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The Next Phase In The Financial Crisis Is Coming

by on August 20, 2021

Left: Stooge du jour, Jerome Powell.

The Fed is likely to start tapering, monetary tightening, because of rising prices. Meanwhile, Commercial Banking is limiting lending. Conveniently, cyber attacks are now taking place.

By Anthony Migchels, for

Talk about Fed tapering started last week, and just now it was reported that ‘there’s growing support within the Fed to announce the tapering of bond purchases in September’. Kaplan, one of the Fed’s key kingpins, a little later, was saying October.

The story is that prices are rising faster than expected, and that the job market is overheating.

However, while prices are indeed rising, the other economic facts on the ground are very different: labor force participation rates are still well below the levels of before the Lockdown. Not only that, last week it was reported that US consumer confidence cratered to the lowest level in 10 years.

The Biden Administration will be running a $3 Trillion deficit this year. That’s 14% of 2019 GDP. US Government debt has risen from $22,6 Trillion in 2019, to $28,7 Trillion now, in just two years. They’re selling this as ‘cuz covid’, but the real reason is that the Government is playing ‘debtor of last resort’, in a desperate bid to keep the economy liquid. However, these numbers are not merely ‘unsustainable’, they’re end game.

Equally bad is this:

Index showing how easy it is to get a mortgage

This graph shows how easy it is to get a mortgage. Mortgages represent the by far biggest type of credit to private individuals. This has been ongoing for three quarters already, and now home builder confidence is cratering too, as a result of less people looking for a house.

This is not exactly unprecedented, but previously the Fed had been around to bail out both the Banks, and the real economy with additional liquidity. And these days are now over.

The fact of the matter is, that the Fed are forced to concede. They cannot continue bailing out both the Banks and the real economy. Not without creating a hyper inflation.

That is the key event that is now taking place.

What’s next?!
A crash of financial markets is unavoidable. However, the crash will be sold with a ‘reset’ of the Financial System. This will involve not bail outs, but bail ins: creditors, shareholders, and depositors will be made to pay.

All signs indicate they will claim ‘cyber attacks’ did it. Jerome Powell, only a few months ago, said that ‘cyber attacks are the main threat to the financial system.’ It could well be that we will have bank holidays in Western countries, while these bail ins take place. Perhaps also in the US.

Crucially, we’re not just talking ‘a correction’. Also not a mere ‘1987 type crash’. We’re talking bank defaults. And not of small banks, but of the very biggest. It has already happened: the crash in the repo market in September 2019 implied that the big banks didn’t trust each other’s collateral. The $4 Trillion bailout that the banks got in the weekend we were locked up, mid March 2020, gave them a respite. But nothing real has been solved. Wall Street’s derivative bubble is bursting, together with the debt bubble.

November last year, the World Economic Forum ran an exercise involving such an event, caused by ‘nation states and criminal cartels’. They predicted that the Big Wall Street Banks would ‘have to merge to fend of the attack’. ‘To merge’ is Newspeak for ‘we’re bankrupt’.

Wall Street’s problem is that they are on the hook for all the debt via the derivative trade (credit default swaps). And now people can’t pay anymore. This basically is the scenario that we predicted in 2014. This is how the US Empire ends.

The WEF also predicted that Russia would install a Central Bank Digital Currency of its own, and disconnect from Western Finance. In the years ahead, private banking will come to an end, as they all go bankrupt. They won’t be able to sustain the payment system, and everywhere CBDCs will be taking over. These will ultimately merge into World Currency, when World Government is officially installed. This is how all money and credit will be ‘nationalized’ in the World Central Bank, just as the Communist Manifesto demands.

Conveniently, cyber attacks have been on the rise the last few months. A German municipality was struck, and couldn’t pay its bills, nor sustain many of its basic operations. The Irish Health Service was hit. And they’re escalating. Last week, Zion was ‘attacked by China’.

Everything bad ‘comes from China’ now. They’re the big bogey man, because the NWO is whipping up a Cold War between the US and them, one that is likely to end in WW3. But of course, China was built up A to Z by Wall Street, and no, they didn’t ‘launch the virus’, nor do they have any enmity towards Zion. They’re already running Haifa, in a 20 year contract, connecting it to the Belt and Road Initiative. Jerusalem too is going to be a major hub. It was just an exercise for things to come.

What is coming is much worse than ‘just another correction’, or ‘recession’. This is the end of an era, of money growth. We’re now facing a monstrous deflation, which will be the cause of the Greatest Depression.

The Greatest Depression will be much worse than the Great Depression. In that deflation, the money supply shrank with two thirds between late 1929 and 1933. It was bad, but it was not genocidal.

We’re now nearing the event that Deagel claimed would lead to massive depopulation in the West. Their numbers are based not on ‘vaccinations’, dangerous as they are, but on the financial calamity that we’re in the middle of, and which is coming to a culmination.

Look at it this way: we’ve had 76 years of monetary expansion, basically the post war boom. Especially since the closing of the Gold Window by Nixon, which is actually exactly 50 years ago. And it is this expansion and associated economic growth that is going to be turned around.

The Fed has lost, as it was always going to. This is the Petrodollar’s swan song. They can’t continue providing the economy with the liquidity that it can’t provide for itself, because of already far too high debt levels.

And while the debt bubble deflates, which is catastrophic enough, we will be dealing with rising prices at the same time. Especially for food and basic necessities. The Dollar will lose a lot of value vis a vis China in the years ahead, and this will lead to much higher prices for imports from there, also for energy. Lockdowns and other contrived chaos will keep pushing prices higher.

So for us debt slaves, it will be stagflation. The most toxic of all monetary diseases. Stagflation is when the money supply declines (deflation), with the real economy in tatters, while prices rise because of speculation, or other scarcity inducing circumstances.

All this is very hard to swallow. But it is not for nothing that the Lockdown started when they gave the Bank $4 Trillion. The Financial System is the heart of Babylon, and the debt bubble that they have been blowing the last 50 years, and its coming deflation will be their greatest feat. The culmination of 500 years of Usury during Modernity.

It will destroy the West, and its demise will pave the way for the now manifesting World Government.

Afterthought: I previously stated it would happen this Summer. Could still be, we have a month left, but the fact is, while we can see what is happening, only God and the Bankers know when.

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  1. Frank permalink

    All I see is the Bolsheviks erecting a system whereby every living citizen of the world is financially raped each and every day from here on out. The Great Reset is nothing more than an incredibly elaborate plan to control every red cent in existence. Communism IS Theft, make no mistake. Remember the famous phrase from Leonidas in the 300, and remember that Jews love to brag, boast, and blabber about what they intend to do to the Goy . . . “Give them nothing, but take from them EVERYTHING.” THAT is exactly what they plan on doing.

  2. Andy permalink

    Tony, Excellent article.
    So you don’t think it will be a hyperinflationary collapse? I always thought the usd would be sacrificed at the altars of the bankers. What will happen to gold and silver?

  3. Reblogged this on Muunyayo and commented:
    Published in August and now evermore valid …

  4. Joe Blow permalink

    “Conveniently, cyber attacks have been on the rise the last few months.” —>
    the parasitical crime they are trying to cover up with the Covid psyop:
    “In academic jargon, it is “a structural element of subtraction of net real resources from the economy, with potentially deflationary effects on profits and/or wages, distributional consequences, and frictions between capital and labor.”

    In other words, the global banking system is an enormous parasite, and its parasitic method is fraudulent.”

  5. gnowgo75 permalink

    From a simple man: so what to do, I mean doom has existed since the beginning of human history, but what is the answer, any answer, anybody ? No, as always. What about cash ? Or Gold, or food, or goods, or what to do to save any wealth we have, how about withdrawing all cash from all banks ? Anybody ? I’m not holding my breath for any so-called intelligent answer.

  6. Jessica G. permalink

    Anthony, I am a single mother of 4 and I own my house , I don’t have much other than that . A believer in Christ as well I know about bible prophecy but is there anything you’d recommend me to do, like invest in bitcoin or sell my home and buy an RV trailer to help me last longer financially?
    Thanks so much
    God bless you

    • Antione keeps silver coins in his matrace. You should do the same.

      • Yes, everybody should buy some Gold. Not to speculate or strike it rich, but because that’s the next phase of the financial system.

        Hold savings in cash, in a safe place (at least 10 miles away from any bank), and 20% in specie.

  7. Reblogged this on Not The Grub Street Journal and commented:
    Real Currencies is an interesting Blog , I have some sympathy with this latest Post.
    Any other thoughts?
    I have circulated this privately and reblogged.
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    (first appeared in Harper’s Weekly, 16 August 1913[citation needed]) The Inefficiency of the Oligarchs
    AMA Based Interview With Prof. Richard Werner (June 2021)

  8. Ad Broere permalink

    Hi Anthony, heel goed artikel! Bedankt daarvoor. Je schrijft over deflatie en tegelijkertijd prijsINflatie. Bedoel je dat geld schaars wordt? Hoe? Doordat schuld wordt kwijtgescholden? Of doordat banken hun vorderingen als oninbaar moeten afschrijven? Hoe zie je dat? Ik zou graag een Nederlandse vertaling van jouw artikel op mijn blog willen plaatsen. Je bent een begaafde analyticus. Groet, Ad

    Op vr 20 aug. 2021 om 10:00 schreef Real Currencies :

    > Anthony Migchels posted: ” Left: Stooge du jour, Jerome Powell. The Fed is > likely to start tapering, monetary tightening, because of rising prices. > Meanwhile, Commercial Banking is limiting lending. Conveniently, cyber > attacks are now taking place. By Anthony Migchels, for H” >

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