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What is money – Explains the nature of money

Wat is geld – Dutch explanation on the nature of money

Promoting Local Currencies

The Elderly (1)
A horror story of a woman filming the caretakers of her mother. It transpires they abused her, while ‘taking care of her’. Slapping her in the face, verbal abuse. The woman got suspicious because of bruises and set up a hidden camera.  My first thought was: this happens when you put your parents there, but she took care of her mother until she deteriorated too much.

Undoubtedly this quite common.


OMG (5)

Humanity may have lost it, but the animals are still a ok………

Euro Crisis (11)
Here’s Farage on the EU coup d’état in Greece. Look at van Rompuy, the soulless creature pushed forward to do the Money Power’s bidding as ‘EU President’…..

And here is some ridiculous spin on the IMF – Germany clashes about the bailouts, which the IMF wants to be much higher. This is just another dialectic: bailouts for banks, or utter austerity all over Europe. Either way, the Money Power wins. Amazingly, the fact that all these bailouts serve only the banks has receded more and more to background lately.

Regional Currencies (4)
Here is an example of the Greeks taking matters in their own hands.

The War on Cash (1)
Spain is now also limiting cash transactions to max 2500 euros. All the rationalizations are not important: the goal is to get rid of cash entirely, as these transactions cannot be logged by Big Brother’s computers. People have more independence when paying cash and cannot be cut off from being able to pay.


The Pedocracy (4)
In a surprise development, Peter Eyre reports Robert Green is about to be released! Great news and a major blow to the masonic child raping vampires operating the Injustice System in Scotland. Great news also for Hollie Greig (google Hollie!).

Brendan O’Connell (1)
This Australian scornfully put down some Zionist (‘you homicidal maniac!’) and then was unrepentant in court. He got a criminal three years in prison and is now on a hunger strike. I like his fearless ways. He took the Beast by the balls and while it struck back it now has a major moral problem. O’Connell seems to be in good spirits, but he can use all the support he can get. He’s got mine, that’s for sure.

Women (2)
Here’s a good anti-feminism blog. A quote getting at the heart of the matter:

“Men want sex. That’s no secret. But men want sex so much they’re even willing to live together with a woman who quarrels, bitches around, makes snide remarks, refuses to cook, refuses to raise children correctly and who represents a constant danger to sue him, accuse him of rape or kidnap his children. For men in such relationships sex is the main reason to continue. Thus realistic fembots are a viable alternative for these men.”

The point: men take far too much crap from women just to get laid. This makes them vulnerable to blackmail and being pussy whipped and thus being made look like fools.

Basic Analysis (1)
Here is Dick Eastman’s brilliant appraisal of the economic situation and what to do. “Once you understand the credit system you can’t help but be enraged at the quack remedies the elites are offering”. Indeed, if it does not piss you off, you don’t understand yet.

The Money Power is Jewish (1)
Here’s an absolutely brilliant appraisal of the situation by E. Michael Jones. A few snippets:
“This war began 2000 years ago at the foot of the cross, when the Jewish high priests, Annas and Caiphas, said to Jesus Christ, “If you come down from the cross, we will accept you as our Messiah.”

“The NAACP, in other words, purportedly a black organization for the advancement of black civil rights, was in fact a Jewish organization.
It was a Jewish organization that mobilized America’s blacks to fight racial discrimination insofar as this was congruent with Jewish goals.”

“The Revolutionary Jew, it must be emphasized, is not our enemy because of some occult racial inheritance. The Revolutionary Jew is our enemy because he has rejected Logos. This means that Jews, to the extent that they honor and revere Logos, are not our enemies.

Note. “Logos” may be defined as the Christ Principle, or the rule of law in a divinely ordered universe. Thus the Logos would seem to be an intrinsic feature of all the great world religions with the notable exception of Judaism—especially in its bizarre Talmudic manifestation.  (LD)

There are Jews who accept Logos fully by sincerely accepting baptism, and there are Jews who accept it in some lesser capacity by their docility to the truth. We all know Jews like this, and they should not be excluded from our fellowship, especially since many of them have suffered at the hands of “the Jews” themselves.
As the Gospel of St. John makes clear, the Jews became “the Jews” the minute they rejected Christ. As such, their only identity is negative. The minute they rejected Logos, which means reason, order, speech, and word, they became revolutionaries, determined enemies not only of Christ and the Christian social order, but any order in any society not of their own revolutionary making.”



Iran (7)
Sometimes it’s necessary to state the obvious, even just for the record: the Syrian ‘rebels’ are just a western proxy, just like the Libyan rebels were. In fact, some  of the fighters have been airlifted directly from Tripoli. Posted under ‘Iran’, because the road to Teheran goes through Damascus.

Euro Crisis (10)
Nigel Farrage with some bad news: more major bank collapses are coming. He also says the Euro breakup now for the fist is a real possibility.

In another development, it is now said that a Spanish bailout, either for its banks or its Government is now inevitable.

And here is an English translation of a very to the point, short German film on the ESM.

As mentioned in Euro Crisis (9), they may sacrifice the Euro to finally get their all out deflationary collapse.
It is amazing how entrenched the perception is, that the problem is debt, instead of interest. Quiting interest payments now would still solve everything overnight.

AIDS (2)
Certain AIDS medication is so incredibly addictive it produces withdrawals symptoms that doctors routinely diagnose as the onset of AIDS.

Archaeology (1)
A 12,000 year old city has been found in Southern Turkey, predating Mesopotamia by 7,000. This is a massive city. But no stone carving tools or agricultural tools have been found.  Animal carvings suggest quite different species than we know of today. It is fairly close to Mount Ararat, where many scholars believe Noah’s Arc was found and the sight does seem to refer to a major flooding. It is in pristine condition, because it was buried under 20 feet of sand.

Deep Horizon (1)
Two years after the fact, Gulf Sea food is inedible because of deformities and contamination. They are still spraying Corexit, as the sea floor is cracked and spewing oil at several places over a large area. The Corexit is highly poisonous, also for people swimming in the Gulf.

Iraq (1)
The body count in Iraq at this point stands at 1,455,590. Ten times more than most ‘estimates’ in the US Media. They were not only killed, they are trying to make it go away too.

Vaccines & Depopulation (1)
Ex Microsoft Africa Boss to be Mali Prime Minister. Is it to implement Bill Gates’ depopulation through vaccination agenda?

The Revolving Door (1)
Not even so much because of the names involved, but particularly because of the tool: Venn diagrams. Makes clear where Government and Corporate interests intertwine.

TV (1)
If anyone is still doubting he should toss out the tube: here’s a major story about Digital Television. Is the Pentagon sending mind control signals through ‘silent sound’ technology?

OMG (4)
The American who quit money: Daniel Suelo.

Henry George (1)
A highly interesting, very short discussion of George’s work. A man who has a lot to offer us even today, 150 years after his main work, Progress and Poverty, was published.

Sad Gays (2)
85% of Russians say the would support a ban on gay propaganda. Russian leaders  “at the G8 Summit refused to endorse a joint statement by foreign ministers that included “lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender” people in its affirmation of human rights. A footnote to the statement read, “The Russian Federation disassociates itself from this language given the absence of any explicit definition or provision relating to such a group or such persons as separate rights holders under international human rights law.”

Inflation, Deflation………….or Stagflation? (1)
The Gold diggers at Zerohedge are just a total disinformation oepration. Just read this rambling nonsense. They just invented ‘cold’ inflation and ‘hot’ inflation. What’s wrong with the well established and long ago called ‘stagflation’?

Nuclear Energy and Depopulation (4)
This is a bit of pretty hard hitting analysis by Christopher Jon Bjerknes about what may be behind all the Nuclear Energy problems of late. His suggestion: Jewry has owned Nuclear Energy from the beginning and this is their actual Samson option. Not the few hundred nukes they have. Not a nice thing to say, but certainly easily dismissed either.

If anybody knows why we hear so little of him lately, I’d be interested to hear about it. Bjerknes is/was quite a commentator.

The Global Warming Swindle (1)
The hoax is so transparent that NASA scientists are revolting because they fear the credibility of science itself will suffer intolerably.

The Euro Crisis (9)
The IMF warns of a great depression if the Euro fails. I always felt the Euro would pull through, as it is such a major step towards World Currency, but this might actually be a reason for the Money Power to let it go.

Make Up (1)
Although I believe make up is hurting women for many reasons, this lady is a real artist. Quite amazing.

Degeneration (1)
A macabre example of the degeneration that is all around us. What this woman, the Swedish minister of culture, no less, was thinking…….

Bank Consolidation (1)
One way of looking at the Crunch is that it is a bank war, where the big eat the small. Financed by the FED, to ‘save’ them.
The big get bigger, notwithstanding the ‘no more too big to fail’ mantra. The small are allowed to die.

Satan’s Child Robbers: ‘Child Protection Agencies’ (1)
All over the world ‘Child Protection Agencies’ are becoming more aggressive by the day. The latest reasoning for robbing children is that their mothers have grown up in the State’s ‘care’ facilities.
Of course, having been raised under the ‘care’ of the State’s maniacs is indeed highly traumatic and it stands to reason that children will pay a price for the suffering of their mothers, that’s human nature.

But the sheer cynicism of this reasoning: first rear these women (and under what circumstances have they been taken from their parents?) and then claim this is a reason to take their children as well.

Of course, this is part and parcel of the agenda to destroy the family and allow the State to own all human beings as of day one. Eventually the agenda is to breed the children in their facilities, instead of being born with their mother and father.

In these times Satan’s lies are becoming ever more blatant, as the ultimate implications of the original lies that the edifice of ‘civilization’ is built on are becoming ever more clear.

The length at which people will go to maintain these original lies in order to avoid having to face being wrong is stupifying and will only get worse.

Diet (1)
Combinations of certain foods (like starch and proteins) are not a good idea. Just avoiding these combinations can lead to rapid weight loss and improved health.

Porn (1)
Porn is without a doubt an incredible spiritual attack and highly addictive. It’s probably one of the most sought for ‘resources’ on the internet, showing the vast scale of this problem. Porn sites are visited not only very often, but very long, 20 minutes on average, where a normal website gets maybe a few minutes. Major porn sites are among the best visited sites on the web. Because they provide mostly streaming video, the data they handle is without comparison. Xvideos, apparently the leading porn site, transfers 50 gigabytes per second. An incredible 29 petabytes per month.

Clearly our Masters are very happy with all this and it shows that the so called ‘Internet Reformation’ comes with a heavy price for humanity.

It is primarily men that succumb to it, but women too are more vulnerable every day. Heinous ‘feminists’ call for ‘the right for porn’ for women.

Having struggled with this addiction myself, I can confirm it is truly very difficult to get rid off. I still have to exercise control in avoiding it, especially since the internet is littered with women showing far too much of the goodies and the low threshold in accessing it.

However, I’m absolutely convinced that watching porn invites demonic activity. Also, ejaculation is robbing men of their life force and determination.

Anders Breivik (1)

Breivik whitewash begins. He’s pleading not guilty. The treatment he receives is quite different from what whistleblowers all over the world, including Marcel Vervloesem in Belgium (dutch link), receive.

Usury (1)
Al Thompson: The Scourge of Usury. An excellent overview of what the Scriptures have to say.

Regional Currencies (3)
The Bristol Pound. Even before launching 100 firms signed up. Although these currencies (the Lewes Pound, Brixton Pound) are rather primitive, not allowing interest free credit, they are potentially quite powerful. They also prove the Money Power can be confronted in the market place. If people realize what is at stake and if management suffices.

9/11 (1)
To be honest, I gave up on Truth. That is: about the MO. Clearly it was a Mossad/CIA/PNAC/Money Power operation to get the US in the Middle East, there is no question about that.
But luckily not all put off by all the conflicting data that the gatekeepers are producing to keep us from knowing.
Here’s an important article on Henry Makow’s on the ‘no plane’ theory.

Bill Abram (1)
This is quite a nice short film. It’s a good introduction and it shows a very interesting little fact: it transpires that during the 1935-1974 Canada produced its own money!

Aspertame (1)
A second young footballer (24) dies on the pitch with a heart attack. Jeff Rense speculates it may be aspartame in the sports drinks. Combined with the unnatural and unhealthy stress of modern top sports, this is quite a plausible speculation.


Joseph Farrell (1)
Here’s some good analysis by Farrell. As of 6:40 he comments on the Daily Bell and their ‘ideological resistance’ against Fiat Currencies as Austrians.

Chernobyl (1), Nuclear Energy and depopulation (3)
Was it an attack? Zen Gardner analyzes. Gardner has some other highly informative ideas about the blatant, global radiation poisoning.

The Yuan (1)
Moving closer to full convertibility. This will only serve to increase global instability. It was inconvertibility that allowed China and Malaysia to whether the 1998 storm unscathed. But of course it’s far more important to integrate China in the World Economy en route to World Currency.

Eat the Rich (2)
Of course this is very old news, but one of the reasons the rich get richer is because they hardly pay any taxes. It’s the same everywhere. It’s amazing people believe taxing the rich would hurt the economy. The rich would leave the country? Oh, if only that would be the case……Eat the Rich (1) shows they are usually rather unpleasant people we could well do without. But they won’t leave. Their corporations are here. They need to work here to make more money. There is no money to be made in Costa Rica or some nice Caribbean Island.

Gandhi and the Jews (1)
With thanks to Gilad Atzmon.

A truly incredible video.

Peter Eyre (1)
There still are honest journalists and Peter Eyre certainly seems one of them. This is his analysis of what we are up against.


Zionism (1)
It’s a cliche for the initiate, but I feel forced to publish at least some of the data that is available about the ‘settlers’ on the West Bank. Organized Psychopathy. Just think of all the ‘Christians’ supporting this trash. It remains quite shocking to really see these people.

Sad Gays (1)
A ‘christian’ (do these really exist these days?) group is forbidden to advertize on London buses that homosexuality can be cured. Both Johnson, London’s mayor and his rival Livingstone reject this add. Not only showing the reality of ‘freedom of speech’, nowadays overruled by ‘intolerance of intolerance’, but also how there is no real opposition: the key issues, including degenerating society, are promoted by both parties.

Ich, Gunter (3)
Here’s a strong statement of support. Although blindingly obvious, in this age of universal deceit…….etc.

An Alternative Media in Crisis (10)
Since the main news aggregators seem busted, we should be happy with this one.

Rachmaninov (2)

As did Chopin, Rachmaninov had something with Preludes. Here’s Gilels doing this uncanny G minor prelude. As they describe it on YouTube: Gilels attacking the piano like it owes him money.
I gave up on this piece. I never gave up on any piece before, but this I’ll just never manage.

Although I believe one should be a man to play this, our beautiful Russian Blonde does a fair job too. It’s rhythmical and technically amazing, and I’m just a sucker for beautiful women making music. And look at her movements with the three voices in the middle. It’s touching.

And while one should not overemphasize cliches…….. Here’s Gilels doing the C sharp minor prelude. Some say he outdoes the basic theme, I don’t. He just pounds it like it was intended. All the sidenotes (and they are many) are just that. Sidenotes. The simple C sharp minor chord is what it is all about, also in the triplets halfway. Just listen to what he does to them. What an animal.

Rachmaninov (1)
He was the last of the Classical Geniuses. He was not only an uncanny director, one of the, if not THE best pianists of the 20th century, he was a truly brilliant composer. He came six, seven decades after Chopin and was the first since him and the last ever to add something useful to the piano repertoire. Here is his 2nd piano concerto, played by himself. It’s a very important interpretation, not just because of the Grand Vizier playing one of his major works himself, but because it is one of the few interpretations actually pounding that base theme in the opening.The ‘a la marcia’ is legendary. His lyrical handling of the main themes just amazing.

This is another incredible performance, Weissenberg and von Karajan. It’s just wonderful to see them work together. The footage shows how great art comes from the silence within. That’s the real classical take. The epiphany of music.

And let me leave you with this. If you are a freak, like I am, just look at his hands. Some people pound Rach, some others pound JS Bach. I think he’s the only one that can make this work.

AIDS (1)
Anybody still buying that crap?

Corporations (1)
I haven’t seen this documentary. It is about the Corporation as a Psychopathic entity. It’s nonsense.
It’s not the corporation, but its owners who decide its conduct. It’s really very silly disinformation, quite typical of the left, to blame the construct, instead of the architect.

Women (1)
Boycott American Women. Unfortunately Dutch women are not much better. The stench of Matriarchy combined with the hate of humanity called ‘feminism’ has really proved quite a distasteful cocktail.
Here’s another good site helping men wake up from the female control grid.

But is has to be admitted that men are accomplices, as they allow themselves to be ruled by their crotch.


Quit Smoking! (1)
Although I utterly disagree with the premise of this article (quitting is easy), I link to it because if it inspires even one, it’s worth while. Today is my 21’st day without one and it’s the first day I’ve not suffered throughout.

OMG (3)
I believe this man has a lot to offer to us all.

Allopathy and the War on Life (3)
Big Pharma is now grooming little children to accept mustard gas poisoning as normal.

the Islas Malvinas (1)
Does anybody really doubt they belong to Argentina?

Allopathy and the War on Life (2)
Blindingly obvious, but now ‘science’: Regular X-rays at the dentist’s increases risks of brain tumors.


Iran (6)
The Russians are moving their assets to Iran’s northern border in anticipation of an attack in the summer. An attack will come, the question is when.

Barack Obama (1)
Is he Jewish? (Scroll down a little for the links)

Albert Einstein (1)
His ten best quotes according the Telegraph. With typical MSM foolishness they left out his most viable one: “the most powerful force in the Universe is compound interest”.
They did put in “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax. “. And although he certainly has got a point here too, this sounds like State bashing, while ignoring his commentary of the Money Power……………

The Coming Gold Standard (3)
Evans-Pritchard on the current Gold situation. Gold is down already 300 dollars per ounce since its peak of late last year. But: “Russia is raising the gold share of its reserves to 10pc, buying the dips with panache. China is coy, but WikiLeaks cables reveal that Beijing is eyeing “large gold reserves” to back the internationalisation of the renminbi. “

Also: “The ECB is accepting bus tickets as collateral and the only way out of this debt and banking crisis will be inflation in the end.”
But I don’t buy this: how can one inflate debt away in a debt based monetary system? After all: every new dollar (inflation) is a new debt.

And of course what it is all about: “In the meantime, the real M1 deposits have contracted at a 10.9 annual rate over the last six months in the peripheral bloc of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, a leading indicator of trouble later this year. “
M1 down 11%………………………..That’s a major depression.

His conclusion: “There will come a day then the bullion super-cycle finally sputters out. My guess is that it will come once Europe’s monetary system has returned to a viable footing – either by real fiscal union, or by break-up – and once China’s RMB becomes fully convertible and takes it place as the third pillar of the world’s currency system. We are not there yet. ”
Maybe. My hunch is that the non-Anglo-American powers will continue to move to Gold.

The American Penitentiary Nightmare (1)
The animals working for the American Penitentiary Nightmare have mercilessly tortured two men by keeping them in isolation without the ability to work or to study for 40 years. May the perpetrators rot in hell.


Michael Hoffman (1)
Michael Hoffman is probably the leading Gentile scholar on the ‘spiritual’ backgrounds of Judaism. Here is his blog discussing the Talmud.

The decay of Civilization (1)
A shocking story of a man robbed and stripped while bystanders laugh hysterically. A feedbacker points at Matthew 24:12 “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall grow cold.”
Similar stories have been coming out of China too.
Yes, the times are indeed very dire.

Pray (1)
Do not believe the NWO is coming. It is already here. The final clash is at hand. It is time to choose.
Pray for guidance. Pray for the agents of the Evil One, that they may be saved, as many can still be saved. Shed illusion.
Read Ned Dougherty.

OMG (2)
Look at this man’s face: is he Hitler’s grandson? It is an interesting aspect of nature that resemblance often skips a generation.

Ich, Gunter (2)
The morbid death cult that is Zionism is again exposed, this time by their reaction to Grass’s already legendary poem.
‘I want to be a danger to the world’. Well, they succeed, don’t they?

Ich, Gunter (1)
In yet another showcase of Zionist hypocrisy and insanity, Gunter Grass is burnt down by the German Media and ‘intellectuals’ for his coming out with ‘what has to be said’.

Libertarianism (1)
Here’s an excellent expose of Libertarianism. It’s just a typical Mammon attack on Love.

Marine Le Pen (1)
Marine Le Pen, presidential candidate in France lashes out against Goldman Sachs. This is a link to a Dutch tabloid newspaper (de Telegraaf). Interestingly, out of several hundred comments, the large majority supports le Pen on this: even among ‘the masses’ Goldman’s reputation is in tatters.

Iran (5)
China is again pretending to prevent war with Iran by warning of retaliation and even more economic trouble. But that is what those involved are looking for, so in fact it is just a further indication things are going smoothly as planned.

Germar Rudolf (1)
Resistance is Obligation. This is the Truth. We are obliged to pick up our cross and join the fight. We pay a spiritual price for every second we postpone the inevitable. This is the title of Germar Rudolf’s opening statements in his holocaust ‘denial’ trial.

Tungsten Bars (1)
The Tungsten story resurfaces: here’s a picture of a 1 kilo ‘Gold’ bar filled with it.

Putin (1)
Here’s another example of Putin glorification by Brother Nathanael. This is a trend in the ‘Alternative Media’. Because America and Russia are strategic adversaries on a national level, people assume Russia is an enemy of the New World Order. But both sides are owned by the same people, as witnessed by Russia’s money supply which is based on interest-bearing debts to banks.

Regional Currencies (2)
Here some information on Wayne Walton, founder of the ‘Mountain Hours’ local currency.

Dennis Kucinich (1)
The man who introduced HR2990 into the House, calling for a Greenback, has lost his seat in the House of Representatives.

An Alternative Media in Crisis (9)
Who is David Chase Taylor?
Look at this guy’s site (I understand you’ve probably already have, but check his picture):
Is this is a slick dude or what?
Look how he presents his case: a year without asylum, all the organizations that he’s in touch with, the documentation of the contacts.
This guy is a total control freak and a total professional.
Look at how he handles Jones, including the aftermath: he’s a total pro, calling all Jones’s moves. I suspected a number of his items, for instance Jones all of the sudden publishing a Stratfor story, but he calls them and explains in detail what he’s doing.
I very much unlike his ‘Zionist’ message. Of course Jones ignores the Zionists. But the Zionists are not the problem. Unless you look at it the Douglas Reed way, who says the Jews look upon the planet as being Zion. But that’s not what he means. Subtle disinformation, hammered home very effectively by attacking the guy conspicuous for ignoring Zionism.
Where does he find the time to save Dallas of a nuclear attack, stay clear from Shin Beth reprisals and be on Jones’s case in such a way? It’s impossible.
This is a hit job. It’s incredible. I’m really happy this guy is not on my case. He’s really dangerous.
I have no doubt that everything he says about Jones is true.
I have only very little doubt that Jones made somebody either very angry, or his time is up.
Either way: a very professional executioner has been sent.

Andrew Breitbart (1)
The main question is what he had on Obama. His death is ‘highly suspicious‘. We know a heart attack is within their capabilities. Nobody gets a sudden lethal heart on his 43d a few days before the biggest event of his life. Especially not if it would end the POTUS’s career.

An Alternative Media in Crisis (8)
The Alex Jones as STRATFOR agent is truly fascinating. Here’s a Top Ten of why AJ’s bad by David Chase Taylor. Taylor certainly is a professional, very hard hitting. Interestingly he does not mention Jones’s Gold Standard, which is why I always knew he could not be trusted.

People say we owe Jones a ‘debt of gratitude’ for the people he woke up. I don’t believe in that. Jones doesn’t wake people up. People wake up themselves, and then become more open for information and start digging proactively. Jones is one of those people to catch the dissenting flock. He and people like him are a strategy to manage the information people receive and limit the damage from ‘awakening’.

Arthur Jones (1)
A holocaust denying Republican candidate for the House? His name is Arthur Jones. He questions his opponent’s affiliation to AIPAC. Quote: “we can’t let Iran have one nuclear weapon but we let Israel have all the nuclear weapons they want”

An Alternative Media in Crisis (7)
Henry Makow has now written of the cooling between Icke and him. Icke won’t post his articles anymore and despises the way Makow handled Rense. That’s his good right. He certainly handled it a lot better than Rense, that’s for sure. Nonetheless, it’s telling. David Icke has a habit of accusing others of suffering from the me, me, me problem. But he certainly does not seem to be free from that ailment himself. He’s also widely criticized for his reptilians of course. People claim the goal of that psy-op is to ridicule the true narrative about who rules the world. Only nutters believing in reptilians believe in international bankers. There’s truth in that. Although I keep an open mind, because metaphorically it is at any rate quite powerful. Another problem with Icke is his anti Christ message. It is normal to resist organized religion, but Christ Himself? His New Age religion is not to the point: it’s the pseudo religion of being the master of your own life and destiny and that we can be Gods. We can, of course, but only by submitting more and more until totally to the One Volition. And even if we can, it can never be the goal. The goal is submission and reverence itself.

In another stunning development, Alex Jones is being accused of being a SRATFOR operative. David Chase Taylor is behind the story. According to him, STRATFOR is an Israeli intelligence operation run from Austin. Taylor says Austin and its direct surroundings are a hotbed of right wing agitation:
“Karl Rove, top Republican Strategist, Steven Jackson, founder of the Illuminati card game, Jehmu Green, founder of Rock the Vote, and Silona Bonewald, founder of the League of Technical Voters. Austin is located only 199 miles away from Lake Jackson, Texas, which is home to U.S. Congressman and 2012 U.S. Presidential candidate Ron Paul. Needless to say, Austin represents a majority of the Republican/Right Wing power structure in America.”

We’ll have to see how this story unfolds further.

Here’s an interesting list of ‘controlled opposition’. To my mind it’s quite accurate and also comprehensive. And this is a quite perceptive analysis of indirect control mechanisms in the Alternative Media.

The BRICS are putting forward a candidate of their own for World Bank President. Usually this is an American and the IMF is always run by a European. At the time of Lagarde’s appointment as head of the IMF the BRICS were also looking for an opportunity. Further confirmation of the change in the balance of power as a result of the Great Crunch.

Ron Paul (2)
And here’s Ron Paul laughing at Bernanke’s jokes. I’d be interested to see them shaking hands.
And yes: the rest of the blogosphere touted this as yet another example of how Paul handled Bernanke.
Quote: “The Congressman then pulled out a silver eagle, explaining that it has retained it’s real worth and that hard assets should be used as currency as outlined in the Constitution. Telling Bernanke that in 2006, when he took over at the Fed, an ounce of silver bought about 4 gallons of gas, where as today it will buy 11 gallons. “That’s preservation of value,” said Paul.”
Of course a doubling of value is not ‘preservation of value’. Had Silver been money, we’d been talking about a massive DEFLATION. And Paul and Austrianism are of course famous for defending deflation.

The Coming Gold Standard (2), Iran (5)
Iran is pressing ahead. Other countries can now also pay with Gold. This is useful to the Money Power for two reasons: it furthers their Gold Standard and it upsets the Americans, who have a geostrategic asset (the dollar as reserve currency) to protect.

Judge Napolitano (1)
Clearly it was not his speech that got Napolitano fired. He’d been dispensing the same stories for years.
Seems more likely he had other things to do and his handlers decided this was the best way to plug Paul: to have Napolitano ‘martyred’. We’ll quickly find out that this did not damage his career. As would happen normally speaking if he said anything troubling. For instance when he would have said 9/11 was an inside job. Or that we need interest free currency.

Eat the Rich (1)
There are more and more studies indicating the rich are indeed more unpleasant than the poor. They are proven to be less empathic, and to lie and cheat more.
Old banker wisdom also says the rich will strategically default, while the poor will always pay.

The Euro Crisis (8)
Another amazing development: Ireland’s Taoiseach Enda Kenny calls for a referendum. I wonder if he consulted Papandreou on the issue…..

Timothy Geithner arrested? (1)
There is a rumor Geithner has been arrested and released by the NYPD. Despite several attempts to check the story with the Treasure, no denial or confirmation has been given.

Allopathy and The War on Life (1)
New born babies are not persons and can be killed without ethical problems, even if they are perfectly fit, doctors are now saying.

An Alternative Media in Crisis (6)
I think it is safe to say Henry Makow today buried Jeff Rense as a serious presence on the net.

The Pedocracy (3)
Even sites like Prison Planet are now more and more exposing the links between pedo- and homosexuality.

The Euro Crisis (7)
Incredible. Just incredible. Prodi has just admitted that they created the Euro knowing full well all this would happen and that they would use the crisis to get Fiscal/Political Union. Of course, this is no surprise to readers of this blog, but to hear it from the horse’s mouth is stunning nonetheless.

An Alternative Media in Crisis (5)
Jeff Rense has completely lost it. In a horrible outburst he loses all dignity. This thing has been going on for a week now, but he has not calmed down at all. And calming down is what he should be doing.
I completely disagree with Jeff’s claim for privacy. Makow did launch an incredible attack on Rense, but the point is that Jeff’s making a lot of money while leading the Alternative Media. His inability to control his finances and marrying 5 to 10 times would be considered important information when dealing with Mainstream leaders.
Rense dumped Makow after the latter posted the Fukushima article on his own site. He did so without even a second thought. It is fully understandable that Makow felt utterly betrayed. His chagrin apparently motivated someone close to Jeff to inform Makow on the details that we have been reading about.
Rense made a big mistake and got pounded because of it. Jeff is very secretive about his past and now it is at him with a vengence.
He’d better start licking his wounds and wait for this to blow over, because these terrible public statements, which point at serious character problems, will be out there to haunt him forever.
One quote of his screed is noteworthy:
According to Jeff we are about to lose access to: “the amazing Judge Napolitano, the stalwart truth speaker Pat Buchanan, the timeless Ron Paul and utterly brilliant paradigm-shifting David Icke.”
Thankfully he also names Icke. The first three are blatant Libertarians of the worst kind, Buchanan is a Maltese Knight too.
It’s good to know where Rense stands.

Euro Crisis (6)
Another brilliant article by Ellen Brown. It explains in no uncertain terms why Goldman Sachs landed its people in Dublin, Rome and Athens: they are among the counterparties in the Credit Default Swaps hoax. A greek default would take Wall Street down as they would have to pay up. CDS is an insurance against default.

Ron Paul (1)
For days the internet is now buzzing with Peter Thiel donating $900,000 to Ron Paul. As a libertarian this is not so strange, but since he is also a member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee, it raises eyebrows. In fact, it is so blatant one wonders if this is not meant to hurt Paul.

The Euro Crisis (5)
The question now is, when Greece’s official default will be made public. Here’s Keith Gardner on the economic genocide perpetrated on her. Stephen Lendman on Money Power in the EU.

The next question will be: under what conditions will Greece default and leave the Euro. Even after a default its debt will undoubtedly remain substantial. Especially if the reinstated Drachme starts depreciating against the Euro.
The question also is what all this means for the European project. Is Greece supposed to be an ‘example’ as suggested by this article? Is she getting raped as badly as possible to shock and awe the rest of Europe into submission?
But the problems in Portugal and Spain are real and are not going to go away.
To be continued…………

OMG (1)
Charlie Chaplin is Israel Thornstein?

The Pedocracy (2)
The Dutch Prince Friso was badly injured in a ski accident a few days ago. According to Holland’s leading Paedophile hunter Micha Kat, the accident is not as bad as it seems. The agenda may be to get Friso out of the public arena as there are strong indications that he might be more like his father Claus than is healthy for the Monarchy. Friso is implicated in several major child rape and murder cases in the Netherlands.

The Pedocracy (1)
Robert Green, who valiantly fights the Pedocracy in Scotland and who has done more than anybody else to protect Hollie Greig and her mother from even more harm is in trouble. If the rapists have their way, he will spend a year in prison.

An Alternative Media in Crisis (4)
Jeff Rense is now out with all guns blazing: the first eight links on his site are fixed and about his row with Makow.
He does not seem to be doing well. He’s very ad hominem: ‘little man’, ‘zionist hit piece’, ‘his vile, filthy and morbid performance’. He was not able to dismiss the stories of his lifestyle. He does seem to have many problems with his health and these seem to explain his ‘face lifts’, so that’s tough for him.
But he should have just said: ‘Henry, too bad after ten good years. Good luck with the rest of your life’.
My system is telling me we are still missing a part of the picture.

Regional Currencies (1)
Great story about Greeks using local currencies.
Quote: “In Greece today, the real rebels aren’t the thousands of protesters angry at the government’s austerity measures, but these few honest, rugged souls who are flourishing on the merits of their own hard work, innovation, and cooperation with others in their local community. These emerging barter and alternative currency networks are happening at the intersection of the most stalwart conservative values and the most ardent hippie ideals”

An Alternative Media in Crisis (3)
Anonymous attacks Makow. It’s annoying, all these ‘anonymous’ outlets. One does not know who one’s dealing with. Makow assumes it is Rense himself. If so, that could be a bad mistake and I don’t believe Anonymous would let their handle be abused in such a way.

Iran (4)
So the Iran Oil bourse is gaining steam.  A direct assault upon the dollar and considering Saddam’s experiences doing the same one wonders what the Iranians are up to.

An Alternative Media in Crisis (2)
It transpires Jeff Rense might be a serious liability to the truth movement.

Euro Crisis (4)
Greece’s parliament voted for even more austerity in the face of an exploding Greek public. Deflation in action.
Will these people ever organize around some real monetary reform, instead of screaming they don’t want debt slavery?
That is the question we all face.

Anonymous (2)
Anonymous with an amazingly funny and to the point YouTube animation about the Protocols.

Iran (3)
Mossad outlet Debka has reported the uprising in Syria is ‘all but over’.

Nuclear Energy and depopulation (2)
Yet another nuclear accident, this time in the US. Radioactive material ‘only feet away from groundwater’.

The Euro Crisis (3)
Apparently the Eurocrats are switching to plan B. Smit Kroes, an EU Kommissar, says Greece leaving the EU is not a problem.

Iran (2)
A big build up is going on in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Israeli disinformation outlet Debka reports that a Syrian General was planning to march 300 tanks to Damascus and take the main buildings by storm. Stirling’s basic analysis of the situation is plausible and worrying.

The Euro Crisis (2)
Cameron’s U turn on Europe was not unexpected. Clearly the City is not against the EU, it’s one of their main projects. At the time I thought it was probably his own Tory Clan with its scepticism of Europe that forced him to veto. It was spun by the British press as if Cameron had saved the bankers from Eurocratic supervision. In this way Europe was promoted at the expense of the bankers and the Tories were blamed by association. Quite a transparant psyop.
But not unlike Papandreou, Cameron is recanting under gigantic pressure from above and now he’ll have to see how he handles a simmering revolution in his power base.

Credit Crunch (1)
The impending undeclared default of five major banks. We’ll have to see how this works out, but a next round in the Great Crunch is unavoidable. The only questions are who will be the first domino and when. And, of course, how much the bail outs will amount to now.

An Alternative Media in Crisis (1)
Rense has ended the relationship with Makow after almost ten years of cooperation. The reason was an article Makow wanted to publish about Fukushima. Jeff did not want to link to it, because he believes it’s a psyop designed to shift blame away from Nuclear Energy. However, the article raises some serious questions. Makow went on to post on his own page, but even this was unacceptable to Rense.
Rense is the leading outlet on Fukushima. This gives him an excellent gatekeeping position. It is very strange that Rense actively resists publication of articles challenging the official narrative. In his extensive datapages on Fukushima the word HAARP cannot even be found.

Nuclear Energy and depopulation (1)

Yet another nuclear accident, although denied. This time in China, following Fukushima, Virginia and France.
Combined with the ongoing DU contamination and sundry nuclear explosions in false flag attacks (Fukushima? Aceh? 9/11) it is fair to say that the NWO is slowly but surely poisoning the planet with radioactive material. The effects on mortality are anyone’s guess.

The Euro Crisis (2)
It seems the Greeks are ‘safe’ from Technocracy for the time being. Papademos himself is an ex Goldman Sachs employee, of course, and his job is implementing the EU/IMF/German dictats, but an outright rule by the Troika would have been a little much. Here’s another interesting comment.

The Euro Crisis (1)

The Financial Times reports Germany is now trying to force the Greeks to have Brussels run their budget.
The blatant EU power grab continues and the question is whether they really believe they will get away with all this, or is there another agenda?

The Coming Gold Standard (2)
Further confirmation of international cooperation involving Gold. China, the Arabs, France, Japan are involved. It is a disaster for the dollar of course, trillions would have to be repatriated. One thing seems certain: as Gold is more and more again becoming currency, it will only go up.

The Coming Gold Standard (1)

Interesting story from Debka, intimating India will pay Iran with Gold for its oil. It transpires India buys 12 billion dollars worth per year. They have 440 ton Gold, so that’s two years worth. Which means they’ll be buying quite a bit of Gold. Or it all turns out to be a publicity stunt and they’ll just by a few million barrels with Gold and settle the rest in other ways. However, more and more international calls for supra national Gold based currencies is certainly trend. They are often presented as ‘anti dollar’, but that’s just the facade, or better: the dialectic. These initiatives are all about supranational standards. Gaddaffi’s all African Gold Dinar is another case in point. It is unclear what will be backing these currencies, but the Money Power is at least threatening a new Gold Standard.

Anonymous (1)
Anonymous again with a suboptimally timed operation. Just like wikileaks, a false flag attack aimed at curbing internet freedom.

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