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Interest-Free Economics

Interest-Free Economics has been called ‘Sacred Economics’. And it is. It is about establishing equitable access to capital for all. It aims to end usury, while promoting initiative. It is about free markets, with access to all. Including a free market for currencies.

Interest-Free Economics builds on two proud traditions: European anti-usury activism and interest-free credit and the great American Populist anti-Money Power tradition with debt-free money.

Although these two traditions promote different solutions, both are aimed at ending the Money Power’s grip on the Money Supply and exploitation of that control through usury and the boom/bust cycle.

The Problem:
David Icke Speaks The Exact Truth About Banking And Usury
How Usury Encloses The Commons
Banking Is Institutionalized Murder!
Capitalism Is Jewish Usury
Rationalizing Usury: the Time Value Hoax
Babylon = Usury! We want Interest-Free Money!
Ten Atrocities that would not exist without Usury
On Interest
Budget of an Interest Slave
The Problem is not Debt, it’s Interest (with Video)
Usury: why we don’t build Cathedrals these days….
Why the Economy MUST Grow
Is there enough money to pay off debt plus interest? A closer look
Debt Repudiation or an Interest Strike?
The Scourge of Usury. By Al Thompson. An excellent overview of what the Scriptures have to say.

Derivatives, Or: How The Money Power Created The Greatest Depression
Cause and Effects of Money Scarcity

What is Capitalism?
The Few Banks that Own All
Debt Free Money alone does not solve Compound Interest
Usurious Usurpation
Don’t hoard the Means of Exchange! (part 2)
Don’t hoard the Means of Exchange! (Part 1)
What is Money
Demurrage versus Inflation by Keith Gardner

Discussing solutions: several initiatives and private currencies:
The Goal of Monetary Reform
Concepts of the Gelre, or: What is ‘High Powered Working Capital’?

Mutual Credit, the Astonishingly Simple Truth about Money Creation

More on Mutual Credit
Mutual Credit for the 21st century: Convertibility
Introducing The Talent
Mutual Credit and Inflation
Interest-Free Credit (including MPE!) and the Management of Volume
How to manage the Volume of Money in Mutual Credit
The Difference Between Debt Free Money and Interest Free Credit
The Swiss WIR, or: How to Defeat the Money Power
Social Credit
The Jak Bank: Interest-Free Full Reserve Banking!
The Wolfson Prize, I win!
the Power of Demurrage: the Wörgl Phenomenon
Social Credit with Demurrage
Reassessing the Greenback and other Alternative Monetary Systems
A Primer for Recovering Austrians: the many systems behind ‘violent statist fiat’ currencies
Financial Warfare 2012: Boycott All Banks
Take your Money out of the Bank NOW! (Video)

Bitcoin, Impressive, but Flawed
Regional Currencies in Germany: the Chiemgauer
Ellen Brown’s Public Banking
How about the Lectro?
Positive Money and the Chicago Plan
I nterviewing Michael Tellinger

  1. Rajendra bamanla permalink

    I whant money in intrest please trust me

  2. dgaubatz313 permalink

    Can you recommend some books for me? I want to buy some when i’m done with the books i’m reading now on health. I plan on buying the book “Interest and inflation free money” by Margrit Kennedy because i saw it in one of your post and it looks good.

    • Astle’s ‘the Babylonian Woe’, Lietaer’s ‘the future of money’. Arthur Kitson’s books.

      • dgaubatz313 permalink

        I’ll look into the books. Just to let you know if you wrote a book on economics i’d probably buy that too.

      • dgaubatz313 permalink

        I’ve looked into them and they look good. I found some more books that look good too. Usury: A Scriptural, Ethical, and Economic View by Calvin Elliot looks good and other books by Margrit Kennedy and Lietaer’s books.

  3. vlad permalink

    Anthony I’am a subscriber, but I am not getting any of your post sent to me

    Thank you

    • Oof vlad….not by design! I don’t really know how to solve this. Unsubscribe and subscribe again?

      I have been inactive lately (although I’ll be back).

  4. Mark Germine permalink

    I am the author of the Book of Eli, which can be found on the Internet using my legal name, Mark Germine to search. I am also Eli, and have published another book, under the name Eli, called The Horror, about 9/11, which goes into length on the role of usury in this false flag event and its use to create warfare and a military build up. War is the inevitable product of usury, and all evils are placed on the lap of usury. The book itself is description of a new religion. It was revealed to Eli in 1996, and placed on the Internet in 1999. The Book of Eli itself is the revelation from the God of Abraham in 1996. A much longer Book, also called the Book of Eli, was published in 2011. I am the author. This book goes into detail of religious and spiritual references to the evil of usury, as well as other matters covered in the shorter 1999 revealed section. It is also posted on the web. The most important thing about the book is its in depth description of the usurers tools such as derivatives, credit default swaps, etc. There is but one commandment in the revealed book (1996), and that is “FORSAKE USURY.” Usury is described as the greatest of sins.

    The Book of Eli (Germine, 2011) also seeks to unify the major world religions and science.


  5. nadeem permalink


    I really appreciate your work in the field of interest free banking; I have some questions regarding that,

    Banks say money has some value like if you take a loan of 10,000 dollars after 10 years value of this money will decrease. So banks give you the loan 10,000 dollars and take back the 15000 dollars. Because after 10,000 dollars loose its worth.

    Is this the interest or not, if this is the form of interest what is the argument against it.

    I really appreciate your work and will be humbled by quick response,



    • For the banks it matters not Zaidi: it creates the money when it ‘lends’ it out, and retires it on repayment: inflation or deflation is completely immaterial to them.

  6. Hi, I find interest iffy, too…but check out this, and the ideas from myself and others in the comments

  7. ruth permalink

    Where is MPE – Mathematically Perfected Economy by Mike Montagne?

    • Hi Ruth,

      I have not written an article solely on Mike’s MPE. I have, however, invited him to write one himself as a primer.

      However: I consider MPE to be a form of Mutual Credit (primarily at Govt level), which is one of the key proposals for reform. ALso, I’ve mentioned MPE (favorably) in many articles.

      • ruth permalink

        Thanks Anthony! I will reminde Mike to submit an article then. Good to hear that. There really is no other option to the principles of MPE and no-one else is proposing how to maintain a currency with real, immutable value. That is the beauty of MPE as it covers all the bases. I will keep following your site and thanks for the great work!

        • never mind Ruth: I did so only two weeks ago, but he’s very busy with the new website and fully focused on that for the time being.

          However, maybe you or Jake could write it, and relieve him a little?

          • ruth permalink

            Yes, good idea. I will get something together and send it to you!

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