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Too Early To Entirely Write Off A Trump Counter Coup Yet

by on January 11, 2021

(Left/Above: Joe here said on TV “we have put together the greatest voter fraud system in American history”, and next proceeds to steal a massive land slide for Trump in broad daylight. This is the best the New World Order has got?! It seems unlikely.)

It is nine days, until Inauguration. But it’s hard to believe that Biden will actually get installed.

Because this obviously is a coup. It cannot be seen in any other way. And I wouldn’t be surprised at all with a Trump counter coup.

And not because of Q, although Q is very important. But because Trump is the New World Order’s trump card.

By Anthony Migchels, for

While the public views the Election in terms of ‘Republicans’ vs. ‘Democrats’, it’s more a power struggle of an imploding Empire. The underlying trends are the death throes of the West, the  American Empire, the Petrodollar, and the Financial System itself. All four are imploding. The Fed and Trump Administration have already poured $10 Trillion into the System since September 2019, when they restarted QE after the repo market crash.

That’s not a joke, that’s a disaster. And it’s only beginning. Not long after Inauguration, months, maybe, some kind of escalation in the financial crisis is all but guaranteed.

We’re at a crucial juncture, and World Power needs something special to keep America under its control, to make them do its bidding.

They can’t just wheel in a moronic stooge like Biden by openly trashing a 402 Trump landslide that had basically already been broadcast on TV. The hard core of the country will consider a Biden administration totally illegitimate, and will see it as a Communist take over. Which it obviously is.

This is supposedly their Big Move, the New World Order’s Endgame. This is all they’ve got?!

Is Trump really ‘a lone gunman fighting for the People’?
No.  Trump has been expertly parachuted into Power by those who have done such things many times before. There are many clues. They had been seeding his presidency for years in pop-culture. But the main thing is the treatment he got from the Media: they have talked of nothing else for four years. Only ‘corona’ and the Lockdown have been able to compete with Trump for their attention.

And of course it looks like they’re ‘against’ him, but were they really, they would have ignored him, and at best mocked him. Already in 2016, it was clear that a very large part of the public, on the Right, believed little or nothing the media was telling them anymore. The Media hating on Trump was the best propaganda he could have wished for. Basic reverse psychology.

Also note how Trump, and the Media, conspire to entirely ignore the massive financial injections/crisis that are ongoing. Why would the Media not jump on the bail-outs to savage Trump? Clearly, Trump and the Media have something very important in common.

The Powers that Be need a strong American President, with the backing of the core of the People, for what is coming, and already unfolding: American demotion from hegemon to just another Great Power, massive economic depression, isolation on the International stage, and Great Power rivalry with China, which will eventually set the stage for WW3.

America is retreating from a large part of the World, this is the true meaning of the ‘America First’ slogan. This is a trend that was already apparent before Trump took over. He likes to brag about ‘energy independence’ (through fracking), but this was already achieved under Obama. It’s crucial, because it takes away the foundation of the Petrodollar, the alliance with Saud, and negates the key rationale for US involvement in the Middle East.

Brzezinski’s, and PNAC’s, ‘The Grand Chessboard’ strategy for ‘Another American Century’ by invading the Middle East has been utterly defeated. America is basically being unceremoniously told to get out of Iraq, Syria, and the wider area, and they are hated for what they have done, which is indeed terrible. They have killed millions, and displaced tens of millions, many of whom are now in Europe.

Trump is also making bilateral peace treaties with many of Zion’s enemies in the Muslim World, in preparation of withdrawal from the Middle East. Oil is no longer an excuse to stay. Soon, neither will Zion. America’s military will be geared against the ‘Chinese threat’.

Also look for Trump installing the long prophesied Gold Standard. He will look like a hero, “End the Fed”, and stop the terrible inflation that they have been creating. In doing so he will initiate an even much more calamitous deflation. Everything is always about the money. The Greatest Depression, with the deflation of the debt/derivative bubble, is unavoidable.

What remains of the social fabric in America will get ripped apart. The much overrated (by the Right) Police will show its true nature, and ‘maintain Law and Order’, evict millions, as the bottom 90%, and many of the 90/99% will get annihilated. All this will happen under Trump’s watch, under his ‘Making America Great Again’ slogan, on the responsibility of the New World Order’s key target: Middle America. Just as they previously saddled them with the responsibility for the Iraq war, and many other ignominious travesties.

November 2024 will be the next election. After four years of economic carnage, a Democrat will get elected. March 2025 will see the end of the Lockdown, according to the World Bank. By then, after four years, each worse than 2020, it will be all about World Revolution and War.

Who or what is Q?!
It seems pretty clear it’s a key White House propaganda outlet. This can be concluded from the fact that Trump has been its sole beneficiary. The Q drops have proven incredibly successful agitprop, and explain a large part of the remarkable support Trump has generated during the elections.

At the very least, one can say that  it’s hardly particularly ‘normal’ for a major Western politician, POTUS himself, to basically openly expose his enemies as a bunch of child molesting commies. Besides being true, it’s unprecedented.

Q is hardly the first to have noted. It had been a staple in the conspiracy industry for decades. In fact, it has been all over the ‘news’ for years. Saville, Dutroux, Epstein, the satanic abuse scare of the eighties. Many countries have seen child sex scandals of lesser international, but great national importance.

Note that the Media have mostly ignored Q, and have not called Trump out for it, pretending it is just a generic ‘conspiracy theory of the Internet’.

Q also promotes some kind of Gold Standard.

The impossibility of a Biden Administration
It’s too much. The brazen vote fraud. The China connection. Hunter Biden’s laptop.

But also the idea that Biden could somehow go back to 2016. He can’t. The Financial Crisis drives everything. Nothing can stop the falling apart of the American Empire. The rivalry with China. Just now, Pompeo actually killed the One China policy, in yet another massive escalation of the Cold War that is already unfolding. Just 10 days before the supposed ‘transition of power’.

Willy-nilly, Biden will have to continue the retreat, and the containment of China.

Biden has zero legitimacy. Already you can read threads of Americans talking about taking out the traitors. Not by Trump, but by themselves. You can’t just openly steal such a massive landslide in broad daylight, and next block the central part of the American population, Middle America, on Social Media. 

Biden’s first act in office would be a 100 day national slave mask mandate. He has already announced he will go full Agenda2030.

It would mean America has fallen. And while America is indeed falling, it’s not quite there yet.

The New World Order presents itself not as the problems they created, but as their solution. The only thing Biden ‘solves’ is the anguish of the Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers.

He is ridiculous, as is his coup, his VP, everything. Everybody in America understands this. This is not how our enemies operate. They can get away with these ‘build back better’ morons in Europe, because that population is far more demoralized and emasculated. And disarmed. But not yet in America.

Meanwhile, the rumor mill continues to be in overdrive. A blackout of the Vatican, Pelosi’s laptop missing, Trump’s ‘concession speech’ a deep fake.

So for the time being, I continue to reserve judgement, until Biden actually gets sworn in.

The Crunch Is Back, There’s Going To Be A Gold Standard, And It Will Be Disastrous
Trump Has Added 7 Trillion To The National Debt Thus Far

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  1. Trump was part of ongoing Soviet coup to succeed Soviet Obama.

    There will be no legitimate counter-coup, as the Q people think.

  2. Vincent permalink

    So, they called up Robinhood and said “we will give you a billion dollars if you shut it down. Also, we’ll make sure the government doesn’t punish you for this.”

  3. Vincent permalink

    What is this GAMESTOP thing ?

  4. Konjic permalink

    Hi Anthony,

    have you heard of Michael Hudson, what do you think of his work?

    • Yes, of course, one of the few who will actually point out the basic corruption: interest on the debt.

      • Konjic permalink

        Wow, glad you think so.
        I was wondering, do you have a reccommended reading list? Economists you find are a good read?

        I can’t find any of your post about that topic.

  5. Hi Anthony,

    Another great article, bringing out the many facets and possible permutations of The DC Shit Show.

    “Democrats (Neo-liberals) are Stalinists and Republicans (Neo-Cons) are Trotskyists”

    — Eustace Mullins

    Trumpstein is regularly seen giving the raised Commie clenched fist salute, with his Commie red tie, as demonstrated here:

  6. nah permalink

    I don’t care whom Trump is working for, if he drains the swamp. Better King Log than China Joe and the Communist Ho.

    Speaking hypothetically only, if Trump were to use the legal powers of the Presidency to seize full power in a manner the Leftist press would doubtlessly call a “coup,” and start putting swamp creatures on trial, I can’t say I’ll condone such a thing. But I’ll make popcorn. And I’ll dance a little jig of despair.

  7. Reblogged this on Not The Grub Street Journal and commented:
    Mr Churchill’s exercise , The Treasury Minute and responses 1925

    A very Interesting Piece.
    I Blogged this earlier this year but the post disappeared.
    Now flamed the dog-star’s unpropitious ray,
    Smote every brain, and wither’d every bay; 10
    Sick was the sun, the owl forsook his bower,
    The moon-struck prophet felt the madding hour:
    Then rose the seed of Chaos, and of Night,
    To blot out order, and extinguish light,
    Of dull and venal a new world to mould,
    And bring Saturnian days of lead and gold.

    ARGUMENT.line 10.




  8. Hugo permalink

    This post is less clear than I expected. After reading it three times, I don’t manage to tie everything together. Maybe it is just me, and I value your blog enough to let you know I don’t understand, because others might not either.

    Usually your posts are illuminating and make things connect in my mind (like those about usury / universal basic income / cryptocurrencies). The posts are usually clarifying even when I disagree, and often I come around to your views after a couple of days.

    Now I can’t figure out what viewpoint is presented. Here is my attempt to parse the post.

    The setting is a power struggle in the imploding empire. This I know, but I can never quite put my finger on who the players are, so that would be something this post can clarify. The setting is also Trump v.s. Biden. I’m not actually that convinced they aren’t both (puppets) on the same side, but lets go with it.

    Trump side:
    – New World Order: “Trump is the NWO’s trump card”
    – Q: “a key White House propaganda outlet”
    – Media: “Trump and the Media have something very important in common.”
    – hard core of the country: “will consider a Biden administration totally illegitimate”
    – Muslims: “Trump is making peace treaties with Zion’s enemies in the Muslim World”
    – Gold bugs: “Trump installing the long prophesied Gold Standard.”
    – Police: “Police will show its true nature, … this will happen under Trump’s watch”

    Biden side:
    – World Power: “They can’t just wheel in a moronic stooge like Biden”
    – China: “China connection”
    – Vote officials: “The brazen vote fraud.”
    – Child molesters
    – Zion: “Trump is making peace treaties with Zion’s enemies in the Muslim World”
    – VN: “he will go full Agenda2030”

    This separation raises several questions:
    – Who are ‘the media’? Usually they are on the side of the powers that be, why not now?
    – Who are the people who have launched many people, including Trump, into power?
    – Where are the tech companies?
    – Where are the CIA/NSA/Military?
    – Why aren’t the child molesters on Trumps side? He allegedly met his wife through Epstein.
    – Why would they choose Biden / Trump for their master plan? It seems to me that there should be better candidates for both sides.

    Now with the sides somewhat defined, let’s see what their plan is.

    Trump side:
    – Win election by a landslide.
    – Countercoup.
    – Leave the middle east and Zion, target China.
    – Install the long prophesied Gold Standard.
    – Initiate a calamitous deflation.
    – Rip what remains of the social fabric in America apart.
    – Annihilate the bottom 90 to 99%.
    – Lose elections to a Democrat to start a World Revolution and War.

    Biden side:
    – Steal election by voting fraud.
    – Mandate 100 days of national slave masks.
    – Try and fail to stop the American Empire from falling apart.
    – Escalate the Cold War.
    – Retreat and contain China.
    – Go full Agenda 2030.

    Neither seems like a particularly coherent plan. Judging the plans as they are presented here at face value, the plan of the Biden side seems to have the least casualties.

    The conclusion doesn’t help: Biden “is ridiculous, as is his coup, his VP, everything.” so he is the bad guy. “This is not how our enemies operate.” now he is the good guy again.

    Personally I think both these sides in this power struggle suck. This blog usually helps me understand why. This post unfortunately did not really help me make sense of the situation.

    Could someone please help me make sense of this post?

  9. Trump and Q are the false light side of these two evil factions going at it for their master. Think of it like two bounty hunters after the same prize…for the same boss. They don’t like each other, but understand that their bread is buttered by the same master, having no clue that he will turn on them in a heartbeat.
    Mankind is unknowingly in the middle of their spiritual tug-of-war (REV 17:11)… that is for bragging rights, like two cats fighting over the act of leaving a dead mouse on their master’s doorstep.
    Get right with Father Yahuah; we’re in for a bumpy few years. “Normal” ended forever on 3/11.
    Yah bless!

  10. maup permalink

    IT!! , good explanation banks and IT

  11. ADAM mikail permalink

    Thanks and brilliant analysis, FB friends missed you all

  12. Afshin permalink

    Another great insight; keep up tge good work &
    “ b sober & vigilante knowing ur adversary the Devil roamth about like a roaring lion seeking those he may devour “

  13. baszoet permalink

    Twitter stock plummeted 7% after Trump got banned. Everyone seems to agree: twitter is much more boring without Trump.

    ps I didn’t realize my previous response would be posted to the website, sorry for writing in Dutch (an online translator works!)

  14. baszoet permalink

    Ach, ja het gesprek van de dag. Mooi dat je het weer eens in je blog plaatst.

    “No, this is not all the NWO has got”….

    Het programma is verdeel (en heers)… President Biden versus the grass roots “American Patriots” is verdeelstrategie die nog jaren uitgemolken kan worden…

    We kunnen de huidige tijd misschien vergelijken met de tijd bij de Grieken na de Peloponesische Oorlog, toen ineens Macedonie (bijna uit het ‘niets’, niet echt hoor want Thebes steunde hen openlijk en zeer waarschijnlijk ‘insiders’ van het Persische rijk ook) met Alexander de Grote de “hele beschaafde” wereld veroverde …. nu verwacht ik niet dat de NWO militair de hele wereld veroverd, maar wel door politieke, economische en financiele machinaties .. dat is betrekkelijk simpel en voor de hand liggend.

    De great reset bouwt op the corona-“Lie-That-Rules-Them-All” en de lessen in inschikelijkheid die de laatste maanden (jaren) hebben plaatsgevonden.

    Trump is een paljas messias, en hij en zijn volgers zullen geen oplossing brengen, alleen verdeeldheid.

    Ik zit nog steeds op mijn ei, Groet, Bas

  15. Andy permalink

    Trump is a traitor. He called out his supporters to protest the election in dc. But it was a setup meant to demonize all the Patriots and the msm are having a field day over the events. Now everywhere around the world legitimate populace angst against the lockdowns are being called trump supporters.
    Trump has done nothing in office to lend credence that he was going to drain the swamp. Fauci has shown to be a complete buffoon and trump did nothing but squabble with him over Twitter.
    Politics are a complete joke. Anyone who still believes voting works has no brain cells.

    • Yes, if these are indeed his final days in the Presidency, it’ll have been four wasted years for Populism. He has done nothing to stop America’s shocking demise, and in many ways accelerated it.

      But, I’m still far from sure Biden will get in the 20th.

      • debaura1 permalink

        Anything could happen between now and the Inauguration. A war breaks out and Trump becomes a war president. He calls Martial Law. Biden and Kamala are in a fake plane crash and so Trump remains President. A few possibilities.
        There is a guy on You tube that has foreseen Trump staying president and getting fake assassinated on June 11th-14th the last date being his birthday.

  16. Hassnen Maash permalink

    This entire “election fraud” thing was planned. they couldn’t make it more obvious

    Watch this video of Whitney Webb :

    • Star permalink

      Whitney Webb is not the impartial, incisive journalist ppl think she is. She came out of nowhere. Research her background and the site/press she works for—it was founded by a Pakistani and the main financial backer is also from Pakistan…. with that information one know what her hidden angle will be on what she “reports.” She is a propaganda tool as well.

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