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Some Thoughts On The Great Reset, Gold, and Bitcoin

by on April 15, 2021

The reset of the financial system seems imminent. Debt can’t grow any longer, debt service is unaffordable. Something MUST be done, and soon. It will likely be preceded by some sort of crash, or even ‘cyber attack’.

(for readability it’s worth noting that this article started as a letter to

BTC is and remains a totally bogus item. I hate to say it, but I agree with the likes of [Christine] Lagarde and others who say BTC is just a ‘speculative asset’, and not a means of exchange.
Market Cap is a Trillion now. If there is 10 billion worth of real, commercial trade in BTC, it’ll be a lot. This means that 1 BTC circulates……….every hundred years. That’s insane, that has nothing to do with ‘money’.

BTC is a total ponzi, going up because of new money, much from the printing press, coming in. And it will go down when money printing ends, which seems to be around now.

Also, I’m suspecting BTC did its job for the Banksters: it made electronic, cashless money hip. It indeed paved the way for a Global, Cashless Currency. But it won’t be it. It’s going to be regulated to death, once it crashes, I think. 
The real cashless electronic currencies will be run by the Central Banks, not some ‘free market’ outfit. China incidentally just last week started theirs, it’s operational now. The ECB, BoE, the Fed, they’re all developing their own.

“Bitcoin is not a bubble.”

The coming crash
I very strongly suspect we could see a crash in months. Here’s why:
a) The Lockdown planning that you posted a few days ago. That states ‘end of Q2 economic collapse’.


b) Demands by the Fed for higher capital reserves by banks and hedge funds. This is being down played, but I have a very bad feeling about that one.

c) Rising rates on the Bond Market. This really means the Fed is losing control. That’s the last thing they want. That is: World Power wants it, but the Fed is dying.

This is the real issue. You said, and I totally understand, that a Gold Standard seems unlikely.
But the fact of the matter is: all Eastern Central Banks are loaded with Gold. Just this week it was reported that Hungary raised its Gold holdings 3000%, from three to a 100 tons in the last few years. This has been ongoing even in Western Europe, where Holland, Germany, have been (trying to) get their Gold back from Fort Knox. Russia and especially China have been buying incredible amounts of it.

And who is suppressing Gold? The Fed!
And who is dying? The Fed!! The Petrodollar! The US Empire!
Central Banks adore Gold. All the Gold Standards of the past were run by the Central Banks.

The BIS, the apex of the World Central Bank System, has been promoting deleveraging ever since 2008. And they will get their way, and Gold is perfect for a good, burning deflation/depression/deleveraging.

The Great Reset is about the ‘reset’ of the Financial System. That’s what it’s all about. Debt can’t grow anymore, there’s too much of it, debt service is no longer affordable. This is the key issue.
Something MUST be done, and soon now.

I suspect the catalyst events are going to be some huge defaults in the US. Germany (Deutsche) too, but America is the key target.

Once these defaults come, or to prevent them, the reset is going to be made. I think that’s only months away. When that happens, the Fed will finally have to abandon Gold Suppression, and it will soar very high. There’s widespread support for Gold in the US among the patriots. Suicidally so, because it will destroy them.

America will then also start abandoning large parts of its Empire, especially Europe and the Middle East. America will reject the WEF ‘Great Reset’ and ‘sustainable development goals’ and will go its own way. They will end up isolated. Just as Kissinger was talking about the other day.

And this will set them up for the final clash.

In a recent interview, Jerome Powell said a cyber attack is a real threat.

Officials were bracing for a range of scenarios — from payment utility breakdowns concerning individuals and large financial institutions to the financial system being brought to a halt.

“There are cyber attacks every day on all major institutions now,” Powell noted. “And the government is working hard on that. So are all the private sector companies. There’s a lot of effort going in to deal with those threats. That’s a big part of the threat picture in today’s world.”

He mentions it in the context of Fed electronic currency, of which he says it would come in handy when the Banks can’t manage the payment system anymore because of such an attack.

But we’re actually nearing a breakdown so big that the Banks could stop functioning.

So I take this as an announcement. This is apparently the scenario they’re planning to sell what’s coming.

All this has been in preparation for a long time. There was an exercise in Holland in 2013.

Just as in 2008, there is concern about ‘hyper inflation’.

But the money printing is happening because of a deflationary collapse in the shadow banking system. To keep the System (somewhat) liquid. Debt service is no longer payable. Derivatives (credit default swaps) are getting busted.

Here’s some analysis of what happened in 2008, it’s relevant here too.

Deleveraging is coming, and it is going to be disastrous.

BTC will play no role in the financing of local/’agorist’ communities, as it serves to speculate, not to pay with.

Local currencies, interest-free, are what is called for in times like these. Not scarce, non-circulating trash like BTC. Or Gold, for that matter.

Living standards in the West will collapse in the years ahead. Pensioners will be particularly hard hit.

Derivatives, or: How The Money Power Created The Greatest Depression
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Major Computer Malfunctions At Three Of The Dutch Too Big To Fails
Too Early To Entirely Write Off A Trump Counter Coup Yet
Bitcoin, Paving The Way For A Global, Cashless Currency


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  1. “BTC is just a ‘speculative asset’, and not a means of exchange.”

    Does this also apply to (all) other crypto currencies?

    • jim koconis permalink

      any currency that masquerades as a ‘store of value’ is a speculative asset – including gold and silver.
      bitcoin is simply the latest iteration in a very long line of frauds.

  2. miamolenaar permalink

    Hoi Anthony,BTC is just a 'speculative asset', and not a means of exchange.Geldt dit ook voor (alle) andere crypto currencies?Groetjes, Op 15 april 2021 om 15:18 schreef Real Currencies <>: Anthony Migchels posted: " The reset of the financial system seems imminent. Debt can't grow any longer, debt service is unaffordable .Something MUST be done, and soon. It will likely be preceded by some sort of crash, or even 'cyber attack'.(for readability it's worth noting that"

    • In theorie hoeft dat niet persé, je zou ook rente- en speculatie vrije munten met blockchain kunnen maken. Maar dat is niet wat er nu gebeurt, hoewel er ook uitzonderingen zijn.

    • Yes.

      There has been an ‘exercise’ by the WEF already about a ‘cyber attack’, in which the big Wall Street Banks AND Russian Banks participated. Just in case anybody doubts they’re all on the same team.

      The result of their ‘exercise’ was, that Russia was going to leave the Western payment system, and create a electronic currency of their own.

      Another result, even much bigger, was that the biggest Wall Street Banks would be ‘forced’ to merge to ‘withstand the attack’.

      But clearly that’s just the sell. These banks are bankrupt. That’s what’s going on. And something must be done.

  3. ” There’s widespread support for Gold in the US among the patriots. Suicidally so, because it will destroy them.”

    What did you mean by this, because in another comment here, you said gold and silver are good to get.

    • It’s good to have some gold, I think.

      But while Gold is good to protect against the losses in stocks, etc. Gold as money is going to bring a terrible deflation/deleveraging, which will crucify the working class, small business, and most of the middle class.

      Gold as money = deflation/depression.

  4. dnarby permalink

    BTC isn’t a ponzi, a more accurate analogy would be a pyramid scheme.

    …Except it isn’t that either, b/c it has limited supply, network effect, censorship resistance, institutional acceptance, and soon, privacy protection.

    Don’t let sour grapes keep you poor.

    Unless you’re too smart for the above observations. Then by all means, keep doing what you’re doing.

  5. Actually I do think they will fail financially.
    If we read the bible it will fail and the only option the globalists will have to destroy the western world is war .Using China as their tool of their trade.
    This is the gog magog war .
    There is no way that would happen unless they get desperate .If they can’t do it financially, they will do it by force.
    But they will fail..

    • I agree about this leading to war.

    • dgaubatz313 permalink

      “This is the gog magog war”

      I agree, but the Gog and Magog war is something that has never ended. It’s a battle of not just things external to ourselves, but also a battle that happens within each and everyone of us in every moment of our lives.

      “Heaven and hell are everywhere, being universally extended …. Thou art accordingly in heaven or hell. … The soul hath heaven or hell within itself.”

      This battle within our Soul, Folk Soul, The World Soul, etc was also symbolized as the battle of Middle Earth by Tolkien in Lord of The Rings.

  6. Gajzágó Gergő permalink

    I think the BTC will be the World Currency and can help the money change among the local currencies. Maybe the BTC (and some other cryptos) will be the only currency accepted in all countries (convertible). We cannot pay on the shop with BTC, only use to store our money and change our money to other currencies.

  7. Mark R. Elsis permalink

    Dear Anthony

    When that happens, the Fed will finally have to abandon Gold Suppression, and it will sore very high. When that happens, the Fed will finally have to abandon Gold Suppression, and it will soar very high.


  8. Thanks for the article.
    What would be your suggestion on protecting our assets now with the crash on the horizon.
    Whether it be cash,gold ,bitcoin or food for that matter.
    I am a Christian, and have seen this coming for a decade .
    Thank’s again

  9. john mcclay permalink


    I really appreciate your information. Do you have any information about setting up local currencies or anywhere you can point me to get the resources that can help?

    Thank you,



    • You can read the interest-free economics page, you can find it on your right. There’s loads of information there.

      Also, I recommend reading Bernard Lietaer ‘the future of money’ as a primer, and also Margrit Kennedy.

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