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At Real Currencies we do everything in our power to further a healthy and vibrant debate. Free speech is of the essence and we don’t mind a sharp debate. In fact, we have chosen to provoke a sharp debate vis a vis Austrian Economics and Libertarianism ourselves.

We will always offer a reasonable discourse with anybody critical of our approach.


Considering the controversial material we offer at these pages, it is unsurprising we are sometimes confronted with trolls. A troll is:

“A blog commenter who has absolutely no interest in conversation. They’re angry, they’re arrogant, and they’re unwilling to acknowledge any other opinions or points of view. They’re the worst the Internet has to offer.”

The main aim of trolling is to diffuse the message of the outlet that the troll attacks.

Considering the educational and informational goals of Real Currencies, we consider trolls damaging to our mission. Also, they’re simply annoying, both to the editor and to readers who do enjoy and appreciate what we have to offer.

We therefore reserve the right to edit or delete comments.

Should you believe your comment has been deleted wrongfully, either email me: info(@) or start a blog of your own.

  1. surfer permalink

    Thank you for your posting on Mr. Henry’s site. I read your article. Please sir, understand I get upset when I see a sister dress in such a way it will make men lear at her. It is a distraction at best! Know this. There are sisters out there that take great pride in their dress, conduct, and attitude where ever they might be!

    Thank you again for the post. I appreciate men that treat me like a lady and a gentle sex.

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