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You call this an Insolvency Crisis?? My A$$!!
The Few Banks that Own All
Five more reasons Ron Paul was a phoney all along

The Ron and Rand Paul Betrayal
Tarpley versus Jones, some Comments

The Conspiracy is Spiritual in Essence
What drives those that betray us
Forget Schools of Thought: Study them All and then Create your Own

Demystifying the ‘Conspiracy’

Yes, the Money Power is Jewish
Inflation does not diminish debt and it does not destroy wealth
Germany, the Money Power’s Golem in Europe
The US Empire is Not the Money Power!
The Greatest Victory
Understand that the Banking System is One
How about Wealth Preservation?
Muammar Gaddaffi and the Money Power
Meanwhile, at the Daily Bell……they might have a point about Ellen Brown and OWS
What’s up with Anonymous?
a Top Three of Spiritual Fallacies
The Protocols on Money
Top 5 absurdities of the Credit Crunch
Geert Wilders, another Agent Provocateur
Is Gold God’s Currency?
Men are the Stronger Sex
The Problem with Transnationals and what to do about them
Why Transnationals Thrive
Why is Gold Appreciating?
Yes, we are nearing the end of this cycle of ‘civilization’



  1. Anthony,

    I like your website. It’s nice a clean and to the point. My first exposure to the interest problem came about because I joined the John Birch Society. Don’t worry, I was only a member for one year, when I found out that it was “controlled opposition” financed by David Rockefeller. But, one good thing came out of it which was that I read the “Creature from Jekyll Island” by C. Edward Griffin.

    Mr. Griffin’s book is OK and he sheds a lot of light on the problem, but he doesn’t go too deep with it — or else the John Birchers wouldn’t be reading his book.

    I dug deeper, and still deeper, peeling away the layers of the onion for over ten years and now know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that interest has made most all of us, in America, and everywhere slaves!

    Personally I probably lose 60% of my income to interest. I need to get into a cheaper house because, thanks to the bursting of the real estate bubble (created by Greenspan and his banking brethren) my house is suddenly worth about $40,000 less, making me “under water” with the mortgage debt.

    Since I’m almost 57 I don’t want to spend the next 26 years not only paying interest, but also paying for value that simply isn’t there.

    The bankers have really screwed us here in America. They are satanic scum, a fact which you are sure to concur with. Thomas Edison once said “Interest is an invention of the devil”. I am trying to wake people up, as you are.

    Please check out my website, and particulary the essay “The Pyramid Scheme of Debt”. My wife and I are Christian performers and songwriters, with some homegrown American tunes, which explains the music part of it.

    Keep up the good work, and may God bless you!

    Stephen Langston
    Virginia, U.S.

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