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NWO Magick: A Faux ‘Pandemic’, And A Very, Very Real Financial Collapse

by on March 18, 2020
"Don't Panic"

(left: The State Media: ‘don’t panic’)

Let nobody tell you the current financial meltdown is about ‘the Corona virus’. The Collapse began September 27th last year, when the repo market’s interest-rate spiked to 10%. That’s a sign they stopped lending to each other (like in the 2008 crisis and spiking Libor rates) and the Fed had to restart bailing out the Banks on the repo market every night. They haven’t lent to each other since.

The Fed has also been monetizing most of the massive Trump Deficit. Nobody else is buying Treasuries.

Meanwhile: there is no ‘pandemic’. A handful of oldies are dying of what’s looking like a nasty flu. Their average age of death is 81 in Italy. 79 in Holland. Their numbers are minute: in Holland we’re talking about 40 deaths up till now. Still, the whole country is grinding to a standstill, not because of the ‘virus’ and ‘sick people’, but because of the insane overreaction by the Government.

By Anthony Migchels for

Disclaimer: I’m just reporting on the observable facts. In the early days, I was fearing this was the New World Order’s Big Depopulation Virus just as much as the next guy.

The Pandemic
There are now a grand total of………….6500 deaths world wide. In six weeks time. Most of them in China.

At least, that’s what we’re told. We’re also being told they don’t have tests. It’s called gaslighting.

In Italy, over weeks time, a grand total of 1000 oldies (81 year average) have died. According to the Italian Government, by far most of these people were suffering from serious health issues already, including heart failure, high blood pressure, and all the tribulations old people are prone to. They say it is even impossible to say they actually died of the ‘virus’, only that they ‘likely’ had it.


(Above: the numbers of the Italian Government concerning the age of the deceased, and mortality.)

There is no test for the ‘corona virus’. What they are doing are quite superficial diagnoses of the respiratory system. What is happening is that anything that looks ‘bad’, is being labeled ‘corona’. This is what you get in a mass psychosis.

In Holland, there have been under 2000 cases, according to the RIVM, the Dutch CDC. Their reporting has been really quite succinct and to the point. And the facts really speak for themselves:
– 1705 cases (diagnosed in the way described above)
– 43 deaths
– Average age of the deceased: 79 (81 life expectancy)
– By far most suffering from serious additional health issues.
– A grand total of 314 people have been admitted to ICU’s. In the entire country. By far most are now back home.

Meanwhile: all restaurants, bars, coffee shops (where the Dutch go to buy their weed), and food take outs are forced to close. All events have been cancelled. Self employed people and small business have seen their work commitments for the coming months just wiped out. Airliners are grounded, and can’t last even a few weeks without business. All gatherings of 100 people or more are outlawed.

Monday night, Mark Rutte, the Dutch PM, held a televised ‘speech to the People’. I felt forced to watch it, because the fear was quite real he would order a total lock down of the country. Including grounding people in their homes, enforced by the Army.

Macron has announced such measures in France. While things are the same there as in Holland. We got lucky here, though. For now. They’re promising/threatening ‘additional measures’, ‘depending on developments’, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

San Francisco is getting closed down too. It would be nice to assume this is just your usual Californian Bolshevist madness, but much of the US probably will follow suit, in the days ahead.

In Spain, which is touted as the ‘biggest hotbed besides Italy’, the State is using drones to order people around, just as in Wuhan. People there too are grounded. A few hundred old people have died. Spain is just 47 million people who are not allowed to leave their dwellings.

And it’s the same picture everywhere.

In New York State, the first ‘corona death’ was reported Saturday night: an 82 year old woman suffering from lung emphysema.

In Luxembourg, also Saturday, the first ‘corona death’ was a 94 year old.

Since January first, scores of thousands of 80 year old or thereabout folks have died of the flu, general malaise, whatever, in the EU. They do so every year during ‘the season’. They don’t end up in Intensive Care at all.

This is a mind job
People are just completely bamboozled by scary graphs of ‘exponential growth’. But if there is ‘exponential growth’, why are there 6500 deaths world wide after six weeks? Most of whom have died in China during the early days of the ‘outbreak’?

Shouldn’t we be hauling off thousands of body bags by now?

It’s completely the Media doing it. Including the Alternative Media.

Conveniently, they’re saying ‘don’t pay with cash, it’s contagious’. Using a debit card machine that was just used by all sorts of drooling and coughing customers is apparently ‘safe’.

Of course they’d use such a thing in their war on cash. Just a few weeks ago, in an eerie sign of things to come, Dutch Banks suddenly unisono closed their atm’s between 23:00 and 7:00. Presumably to ‘stop robberies’. A story only journalists, and the women and children believe.

Why were people buying toilet paper? Not just in America, but in the UK, Holland, France, as well? Because all the State/Corporate Media are probably running the same CIA scripts. They always do, so assuming they do so now as well is hardly a very wild guess.

Just imagine how much fun they must have had, and all the poo jokes they have been making about all the Goy/peasants eating it all up.

The ‘Alternative Media’ (90% of which is of course just trolling Jews and the CIA) is plugging the scary stories about the NWO depopulation virus, and how about ‘the Government is lying to us’. Half the population lends at least some credence to these propositions (as well they should), so this is professionally exploited by the wizards.

Honorary mention: Jon Rappoport has been one of the very few making any sense at all. He had it all figured from day one. Go read his archive.

Meanwhile, in the real world
Sunday, the Fed announced a panicky 100 point downgrade of interest rates to 0%.

They announced an emergency package of $700 Billion QE. Outright asset purchasing to ‘help price levels’ in ‘the markets’.

This was after last week, when they had given out $1,5 Trillion in short term loans on the repo market. I’m very unsure how much of these short term loans are actually coming back. Could be 100%. But it would very much surprise me.

This move had ‘stabilized’ ‘the markets’ for about 5 minutes.

The $700 Billion mega asset purchasing package ‘limited’ the damage on the futures market to ‘only’ 1000 points, Sunday night. Monday, the Dow lost 10%.

The S&P index Monday night ended 30% lower than 10 days earlier.

Interestingly, Mitch Romney and Ilhan Omar have both been calling for $1000 hand outs to normal people. Of course, ‘to help them bridge lost income due to ‘corona”.

But in reality, giving normal people cash hand outs has been under discussion for years in the regulatory scene: they know outright Bank bailouts are hated beyond measure, and giving the money to the people, while obviously not the preferred option, is just another way to keep reflating the System as long as they can.

When they are ‘forced’ to do this, it’s as bad as it looks.

Central Banks have been talking about buying up ‘distressed market assets’ for years also. They have openly announced they would do ‘whatever it takes’, and the Fed too, last Sunday, promised ‘more if needed’.

Nice, no? These scumbags buying everything up with freshly printed Euros and Greenbacks? To save the World, no less?

Next, they will consolidate everything in the State, and use that mega Capital as the foundation for their ‘Communitarian’ (Communism 2.0) World State.

Governments already own a huge chunk of ‘the markets’, through pension funds, as visible in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports they publish next to their ‘official’ numbers.

Pure NWO Magick
A magician does something with his left hand, as he signals his audience to look at his right hand.

They have been at it since late September. Remember that ‘impeachment’? Everybody was just wondering: ‘what’s it all about?’ Well, it was about distracting people from the financial implosion that had begun.

Soleimani? He got blown away on the day that……….the Federal Reserve reported they had already doled out $6 TRILLION short term loans on the repo market. They have been at it ever since, and it would be interesting to know what they have already given out. At this rate, they must be well in to 12, 15 Trillion territory, which is 2008 all over again, with the Fed doling out 16 TRILLION in loans to its Bankster buddies, $9 Trillion of which they admitted ‘they cannot account for.’

2008 all over again? Well, this is only the beginning, 2008 was just a prelude, a walk in the park. It mostly served to make all major States and Central Banks use all their ammo. Rates are already at 0%. Government debt everywhere, including the US, is standing at 100% plus. They have very little they can do this time, other than printing, printing, printing.

While they’re utterly annihilating the World economy, people are begging Big Brother to please ground them, and have the Army enforce a lock down, and do more to ‘stop the virus’.

Resistance is forestalled, as people coming together is outlawed ‘cuz corona’. In Austria it’s actually illegal since Monday to meet with more than five at a time!

Make no mistake whatsoever: this is the New World Order’s long awaited Big Push.

As we have been analyzing very extensively, both on these pages and elsewhere, the US Empire is not the New World Order. America and the US Empire were created to conquer the World for them, and now that they have, they can go.

Ten years from now, the West will be unrecognizable. Not a shadow of its former self. America will soon start retreating from Europe, leaving the Old Continent to Russian control.

Agenda 2030 and its far reaching social engineering goals, including the end of private land holdings, will be called for by the masses everywhere.

The Bank is planning to foreclose on the entire West in the decade ahead.

The issue that has swept through the ages, that of the People vs. the Banks, will have to be faced now.

Will be faced now.

The Crunch Is Back, There’s Going To Be A Gold Standard, And It Will Be Disastrous
Phoenix Rising, the Return of the Gold Standard
The Dying Dollar and the Rise of a New Currency Order
The US Empire is Not the Money Power!


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  1. This short article put everything into perspective for me. I was confused by (the obviously deliberate) mill of rumours we are blasted with from all sides from everyone who thinks they “know” the who, why, when, where and how of things. I now have a much clearer vision of the whole picture instead of just the many pieces. Very logical and obvious! Thank you so much!

  2. Dan Capp permalink

    What will emerge, in the new society that arises from this, is one where digital ID is required to prove that one has had the necessary vaccination(s) to return to normal life, and that all must be tracked (via smartphones or chips) to ensure they’re not coming into contact with ‘the infected’ (or just the wrong types of people). The Chinese Social Credit System is coming, and this fake-pandemic is the Trojan Horse by which all will welcome it into their Kingdom. Some are even suggesting that blackouts and diagnoses will be the cover by which dissidents are removed from the playing field.

  3. Hi Anthony,

    CORONAVIRUS PSY-OP HOAX & THE MASONIC 33 – Absolutely hilarious!

    Have a VIRUS debt free day. LOL

    Messenger Charles

  4. Timothy Fitzpatrick permalink

    The West burns as Putin’s Eurasianist world communist empire moves right along.

  5. faux pandemic.. excuse to test out martial law….

  6. there are no real currencies…. the euro is a fraud…the usd/fed res note is counterfeit scrip fake… is there a currency that isn’t befouled by the Roth schild Central Bank Dynasty?

    wake up sisters and brothers… Roth schild lends fake USD to treasury for t bonds written against future tax collections….you go on the hook.. $23 TRILLION and skyrocketing..

    as George Carlin profoundly observed… nobody seems to notice nobody seems to care

  7. Mark R. Elsis | permalink

    Dear Anthony

    Excellent article.

    Love Is The Answer Mark R. Elsis An environmentalist, filmmaker, poet, web entrepreneur / developer, and writer, here to protect our future generations.

  8. Conspiracies are a dime a dozen these days. 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  9. oldereb permalink

    The following writing reflects ten years of research that has been crystallized from a professor’s revelation to a graduate course of Money and Banking at a flagship state university several decades ago.

    Do you see the Federal Reserve being repeatedly used to rescue the TBTF Wall Street banks from high-risk and leveraged ventures, derivatives, and hedge funds that threaten their solvency ?? Do you ever consider the potential that WS banks might have ownership shares in a Federal Reserve legal structure, such as a closely held corporate FR Board of Governors ? And the Fed was used to give them $5 trillion to avoid bankruptcy ? And a virus was used as an excuse ?

    Read the cited FR-A Different View article.

    Perhaps the following may be of interest.

    Jim Carter
    The Federal Reserve’s lack of transparency, which is perceived to be impenetrable, is an erroneous assumption.
    Volume 12 C.F.R. § 261.2(i)(1) [regulations as footnoted] identifies “records (of) any Federal Reserve Bank in connection with the transaction of any official business” as Board of Governors records and hence subject to FOIA requests. A Federal Court of Appeals has concurred. Ref. Bloomberg L.P. v. Board. of Governors of Federal Reserve System, 649 F. Supp. 2D 262, 274 (S.D.N.Y. 2009), aff’d, 601 F.3d 143 (2d Cir. 2010). Exemptions 4 and 5 are not applicable. The deceptive CRS Report 42079, FEDERAL RESERVE; OVERSIGHT AND DISCLOSURE ISSUES relates to a public perception; it does not relate the law. Ref. (updated).
    The Federal Reserve’s creation of fiat currency [a credit extended to the government by the FR system] results from the Treasury Department issuing a debt instrument [Treasury security] containing a promise to pay back the principal plus interest. [The promise is perpetually rolled over.] The interest does not exist nor has it been created. The only way to procrastinate bankruptcy is to issue more debt (principal) and pay the prior interest due from the new principal. This results in an exponential increase in the amount of debt [inflation] that will be created. The National Debt can never be paid off. It is a classic Ponzi scheme. [Fractional reserve multiplication of currency by commercial banks is irrelevant to this conclusion.] A contract that cannot be culminated, or does not convey consideration for funds, is an act of fraud and is void upon its inception.
    The manner in which the Fed is used to assist Wall Street conceal >$3 billion daily from the government [and the public] using the auction accounts of Treasury securities for the benefit of TBTF banks is alleged at;;; The analysis has been sullied ; it has never been discredited. THE POTENTIAL OWNERSHIP OF THE FR BOG BY WALL STREET SHOULD NOT BE OVERLOOKED.
    The Treasury security auction accounts are exclusively controlled by the FRBNY and handle more than $11 trillion annually. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3. The accounts have never been audited and are a proper subject for public review using FOIA. [The cited CRS report broadens the meaning of audit to imply two reviews of FRBNY’s security procedures are audits.] TreasuryDirect identifies the apparent commingling of government funds with private funds. After repeated requests, they have not identified a destination of the ‘new cash.’ Ref. Since the accounts are exclusively handled by FRBNY and has never been audited, the values posted by TreasuryDirect must be received from FRBNY.

    Benjamin Ginsberg in FATAL EMBRACE reminds readers of historic similar related banking systems resulted in repeated economic exploitation, societal collapse, and civil disruption in medieval Europe. John Perkins [CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN], Douglas Valentine [CIA AS ORGANIZED CRIME] and others have identified covert Wall Street actions as the origin of world-wide chaos and subjugation. The use of these funds for world domination and national chaos, which is occasionally projected to include the United States, has been documented by William Blum, Greg Palast, Michel Chossudovsky and many others. Pathological Wall Street war mongering using the CIA, US military, the IMF, and the WB to impose economic control or for the destruction of industrial rivals is standard procedure.; WHENSE THE DEEP STATE ?, .
    Potential national financial chaos resulting from the US economic instability is mentioned in current US headlines. Ref. How the TBTF banks can utilize the existing legal structure to collect on the $22 trillion (and growing) national debt is theorized at The resultant social chaos would be similar to that found in Greece and Argentina, and could involve seizure of demand deposits and pensions, slashing of wages, confiscation of national assets, etc. Wall Street representatives’ testimony before congress has confirmed destruction of government sovereignty does not hamper their collection of alleged national debt. Apparently the fly [US citizen] on the spider web is enjoying the view but has not visualized the next meal.
    Is this concern a proper cause for FOIA action to preserve the government from total Wall Street domination?
    Note: This writing is not copyrighted. Feel free to distribute.
    12 C.F.R §261.2(i)(1) regulations regarding records of the Board of Governors available to the public as repeated at page 273 of the Bloomberg District court is reproduced here:
    (1) Records of the Board include:
    (i) In written form, or in non-written or machine-readable form; all information coming into the possession and under the control of the Board, any Board member, any Federal Reserve Bank, or any officer, employee, or agent of the Board or of any Federal Reserve Bank, in the performance of functions for or on behalf of the Board that constitute part of the Board official files; or
    (ii) That are maintained for administrative reasons in the regular course of business in official files in any division or office of the Board or any Federal Reserve Bank in connection with the transaction of any official business.

  10. permalink

    Remember the swine flu scare? Aajonus Vonderplanitz was interviewed on and explained what viruses are. Anyone who knows what a virus is will know that this is a FRAUD.


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