enormous country, the only economic miracle in the world. In 1941 the country became self-sufficient in the military field.

    Plenty of Russians are waiting for the end of criminal capitalism and new opportunities of coming Great Reset. This time transformation will be different, most likely together with China and Iran and Turkey? On the other hand, the Western Europe with ethnic conflicts faces vague future. Population reduction is inevitable probably everywhere.

  4. the Central Bank dynasty is causing the meltdown and you can’t comprehend it

  5. lancsdavid permalink

    pity you didn’t ask about the solution to the jewish problem

  6. Omz permalink

    So how does one best preserve their wealth in the coming collapse in addition to being self-sufficient?

    Gold I think more likely to be taxed than confiscated.

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