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Gold Over $2000, Silver Breaks Out: The Devil’s Favorite Money Will Soon Be Forced On Us

(Left: Silly and entirely useless shiny stuff. How people have suffered for it. And they will suffer a great deal more, hanging on the Cross of Gold that the Viper class is erecting for them.)

Gold has breached an all time high this week, and Silver has been rising with no less than 50% in just two weeks time.

Gold is sitting at $2013 per ounce now. Silver is at exactly $26.

Of course, all this is hardly unexpected.  Many have been foreseeing it for years. We’ve had many false alarms, but it seems pretty clear that we’re facing monumental changes, including the transition to some sort of Gold/Crypto standard.

The last time Bullion was this high was Summer 2011. Gold reached $1916 per troy ounce, and Silver was actually in high forties territory. Next the Fed ‘panicked’, and dowsed specie, together with their Mega Bank buddies, with massive interventions on the futures market. Here’s what Paul Craig Roberts had to say about that, at the time.

What the Fed did then, they can do now too, no doubt about it.

But there is a big difference between the Fed’s actions of 2008 and today. Back then they infamously doled out $16 Trillion to their friends, $9 Trillion of which they admitted they ‘cannot account for’. But most of that money went to patch up Bank balance sheets that got fumigated by the derivative funny stuff. Much of it was used to recapitalize Banks, allowing them to continue their operations, but without these dollars entering the real economy.

Inflation is coming
This time, it’s very different. They’re outright expanding the money supply that is circulating in the real economy. And massively so.

a) The Fed is buying up all (or at any rate by far most) the Government’s treasuries, for instance. Nobody else will buy them, not with interest rates as they are. When the Fed monetizes US debt, this directly increases the actively circulating money supply. When a commercial Bank buys treasuries, they have to sterilize their monetary expansion by attracting deposits on the capital markets. So Fed monetization is directly inflationary, while increasing the National Debt by borrowing from Banks is not.

The National Debt is currently rising with hundreds of billions per month.

b) Asset purchasing. The Fed is pumping newly printed dollars into the Stock Exchange. This money is rapidly reaching Main Street, both speculatively (Hedge Fund thieves buying up everything they can put their greedy hands on), but also pensioners who are allowed to live the good life just a little bit longer still.

c) Cash hand outs to normal people, financed with new Dollars (=inflation), while………

d) ……They’re actually completely ravaging the real economy. Real unemployment is anywhere between 20 and 30%. Small business continues to be forcibly closed in large parts of the country, many of them will never reopen. So this amounts to destroying real production, and giving people cash that is not backed by anything. That’s going to be about as inflationary as it gets.

Prices for essentials are guaranteed to start rising. Because of the money printing, and because supply chains are getting hammered in ways we have never seen before in World History.

That’s a cute little double whammy if ever we saw one.

Bitcoin is also sky high
It’s currently worth $11045, really very funny stuff. I don’t even begrudge Libertarian kids making a few bob on the side, even when they shouldn’t speculate, but work for a living.

But how people can seriously believe that BTC is a real ‘alternative’ to Bankster money totally eludes me.

BTC was designed by the NSA in 1998. The CIA got on board in 2011, with their In-Q-Tel investment arm. Bitcoin has been cornered yonks ago. A few guys are holding by far most of it, keeping supply low, and prices high.

At this rate, BTC’s total market capitalization must be around $200 billion. People who think that World Power allows such a feast for just the People have learned absolutely nothing yet. Mega Banks are undoubtedly at the heart of the cartel that has cornered BTC.

BTC is scarce, speculative, it’s all about making money with money. It mimics Gold. It’s cashless. It’s world wide. That’s what they want, isn’t it?! It’s the perfect Bankster unit.

The ONLY solution to Banking is Usury-free economics. Not mindless speculation, hello?!

Meanwhile, blockchain technology is being implemented by many Central Banks and even other corporations. Facebook is looking into floating one. The Bank of England is proposing blockchain like electronic money. Even the BIS is on board.

Trump was powerlessly tweeting about how we don’t need BTC, because we have the American Dollar. Well, good luck with that.

It’s pretty clear that not long from now, we will be paying with some sort of crypto units, combined with some sort of Gold backing. The coming Gold/Crypto standard will be the last stop before the IMF World Reserve Currency within ten years that Mark Carney announced last year.

All this is entirely managed
The worst part is going to be all the gloating Libertarians. ‘We told you so’. Well, no shit, Sherlock.

Anybody with a still somewhat functioning brain saw this coming. And of course that excludes all the other fake Bankster media and their court ‘economists’.

But these Austrian Economists will be telling us that ‘market discipline’ is ‘finally exposing fiat money’. This eternal boring crap.

The Bankers have been preparing this for decades. This has always been their plan. They have been constantly switching between Paper and Gold based currencies since at least 1914. Paper to inflate. Gold to deflate. It’s the good ol’ Inflation vs. Deflation Dialectic.

They own all the Gold, they own all the Bitcoins, they own the coming blockchain based currencies. They have sold a few coins of all sorts to co-opt potential opposition, and they have been wildly successful.

Bullion prices are sitting at exactly the level the Money Power wants them. They will continue to do so, when they rise, rise, rise, in the times ahead.

Meanwhile, I do hope the pensioners have bought a few coins, because if they haven’t, they will face what the Soviet pensioners went through in the nineties, and even worse.

Some sort of stagflationary depression is going to absolutely torture the normal people everywhere. Many will die. Life expectancy cratered in Yeltsin’s Russia. They lost millions of people. It’s going to be worse in the West, in the years ahead. A crushing Police State has long be erected to keep the destroyed peasantry in line. People have been made to beg to refund the Police, and Big Brother is always happy to oblige. They will be needing those cops to evict millions in the years ahead.

Trump will win the election, and will win big. There is no alternative for him. This mandate he will use to install the new system, which will just be intermediate, to create the chaos they need for the installment of their final system. Of course, the ‘new system’ will be sold as hugely good news, and there will be some short lived optimism. They’ll ‘audit the Fed’ and arrest a couple of swampsters and other pedophiles. Ill informed Patriots will feel vindicated.

Until Gold will start doing its work: deflate the crap out of everybody.

Speculating in Gold, BTC, Silver, Palladium, hoping to strike it rich with the unfolding collapse, that’s foolishness beyond measure. No soul has ever been saved by Gold, and lust for Gold has eaten souls throughout history.

Do not take Usury. Do not take rents. Do not speculate.

Produce. Add value, and exchange that value.

Nobody can afford the Karma these forms of theft bring any longer, and I mean that really quite seriously. Flaunting ill gotten wealth, taking rents from people who have nothing, that’s going to be really quite dangerous in the times ahead, if you’re not living in the insiders’ gated communities. And only the truly wicked are so stupid as to believe that their body guards and fences will ‘keep them safe’.

Private land holdings are not going to be part of the New World Order, see Agenda 2030. The plan is quite obvious: first they’ll let the landlords evict everybody, next they’ll have the disowned murder many of them. The masses will DEMAND the end of landlordism. The Communist take over is aimed against still independent wealth centers, what remains of the middle class, national (as opposed to international) ‘elites’, a ridiculous misnomer for lazy people who only take, and give nothing in return.

Invest in your garden, in your neighbors, your friends, your family, in your relationship with the Spirit.

Of course we must wisely manage our financial affairs, be frugal, but generous. Give to the poor, there will be many of those, that’s always a direct way of gaining some much needed credit with the Real Power. Don’t moan about them using it for booze and drugs: when you are forced to live in the streets, you’ll be doing booze and drugs too. You too will have ‘mental problems’. Invest in becoming less and less dependent on the System.

If you can join some local (Usury-free) currencies, do it. Or create one of your own, because every extra liquidity in local communities is going to be a life line, in the times ahead.

These are just some pointers. Babylon will keep men guessing until the Last Day.

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David Icke Speaks The Exact Truth About Banking And Usury

I had always believed he had his heart in the right place in these matters.

Already eight years ago, I wrote this: “While having some problems of his own, David Icke’s message to OWS shows he’s the real deal. In the video he promotes 3 basic issues: the end to power centralization in supra national entities, monetary reform aimed at debt free money printing by the State and the Problem-Reaction-Solution. The last is tactical in nature, but the first two points are fully on target.”

Note that he’s talking about ‘debt free money’ here. I cordially ‘overlooked’ this, because at the time this was the best you would get, and the essence is he was looking to nationalize (away from the Banks) the power of money creation.

We’ve always been sympathetic to debt free money here on RC, if only because it was the classical American Populist solution to Banker control.

But, as we have been discussing, debt free money only solves the money creation issue, it is does not end Usury. No, the way forward is simply interest-free credit based units. That’s just too simple and rational, solving both money creation and Usury. We need both money and credit, so we might as well create money as interest-free credit.

Here’s the viral David Icke video:

And here David says the following:
“Why are Governments borrowing money from private banking systems, and the population paying interest on the borrowing? Why aren’t the Governments issuing their own currency interest free?”

And next he adds, really of central importance: “And lending it to the population interest-free, to go about their commerce, and go about their daily lives, creating opportunities and choices, that they would otherwise not have?”

And that is the essence that you, bizarrely, will hardly hear anywhere. No, it’s not good enough for Government to claw back money creation from the Banks. The credit issue must be solved. Usury must be solved.

And it is solved by providing normal people with interest-free credit.

It’s really very simple, it’s hardly brain surgery. But it is completely not understood. While it is absolutely completely vital.

It’s not enough to moan about Usury, the basic demand for positive change must be formulated clearly, and that is what David has done here, and it’s as good as unique, and that’s why I’m pointing it out, it deserves attention.

Because it is Usury that is behind the debt bubble, the derivative bubble. It is by paying our Usury that we pay for Communism and World Government, and all the other plagues that haunt us, the wars, all the evil ideologies, the destruction of our families.

And what we want is interest-free credit for the People.

And people who ignore this, are a waste of time. This is a fact. All the political constructs everywhere in the World, are dominated by Bankers, which is why nowhere people in politics will ever discuss this. Not of the classical parties anyway. Even mavericks are exceedingly few, Fraser Anning in Australia deserves credit, he demanded interest-free credit, and universal home ownership for the people (which would automatically result from interest-free credit for them).

The same is true of most of the ‘Alternative Media’.

The issue is all important. It’s stunning they manage so well to keep it out of the public mind. Just think of all the Gold Dealers who have been creating the popular support for the coming Gold/Crypto standard. And even large parts of the wider monetary reform movement, which is mostly too obsessed with government money creation, for instance.

Nick Griffin, cruelly maligned as some nazi hater by the Communist media, but a man of at least some integrity, who led a Party that had people on board who understood quite well what war is ongoing against the working masses of the West, exposed how Zionist forces had offered him and his Party, the British Nationalist Party (BNP) millions if they would bash Islam and ignore Banking. They couldn’t care less what he did for the rest.

Here he exposes the fake Zionist outlets that the Bankers built up to undermine the British Nationalist Party, folks like the EDL, including Tommy, just another fake ‘hero’ paid by the Bankers.

This template is universal. All the pseudo ‘populists’  in Europe show this exact focus on Islam, and ignoring of Banking. In Holland (Baudet and Wilders), Germany, with the AfD and its lesbian ex Goldman Sachs Banker leader, the Austrians. France, with the Zionist Le Pen, everywhere, there is no exception.

And think of the poor Austrians. They used to have Jörg Haider, who promised the Banksters in their face to get to the bottom of the 2008 crash on live Austrian TV. These scumbags were reduced to muttering ‘You can’t say that! You can’t say that!’ A few weeks later he was car crashed.

The clip has been deleted from the Internet, if someone still has it, do paste it below in the comments?! It would be greatly appreciated, Haider deserves to be remembered for that.

It’s not about the men, it’s about the message. The message is all important: everything revolves around Banking, and the solution is the universal provision of interest-free credit to normal people for production and consumption.

As Icke cogently argues, it’s no use trying to patch the myriad problems the fundamental issue (Usury) creates, even now, when the Money Power has kicked off their endgame with the ongoing financial collapse and this ‘corona’ tripe.

Solve Banking, and solve the New World Order. Do not solve Banking, and keep pissing in the wind.

Very, very few people will tell you the Truth, I’m happy to report David Icke is one who does.

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Trump Has Added 7 Trillion To The National Debt Thus Far

(Left: The always entertaining Donald Trump. But of course, he’s their man, and the way they wheeled him in on a wave of populist resentment, that’s just their thing, they’ve done it a thousand times and more before.)

It stood at $19 Trillion in 2016. It’s now sitting at $26 Trillion.

And no, it’s not mainly ‘covid’, although it definitely helps, he was already running Trillion dollar deficits, and remember: the Fed was already bailing out the Banks on the repo market to the tune of …a Trillion. Per day.

I’ve been looking into the Fed’s statements on their own website, as the Media has reported exactly nothing about the repo market since about March 20th. It does seem that for now the repo market interventions are over, but it’s a sure bet that this is only because of these multi Trillion asset purchasing programs, which allowed the Banks and other ‘financial institutions’ (known in earlier, more naive days as pirate nests) to off load some of the derivative trash they had been piling up.

But that exploded the Fed’s balance sheet from an already problematic $4, to $7 Trillion bucks.

It’s a matter of time before that first round of ‘asset’ (junk) purchasing by the Fed will cease having effect. It’s all being thrown at black holes that just keep growing, the more money they suck up.

How long that will be is anybody’s guess, although at the Treasury and the Fed they have a fair idea, rest assured. But considering the Martial Law that they installed in March, it’s pretty clear it won’t be too long. Mnunich only the other day had to promise another Trillion to prop up the Stock Exchange. The ECB and BoJ will undoubtedly step in too, if only to slightly take the heat off the Fed.

Again (sorry, I can’t help myself), all the experts on ‘exponential growth’ may want to look into this particular graph. This is how ‘covid’ should have conquered the World, but it’s really the debt that does that.

Compound Interest, baby. Greatest force in the Universe.

At any rate, this is what is really at stake. At this speed, Trump will add another 7 to 10 (remember, it’s going faster and faster now), meaning the debt would be at about 35 Trillion in 2025. And, of course, it goes without saying, this is just the national debt. The People themselves are drowning in debt too, as are businesses.

Meanwhile, the economy is going through the lockdown implosion. Beautiful stories about ‘2 million new jobs!’ are very pathetic, after shedding a few score million, not to mention about a third of small business. Tax income is down about a third in many places, including undoubtedly the Federal Government.

Rentseekers are getting annihilated too, everywhere, in different countries, different sectors of the economy, you hear the same stories: 25% to 50% of rents are not getting collected. Good riddance, of course, let them go find a job and add some value to someone’s life, instead of sucking blood, but in financial terms this is the funniest disaster ever, and will obviously destroy a really great many speculators. Which perhaps sounds better than it is, because they will take a great many people with them. Many of those getting destroyed are guaranteed to be the small time landlords, all this is going to achieve is massive consolidation.

As always, those that control the debt, control the Democratic and the Republican Party. Through Masonry, through bribes, through blackmailability by sex crime. All the high drama, ‘impeachment’, ‘Soleimani’, ‘lockdown’, ‘BLM’, it’s all orchestrated to both distract from the biggest financial and economic disaster in the West’s history, and to corral their different groups of slaves, dependents, having them fight among each other, driving them in the desired direction.

In previous times, they used clubs and whips.

Now, they use mind control (‘ideology’, ‘science’). Zionism and Capitalism for the Right, Bolshevism and Nihilism for the Left, Usury and World Government for us all.

A big part of Trump’s job will be to usher in the ‘reset’. Gold will definitely become very important. China will become more dominant, and will have a convertible (to Gold) Yuan. Wait until the Dollar devalues, then suddenly in nominal terms, China will prove to have a $30 Trillion dollar GDP, and the US $15 Trillion. This is where we’re going, US GDP is heavily overstated, the Russian and Chinese strategists assume US GDP is closer to $10 Trillion than $20 Trillion in real terms. All they have left is the dying Petrodollar and their stalling military.

Maybe the US will go Gold too. If that happens, the economy is just going to go up in smoke in a deflation/deleveraging of barbaric proportions. People will burn alive, a great many will simply die because of poverty and exertion, especially the older people. Many of the young will be forced to leave the country in order to have a semblance of a life elsewhere. The Empire will just crash, as it will be unaffordable.

But it could also be that the US simply can’t run a Gold Standard (as they don’t have any), so that he would nationalize the Fed and have them print ever more to keep everything going, blowing everything up with a crazy inflation.

And yes, when faced with these scenarios, War is always a great way to reflate the economy, and the US is not over yet, they’re still very mighty, and they’re a great target for a jolly good trashing like Germany got 75 years ago. Just another bunch of white supremacists, you see?!

Be that as it may, the Dollar is toast, and will be replaced by an an IMF World Reserve Currency this decade.


Trillion Du Jour For Parasites

(Left/Above: Official Hero Of International Finance/Communism, Steve Mnunich. Honestly, all these fools look the same to me, these days.)

Mnunich pumps another Trillion into ‘the economy’ (the Stock Exchange and the Banks)

Ah, yes, a few Trillion left, a few Trillion right, and before you know it, you’re talking some real money.

As the unbelievably retarded are busy bringing down statues in the name of the same financiers that are being bailed out.

It just makes you want to throw up. Many millions unemployed, their little business gone, and all the Government and Fed are doing is keep the Stock Exchange high in order to keep up the pretense that the economy is ‘fine’.

And, of course, very much worse, to keep the Banks, and wider ‘financial institutions’, afloat, who are mostly all busted. They are the ones being kept on life support with all the massive liquidity injections everywhere, even the small handouts to us, the little people, they mostly do that to keep reflating ‘the economy’ as long as possible.

Just to be clear: there is no way that this is going to end well, or can be repaired. What they’re doing now is just keeping it going as long as possible, but a ‘reset’ is inevitable, and while it will undoubtedly be sold as a ‘jubilee’, writing off some debt, this will involve concessions unbeknownst to ourselves, and it will severely impact the real economy everywhere, and also America’s standing in the World.

Were it not for Steve Mnunich and Jerome Powell, the NYSE would be sitting on at most 50% of pre March levels, and heading further South.

When the ‘reset’ happens, as we know now, we can expect more lockdowns too, because it’s much better to be mortally afraid of a virus, than doing something about the Bank.

Didn’t this laughable jackal ‘Bill Gates’ say, that this was just ‘pandemic one’, and that the next thing would be a ‘bio terror attack’? And that ‘the good news is, that a lot of what we’re doing right now (giving 4 billion people house arrest, AM) will also help a lot then’?

It could well be that next time it will not be a practice run, as this ‘corona’ joke was. God knows what these wicked morons have been cooking up in their labs. They’re capable of anything.

Because this is the endgame: their final push for World Government.

It’s hard to believe we’re now facing the culmination of a 3000 year old project. But we are.

These ‘people’/demonically possessed entities are the direct descendants of those that ruled the Bronze Age, and who got annihilated by Moses, Joshua, and Israel in 1177 BC.

They are the ones who Jesus rout out of the Temple.

They are the ones that “killed our Lord Jesus Christ, and who are contrarian to all men.”

Yes, it’s all very fascinating. But unfortunately also incredibly dangerous.

Usury, Slavery, Sex Crimes, And How It All Goes Back To Rome And Babylon (Interview)

I was interviewed by Daniel at the Power Hour Radio show (nationally syndicated!).

The whole thing is absolutely worth while, it’s the stuff we’ve been talking about here on Real Currencies.

But in the in the second half things become pretty spicy, and I’ll transcribe a few minutes of that below, because it offers some insight that I haven’t been sharing as widely. We’ll just dive right into it, starting at 41:30.

Anthony: (discussing the slavery of Usury) “And it is slavery, because historically, in Antiquity, slavery was the universal human condition, and you got enslaved in two ways. Either because some pirate went to conquer this or that place, killing half of the population and enslaving the rest, because that is what these fools did at the time, or because you got into debt. And all of the slaves in Rome, or half or so, were people who got into debt, and interest rates in Rome were 48% or 24%, depending on the year…….

Daniel: (whistles in disbelief)

A: “yeah, that’s massive, I mean 48 or 24%, that’s killing, nobody is going to manage to pay that. And if you could not pay, you and your children were enslaved. That’s what happened. And to make it worse, let me put it very bluntly, because it is good to know what kind of people we’re dealing with here, you would see your kid become a sex slave of a Patrician, who was not even ashamed of having these children commit sex acts on them! Because this was the nature of the Patricians in Rome, they were the scum of the Earth, and they were the same people in Carthage…..”

Daniel: “Sounds like the Bankers nowadays.”

A: “Absolutely!”

D: “Are you familiar with this, uhh….I don’t remember this guy’s name, he was a Dutch Banker that came out a few years ago talking about the Satanism?”

A: “Ronald Bernard

D: “Explain that, tell our audience about that story, because that was crazy.”

A: “Yeah, I’ve known Ronald for years, I know everybody in the monetary reform movement here, of course, also in America, and Ronald has been active with “De Blije Bank”, he calls it, ‘The Happy Bank’ it’s called, because, uh…..well, never mind why, but the Happy Bank, with which he’s looking to provide low cost, or at any rate ecologically sustainable, socially sustainable credit to small business, etc.

He’d been working in the banking industry for years, and he rose through the ranks, and the higher you get, because everything in the World is a pyramid, big corporations, secret societies, and also very much the banking industry, so when you rise higher in the pyramid, you start to see the secrets of these people, and he got invited into all sorts of shady things, and he saw how these people operated, how they totally annihilated and destroyed people, and when they killed themselves in pure agony, how they laughed their balls off, had parties, buying $10k bottles of Champagne to celebrate what they had done, and next he was invited into eh……because that’s the kind of scum these people are, you know?! They look good with their Rolls Royces, flashy suits, huge mansions, but they’re the scum of the earth, these money lenders, these speculators, Banksters. And Ronald Bernard, he saw the methods of these people, and he was also invited into even more sinister things, like child sacrifices etc., and that’s when he had a nervous breakdown and decided to get out of there.
And he’s not the only one I know who has told this story, because I also know a Swiss ex-Banker, Siebenthal, Francois Siebenthal, and he’s told very similar stories, and has turned away from the Banks as well, and is now also a campaigner for interest-free money.”

D: “Let me be clear, for everybody who’s listening, because your English, you’re pretty clear for me, but I’m also watching you, so it’s a little easier for me to follow you, high level Bankers have come out in Europe, Ronald, I can’t remember his last name, and you mentioned another one, they’ve been very clear, that the banking industry works as a pyramid, the higher you go, you are asked to do more and more depraved things, the higher you go, the more depravity you’ve got to show, to be able to make this rise, you’re talking about Satanism, child sacrifice, sex, depravity, any depravity that you can think about, that is the Banking industry, is that accurate? Yes or no.”

A: “Yeah…….I mean, all these stories that you hear about Podesta, and all these things, they are real, I won’t say Podesta is involved, although he of course probably is…..”

D: “Allegedly.”

A: “Exactly. But these stories are all true, and they go directly back to Babylon and Rome, and there it was all out in the open, but nowadays, they have to be more discrete about these things…….

D: “Oh my God…….”

A: “but they are still on going and……”

D: “I’m so glad you brought up Roman history, and again, I apologize for cutting you off again, but I have to put a stamp on what you’re saying, this is why history is so important, and when you don’t know your history, then these things seem retarded. Rome, this was open in Rome. This was openly the way things were done in Rome. Do you think it’s any different now?”

A: (mockingly) “Civilization……….”

D: “Yeah, yeah, ‘Civilization’. Let’s bring some ‘civilization’ to the World.”

A: “They were total brutes, and Rome was just a plunder operation, that’s all it was, and with their plunder they built some pretty buildings, and this is what keeps the masses in awe: ‘oh, ah, look how pretty!’, but it was all built on blood and gore, and what they did to the Gauls and the other tribes was just ghastly. And that’s how they operated, and that’s Empire.”

My Facebook Accounts Have Been Suspended

(this post is not meant as some sort of ‘announcement’, but merely to notify people who will be missing me there, many of whom know me from Real Currencies. Forgive me for taking the opportunity to spew my gall a little.)

At last. Most people making any sense on there have been removed a long time ago already.

The noose had been tightening for a long time.

The last 4 years or so I’ve been Zucked with thirty day bans about 80% of the time. I managed to somewhat limit downtime with a secondary account.

A few months ago, suddenly Fakebook disallowed linking to my blog. Nobody can link to Real Currencies on Faceberg anymore.

Then the New World Order’s Great And Final Revolution started. Being one of the early birds pushing back against the onslaught, I quickly got blocked.

First on my main account ‘Anthony Migchels’. After I had posted a picture of a group hug and calling on people to just go out and give each other a good hug as the best medicine available against perhaps not ‘corona’, but certainly the lock down.

A day later, the same scenario happened with my secondary account ‘Anthony Migchels’.

Luckily, a friend of mine had just earlier created a third account: ‘Michael Anthony’. From a different computer, so with a different IP address, and perhaps another chance to hack into the Matrix.

I managed to do some campaigning for a week or so with that one, but come to think of it, I guess such a thing is out of line for them.


It’s clear I was being a nuisance, and that they got rid of me.

Wordpress has always been good to me. But, the fact is: they have been taking down blogs that were in whatever way unpleasant to Political Correctness.

As it stands now, any dependence on centralized platforms for dissemination of information is foolhardy, unless you’re part of the club, or at any rate not a real bother to them.

I’ve been making arrangements for the migration of this site to At least all the content is safe there.

But it pains me to leave, and as long as WP doesn’t bother me, I’ll continue here.

I’ll also be exploring additional channels, media, platforms to maintain and expand presence, probably also in Dutch.

Just another day in the New Order
And this was a strange day already. I walked into a food store earlier, where I sometimes get some supplies, and they had stopped accepting cash.

The very first thing the WHO said when the ‘corona’ ‘crisis’ ‘broke out’ was to stop using cash to ‘stop contagion’.

Cash is anathema to Agenda 2030, the implementation of which has begun in earnest.

When the Banks are mostly all bust themselves, witness the fact that they have stopped lending to each other for six months already, with the Fed bailing them out with a Trillion a day on the repo market, and in the process of taking all the West into receivership, we are supposed to make ourselves entirely dependent on them for daily payment operations.

The moronicity, and brazen chutzpah, of such a proposition is hard to believe, but that’s where we’re at.

Do not consent to it, and make a point of paying cash as much as is humanly possible. It’s really very important for your own economic health, and a very direct contribution to the Cause.

Paying with debit or credit cards is one of the worst things you can do for yourself and your friends and loved ones, and of the greatest benefit to your worst enemies.

And just before that event, I walked into the Snackbar right next door, and got into a nasty scene about this ‘corona’ tripe, when I started unloading about what bullshit it all is. The owner of the place knows how I think, and I was talking to him, but some other customers took offense.

The atmosphere was quite venomous. Exactly the kind of toxicity one expects from a Cultural Revolution.

Admittedly, I was not being particularly discrete, but this place is my neighbor, I go in there almost every day.

We’re not going back to ‘normal’

Of course we hope we do, even when we know things were becoming, or already had become, unsustainable.

No, just read the goals of Agenda 2030, and try to imagine how much blood will have to be shed to get from where we are now, to what these maniacs have in store for us ten years from now.

This will give a man a much better idea of what we will be dealing with in the years ahead, rather than dreams of ‘going back to normal’.

Already in the weeks ahead, the consequences of the ‘lock down’ for the real economy will become unbearable, and these will quickly start worsening dramatically from the fall out from the unfolding collapse in the financial system.

It’s not hard to predict serious supply shocks in the near future, and all sorts of scarcity, real or artificial.

And they have prepared many more nuclear bombs of Corona magnitude en route to their Utopia.

Let’s face it: even Genocide, in the West, should be part of the calculation.

They have locked up billions of people in their own houses, and to think it could not get worse is foolishness.

What is worse: they have managed to make people call for their own imprisonment and destruction of their own livelihoods.

Certainly, a People so delusional, and now in such a precarious strategic position, in a travesty that is openly controlled by the United Nations’ (Rockefeller et alia) ‘World Health Organization’, is obviously, patently facing an acute National Security Crisis of the absolute highest order.

The People are wide open to all sorts of attacks by the (((Globalists))), while they are begging ‘their’ States to keep everybody locked up inside.

Of course, it’s still just a worst case scenario. But people clearly do not appreciate the fragility of the situation. and that is perhaps the most disconcerting of it all.

At any rate, while things are looking grim, and while it’s difficult to make even short term predictions for all of us, since even our livelihoods are directly on the line, one thing remains the same: the struggle is against Materialism, and the parasites and their financial system.

The need for interest-free, stable currency and credit is now more essential than ever, the great sine qua non in any approach, and our greatest opportunity in this epochal era we suddenly find ourselves in.

And that is what we will continue to be working for here at Real Currencies, and with De Florijn.

The Media And Their Billions Large Blind Mob

left: Mark Rutte, in a major speech to the Dutch People, for the very first time in his 10 year as Prime Minister, showed some actual leadership and spoke the truth to the hysterical mob: “Most of you will get Corona, and you’ll be fine”

In the U.S. alone, the flu has caused an estimated 36 million illnesses, 370,000 hospitalizations and 22,000 deaths this season alone but we only hear about the 2500 Corona supposed deaths.
The West is just getting destroyed by a New World Order Media directed mob, in the best traditions as described in the protocols.

By Anthony Migchels, for and Real Currencies

The Media have just whipped up a huge, worldwide, billions large, blind mob, with a totally bullshit narrative.

They have CRUSHED all major States, their institutions, everything, forcing them into complete destruction. Of order. The economy. Our most fundamental human rights: to make our living. To leave our homes.


This graph has been published by the Dutch Government. It shows mortality in the Netherlands over the last few years, per week.
It shows a very small peak over the last few weeks: at the top of the ‘corona pandemic’, there have been 500 more deaths in the Netherlands than usual. Average age: 75.
This ‘500’ ‘peak’ is just completely insignificant to the ‘big’ peak in early 2018, with actually about 9000 extra deaths during the flu season. This actual peak was a non-issue, it happens all the time in all countries.
Again, this shows what is going on: Governments everywhere in the West are doing their real damn best to just report the facts.
I know that people working in the RIVM, the Dutch CDC, are completely NOT on board with this entirely fabricated panic. I ask them to go on Social Media, and tell everybody that this is all complete bullshit. 
And believe me: it’s very uncomfortable for me to side with an outlet like the RIVM, who are mostly known for their vaccine pushing.
But this is a Media Blitz. By the International Media. Completely.

It cannot be stressed enough that the media is are all owned by 5 or 10 huge transnational corporations, in turn owned by the biggest banks in the World.

Western governments are trying to tell the truth, while the Media are just absolutely TRASHING the OBVIOUS facts.
1) Trump has for weeks now been saying, consistently, “this is nothing, we got it under control, this is just a flu.” He didn’t want to drop a nuclear bomb on working people and small business! At all! He’s getting absolutely annihilated by the Fake News lot.
2) Bolsonaro has come out blazing it’s a media attack, and that people will be livid when they find out how they have been taken by the noose by them. And that the economy must be restarted.
3) Two weeks ago, the Italian Government has reported that 99% of those supposedly ‘dying of corona’ are 80 year olds already dying of myriad lethal health issues.
4) Mark Rutte, in a major speech to the Dutch People, for the very first time in his 10 year as Prime Minister, showed some actual leadership and spoke the truth to the hysterical mob: “Most of you will get Corona, and you’ll be fine”.
Dutch Government reporting on the facts has been entirely professional and impeccable.
5) Already since March 19th, the UK Government has taken ‘corona’ off their list of dangerous diseases.
And now Boris Johnson is ‘self isolating’ and ‘in quarantine’ because he has ‘been diagnosed’………….with a ‘virus’ that most of us will catch, 99% of us without even noticing, and a few of us feeling crappy for a few days.
This is what has happened: the Media, Internationally, centrally coordinated, has DESTROYED our States and Institutions and Truth and Economy and Liberty and Love with an ENTIRELY fabricated ‘pandemic’, putting the masses into a fear psychosis.
They have whipped up a huge, worldwide blind mob, billions of people, in total fear, gripped by delusion and fear and a faux sense of togetherness in the face of an ‘invisible enemy’.
And States, Institutions, the Truth, our Economy, men and women with a still functioning brain and heart, they are forced to bow to their will. Forced into submission to a few dominant men behind the scenes, and their mob.
Their domination is total. An immense show of force.
To the individual members of the Mob, I’ll say this: “You may want to snap out of it now.”
And to those goading them: “Well, you have fooled even many of the elect.
As it was foretold you would.
You will have a few ‘victories’ still.  But I know, that you know, that your time is almost up.”

Interview: In Case You Haven’t Noticed, This Is A Bolshevist Takeover West Wide
NWO Magick: A Faux ‘Pandemic’, And A Very, Very Real Financial Collapse

As a bonus: watch this and weep, as James Corbett lays out what is actually happening: they are stealing TRILLIONS, destroying small business, and wheeling in their ‘new economy’.

Interview: In Case You Haven’t Noticed, This Is A Bolshevist Takeover West Wide

A total Bolshevist take over is taking place. West wide. Under the guise of ‘Corona’.

It’s the New World Order implementing Agenda 2030 and their ‘Communitarianism’, which is just Communism 2.0.

They are creating a double whammy on the economy: Financial Collapse, which started in September last year, with massive money printing. Back then it was 75 Billion per day. Next a few hundred billion.

Just the other day, the Fed stated they are now bailing out the repo market to the tune of……….$1 TRILLION……………….per day!!

Maybe all the new experts about ‘exponential growth’ can calculate what that is doing to the Dollar.

Meanwhile, they’re just shutting down the real economy. Just destroying the livelihoods of millions of people all over the West, locking down entire sectors, offering 1000 bucks (1500 Euro’s in Holland) to make ends meet in the months ahead in exchange.

Aren’t they great? Is Big Brother not reaching out? Is it any wonder that the multitude are very grateful? Getting saved from The Bug, and next getting a hand out too?

Sadly, reality landing won’t take long. A few thousand Fed bucks are not going to replace weeks and months of real production.

The US Economy is projected to implode with 14% next quarter. Talk about torching the place.

It is not going to seriously console millions of newly unemployed. Bankrupt small business.

The main target, as always, is the West. America in particular.

This is what many have been waiting for, for a long, long time. We will be facing many major shocks, that will send people reeling in similar ways as this stupid bug. Many will crack under the pressure.

Things under discussion:
– No ‘Pandemic’ whatsoever. 12,500 old people, already suffering several ailments, dead world wide over 2 months is marginally significant, if even that.
– Historic financial collapse, Wall Street down already 30%, with MUCH more to follow.
– Gutting of the real economy with ‘lock downs’.
– How people should get out to hug each other, instead of following Big Brother’s Ukases of ‘self isolation’ and ‘staying indoors’.
– Enormous impoverishment. Think America going back from $50k per year to maybe $25k. Or worse.
– The coming Gold Standard, and how it was and will always be a Banker Monopoly.
– The rise of the Bank of England and the Gold Standard.
– How the Gold Standard led to urbanization and the enclosure of the Commons and the creation of the Working Class.
– Why Bankers Love Gold As Money
– Why Usury Prohibition ended, and why Catholicism failed to keep out the Money Lenders.
– Why Capitalism saw ‘economic growth’, while creating widespread poverty, with working people in the US now working twice as long as in 1700, while owning zero or less assets.
– How White Americans see the Flag as the symbol of the Community they once knew, and how it means death reigning from the skies, and debased ‘culture’ and trannyism and Zionism for the rest for the World. And how acknowledging this is painful on the one hand, but not ‘hate’ of Americans, but of DC, Wall Street, and Hollywood.
– How we can create abundance for the many, the end of poverty, without Plutocracy with universal interest-free credit for normal people.
– How the War is not between whites and migrants at all, but of the Peoples of the World against Babylon.
– How Bitcoin is the most trashy money ever, created by the NSA.
– De Florijn and current developments, including paper money and the importance of cash.
– The importance of implementing similar schemes everywhere in the West to deal with the fall out of the Crash.
– How simple money creation really is, and how we cannot let them get away with buying up the whole thing with simple double entry bookkeeping.

NWO Magick: A Faux ‘Pandemic’, And A Very, Very Real Financial Collapse

"Don't Panic"

(left: The State Media: ‘don’t panic’)

Let nobody tell you the current financial meltdown is about ‘the Corona virus’. The Collapse began September 27th last year, when the repo market’s interest-rate spiked to 10%. That’s a sign they stopped lending to each other (like in the 2008 crisis and spiking Libor rates) and the Fed had to restart bailing out the Banks on the repo market every night. They haven’t lent to each other since.

The Fed has also been monetizing most of the massive Trump Deficit. Nobody else is buying Treasuries.

Meanwhile: there is no ‘pandemic’. A handful of oldies are dying of what’s looking like a nasty flu. Their average age of death is 81 in Italy. 79 in Holland. Their numbers are minute: in Holland we’re talking about 40 deaths up till now. Still, the whole country is grinding to a standstill, not because of the ‘virus’ and ‘sick people’, but because of the insane overreaction by the Government.

By Anthony Migchels for

Disclaimer: I’m just reporting on the observable facts. In the early days, I was fearing this was the New World Order’s Big Depopulation Virus just as much as the next guy.

The Pandemic
There are now a grand total of………….6500 deaths world wide. In six weeks time. Most of them in China.

At least, that’s what we’re told. We’re also being told they don’t have tests. It’s called gaslighting.

In Italy, over weeks time, a grand total of 1000 oldies (81 year average) have died. According to the Italian Government, by far most of these people were suffering from serious health issues already, including heart failure, high blood pressure, and all the tribulations old people are prone to. They say it is even impossible to say they actually died of the ‘virus’, only that they ‘likely’ had it.


(Above: the numbers of the Italian Government concerning the age of the deceased, and mortality.)

There is no test for the ‘corona virus’. What they are doing are quite superficial diagnoses of the respiratory system. What is happening is that anything that looks ‘bad’, is being labeled ‘corona’. This is what you get in a mass psychosis.

In Holland, there have been under 2000 cases, according to the RIVM, the Dutch CDC. Their reporting has been really quite succinct and to the point. And the facts really speak for themselves:
– 1705 cases (diagnosed in the way described above)
– 43 deaths
– Average age of the deceased: 79 (81 life expectancy)
– By far most suffering from serious additional health issues.
– A grand total of 314 people have been admitted to ICU’s. In the entire country. By far most are now back home.

Meanwhile: all restaurants, bars, coffee shops (where the Dutch go to buy their weed), and food take outs are forced to close. All events have been cancelled. Self employed people and small business have seen their work commitments for the coming months just wiped out. Airliners are grounded, and can’t last even a few weeks without business. All gatherings of 100 people or more are outlawed.

Monday night, Mark Rutte, the Dutch PM, held a televised ‘speech to the People’. I felt forced to watch it, because the fear was quite real he would order a total lock down of the country. Including grounding people in their homes, enforced by the Army.

Macron has announced such measures in France. While things are the same there as in Holland. We got lucky here, though. For now. They’re promising/threatening ‘additional measures’, ‘depending on developments’, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

San Francisco is getting closed down too. It would be nice to assume this is just your usual Californian Bolshevist madness, but much of the US probably will follow suit, in the days ahead.

In Spain, which is touted as the ‘biggest hotbed besides Italy’, the State is using drones to order people around, just as in Wuhan. People there too are grounded. A few hundred old people have died. Spain is just 47 million people who are not allowed to leave their dwellings.

And it’s the same picture everywhere.

In New York State, the first ‘corona death’ was reported Saturday night: an 82 year old woman suffering from lung emphysema.

In Luxembourg, also Saturday, the first ‘corona death’ was a 94 year old.

Since January first, scores of thousands of 80 year old or thereabout folks have died of the flu, general malaise, whatever, in the EU. They do so every year during ‘the season’. They don’t end up in Intensive Care at all.

This is a mind job
People are just completely bamboozled by scary graphs of ‘exponential growth’. But if there is ‘exponential growth’, why are there 6500 deaths world wide after six weeks? Most of whom have died in China during the early days of the ‘outbreak’?

Shouldn’t we be hauling off thousands of body bags by now?

It’s completely the Media doing it. Including the Alternative Media.

Conveniently, they’re saying ‘don’t pay with cash, it’s contagious’. Using a debit card machine that was just used by all sorts of drooling and coughing customers is apparently ‘safe’.

Of course they’d use such a thing in their war on cash. Just a few weeks ago, in an eerie sign of things to come, Dutch Banks suddenly unisono closed their atm’s between 23:00 and 7:00. Presumably to ‘stop robberies’. A story only journalists, and the women and children believe.

Why were people buying toilet paper? Not just in America, but in the UK, Holland, France, as well? Because all the State/Corporate Media are probably running the same CIA scripts. They always do, so assuming they do so now as well is hardly a very wild guess.

Just imagine how much fun they must have had, and all the poo jokes they have been making about all the Goy/peasants eating it all up.

The ‘Alternative Media’ (90% of which is of course just trolling Jews and the CIA) is plugging the scary stories about the NWO depopulation virus, and how about ‘the Government is lying to us’. Half the population lends at least some credence to these propositions (as well they should), so this is professionally exploited by the wizards.

Honorary mention: Jon Rappoport has been one of the very few making any sense at all. He had it all figured from day one. Go read his archive.

Meanwhile, in the real world
Sunday, the Fed announced a panicky 100 point downgrade of interest rates to 0%.

They announced an emergency package of $700 Billion QE. Outright asset purchasing to ‘help price levels’ in ‘the markets’.

This was after last week, when they had given out $1,5 Trillion in short term loans on the repo market. I’m very unsure how much of these short term loans are actually coming back. Could be 100%. But it would very much surprise me.

This move had ‘stabilized’ ‘the markets’ for about 5 minutes.

The $700 Billion mega asset purchasing package ‘limited’ the damage on the futures market to ‘only’ 1000 points, Sunday night. Monday, the Dow lost 10%.

The S&P index Monday night ended 30% lower than 10 days earlier.

Interestingly, Mitch Romney and Ilhan Omar have both been calling for $1000 hand outs to normal people. Of course, ‘to help them bridge lost income due to ‘corona”.

But in reality, giving normal people cash hand outs has been under discussion for years in the regulatory scene: they know outright Bank bailouts are hated beyond measure, and giving the money to the people, while obviously not the preferred option, is just another way to keep reflating the System as long as they can.

When they are ‘forced’ to do this, it’s as bad as it looks.

Central Banks have been talking about buying up ‘distressed market assets’ for years also. They have openly announced they would do ‘whatever it takes’, and the Fed too, last Sunday, promised ‘more if needed’.

Nice, no? These scumbags buying everything up with freshly printed Euros and Greenbacks? To save the World, no less?

Next, they will consolidate everything in the State, and use that mega Capital as the foundation for their ‘Communitarian’ (Communism 2.0) World State.

Governments already own a huge chunk of ‘the markets’, through pension funds, as visible in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports they publish next to their ‘official’ numbers.

Pure NWO Magick
A magician does something with his left hand, as he signals his audience to look at his right hand.

They have been at it since late September. Remember that ‘impeachment’? Everybody was just wondering: ‘what’s it all about?’ Well, it was about distracting people from the financial implosion that had begun.

Soleimani? He got blown away on the day that……….the Federal Reserve reported they had already doled out $6 TRILLION short term loans on the repo market. They have been at it ever since, and it would be interesting to know what they have already given out. At this rate, they must be well in to 12, 15 Trillion territory, which is 2008 all over again, with the Fed doling out 16 TRILLION in loans to its Bankster buddies, $9 Trillion of which they admitted ‘they cannot account for.’

2008 all over again? Well, this is only the beginning, 2008 was just a prelude, a walk in the park. It mostly served to make all major States and Central Banks use all their ammo. Rates are already at 0%. Government debt everywhere, including the US, is standing at 100% plus. They have very little they can do this time, other than printing, printing, printing.

While they’re utterly annihilating the World economy, people are begging Big Brother to please ground them, and have the Army enforce a lock down, and do more to ‘stop the virus’.

Resistance is forestalled, as people coming together is outlawed ‘cuz corona’. In Austria it’s actually illegal since Monday to meet with more than five at a time!

Make no mistake whatsoever: this is the New World Order’s long awaited Big Push.

As we have been analyzing very extensively, both on these pages and elsewhere, the US Empire is not the New World Order. America and the US Empire were created to conquer the World for them, and now that they have, they can go.

Ten years from now, the West will be unrecognizable. Not a shadow of its former self. America will soon start retreating from Europe, leaving the Old Continent to Russian control.

Agenda 2030 and its far reaching social engineering goals, including the end of private land holdings, will be called for by the masses everywhere.

The Bank is planning to foreclose on the entire West in the decade ahead.

The issue that has swept through the ages, that of the People vs. the Banks, will have to be faced now.

Will be faced now.

The Crunch Is Back, There’s Going To Be A Gold Standard, And It Will Be Disastrous
Phoenix Rising, the Return of the Gold Standard
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The Crunch Is Back, There’s Going To Be A Gold Standard, And It Will Be Disastrous

(Left: Mark Carney, top Kingpin of the vipers enslaving and destroying the West and the World.)

There we have it folks. The next round in the Crunch is here, and Central Banks have suddenly started saying that a Gold Standard will be necessary to start anew.

The Gold Standard will force an excruciating deleveraging, austerity, deflation, and depression, and bring immense pain to the masses.

The Real Populists have been warning against the coming Gold Standard as the Banker Master Plan to destroy America for decades. The Libertarians in the Truth Movement have a lot of explaining to do, for continuing selling the Banker Plan to the uninitiated.

By Anthony Migchels, for

Consider the events of the last few weeks.

First Mark Carney, boss of the Bank of England makes an incredible speech, simply announcing the end of the US Dollar’s reserve currency status, and succession by an IMF generated and controlled World Reserve Currency. He went on to say the coming crises would be used to facilitate the transition.

Then two weeks ago, the FED’s repo rate suddenly spiked to 10% (!!). It’s supposed to be sitting at about 0%. The Banks weren’t lending to each other, that’s what caused the crisis. The FED had to dole out $75 Billion to get things under control.

Then over the weekend, the FED suddenly announced it would start Quantitative Easing 4.0, even though they don’t want to call it that, as they don’t want to admit the gravity of the situation. But it was pretty much an open secret that it would be inevitable.

And now major Central Banks are saying that we will need a Gold Standard after a reset.

Now have a look at this graph, courtesy David Jensen:

This is the trend of M2 growth over the last few decades. As you can see, the money supply has stopped growing, while it needs to grow quite substantially to keep the interest-charges payable. As a result, there is less and less money available in the real economy, and this is hammering economic activity.

It is the result of the FED’s tightening policies, raising rates and so called ‘tapering’, taking the cash they injected to keep things going after the 2008 crash out of the economy again.

As we can see, the results have been disastrous. We’re now at 2008 levels of money growth, and a major crash is all but unavoidable, and has already begun.

Of course, this is not caused by ‘incompetence’. The FED knows exactly what it has been doing, and many commentators have been pointing it out. Even Trump was on their case about it. In fact, it must have been quite unnerving for them, to do it while all the initiated saw it clear as day. On the other hand, the effects of this must not be overstated. It’s over for the FED, they will be soon replaced. They will get the blame for everything, and everybody hates their guts, and the FED’s owners have had their successor ready for a very long time now. The real managers and owners of the System will of course remain the same, they’re just conveniently changing their vehicle, as they have so many times, in so many countries throughout Modernity.

The Coming Gold Standard
The Bankers have routinely switched between Gold and Credit based systems, and it’s always the same: credit if they want to create debt and inflate, Gold Standards, when they want deflation and associated depression. They went paper based money in 1914, to finance the War. Their man Winston Churchill reinstated the Gold Standard for the Bankers in 1925. It duly led to scarcity of money, and a terrible crash. Germany left the Gold Standard in 1931, but only under Hitler and Schacht did the economy get reflated, something that only happened in the US and Britain when the War started.

After the War, all currencies were tied to the Dollar, which in turn could be converted into Gold. This was mainly to drain America’s Gold Reserves, and this worked like a charm. When America lost most of its Gold, it closed the Gold window, and since then Gold convertibility was over. And now it’s back to Gold again.

Of course, the Gold Standards of the 19th Century were all Rothschild controlled: Rothschild controlled the Bank of England, which ruled through the Pound Sterling as World Reserve Currency. The same people are obviously behind the FED, and the coming Gold Standard.

The Twenties are going to be terrible. The West’s free fall will escalate. America is the main target and will get hit beyond belief. Before the decade is over, the American Empire will be gone: they simply won’t be able to afford these 800 foreign bases and $1 Trillion fighter gadgets, and $8 Trillion Middle Eastern extravaganzas anymore.

But rest assured the Pentagon will demand Social Security, State Pensions, and Food Stamps must go first. And that they will get their way.

The Empire’s demise will leave a huge power vacuum, and will create only vastly more chaos all over the World.

This is the big one. We all know it had been coming. Mark Carney simply spelled it out and was kind enough to give a time table.

The West is facing destruction, it’s all out war against us by the Money Power.

There will be huge confrontations between the Peoples of the World and ‘elites’. Nobody will be able to deny anymore that we face an existential war against the Plutocracy. We can’t afford to be distracted by the losers (migrants, for instance) anymore.

And the truth is that our owners have been preparing for centuries for this. They will have a few tricks up their sleeves, doubt it not.

It is going to be us, the Peoples of the World, the working people, the normal people everywhere, or it’s going to be the hyper rich. There is not place for both of us. We can have a World where everybody does his bit, and shares in the rewards, or we can have a few parasites marching all of us off into debt slavery and annihilation.

The sooner we make peace with this, the better it is. Because it is the Truth, and things have been out of control for really way too long already.

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