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by on June 15, 2021

In the first place, I owe an apology to Keith Woods for only posting this enjoyable conversation now.

Keith’s doing a great job. Connecting loads of young guys to the real Populist Tradition, away from the kosher variants that parade as ‘the opposition’ everywhere. And which obviously very much centers around ‘The Third Way’, which simply is the Path.

Away from Capitalism, from Usury, from exploitation by Capital, International Finance, the parasitism of the rich. And which is not solved with Communism, which simply consolidates the Capitalist Cartel in the State. But by monetary and land reform, aimed at decentralized ownership by the producing men. The end of parasitism.

He’s here on Twitter, and this is the video of the interview.

Israel Caused The Bronze Age Collapse
I’ve been making videos about the astounding realization that the Canaanite Conquest as described in the first six books of the Bible is in fact the Bronze Age Collapse.
And that therefore suddenly the Torah, and Joshua, have been validated by what we know from the Mainstream account.

Obviously, the fact that the Canaanite Conquest for the longest time could not be validated by mainstream history, has been a huge problem for the credibility of the Bible. And the fact that we can safely conclude that Israel was indeed behind the Bronze Age Collapse, is a major discovery.

The videos simply discuss what we did in the articles, they’re merely aimed at spreading the word.
They can be found at this channel on Youtube:

I’ve also created a page on the right of the website, listing the articles.

And also for the articles about the Financial Crisis that is so fundamental to the World Crisis.

A few more points about the World Financial Crisis
While the basic event description for what is coming as espoused in the last few articles, that growth of debt is going to be forcibly stopped soon, and that they will use some sort of Gold Standard to cause a mega deleveraging and that that will bring at least a Soviet style collapse in the West is correct for as far as I can tell, I’ve also been pointing at this Summer for key events.

Basel 3 will be implemented in late June, but it’s going to be in Europe, and in Britain only January 1st 2022. Here’s some analysis on what it will mean for the UK. In short: apparently it is going to destroy the LBMA as we know it.

The Fed itself is now saying that stocks are overvalued, and that significant losses are coming if they go higher.

Here is some ‘technical analysis’ by ZeroHedge. He sees a correction coming. Keep in mind I’m not posting this as ‘investment advice’ (God forbid), but as your daily news on Babylon’s antics.

Another issue is Trump. He recently said: “I’ll be back sooner than you think.” And an NYT journalist has been saying that he was telling people around him “in August.”

This is not about ‘hopium’, or even whether it’s true. Could be just another Trumpster bluff. He is their man, but it’s about the show. Under normal circumstances it would be pretty unbelievable, but what we’re witnessing is a carefully choreographed political ‘danse macabre’, designed to frame, and distract from the disastrous decline of America and the Financial Crisis and associated blatant plunder. Not to mention the mass disownment that is coming.

The World Crisis is about the death of the West, and the ascent of the World Government, and they’ve got it worked out A to Z.

Having said all this: it’s always impossible to get the timing right. We see the trends, and it’s clear that things are moving quickly now, and the main purpose of the previous articles is to provide the financial context of it all. I have no claim to any spiritual vision whatsoever, but whether it’s going to be August, October, or mid next year is ultimately immaterial. What is real is the Financial Crisis, and that it’s going to lead to the changes as discussed, and that the Greatest Depression is coming very quickly now.

And my bet continues to be that it’ll be sooner rather than later.


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  1. Anthony – there does not seem to be a collapse as you predicted.

    The bond market is even improving.

    I recently heard an interesting interview with fund manager Catherine Wood – she is an actual self-made investment fund billionaire. She predicts actually a strong deflation cycle.

    And that would be more in line with what will be going on. After the initial price increases then the general slowing of economic activity will set in as the central banks deflate the stimulus payment. Deflation is actually one of their better weapons of choice as practiced in the 1930s. They can restrict lending and ultimately buy back everything on the cheap essentially owning it all as the plan is set. They may even do a repeat of similar time-numbers – end 2029 for an initial crash followed by long time of super-destructive deflation.

    • Yes of course it’s going to be deflation, deleveraging = deflation.

      That’s why the Bond Market is not ‘improving’, it’s showing less ‘fear’ of ‘inflation’.

      The Fed will soon start tapering, NZ and Canada have already begun. And there’s only one way that can end.

      And the Summer is far from over. We’ve seen a number of mini sell offs already, the last few Fridays.

      A crash and deflation/stagflation, that’s what will be happening.

  2. Trent permalink

    You say the “problem won’t be solved by communism”, but all the solutions you propose were proposed by Marx in one form or the other. Decentralization, the abolition of interest and conventional banking and debt issued currencies, and the democratization of productive land etc etc…all of this is classic Marx. Not that I have a problem with that. Marx was a pretty smart guy.

    But why not be open and say this? What you are proposing is communism or democratic socialism as envisioned by Marx, rather than the state capitalism, or authoritarian “communism” (some would say Leninism or Stalinism), that was disastrous in the 20th century. Perhaps you are just hoping to avoid the dreaded “c” word, which is understandable. But let’s be honest; you’re hoping to move beyond capitalism to a hypothetical post-capitalism of Marx and other radicals of his age, who envisioned a kind of hyper-democratization.

    • That’s just nonsense. Marx wanted a credit monopoly at interest by a nationalized central bank. That’s the Communist manifesto. He wanted all means of production in the hands of the state. That’s communism.

      That has nothing to do with interest-free economics.

  3. Hugo permalink

    Just watched the 5th video about the bronze age collapse. It sounds very compelling. And I find it bizar that no-one else has made this claim before. This is a major achievement even if it turns out to be false after all. Your timeline seems more credible than the biblical one.

    Now I was thinking, timeline wise, does this place the plagues of Egypt close to the collapse of the Bronze Age? I’m wondering whether there might be a causal relationship.

    I really enjoyed reading “A Short History of Progress” by Ronald Wright, about societal collapse. They claim that most societies collapse after natural disaster (often man made) (and debasement of money is often an intermediate step). Ever since I look at Genesis and Exodus through that lens, because it is full of those disasters. (And admittedly, those are the only books of the bible I read thoroughly.)

    Linking the plagues to the collapse of the bronze age through Exodus could potentially solve several questions. E.g. the story could be like this:

    The Egyptians (and the rest of the bronze age empires) fuck everything up (e.g. salinization of the soil). The Israelites, being culturally superior, recognize the imminent collapse and manage to leave. (The God of the Israelites did not so much cause the plagues, it is more that the Israelite religion had this “you reap what you sow” mentality in it, so they understood what was happening, and therefore were prepared to deal with them.) Then they spend a generation in the desert to wait out the inevitable collapse. Then, once these empires were weakened, they could conquer them, because they were prepared.

    (It probably isn’t that useful to take the particular plagues listed in the bible as literally the ones that happened exactly then. There is evidence that even the frog one could be real, but the specific collection presented in Exodus seems to be mostly symbolic.)

    Maybe this is all bullshit though. It seems interesting to explore.

    • Hugo permalink

      Maybe there was some, tadadada, zoonotic disease going on? Would explain several things:
      – Several of the plagues relate to this: “Pestilence of livestock”, “Boils”, “Death of the firstborn”, perhaps also “Lice or Gnats”, “Wild animals or flies”, “Turning water to blood”.
      – Only the people who flee the cities and live in the desert for a while survive unscathed.
      – Big cities seem to collapse to the extend that it can be conquered in a relatively short time by Joshua’s army.
      – Every human and every animal needs to be slaughtered to get rid of the disease.

      • Hugo permalink

        It is just too good to be true. Even “Darkness for three days” can be seen as a reference to obligatory house arrest in order to prevent the spread of the disease: “No one could see anyone else or leave his place for three days.”

        The Egyptians didn’t listen to Moses advice and were therefore exterminated by Joshua in order to save mankind, like the bombing of Ebola-inflicted villages in the movie Outbreak.

        • Hugo permalink

          The ninth plague (darkness) is quite a special one also in how it is written:
          – No warning from God/Moses. (No “Let my people go or else …”)
          – No active participation from God in either causing or stopping the plague. (No changing winds etc.)
          – In fact, the 9th plague is not claimed by God directly at all. (No “I will ..”, “the LORD shall ..”.)
          All other plagues have at least two of the above.

          This is because it was not God who caused the 9th plague, it was not a direct punishment, it was an inevitability triggered by the Pharaoh himself!

          The 9th plague is the Pharaoh putting the first recorded lockdown ever in place, to counter the earlier plagues!

          God, and the Isrealites, know what is going to happen of course, so God still lets Moses do his “point your arms to the sky” ritual. And God seems to have some control over the Pharaoh, but it is still very distinctly written.

          (And the causal order is inverted. This is quite normal; in the following examples the first sentence is caused by the second sentence: “The room became dark. Someone had turned the light off.” or “This blog is great. It is written by Anthony Migchels.”)

          After about 3 days everything ‘goes to hell’. People loose faith. They lose their ‘logos’ because they have no-one to talk to. Egypt descents into darkness, a darkness they can feel; the void from before creation.

          But “all the children of Israel had light in their dwellings”. This would mean that the Israelites kept their faith.

    • You make a great point, and currently you have people saying that the Bronze Age Empires were dealing with natural problems. And salinization as a result of intensive farming.

      I’m not sure about Jacob in Egypt, when this was. I’d have to look into it, but yes, it’s clear to me where you’re coming from.

  4. Hugo permalink

    Interesting series about the collapse of the bronze age.

    It reminds me of a crossover between astronomy (I’m an astronomer) and (ancient) religion, which is described in the book “Sirius The Star of the Maltese Temples”: (I haven’t read the book itself, only saw presentations about it.)

    The idea is that Maltese temples from the Stone Age are aligned with the star Sirius (one of the brightest stars), and their construction can thus be timed to ~9000 BC, much farther back in time than previously thought possible.

    However, what I found even more interesting is that this star was not visible for 5000 years (due to precession of Earth) of before reappearing again around 9200 BC. It seems that the people expected/knew that this was going to happen, because they spotted it at the earliest possible moment. If that is true, that means that oral transmission of stories (in this case about the return of their god) can retain their truth over millennia.

    That fact can then be transported to e.g. the bible, which also contains stories that were passed down orally before being written down. So the oldest stories in Genesis, e.g. about the great flood, can be possibly be much older than was thought possible.

    In a hyperbole this could mean that the snake-story might even predate language without being corrupted. Arguably, it was the danger posed by snakes that lead the evolution of early mankind; snakes were one of the few natural enemies early humans had. So they had to become more intelligent to outsmart the snakes, and perhaps even develop language to warn each other. (And move from the forest to the plains, etc.)

    With that snake-derived knowledge, also came power, and downfall: hunting animals to extinction, salinating fertile soil, flushing away fertile soil (great flood). So one of the very first stories written down in the bible might be a literal warning about snakes, intertwined with a directly related figurative warning about the curse of knowledge.

    • Previous cycles of ‘civilization’ definitely saw highly advanced knowledge, including that of Astronomy.

      Atlantis was also real, and was destroyed with the Earth catastrophe that happened 11500 years ago.

  5. Hugo permalink

    Excellent conversation with Keith Woods, you are on fire Anthony! No-one can say things so clearly as you do.

    • Btw Hugo, are you Dutch?

      • Hugo permalink

        Yes, I’m Dutch. I saw you speak in Groningen about a decade ago and we exchanged a few words. I think you thought me the word usury; I already understood the concept, but you put it into words quite well and added much detail already then. Not only that, you actively engage with people to get them to do something. (I was assuming that you could see our email addresses; can you?)

        • I remember the evening well, as a good one. Is it already a decade ago?! But I’m not sure I remember you, sorry about that.
          I can see the email addresses, but I hardly keep much of an eye on them.

  6. Reblogged this on Jana Murray and commented:
    The World Crisis is about the death of the West, and the ascent of the World Government, and they’ve got it worked out A to Z.

  7. john mcclay permalink

    One more question. Have you ever investigated the theory that Christopher Marlowe was the true author of Shakespeare’s works?


    • I’ve heard of these stories, also other people named as the ‘real’ William Shakespeare, but I’ve never really looked into them.

  8. john mcclay permalink

    I guess I’m questioning the “how” of this Israel conquer of these empires. They must have had some hook, or special tactic or something, no? A nomadic tribe defeated all these great empires, I’m just wondering how? Could it be that they are taking the claim of other peoples to try and inflate their own history? Make it seem more grand than it was?


    • Legit questions, and the Bible itself says these Bronze Age Empires were mightier than Israel, and that they won under the leadership of God himself, with outright interventions by him at times.

      Part of it must also have been that they were strongly declining, also genetically, although that’s another story.

  9. john mcclay permalink

    I’m watching your series on the Bronze Age Collapse. One question that I have is, how did the Israelis conquer all these kingdoms? What was their advantage? And then what happened afterwards? Did Israel have a big empire, and if so, how did that empire collapse to the point where the Romans had not much trouble defeating them militarily?

    Did they use some kind of asymmetrical warfare like the ‘Art of War’ style “fighting”? Did they get some other peoples to do their fighting while they pulled the strings?


    • They were already declining, and I think they were also demoralized, for whatever reason.

      The Book of Joshua itself claims a number of miracles/divine interventions, and while this may be hard to swallow, the fact that these were indeed very different times, and that the Bible transpires to indeed be a book of history, does make one wonder.

  10. john mcclay permalink

    Thanks so much! I share your interest in History. What do you think about the idea that the Megalith structures were created with cement and not cut stone? Thanks for your wonderful work!



    • Oof, I didn’t hear that theory yet. Although, yes, it does ring a bell, but I’m not in a position to comment on it.

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