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Demystifying the ‘Conspiracy’

by on April 9, 2012

When we wake up to the fact that the world is tightly controlled from the top down, we first marvel at the wonderful edifice that they built. It’s normal to be awestruck by the pervasive complexity of the lie that blinded us for so long.
But once we recover from the shock, it transpires it could not have been otherwise. Power vacuums cannot exist. They must be filled. It is the most ruthless that prevail.
The Money Power’s ascendancy was inevitable. Not because they are so brilliant, but because of the strategic assets that gave them a strong position.

The struggle for World Power is an all out struggle between all relevant players. Who are these relevant players? The Vatican comes to mind. The major continental powers like the US, Russia, China, India and Germany. And of course the Money Power. The Money Power won, or at any rate holds a decisive advantage: maybe +5 (not far from a forced mate) in modern chess terms.

But only the elites! That’s quite fundamental: most people couldn’t care less about Empire, the more so if they have to sacrifice for it. Empire is an elite issue. The struggle for World Power is only relevant for the National Elites. Also in Jewry. Most Jews are just stupid pigs to the Money Power, their ‘lesser brethren’. Just like the normal Gentile. And just like National non-Jewish elites utterly despise their poorer and less cultivated countrymen also.

The Protocols themselves state that “Around us again will be a whole constellation of bankers, industrialists, capitalists and – THE MAIN THING – MILLIONAIRES, BECAUSE IN SUBSTANCE EVERYTHING WILL BE SETTLED BY THE QUESTION OF FIGURES.

To the Money Power a Gentile Billionaire is worth his weight in Gold, a poor Jew is just another pawn to be sacrificed.

The post mortem analysis of the game (maintaining chess terminology) for World Power shows there are several reasons for their victory:
1. The age of their race, they go back millennia.
The German Nation was united only in 1871. The Money Power already ruled supremely at that stage.

2. Their control of finance.
Probably their greatest asset. They were taught banking in Babylon, where it was part of the Ancient Mystery tradition. Most Gentiles (and non-initiated Jews) are completely oblivious to even the most basic tenets of monetary theory and practice.
In the center of the world economy a massive black hole resides. A multi-hundred-trillion dollar asset position that MUST grow with 5% per year. A relentless magnet, unstoppably sucking the lifeblood out of the many. In short: Usurious Usurpation.

3. The Diaspora, giving them a truly global reach.
The Diaspora’s internationalism fits well with their equally cosmopolitan Banking Empire.

4. Antisemitism.
In the Protocols and in the brilliant Defamation film Antisemitism is analyzed as a tool to control the diaspora. But no less important has been its use in controlling the Gentiles. The self-censorship that the fear of being labeled an antisemitic hater has created is quite impressive and there can be no doubt about its crucial role in the ascendency of the Money Power’s New World Order.

5. A truly comprehensive ideology for conquest, completely alien to the spiritual traditions of brotherhood prevalent in all other major religions. It’s not just the degenerate Talmud, but also the highly sophisticated Cabbalah with its amoral God.

6. A large population. They are said to number only 15 million, but recently Edgar Portisch reported that their real number is probably closer to 120 million. This makes much sense and also makes them a Great Power just by population.

We are confronted with a reality so alien to us, it is truly very hard to really deeply admit this is the case: the world is ruled by Jewish Elites, co-opting Gentile rulers. They rule through finance and the diaspora.

It basically has little to do with normal Jewish people, who are often poor. But it is also undeniable they do receive privileges from membership of the Tribe. These privileges maintain their loyalty, or at any rate disables potential opposition. In this way many ordinary Jews share karmically in the crimes of their leaders.

This happens to all nations. As a Dutchman I share in the burden of the past colonization of Indonesia. With an Irish mother, I share in the anger against the English. All nations are both victims and perpetrators.

This acknowledgement is the beginning of the solution.

Also the Money Power is known to use Jewry as a source for manpower in the lower ranks. This increases the Jewish nature of their domination, but it also enables them to hide their true identity (which is utterly cosmopolitan) behind a basically hapless Nation. Just like American privilege sedates the American sense of justice. It’s human nature, nothing weird or dramatic. Jewish people suffer the none too light fate of world hegemony. There is nothing to be jealous of. Wealth diminishes our chances of entering the Lord’s Kingdom. This is only one life. Others follow.

The Money Power originated within the Jewish Nation and hides behind it. This makes the fate of the Jewish Nation unique. But still completely natural and understandable. Their strategic assets gave them a head start over the Chinese, the Germans, Russians or the Mali Empire, for that matter.

Each Nation is both a perpetrator and a victim.

This, and our common enemy, is what unites us.

Usurious Usurpation
Understand that the Banking System is One
Yes, the Money Power is Jewish
On Interest

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  2. derickwrite permalink

    Thanks, Anthony. This is the best explanation I have ever come across. I have always suspected that within the Jewish networks the virus is flowing freely. However, since I know so many nice “ordinary” Jews, it is always difficult to point a finger at the whole tribe.
    I do think, however, that Jews(there already are many) should begin to acknowledge the fact that, as a tribe, they are willingly going along with a dangerous and destructive force. They should join those of their Bretheren who are opposing this demonic force.

    • Thanks for letting me know, I’m happy this works for you.
      Yes, Every Tribesman now more than every must check his loyalties.

      But Gentiles too. We put our money at their banks and shop at their Transnationals.

      Now, more then ever, every Tribesman and every Gentile correcting his ways is worth his weight in Gold in the eyes of the One.

  3. Maybe your most powerful and succinct post so far, Anthony. Bravo!

    • memehunter permalink

      I agree with coinherence. This is one of your best articles in my opinion. The message is getting increasingly stronger and clearer.

  4. Excellent post Anthony. Spot on.

    We need to develop a confident approach to our anti-PTB narrative. Israel Shamir distinguishes between “Jewish” (an accident of birth) and “The Jews” (of which one is a member by choice).

    Shamir, and more lately, Gilad Atzmon, condemn this gang.

    We need to use the term “The Jews” because these people are in charge of the entire system and they are definitely the enemy. They clearly lead their allies amongst the gentile elite.

    Such is the genius of their Anti-Semitism/Holocaust schtick that it is practically impossible to speak out against this the leadership group without strengthening their esprit de corps at every level. We need to divide and rule them the way they have done to us. This must mean that merely attacking ‘Zionists’ and their ideology will simply not do. Many Jews do the same but they will defend their tribal leaders in all other ways when push comes to shove. They simply cannot see the spiritual evil and the materialist wickedness that drives the (i.e. their) ruling cabal.

    It is hard to see a way of effectively doing this.

    That’s Satan for you.

    Cunning and dishonest to the nth degree.

    Our failure to effectively counteract the Jews is rooted in our collective abandonment of Christ.

    Let us return to our faith and to our teacher and speak as he did. These Rabbis (Pharissees) and their followers are “of Satan”. They have swallowed the camel and embraced the enemies of the God of Abraham and Moses and are misdirecting their sad tribe, whom they make as vicious and as morally degenerate as themselves, to perdition.

    • Thank you Kevin.
      Very to the point.
      I don’t believe we can really circumvent the issue. It’s just dishonest not to call a spade a spade.
      All the eufemisms will not do, although I do believe that it is mainly an elitist Jew issue.

      The strangest thing: the Jews I know are just poor people. The Jews I read about in the papers are mostly criminals.

      Zionists in Israel are just hapless mind control victims, it’s really very hard to blame them, notwithstanding the atrocious policies they support and make happen as members of the IDF.

      But I believe the main thing is this. I learned it from Bert Hellinger, whom I believe holds very important keys to this riddle.

      It is that the perpetrator demands respect. Bizarre as it may sound. This respect can be given, once we realize that we are perpetrators ourselves. We are hypocrites to blame the Jews. Imagine, you’re british, I’m quite confident you can fill the evening citing British crimes. This is what really connects us all. I’m Dutch, same story, the East Indies Company raped the far east for centuries.

      Once we can come off our high ‘we’re all victims’ horse, we can start connecting. We can start forgiving. We can start asking for forgiveness.

      In this way we can avoid the pitfall of enforcing their esprit de corps while addressing the issues.

      Hellinger has a very simple recipe. Just bow. Bow deeply for the offender and his fate.

      That is when the hate stops, when the pain starts to heal.

      • I’m Dutch, same story, the East Indies Company raped the far east for centuries.

        That’s true. But keep in mind that some of the largest shareholders in the Dutch East India Company were wealthy Sephardic Jewish bankers in Amsterdam. It was these same Sephardic Jewish bankers who financed William of Orange’s invasion of England in 1688 during the Glorious Revolution and were also behind the formation of the Bank of England in 1694.

  5. An incredibly interesting comment! I’ll check out Spengler. I’m impressed with the notion of the Money Power using the ‘make a better world’ ambition. Very much truth there.

    I’m also impressed with “there is no intellectual way out of it but some aspects of Religion, which is a bad choice either. We need a secular Intellectual Renaissance or we deserve what we get from Global Tyranny.”

    This is very fundamental and very reminiscent of Jacques Attali:

    “Attali believes that all opposition to the coming world order will be futile because it will not propose another system.
    ‘Most of these new contestants will propose no system of substitution… Expect for a handful who will propose a return to theocracy.’
    To criticize and expose is not enough, we must strive to create our own world, before a crazed cult destroy us forever.

    This is one of my fundamental drivers, hence the Gelre, for instance.

    To me God is key. But not in a (organized) ‘religious’ way, but the God that we meet when we close our eyes and shut down our thinking processes.

    This God is moral being with a will for the good. A scientist and a being of Truth too. He wants His children to devise uplifting systems.

    He has given me the keys for high class interest free currencies and other people who are willing to contemplate real solutions really hard and who are really willing to quit ‘trying to get rich’ with inventing something can create something for the betterment of their brethren too.

    Thank you Henrique.

  6. Henrique permalink

    Right on target! Jews are the Ultimate Metropolitans, and Metropolitanism with it’s religion of ( Moral ) Liberalism and World-improverism ( every 12-year-old today want to make a “better world” – obviously they end up in the hands of the Money Power through one of its fronts; be it Environmentalism, Racial “equality”, feminism, gay rights or whatever else that consolidates Money Hegemony ). Read Oswald Spengler; who, by the way, ( and I was amazed and laughed to notice the other day ), is considered “anti-semite” by some organizations as well. Every socialist, activist for beautiful causes and World-improver of any kind is a willing puppet to the Money Power. Sad to see there is no resistance at all against this, as almost every possibility in the sphere of action of the common man today involves some kind of “making a better World” and there is no intellectual way out of it but some aspects of Religion, which is a bad choice either. We need a secular Intellectual Renaissance or we deserve what we get from Global Tyranny.

    P.S. As Spengler magnificently defined, Judaism ( and Islam ) people have “Magian” world-view, which means that they are ONE NATION, no matter WHERE they are physically; they always were, and always will be, ONE NATION. Why do you think they are extremely important to the Money Power…? I tried mentioning this to Makow once, but he didn’t post it. Guess everything goes to remain “popular” right? I think this Gardner is a lost cause, for completely ignoring the historical perspective; in fact, he has the typical mindset of a little World-Improver puppet.

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