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The Return Of The Financial Crisis September 2019

People are sleepwalking through it. A great many don’t even realize that the Credit Crunch returned in September 2019.

The Crisis resumed when the Fed started ‘tapering’ in 2017, and raising interest-rates, even ever so slightly to 2%. It immediately caused a massive deflationary shock, which led to the crisis on the repo market, and the restart of QE in September 2019.

This was just a month after Mark Carney had declared that the Petrodollar would be replaced by an IMF World Currency.

September 2019 is the official date of the start of the World Crisis, that will lead to World Government before the end of the decade.

The Lockdown started in the weekend of March 16th, when the bail outs of the repo market went out of control, and the Fed had to announce a $4 Trillion bail out of the Banks. The Lockdown’s purpose is to forestall social unrest and resistance against the bail outs, and the coming Greatest Depression.
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