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Yes, the Money Power is Jewish

by on April 3, 2012

Every researcher, author and reformer concerned with the monetary is confronted with the politically incorrect fact that the Money Power is Jewish. Should we circumvent the issue to avoid scaring people away from the all important monetary issue?
Probably not. Let’s stay as close to truth as possible. It ultimately brings the greatest chance of success.

Keith Gardner of the highly informative Liberty Revival Blog recently penned a short and forceful article titled ‘Zero Tolerance for Hate Speech‘. In it he basically states his position on ‘antisemitism’: the notion that the world is ruled by Jewish people. Gardner says for him this ‘antisemitism’ is unacceptable and unnecessary, even damaging to monetary reform.

Since I’m quite certain he had me amongst others in mind when writing the article and since he actually touches upon an important subject, I’ll respond to this. I know Gardner respects Real Currencies, but he does not want to associate himself with the rather direct approach. I have absolutely no problems with his statement, understand where he is coming from and continue to appreciate his powerful work.

I would like to suggest that Gardner is struggling with the issue himself. Of course it is not wise to speculate on the intentions or inner feelings of others, but in this case I fear not doing so because I’ve struggled with the same thing for ever. Henry Makow also needed years to admit the Illuminati are basically Jewish Supremacism, co-opting gentile competitors for World Power through Freemasonry and intermarriage. Just read his pre 2008, 2009 work, you’ll see he named the conspiracy in just about every way possible, before eventually settling for the ‘Illuminati Jews’ mode.

Gardner even goes as far to say he won’t allow ‘antisemitic’ comments on his site. That’s his good right of course, but his original position seemed more logical to me: just state you don’t agree, but allow ‘antisemitic’ comments. In this way he would not alienate people who would greatly benefit from his thinking, but who have advanced beyond the basic political correct mind control.

Gardner is aware of Jewish over-representation within what he calls the New World Order, but he’s concerned about two things:
1. Does naming them by their real name actually help monetary reform, or does it damage the cause because it scares of people not ready to face these issues yet?
2. The problem that far from all Jews are involved and that naming them ‘the Jews’ does injustice to those not part of the plan.

To begin with point 2: it’s not very complicated.
When we see a few hundred thousand American soldiers, under the orders of the US Federal Government invade some tiny country in the Middle East, we say:  America, or Americans have invaded this or that place. Do we blame all Americans? No.

Are all Americans partly responsible? If you look closely, you’ll find that 99% or more of Americans are in some way partly responsible for the invasion, even though it would be close to impossible to disentangle themselves from this responsibility. The problem is: we are highly connected and karmically linked to our nation.

So if we have a massive credit crunch and most of the main players are Jewish, is it strange or ‘antisemitic’ to say so? Clearly not. Do we blame all Jews by doing so? Clearly not. But a close look will show that many Jews are in some way in support of the Money Power: through the ‘schule’, the many Zionist organizations or other Jewish groups. Jews cling to the Money Power because they were heavily brainwashed to fear ‘antisemitism’.

Should we allow the Jews a special treatment in avoiding naming their ethnic background when they commit heinous crimes? I don’t see why.

And then the other problem, scaring away the hapless masses when discussing these things. Well, there is a case to be made that some outlets should provide less confrontational material. A gatekeeper like Alex Jones is actually helpful in that respect.

But I write for the initiated, that’s a choice I’ve made when starting this blog. I assume my readers are at least fairly well versed in the ways of the world. Makow tries to reach more people, but the point is: with his level of reporting it is impossible to reach more than the best and brightest individual thinkers out there. People just can’t stomach it until they’re ready themselves.

Another issue is credibility: we may reach the masses, but Alex Jones himself is widely criticized for avoiding the Jewish Question by people who have quit considering the New York Times as a serious outlet.

Another issue is that when more voices break through the Political Correct blanket covering our eyes, it becomes progressively easier for the next to do so too. The peer pressure to support the status quo lessens and a little less isolation is threatened for the brave soul crossing the divide.

By not speaking out, we help contain the masses from the truth. We basically let down our brethren at the forefront of the struggle who do speak out.

It’s difficult to say what’s best. I understand Gardner’s position and suspect he is still struggling with the conflicting data.

Interestingly, Makow just published an excellent article showing how the Jewish Question was a normal topic in the 1920’s. Churchill, for instance, wrote a famous article called ‘Zionism vs Bolshevism’, explaining the Jewish ‘conspiracy’. It was posted on the front page of a leading outlet in 1920.

The Second World War ended this. Just like with Interest Free Currency, ‘antisemitism’ was badly damaged through guilt by association. To me it is obvious that this was a crucial part of the Money Power’s calculations in instigating the war.

It seems likely they rest assured the Jewish Question as a political theme will be put to rest again after the next.

Perhaps this is the most pressing reason to stop ignoring the truth that the Money Power is Jewish.

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  1. Well this is insanity. If you find a Jewish conspiracy let me know. I am Jewish but I guess they left me out.

  2. Jewry is neither a race nor a mixed race. It is a confusing mixture of races, racial mixtures, and racial fragments, artificially held together by its rabbis. It acts as a kind of counter-race, which can only destroy, never build. Jewry is the product of the inbreeding of asocial, criminal, sick, degenerate, and rejected elements of every possible race in the ancient world. Jewry is neither a race nor a people nor a religion in our sense of those words. It possesses no homeland, but leads a rootless, parasitic life at the expense of the host peoples. Its current homeland is largely the criminal neighborhoods of the great cities of the world, its god is money, its policy is revolution and the destruction of the cultural treasures of mankind.

    by Barry Chamish

    Rabbi Marvin Antelman was right all along. Way back in 1974, he identified the source of all the evil against Jews and humanity but his message and style were too unaccessible to get through to anyone but the most advanced students of anti-semitism. What he lacked most was simplicity, a common enough failure of thinkers decades in advance of their contemporaries. What he needed was someone to put out a Cliff’s Notes simplified explanation of his thesis…and someone, without intention, just did.

    The name of the book is, 50 Jewish Messiahs by Jerry Rabow (Gefen Publishing, Jerusalem). It is an informative but shallow overview of just what the title says, but in its shallowness lies vital depth. We begin with Chapter 17, about the “most damaging messiah to the Jewish people,” Shabbatai Zvi. First we’ll read Rabow and then add commentary opening Rabbi Antelman’s work to the wide world.

    pp 91 – Shabbatai Zvi was born in Smyrna, Turkey on the ninth of Av, 1626. The ninth day of Av is the day of a triple tragedy for the Jewish nation. According to tradition, the First Temple, the Second Temple and Bar Kokhba’s Betar fortress all fell on this day.

    pp 93 – He changed the holiday celebrations and violated the dietary prohibitions. All of this followed from his declaration that the usual rules were inapplicable to messianic times.

    pp 95 – He declared that the coming of the messianic era meant that the biblical commandments were no longer binding. He proclaimed that God now permitted everything.

    ** This is Rabbi Antelman’s central assertion; that Shabbataism was the polar opposite of Judaism. That Shabbatai Zvi’s program was to destroy all the tenets of the Torah and replace them with their opposites. Incredibly, more than half the Jews of the world at the time, believed he would be revealed as their promised messiah: **

    pp 101 – Then he finally made the announcement for which the Jewish community had been waiting for 1600 years – he would begin the Redemption on the 15th day of the month of Sivan, June 18, 1666.

    ** There are many who will recognize the significance of the date. June is the sixth month, 18 divided by three is 6+6+6 and 1666 is clear enough. Either he knew what he was doing or the prophesies of the emergence of an evil false messiah or anti-Christ are right, and Shabbatai Zvi was him. **

    pp 110 – Through all of this, Shabbatai continued to issue proclamations of the theological changes wrought by the coming of the messianic age. Shabbatai’s new prayer was, “Praised be He who permits the forbidden.” Since all things would be permitted in the age of the messiah, Shabbatai declared many of the old restrictions of the Torah no longer applicable. He abolished the laws concerning sexual relationships. He eventually declared that all of the thirty six major biblical sins were now permitted and instructed some of his followers that it was their duty to perform such sins in order to hasten the Redemption.

    ** Shabbatai’s fall from grace among the great masses of Jews came in September 1666, when the Sultan of Turkey threatened him with torture unless he converted to Islam. He relented and most of Jewry abandoned him. But not all. A core of his followers kept their messiah alive and kicking hard. **

    pp 112 – In order to bring on the Reformation, Shabbatai had descended into the darkness of the Muslim world to gather the scattered fragments of the light of creation hidden there. There was an outward reality and an inner reality. Nathan transformed Shabbatainism into a theology of paradox. Once the followers accepted the concept of paradox, they would be able to keep on believing in Shabbatai Zvi. An inner circle of his followers accepted the explanations of Nathan and continued to believe in Shabbatai the Messiah.

    ** The Shabbatai followers continued their hidden life in the Turkish sect of the Donmeh, whose activities continue to this day, as reported extensively this year, even by the staid Jerusalem Post. One of the Donmeh followers was Jacob Frank, who would transform Europe and the world into a Shabbataian hell barely a century later. **

    pp 121 – The Donmeh now converted the Shabbataian Purim into an annual orgy, when members exchanged spouses for a ceremony called “extinguishing the lights.” The Donmeh justified their Purim orgies, and their regular practise of sharing wives and engaging in other sexual activities, by citing biblical precedents.

    pp 123 – Although Jacob Frank (1726-1791) was born fifty years after the death Shabbatai Zvi, he deserves to be regarded as Shabbatai’s true successor.

    pp 125 – Frank’s followers requested ecclesiastic protection on the grounds that their own beliefs were not Jewish but rather, “anti-Talmudist.”..The bishop declared that the “anti-Talmudists”, Frank’s followers, were entitled to practise their religion, and ordered that all copies of the Talmud within his diocese be seized and burned. Now under the protection of the crown, adoring followers gave Frank huge donations to his movement.

    pp 127 – He extended the paradoxical teachings of Shabbatai Zvi that the coming of the messianic age had transformed sexual prohibitions of the bible into permissions and even obligations. According to Frank, engaging in sexual orgies now became the means to purify the soul from its sins. Debauchery became therapy…Frank convinced his followers that the only way for their special form of Judaism to survive was for them to outwardly become Christians, just as the Donmeh had descended into the world of Islam…In February, 1759, the Frankists told the Church they were ready to be baptized. The Frankists promised to deliver 5000 new Christians from Poland, Moravia, Hungary and Turkey.

    pp 130 – The Frankists also became involved in international political intrigue, and sent secret emissaries to the Russian government and the Eastern Orthodox Church offering to help in the overthrow of Poland and the Catholic Church…By 1786, Frank suffered temporary financial problems, and moved his court to Offenbach, near Frankfurt. There Frank’s money problems were somehow solved. The source of Frank’s immense wealth is not clear. He may have used his movement’s system of secret messengers and clandestine cells to engage in the constant political turmoil involving Austria-Hungary, Turkey and the Balkans.

    ** And now we reach the final depth of Rabow’s understanding and let Rabbi Antelman take over. **

    Frankfurt at the time was the headquarters of the Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati, as well as Rothschild Brothers’ financial empire. This is worth repeating: Frankfurt was the birthplace of both the Illuminati and the Rothschild empire. When Jacob Frank entered the city, the alliance between the two had already begun. Weishaupt provided the conspiratorial resources of the Jesuit Order, while the Rothschilds contributed the money. What was missing was a means to spread the agenda of the Illuminati and that the Frankists added with their network of agents throughout the Christian and Islamic worlds.

    Jacob Frank became instantly wealthy because he was given a nice handout by the Rothschilds of Frankfurt. There is no other explanation.

    And from this starting point, Rabbi Antelman gave us a blueprint for the war against Judaism and all its good, and indeed against humanity and all its moral treasures. A movement of complete evil now took hold. The Jesuits’ goal was the destruction of the Protestant Reformation leading to a return of one pope sitting in judgement on all mankind. The Rothschilds goal was to control the wealth of the planet. And the Frankist vision was the destruction of Jewish ethics to be replaced by a religion based on the exact opposite of God’s intentions. When these factions blended, a bloody war against humanity, with the Jews on the front lines, erupted and it is reaching its very pinnacle at this moment.

    Rabbi Antelman traces the means of the worldwide reach of this ugliness. By the 1770s, the Illuminati was exposed and banned in Germany and then throughout Europe. Weishaupt made a strategic change that worked miracles for the international spread of his goals. He infiltrated agents into the Freemasonic lodges of England and Scotland, changing their highest tenets to his own, until every lodge in every nation accepted them. Thus, the Illuminati now had two centers of activity, Germany and Britain. It was from Germany to London that the apostate Jews Karl Marx and Frederick Engels were sent to devise the rot of communism. Shortly after that task was done, the Rothschilds sent their agents John Jacob Astor and Jacob Schiff from Germany to America. They financed the robber barons like Rockefeller and Morgan, who in 1922, founded the Council On Foreign Relations, to overthrow the American constitution and switch the nation’s diplomacy to Illuminatiism.


    In 1932, how many organizations in Germany represented German Jewry? Over 250. In 1933, how many? One, and one only; Labour Zionism. We will return to the significance shortly.
    First, Rabbi Antelman’s account continues. To corrupt the Jews, the Frankists adopted, at first, a humane policy of sorts. With Rothschild money and Jesuit power, the so-called Enlightenment was initiated by the German Jewish apostate Moses Mendelsohn. Napoleon was financed to liberate the Jews wherever he conquered and from Germany, the Reform and Conservative movements were financed to further dilute the faith and introduce totally foreign concepts to their congregations. But the pace wasn’t fast enough. The ornery Jews just weren’t cooperating with evil, so those stubbornly accepting Torah morality would have to be removed permanently and only those practising Shabbatainism would be permitted to survive.
    Yes, in the 2000 years of European Jewish history there were pogroms, Crusades and Inquisitions, the latter aided and abetted by the Jesuits. But compared to what happened from the 1880s on, life was a tolerable picnic. The turning point in the final war against the Jews was the founding of Zionism by the Shabbataians. The final aim of the movement was to establish a Shabbataian state in the historical land of the Jews, thus taking over Judaism for good.
    To foment the idea, life had to made so intolerable for Europe’s Jews, that escape to Palestine would appear to be the best option. The Cossack pogroms were the first shot in this campaign and for them, the Frankists turned to the Jesuits and their influence over the Catholic Church. The Jesuits had done more to spread communism, beginning with their feudal communes in South America, and now they wanted to punish the anti-papists of Europe by imprisoning them behind communal bars. The deal was simple: The Jesuits provided the Cossacks, the Frankists, the communists. And naturally, the Rothschilds would provide the moolah.
    Once the situation turned foreboding, the German-writing intellectuals took over. In Vienna in 1885, the journalist Natan Birnbaum fired the opening salvo which successfully planted the fast-growing seeds of Zionism. He was followed by another Vienna writer, Peretz Smoleskin, who provided more intellectual justification for returning to a safe home in Israel. However, neither man had the charisma of still another Vienna writer, Theodore Herzl. He could rally the masses as neither of them could and he was chosen to be the spokesman and symbol of the movement.
    Read any honest biography of Herzl and the same quandary appears. Herzl claimed he wrote the Judenstaat one summer in Paris. But Herzl wasn’t in Paris when he said he wrote the most influential book of Zionism. It had to have been written for him. Anyone who reads Herzl’s dreadful plays, has to doubt his sudden departure from literary mediocrity.
    In 1901, Herzl appeared in Britain where he was not well received. We are told he backed another option, creating a Jewish sanctuary in British – controlled East Africa. If the idea caught on, it would neutralize the Shabbataians’ game plan. Herzl died not long after and not one biography of him tells us how. He entered a Paris sanatorium for a not known condition and never emerged. This was highly fortunate for the British Freemasons doing the Shabbataians’ bidding, for they replaced Herzl with one of their own, a German-educated Jew named Chaim Weizmann. In time, a cockamamie legend was fabricated involving the Balfour declaration creating a Jewish homeland in Palestine as a reward for Weizmann finding a way to make acetone for explosives from dried up paint. Not one explosion in World War One came from this magic process. But the British took great pains to capture Palestine from the Turks and appoint the leaders of the upcoming Shabbataian state.
    Meeting in London during the War, Weizmann and Balfour had to deal with the problem of the people already living in Palestine, most of whom were religious Jews, who were the majority in such major centers as Jerusalem, Sfat and Tiberius. The myth of an ancient Palestinian Arab indigenous population is belied by any number of reports by visitors as talented as Twain and Balzac, who accurately noted the paucity of Arabs in the land during the 19th century. The later economic success of the new enterprise drew hundreds of thousands of Arabs from as far away as Iraq to the region with consequences the Illuminati were possibly well aware of.
    To neutralize the religious Jews, many of whom had been living in the land since antiquity, Balfour and Weizmann inducted Rabbi Avraham Kook into the fold and after the war, he was appointed the first Chief Rabbi of the enterprise, while Weizmann was made the first head of the Jewish Agency. Kook proceeded to strip the landed Orthodox Jews of their real estate and political rights, while introducing a new concept into Judaism; the purity of land redemption. His philosophy was based on profound historical truth, nonetheless, his followers don’t understand how he and they are playing out the Shabbataian nightmare.
    Stage one was complete. Now the real business at hand was revved up. Rabbi Antelman proves that the American President Woodrow Wilson was thoroughly corrupted by the Frankists through their agent Colonel House. It was Wilson who put an end to America’s open immigration policy. Until then, despite all their despair, most Eastern European Jews rejected Palestine as an escape route, the majority choosing America as their destination. From now on very few would enjoy that option. It would have to be Palestine or nowhere.

    We now jump to 1933. Less than 1% of the German Jews support Zionism. Many tried to escape from Naziism by boat to Latin and North American ports but the international diplomatic order was to turn them back. Any German Jew who rejected Palestine as his shelter would be shipped back to his death.
    By 1934, the majority of German Jews got the message and turned to the only Jewish organization allowed by the Nazis, the Labour Zionists. For confirmation of the conspiracy between them and Hitler’s thugs read The Transfer Agreement by Edwin Black, Perfidy by Ben Hecht or The Scared And The Doomed by Jacob Nurenberger. The deal cut worked like this. The German Jews would first be indoctrinated into Bolshevism in Labour Zionism camps and then, with British approval, transferred to Palestine. Most were there by the time the British issued the White Paper banning further Jewish immigration. The Labour Zionists got the Jews they wanted, and let the millions of religious Jews and other non-Frankists perish in Europe without any struggle for their survival.

    But not all Jews fell for the plan. A noble alternative Zionism arose led by Zeev Jabotinsky. He led the Jews in demanding free passage to Palestine and a worldwide economic boycott of the Nazi regime. The Labour Zionists did all in their power to short-circuit the opposition. First, they forced all the German Jews in Palestine to use their assets to buy only goods from Nazi Germany. This kept the regime afloat. Then Chaim Weizmann and his Jewish Agency employed their appointed agents in the US to neutralize Jabotinsky and his followers using any means at their disposal. This culminated in Jabotinsky’s suspicious death in New York in 1941. Later, Jabotinsky’s most literate advocate, Ben Hecht, was run over by a truck on a Manhattan sidewalk. His crime was being the first to widely expose the Jewish Agency-Nazi plot.
    Into this plot against the Jews we add the Jesuits, who wished with all their hearts, to wreck the land that produced Luther, but the Vatican’s role in the Holocaust is not the focus of this overview. We now return to America where the Jewish leadership used all their contacts and resources to make good and certain that the unwanted non-Shabbataian Jews of Europe never again saw the light of day.
    We return to a quote from Jerry Rabow:

    pp 132 – Frankist families, both those living as Christians and those living as Jews, tried to marry only among themselves. In the summers, the German groups regularly held secret meetings in the resort of Carlsbad…It is said by the middle of the nineteenth century, the majority of the lawyers in Prague and Warsaw were from Frankist families. United States Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter is reported to have received a copy of Eva Frank’s portrait from his mother, a descendent of the Prague Frankist family.

    The difference between Rabow and Rabbi Antelman is the latter proves that literally all of FDR’s court Jews were German-descended Sabbataians, determined to purge Jewry of its unnecessary European, non-Sabbataian morality-believing cohorts.

    When World War II ended, barely 100,000 European Jews survived and when they arrived in Palestine they had to obey Bolshevik edicts or starve to death. However, they weren’t enough to stave off the number one threat to the Frankist state, the Arabs. The wrath of the savage tribes threatened the whole enterprise and only the infusion of large numbers of soldiers could stave off their invasion. To that end, European-controlled Arab dictators were persuaded to go against their national interests, stir up bloody anti-semitism and get the Sephardic Jews to Israel. Their first reward was wealth through seizure of Jews’ assets.
    Before the Shabbataians introduced it, there was no such thing as Jewish self-hatred. Their religion and heritage came as naturally as breathing. This was the state the Eastern Jews were in when they were driven to Israel. There, the Frankists had to apply all the lessons they learned turning German Jews into their image to change the newcomers. Every effort was made to divest these peoples of their faith and the results were often shattering.

    • John Cook permalink


    • Damian erwing permalink

      Awesome, but Weishaupt hated Jesuits and monarchy. His own writings show that he was against the Jesuit order. So, he was not a jesuit.

  4. >>>>Yes, the Money Power is Jewish
    It is, but why?
    If today all judeans were raptured, would scottish, english, dutch financiers not take their place ? Prior to the arrival of yiddish money men did they not try to be the power ?

    The war for a central bank in the United States lasted for 100 years because it was a war, also, for “whose central bank” ? circle of friends of Baring and brothers; circle of friends of Rothschilds; or a circle of american-grown scottish and english money men ?

    Friends of Rothschild won because they are the best; they are the most talented, most skilled, best organized.

    Stupid dumb animals are in bond-age to the Rothschild circle because that is what they deserve

    • John Cook permalink

      Maybe you are being ironic but I think you actually mean it. If so you are an arrogant Fool for outing yourself.
      “Friends of Rothschild won because they are the best; they are the most talented, most skilled, best organized”. I.e. as per the Talmud we Goyim are just dumb animals compared to our “Chosen People” masters, we couldn’t really compete.
      And “Better Organised” translates into “We conspire together”
      It is these things (among others) that have created Anti-Semitism through out the world, throughout History.
      And now we are on the edge of the Zionists in Israel starting the third World War. My god you people will be hated as never before after that happens.

      • 🙂 xoxo

        Outing me-self ?! have some coffee

        point that zoomed over your head: scottish and english bankers would do (and have done) the same to ye what yiddish ones did; but friends of Rothschild put them predators out to pasture

        as for anti-semitism: as elsewhere noted, soon there will be no white people left to be anti semites


        —we have already had 3 world wars; and the money power won every one of them

        • Henrique permalink

          Since when only whites are anti-semites? The majority of them I meet today are blacks, sympathetic or not to Islam; and Communists in general. About jews, their religion is an invention and full of shit, but most powerful jews are secular anyway, and want distance from religion – that cultural identity is a cloak for them. Money and its controllers existed tens of thousands of years ago in Ancient India, long before Genesis, the fairy tale- Judaism is a continuation of something else. This something else is the problem, and money is their tool. Anticipating abuse, go screw yourself, stupid dumb animal.

  5. What about Swiss banking
    Is their a way to funnel money away from these banks ?

  6. @ Todd Altman.

    You’re wrong on several counts. In the first place I don’t limit Jewry to religion. To me it’s a nation, a race and a faith. In the second place, while the monetary is all important, which is why i focus on it here and in my other work, it is at the end of the day just a tool. The conspiracy is greater than money. And everywhere we look, press, pharmaceuticals, law, politics, we see Jews.

    • Anthony,

      I’m new to this Zionist issue, as I’ve been focused on government and religion and I never paid much attention to it because of its possible racial overtones. Racism is a big tool the “powers” use to divide people, so I was reluctant to study it.

      The main source of the problem is that the world’s problems come from only one main source: Satan. While you may have Jews, Christians, Islam, Hindu, and Buddhism and the rest, the main culprit in all of the world’s problems is evil.

      Jews are a major part of the problem if they don’t obey God’s commandments, just like everyone else. So if a Jew or the “State of Israel” depend upon a banking system that uses interest and usury, then they are extremely hypocritical and the validity their “Jewishness” would certainly come into question. How is it that a Jew claims to be a special race from God and then steals people’s money through usury? Other religions do the same thing. There are so many variations of Christianity, that no reasonable person could try to keep track of it all.

      I can see both sides of this argument, but the problem is that if the “Jewishness” of a problem cannot be an issue, then why should we question Islam? In my view, all of these religions are extremely destructive and very deceptive and should be avoided at all costs. I don’t think God instituted these religions. Because if he did, it isn’t working, and as far as I can see, everything he created works just fine in nature, it is mankind that has a habit of messing things up.

      Now, if it is true the Talmudic Jew or Pharisee looks upon everyone else as nothing more than a farm animal, then they are fair game. Remember, the US Code looks upon men, women, and children as a part of a group of livestock or animals. Where did they get that idea from? Did they get it from Talmudic Jews or Pharisees? In my opinion, bad government and bad religion are interwined. There may be a clue as to where the idea of people being animals came from.

      To keep it simple, I would judge them by both what they say and what they do. Both have to be consistent and in line with God’s commandments and natural law.

      If there is an oath in any of their doctrines, then I consider it satanic. I don’t need to know anymore, and the more I study this the more I know I’m correct. Look for the oath first. This makes it easy . Then I look to see if it violates any of the commandments. If anything does, then I avoid it like the plague. This is much easier to keep track of and it circumvents the other stuff which none of us can do much about anyway. Fight over the right and the wrong which is the real substance of the issue.

      Usury is satanic and it doesn’t belong in any economic system. In order to convince the people of the evil of interest, you really should discard the Jewishness aspect because you will get entangled
      in stupid arguments and the real issue (interest) will suffer. If you want to convince Americans,
      you should probably do it this way. To make a big point of the Jewishness is understandable, but you will lose your main goal (elimination of usury) in the chaos over the arguing over Jews. And besides, just like Christians, one would have to define what is meant by a Jew and then the argument starts over that. There are many variations of Jews as there are many variations of “Christians.” In my view, most of the religions I’ve seen–if not all–are pagan and they are good for nothing. It doesn’t matter what the style of the pagan is, what matters is the substance of the issue.

      The Jewishness of the issue of usury is good background information and I don’t think one should put his head in the sand if this is true. By focusing upon the right and wrong of usury, you’ll be much more productive in bringing in a solution.

      In fact, I think I’ve found two places in the Bible that suggest that usury is allowed, but that would contradict the other scriptures. Don’t suppose they counterfeited the scriptures do you?
      Naw, they wouldn’t do that….would they?

      • Leon permalink

        I think you are right when you say we should leave the Jewish argument to one side. It is a minefield of cretins, and you risk being dragged down to their level. High profile zionists/jews occupy positions of power in the fed, banks and gov, it is true. These should be treated as a group of colluding individuals against the interests of the people. Their crimes should be tried in accordance with the law. This is the best way to go about it.

        Keith Gradner’s position on the issue is sound.

  7. Funcotech permalink

    I have No idea why you guys put so much patient, gentle effort into talking with this Keith guy. He’s a jerk.

  8. Adriano permalink

    The whole thing started on a group on Facebook “abolish usury”. Keith became worried about some members there and wrote the short “zero tolerance” article. And now, you guys are hating each other, fighting like kids. Be mature Anthony, be mature Keith, because I know you know their first rule: Divide and Conquer.

    • Thanks, I wasn’t aware of this.

      I wrote the article after I noticed he took my site of his blog roll, making me think it was my own work that triggered him after we had a number of pleasant interactions.

      I don’t hate Keith! Just read the article!

      He does seem to have problems with my positions, but I’m not shy to admit that 99,99% of humanity seems to share these concerns of his.

      That does not stop me from sharing my perception of the truth. I wish Keith all the best and hope he can at least dump the silly ‘hate speech’ notion. To use the Money Power’s favorite labels is not constructive in my view, but I can fully understand his wariness of getting too much involved with conspiracy, even though I don’t agree with him on the issue.

  9. memehunter permalink

    As I wrote to Anthony in an email, there is a distinction to be made between Jews and Zionism, or Frankism/Sabbateanism, or even Talmudism. The former (Jews) refer to a group of people, the latter refer to ideologies.

    There are Jews against Zionism, and there are Christian Zionists. This shows quite clearly that the distinction needs to be made.

    It is not legitimate to blame all Jews, but It is perfectly legitimate to identify specific ideologies as pernicious and supremacist, and as associated with the globalist conspiracy.

    Also, we should keep in mind that the Zionist/Frankist/Talmudist conspiracy goes way beyond banking and Money Power: it also affects medicine and science, art and culture, sexuality, family life, and moral values. So it is not just a “banker conspiracy”, even though Real Currencies focuses mostly on the monetary/economic aspects (as does Liberty Revival or even the Daily Bell, by the way). Henry Makow’s website deals more extensively with the non-monetary aspects of this conspiracy.

    • Thanks Memehunter.
      “Also, we should keep in mind that the Zionist/Frankist/Talmudist conspiracy goes way beyond banking and Money Power: it also affects medicine and science, art and culture, sexuality, family life, and moral values.”

      True, but they would not exist without their control of currency. That’s why Real Currencies focuses on that part.

      “there is a distinction to be made between Jews and Zionism, or Frankism/Sabbateanism, or even Talmudism. The former (Jews) refer to a group of people, the latter refer to ideologies.”

      This is yet another distinction and indeed quite an important one. But here too we must face the uncomfortable fact that it was people of Jewish descent who devised these mind control operations.

      And again we must immediately admit, or better point out, that most Jews would be abhorred to know about these things.

      • memehunter permalink

        “True, but they would not exist without their control of currency. That’s why Real Currencies focuses on that part.”

        That wasn’t a criticism of Real Currencies by the way, it’s just that I disagree somewhat with Gardner’s description of the conspiracy as being only a “banker conspiracy”.

  10. Andy CFC permalink

    You lot are fucking truly insane. I thought the austrian crowd were dicks but seems the ex austrians take it to a whole new level, yeh i know this is going to be deleted but whatever.

    Im an athiest I dont need an imaginery friend.

    • I’m happy to hear you consider the Austrians Dicks.

      That’s what connects us all here Andy CFC!

      Cut Keith some slack, at least he understands.

  11. it is unfortunate so many intelligent people can be this stupid to become bigots, stereotype, and make false stereo types at that.

  12. It is a banker conspiracy. It isn’t a Jewish nor Zionist conspiracy. It is not an old, straight, married, gray suit and tie, articulate, college educated, with kids, white guy conspiracy. You shouldn’t hate, fear, or distrust Jews, old people, straight people, married people, gray suit and a tie, articulate people, college educated people, people with kids, white people, or men. To should distrust bankers. Get your science, facts, and logic straight before you go around criticizing a group of people. Criticize apples. Don’t criticize oranges.

    • There is no hate Keith.

      I bow deeply for the fate of the men in the article’s picture. It is a despicable one: they’ve conquered the earth, and payed the ultimate price: their soul.

      There is every reason to assume they have been horribly tortured in their childhood: trauma based mind control to enable the bloodlines to continue their path.

      I pray our Father to forgive them for what they have done to me and wish I could also pray to forgive what they have done to others.

      I don’t feel superior to them because they are perpetrators. I’m a perpetrator, who has committed crimes and done many immoral things.

      The Dutch raped Indonesia for 3 centuries. My forefathers murdered and looted them. All nations have collective crimes.

      I’m half Irish. The English starved and murdered in other ways millions of my brethren in Eire. Does that make me an ‘anti-anglist’? A hater of the British?

      So why do I suddenly become a hater if I state this happened during the Money Power’s control of the British Empire?

      By seeing our own criminality we can see the humanity in those who inflict pain on us.

      This is the beginning of reconciliation.

      But reconciliation cannot be without acceptance of what is.

      How can we forgive, what we cannot accept?

      • you still do not get it. why do you not call them white bankers? you don’t. you stereotype them according to someone you are not. that is old-fashioned bigotry against a group who has endured and is still enduring old-fashioned bigotry. you see people for the color of their skin, national origin, heritage, and religion. you don’t see them as individuals with a soul. you’re not an american so you’re probably haven’t really learned the teachings of mlk nor experienced first-hand where your type of thinking leads.

        • The problem is that the so-called Zionist agenda, if proven to be true, is bad religion which is bad government. The religious freaks are the ones to establish the stupid governments. I think Anthony is pointing out what is going on. The only problem is that when he says “Jews” it sounds like he’s against all Jews; that is not the case. In the US, we are more “sensitive” to racism because most of us white people have been accused of some form of racism against blacks.
          Congress can have black caucuses, but not white caucuses. The fear of being called a racist is just nonsense. But when the culture of a race such as a form of Judaism attempts to impose their demented religious beliefs upon the whole world in the form of banking with usury, then that is a major problem that needs to be understood.

          For instance, yoga is an extremely dangerous practice that stems from the Hindu religion. Yoga is sold as something that is healthful when it is nothing of the sort. Yoga is essentially Hindu. So if you’re a pantheist, then you might engage in it, but if you are monotheistic, you’ll probably want nothing to do with it. However, this is taught in public schools and your child may learn it when it may be against your religious beliefs. My son was taught the “haj” in junior high school even though I do not believe in Islam.

          All government is an extension of bad religion; don’t ask me what good religion is because I’ve never seen it.

          On one hand I understand your point, but on the other, a person’s concern about a wacked-out group of religious people is a justifiable concern.

          If a bunch of black people came up to me and said the white man is crazy; given all the guys who are freemasons, I would probably say they have a point. But those black people would know that they are speaking in generalities, and would not include all white people.

          I am a homophobe because I’ve had homosexuality pushed on me ever since I was a teenager, and I resent homosexuals. I can’t stand them. I never met one that I liked, and they are more trouble than they are worth. That’s not racist, that’s preserving my own sanity.
          I’ve never wanted to be a homosexual, I’ve never engaged in it, and I never will. Just as homosexuals push their crap on other people, Zionists or Talmudic Jews do the same thing with the banking system using usury. Any group of people who wish to make other people slaves under usury are the real losers.

          • “The only problem is that when he says “Jews” it sounds like he’s against all Jews; that is not the case.”

            This is indeed the essence of the misunderstanding. That’s why I made the very explicit point in the article and also in this thread:

            “To begin with point 2: it’s not very complicated.
            When we see a few hundred thousand American soldiers, under the orders of the US Federal Government invade some tiny country in the Middle East, we say: America, or Americans have invaded this or that place. Do we blame all Americans? No.”

            Again: it’s not complicated. Intellectually anyway.

            But the amount of energy that has been invested in creating the fear of ‘stereotyping’ is proving once more to pay off handsomely.

        • “nor experienced first-hand where your type of thinking leads.”

          I think this is what many non-Americans think of the US: they do what they do, because they have never suffered all out war on their nation, let alone their soil.

          I live in the heartland of Europe Keith. Are you sure this is a valid point?

    • So we cannot say Americans did Iraq? Because some, or even most American were not involved?

      Even though 99% of the invaders were Americans?

      • do you think nuking america would be justice? a large percentage of americans didn’t support the invasion of iraq and the murder of innocent people.

  13. You don’t get it. Americans are generally more sensitive towards bigotry because of the widespread racism which existed in the nation. To identify someone as part of a group that is irrelevant to the topic rather than as an individual or as a relevant group is group think and is based on bigotry. It is the creation and reinforcement of a negative and false stereotype. When you associate a negative to a group, it creates a false distrust towards all members of that group.

    Do you call them white bankers? No, you do not. Most bankers are white. Why not call them white bankers? You don’t call them white because you’re white. If all bankers were black, would you call them black bankers? Race, religious background, nationality, gender, and sexual orientation are groups where there are lots of bigotry. To specify such groups when speaking in a matter which criticizes another group, such as criminals or bankers, you reinforce that bigotry.

    You really don’t seem to get it, why such group think is not tolerable, especially if reinforces irrelevant group think. A banker is a banker. A banker is not white, male, Jewish, gay, or Catholic. The race, religion, etc., is irrelevant. To specify Jewish bankers is the creation of fear, distrust, and hate towards the whole group of Jews rather than the correct and relevant group you should fear, distrust, and hate, bankers. And it is certainly false since all bankers are not Jews. I suspect there are a lot atheists, agnostics, gnostics, and others.

    • “To specify Jewish bankers is the creation of fear, distrust, and hate towards the whole group of Jews rather than the correct and relevant group you should fear, distrust, and hate, bankers. And it is certainly false since all bankers are not Jews. I suspect there are a lot atheists, agnostics, gnostics, and others.”

      It is a mistake to identify Jewry as a religion.

      It is a Nation. In fact, two Nations: Khazars and the Palestinians of yesteryear. Most Jews are atheists. Best is to think in terms of and/and: both a nation AND a religion. And perhaps even a race, according to some.

      • race, nation, or religion, it is still old-fashioned stupidity and bigotry.

        • Jimbo permalink

          Keith, I’m an American, when countries, or “nations”, as you put it, engage in an action, indeed work together to achieve a conscious objective, then to some extent, or possibly in total, those that oppose that nation’s conscious objective, must deal with the nation, as a whole.

          That is why America went to war with Germany and Japan, during WWII, as a whole.

          America didn’t go to war against only the active leaders, as individuals, but the whole collective war machine, which sadly, included civilians who worked to support the war effort. That is why war is such a terrible and radical activity, it forces one side, to treat the other side, as a group, as opposed to individuals — which in the normal course of interaction is what should rule our relations with other people.

          That said, while I know many Jewish people think of themselves as a “nation” and so do others, but I don’t, not in terms, of collective guilt, yet, to ignore the history of association of bankers and others, who happen to be Jewish, that is so prevalent, via supposed Jewish identity, and past actions and known associations, and written documents, the Talumd, that even they, themselves, acknowledge, is to ignore reality. I can’t do that.

          It’s kind of like being in a bad neighborhood at night, given hard data, on crime statistics, I would be foolish and stupid not to be conscious, alert, and wary when a group of young black men are following me — even Jesse Jackson has admitted he would be “conscious, alert, and wary” if a group of young black men were following him at night in a bad neighborhood.

          Jesse Jackson is acknowledging reality.

          So do I.

          I do think one has to be careful and recognize, as I did in an prior comment, “Not every Jewish person knows or approves of what is going on.”

          I’ll go further, only a minority of Jewish people knows or approves of what is going on.

          But, it’s also true, there is a minority, who associate, plan, and conspire, based on a shared, Zionist supposed identity… Not even so much a Jewish identity. And, but for their shared identity, where they share values and objectives, they would not associate, plan, and conspire to achieve their objectives.

          This is not to say there aren’t other groups who have similar objectives.

          In fact, it’s clear to me, in my opinion, there are other groups under the rubric of “Globalist” who conspire with Zionists, and actually compete and vie with Zionists for top dog, capstone, of the pyramid of one world government, of which the Money Power, is the key lever of power and control to achieve their unholy objective.

          (Not even all Zionists have this ruthless will to power and control that the top insiders have as their ultimate objective.)

          Murder on the Orient Express, where multiple hands (factions) were on the “dagger in the back” of the victim (that’s ‘us’ the little people) — Zionists are one of those factions, likely, the most powerful faction for they are, for the most part, the energizing catalyst of the Money Power’s desire for unlimited, despotic, authoritarian tyranny which Globalists want in perpetuity.

          I can’t ignore that reality.

          • so you try to radicalize people to go to war with the “bad neighborhood” to kill innocent people when all that is necessary is to reform the banking and monetary system? at the end of the war, nothing is accomplished, except you’ve spent a lot of money, owe a lot of interest to the same money power, and killed a lot of innocent people. you’re a bunch of stupid bigots.

            • Jimbo permalink

              Keith, I have no desire to radicalize people to go to war.

              Actually, I don’t want to go to war or have others do it in my stead.

              But to ignore reality is simply being politically correct.

              Keith, your attempt to claim ignorance is “correct” is foolish.

              Knowing there is a “bad neighborhood” and being careful if you have to go there is different than “making war on the neighborhood.”

              • So you think we have a bad neighbor? You propose trade sanctions against Israel or some fictional nation of Zion because of our national banking and monetary system? The problem is in our own backyard, not our “bad” and fictional neighbor’s backyard. Your attempt to be a bigot is foolish when it makes no sense whatsoever to be a bigot. You’re as bad as neoclassical economists.

                • Zionism (as in Israel) is NOT the Money Power, but just one of its tools. Zionism is as expandable to them as the FED or any other tool.
                  In fact, there is every reason to believe they will destroy Israel soon.

                • Jimbo permalink

                  Keith, the “bad neighborhood” is a metaphor for individuals with a similar agenda. That’s easy to understand. Unless you intentionally don’t want “grasp the nettle” of comprehension or want to obfuscate the reality.

                  The Money Power is closely associated with Zionism as there is a great deal of overlap with individuals in both camps. The Rothchilds is a good example.

                  It is important to identify the individuals and what motivates their actions and objectives and what binds those individuals together in common cause to achieve their objectives.

                  I support reforming the banking system, starting off with an audit of the FED.

                  Hopefully, a full audit will increase awareness of the corruption and harm the FED is propagating on America, and, thus, increase political support to a critical mass which can drive a legislative push for major reform.

                  I subscribe with the policy position that the U. S. Treasury Department needs to assume the role of the FED and move to interest-free legal tender system. On the details, I am open to ideas and information.

              • what does a zionist look like? do they look like witches? are they made of wood? do they float like a duck? if they float, should we burn the zioninst?

              • what’s the point? are you going to reform the zionists? put them on trial? spend our tax dollars to put ads on television, this is your banking system (egg), this is your banking system on zionism (egg frying)? are you going to reform judaism? what about christianity. most christians don’t even believe in the economics of the bible. how are you going to accomplish that?

                wouldn’t it be striking the root if we just go after the problem, the banking and monetary system, and let people believe in whatever kooky religion or to allow them to follow a religion incorrectly without dividing people by religion, heritage, race, or other demographic?

              • when you go kooky by screaming about zionism or go towards bigoty by screaming about the jews, you are a participant in the divide-and-conquer strategy of the money power (divide the people with stupidity and conquer them). you should go after the real problem, the banking and monetary system, and propose changes…. like real people do, like stephen zarlenga, dennis and elizabeth kucinich, bill still, and michael hudson, rather than sending up red flags to the real people when you rant about jews or zionism as being some kind of kook or bigot who has lost touch with reality.

                • Jimbo permalink

                  True, divide and rule tactic has been used by the Money Power and Zionists, the British Empire and many others.

                  But it is a tactic.

                  By your logic, we should not identify bad behavior and who engages in bad behavior and WHY these individuals engage in such behavior.

                  Can the Money Power and Zionism be separated? Yes, it can be done, but is hard because so many of the players are the same.

                  I don’t think the Money Power can be divided, as their interests are welded together tightly, but to the small extent that some individuals can be ‘peeled off’, great, but, mostly, it takes informing and energizing the mass of humanity who would benefit by a public interest-free legal tender system. Only by mass of numbers and democratic processes via due process of law will the Money Power be curbed and brought to heel.

                  Regarding Zionism, it is important to identify the players and their objectives.

                  Keith, you would prefer that everybody keep their head in the sand and ignore the obvious.

                  Tell me, Keith, has “keeping your head in the sand” ever gotten anywhere in solving problems?

                  • being a bigot isn’t doing anything except helping the new world order. pointing to a document called protocols of zion doesn’t do much either. being a bigot and screaming zionism is putting your head in the sand. pointing out the real problems and providing real solutions is the answer. but i guess your cointelpro and your purpose is to distract from the real problems and real solutions with anti-semitism and being a kook.

                    • Leon permalink

                      I might agree with you, but the only bigot here is you for not accepting that others have a different point of view.

                  • btw, stephen zarlenga had a bill in congress to get rid of the national debt and change the monetary system to a greenback system. that is solving real problems with real solutions. you should have been promoting the bill rather than weakening monetary reform by complaining about jews and zionism.

                  • the problem isn’t jews or zionism. the problem is old white men sitting around complaining about jews and zionism or their pension while other old white men rip everyone off with economic rent and usury.

                    • Todd Altman permalink

                      Keith is correct. If the usury-fattened banker in question was a blonde haired, blue eyed Protestant instead of a “Jew,” would that make usury any less wrong? If not, then WHY BRING IT UP IN THE FIRST PLACE?

                      There are only two possible answers: either (a) because the person doing so is indeed a bigot, but knows he can’t admit to this openly without discrediting himself in the process, and so pretends he isn’t; or (b) because he secretly serves the very bankers he professes to oppose by going out of his way to link monetary reform with “anti-Semitism” in the minds of the public, thus ensuring that support for monetary reform never reaches critical mass.

                      As for the tired old excuse that the term “Jew” merely refers to a religion, the reality is that — in its everyday sense — it is as much a racial term as it is a religious term. The only individuals on the entire planet who blindly insist otherwise just so happen to be the same white bigots and disinfo agents who sit around obsessing over “Jooos!” all day long. They known damn well it’s a racially-charged term in the minds of most people, and so are fooling nobody but themselves when they deny that they’re employing the divide-and-rule tactic of injecting race into an issue that has nothing to do with race.

                      “In his People’s Party Paper, Tom Watson, the Populist congressman from Georgia, appealed to white and black farmers to meet on common ground: ‘You are kept apart that you may be fleeced separately of your earnings. You are made to hate each other because upon that hatred is rested the keystone of the arch of the financial despotism which enslaves you both. You are deceived and blinded that you may not see how this race antagonism perpetuates a monetary system which beggars both.’” — Jack Beatty, Age of Betrayal, p. 214

                    • Todd, awesome quote, and I agree with your reasoning.

                  • not to the mention the real problem of labor being taxed until it is off-shored and outsourced when economic rent and usury rather than labor could fund government rather than the usurer. real problem.

                  • and i could add taxation of real capital of small business and small corporations to that list of real problems while financial capital is centralized into large transnational corporations who act above the law and get bailed out.

                  • large corporations who act above the law, if not write the law

              • you might as well be ranting about the reptilians

    • “You don’t get it. Americans are generally more sensitive towards bigotry because of the widespread racism which existed in the nation. ”

      This is not the case. The Political Correct Mafia is MUCH stronger in Europe, because this is where Nazism happened. I live 20 km from the German border, in Arnhem of ‘a Bridge too Far’ fame.

      Antisemitism is quite unacceptable here. Far more so than in the US, even though it’s bad there too.

      • you still don’t get it. it isn’t about political correctness. it is about correctness, among other things.

        • It would be ok if it were about correctness. I’m open to being wrong about Jewish involvement in the Money Power.

          But it is not about the facts or correctness.

          You reject the notion of Jewish conspiracy not on the grounds of facts, but on the grounds of ‘stereotyping’.

          This is politically correct by its very nature.

        • ook wakker permalink


          You are playing with words. According to you the Rothschild’s, Schiff’s, Warburg’s, Lazare’s, Montefiori’s, Sassoon’s, to name a few, are just white bankers? There is no other binding aspect to them?

          So, when rabbi Emanuel Rabinovitch stated in his speech of 1952 that ‘white men should only be allowed to mate with black women, and white women with black men. Than ‘our strongest enemy will be eliminated’ and ‘our race will rule undisputed over the world’, and ‘the 10.000 years of Pax Judaica will begin’, he had these ‘white’ bankers and himself in mind?

          No Keith, this rabbi was just one talmudic jew who dreamt about ‘finishing the white race’.

          This is also the hidden agenda behind multiculturalism, to weaken the white race in their own nations. Only Israel may do without multiculturalism and has the right to be a jewish state. And you are telling us race and nations are old-fashioned stupidity? Just ask the ‘white’ bankers. Just ask them what they think of race and nations. They are dreaming, like our rabbi, of ‘The Jewish Utopia’, id est, the promise of the talmud that all the wealth and the nations of the gentiles will fall in the hands of the jew.

          In Holland we have this zionist Geert Wilders, who wants the moslims to tear apart their koran, but he never mentions the talmud: the protobook of hate and racism.

  14. amerikagulag permalink

    Hah….. it’s a trick they use, that old antisemitic whine of theirs.
    JEW means “semite” like CATHOLIC means “Swedish”.

    Jew is not a race, not a nationality, not a genetic strain (tho some might argue)
    It is a RELIGION. A religion of evil. One that teaches supremacy, exclusion and racism. A RELIGION that teaches one group of people are superior over all others. A religion invented by THEM, for THEM and to further THEIR efforts at debasing societies and civilizations and controling others.

    I couldn’t be anti-semitic – I LOVE the Palestinian people. The vast majority of people inhabiting the former land of Palestine are NOT SEMITIC. They are Khazars Ashkenazim Jews. They CONVERTED to judaism centuries ago, They and their ancestors were NEVER in the middle east. EVER!

    So JEW means Semite like CATHOLIC means Swedish

  15. ook wakker permalink

    @Al Thomson: ‘How in the world does Judaism turn into Hinduism’.

    You should go to

    Elizabeth Dilling expains how talmudism has very much to do with hinduism. In hinduism you have the division between the upperclass, the Brahman, and the large underclass of ‘untoucheables’. In the talmud you’ll find the same: the upperclass of humans – id est the jews -, and the large underclass of animals – that would include me.

    • To ook wakker: Now some of the nonsense included in our written laws are starting to make sense. I just couldn’t make the stretch from Judiasm to Hinduism. That is awfully strange indeed. I have never read the Talmud, but from what I hear about it, I don’t think I want to.

      In the written laws in the United States, I believe that the word “person” means anything other than a man, woman, or child. In fact, the case can be made that the government considers us all animals. Perhaps the political process is designed to cover that up.

      I wrote an article called “I’m Not Human” about the legal definition of the words “human being” which means some kind of a beast.

      Al Adask has written a comprehensive article on how the government seems to be considering us all animals.

      Thank you very much for your reply, I wasn’t aware of the connection. It is very strange indeed, but it is starting to make sense. All governments are treating us as if we are livestock.

      So then, if the god of the Jews according to the Protocols of Zion is Vishnu, then the Jews would not really be Jews in the Biblical sense of the term. Of course, I have a feeling that the Bible has been altered. With natural law, it probably isn’t needed. But that’s a whole different subject.

      • To me your scripture bashing combined with your staunch and simple spirituality has been both refreshing and eye opening Al!

        Recently I’ve started to realize that scripture’s main function is probably only to get us in touch with the Living Voice we can hear within. Once you get there it’s probably obsolete and actually sometimes a hindrance to focus on scripture.

        • To Anthony,

          I really only bash the “scriptures” if I don’t think they are true. I believe that there is only one God and that he created the heavens and the earth and that all of us are under the same natural laws, whether we like it or not. So then, it is impossible for all of these religious variations to be valid, and I’m sick of trying to sort it out, because even with the scriptures, the religious people all have different opinions.

          The big thing is that in practicing a religion, how does one know if it is good or if it is idolatry? I’d rather just leave it alone and stay within the commandment. I can’t get hurt trying to keep a commandment, but I can get seriously hurt by committing idolatry. That is why I stay away from all religious organizations. I don’t consider anything that has bee created as God. The creator is one thing; the created is another.

          These religions work for mind control and not to build up anyone’s faith in the Eternal One. These bad religions work together with bad government and between the two things we have a big mess.

          The solution is easy. Stop swearing oaths, eliminate usury, and have government and religious people to stop stealing and lying. Everything would function perfectly under God’s commandments.
          It’s not that difficult.

          • “So then, it is impossible for all of these religious variations to be valid, and I’m sick of trying to sort it out, because even with the scriptures, the religious people all have different opinions. ”

            Well, one could also say: there is just the One, but there are many ways to Him.

            Allah has a nice formula to explain away the differences between the three Abrahamic books: you’re just human and it’s not unto us to know. Until we do, we should compete in righteousness.

            Simple and true. So much so that I also consider all the other scriptures (including the Baghavad Gita and the Tao) as valid.

            In fact: I like them better than our own, except for Jesus words, I really love Jesus. He was also quite outspoken about oaths, of course.

            The organizations around the Books (‘religions’) are indeed mostly just satanic mind control operations. That’s probably why my ex wife likes them so much……….

  16. Martinus permalink

    De Rockefeller familie is ook absoluut niet joods, Migchels.
    The Rockefellers aren’t Jewish at all, Migchels. Nor is Paul Volkcer, e.g.

    Wat een ongelooflijke suggestieve misleidende pulp produceer je.
    Wat is jouw agenda, Anthony Migchels??
    What is your hidden agenda, Migchels??

    You carry out Pavlovian ideology, the height of narrow mindedness. Get a life.
    Your jewish obsession is pathetic.

    This is rubbish.

    • This blog does not aim to please Martinus!

      Personally I believe it’s a serious issue, but if there is nothing of your liking here, feel free to go elsewhere.

  17. elviswinehouse permalink

    It is intellectually dishonest not to talk and write about the Jewish Conspiracy. Yes, there is a Jewish Conspiracy for OWG, and yes the Money Power, as you call it, is the driving force. We are born into this conspiracy so it is extremely difficult for us to see the elephant in the room. We live in the ZioYid paradigm, and there are only a few of us who are intelligent and brave enough to take the ‘red pill’. The truth sets us free but it is very painful at first, and it is also quite lonely.
    I know what I am talking about. A few years back I was one of the most ‘politically correct’ liberal. Chomskyite, non-racist bla, bla bla, persons you could meet. It was the investigation of 9/11 that was my awakening. Since then I have connected the dots and I am still connecting the dots, but one thing is very clear in my head: Jews, without notable exception, conspire to rob, deceive, murder and enslave all non-Jews. Jews are the common enemy of all non Jews. Sounds very simplistic but it’s true. Please, please, please just read the Talmud. Jewish supremacy is written in black and white. The modern Jew is the product of the Talmud. The Jews have declared war on us and it is time to fight back!

    The (Jew) World Order uses the Hegelian Dialect to achieve it’s goals so beware of ‘Makov’ and any opposition voice especially if it is Jewish. Zionist, Globalist, Plutocratic, Illuminati, Black Nobility, Money Power, Corporatist etc are all diversionary terms to describe the push toward global enslavement: the only accurate term is Jewish. All these terms are used to buy time while the Jews finish off stealing the last remaining wealth from Americans. Time is running out, expect another false flag at the Zion Olympics. IMO, spread the truth about 9/11 Jew job. It will awaken Americans because it is so easily proved.

    Also, everything the honourable Adolph Hitler and Joseph Goebbals wrote and said is essentially true and accurate. That is why the NS are more demonized today than they were 60 years ago. It is hard for some to swallow, but re-examine WWII from a non ZioYid perspective and you will discover that the NSDAP was one of the most truthful, decent and honourable political movements ever know in the history of mankind.

    Best Wishes,
    Robert Wright (aka Elviswinehouse)
    Belfast, ZOG UK.

    • Thank you for this Robert!

      I think you are quite close to Ezra Pound on many issues.

      Personally I’m not too happy with AH. I think there is every reason to believe that even he was built up and destroyed by the same people. For the purpose of destroying German Nationalism in the heart of Europe, and destroying antisemitism and anti usury activism through guilt by association.

      Also, I agree the Talmud is a rather disgraceful piece of work, but I don’t believe very many Jews nowadays even know what it says. They most certainly would not agree that it is ok to have sex with little children. Not to mention the incredibly degenerate outright silliness of much of its content.

      More Jews than we would like to see are involved in this, but far fewer than all of them. Many would actively resist the agenda, if they knew it existed.

      Ultimately this is a war of the Ultra Rich against the rest and the Money Power will rape everybody, Jew or Gentile.

      Please also keep in mind that many Gentile traitors and criminals are participating via Masonry and other organizations.

    • Jimbo permalink


      There is a tendency, when one is apprised of the truth (or at least closer to the truth), some call this “waking up”, to bounce to the opposite extreme, but remember the Greek philosophy, admonition, “the mean between two extremes,” or another way to think of it is “balance.”

      I think our host has it pretty much right.

      Not every Jewish person knows or approves of what is going on.

      Also, persuading people means understanding what their tolerance for unpleasant “truths” is at their current state of understanding.

      Also, know that Zionism feeds on hate because it allows for self-justification, as in, “they’re all out to get us,” so, maybe, the most extreme among the Zionists are right.

      I’m glad you have a fuller appreciation for the facts, but don’t let it make you bitter — angry at times, yes, but bitter and spiteful, no.

      The ends don’t justify the means — that is the Zionist creed — Talmud, if you prefer, but the Christian keeps in mind the Golden Rule, the Christian Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have done unto you.

      Not an easy path, I admit, but somethings never are, such as fighting the Globalist/Zionist war against national sovereignty and independence for the Nation State.

      God speed and good luck

      P.S. not that I don’t agree with your concerns

      • BIGFOOT permalink

        “Not every Jewish person knows or approves of what is going on”

        Hmm, I would like to believe it, hear this, and from a Jews.

        “In 1822, Germany was the only country in Europe which did not place restrictions on Talmudists (Zionists) under the quarter system, limiting their civil rights. Talmudists throughout the world were informed by a cable from London about the October 1916 London Agreement. That information transformed them from pro-Germany to pro-British. Great Britain placed at disposal of the Talmudists in London, their secret codes and world wide cable facilities to inform Talmudists throughout the world about Great Britain’s pledge to turn over Palestine to them as a compensation for railroading United States into war in Europe, as Great Britain’s ally in their war against Germany. Talmudists enlisted in great numbers in October 1916 in Great Britain’s department of defense. Their purpose was to facilitate transforming Talmudists throughout the world from pro-Germany, to pro-British. (Benjamin Freedman; Zionist: The Hidden Tyranny) The success of this symbiotic relationship between the Money power and the Majority of the people who call themselves Jews, is proved by their success in railroading America into World War I.

        So, Just how many Jews support this conspiracy? Just check by how perverse it is, how powerful it is, and how its able to silence descent. It does not take one or two Jews my friend.

    • Hans Niemandwitz permalink

      Reply to Robert Wright (aka Elviswinehouse), who wrote:

      “(…) but re-examine WWII from a non ZioYid perspective and you will discover that the NSDAP was one of the most truthful, decent and honourable political movements ever know in the history of mankind.”

      Really ? Hummm…

      Please, Mr. Wright, first you answer me (us all):

      1) why the “decent and honourable” Thrird Reich killed Edith Stein (a Carmelite nun) and Father Maximillian Kolbe (a German-Polish Catholic priest who said masses in Auschwitz with stolen bread and wine), two give only two examples;

      2) why the decent and honourable Pope Pius XII had to save around 80% of the Italian Jewish population by giving them safe haven in Catholic venues across Rome, The Vatican City and German-occupied Italy, after the restoration of Mussolini.

      Mr. Wright, perhaps you know how to justify those two murders and Pope Pius XII´s decision?

      By the way, yes! I have been re-examining WWII from a non ZioYid perspective, as a Catholic is bound to do. Now, granted, compared with Lenin, Stalin et caterva, Hitler was an altar boy, but a lesser evil is an evil nonetheless.

  18. Anthony,

    Here’s my opinion on how this should be handled.

    While it is true that it seems that the banking is mostly run by the so-called Jews, the real issue is the use of usury. Fighting over the Jewishness of the banking system is as trimming the leaves of the tree, rather than digging at the root. Usury is at the root of the problem. I hadn’t really been that concerned with the Zionist issue before until I started reading Henry Makow’s site and then a few others.

    Here’s the problem. What is a Jew? Are Zionists really Jews? If they are charging interest in the banking systems, then how can they be real Jews when the Bible forbids the use of usury. The reason given in the Bible is that it is considered “unjust” gain. So, if in the Old Testament it is forbidden, then why do Jews or alleged Jews charge usury? They are not Jews in the Biblical sense of the term.

    The Protocols of Zion is another example of confusion. If you look at the god that represents the so-called Jewish writer, you will find that the god of the Protocols of Zion is Vishnu. How in the world does a document go from Judeaism to Hinduism? So while everyone is pointing at the Jews (Jews being a decoy), the real “religious” intent is to promote Vishnu. Perhaps this is why new agers, practitioners of yoga, and other creepy things are so popular. But real Jews would be one thing; Hindus would be another. Either way, the groups who charge usury are luciferian; there’s no doubt about that as it is self-evident.

    Then there is the oath which I write about extensively and hardly anyone pays much attention to me. The oath is the conduit into luciferianism. The reason why very little is resolved to the betterment of mankind is the use of the oath. Evil will not ever divide against itself. The swearing of oaths is about as evil as it can get and I suggest that it is at the root of mankind’s problems.

    A man cannot do anything about his own race; he is born with it. So to attack a group of people because of race is not a smart tactic. There are so many variations of Christians and Jews that each word will mean different things to different people. It really isn’t a good argument. But on the other hand, it is true that there are a lot of Jews in the banking system.

    I suspect that the reason the Middle East is on fire because the Muslims or Islamists do not use usury in their banking systems. Muslims would have an outstanding financial advantage over the other countries that do use interest, and I suspect the the Arab countries are in much better financial health than Western countries. I’m not a Muslim but you have to notice that if they aren’t charging interest in their banking system, they are farther ahead of the Western cultures in that regard because they obey God’s commandment against stealing or usury. The Middle EAst is more of a financial threat to the west than the terrorist aspect; in my opinion.

    While I understand both sides of this question, I would like to see more focus on the actual problems: Luciferianism, usury, and the swearing of oaths.

    The luciferians are the jerks and the focus should be on them. The race is just a side issue that leads to nowhere because the race can rarely be accurately defined. Then you have the problem such as do all Jews act the same way? It really is a crappy argument. Under the Protocols of Zion,
    are the Jews that wrote it Jewish Hindus?

    You can see how this can go off point very quickly. I didn’t mean to write such a long response, but I think my morning coffee kicked in while I was writing this.

    • Great Al, thanks!

      Yes, of course, that’s why our Beloved Eldest Brother said: “It’s the Synagogue of Satan, who call themselves Jews, but are not”

      That we cannot help our nationality is unfortunately insufficient. We share in its fate karmically, it’s inevitable, although we can do things to improve our lot.

      You are absolutely right about the Middle East and Usury: it’s one of the key reasons they brought the war there: Islam has been their target for a very long time now and in the final clash they will sacrfice their ‘lesser brethren’ (jews who are not millionaires) to wipe out Islam.

      They care as much about the Jews as they do about the Gentiles, it’s as simple as that.

      Hence the clear distinction between Jewish elites (their 1%) and the 99%, which are basically in the same boat (or worse) than we.

      And thanks for the reminder about the oath: I never swear or have taken an oath, but now I know why….!

    • BIGFOOT permalink

      a partial list of the years that the Jews were expelled from countries in Europe; Mainz, 1012 France,1182 Upper Bavaria,1276 England, 1290France, 1306 France,1322 Saxony,1349Hungary, 1360Belgium, 1370Slovakia, 1380France, 1394 Austria,1420 Lyons, 1420Cologne, 1424Mainz, 1438Augsburg, 1438Upper Bavaria, 1442Netherlands, 1444Lithuania, 1495Portugal, 1496Naples, 1496Navarre, 1498Nuremberg, 1498Brandenburg, 1510Prussia, 1510Genoa, 1515Naples, 1533 Italy,1540 Naples, 1541Prague, 1541Genoa, 1550Bavaria, 1551Prague, 1557 Papal States, 1569Hungary, 1582Hamburg, 1649Brandenburg, 1446 Vienna, 1669Mainz, 1462 Slovakia, 1744Mainz, 1483 Moravia, 1744Warsaw, 1483 Bohemia, 1744Spain, 1492 Moscow, 1891Italy, 1492

      If this hostility, even aversion, had only been shown towards the Jews at one period and in one country, it would be easy to unravel the limited causes of this anger, but this race has been on the contrary an object of hatred to all the peoples among whom it has established itself. It must be therefore, since the enemies of the Jews belonged to the most diverse races, since they lived in countries very distant from each other, since they were ruled by very different laws, governed by opposite principles, since they had neither the same morals, nor the same customs, since they were animated by unlike dispositions which did not permit them to judge of anything in the same way, it must be therefore that the general cause of anti-Semitism has always resided in Israel itself and not in those who have fought against Israel.
      The Jew is the living testimony to the disappearance of the state which had as its basis theological principles, a State which anti-Semitism Christians dream of reconstructing. The day when a Jew occupied an administrative post the Christian state was in danger. That is true and the anti-semites who say that the Jew has destroyed the idea of the state could more justly say that the entry of Jews into society has symbolized the destruction of the State, that is to say Christian state”. ( Bernard Lazare Antisemitism: It’s History and Causes)

  19. The God Moloch smiles with the certitude that the “J” word question and the troubled Goyim will never figure out how the religion of money hides in plain sight to rule the world. I suggest two books that will help you with the subject of money and the “J” word problem. Read MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG; The Final World Order. Thanks Rduanewilling.

  20. John permalink

    Author stated, “When we see a few hundred thousand American soldiers, under the orders of the US Federal Government invade some tiny country in the Middle East, we say: America, or Americans have invaded this or that place. Do we blame all Americans? No. . . . So if we have a massive credit crunch and most of the main players are Jewish, is it strange or ‘antisemitic’ to say so? Clearly not. Do we blame all Jews by doing so? Clearly not.”

    Excellent point, Mr. Migchels. It is unfortunate that a majority of X is blamed for the evil of the minority thereof. Not all Americans and not all Jews are evil individuals. When we conduct research and look behind the curtain, we often find a minority of Gentiles and Jews (more so Jews) who control the world.

    • John permalink

      I would like to add one more comment. I failed to mention another known fact. I know the main focus of this blog is monetary policy. Not only is the Jewish influence in monetary concerns, but also media, education, law, and other mediums. If one takes the time to research other power centers of society, then he will see a tangled web of Jewish influence at the very top. The Jewish influence is real, powerful, and invasive. Such fact is greeted with “racism,” “antisemitism,” and other censorship.

      • Thanks John.

        Yes, the Money Power’s control is truly very pervasive. It all stems from their control over the money supply though, which they use to enslave us through interest. All the rest is built around that bastion of power to protect it.

        If we solve the monetary question, we solve the Jewish Question.

  21. Posted your article on Nujij.

    Unfortunately the discussion was closed/censored. Zionists controle most media.

  22. Anthony, not only is your article not “irrelevant”, it is courageous and correct. And for the reasons you pose in the article itself and in your courteous responses to Marc.

    Those who hide their cowardice behind a facade of “caring” for the hurt feelings of our exploiters and their supporters are actually taking sides in the battle of elites–and it is, I am afraid, the side of the money power Jews.

    It is time and past time for the “innocent” Jews themselves to begin to loudly and effectively distance themselves from, not only the Money Power in all its manifestations, but from all forms of Jewish Supremacism. When instead we see a “circling of the wagons” mentality that denounces all necessary insight as “antisemitism” then we know there is still a long way to go.

    • thank you for this coinherence. Much welcome.

    • BIGFOOT permalink

      Since not all Jews know about this conspiracy, but its on the “need to know” to be a Jew is, to that extent belonging to another hierarchical secret society of the Jews. Being secretive for the welfare of the Jews, and on the other hand, the Masons being secretive for the welfare of the masons, Jews and the Freemasons have inexorable bound themselves in the same evil matrix of the International conspirators. For as we have seen, most Freemasons, believe that the fraternity, is a philanthropic one, dedicated to uniting all men of all creed, with philanthropic activities for the good of the society. But, this is only in the blue lodges of Master Masons. What most do not know is that this level, acts a recruiting level for those with the secret knowledge of the order. It acts as a mask, to hide the real nature of the fraternity, both to the mason and the general public. The Illuminati use a cloak of philanthropy to hide the subversive nature of the fraternity of the Freemasons. Jewish people, also appear to be in the same position with the gentile mason. As long as one identifies himself as a “Jew” one becomes susceptible to this sinister power, and therefore become eligible for recruitment as its agent. Since those Jews who have surrendered themselves as sayanims can never be physically identified, the “innocent Jew” can never protect himself from the repercussions of this conspiracy, as long as he identifies himself as a Jew. For to identify himself as a Jew, he invariably becomes empathetic to Jewish ideals. And since the principle Jewish ideal is “Choosiness” and “exclusivity ” which translate to superiority, embracing such ideal creates antagonism with none Jews. So, Identifying one as a “Jews” invariably makes one a co-conspirator. Its basically therefore to distinguish the “good Jew” and the “bad Jew” Jew who want to be good, must renounce his “Jewishness” since its nothing but a signal of belonging to an exclusive club

  23. Wonderful Marc, thank you. I agree with you, your last two paragraphs are so on target.

    “The majority of mankind continues to be controlled by the false syllogism that is the problem.”

    Of course! I fully agree with that! Including the millions of Jews that suffer from the same exploitation of their ignorance.

    That’s why the blog is called ‘Real Currencies’: to end ignorance of the monetary, which is the real problem.

    That’s why I settle for the Money Power and not Jewish Supremacism.

    But Monetary Reform is a power struggle. THE power struggle.

    It seems to me it is useful to know who is your adversary.

    This is a conquest by competing elites. Jewish elites won because they were the ones to understand money and rule through it. And a few other strategic advantages, which I’m analyzing in a new article. ‘Jewry’ at large has little to do with it.

    • My motto is: the point of it all is to have a good chat about it and let the reader decide. It’s a sensitive issue of great strategic importance. I fully respect your and Keith’s take (although Keith’s disconnected from my site, which I deplore). It’s good to have a little debate.

      The funny thing is: most people responding to the article (it’s posted elsewhere) are not sure it’s relevant.

      But none deny the Jewish nature of the MP. Neither do you and Keith

    • As I study this further, why don’t you call them HinJews rather than Jews. The HinJew is a cross between Hindu and Talmudic Jewish doctrines. Or you can call them Jewish Dot Heads. The HinJew is pantheistic whereas the Jew is monotheistic. Those are two different things.

      Here’s the interesting part, the oath is usually the foundation of all false religions. Google the religion of your choice and you’ll almost always find the oath attached to it.

      Scriptural Judiasm and Christianity forbids the swearing of oaths. The substance of the evil is the oath, the various religions are just the style.

      • “The substance of the evil is the oath, the various religions are just the style.”

        That’s an interesting observation.

        My perception of the basic conflict is ‘My will be done’ versus ‘Thou will be done.

        Crowley’s basic law of satanism is ‘do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law’

  24. Anthony,

    I find this topic irrelevant. If there truly exists a “Jewish” conspiracy with money then it would seem that the facts show that indeed they are a superior in that they are capable of control over the non Jews. To claim that the Jewish people have manipulated the rest of us by way of a simple false syllogism P=C, C=D and D= P+I effectively states that a sense we are dumb victims of their ploy and hence they are “superior”.

    But I don’t think that that is at all accurate, in my view it has nothing to do with being Jewish it has to do with being human. The majority of mankind continues to be controlled by the false syllogism that is the problem. If all Jews and non Jews were to do their homework and take responsibility for their situation we would not be under the spell of the false syllogism.

    The only solution to the problem is for everyone Jew and non Jew to realise that whomever supports the false syllogism is simply an idiot whether they think they are winning or not. Because just as a nation that decides to legislate the use of random variable rulers is an idiot nation including the governors, so too anyone that takes responsibility for “masterminding” the current false syllogism is an idiot as much as the victims are idiots. Actually, the governors are greater idiots because they have chosen to monopolise initiative in an idiot system how more idiotic can that be. Sort of like owning up to the sinking of the Titanic.

    Anthony, I agree with Keith Gardner the Jewish question is irrelevant to money reform just as the Jewish question is irrelevant to the discussion over whether to use rulers of standard length or to use variable rulers. It is entirely a technical issue.

    The whole money reform issue is taken care of by math, taking the discussion into the realm of them against us only confuses the issue. If you have not noticed the majority of the “beneficiaries” of usury are not Jewish or Bankers they are your neighbors, colleagues and associates your family. The fact that there are some poor deluded souls like Soros, Bernanke et al. that have arrived at the ludicrous conclusion that they are superior to the rest of the world because the can inflict suffering at higher rates than others does not denote superiority. It denotes the most miserably deficient and pathetically impoverished mindset anchored in pure madness, “Hungry Ghost” madness, where you have all that you desire but are unable to enjoy anything because your condition has rendered you sterile, lifeless a zombie of sorts.

    The path to the Hungry Ghost” realm is that of the realms of the Gods and of the Jealous Gods. First one tastes the realm of the Gods’ perfect health and abundant unfettered provision of all one desires then the thought of the impermanence of this realm sinks in and you begin to machinate and compete to maintain your presene in this perfect realm, this results in the realm of the Jealous Gods where paranoia is a form of radar used to trap and use others so as to keep access to all unfettered. Finally, you realise that time has gone by and that you are not permanent, your health wanes your reflexes become slower, your spontaneity diminishes and you no longer can synchronise the ever increasing delivery of abundant of provision of everything with any concrete and rational need or desire. Everything becomes superfluous as fate imposes the inevitable, you are no longer in command but rather the machine you spent your life building stuffs you like a christmas goose and you no longer can shit and piss fast enough so you close your mouth to the size of a pinhole and then your realise that you are no longer in the real, of even the Jealous Gods, but you are now in the realm of the Hungry Ghosts.

    Usury is the fast track to the Hungry Ghost realm the Venus flytrap of human psychology. And those that arrive there by their own volition and machinations are idiots and far from superior. What is worse is that they cling to the Hungry Ghost status quo because having witnessed how they have sent or kept so many souls in the Animal and Hell realms they know that in any moment they could slip into those too. Sort of like spending a life time trying to limit the rate of growth of a deficit.

    Pretty sad don’t you think? Don’t know how one could associate superiority with that, to me it is just wasted life like spending your life trying to buy a dream ranch and discover that the one you bought is built on your nuclear waste that you ordered others to dispose of without the possibily of a trace 😉 Now that is truly stupidity.

    • BIGFOOT permalink

      Marc, you said” The only solution to the problem is for everyone Jew and non Jew to realize that whomever supports the false syllogism is simply an idiot whether they think they are winning or not”

      Now, you take is that your view, that the problem is a “money reform issue is the correct syllogism”

      What is your syllogism is questionable? I do not know which philosopher who state that ” A man is a fool who thinks he is wise. But he is wise he who knows that he is a fool” Okay, you are right in that the problem is money reform. Its the elephant in the room, and you are suggesting that all we need, is to get it out of the room. You are making the question of ” Who brought it here?” appear irrelevant. So, too, is the question of “Why did he bring it here” also appear irrelevant. Curious is, we may indeed have money reforms as in yesterday, and you want to claim that we shall be “happy ever after” That, I fear is the reasoning of the wild beasts watching a lion devour one of their own. They would reason. “Now he is happy and satisfied, He will leave us alone” Yeah. He will never be hungry again?

      That, is why I question your maths. We must face the question and the reason. “Why Usury?” “Why Central Banks, which are secretly privately controlled? “Why Wars?” “How, can Military Industrial Complexes Multinational Corporations, International Banks” make profit without the need to provoke wars, so that they can led to the governments, which are also big debtors to these corporations? How can Multinationals make money without turning the societies to consumerism? All these questions are interconnected. And to thing just by taking one thread, (Money) without considering all others is like a blind man, holding the elephants trunk, and claiming that all the elephant is the trunk. Nothing else.

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