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For Peace! Against an Attack on Iran!

Iran has always been the endgame of the Money Power’s relentless drive to a New World Order.

After twenty years of mounting threats by the US and Israel, an attack is on the horizon at best, imminent at worst.

There is no doubt who is the aggressor here: Zionism and the West.
Just imagine bombing nuclear facilities. A despicable war crime by all standards of international law. And, far more importantly, an utter atrocity by all human standards.

Resist all ‘explanations’ for this war.

  • Iran has not attacked any Nation for centuries. It could not, even if it wanted, as it is surrounded by the Four Great Empires: Russia, China, India, and the West. It is just happy to have remained independent in the face of such neighbors.
  • Iran WAS attacked by a Western/Zionist inspired and financed attack by Saddam Hussein.
  • Ahmadinejad did NOT say he wanted Israel destroyed.
  • Iran’s women will NOT be empowered by bombing their homes and killing their fathers, husbands, sons and themselves.
  • Iran’s Jews like living there so much they vociferously denounced Israel’s invitation, including a $30,000 cash bribe, to move to Zion.
  • The Mullahs will NOT attack Israel, even if they obtain a nuclear bomb: Israel has hundreds of them and the ICBM’s to deliver them.
  • Christians have all the freedom they need to worship God, as long as they don’t proselytize.
  • The Mullah’s may be unpleasant, but the Iranians prefer them over us. That is their God Given Right.

Both Israel and Iran will be destroyed in this war.
The Money Power cares for neither.

For Peace! Against an Attack on Iran!
Don’t fall for the Iran War rhetoric and propaganda (By K. Schwartz)
Ahmadinejad shows Globalist Colors
Iran and the Dogs of War


    To summarize the NSA leaks, here is what I understand:

    Snowden is a patsy: this false flag is probably less on the part of Snowden than the ones who are using his material as The Guardian or Wikileaks and their handlers in the intent of :

    1. Internationally: blaming the US in the eyes of the international community, making it a rogue state on part with Israel in order to solely put the blame on them in the event of a coming Syria war.

    2. Nationally: prepping the population for the next false flag that will be intended to turn them angry enough and start an internal uprising that they will at least be able to crush using all the executive orders for implementing a definitive police state

    3. Shelter Germany from any thought of having anything to do with the NWO since it has been said (who knows ?) that it is the most spied upon EU country and that it should even welcome Snowden as did America for Einstein, meaning the US are the new Nazis and Germany … the poor lamb !

    Reality has faded into a war of attrition. Truth has never been so deeply hidden, so much that the brightest minds of the ‘alternative’ press are better explaining why we should soon encounter the coming of Nibiru than shed the tiniest light over “What Really Happens”.

    • I agree with your take on Snowden.

      You can rest assured that both Germany and the Eurocrats are very firmly on board of the NWO agenda, as are most if not all other major Governments on the planet. The EU/German ‘surprise’ and ‘disgust’ is all theater for the less endowed.

  2. Peter B permalink

    The Mullas will not attack Israel directly. They will give the bomb to a third party terrorist organistion that will explode the bomb for them in USA or any other country, and there will be no counterattack because you don’t know who to bomb………… Don’t underestimate the power of Allah 🙂

    • wow….Just wow.

      I’ve had a few beers. I’m going to restrain myself for now. Perhaps tomorrow the One will rule over my senses again. But I guarantee nothing.

      Meanwhile: next time go bother some Zionist outlet. They are everywhere. This is just a limited hang out for people who actually deplore war.

  3. Eugene permalink

    I have read that when Iraq was invaded that antiquities were stolen from its museums that showed that Israel worshipped the serpent.
    The destruction of Iraq by the United States and allies shows that the real religion of these One Worlders is not what the Christian World believes and is made to believe it is. If the Christian religion was so important to these One Worlders , they could have pressured Iraq to their will. Iraq was cooperating, but it had to be overthtown and Huessin executed. Events show their plan carried out. They think nothing to destroy the land of the Bible the Christians love to talk so much about.
    We could be friends with Iran. Many times news reports have shown the Muslim world loves America, their music, clothes etc.
    But the Muslims are said to stand in the way of this world domonation.
    I’m guessing it might have been about 20 years or so ago, an article appeared in the newspapers that the Jews were training young men in the techniques of ritual slaughter so as to be trained when they rebuild their temple. So they are a pagan worshipping religion 2000 years later still offering up blood to their god.
    I’ve often wondered if not all the blood of these wars are not offerings to a blood thirsty god. The Old Testament says that god heard Abels blood crying up from the ground.
    Lindsey Williams claimed his illuminiti source claimed we would go to war against Iran last year ., about October.
    This year , I believe it is to be somewhere between September and October. Just in time before electionbs.
    The people could stop these wars if they demanded their governments cooperate and work to solve problems or the officals would be voted out of office the next election. It won’t happen. We love our personal belif system.
    We love our politicans, our party, our personal beliefs about things and those who support them.
    Listen carefully to the Conservatives: We want smaller government, privitize Social Security, Medicare, drill on state land, privitize our Turnpikes, prisons, eliminate regulations, laws, institutions, privitize the post office, education and on and on.
    Well turn agencies under privitization, Social Security, Medicare, Post office, Turnpikes, state parks Federal lands, Waters, etc. Reduce regulations for safety, health, travel, etc. Reduce government.
    And then , maybe we can go back to the days of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, when people were really entrapenurs as the Conservatives claim we should be- living off the land, connivibng, stealing , robbing, killing, stealing from others as we did for the resources and land takrn from the Indians. You either had it or found a way to get it. You went where the opportunities were : like the mines, goldfields, cities, where the jobs were.
    Maybe we could go back to the days when the Catholic Church made and unmade kings as they are trying to do by re-uniting the religions.
    When you were serfs and belonged to the king or church’s bidding. When people could be slaves and bought and sold. When children , abandoned by their parents because of no one to care for them because of death or war were gathered up into shelters until a ship came to America or some other country , the children were shipped away, to become house servants , sexual slaves, etc. We were told in school, that these children were given away to others to learn trades or as a means to repay debts. So innocent sounding compared to being homeless, no parents due to war and disease, living in the streets, homeless, gathered up like cattle and sold when the next ship left
    Maybe if there is a loving God as so many christians believe and they are so special to him, he will answer their prayer and bring us all the terrible tragedies mentioned as they love to talk about in the Book of Revealation and we can all see personally, if we will escape this wrath we so love to talk about concerning Christ’s second coming. Maybe this One World government Christians want to see come about because they believe they are special can come about and we can finally see where we stand between heaven and hell
    and be over with. With religion being so profitable for 2000 years to people like Billy Graham, Schullers, Pat Robertson and such now slowly turning their ministry’s over to their sons, Also John Hagee and such as Pat Robertson claiming to support Israel as God will curse those who do not.
    Maybe then we can see if the Bible is notheing more than a book or outline in plain sight of a plan for world domination.
    Most Jews in Israel are from Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world. Most parents of Israel’s prime ministers are from Europe, Asia, Russia, Ukraine, etc. Religion is the main problem in this world.
    There will not be peace as long as the people allow money and religion to control this world and our governments.

  4. Eugene permalink

    It’s been said by news sources that Israel has I believe 400 nuclear bombs. It’s funny that in past years, I believe before we invaded Iraq, it was suppoosed to be in the thousands. Just like before the United States, Iraq’s population was given as 25 million by the news media, but after Iran was attacked by america, he population was now 45 million. Why the difference after the war started.
    I wish I could find the book ,Ive read that the author told of how Iraq’s business ‘s were privitized. How her resources were sold and on and on. Is that why the United STates government loves to send these rebels , these outcast, these anti-government characters who leave their homelasnd, come to France, the U.S.A. and other countries and when it is overthrown , have a sympathic ally to run the government for them.
    Castro was treated as a hero and Robin Hood by the news media when he was trying to overthrow his government while hiding in the mountains of Cuba.
    When he announced, he was a Communist, the news media acted surprised even though they treated him as a Robin Hood with positive publicity. In one instance to tell of how one of his followers had raped a woman and was made to dig his own grave and executed.
    Why has the United States isolated Cuba as we are led to believe for 50 or more years. Maybe because Castro announced he was a communist and the Catholic Church hates communism as a competitor as well as socialism.
    Maybe that is why we heard the Conservatives and so-called patriotic program hosts call President O’Bama a Communist and Socialist because the Catholic Church wants the Conservative agenda passed and the Conservatives in power through the Republican party.
    Rush Limbaugh pretends a religious flair nto his program of over 20 years of constant criticism of our government : ” Talent on loan from G-G-G-G-a-a-a-a-ad-d-d-d. And listeners fall for it.
    Shawn Hannity — Catholic
    Glenn Beck –Catholic turned Mormon claiming his wife wanted to get a church life and daughter loved feeling of Mormon Church. Also said the Mormon church had what he wanted. He can always announce Mormonism though if the Catholic church gets back in power through this one world religion everyone is wanting to see come about with their hope of Christ’s return and to avoid the inquistion we will all go through if the Catholic Church gets its powers back to make and unmake kings.
    Bill O’Reilly–Catholic
    Bill Cunningham–Catholic
    Oliver North Catholic -Involved in Contra affair
    Tony Blair converted to Catholicism
    Eric Prince- Catholic –head of Blackwater
    Newt Gingrich converted to Catholicism either due to wife’s urging or knows where power is.
    Pat buchanan –Catholic
    Today is July 28, 2012. A few days ago Alex Jones was ranting and raving that Michael bloomberg of New York was saying that police should go on strike or stand down as Alex loved to say until people turned in their guns.
    He accused Michael Blumberg, Raham Emmanuel, Mayor of Chicago, Pierce Morgan, William Kristol and Michael Moore , movie maker of all supporting it.
    So I looked up:
    Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York — Jewish
    Mayor Raham Emmanuel of Chicago — Jewish
    William Kristol influences political thought with books and columns– Jewish
    Michael Moore –Catholic
    Pierce Morgan British and TV star— Catholic

    So, this is an examp;e of how Alex Jones knows what is going on, but cannot help but give glimmers of light and knowledge hoping we just hear it and remember it, but not relate it to a specific groug, design of purpose.
    Most of our United States Supreme court is Catholic dominated. That is why the Republicans, but especially Conservatives hated John Roberts , a Catholic,for favoring O’bama’s health care plan. He was appointed by George W. Bush, probably and in my opinion because Catholics were encouraged to vote for Bush and his appointment was their payback. But because he was conservative annd catholic and appointed by Bush they could not as much as they wanted to ; call him the names and insult him as badly as they wanted to, probably hoping he would come through for them in the future.
    They so much expected Obama care as they call it to fail, Fox and another TV station claimed it failed before the Supreme Court announcement. An example of propaganda at work.
    There are two forces at work to rule the world–MONEY and RELIGION. It doesn’t matter if people are insulted to hear it or know it.
    The Jews or as the bible says:”Those who say they are Jews and are not.”rule the world’s money system and the Catholic Church seeks religious domination. And men who have studied this claim that Jersulam is sought by both as a world power center and capital .



  6. north korea will be it ally

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