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Understand that the Banking System is One

by on March 7, 2012

Far too much energy is wasted on analyzing the banking system to death. The key to understanding its machinations is seeing that it is one global system, controlled and directed from the top down. Shifting blame from Government to Central Banks to Wall Street is just a distraction.

Endless analyses of exactly who is to blame for what is filling the columns of both the mainstream- and alternative media. Is it Wall Street, the Central Banks, derivatives, politicians, economists, greed?

This article by the Daily Bell is a typical example. In the article the Daily Bell correctly analyzes that the Central Banks are trying to generate a world wide depression. However, they present the Central Banks as a statist operation, messing up the operations of free market players, which would be the banks.

The problem with this is, that the Central Banks and the commercial banks are owned by the same people.

The banking system must be seen as a whole. It includes all the Central Banks, all major commercial banks, BIS, the academic world ‘studying’ economics and finance and the financial press.

The Daily Bell is right to say that they are engineering a depression. They are wrong to suggest that the CB’s are responsible for this while the banks are not. Yes the banks are on the receiving end of the CB’s, but they’re all just mere links in the chain of command and control.

Central Banks were created by the banking community as lenders of last resort because they went bust so often. They needed the CB’s to maintain a certain stability within the system, otherwise they would not have been able to maintain their monopoly on currency.

Nowadays CB’s are all powerful financial juggernauts allowing the Money Power full control always. They don’t care about some of their banks going bust occasionally, because they are just the vehicles dividing the market among them. Their market control remains 100%.

When the CB’s do things to hurt creditors (the big banks) they do so to damage their balances and their ability to lend. In this way the illusion of real forces creating a depression is created. It’s the same thing with the BIS raising capital reserve requirements. They know this means depression, but their sell is ‘stability’. The instability they created by purposefully allowing the banks to leverage ever more only a decade ago is conveniently forgotten by well paid academics and journalists who most people think are on the lookout for these kind of things.

Stagflation is easily created by combining the deflationary bust with rising prices for commodities through speculation. These price rises then eventually attack the whole economy already strapped for cash.

In earlier times bankers just published an advertizement in their Banker Magazine telling their members at what date to start calling in loans. In this way contracting the money supply and creating a deflationary depression allowing them to buy everything up for pennies on the dollar. Nowadays things are a little more convoluted.

But for the few men controlling the system it is not. They just order: ‘create depression now’. Their executives push the buttons and voila.

And yes, it’s a gigantic control grid and very complicated and it is very difficult for them to maintain control. But it still is a system, being worked. And those that work it are the most powerful men in the world.

A ‘Free Gold Market’
When we realize how the system is controlled in this way, it is also easy to understand that a ‘free currency market’ is also easily controlled top down.

Massive funding for Gold based currency, support from the media, the academics, political pressure. A real onslaught that will quickly conquer the maiden ‘free market’. Then the easy contraction of the money supply at will by controlling world Gold reserves.

The Banking System is One. It is controlled top down. Those that control it are the Money Power. It’s global and it rules finance. It dominates every Government on the planet through it.

Its basic operations are simple: maintain monopolistic control of the money supply. Provide credit at interest. Create a boom/bust cycle by inflation and deflation. Finance those under control or to be brought under control and starve the rest. Translate this financial omnipotence to Global Despotism.

The implementation of these basic policies have become more complex during the last century. But for the controllers little has changed.

This is basically all we need to know about the problem. There is no need to endlessly analyze what the CB’s are up to now or what Goldman Sachs is doing next. They’re busy doing what they’ve always done.

We should be busy deserting the system and building new, really free and independent currencies instead.

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  1. quotable:

    “Sir, other nations have emperors and kings, and titles of nobility, and established churches, as well as national banks; but is that any reason why the people of the United States should abandon their Republican principles, and imitate these foreign forms of Government ? Although the Senator from Kentucky [Henry Clay] may not, and I believe does not desire such a change, yet he may virtually accomplish it sooner than he anticipates. If he can create this great National Bank, and can ally it with the Government in Washington city on terms of the closest intimacy; if he can thus concentrate the money power here, and render its interest identical with that of the political power, he may succeed in establishing for this country not a monarchy, but the very worst form of Government with which mankind has ever been cursed. A hereditary aristocracy has acquired this infamous pre-eminence; but the Government of a moneyed aristocracy would, if possible, be still worse. From interest and from habit, a landed aristocracy has always cherished some feelings of kindness for the people; but an upstart moneyed aristocracy has no heart to feel for them, no desire to promote their welfare. It looks upon mankind as mere laboring machines for its own benefit. It never indulges in those kindly and Christian sympathies which make us feel that all men are alike created in the image of their Maker, and are brethren. This is the kind of Government which may be established by an intimate union of the political with the money power. We may approach nearer to the Governments of the old world, by establishing this Bank, than the Senator or any of his friends imagine. If this should be the case, corruption will insinuate itself into the sinews and nerves and very vitals of the body politic. The people would still attend the elections and be flattered with the idea that they still enjoyed all their liberties, whilst a secret, controlling, all-pervading influence, would direct their conduct. The corpse of a free Government would then only remain, whilst the animating spirit had fled forever.” –Said future President of the United States, on Wednesday, July 7, 1841.

  2. jacetbl permalink

    Notice the very last sentence: ”We should be busy deserting the system and building new, really free and independent currencies instead.”

    Bitcoin, here we come.

      • The new coin itself, is in first instand totally irrelevant as in:
        First handle a different problem first: the transition to the new.

        And what the new coin then is, is up to you, in your own life.

        The idea that a new currency will change anything is false.
        Only A new choice will change something, and that new choice will result in the coin you choose.

        The new choice means mostly: being ready to leave the old, really going into transition.
        See also

        Most people do not really want to leave the old, and project this ‘not really wanting’ into all the ‘analysing’…….

        • “Only A new choice will change something, and that new choice will result in the coin you choose.”

          For this the new coin needs to be available.

          So while people are discovering the principles of abundance, I think it is useful to have a choice for them available once they wake up……..

        • Howg permalink

          Re. Most people do not really want to leave the old…

          Actually, most people would not even know if the system were changed, as was the case in Canada.
          The Bank of Canada created money for about 40 years (along with private banks), and it served the country relatively well – well compared to before & after.

          But in my experience, the public was not aware of these changes – not when the BoC was created in 1935 (though I was not around at that time), and not when they stopped in 1974.
          The positive impact can be seen in retrospect by looking at Canada’s debt levels over the 20th century, but the people had no idea one way or the other as these policy changes were never publicised.

          In one’s everyday life, there was no difference whatsoever.

    • DANIEL KRYNICKI permalink

      I would like to propose usury free capitalism without private creation of currency and credit. We keep our present Constitution enshrining life, liberty and property ownership. A couple of Constitutional Amendments to abolish usury and private creation of money as well as extablishing a National Currency and Credit Administration are all that is necessary. Under this system all extraneous taxation will be eliminated like property taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes, etc. Only one tax would be needed on increase in an individual’s wealth to keep the money supply in balance with the economy. Markets would remain free as well as contracts of mutual risk to allow dividends. This is neither Communism nor is it Socialism. A 20th century lawyer turned Bible scholar proposed much of this during the 1940s. His name was Howard B. Rand. He died October 17, 1991.
      Digest of Divine Law
      “In these three important laws a perfect monetary system based upon the value of goods, services and the increase of our national wealth with the outlawing of usury and the institution of a system of taxation which is not confiscatory of property, the foundation will have been laid for an economic structure which in operation will be par excellent. Nothing that the socialists can conceive nor the Communists desire can be compared to the institution of the God-given system which will out-capital capitalism in that all men will become capitalists and ‘sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree; and none shall make them afraid; for the mouth of the Lord of hosts hath spoken it.’ In this statement is the assurance of food and drink, to replace the fear and want which is ever present with men under the present economy.”

      Study in Revelation
      “The call now goes forth for God’s people to leave the system ‘that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.’

      “This call indicates that Israel is in the system and carrying on her commercial activities in conformity with the requirements of Babylon. As the time of judgment approaches God calls his people to leave the system.

      “It would be unjust to call upon Israel to leave the Babylonian methods of commerce if there were not another system already waiting Israel’s adoption in this time of emergency. Now there is such a system and it was given to His people at Mount Sinai. Israel departed from its observance and, in the adoption of the methods of Babylon, acquired the economic evils of that heathen system. Accompanying this call for Israel to leave the Babylonian system of economics is the way they are to go, now being pointed out through the proclamation of the Kingdom message. Attention is being called to their God-given laws of administration and His perfect system of economics which is par excellence. While Israel continues under Babylonian methods she is partaking of her sins, and receiving of her plagues.

      “The Sins Of Babylon:
      “For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.

      “This sentence is pronounced in accord with the Israel law of judgment in matters of economic justice. This again confirms the fact that in this chapter John is witnessing the judgment upon the economic and not the ecclesiastical phase of Babylonian manifestation.

      “The present economic system has been unjust, oppressive and has taken from God’s people the fruit of their labors. It is judged a usurper and thief. The law says, ‘For all manner of trespass, whether it be for ox, for ass, for sheep, for raiment, or for any manner of lost thing, which another challenges to be his, the cause of both parties shall come before the judges; and whom the judges shall condemn, he shall pay double unto his neighbor. (Ex. 22:9.)”

  3. Bourchakoun permalink

    Unfortunately – the strongman of the Banking System – the Secret Services of the World are also ONE. They work as one well-oiled machine to make sure that if someone threatens the status-quo – there will be only one response. And this is even not counting in the black-op groups as well as the Mafia, Cartels and Triads and of course most likely real-high-tech secret groups with way advanced weaponry. Whenever you need a pulverized skyscraper or plane….

    Establishment of a truly threatening free currency system will never be allowed. For example a mere billionaire is economically able to change Iceland’s economy of 300.000 inhabitants into a free money system. Probably any billionaire with assets of 5 billion $ could do it – probably less.

    The money concentration process is too far advanced – THEY have as good as won – the people fighting IT – like Anthony – can only postpone it and maybe make limited changes on a regional basis as with the Gelre. Maybe in some future system that rises out of their fascist City-State-UTOPIA to be – the informations here, the real-life examples will be used to create a better way.

    But life is even more than this struggle for control of Good and Evil 🙂

  4. >>>>so much for this correction. Excellent.

    But, will you be man enough to delete the fabrication, which you uncritically copied from some book-peddler ?

    • yeah, you’re right. I liked the quote, too bad it was fake. Do you have any saying somthing in kind that’s for real?

      God, there are many bogus quotes out there, it’s incredible.

      I deleted it.

      • William Gouge was the only one (i know of) who wrote that the whole banking system is rotten, but not in a quotable sentence, but a whole chapter.

        William Gouge, 1833:
        “The fault is in the system. Give the management of it to the wisest and best men in the country, and still it will produce evil. No new principles of action were introduced by the early administration of the United States’ Bank. If the members of Congress who granted the charter did not know that the usual way of paying all instalments after the first is by discounting stock notes, they had not much acquaintance with either the theory or the history of Banking. As little credit must be given them for intelligence in respect to money corporations, if they did not know that the practice of those who wish to get the control of such institutions is, to divide their shares, as was done by certain gentlemen in Baltimore and others in Philadelphia. It was not, surely, to be expected, that men who associated with the professed design of making profit for themselves, and who admitted the Government as a partner, should trammel themselves with restrictions which the Legislature had, either through design or oversight, failed to impose.”

        Samuel Hooper, 1862 February 3:
        “Thus are secured all the benefits of the old United States Bank without many of those objectionable features which aroused opposition. …. It will be as if the Bank of the United States had been divided into many parts, and each part endowed with the life, motion, and similitude of the whole, revolving in its own orbit, managed by its own board of directors, attending to the business interests of its own locality; and yet to the bills of each will be given as wide a circulation and as fixed a value as were ever given to those of the Bank of the United States in its palmiest days. …. The Government simply authorizes the investment of capital in the loans, and the use of the bonds representing the loans as the basis of a sound circulation.”

        Representative Spaulding, February 19, 1863, House:
        “Bank notes, under this bill [1863 National Currency Bank bill], would be loaned to the Government and the people at six and seven per cent. interest. We give to the banking associations the interest on the national currency issued by them, as an inducement to them to form these associations and become liable for its redemption. Instead of the Government issuing this national currency direct to the soldiers and other creditors without interest, it sells its own six per cent. bonds to the banking associations, and takes its pay in legal tender notes”

        Representative William Armisted Burwell, (1780 – 1821) Virginia, Wednesday, January 16, 1811, in the House:
        “if you should unfortunately adopt the favorite project of some, to establish a grand national bank, it will become so interwoven with the fiscal transactions of society, and so intimately blended with the existence of the Government, that their duration will be co-equal; the dangerous power of a bank, extended over the continent, with a capital which would necessarily embrace in its funds, all the individuals of wealth and influence, would produce the same effect with a national debt, to that amount”

        House of Representatives, Saturday, January 19, 1811.
        Mr. Desha [Joseph Desha (December 9, 1768 – October 11, 1842) Kentucky] said:–
        Mr. Speaker, the question is on a concurrence with the Committee of the Whole, in striking out the first section of the bill that contemplates a renewal of the charter of the Bank of the United States; or, in other words, whether we will foster a viper in the bosom of our country, that will spread its deadly venom over the land, and finally affect the vitals of your republican institutions; or, whether we will, as it is our duty, apply the proper antidote, by a refusal to renew the charter, thereby checking the cankering poison, the importation and dissemination of foreign influence that has already brought our Government almost to the brink of ruin.

        Senator Silas Wright, (1795 – 1847); (D); Wednesday, June 9, 1841:
        “These irregularities and evils of the two former Banks of the United States, which I have pointed out, and from which the country has so severely suffered and is now suffering, are not mere incidents, the effects of particular times and circumstances. They are intrinsic, and their causes are to be found in the very nature of a moneyed corporation, managed by private cupidity, and having for its support the vast credit and revenues of this mighty nation.”

        Thomas Hart Benton, in the Senate, Wednesday, June 9, 1841:
        “the architects of mischief –the political, gambling, and rotten part of the banks, headed by the Bank of the United States, and aided by a political party– set to work to make panic and distress, to make suspensions and revulsions, to destroy trade and business, to degrade and poison the currency ; to harass the country until it would give them another national bank : and to charge all the mischief they created upon the democratic administration. This has been their conduct ; and having succeeded in the last presidential election, they now come forward to seize the spoils of victory in creating another national bank, to devour the substance of the people, and to rule the government of their country.”

        Representative Robert Wright (1752-1826); Maryland, in the House, Monday, January 21, 1811:–
        “Sir, this charter is very nearly allied to the funding system; they had a coeval conception, and the same progenitors. They were conceived in sin, and born in iniquity. The funding system was founded in the basest of frauds to the best of men: the war-worn soldier, whose necessities compelled him to part with his certificates, the price of his blood and toil during an eight years’ war; and out of which the arch speculator, availing himself of those necessities, had trepanned him, at half a crown in the pound.”

        Richard Mentor Johnson (1780 – 1850);(D) Kentucky; future vice-president under Van Buren, House of Representatives, Tuesday, January 22, 1811.
        “Sir, it will be difficult to convince the people that it is necessary, in the language of the Constitution, to create a moneyed aristocracy and a privileged order of men, extending its branches, its influence, and its strength, into the interior of every State, to collect taxes, to borrow money, or to regulate commerce. The primary object of this incorporation was to promote usurpation of power, to support the dangerous doctrine of implication, and to amass wealth from the labor of the people, and not for the exclusive object of carrying into effect any express authority in the Constitution.”

        John Wayles Eppes (1773-1823), Thursday, January 24th, 1811, House:
        ” I shall confine myself to such observations as will tend to show that the renewal of the charter is not necessary for the prosperity of agriculture and commerce, as has been stated; that the union of a moneyed institution with a Government, possessing the powers of war and peace, is dangerous to republican institutions; that the dissolution of the charter will produce no injury to the public, or to individuals; that the same principles which induced the republican party, in the year 1790, to oppose the incorporation of this bank, ought to prevent a renewal of the charter at the present time.”

    • I have two questions: Why do you dislike Makow? You could publish on his site if you have short (max 1200 words) essays on interesting issues that are largely misunderstood. For instance: if you would work out the case against Lincoln and his greenback, that would be most interesting. His site is well read and would send many waves trough the alterntive media.

      2nd question: Where can I read about your program for reform? I’d be much interested in how you would go about things.

      • I think i have contempt for all of them. My “peddlers of conspiracy and their supporters” is clear on that:
        Nobody likes it, and I doubt johnny-come-lately Makov or anyone in the industry would want to re-post it or add to it.

        Makov spent his life looking for pussy in strange places; cared not about conspiracy, banking, illuminati; now he is presenting himself as expert, researcher, brand-new discoverer of hidden things.
        In the ’70s he got himself a pretty huge diploma at the University of Toronto. In those days he did not give a flying hoot-fuck about international money power. David Astle published his book in Toronto in 1975; it was well received; did Makov know a care about it then ?…. yet in 2008 he has the nerve and audacity to write about Astle upon his death.
        The library of UofT is the second larges university collection in North America; such books are sitting on its shelves as “The Babylonian Woe” by Astle, “Impact” by Pound, “The Coming Battle” (first addition), “The Sealed Train” “The Money Question” “Ideas for good government” by Peter Cooper, “Seven Financial Conspiracies”, “The Money Problem” by Arthur Kitson, “Shall it be again”, and a number of others on the subject as you can see on my site; did Makov care to look any of them in the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s? so whence his sudden interest in 2003 ?
        Similarly, whence the sudden interest of Ellen Brown ? where was she when David Duke needed some moral support ?

        The case against the Lincoln/greenback myth is also there, to nobody’s liking; and prepared and posted 600 pages of the Record to support my argument that these peddlers know nothing about greenbacks

        >>>>>2nd question
        As I said, long before we were born, everything there is to say/write about money was said and written
        [pre-amble: in order to effect any monetary reform, first we need an army, then we need to win the war, then exterminate the money power, then reform the system –that won’t happen anytime soon; Napoleon had a good army, yet he lost; Stalin also had a good army but he, too, lost]

        In the case of the United States the solution was presented in a way-too-long speech by Mr. Bailey, in 1908
        based on Calhoun’s concept from 80 years earlier. The short of it is this (and something similar to this was enacted in the second independent treasury act): the money of the United States is gold-silver-copper coin, to supplement these coins the Treasury should issue (spend into circulation) non-legal-tender Treasury notes. This would be that long-desired elastic currency: if there are too many notes, they go below par and people simply return them to the Treasury in payment of taxes; if for some reason coin leaves the country, more notes can be issued at par, and the per capita circulation of the country does not decrease and there is no money panic/shortage.
        It was also suggested way-back-when that the Post Office or a fully owned Bank of the United States should be used as a nation-wide savings office
        Perhaps, if it actually is necessary, member States could establish fully state-owned banks and circulate state notes within that State

        My opinion, and Mr. Gouge’s, that before any change in the system can be enacted, private banking (and bankers) must be completely outlawed; otherwise talk about reform is just bullshitting the audience
        “To talk about regularization of banks means either to betray complete ignorance, or to fool the simple folk with high sounding words” –Lenin
        “Twaddle.– To talk of ‘regulating’ Banks. So long as they exist, they will regulate every thing around them. –Mississippi Free Trader, 1842

        If we were to start a brandnew country on a brandnew continent: the priest-king of the city-state would pick something available (sea-shell, clay notes redeemable in barley, bark of the mulberry tree, copper coin……) and that would be used as the medium of exchange. When the leninists started brand-new (and for some reason non of ye wanna-bee reformers want to study this well documented experiment) they issued paper notes, and money and currency was the same. It was a very good conceptsome moral support

        • Ok, that’s a rational system. But I do see some problems with it.

          Why metal? Why not just go paper all the way? Where would you get the metal. the US owns none. All is under the control of the Money Power.

          The second thing is: how would you organize credit? We agree we don’t want banks, but we do need credit.

          • Just out of curiosity: how long have you been in this business?

            Why blame Makow for waking up ‘late’? Most were sound asleep, not? After the war the idea of ‘Money Power’ was buried together with Hitler’s quaint notions of the International Jew, Jewish Marxism and Interest Free currency.

            When I asked Makow about yamaguchy he considered it a great resource and linked to it. Of course I can’t speak for him, but I’m quite positive he’d be delighted to publish your work on the banking history of the US, although I must immediately add he’s a harsh editor.

            • This guy’s forum or postings are really foul. I don’t think he’s worth the effort. I tried to read some of his stuff, and it is too gross for me. It’s not even clever. He’s a complete bore.

              During the 70s, 80s, and 90s I was working to support my family. Most of us are late in that regard.

              • His manners suck Al, I agree, but I’ve already learned a great deal from him and I’m pretty grateful for it!

                • Geez, I don’t his manners are that good. Anyone with an attitude like that is not trustworthy in my opinion. I have never or will not learn from a psycho..been there, done that…no workee

                  • Bourchakoun permalink

                    Most people have some minor or major faults – except for those with the highest state of consciousness – but usually those are not interested in wielding any power or even in changing the world. It is better to know the faults of people and also the good sides. JFK was chasing pussy to the extreme, but at least he tried to change the system even knowing the real enemy. The only highly unforgivable fact in the ALTERNATIVE world is when someone gives you 90% truth and then CONSCIOUSLY AND ON PURPOSE directs your energy to support dead-end or NWO-paths – like Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Gary Johnson, anarchy, communism or “real” free “unfettered” capitalism. Albeit some people in the field may do it erronously since there is sooooo much deception out there – G. E. Griffin as an example.

                    But one thing is certain – most true awakend reformers in the alternative field would gladly sacrifice a few of their ideas and unite in order defeat those who work together so well in order to enslave us all. We just have to do the same – but I do not see it happening anyday soon, because people would rather bicker about some minor points like homosexuality, abortion, adultery of this or that guy – all the while the guys who most likely sacrifice children any day of the year in any form imaginable continue to build the net of enslavement.

          • In the US there is a pre-existing condition: 1) founders decided on gold/silver/copper; 2) the mindset of the people regarding precious metals
            When the leninists started new states they went purely with paper; the money would have been good but the management of the economy, direction of factories not so much

            There is enough metal in the US to facilitate transactions (with the complement of treasury notes). It is the question of government and military power. The greenbacks showed that issuing notes in the amount of a small fraction of the asset value of the country can produce general prosperity and debt-free-ness, in 1861 the asset value of the US was estimated to be $16,000million

            Your ideas of credit and monetizing credit I do not subscribe to; it is what banks do now, issue notes based on their good credit; not a good idea
            as for the two of ye (and many others) objecting to my telling it like it is about your heroes the book-peddlers….
            typical reaction of these groupies: they have no objection to stealing, which is what plagiarists do; they have no objection to lying, which what peddlers do when they compile books full of fake-quotes, fabrications;
            what interesting value system they have, (that of a pick-pocket)
            sad as it is, i posted more good information on the website than these bookpeddlers put together (99 years later still no one has read the story of the Fed Res Act, and none of ye groupies and wannabees dare to go near a library and look it up; so much for all ye, and your hero cheerleaders)
            your itching ears much prefer Ellen Brown, however much she lies to ye, however far she misleads ye (you still haven’t written anything about her goddess worship which is also satanism)
            how long have i been in this business? I have been a nationalist and anti-communist since i was 15 (i think these things are genetic)
            By 1987 i learned to read english text without much use of dictionary, had money and purchased books from OMNI, Sons of Liberty, Liberty Bell, Canadian Intelligence Service, by the bushel (on my Mullins page I posted the text of a dozen Mullins articles, those newspapers i held in my hands)
            Griffin and Still were already peddling their wares 20 years ago, but these internet heroes came with the internet

            your hero Makov came to my site in 2003, acquired good chunk of finagled wisdom from there; your other hero, Dick Eastman, came to the site in 2007 and he can’t stop talking about Kitson since
            As you may have seen on the net, all the electronic text i produced and uploaded was copied and offered for sale by some subhuman with the same shoplifter morality; nobody copied the two articles from the forum “Lincoln and his Dick” (and, bitch all ye want, these are the fabricator’s words “My Dear Colonel Dick”, could have been my dear Major Prick or Sergeant Johnson) and “The Conspiracy Industry”; I couldn’t stop your hero from re-posting them

            As I wrote in the article, there is no money in telling the dumb animals that through election you will never get a good government, that buying peddlers’ books will not solve anything, that you are facing a relentless, untiring, determined, well-organized, disciplined enemy who brought you three world wars in 2 centuries, and the only language it understands is extermination

            • Bourchakoun permalink

              I agree that the possiblity of change without extremely widespread awakening and a real concentrated more or less unified agenda is practically useless. And then of course is the matter of effective resistence against them – even if most of humanity effectively woke up and rose up and tried to establish an interest-free effective money system, tried to re-boot medicine, declassify all shelved science that threatens them and tried to re-build the education system a war would erupt surpassing our wildest dreams. At the current level of power-concentration where the money-power has already usurped a wide level of real assets as production capacity as well as having built an enormous technological advantage – probably being roughly 50 years ahead – our advantage of numbers armed with 1890-technology of current pop-guns used even by the military is simply a joke.

              The enemy is still underestimated greatly by the people in the alternative world.

              However those book-peddlers who spell a good deal of truth might leave behind some information for future generations who may have better chances of erecting a better world on the basis of available information.

              Mankind’s current society is more or less 6000-8000 years into the development process – the fascist city-states won’t last forever.

  5. The fabricated quote, blamed on Garfield, discredits the article. Through his political career Mr. Garfield was a spokesman for gold and bond interests. He should have been shot; and when he was, it was not because he opposed bankers

    Scroll to the bottom of this topic to see the origin of this regurgitation:

    • “Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.” –Rothschild in 1877

    • Thanks so much for this correction. Excellent.

      I was wondering: You have completely convinced me Lincoln was a Money Power agent. But why was he killed. Do you know?

      • I dont’t know;
        none of the theories advanced by writers convinced me. I like best the idea put forward by Balsiger (‘The Lincoln Conspiracy’ by David Balsiger and Charles E. Sellier, Jr., 1977) that Booth simply shot Lincoln not to let a good conspiracy go to waste.

        Between 1866 and 1868 Senator Doolittle said many times that Lincoln would not have gone along with radical reconstruction (to “reduce States to the condition of territories and citizens[whites] to the grade of vassals”). That would have been a lot more plausable reason for wasting him –the aim of the power that fomented, organized and brought upon them that war _was_ to re-construct the United States and bring it under central control

  6. Howg permalink

    Re. ‘Elephant in the room’, I’ve always been fascinated by how mainstream economists understand this issue (much like doctors regards nutrition).

    I was listening to one such expert last week, and he made a great distinction between “debt” and “credit”. His take was that extending ‘credit” to a productive enterprise or individual was really an investment, while lending for consumption was “debt”.

    Then it dawned on me!
    Because GDP is measured in dollars, (units of currency), standard economic theory believes that $1,000 circulating 100 times in an economy creates $100,000, thus easily paying off the interest.
    Of course, zero money is created as every transaction has a buyer and a seller; GDP is a zero-sum game regards money-creation, but it does create value measured in dollars.

    Do you think this explains the sleight of hand?
    Is this why we always hear of the dept/GDP ratio? (instead of the debt of the money supply itself?)
    Is this why the Paul Krugmans of the world believe that soundly invested debt-money can grow an economy out of debt?


    Also, regarding: Even the FED pays back the interest it makes to the Govt.
    This is really quite deceptive too.
    The “interest” is that part of the principal designated to pay off interest.
    Interest money itself does not exist.

    So really, this is just more circulation of principal, part of GDP.
    The FED recirculates some money, and banks too pay their employees, overhead, etc. with the “interest”.
    But it’s really all principal, and none of these actions creates any new money whatsoever.

    Interestingly, G. Edward Griffin uses this rationale to “debunk” the “myth” that our debt-money can never be repaid. And I know he knows better… 🙂

    • pieuw howg………….. it seems trying to understand how economists think is more difficult than understanding economics itself……………..

  7. Legalize insider trading.
    With the proliferation of internet/cellphones/print/electronic media it’s impossible to prevent insider trading.

    • There is only insider trading. All the ‘non-insider’ trading is just a scam, with the insiders ripping off the ‘non-sophisticated’ money.

      • The LIBOR scandal is a massive smokescreen to divert us away from the big crime: USURY—interest charged on money and computer digits, backed by our labour.

        Why should we put the value on the Banksters paper and digits and they charge interest on them? What do I mean? The banknote or digits are only worth something because we use them to buy something: food, equipment, property or services, which people have worked to create. The Banksters do nothing to create any of those things—they sit in the background, taking interest on every banknote/digit that they have issued 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for infinity.

        If there is $100 trillion in circulation in the world now and they get 5%, that’s $50 trillion a year and increasing every minute.

        The only real change needed to the current banking system is to charge a one-off payment for borrowers rather than compound interest; the amount of the payment would be dependent on the historical, statistical risk factor. For example: banks can charge a one-off 5% rate for property purchase and 10% one-off payment for credit card finance. Banks would pass on much of this to investors/depositors and could be competitive by their expertise in judicious lending and advice to borrowers.

        If there were no interest on loans, the Banksters could not commit the frauds that they are doing now.

        • absolutely Roger, thanks for this.

          • Thank you Anthony for your kindness in reading and responding to my ideas. Just a couple of more things:If there were no interest on loans, the Banksters could not commit the frauds that they are doing now and, without the incentive of interest payments generated by the war industry, they would have no benefit in fomenting wars as they are doing now with finance by the $trillions they are getting from our labour.

            Where do you read or see anything about this ‘Elephant in the room’ in the mainstream media? Do you hear the word ‘USURY’ apart from blogs like this one?

            • To my mind it’s one of the mysteries of our time, how deeply the adversary has managed to hide this great truth in plain sight.

              Even if you google usury, the number of returns is surprisingly small.

              It’s incredibly how few in the Alternative Media understand this basic issue, even though they often do realize the financial industry is just a scam. But they fall for the silly idea the problem is money creation, instead of monopolized usurious money creation. that they can’t see the problem is not debt, it’s interest. Clearly, if the money were created interest free and we only had to pay the $200k of our mortgage over 30 years there would be no problem at all.

              • Dear Marc, I have something to add to my previous comments: of course, for my ideas to work, the banks would have to be re-established as small independent, regional banks with no possibility for interbank transactions—community banks. All new money would be by application to the Bank of England as depositors’ money is depleted and new loan applications are received. interest-free Issue of new money would only be sanctioned subject to submission of new loan applications.

                This system would create a natural money supply aspect as the bank would only request money which is already allocated. This would, generally be as a result of increased commercial activity, which creates profits and, therefore justifies release of more money into the economy. This, in itself, should guard against inflation by excessive printing or digital entries..

                In the event of the banks having a surplus of reserves over loans, which is unlikely, the bank can refuse profit-bearing deposits until it has the required borrowers. In this case, whilst not ideal, the bank would provide a holding facility for depositors until loan applications were received. The ability to reduce one-off payments to borrowers is a mechanism to solve this problem, although this could initiate a banker’s propensity to reduce profits from lenders to a risky level.

                Payments to depositors and from borrowers must have a time factor; that is to say, there should be a higher one-off payment for a longer loan term.

                You may say this system is akin to the one in existence now but it differs insofar as the money supply decision is taken away from central banks, who, now, make profits by trading money rather than providing a service to depositors/borrowers in order to make a profit. It should, also protect against inflation to a major extent.

                The amounts paid by borrowers would be much less than they are now. The fraudulent system of ‘fractional reserve’ lending would also be eliminated—a system only beneficial too bankers if they can charge interest.

                A major factor is that governments could not borrow directly from central banks, to whom they pay interest, but must raise their money for fiscal spending by taxation, which should, with transparency, mean more accountability to the populace. Under this type of funding system, it would be very difficult for them to raise money for unnecessary military spending, especially wars of aggression.

                • I can go a long way with this Roger, although I’d decentralize matters even further. We think in the same direction though!

                  the key is to get rid of interest, but we should also keep our eye open for possible manipulation of volume. A powerful bank at the top of the pyramid could easily be subverted by the maniacs owning them now.

              • Sorry, I meant Dear Anthony, not Marc. Endless apologies

  8. elviswinehouse permalink

    “Finance those under control or to be brought under control and starve the rest. Translate this financial omnipotence to Global Despotism”.

    Do the Jews have anything to do with this? Is this related to the Talmud? Is there some sort of Jewish conspiracy going on, or am I a neo nazi anti Semantic limited intelligence freak?

    • check the ‘is Anti Usury Activism Anti-Semitic’ page (to your right) for my position on this. You may also want to read the series beginning with ‘how the Money Power created Libertarianism and Austrian Economics’.

  9. Joseph permalink

    Anthony ,another good article,

    A real economy should be based on ,food ,clothing , shelter .education and energy which are the basic needs for the survival of any culture .When these activities are relegated to a subordinate position underneath the creation of debt and interest payments , it will eventually destroy the nation.. No matter how the money is created our society has to make a conscious decision to be sure the physical realities of life are not abstracted by economic theory.

    The current private banking system is run as a subsidiarity for upper classes .Without the fractional reserve laws the bankers would have to fund all loans at 100 percent reserve ,which would in turn destroy the derivative and future markets , At this monent 30percent ofthe american economy is within the financial sector and which consumes to up to 45percent of the price on products or services due to servicing the debt ,it can’t last too much longer .

    The one way out of this delimma establish local public banks ,in each nation state ,county ,city etc in which the citizens themslves vote for their own individualistic economic priorties . These local non profit public banks would have citizens on their board to administrate the local communities descisions . I see this as more taking back the power of creativity and invigorating local economy .

  10. Anthony,

    I liked your article. I like things simple and this article did the job. My view of any economy is to buy low and sell high; the rest is just technique. Governments have always managed to screw up just about everything it touches. Banking and the use of usury is the major problem that distorts the natural process of an economy.

    Thanks again,

  11. deadeyeblog permalink

    Great work as usual, Anthony.

    There should be at least two universal principles governing central banks:

    1. Only a certain percentage of a nation’s debt (preferably zero) should be owned by private or foreign interests, and the rest should be funded by that nation’s sovereign credit. The first bank of the United States was like 25% private and foreign bondholders, and the rest was “fiat money”. I think the second bank was even more stringent. There might be a good argument, especially for less-developed countries, to borrow money for needed infrastructure.

    2. Credit and monetary policy should be subject to congressional / parliamentary vote, and put in the public record. We need people who can be pressured and held accountable for their decisions.

    National economics:

    • (Public) central banks should be the lender of FIRST resort, driving the economy through promoting industry, agriculture, infrastructure and technology.
    • Any nation should adopt a “Glass-Steagall” standard, separating S&Ls from investment and insurance.
    • Any nation should use tariffs as a primary funding source, to promote development and self-sufficiency, and to reduce the burden of income tax.
    • S&Ls (preferably credit unions) shouldn’t get involved in anything much more complicated than their members’ mortgages, business loans and car loans.
    • I think you’ve had a lot of interesting ideas about community credit. It might be nice to have a central bank help establish and guarantee the debt of nationwide networks of credit unions, who would have stricter standards, more public oversight, and maybe certain prerogatives over local lending, public employee pensions and the like.
    • Futures trading should be made irrelevant through public control of commodity prices.
    • Any nation, starting with the USA, should create universal public health insurance and pension programs, with funds managed by the central bank.
    • Most derivatives should be shredded and outlawed.
    • Investment and insurance houses need to be regulated half to death and allowed to do only those things too parochial or non-essential for the central government.

    Global economics:
    • Global trade agreements (ie Bretton Woods) are needed to determine fair currency exchange laws.
    • International partnerships are needed to prevent and prosecute tax havens, drug trafficking, and manipulation of commodities like oil through speculation. A sovereign nation can’t allow London bankers to control its resources.
    • More international partnerships are needed for joint infrastructure, technology research, development, patent law, etc.
    • We need regional “good neighbor” policies. For instance, the US should help Mexico develop its infrastructure, laws and internal markets, and stay the fuck out of Poland, Georgia, Argentina, etc.
    • We need a global partnership for developing Africa, the middle east and similar areas, and laws promoting local ownership of resources and preventing monopolization by foreign or private interests.

    Then, yes, roll out the guillotines!

    • ron permalink

      Agree with all ; and implementing the BARTER .But if you try to do it you ll finish bombed.

      • deadeyeblog permalink

        What’s the BARTER? I think Russia and China would be game for this basic outline. If the US had enough in congress willing to push it, who’s going to bomb us – Israel? the UK? That war will last about 5 minutes.

  12. Ed Tindal permalink


    Though I will certainly not argue over the general statement who in reality control the banks, it is good to mention that central banks are basically owned by the government. The shares of DNB (for instance) are in control of the Dutch government but let me rightaway add that looking at the people comprising the board of that entity, the likelyhood that the interests of the Dutch common population are served is absolutely minimal. Since the central banks are in reality (by proxy) controlled by the BIS, your general statement can be considered close to the real truth. It shall also be very clear that the real owners of the private banks and thus also in control of the monetary system are some 10-20 (mainly Jewish) banking families with many interwoven commercial interests. It is this Cartel that shall be taken out of the shadows and brought into the sterilising action of sunlight. Very few people, not even the population’s representatives in government, however seem to have the guts (or should I say incentives) to get to the core of the corruption. And corruption it is, charging interest for monetary magic out of thin air is called usury and shall be awarded with capital punishment.
    I think the unforgettable George Carlin was absolutely right on the subject of capital punishment for the bankers. Crucifiction might be a bit overdone but when the banking cartel keeps pushing for NWO, all members of these banking dynasties will finally be confronted with the guillotine (the self proclaimed “Gods chosen people” myth will only arise more anger).
    So, back to square one. Money creation out of the hands of the Banking Cartel and back to the people’s government, where it belongs. Moreover we shall make sure that money brought into circulation shall be free of interest. And to the people that shall be put in charge of our monetary system I would say: Remember George Carlin.

    Thanks for the fantastic articles of late.

    Ed Tindal

    • Agreed Ed. I overstated the case slightly to drive the basic point home.

      After the war the European CB’s were nationalized. Even the FED pays back the interest it makes to the Govt.

      All this is done to create the idea of ‘national control’, but it is just a mirage.

  13. Ahmad permalink

    Excellent article, straight to the point. Why not work on arranging workshops and seminars along with intellectuals who are on the same track for the sake of spreading this knowledge and having a wider informed sector of the public of the alternatives available? This is one aspect the Austrian school is hugely depending on through their Von Mises institute which is sponsored by illuminates. I believe that it is a powerful way to fight back those ideologies especially that you won’t find such information and knowledge in conventional academic institutes.

    • Have you got experience organizing work shops of that kind?

      • Ahmad permalink

        Unfortunately I don’t. But considering such idea is worth it, I do not know if you do agree with me?
        I am personally desperate trying to find more information on such topic.

  14. Indeed, excellent article. Very pithy and easy to read. Your conclusion gets right to the simple core. Well done, and thank you.

  15. memehunter permalink

    Excellent article and thanks for clarifying this.

    Good point to also include the academic world of economists and the financial press. They are most certainly part of the apparatus (whether they are aware of it or not).

  16. ron permalink

    Really is easy but the sheeps dont want to learn.THEY keep them feeding with many things of control.Great article as always.if Adolf Wagner was live today he d be unenployed jajajajajajaj TA

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