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The Petrodollar Is Dead! Long Live The IMF World Reserve Currency!

by on April 5, 2021

(Left: there is no ‘virus’. There are only Bankers.)

Exactly 18 months after Mark Carney officially announced the end of the Petrodollar, and its replacement by an IMF World Reserve Currency, the IMF announces that they will create $650 billion worth of Special Drawing Rights.

By Anthony Migchels, for

It’s an astounding event. The IMF ceases lending in Dollars, and starts using its own currency to bail out Nations. Ninety of which have asked for ‘assistance’, their finances savaged by the Lockdown.

$650 billion may not sound that much, but surely this is only the beginning. Soon the IMF will be throwing around trillions worth of SDR like the Fed now is doing with USD.

The idea is that the IMF currency can be used as reserve currency. And they will, the Petrodollar is inflating badly, and has lost perhaps as much as half of its value in real terms over the last 18 months or so. The Euro and the Yen are also in bad shape, hiding the true extent of the Dollar’s decline. Nobody is going to be happy to see their reserves (or savings) melt away.

This may sound either bizarre, or even hardly relevant, but it is. Everybody is bamboozled by the Lockdown and the ‘virus’, but in the background a huge financial crisis has been ongoing. Let’s recapitulate the key events over the last few years, that led to this crunch moment in World History.

0. The foreplay was the Fed starting tapering in 2017. Presumably trying to take some of the liquidity they had injected during the 2008 Crunch out of the System. And raising rates. This had the entirely predictable, and indeed widely predicted, effect of creating a major liquidity squeeze in the System.
Here’s the trend of M2 growth, a key money supply measure:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is m2.jpg

As is clearly visible, the Fed’s tapering simply caused a deflationary crash, just as they did in 2008, and 2001. Money growth went to zero, it needs to grow about 10% per year to keep the System sufficiently liquid. Basically to keep the Usury on the debt payable, that is what is driving money growth. There is never enough money to pay interest + debt.

1. But the story of the death of the Petrodollar and the rise of the IMF World Reserve Currency starts in earnest in August 23d 2019, when Mark Carney, Bank of England chief at the time, in a meeting with colleague central bankers, announced that ‘within ten years’, the Dollar’s role as World Reserve Currency would end, and that it would be replaced not by the Yuan, but an IMF World Reserve Currency. He added that a change of reserve currency is typically associated with ‘dramatic upheavals’.

2. Then, not a month later, on Monday September 16th 2019, problems started mounting on the repo market, where Banks and other ‘institutions’ go for daily short term loans to balance their books. It went as high as 10%. This indicated that players in the shadow banking system didn’t trust each others’ collateral anymore. They effectively stopped lending to each other. One may remember the Libor rate in 2008, which went up, indicating the same problems. This means these ‘institutions’ were technically bankrupt.

3. This then, was the excuse for the Fed to start QE 4. At first, they said they would start a) buying up treasuries, and b) provide ‘short term loans’ on a daily basis to insolvent ‘institutions’.
It started with about $75 billion per day, which nowadays is small beer, but things escalated quickly. On January 3d 2020, the day Soleimani was executed, the Fed reported that they had already doled out $6 Trillion in day to day loans.

4. Things worsened only from there. When the World Wide Lockdown started, March 16th 2020, the Fed was already providing a cool $1 Trillion per day in loans to the shadow banking system. That fateful day, when 4 billion people were given house arrest, they started a $4 Trillion ‘asset purchasing program’, basically allowing the bankrupt ‘institutions’ (it’s very sad Newspeak to call these plunder operations ‘institutions’) to off load their junk to the Fed, in a bid to ‘solve’ the problems on the repo market.

Yes, we got locked up as they gave $4 Trillion to the Bank, that’s literally what happened. It was all sold as ‘panic due to Corona’, but the real ‘panic’ (in reality, it’s all orchestrated A to Z) was on Wall Street.

5. Several ‘packages have come through Congress since that bailout. Mnuchin gave Wall Street another Trillion. Biden has just signed a $3 Trillion deal, most of which goes directly to the filthy rich too.
All in all, the Fed and the US Government have added $12 Trillion in new dollars to the System since September 2019.

6. As a result of this inflation the obvious is happening: rising prices. Especially in commodities. Everything is up 50% or more, lumber 180%. It will take a little time for these prices to translate in rising prices of all goods, but they will.
There’s also massive housing speculation. In Vancouver, Australia. Much of it is driven by China, which has expanded credit with an even greater amount than the Fed over the last few years. Some say as much $30 Trillion.

7. Much of the inflation goes to the Stock Exchange, resulting in the ridiculous ‘boom’ there, which is 100% totally artificial, and would not exist without the Fed.
Between September and December 2019, the S&P went down from 2905 to 2416. This must have been because of the disastrous liquidity squeeze in the shadow banking system that became apparent with that 10% repo market interest rate spike.
Then, because of QE, it started climbing like crazy again, all the way up to 3380. Next, it lost a full 1000 points in the week after the Lockdown started. Presumably because of ‘covid’, but it had nothing to do with that, it was the same problems in the financial system, for which they were providing already a Trillion per day on the repo market, and for which they conjured up that $ 4 Trillion bailout.
Since then, the S&P has risen to 4019 today. Another 600 point rise while the real economy is in shambles due to the Lockdown.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-2.png

8. The result of all this is obvious: it has killed the Dollar. Just as ‘economist’/bankster agent Kyle Bass said they would do to ‘fix’ America’s finances back in 2011. Both its value, and its status. Dedollarization is ongoing and has been escalating. The already crumbling Petrodollar is not going to recover from this.

The IMF’s move confirms this: the new loans are in their SDRs, not in the usual Dollars. Washington’s dominance in the IMF is officially over. From now on, the IMF itself dominates.

The latest from the Markets
The latest news is that bond markets are now starting to show rising yields. Id est, interest rates are rising. Those holding Treasuries are going to take a huge hit with high inflation, and they’re, belatedly, waking up to that fact. Rising yields are the natural result, but of course higher interest rates are crushing for debtors. That is the unsolvable (within the usurious financial paradigm) crucifix that the People are nailed upon: either inflation, or deflation. Or better, first inflation, then deflation. Classic boom bust creation by the Bankers, they’ve been doing this throughout Modernity.

Just last week, March 31st, the Fed, in a shock announcement, said they would not prolong a ‘short term’ measure they installed last year ‘to calm markets’, which involved looser demands for capital reserves for ‘financial institutions’. De facto this means Banks and hedge funds must hold higher capital reserves. And this definitely has tightening effects on money. In fact: it likely has serious consequences for lots of ‘distressed’ outfits on Wall Street, including the Mega Banks themselves. Remember, they wouldn’t lend each other just months ago, and they’re still all out on a limb, relying on eternal, and ever higher bailouts by the Fed.

It can’t be much of a coincidence, that immediately a major hedge fund, Archegos, collapsed.

It remains to be seen how far the Fed is willing to take this, but all bets are off. They’re capable of anything. They’re clearly on the war path, and destroying what’s left of American Hegemony, so it’s far from unlikely that they could be out for some serious blood.

If we have indeed witnessed the end of the Fed’s expansion, major defaults seem all but unavoidable. They simply can’t bail them all out all the time, even if they would want to.

This is it.
What we’ve been discussing for two decades or more in the Alternative Media is now coming to pass.
The Petrodollar is officially over, and the IMF is creating their own World Reserve Currency, the Special Drawing Rights.
They are no longer lending in Dollar, but in their own money.
Washington no longer dominates the IMF, the IMF is now the morphing into the official World Central Bank.

Officially owned by all the Nations, but in reality owning all of them.

And let there be no mistake: if there’s a World Central Bank, and a World Reserve Currency, open World Government is not far away.

The Dying Dollar And The Rise Of A New Currency Order
NWO Magick: A Faux ‘Pandemic’, And A Very, Very Real Financial Collapse
Trillion Du Jour For Parasites
The Crunch Is Back, There Will Be A Gold Standard, And It Will Be Disastrous


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    Copy-quote of you and our questions, as per link and your profile and forums-thread with us, Anthony.

  2. baszoet permalink

    Hi Anthony, another excellent analysis full of information. Thank you! You write: “Everybody is bamboozled by the Lockdown and the ‘virus’, but in the background a huge financial crisis has been ongoing” – that is correct, and it has all been planned, case in point – as you mention – is the manipulation in the financial markets, the indexes are as high as ever, while the metals have been manipulated to stay low, thus hiding the (inflationary) crisis in the currencies. Of course, as you say “the Fed’s tapering simply caused a deflationary crash, just as they did in 2008, and 2001” and in 1929 (!), that’s how the central banks engineer economic crises. But of course you know that.

    Globalists, NWO, technocracy, they are all terms indicating the same designed merger between fascism, communism with a sprinkle of (apparent) democracy where the system and the collective is elevated far beyond the individual. No individual rights and freedoms, a satanic system that has been planned by the ‘spiritual wicked in high places’ for centuries, if not millenia.

    This is an interesting interview with Patrick Wood (who wrote about technocracy from the 70s)


    • ANALYSIS PARALYSIS Anthony Migchels, Your IMF World Reserve Currency revelations are great, as are millions of critiques for the oligarch system we live in submission-to, over many 100s & even 1000s of years. Authors of critiques should be asking themselves, what the average reader is doing with the information provided? Is lobbying, campaigning or protesting for government or institutional change effective & timely in the larger oligarch scheme-of-things? Why aren’t big top-down changes working for us over the past 7000 years of colonial rule? This is not a personal critique. I immensely value your research. However there are millions of people making critique without exemplifying tangible responses individually & collectively.
      At some point, preferably earlier than later, people should be asking ourselves, what can each of us do in our own lives & collectively, in order to re-establish a functional collective ‘economy’. In fact the actions we take must be ‘fractal’ (‘fractions, multipliers, building-blocks, where-the-part-contains-the-whole’) or as Mohandas Gandhi as part of India’s ‘Swadeshi’ (Hindi ‘indigenous’ / ‘self-sufficiency’) movement, described, “Become the change, you want to see in the world”. It is not enough to criticize our lost ‘exogenous’ (Latin ‘other-generated’) oligarch trickledown puppet-show, but to actually exemplify what we can do physically & organizationally in our own lives, as: individuals, families, extended-families, Multihome-Dwelling-Complexes (the forgotten fractal) & communities in order to scale-up in business & other levels of governance all the way to a worldwide system. Then we must ask ourselves whether the change we are proposing, still preserves individual & system autonomy/sovereignty at all levels?
      I refer to all humanity’s worldwide ‘indigenous-economy’ model because it responds as a fractal system to & has successfully manifested over 1000s of generations, all the criteria I pose above. Can people move past the false institutional indoctrination, we receive to be strategically pre-judiced & disabled in our exogenous colonial system? Can we have a better look at the economic & ecological details of our indigenous ancestry?

      • jim koconis permalink

        ‘our indigenous ancestry’ built upon healthy fractals never existed. conjecture of a utopian golden age is a regrettable distraction with no basis in known history – it’s simply a deformation of reality, just as usury is a deformation of the nature of a just monetary system. ‘to become the change we want to come’ we only need to avoid the impulse to lust after more than our needs require and disseminate that core understanding to others.

        • Hey Jim Koconis, Thank you for your response.
          RE: “Never existed”. Making definitive statements without inquiry, for ‘what you don’t know, you don’t know’, fits all the criteria for being ‘hoodwinked’ by an exogenous colonial system, which really just wants to keep you & whole nations blinded as a captured obedient behaviour-modified falcon. The left & right sides of the same false ‘money’ (Greek ‘mnemosis’ = ‘memory’) ‘coin’ battle each other for the centralized positions of command & control of society. Both are complementary but don’t know it. It takes two wings to fly but each flaps in uncoordinated damage of people & environment, dysfunctionally for the last 7000 years.
          As each indigenous nation & region was invaded, genocided & controlled by oligarch-directed exogenous forces, the fractal decentralized indigenous system had to be degraded, devalued & destroyed as a viable alternative to oligarch centralized command & control.
          I’ve spent 57 of my 68 years, working & living with First Nation & ‘indigenous’ (L ‘self-generating’) people from Turtle-Island/N.America & worldwide.
          This cross-cultural & indeed epoch transcending life has helped me discern our colonial system of:
          a) false ‘religion’ (L ‘religio’ = ‘to-relate’),
          b) false ‘education’ (‘educare’ = ‘to-lead-forth-from-within’) Real education is built upon the innate knowledge, inclinations & ultimately life purpose within each person.
          Time-based human resource capital (share) accounting for each apprentice within Production Societies gave recognition to the knowledge cycle each person’s contributions, experience, expertise & decision-making acumen.
          c) false ‘science’ (Latin scientia “knowledge, a knowing; expertness,”
          work overtime to kill the innate natural inquiry of youth & whole peoples. In order to undo the mindset of false science we are held by, one needs to understand Holistic science

          Its taken me decades to appreciate how worldwide & universal the indigenous ‘Circle-of-Life’ system, expressed worldwide on each continent, works as an interdisciplinary science.

          1) ~100 person intergenerational Multihomes,
          2) String-shell time-based accounting,
          3) progressive-ownership in the specialized Production-Society-Guilds,
          4) Integrated capital, currency, condolence, education, calculation & costume as a complex Value accounting system,
          5) integrated domestic as prior, with industrial & commercial as subset economies,
          6) Council Process,
          7) Polyculture Orchard food, materials, energy & water-cycle production, SYLVALIZATION (L ‘sylva’ = ‘tree’). As I have worked in both industrial agriculture, orcharding & living & working with traditional First Nations Dukobour, Mennonite & Quaker, meeting Bill Mollison of Permaculture & other mentors over these decades, I’ve been able to see how 2-dimensional ‘agriculture’ (L ‘ager’ = ‘field’) is the foundation of our system of false economy, scarcity & poverty. 3-D Polyculture produces ~100 times (10,000%) more food, materials, energy & water-cycle than agriculture.
          8) biosphere-based river system engineering for canoe travel,
          9) Much more

          • douglasjack – your critique of our supposed benevolent ‘indigenous ancestry’ being degraded by exogenous control freaks is overly simplistic and one-dimensional. it fails to acknowledge that the degradation of our social relationships is almost always a result of our own personal spiritual deformities – which is the true manifestation of our indigenous nature – not an invading devil from the outside.
            sure, outside forces take advantage of our frailties all the time – but only because we provide them a foothold.
            in monetary terms, our personal lust for excessive and unearned purchasing power is that very foothold and usury(in all its forms) is the method by which those desires are satisfied. usury existed within every society before the advent of money or credit – like it or not, it’s an indigenous expression of our spiritual disposition.
            anthony’s website is a fine vehicle to explore and share that simple truth.
            can that understanding change the world? probably not – but it certainly can help us understand our impulses better so that are relationships might be set right. and perhaps, in the end, that will be more than enough.

            • Jim Koconis, Are you the artist from Evanston Illinois? who has also written a 2011 article on ‘The Symbolic Nature of Money’? I appreciate the beauty of the portraits & landscapes as well as the reflections made on money as a symbol.
              RE: “the degradation of our social relationships is almost always a result of our own personal spiritual deformities – which is the true manifestation of our indigenous nature”.
              I find it hard to respond to such generalizations you seem to be ‘projecting’ from your exogenous experience or indoctrinated knowledge onto ‘indigenous’ (Latin ‘self-generating’) peoples.
              I speak from 57 years of association & experiences with 1st Nations here & indigenous peoples worldwide as well as detailed research since 1963. I’m 68 years old. After 500 years of colonial invasion, occupation & genocide, I don’t claim to have the definitive statement to make on First Nation life here or all our indigenous ancestry worldwide. I have found wonderful insights into collaborative human collective functioning practices & remarkable worldwide similarities, which according to mathematical probabilities could not have happened by chance.
              I make my own statements in regard to specific aspects I have experienced & learned from many indigenous mentors & academic researchers such as the role of the indigenous string-shells used on every continent & island of the world predating the colonial invasions going back 7000 years since Babylon.
              1970-80, I was helping to implement the Fed-up Natural Food Co-operative Network of British Columbia in my West Kootenay region. As provincial organizers, we recognized how we weren’t drawing the investment & active involvement of many of the people we were serving. ‘One-member/one-vote’ doesn’t recognize the contributions people make & hence discourages investment of time, expertise, resources, money etc. Someone in our BC group organized an ‘Indigenous Economy study group’ to look at the Multistakeholder Participatory accounting of the String-shell as well as the progressive ownership of indigenous Production-Society-Guilds. I also helped staff & operate the Quebec La Balance system of Natural Food Co-ops from 1980-90.
              My contacts with 100s of elders & all generations gleaned reflections that String-shell integrates Capital, Currency, Condolence, Collegiality, Communication, Costume into one integrated accounting & Value system. I have studied the progressive multistakeholder participatory ownership of the indigenous Production-Society-Guilds & being involved with 1st Nations & other communities in the establishment of Multistakeholder Participatory investment, ownership & Board-of-Directors representation in Pulp & Paper, Forestry (middle 1970s) with Canadian Cellulose at Celgar Pulpmill in BC in Association with Tembec Forest Products (Temiscaming Quebec) & in a Food Grocery store (1983) called Indigene Community in Beaconsfield, Quebec.
              Contrary to the colonial narrative that metal-coin ‘money’ (Greek ‘mnemosis’ = ‘memory’) was so called “invented” in such as Babylon, post colonial, we find the history & archaeological records of String-shell as a bottom up yet worldwide system going back 10s of 1000s of years. We find descriptions of String-shell being issued from the ~100 person Multihome & Production-Society-Guilds in recognition for diverse collective labours performed. These historical records are worldwide on each continent & islands of the world. Histories describe voting, spending, social-security, mentored apprenticeship educational credit, time-math evaluation, professional costume or public identification of expertise & much more.
              We find how String-shell integrates into the Graphic Pictorial Character writing & sign-language symbols used on every continent & island. Working with aphasic (difficulty speaking) & Deaf people, I learned American & Quebec sign language. I learned how ASL & QSL were both derived from American Indian Hand-talk symbols. I recognize how the Hand-Talk symbols are the same or similar to Petroglyph symbols & to the Aztec writing symbols. From 1st Nation signers I learned how similar Hand-Talk symbols are across Canada & the USA, that; this was an international system of communication across 110 languages on Turtle-Island / N. America. Because I’m born into & came back to live in bilingual & multilingual Montreal, I’ve always been struck by the seeming lack of international language. I live in a neighbourhood with 450 Russian, Ukrainian, Polish Slav speakers, 450 Arabic, 450 Spanish, 50 Swahili, 50 Hindi-Punjab-Gujurati speakers, 500 English, 550 French & others.
              With First Nations I learned how Hand-Talk & from Deaf People how sign-language is used as an international system of signing quite related to writing. From Chinese & Japanese friends, I’ve learned how Katakana is used as in international writing communication among over 50 eastern oral languages & as well is used as a sign-language to draw Characters (combinations of Strokes) in the air between for example speakers of such as Mandarin & Cantonese.

              Writers like yourself perpetuate colonial misinformation with “is almost always a result of our own personal spiritual deformities”, projecting your exogenous colonial experience onto First Nations. You haven’t cultivated a background to have learned about the 1st Nation system of law & customs nor your own indigenous (Greek?) background from wherever your ancestors are from. Your colonial projections, condemnations & lack of understanding as well disempower you & others for re-implementing healthy such as ‘money’ (Greek ‘mnemosis’ = ‘memory’) systems from the bottom up. You are projecting ‘spiritual deformities’ onto the ‘little-guy’ at the bottom of the pyramid. The problem is not so much the little guy trying to survive according to an oligarch-directed system of command & control.
              With inquiry, without indoctrinated prejudice, into our common indigenous ancestry, we can learn how 7000 years of colonial empire false ‘money’ has perverted a once healthy system of human recognition for contributions & a international fractal system of loving memory & celebration for each other.
              You need to as well understand the exogenous oligarch false money, capital & finance systems. Study the role of minority but multinational leverage control of the US-Federal-Reserve, Bank-of-England, Bank-of-International-Settlements, World-Bank & International-Monetary-Fund which issues our ‘Fiat’ loan system of money first to oligarch friends, families & underlings. You will need to study the role of the Windsor Royal Family of England/City-of-London (Anglicism), the Rothschilds (Judaism) growing from the European system of Goldsmiths & the Vatican-Bank (Catholicism) as a false ‘religious’ (L ‘religio’ = ‘to-relate’ not ‘indoctrinate’)system of trillionaire legacy with roots back to the Roman, Greek, Assyrian, Egyptian & other empires right back to Babylon.

              • jim koconis permalink

                [ thanks for your kind words about my artwork and article exploring the symbolic nature of money – good research! – :)]

      • This is why I currently really only post when there is something big. Most of my spare energy goes to De Florijn.

        • I applaud you for putting your valuable local “spare-energy in places goes to De Florijn”, Netherlands. Real human wealth of any value & meaning must start from the bottom up. All humanity’s worldwide indigenous ‘fractal’ system is based in the Cataloguing, Mapping, Accounting & Communications notation systems from the bottom-up & at all levels. Fragmented undocumented & unaccounted individual labours are unsustainable over generations by themselves. When implement the value of this work, experience & knowledge through notation back into the system of National Accounts, we re-empower people locally & at all levels. New Zealand Former MP & Chair of Public Spending Marilyn Waring excellent work is illustrated in the National Film Board of Canada’s ‘Who’s Counting’.
          ‘Do-we-know-who-we-are-?’ & Atrium of the Apprentice-Sage Community Economy web software suite gives local community animators the tools to empower whole communities through Cataloguing, Mapping, Accounting & Communications weblinks to software as in previous comment.

  3. ADAM mikail permalink

    Thank’s Bro, awsome analysis, and I also watched this last week: IMF Silently Creates New Money Layer, Why You Need to Leave the Banks: Willem Middelkoop

    | | | | | |


    | | | | IMF Silently Creates New Money Layer, Why You Need to Leave the Banks: W…




  4. Good article Anthony on another top-down periodic change in the destructive ‘exogenous’ (Latin ‘other-generated’) management of empire. The previous periodic change was the removal of the Gold-Standard, but really the system of oligarch command & control remains. However should we continue to acquiesce to just passively ‘being-informed’ as witnesses to our own demise, or should we each be acting, on our own sovereignty, to ‘Become-the-change-we-want-to-see-in-the-world?’
    The past 7000 years of oligarch-directed & issued false ‘money’ (Greek ‘mnemosis’ = ‘memory’) have imposed this false ‘economy’ (Gk ‘oikos’ = ‘home’ + ‘namein’ = ‘care-&-nurture’) upon failed brutal genocidal & ecology destroying empire after empire. As you are aware, the US-Federal-Reserve, Bank-of-England (City-of-London), Bank-of-International-Settlements, World-Bank & International-Monetary-Fund are owned by the multinational leverage of Windsor, Rothschild & Vatican-bank minority share owners who direct this & other policy. Our equally false system of ‘capital’ (L ‘cap’ = ‘head’ = ‘collective-intelligence’) is mostly an offshoot of this imposed issuance of false money as the above institutions & IMF loans to oligarch friends, family & trickledown networks for their false concepts of out-of-synch-with-nature mega-economic development, which are so destructive to people & biosphere. Hierarchal obedience is indoctrinated into us through the degrading reward-punishment behaviour-modification process of false ‘education’ (L ‘educare’ = ‘to-lead-forth-from-within’).
    The once worldwide ‘indigenous’ (L ‘self-generating’) ‘fractal’ (‘fraction, multiplier, building-block, where-the-part-contains-the-whole’) economic system which lasted for at least 10s of 1000s of years. Recognition for the contributions & intelligence of all people empowers, at all levels, by working in harmony with nature expressed through each of us as sacred carriers of truth, to say “We are the voice of the earth speaking.”
    Being fractal any of us can implement indigenous time-based equivalency accounting such as was previously practiced worldwide on the String-shell such as Wampum on Turtle-Island, North-America, Quipu in South America & Cowrie in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia & all of the islands. The key indigenous fractal building-block is the ~100 (50-150) person Multihome-Dwelling-Complex (eg. Longhouse-apartment, Pueblo-townhouse & Kanata-village) where intimate, intergenerational, female-male, interdisciplinary, critical-mass, economies-of-scale collaboration like a bee-hive is developed. Participatory multistakeholder recognition through distinguished accounting procedures for each stakeholder enables whole community recognition, empowerment & unity.
    70% of people today live in Multihomes. Multihomes average 32 dwelling-units or ~100 persons. 20% of people living in Multihomes are there by intergenerational intentional proximity with other extended family members. Extended families form the backbone of ‘community’ (L ‘com’ = ‘together’+ ‘munus’ = ‘gift-or-service’). Reintegrating the most important core ‘Domestic’ economy with its Multihome collective economy experts (often mostly women in finance, communications, education, medicine & care programs) back into Participatory multistakeholder Industrial & Commercial economies has been overlooked by local community developers.
    The ancient String-shell Value system integrates a) Capital, b) ‘Currency’ (‘flow’ + ‘money’), c) ‘Condolence’ (‘Social-security’), d) Collegial mentored-apprentice ‘educational’ Credit, e) time-math Communication, f) professional Costume identification of expertise. Present day alternative ‘Currency’ developers worldwide by working with only one human ‘Value’ dimension have been caught in the same one dimensional trap as the IMF just at another scale, unable to proceed fractally as expressions of value by whole communities.
    Our team at the Sustainable Development Association & subchapter Indigene Community (all humanity’s indigenous heritage) have developed web-based Community Economy open-source/data Atrium-of-the-Apprentice-Sage (pass-code KansasCity / ‘Do-we-know-who-we-are-?’ web-software for Multihomes & neighbourhoods everywhere. Most people & most workers & other stakeholders don’t realize the importance of their multihome economy as an asset to make their whole ‘community’ (L ‘com’ = ‘together’ + ‘munus’ = ‘gift-or-service’) enterprise strong.
    ATRIUM English 21Dec’20 ZOOM Presentation by Alain Farmer Edited 1h42m58s Mars2021 ZOOM Presentations & Documents available in French.

  5. Andy permalink

    The globalists used the con-virus to push the WHO on the forefront on global health policies. They will use another catalyzing event for the IMF/World Bank to take centre stage. Eventually the UN will get its time to shine in their self made wreckage. These truly are trying times for all the good people of the world.

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