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The Euro Crisis

The Euro crisis is not only a financial crisis. The financial crisis is used as a tool to further European integration. Most notably fiscal union: the surrender of budgetary sovereignty by the Nation States to the EU.

There is no doubt that a financial crisis, in whatever form, was foreseen by the Eurocrats when implementing the Euro. It was hoped the inner dynamic of single currency would force the nations to cooperate fiscally too.

The most annoying bit of it is to see Europe’s elite squirming and lying for this power grab. They may not understand finance and interest, but surely they understand what is going on here. National elites have totally sold out to the agenda and most political parties must be considered traitors.

Territorial integrity and national sovereignty are key matters to any Government and Nation and they cannot be surrendered without the express permission of the People.
Manipulating them into doing so is clearly treasonous behavior.

Throughout 2011 and 2012 new government leaders in especially the Southern Nations were outright banking associates. This basically amounted to a Banker/Eurocratic coup d’état in these countries. No credible organized political opposition to all this can be found in Europe. Beppe Grillo is probably another banker operative.

2005 saw referendums in the Netherlands and France resulting in a crushing 60-40 ‘No’ against the ‘European Constitution’. These results were infamously ignored through the Lisbon treaty. They never bothered asking again.

All these facts leave Europe’s Governments and the EU dangerously low on legitimacy.

Europe at this point is a crucial front against the Money Power.

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  1. I think the referendum in June is going to be crucial for EU..I have some thoughts on my blog…

  2. Interesting thoughts, most are true to the core

  3. jean pager permalink

    could you go more a lenght with your mutual credit,I do not understand it

  4. anirishtory permalink

    I think you mixed up Galloway with Enda Kenny who is the Taoiseach at the moment. The only Galloway I know is George Galloway, the new MP for Bradford West.

    I know Peter Sutherland worked for Goldman Sachs as well as plenty of other big multinationals, I don’t think Kenny did, and as far as I know, Galloway didn’t either, although there was that rumour about getting oil from Sadaam!

    • Hi anirishtory,

      Yes, I think you’re right. I realized some time after this article that Kenny is the Taoiseach, not Galloway. I don’t know where I got that idea. The goldman sachs invasion of Europe was the big item at the time, I think I got that name from some list or so.

      Thanks for the correction and indeed also for the reblogs!

      • anirishtory permalink

        No problems. I am interesting in how a Social Credit system would actually work in practice. That is how I came across your blog. The mutual credit system also seems interesting.

        What sort of system do you think would be workable, and how would it actually happen. I would imagine the money powers would be opposed to it, how to get around that?

        • I believe both Social and Mutual Credit are fully viable. Although I believe social Credit must be combined by Mutual Credit to stop the interest drain (read my article on SoCred)

          You may also want to look in the other articles in the ‘interest free economics’ page, particularly the article on WIR, which is a major Mutual Credit Facility.

          Also Cathal Spelman is working to introduce a system in Ireland, Dublin Area. Maybe you can look him up?

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