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Gold Over $2000, Silver Breaks Out: The Devil’s Favorite Money Will Soon Be Forced On Us

by on August 5, 2020

(Left: Silly and entirely useless shiny stuff. How people have suffered for it. And they will suffer a great deal more, hanging on the Cross of Gold that the Viper class is erecting for them.)

Gold has breached an all time high this week, and Silver has been rising with no less than 50% in just two weeks time.

Gold is sitting at $2013 per ounce now. Silver is at exactly $26.

Of course, all this is hardly unexpected.  Many have been foreseeing it for years. We’ve had many false alarms, but it seems pretty clear that we’re facing monumental changes, including the transition to some sort of Gold/Crypto standard.

The last time Bullion was this high was Summer 2011. Gold reached $1916 per troy ounce, and Silver was actually in high forties territory. Next the Fed ‘panicked’, and dowsed specie, together with their Mega Bank buddies, with massive interventions on the futures market. Here’s what Paul Craig Roberts had to say about that, at the time.

What the Fed did then, they can do now too, no doubt about it.

But there is a big difference between the Fed’s actions of 2008 and today. Back then they infamously doled out $16 Trillion to their friends, $9 Trillion of which they admitted they ‘cannot account for’. But most of that money went to patch up Bank balance sheets that got fumigated by the derivative funny stuff. Much of it was used to recapitalize Banks, allowing them to continue their operations, but without these dollars entering the real economy.

Inflation is coming
This time, it’s very different. They’re outright expanding the money supply that is circulating in the real economy. And massively so.

a) The Fed is buying up all (or at any rate by far most) the Government’s treasuries, for instance. Nobody else will buy them, not with interest rates as they are. When the Fed monetizes US debt, this directly increases the actively circulating money supply. When a commercial Bank buys treasuries, they have to sterilize their monetary expansion by attracting deposits on the capital markets. So Fed monetization is directly inflationary, while increasing the National Debt by borrowing from Banks is not.

The National Debt is currently rising with hundreds of billions per month.

b) Asset purchasing. The Fed is pumping newly printed dollars into the Stock Exchange. This money is rapidly reaching Main Street, both speculatively (Hedge Fund thieves buying up everything they can put their greedy hands on), but also pensioners who are allowed to live the good life just a little bit longer still.

c) Cash hand outs to normal people, financed with new Dollars (=inflation), while………

d) ……They’re actually completely ravaging the real economy. Real unemployment is anywhere between 20 and 30%. Small business continues to be forcibly closed in large parts of the country, many of them will never reopen. So this amounts to destroying real production, and giving people cash that is not backed by anything. That’s going to be about as inflationary as it gets.

Prices for essentials are guaranteed to start rising. Because of the money printing, and because supply chains are getting hammered in ways we have never seen before in World History.

That’s a cute little double whammy if ever we saw one.

Bitcoin is also sky high
It’s currently worth $11045, really very funny stuff. I don’t even begrudge Libertarian kids making a few bob on the side, even when they shouldn’t speculate, but work for a living.

But how people can seriously believe that BTC is a real ‘alternative’ to Bankster money totally eludes me.

BTC was designed by the NSA in 1998. The CIA got on board in 2011, with their In-Q-Tel investment arm. Bitcoin has been cornered yonks ago. A few guys are holding by far most of it, keeping supply low, and prices high.

At this rate, BTC’s total market capitalization must be around $200 billion. People who think that World Power allows such a feast for just the People have learned absolutely nothing yet. Mega Banks are undoubtedly at the heart of the cartel that has cornered BTC.

BTC is scarce, speculative, it’s all about making money with money. It mimics Gold. It’s cashless. It’s world wide. That’s what they want, isn’t it?! It’s the perfect Bankster unit.

The ONLY solution to Banking is Usury-free economics. Not mindless speculation, hello?!

Meanwhile, blockchain technology is being implemented by many Central Banks and even other corporations. Facebook is looking into floating one. The Bank of England is proposing blockchain like electronic money. Even the BIS is on board.

Trump was powerlessly tweeting about how we don’t need BTC, because we have the American Dollar. Well, good luck with that.

It’s pretty clear that not long from now, we will be paying with some sort of crypto units, combined with some sort of Gold backing. The coming Gold/Crypto standard will be the last stop before the IMF World Reserve Currency within ten years that Mark Carney announced last year.

All this is entirely managed
The worst part is going to be all the gloating Libertarians. ‘We told you so’. Well, no shit, Sherlock.

Anybody with a still somewhat functioning brain saw this coming. And of course that excludes all the other fake Bankster media and their court ‘economists’.

But these Austrian Economists will be telling us that ‘market discipline’ is ‘finally exposing fiat money’. This eternal boring crap.

The Bankers have been preparing this for decades. This has always been their plan. They have been constantly switching between Paper and Gold based currencies since at least 1914. Paper to inflate. Gold to deflate. It’s the good ol’ Inflation vs. Deflation Dialectic.

They own all the Gold, they own all the Bitcoins, they own the coming blockchain based currencies. They have sold a few coins of all sorts to co-opt potential opposition, and they have been wildly successful.

Bullion prices are sitting at exactly the level the Money Power wants them. They will continue to do so, when they rise, rise, rise, in the times ahead.

Meanwhile, I do hope the pensioners have bought a few coins, because if they haven’t, they will face what the Soviet pensioners went through in the nineties, and even worse.

Some sort of stagflationary depression is going to absolutely torture the normal people everywhere. Many will die. Life expectancy cratered in Yeltsin’s Russia. They lost millions of people. It’s going to be worse in the West, in the years ahead. A crushing Police State has long be erected to keep the destroyed peasantry in line. People have been made to beg to refund the Police, and Big Brother is always happy to oblige. They will be needing those cops to evict millions in the years ahead.

Trump will win the election, and will win big. There is no alternative for him. This mandate he will use to install the new system, which will just be intermediate, to create the chaos they need for the installment of their final system. Of course, the ‘new system’ will be sold as hugely good news, and there will be some short lived optimism. They’ll ‘audit the Fed’ and arrest a couple of swampsters and other pedophiles. Ill informed Patriots will feel vindicated.

Until Gold will start doing its work: deflate the crap out of everybody.

Speculating in Gold, BTC, Silver, Palladium, hoping to strike it rich with the unfolding collapse, that’s foolishness beyond measure. No soul has ever been saved by Gold, and lust for Gold has eaten souls throughout history.

Do not take Usury. Do not take rents. Do not speculate.

Produce. Add value, and exchange that value.

Nobody can afford the Karma these forms of theft bring any longer, and I mean that really quite seriously. Flaunting ill gotten wealth, taking rents from people who have nothing, that’s going to be really quite dangerous in the times ahead, if you’re not living in the insiders’ gated communities. And only the truly wicked are so stupid as to believe that their body guards and fences will ‘keep them safe’.

Private land holdings are not going to be part of the New World Order, see Agenda 2030. The plan is quite obvious: first they’ll let the landlords evict everybody, next they’ll have the disowned murder many of them. The masses will DEMAND the end of landlordism. The Communist take over is aimed against still independent wealth centers, what remains of the middle class, national (as opposed to international) ‘elites’, a ridiculous misnomer for lazy people who only take, and give nothing in return.

Invest in your garden, in your neighbors, your friends, your family, in your relationship with the Spirit.

Of course we must wisely manage our financial affairs, be frugal, but generous. Give to the poor, there will be many of those, that’s always a direct way of gaining some much needed credit with the Real Power. Don’t moan about them using it for booze and drugs: when you are forced to live in the streets, you’ll be doing booze and drugs too. You too will have ‘mental problems’. Invest in becoming less and less dependent on the System.

If you can join some local (Usury-free) currencies, do it. Or create one of your own, because every extra liquidity in local communities is going to be a life line, in the times ahead.

These are just some pointers. Babylon will keep men guessing until the Last Day.

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  1. I have been here more than once since August. How come I did not see these newer articles.

    It is now March 10. 2021. By December 2021 the U.S. dollar will be stronger than it is today.

    The drug-induced wet-dream of You and Ellen Brown and Bill Still and Barnie Saunders has come true. The governments in Europe and America are printing interest-free money and handing it out by the boat-load. A welfare-cheque, a six-pack, a dildo, for every man woman is the government’s new attitude. It turned out, drunken sailors had the right economic idea.

    So how do you like your wet-dream of free money becoming a reality ?

    Silver is the perfect money metal; but you need a good government to go with it

    >”Do not take Usury. Do not take rents. Do not speculate.”
    But you do have silver coin under your floor-board.

    >”Produce. Add value, and exchange that value.”
    What value have you produced ?


    Sincerely, as always, your source of finagled wisdom.

  2. jester permalink

    Like most Commies, your talent is keeping your readership poor.

    Look how wrong you were about Trump.

    Look how wrong you were about Bitcoin.

    You have literally no understanding of what is happening.

    Bitcoin was created by NSA because they predicted a cryptocurrency?

    J. Orlin Grabbe predicted cryptocurrencies before NSA.

    By your logic that means he actually created Bitcoin.

    Think about how stupid that is.

    Many of these blockchains are truly decentralized.

    Satoshi Nakamoto opened the floodgates to release a pressure that had been building for decades.

    You simply don’t understand how powerful markets are, nor can you see them when they’re emerging.

    This is what crypto (not Bitcoin) will create, you’re just too dumb to see it:

    Projects like Ravencoin are going to bring capital formation to the masses, cutting out the middlemen (who are participating because 1.) they don’t have a choice and 2.) are so blind with monopolistic power they think they can control it. )

    But you just sit there and watch like you’ve been doing since 2013, becoming more arrogant and angry with every failed prediction.

    It is becoming increasingly less uncommon to come across someone so blind with ideology that he can’t see what’s right in front of his face.

    Sign of the times.

    • “In order for us to achieve the goal of a borderless, global, digital marketplace”

      Ah yes, that’s what we want, isn’t it? That’s not at all a Globalist wet dream. Not at all 100% Agenda 2030.

      Meanwhile, explain to me how Ravencoin is going to bring ‘capital to the masses’. And, most importantly, at what price?

      NOTHING indicates that they will do what you say.

      Listen, speculate your heart out, if you think that will solve Banking. But explain this to me: what have you added to society, or anybody, in exchange for your Bitcoin gains?
      Who pays for your Bitcoin gains?
      How much actual trade of commercial goods and services does Bitcoin finance?
      How do you explain the societal advantage of a couple of speculators/early adopters now owning billions? Paid for by the later adopters?
      How is it possible that you cannot fathom that BTC OBVIOUSLY has long been cornered, and that that, combined with the endless flow of Fed funny money, the BTC bubble?

      Tip of the day: be sure to sell on time.
      A tulip bulb would buy a guy a Mansion on the Heerengracht in Amsterdam in 1637. Bitcoin will have to rise 50 times higher to reach that level. So you have some scope still.

      But what goes up, comes down.

      Nihil nove sub sole.

      (seven days until Inauguration, reserving judgement on Trump until then).

    • And I have to say: I often find the BTC fanbois arrogant. They think they get to lecture everybody because they made a few bob through mindless speculation, without producing anything of value for anybody.

      It’s sad, the arrogance that ‘success’ through unearned income instills in many people, and how accepting people are of it.

      • jester permalink

        You have my respect for not deleting my comment even though I was rude. That shows a lot of character. But your waxing poetic about my contribution to society is boring me. Tell it to some kids reading John Stuart Mill. Learn to respect historical cycles instead of butting your head up against them with useless moralizing and you will understand a lot more than you do now.

        Holding for nine years a piece of the most interesting monetary experiment in 500 years is hardly “mindless speculation.”
        It’s called foresight. Everyone is a “speculator” so long as we cannot predict the future accurately enough to not be one. I could care less about greedy and ignorant people who lose money. Getting burned is how people learn. Smart people are buying PMs and off-grid sanctuaries with their profits and networking to participate in Lex Cryptographia.

        Since 2014, Bitcoin has indeed become digital Dutch tulips, having been sabotaged by the bankers at AGA Group. The corrupt devs that took over the Bitcoin code set back legitimate crypto five or six years. Honest crypto projects are about utility, not price. I know where they are and their devs are working hard and they will emerge out of the bubble crash and chaos to help create a parallel economy outside of the spectacular corruption and inefficiencies of the state/corporate nexus. Only ten percent of current projects need survive. It will come because it must come—out of necessity.

        Ravencoin and Tezos are the asset layer and smart contract layer, respectively, of tZero, a trailblazer broker dealer in STOs, or “security token offerings,” founded by Patrick Byrne. Anybody with a good idea can now raise capital with nothing but the Ravencoin Core wallet and about $2,000. Or $5 if they don’t want SEC protection.

        It costs millions of dollars on an ongoing basis to raise money on Wall Street. Anything under $50 million is basically ignored. We know why and that’s not important. What is important is the massive supply of good ideas and hard workers in search of funds can now be met with demand from the market. A future local business owner who would be ignored by the bank can now go to the community and raise up to five million dollars for a couple grand in middleman costs. Ten million, expect a little more regulation, fifty million, a little more than that. The structure of the token can be like a stock or a bond or whatever. The terms are unique to the issuer. This is revolutionary. Learn more here: Download the Ravencore Core wallet to see how easy it is to create an asset token (or go here: Many more wallets are coming.

        This availability of capital is happening at the same time the globalists are actively destroying the middle class with their lockdowns, as well as locking down interest rates at 0%, making this a golden moment to raise money where a mere 5% will be celebrated by investors. Contrary to obtuse Hegelian theorists, the globalists don’t control every reaction their actions.

        You seem to have this common affliction of commentators who assume the globalists have total control of everything. This is so wrong. The world is in a situation not unlike the late Ottoman Empire where the power structure was unable to consolidate because of massive corruption inherent in the bureaucratic buffer they created between themselves and the plebs, who lived more-or-less autonomous lives because of said corruption.

        The globalists are losing credibility by the day because of their inhumane Covid lockdown overreach and their plans will fail. The plebs embracing Lex Cryptographia will have a lot to do with their failure. Write it down.

        • jim koconis permalink

          the ‘mere 5% celebrated by investors’ is called usury, jester. and usury is a cancer at any rate. if that fundamental precept is nothing but ‘useless moralizing’ to investors (or borrowers) then whatever technologies you are peddling (lex cryptographtia) does not transcend the swamp in which it was hatched. yes, it’s a shiny new object like gold itself, but goes nowhere and does nothing useful.

          • jester permalink

            The 5% doesn’t represent interest you knucklehead, it represents a portion of future profits from a business providing something to the market that would have not otherwise been funded.

            • jim koconis permalink

              if the future profits are denominated in money then it’s interest – just like any other monetary loan at interest. what, in your mind, is the difference???

            • jim koconis permalink

              the subtlety of the mind to invent rationalizations tends to blind many to the obvious.
              in an honest economy, the reward for an investor is the satisfaction of bringing something useful into the world. in a dishonest economy built upon usury, the reward for an investor is money itself. profit (past, present, or future) is simply a derivative form of usury.

            • So you like Rothschild, and 250 Trillion debt. Fine.

              You find it beautiful ‘human action’ and ‘markets’ when a couple of über rich corner all markets, and take most of the production of the sweating masses.

              Hey, you get some crumbs from the unearned income table, so you’re a winner, right?!

              Well, you’re not alone. It has been Modernity’s blight. And indeed humanity’s blight since the days of Sumer.

              I hope you make all the money your heart desires.

              • jester permalink

                I could care less about money. If I was greedy I’d be a bad trader, but I’m a very good trader because I could care less about money and therefore can see clearly. I figured out the bankers’ game. The forex market is like an ATM machine to me yet I live a simple, modest life where I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. Yet one more thing Marxists get wrong.

                > when a couple of über rich corner all markets

                If you understood only the basics of markets you would know that all market corners are discovered and destroyed. Ask JP Morgan’s “London Whale” of 2012. If the corner is long the market, actors who discover him all drop their bids and short. The imbalance is rebalanced.

                Actually, that is the essence of what I’m trying to communicate to you. That rebalancing could happen on a macro scale if people understood how to trade. If trading were a life skill, like swimming, the people would fleece the oligarchs because we all have a common interest to not be ruled by them. But instead they they follow gurus who moralize and philosophize without understanding the basics of how markets work.

                • Oh, please. There are always countless little mice like yourself who skim the System, feast on the crumbs it throws to them, and tell everybody how ‘smart’ they are, and that ‘if you would understand markets, etc.’

                  “”The few who understand the system, will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class. The great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages, will …” – Lord Rothschild

                  You’re part of the problem Jester, not the solution.

                  • hit reply to read squashed text

                  • jester permalink

                    The little mice just took out a lion with exactly the strategy I talked about by squeezing a naked short on GME.

                    Predictions like this is what happens when you understand the world correctly.

                    Old man Rothschild never foresaw the internet.

                    • jim koconis permalink

                      who’s the hero in this drama? the large hedge funds whose scheme to enrich themselves was interrupted? or the reddit investment community who, via another scheme, artificially inflated the value of the stock to benefit themselves?
                      are we really to imagine that either side has benefited anyone at all?
                      is it a cause for celebration when one thief successfully develops a strategy to steal from another thief?
                      is this nonsense what you call ‘understanding the world correctly’????

      • Hugo permalink

        Thanks for keeping us honest Anthony. Money can come from anywhere, but wealth is only created by people producing value.

        Having BTC/crypto cannot really be seen as a bad thing on its own. If someone wants to hold on to some money, they have little options:
        – Fiat: this certainly involves usury, so a bad thing.
        – Gold: this is unpractical.
        – Local currency: these typically do not exist.
        – Bitcoin/crypto: a fairly logical alternative because, 1) it can be usury-free, 2) it’s relatively practical, 3) and it is available. [Depending on details.]

        It is not tenable to blame people for choosing to hold some of their wealth in cryptocurrencies. Holding wealth in other money-like assets is speculation too, but with worse prospects. Having money is not in itself a problem; the questions are what are ethical means to acquire it and how can we ethically use it.

        Your posts used to have a more positive tone, inspiring us readers to do the right thing, at least in my recollection. You still say what you expect from us, but it feels the tone is changing from encouraging us to antagonizing readers. We all come from somewhere, and we all try to do the right thing.

        From another perspective: I still love to read everything here. But I’m reluctant with whom I share it with, not because of the content, but because of how it is presented. It used to be less bitter.

        • Thanks Hugo.

          Yeah, I guess you’re right. The start of the financial crisis in 2019, and the Lockdown, have been a heavy blow for me. I’ve been very sour about it for a while, although that’s thankfully behind me.

          Not because I’ve become more optimistic, but more accepting.

          And I don’t mind small timers making a few bob, that’s obviously not the issue, but I have become more ‘moralistic’ about it.

          The days that we can pretend we have no responsibility seem behind us. The main problem about our time is that we cannot even call sin sin anymore, anything goes, everything is great, don’t judge.

          Well, parasitism sucks. Both in Christianity, and in Populism, and both are dear to me, we need this understanding, otherwise we’re getting nowhere.

  3. Reblogged this on Not The Grub Street Journal and commented:
    A very Interesting Piece.
    I Blogged this earlier this year but the post disappeared.
    Now flamed the dog-star’s unpropitious ray,
    Smote every brain, and wither’d every bay; 10
    Sick was the sun, the owl forsook his bower,
    The moon-struck prophet felt the madding hour:
    Then rose the seed of Chaos, and of Night,
    To blot out order, and extinguish light,
    Of dull and venal a new world to mould,
    And bring Saturnian days of lead and gold.

    ARGUMENT.line 10.




  4. schifty18 permalink

    Hi Anthony your articles are quite educational and does bring you back down to reality. I have been trying to stay out of the system for sometime and have recently been put back in a little bit because of family issues. My wife and I both have inheritences from our parents and I have not had a bank account in years and use mainly cash and debit gift cards for everyday living and get cash from my brothers bank account where the inheritance funds are and my wife’s is gold and of course in storage being held. How do I put the gold to good use to help out others and get it out and in the hands of the people that are poor since we do not use bank accounts re looking to go into a prepper community. Thank You .

  5. Hi Anthony Migchels,

    If there would be lending without interest but there is the usualy 2 or 3 % inflation then borrowing money is a free ride ,right? Shouldn’t borrowing be at inflation rate, then?

    • Hi David, most ‘inflation’ (a misnomer for rising prices) is actually caused by Usury: because Usury charges rise year on year, so must prices.
      A non-parasitical money system would see inflation (a rising money supply compared to economic activity) nor deflation.

      • Ron Tye permalink

        For those who have little money, what would be our best option. I understand it that an inflationary crisis is coming soon. How can I protect my livlihood. I have a garden and eggs, things of that nature, so that is always a plus.

  6. Hi Anthony Migchels,

    If there would be lending without interest but there is the usualy 2 or 3 % inflation then lending is a free ride ,right? Shouldn’t lending be at inflation rate, then?

  7. Shark permalink

    We greatly respect your work,

    But have too many queries :

    If the Money power have all the gold then why have they been suppressing prices all this while?

    If they have all the gold then why are they delaying its rise? Last 12 years you have been saying they want gold standard.

    According to reports, most of the physical gold has ended up with consumers and public in india and china as they are known to hoard gold. Then how does this fit with your argument that ALL the gold lies with the money power?

    What if the money power has zero gold and while trying to suppress its price it has bled away all the gold to public consumers in india China?

    What if they are trying to avoid a gold standard last 12 years cause they have none of it? What if they are continuing bailouts and implementing QE forever and Helicoptor Money to keep saving their gold-less financial system until eternity?

    And while none of this QE-Helicoptor is helping cure deflation, it might as well initiate fear-porn via Covid to keep dissent at bay?

    But then covid has Backfired (like all of their other control systems) triggered economic suicide , which will aggravate dissent?

    How long can this ‘gold-less’ money power maintain status quo?

    Looks like covid has detonated their other control systems like : social engineering, Hollywood, feminism , education, etc.

    Desperation is increasing as they get fully exposed. Do they have anywhere to hide?

    Or Anthony, is my analysis totally wrong?

    • Thanks for this.

      Twelve years is long in a man’s life. It’s very short in terms of Geopolitics and historiography.

      When you think and plan over decades, even over centuries, a few years is nothing.

      To me, as a man, it has felt as a life time of waiting. It has been bizarre, seeing this Damocletian sword hang over our heads, until they finally dropped it September last year.

      What they want, now or later, they defame.

      Nothing is a better sell than saying that ‘bankers hate it’. They know this. This is how they operate.

      What they fear, they ignore.

      Why do you think Alan Greenspan, as a young man, wrote an essay opening with ‘Statists of all persuasions fear nothing more than a Gold Standard’?

  8. oldereb permalink

    It is going according to plan. The economic chaos is threatening the market value of equity held by the 6 mega-corporations owned by the TBTF banks. The bankers are exercising the covert ownership of the FR Board of Governors, Inc., to protect their equity.


    The incriminating evidence, official records of FRBNY, are subject to FOIA. Ref. Bloomberg L.P. v. Bd. of Governors of Fed. Reserve Sys., 649 F. Supp. 2d 262, 274 (S.D.N.Y. 2009), aff’d, 601 F.3d 143 (2d Cir. 2010).

  9. Vincent permalink

    Printed currency should be based on a standard value equated with time and energy. Currency based on time and energy cannot be devalued.

    • “time”, “energy”, I don’t disagree with the basic point that the unit of account (only one function of money) should be some sort of ‘objective’ standard, but it’s not so easy.

      I do like ‘time’ (a man’s working hour), the Protocols themselves suggest this, but we need something that is truly universal, and thus incontrovertible. Maybe a man’s working hour is that, but it needs more discussion.

      Energy I’m not so sure. Just think of Oil prices, they have swung tenfold over just the last decade.

      • Rajesh Raina permalink

        Is a unskilled labours man hour same as a physicians man hour. Is one brilliant scientists man hour same as a drunkard scientists man hour. Not sure if it is practical.

  10. MatrixView permalink

    A crypto world currency will probably come within the next 10-20 years. I don’t know if a (partially) gold backing will support its perceived trust. Let’s just wait and see. I own a % of my net-worth in gold/silver as part of my pension plan. I see no other alternative except for maybe a highly speculative BTC.

    The future central bank crypto currencies might be linked to social contracts/credits (which makes money and your actions personal…) and hoarding it may be punished by just subtracting it from your account on time-base. They’ll be able to inflate or deflate it as they wish. Nobody will dare protest it as you’ll be digitally outcast from society.

    Wishing governments to be fair and giving them the power to issue “honest” money is a pipedream. Look at history. Same with the bankers. Gold is scarce and serves little intrinsic use (unlike silver), yet most people perceive it as valuable for thousands of years. So, I personally like it as a store of value. I just can’t save labor or energy by itself.

    So, usury is theft…? Well, if one saved a little for later and hand that over to someone who could use it now, I’d want that solidified labor back at some point, and I’d want it inflation corrected! Otherwise, lending it to others and getting it back nominally come pensiontime might be theft if your “fair” government has inflated the supply. No?

    • I wish for every pensioner that they buy 20% of the pension in coin, so they’ll be compensated for the coming transition. Otherwise they’re going to get destroyed. Pensioners can’t produce much anymore, it will be sad to see them go the route of the Soviet pensioners.

      Your last point is the rationale of the money lenders. But you are a peasant. You should be thinking of the Usury you paid on your mortgage. The taxes financing the Government’s debt service. The 40% higher prices you pay for everything, because producers must pass on their cost for capital (Usury).

      You should think of your kids, who have no future because of all the Usury.

      Are you a Christian? Our Father promises damnation for anybody involved with Usury, and usurping the spoils of the poor. The Law has not changed one bit.

      Our association with Usury/Banking/Capitalism is the White Man’s biggest sin, and we will go down with Capitalism, as the Bankers erect their Communist world State in the decade ahead.

      But first Trump will win, and everybody will be happy he goes Gold.

  11. You’re ignoring the key value proposition of Bitcoin. which is its decentralized and censorship resistant nature.

    And while the NSA may well have been the first to propose a cryptocurrency, it’s entirely possible they didn’t realize the Pandora’s box they were opening (or perhaps some within it did, and was their intent – computer geeks tend to be anti-authoritarian).

    You appear not to have read Nick Szabo . You really should if you’re going to opine on Bitcoin.

    Other than that, I think we agree.

    • They sell it as ‘decentralized’.

      But what use is that when a small cartel holds by far most bitcoin? The effect of this is that they effectively control the volume of actually available BTC. This is the issue.

      The Volume of Money will ALWAYS be under someone’s control, one way or the other.

      Same with Gold: they own it all, and THEY decide how much actually gets to circulate, they keep the rest in their vaults. Thus, they can inflate and deflate at will under Gold, and the same with Bitcoin.

      Thanks for the link to Nick, I think I’m pretty clear on the things he writes about in the current post, what key points does he make? Can you link to key articles?

      • “They sell it as ‘decentralized’.”

        Because it *is* decentralized.

        “But what use is that when a small cartel holds by far most bitcoin?”

        What use is the dollar?

        “The effect of this is that they effectively control the volume of actually available BTC.”

        BTC is demonstrably liquid & fungible.

        “The Volume of Money will ALWAYS be under someone’s control, one way or the other.”

        BTC doesn’t work like the dollar. In order to control the network you have to have 51% or more of the hashrate. Implementing a 51% attack would destroy the value prop of BTC and thus your BTC holdings.

        In contrast, the dollar is ultimately enforced at the point of a gun. That never works in the long run, for many reasons.

        “Same with Gold: they own it all, and THEY decide how much actually gets to circulate, they keep the rest in their vaults. Thus, they can inflate and deflate at will under Gold, and the same with Bitcoin.”

        If stats are to believe, the most gold is held in private hands, the majority in India (some 30k tons). The “circulation” issue you describe is in the paper markets, over which many reams of commentary and analysis have been written.

        “Thanks for the link to Nick, I think I’m pretty clear on the things he writes about in the current post, what key points does he make? Can you link to key articles?”

        There’s no way to sum up Szabo in one article. I recommend reading *everything*.

        To be clear, I mean to offer constructive argumentation. I appreciate what I believe you’re trying to point out and work against, and BTC, gold, silver, Agorism, etc. are all just tools, tactics, & strategies to deal with it. Ultimately a political solution would have to be implemented to deal with the vast fortunes created by fraud and force, & the abuses they enable. The prior just help us survive (and hopefully thrive) until we can get there.

        • Listen, the magicians have fooled you: you have a wallet on computer, and they tell you: ‘look, decentralized’.

          Meanwhile, a small cartel is holding 90% of Bitcoin, the centralization that actually matters, keeping its supply short, and the price high.

          It’s an obvious con, not to mention a ponzi.

          The ONLY solution to Usury (‘banking’, ‘the New World Order’) is providing people with interest-free credit for consumption and production.

          You really cannot solve Banking with specie, which is held by the Banks, and I’m not talking about the CB’s, although they are in control of huge chunk of KNOWN gold reserves, but by the Money Power, who have owned the Gold Mines for five thousand years, and who have stashed enormous amounts of Gold beyond the 150k tonnes that mainline wisdom purports.

          You really cannot solve Banking with even scarcer money, more Usury, deflation. The coming transition to Gold based currency is going to absolutely DESTROY the people who don’t have any (the 99%). In 2024 a Democrat will be elected as a result, and Communism will be DEMANDED by the masses.

          Capitalism (Bankers gone Wild) is not the ‘opposite’ of Communism: Marx calls it the Revolutionary Force necessary to lay the foundation for Communism.

          It’s all the theft. The Usury, the rents, the speculation. It leaves nothing for the common people other than to go commie.

          People should learn this lesson. And they will. The hard way.

          • “Meanwhile, a small cartel is holding 90% of Bitcoin”

            That’s demonstrably false.


            Your “small cartel” consists of ~153,589 wallets. Those are largely early adopters (check dates). Compared to the global financial system (~10k people owning 50% of global assets) it’s positively egalitarian.

            Not to mention the fortunes made by early adopters are the first in history to have been generated w/o first committing a great crime.

            I found that for you in one search. With all due respect, you’re not very informed/don’t really understand Bitcoin. That, or you need to start using Startpage or DuckDuckGo instead of Google. Bitcoin’s purpose isn’t to fix banking, it’s to fix money.

            With regards to banking, Haven’t read everything you’ve written, but I’ll bet I agree with you.

            • These 153k wallets will be held by a small group of people. This is how you can calculate this:
              1. 80% of these wallets will be held by 20% of the people.
              2. 80% of these 80% of the wallets, will be held by 20% of these 20% of the people. (so that’s already 0,2*0,2)
              3. etc.

              Do this a few times, and you’ll see that there is a very small group controlling these 153k wallets.

              This is basic pareto.

              • You missed my point. If BTC was a top down operation the distribution should be worse than current financial system distribution, which is my arithmetic is correct, it is not.

                You also misread/missed what I posted, 153k wallets control 90% of BTC (so that is actually *worse* than you first asserted).

                You have to estimate a bit, but from the data in that link ~9095 of BTC addresses control 50% of the coins.

                Total addresses = 28634151, so 50% of BTC addresses are held by = 0.032%

                That sounds bad, right?

                Except for the current monetary system: 50% of assets owned by 10k people (out of 7B) = 0.000000142% of the population own half of all assets.

                And that doesn’t account for a large number of those very small BTC amounts are “dust” which won’t be economical to combine perhaps eve. Currently the number of wallets holding less than $0.11 of BTC is about 2.5M. so that # goes up to ~ 0.035%. That number might get as high as 0.04%.

                And of course, if I’m honest… I haven’t done this for the entire world population which would move the decimal place ~two zeros against me (actually 2.5 heh), but 0.0002% is still way better than 0.000000142%… But I think my point is made.

                Which is, the BTC monetary system is bottom-up and much more egalitarian then the current system, and have created the first fortunes in history that weren’t created by a great crime.

                • (hit reply to read truncated text, it’s a wordpress bug)

                • We’re mostly agreed, thanks for this data, it does indeed prove Bitcoin is heavily centralized, even when our calculations are not entirely on par, yours are probably more accurate.

                  So you maintain, with some superficial justification, that BTC is marginally better than the Dollar. Fine.

                  I hope we can also agree that real monetary reform must center around ENDING speculation, Usury, and parasitical ‘making money with money’.

                  Thanks for the conversation, it’s been amusing and instructive.

  12. shachalnur permalink

    bought silver at 14 dollars a few months ago ,because I thought having too much cash now is useless.
    it doubled it’s value now at 28 dollars.

    at the monent i don’t feel extremely stupid.

    Why am i stupid to buy silver when it’s relatively low,i have enough cash in reserve and there a fake rubbish coronapsyop going on creating a seriously messed up world.

    untill where will silver rise ,you think ,and at what level do i sell.

    and what do I do with the cash ,besides buying land ,tools,machines seeds,weapons ,medicine I make myself ,and sell it.

    is it usefull to have cash dollars or euro’s in the coming months?

    thank you,

    • I’m not here to insult or attack you, thanks for the question.

      The point is this:
      “The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.” The Rothschild brothers of London writing to associates in New York, 1863.

      You see? Opposition is forestalled because those who understand the System try to profit from it, instead of taking their silver daggers and garlic at its ‘heart’.

      We are mind controlled into believing making money for its own sake is ‘good’.

      But say you bought a $1000 worth of Silver, which is now $2000.

      What have you added to Society for this income?

      Nothing. It is taking without giving back.

      Usury is theft, rentseeking is theft, speculation is theft. Finance is theft. Because they take, and give nothing.

      The World’s Peoples are being sold into indentured servitude, surely you realize this?

      It is because we love money, and condone theft. We admire it, the spoils it brings.

      But Babylon’s prizes are poisonous. There is no ‘success’ in highway robbery.

      Make no mistake: what is making you rich, is impoverishing a great many other people, this is the undeniable fact of the matter.


      • Income must come from adding value to other people’s lives.

        • Mitchel Brown permalink

          Hi Anthony,

          Always great to read your work.

          I suspect the focus of many who have an understanding of what is happening and are considering buying gold or silver is not to profit from speculation but to preserve the value of what they have. I have only a very small amount of money saved at the moment (a little over $10,000), but that money represents a very real contribution (i.e. physical labour to put food on shelves in stores). As much as I would love to get some chickens and cultivate an edible garden to become a little more self-sufficient, there is no space where I live to do either of those things. Is it not reasonable, then, for me to want to invest my savings in some sort of physical asset so that, when the inflation hits, my assets retain the value of today’s $10,000?



          • Hi Mitchel, if it was about preserving wealth, people would buy 10/20% bullion, so they get compensated in the coming Bankster transition.

            But everybody is ‘all in’, praying Comex will default sooner rather than later and make a killing.

            Say you have 10k in Silver, and it goes to $500 per ounce, which doesn’t seem particularly far fetched. Then you have 200k worth.

            Is that ‘preserving wealth’? Or is it making a massive bundle through speculation?

            My main point is to at least find agreement about the nature of this wealth transfer, this money getting is completely degenerate, and Whitey’s main sin. We loath Bolshevists for their degeneracy and denying their sins are sin at all (as with their Sodom/Tranny/Feminism).

            We deny this Usury and speculation is sin. But it is. We will get accused of taking from the poor without giving back, and this is severely frowned upon from up high.

            Just think of how our society is burning because of Banksterism, that’s the Karma that all this brings.

            • If speculation is sin, then how to you reconcile the parable of the talents?

              • Nel Dryer permalink

                There isn’t anything wrong with speculating. I am planning on buying land and building many tiny a-frames, with gardens and livestock. When I pray to Yeshua for guidance I also ask that my ego be completely removed from this plan. Full disclosure, it’s easy for me to have this plan veer into “I’ll be the savior of people when times get tough” mentality and attitude. My humanity is an ugly thing. It is His land, His money, I am merely the vessel. Lots of people will need help. There’s no breaking our current system. We are in the End Times. Getting right with God is the number 1 issue. Everything else pales in comparison. This is just a temporary place for all of us. Prepare as much as you are able. Help as many people as you are able. No matter how small it seems. Give. Give. Give.

                • jim permalink

                  speculating and usury are twins. why wait til things fall apart before you “give, give, give”?
                  are there no needs now? – can you see no suffering now? what are you waiting for?

              • The Parable of the Talents always comes up. The Money Lenders use this to explain Jesus (who said: “lend freely, expecting nothing in return”) likes Usury.

                But in the Parable, Jesus clearly says: “if you really believe that I was that hard of heart, you should have put the money in the Bank, so I could at least get Usury.”

                The intended lesson was that servants should do what their masters want, and he could have been a ‘good’ servant, by putting money in the Bank, if he really believed his master was such a pussy.

      • (hit reply to read truncated text)

  13. andrewmarkmusic permalink

    Exactly…Imagine if you will…an economic system created by hoarders:-P And who needs to make or build a widget anymore when you can dream up economic delusion as a substitute?
    At any rate, I’d recommend The Babylonian Woe, by David Astle. They’ve been at this for a very long time.
    I find it hilarious that the catchphrase for crypto is decentralization while at the same time (as you point out) crypto is now another hoarding mechanism for the elites. I talk about that in Part-12 of my, Winter Solstice Golden Rule, series…
    At the same time I’m always seeking ways to compromise on the level of economics and in my Four Pillars I suggest that these crazy hoarders could still have their system but end economic predation in humanity’s basic needs. If they created a steady-state economy at the base of the pyramid the inflation issues would be mitigated. And if things inflate within ‘luxury economics’ it doesn’t really matter that much. What does it matter if a yacht cost 100 million or 150 million? It really doesn’t matter, but inflation is a huge issue at the bottom of the pyramid.
    Don’t get me wrong…I’m coming at this issue from a pragmatist perspective and I’m well aware that there are likely metaphysical realities which will prevent good-health and goodwill in the economic sphere…

  14. oldereb permalink

    Dear friend,
    Is the following of interest ?
    Jim Carter
    “What difference does an increase in the National Debt make? We owe it to ourselves.” virtually every congress-critter has declared. Such a paraphrased program gives the federal government/ congress purchasing power not previously available—to buy votes from home. Unfortunately, the inflation created dilutes the purchasing power and value of assets owned by individuals. The system also conceals the immense transfer of value to bankers, which has justified the intense subterfuge and arm-twisting necessary for the Fed’s creation—that this paper exposes. The inherent destructive forces, evidenced by historic Rothschild banking1 and mathematical analysis, are also identified.

    The medieval Rothschild banks established a line of credit for the King provided he pledged collateral with a written promise to pay gold with interest to the bearer at a time in the future. The book-entry Rothschild credit was used to satisfy obligations incurred by the king. The credit continued to be circulated in the kingdom between merchants. The bankers sold the king’s promise to investors for hoarded gold. The promise (security) was renewed by the bank on its maturing date and became perpetually rolled-over. 2
    VOILA !!! The king made the suppliers of services happy with Rothschild credit; the bankers had the gold from investors; the investors gained interest on their assets and a promise the king would eventually return their gold—which would never happen.3 Everything went smoothly as long as the bankers could sell the promise and the investors, or merchants, did not demand the gold.4 The king would pay the interest with more credit from the bank so the credit cost nothing. The schemes stole the wealth from the people with its book-entry fiat money5 until the people brought a catastrophic climax.6

    The Federal Reserve system does the same thing with the U.S. government’s deficit spending. The banking wizard is hiding behind Frank Baum’s curtain of the government image Federal Reserve marquee7 as obscurant to any public inquiry.8 The Federal Reserve Bank of New York will grant credit (not “create money”) in an account of the U.S. government in an amount that the government will pledge. 9 The government will expend the book-entry-credit account (deficit spending) to pay for goods and services consumed by the government. The suppliers are content. Evidence that the supplier has received a credit voucher is obvious. The heading of the currency given to the supplier by a local commercial bank is Federal Reserve Note; i.e., a debt obligation of the Federal Reserve. Historically, it was identified to be redeemable for gold, silver, or lawful money. It is now identified as a “tender” (substitute) required by law to be accepted for an imprinted number of dollars. What you have is what you get. [It is touted to the public as a loan.] 10

    To sell the promise from the government at the highest price, the Federal Reserve (as fiscal agent for the government) will hold an auction but will imply it is an auction by the government.11 Acceptance of bids, determining the interest rate, and the amount of deficit spending permitted is controlled by the BOG.12 Government regulations establish the funds from the auctions are controlled exclusively by the FRBNY; i.e., a franchisee of the BOG13. These accounts of government money have never been audited, despite misleading GAO statements.14

    The roll-over of approximately $12 trillion debt from prior years (publicly held maturing) is annually auctioned and disbursed by the FRBNY. The approximate $1 trillion auctioned for deficit spending is evidenced by TreasuryDirect as “new cash.” 15 [Currently new cash can be 100% to a negative (input) of the issue.] Since all values are determined by the Fed, they must be given to TD.

    The difference in handling of the two accounts is the supreme camouflage. Funds for roll-over securities are credited by the FRBNY to a government account. The FRBNY then pays the Primary Dealers among others (from the government account) for their task in collecting the maturing securities from the public. There is no increase in the National Debt nor is there any inflation as a result from these transactions.

    If the funds from deficit spending securities (new cash) were to be used in redeeming Treasury securities in the market (i.e., paid by the FRBNY for government expenses), it would eliminate any increase in the National Debt. It would, in effect, buy back the securities that created the debt. It would also eliminate any increase in money in circulation (inflation). That clearly does not occur. Request for documentation from TreasuryDirect as to the destination of the funds are ignored.


    The Primary Dealers receive the bulk of auction funds for their task in redeeming maturing securities. If the Primary Dealers include shareholders of a privately held incorporated Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, they would not have to reveal corporate records.16 The commingling of new cash funds could be completely hidden from view. 17 The deficit spending amount 18 would be clear profit for the owners of the BOG.19 No other destination of the funds appears viable.

    The statutory charter of the Federal Reserve stipulates profit of the operation belongs to the government. 20 No consideration appears to be received by the government for the funds. Consideration for commercial bank loans involve a risk; such a condition does not appear applicable to the instant action.

    Each annual trillion dollars of deficit spending transfers $3 billion DAILY for an entire year to the unidentified owners of the Board of Governors. The recent trillion dollars of deficit spending in one month transfers $34 billion daily for four weeks. The source of wealth inequality becomes obvious. If the securities can not be auctioned at an acceptable price, they accumulate on the Fed’s balance sheet. They would then appear to become a claim by the Fed against the taxpayers.

    An abundance of such covert funds would go a long way to advance David Rockefeller’s utopian world government identified in his autobiography MEMOIRS. The project was mentioned decades earlier by Carroll Quigley in TRAGEDY AND HOPE. Funds from Wall Street could be used to dominate foreign nations as documented by John Perkins in CONFESSIONS OF ECONOMIC HIT MAN and William Blum in KILLING HOPE; CIA AND U.S. MILITARY INTERVENTIONS. Unused funds could be laundered in the stock or bond market. 21

    The proposed Goldman Sach’s government budget (whoops, Trump’s budget) includes huge deficit spending increases (increased military spending with cuts in social programs) with unrealistic increases in national productive/tax base.22 This is the same scheme Wall Street and the CIA have used to bankrupt other nations for four decades. 23 The psychopathic Wall Street warmongers demand a humongous deficit busting military expenditure, but this statement may reverse cause and effect. 24 Douglas Valentine identifies chaos by U.S. elements in foreign nations is being duplicated in the 50 states.25 Whether this involves the development of the United Nations, NATO, drugs, or a virus26 depends on the observer.

    Bankruptcy of the Nation is inherent. The FR Ponzi scheme creates an expanding National Debt with no possible way to pay it off. The principle of a ‘loan’ is created by deficit spending. [Notice that the ‘loan’ (sic, credit that is never negated) is from the Federal Reserve system but the taxpayers have become responsible for it.] The required interest to pay it off is never created. Only more debt, with the new principal being used to pay the prior interest, delays the Ponzi’s collapse. The growth required to perpetuate such a scheme, of interest upon interest upon interest, is exponential as evidenced in any graph of the National Debt. A contract that cannot be culminated is an act of fraud and is void from its inception.

    Academic centers, MSM, and publishers fear retribution for exposure.

    Unrelated use of the Fed’s new Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) program to sell Wall Street’s trash to the Treasury Department (read Stephen Mnuchin of Goldman Sachs) at inflated prices to procrastinate bankruptcy of Wall Street banks will additionally balloon the national debt but will be used to avoid bankruptcy of Wall Street banks and their cronies. 27 Blackrock, allegedly owned by insiders, is central to the scam. 28 Unrelenting access to government funds, while the tax base is destroyed by compelled national unemployment and corporate bankruptcies by a created virus29, is a textbook recipe for insolvency.

    If the scheme is not altered, Wall Street internal memos identify the “ultimate goal” is to collect on the $24 trillion National Debt. 30 During national bankruptcy, the FRBNY will handle redemption of the PD’s tendered securities they have purchased in the market for pennies. They will demand face value from the U.S. Treasury; i.e., a financial rape of the nation. They are all one clan. Hello Greece and a U.S. troika controlled by financial entities.31

    It appears as if Larry Kudlow, Director of the United States National Economic Council, has conceded control of the Treasury has passed to Wall Street to complete the coup.32

    National bankruptcy would duplicate the Greek chaos within the United States.33 The financiers’ objective in Greece 34 is not to exploit, but is to destroy the nation. 35 Indeed, national sovereignty has been acquiesced by Greece to the Troika (financiers) as the terminal end of Goldman Sach’s “shitty” three billion Euro debt. 36

    Get ready to kiss your 401(k), your government benefits, your pension, and your bank accounts goodbye, with strikes prohibited, health care costs escalated, perpetual war, mass layoffs (including government personnel), and economic chaos—among other dire occurrences. The economic chaos initiated by the virus, which has served to destroy the tax base and make the budget unsustainable, may be only the prelude.

    The U.S. has four options:
    The entire situation can be ignored with the public meekly submitting to Wall Street’s collection of the fraudulent $24 trillion National Debt and accept the fate of Greece [Greece has surrendered national sovereignty control to Goldman Sachs/Troika. Approval by Troika (financiers) is required for all government actions.] The New World Order will become established.
    They can assert public pressure on congress-critters to audit relevant accounts and investigate Wall Street. The GAO has authority to audit the handling of government funds by any entity. 37 It has made at least two reviews of the FRBNY’s handling of funds [but not audits] from auctions of Treasury securities. The FRBNY has exclusive handing of such funds. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3. All that is required for the GAO to review the handling of government funds is a request by a Congressional committee. Unfortunately, it is rumored that votes can be purchased as cheaply as $50,000.
    Citizens can use the FOIA38 to demand relevant official Fed documents for analysis as affirmed by the Second Circuit Federal appellate court.39
    Pitch—no, no—salad forks. No violent action advocated.

    It all depends on how submissive the American people have become.

    This essay is not copyrighted. Feel free to distribute.

    Footnotes: [available at or by email if deleted by form]

    • It’s certainly of interest. And it’s not just the National Debt, even more is owed by private people and business, big and small.

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  1. 22. We’re in a War
  2. France est anéantie par Macron et son virus : 20 milliards de déficit commercial en juin, soit 240 milliards – 1600 milliards de francs par an-« Les pauvres n’ont pas été invités au grand banquet de la nature » – chao
  3. La France est anéantie par Macron et son virus : 20 milliards de déficit commercial en juin, soit 240 milliards – 1600 milliards de francs par an. Ce pays ne produit rien. La sécheresse et l’inflation feront tripler le prix du pain cet hiver – et
  4. La France est anéantie par Macron et son virus : 20 milliards de déficit commercial en juin, soit 240 milliards – 1600 milliards de francs par an. Ce pays ne produit rien. La sécheresse et l’inflation feront tripler le prix du pain cet hiver – et
  5. La France est anéantie par Macron et son virus : 20 milliards de déficit commercial en juin, soit 240 milliards – 1600 milliards de francs par an. Ce pays ne produit rien. La sécheresse et l’inflation feront tripler le prix du pain cet hive

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