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Name789’s site which provides an important library concerning Money Power)
Usury and its effects on Rome and Early Christianity (a truly eyeopening effort on Usury and the Jewish Question)
H. von Creutz: The Money Syndrome (the original studies that Margrit Kennedy popularized)
the Money Myth Exploded by the St. Michael’s Journal
. Money explained to kids.
Annuity, Calculate the cost of Usury!
The Bible on Usury
, by the indefatigable John Turmel
A truly inspiring article on the interest free economy of the Middle Ages
Al Thompson: The Scourge of Usury. An excellent overview of what the Scriptures have to say.

The History of Money Part 2 (an excellent overview of monetary contractions causing depressions)
The History of Banking Control in the United States
Interesting discussion of Abraham Lincoln, who is probably much overrated because of the Greenback
Ezra Pound, what did he really say?
Ezra Pound: What is Money for?
The Fight against Usury by Juri Lina
Why we need Monetary Innovation by Margrit Kennedy
Interest and Inflation free Money by Margrit Kennedy

The U.S. Constitution doesn’t say money should be gold or silver coin


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