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The Daily Bell: Usurious Commercial Banking is Freedom, Interest-Free Government Money is Tyranny

by on April 10, 2013
The Daily Bell

The Daily Bell is indeed back: trying to reframe the debate once more. Saying Government money printing is always bad because the Money Power controls the State. There is some truth in this but as always evades the real issue. The elves passionately defend commercial banking while not wasting a single word on usury. But Usury is the ultimate Centralizer of Power.

Morphing the classical Marxist vs. Capitalist dialectic into public vs. private, the elves recently have been trying to regain some lost ground (see here and here). Their latest effort is ‘Real Evil: Attributing Money Creation to the State‘. Money Power controls the State, they correctly note, while ‘forgetting’ the Money Power is the Banking Cartel they are simultaneously defending as ‘free market banks’.

And ‘t is true: the fact that the Government creates a monopoly, only to hand it to the Money Power to milk the masses and start World Government just shows how utterly subservient to the Money Power Governments all over the world are.

Here’s the power pyramid again, it helps to keep a clear view of what is actually at stake.

The Protocols do not promote a free market Utopia. They want an all powerful World State. All its proxies see strong states. Nazism, which is a typical Money Power system, strong State, one Fuehrer, collectivist. Marxism, with its omnipotent State.

The free markets of Capitalism, aka the Money Power Transnational Monopoly, are just a ruse, it’s all one big block. Both Capitalism and Marxism are monopolies.

It is a common and grave mistake to equate Government with the Commonwealth. If it were not for the Money Power, a national Government, China, Russia or the US would have ruled the world. It would not be much more pleasant.

Anything centralizing power in State hands is Communism.

The reason we promote State money is because at this point it would devolve power from the top to the next layer. But when the State bears down on further decentralized money (like the Austrian CB closing down the Wörgl, or indeed as the Dutch Central Bank did with the Gelre), we resist that vociferously as fascist.

The issue is the centralization of power. This is the Money Power game and usury, with its 5 to 10T yearly wealth transfer, most of which ending up with the 0,0001% is the ultimate centralizer of power.

Public Banking
Public banks are better than private ones. The interest ends up with Government instead of the rich. Public Banking also allows reasonable financing of the national debt.

But: Public Banks have been typically used by the Money Power to build up nations. Just look at China these days. But also Germany after the war, Russia today and the other BRICS, most of them have public banks. Even in the USSR and its client states one had public banks who lent at interest.

This is also their main problem: they don’t end usury, at least not for the people. As a result, the poor will lose more than the middle class, who can compensate the interest drain with rents they get from the poor. The usury will concentrate power in the hands of the state. And of the monied classes, as they will continue not to face real competition in the marketplace because the many are burdened with cost for capital, while Transnationals are not.

So we should have interest-free public banks. That would still not be entirely ideal, but it would end the Money Power as we know it.

Classical populist proposals still don’t properly address the interest issue. They liberate the State of interest, but not the people. For instance Greenback proposals combined with usurious full reserve banking. However, modern thinkers on both the Greenback and indeed also Social Credit (which also is classically combined with usurious full reserve banking) are moving on: many of them are starting to see that credit creation is too simple not to do it. The problem is not money creation, it is raping the public with interest on it.

A grave concern with Public Banking reform at this point is, that the growing support it rightfully enjoys is easy to co-opt for the Money Power. My hunch is that they would want to nationalize a number of banks anyway, mainly to unload their ‘balance sheets’ on an unwitting taxpayer. Once Government has sorted through the multi-trillion damage they could again be privatized.

Banking is One
While impudently playing the private vs. public dialectic, ignoring whether power is devolved or usurped by the State, let alone usury, the Daily Bell show their real colors as the great defenders of Wall Street. It’s all a matter of statist Central Banking, according to the Elves, but also Ron Paul and all the others. Hence the ‘End the Fed’ mantra. These bad CB’s do the money creating and mess up the very fair free market operations of the banks.

But Memehunter has completely dispelled that myth. The Fed manages the volume, but the money creation itself is private: 97% of the  money creation is done by the commercial banks.

Of course the Daily Bell doesn’t like fractional reserve banking anyway: we will all feel much better when we can pay interest in Gold. That’s really sound money, according to the elves, Gary North et alia. Honest.

Moreover: Banking is One. What use is it to talk about Money Power if we don’t understand the Money Power is the banking cartel? There is no competition between banks. Money Power Gold Banks in a ‘free market for currencies‘ is just a bad joke.

We all know the CB’s were built by the banks, not the other way around. The banks own the Fed outright. They nationalized most other CB’s because private CB’s got a little too obvious due to Hitler. Originally they were lenders of last resort, maintaining stability in the system, necessary to maintain control of the money supplies of the world.

The Daily Bell and all the others would have us believe there is too much regulation, the Marxists tell us there is not enough regulation.

But the problem is banking itself. Too much usury. Too much deflation. Usury and Banking are One. Deflation and Banking are One. They will always look for freedom and the choice of voluntary contracts, preferably enforced by the State. But they don’t mind hiring some Blackwater mercenaries either.

Banking is One and it cannot be regulated, nor can it be reformed. Banking is the issue that has swept through the ages. It was conceived in iniquity and born in sin.

Silver daggers and garlic are what we need.

Further decentralization
Looking at the pyramid we see that Usury free public banking would go a long way, but it still leaves some money power with the State, for instance the power to decide who will get credit or not. There’s also danger of inflation or even the boom-bust cycle, although it would be much less than we have now.

Social Credit, combined with demurrage (REN’s proposal) or usury free, full reserve JAK Banking or Mutual Credit Facilities, is one way. It would almost entirely devolve money power to the people and the market. The money creation would be debt free, all the seignorage will be with the people themselves and usury would be eradicated. The State would still print it, but it would gain nothing from it. It also would not gain from manipulating the volume, which would be very hard to do anyway. It could only really inflate, but the people would be fully compensated for this inflation, because they would get the inflating money themselves.

Or we could have a fully interest-free credit based money supply, through Mutual Credit. It would probably still need some Social Credit to fix the gap, the difference between total demand in the economy and total output. The State could provide the Social Credit, the market would provide MC Facilities. They’d finance themselves with handling fees.

The case for regional currencies remains: large currency areas are intrinsically unstable, as lesser competitive regions would have structural capital outflow, with deflationary pressures in the regional economy. This must be fixed and regional MC based units seem ideal for that. This also further devolves money power.

And we should of course forget about monopoly and legal tender. If a currency can compete it has something to add. It should be allowed to thrive. Cyber units come to mind. MC based units would dominate any free currency market. Gold would be useful only for store of value purposes. Gresham’s law demands it and nobody will borrow Gold at 5% if he can get credit at 0%.

This would leave us with a financial industry with a maximum of 1% of GDP. A GDP that would be much lower, as many activities would be demonetized. Finance would be a boring and simple trade, just what it should be. Rent seeking would again be considered tasteless and unbecoming.

The decentralization the Austrians promote with their wholly bogus ‘free market for currencies’ is useless: it ignores Usurious Usurpation. It hides behind a phony public vs. private dialectic.

Devolving money power means getting it to lower levels of society. At this stage Government should most definitely grab back the monopoly, simply because it devolves power. Further decentralization through free market units and lower level Government (State, County, City level) is crucial.

But first and foremost we must address usury. No monetary reform without ending usury is real. Nothing that does not address the 5 to 10T per year wealth transfer of which at least 1 to 2T in the US alone can be seriously considered. Both Public Banking and the Greenback at least provide the State with interest-free money, saving $450 billion per year in debt service in the US alone. But they don’t fully end usury.

Interest Free public ‘banks’, we need another name, or private Mutual Credit Facilities would both be fine. Social Credit remains important.

Meanwhile, Government reform is way beyond the horizon. Discussing it now mainly serves to analyze possible faux-reforms that are inevitable and to get a clear picture of what we want.

That’s why free-market units are so important. We don’t have to wait.

Getting rid of the Banks and openly declaring them the main enemy is definitely not yet a popular message in the Alternative Media. Classical populists never took their thinking to its logical conclusion.

But the Banking Cartel with its centralization of power through usury and deflation are indeed what we are up against.

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  1. Reblogged this on RogersLongHairBlog and commented:
    Another Brilliant Article.

    Poisitive money and MMT are really deomcratic socialist Fabians and Stalinist commisars perpetuating the status quo. In the same way Feders Monetary radicalism was hijacked and corrupted then forgotten by Schact so it is with Positive Money who have been Hijacked by Green NGO Fascism. #WrongKindofGreen
    the whole campaign is pivoting with The Green New deal, #ExtinctionRebellion and other ruses to bring in CO2 trading schemes debt and Agenda 21 and Agenda 30. With all the nastiness of misanthropic eugenics and population control.
    Then there is #8thwaytothink and DOughnutEconomics again an NGO funded apologist crew for Usury.

    March 6, 2019

    Then there’s energy-based economics and the vacuous definition of the monetary unit to contend with.

  2. randall rhodes permalink

    Maybe the solution is far more direct and simple. We’ll just do things like we did a long time ago. We provide the labor to the business. They need to pay us in gold, crops, livestock or any another commodity that will satisfy what we’re owed. Don’t ever hand me any colored pieces of paper with cute art on it. GIVE ME SOMETHING OF VALUE NOW OR I’LL TAKE THIS AXE AND CHOP YOUR HEAD OFF WITH IT!

    • That’s the fundamental mistake: the means of exchange (money) is intrinsically worthless. That’s how it should be.

      The idea that money must be wealth is THE foundational lie that the Money Power has been programming us for ever with it.

      It is this fundamental lie that provokes ‘saving’ (hoarding the means of exchange and thus hindering its free circulation) instead of sinking money into real assets.

      Money is NOT for saving! It is to pay with!

      It is also the foundational lie that the lender has a right to Usury.

      Money and credit should be cheap and plentiful, interest-free.

  3. randall rhodes permalink

    Just started rippin’ some sick-ass Chomsky chops on my Tubeposts.. when. **Well, this IS the year the conspiracy theory craze has swept the world up in its paranoid, sweaty clutches! It’s cresting now. Here’s the latest: Terror alerts? OUT Survivalist/prepper CGI cartoons? IN! Now extend that into the realm of marketing and you can scare ’em into buying anything from prefab bunkers to camo-teddy bears for the lil’ militia force! Man, we should of done this back ’01. That was a time consuming bitch running around grabbing oil when we could have made an OBSCENE pile of cash in this new AMAZING marketing opportunity : Doomsday Direct Marketing. Now, speaking of cash… Folks, WHAT are you gonna do with that unwieldy mountain of federal reserve notes you have collected which is now stuffing up your mattresses? Don’t think Mr. and Mrs. Hick’s general store will take it. THEY will have already converted their currency to BIS backed SDR’s!! And folks, just loook…… at these beautiful and colorful bank notes. I just love collecting these. And we are now exclusively selling SDR’s with very low surcharge and licensing rates… But you gotta act NOW. These prices won’t stay this low forever. Time to retire the green and bid ‘Ol Andy Hickory Jackson a fond farewell………OK! Up next

  4. MyNameIsNobody permalink

    The Daily Bell has been halted since 16th July 2013 without warning or explanation . Does anybody know more about his?

  5. Leonel Y. Ingram permalink

    The reason why most “full reserve banking” proponents wish to prevent debt from taking on “money-like” characteristics is because they consider that only the state ought to have the role of deciding a country’s money supply. They consider it unfortunate that commercial provision of credit confers that power to private companies. The “ positive money ” campaign hopes that debt would be prevented from slipping into being “money-like” by insisting that it is held as fixed term saving accounts. The intention is that savers would then not be able to access their savings for several years and so would consider such accounts as being money that they were due to receive rather than being money they actually hold. In practice I don’t believe it would work. People who needed access to money in the interim would simply take out a shorter term loan knowing that they would be able to pay it off when their savings account matured. Credit providers would also take account of what savings accounts would be borrowers held. On a more general note, I think any such attempt at placing inconvenient obstacles would fail to erase the “money-like” properties of debt. I consider that the government does have an important role to play in controlling the supply of credit but I consider that the tool to use is price. Furthermore the way to put a price constraint on credit formation is to replace existing taxes with a tax on all gross assets (this tax idea is detailed in this pdf ).

  6. offwiththeirheads permalink – Hahahahahaha … says it all. 😉

      • offwiththeirheads permalink

        I don´t need to. I have enough imagination to realize what your excuses are and what the whitewash consists of. I know marxist rhetorics enough since my student years at the student newspaper, so … been there, done that.

        • Ah yes, another one with a rather shaky grasp of the capitalism vs. marxism dialectic………not unlike Gary himself!

        • randall rhodes permalink

          Is there still any market for marxist rhetorics? Like maybe a classified wanted section in the student newspapers? I got this huge collection to sell. Sell as high I can though…. cause I’m about making lots of cash ..

      • Gary North does not allow individuals to post responses to his site. He avoids any direct interaction and discussion.

    • Rhetoric permalink

      For those among us who are actual human beings – and not a part of the priest-class finance capital vortex of lies – perhaps this can help clear some things up for you.

      The Libertarian Disease

      Libertarianism is the ideology of the ‘Vampire Squid wrapped around the face of humanity’ as Matt Taibbi described it so beautifully some months ago. Libertarianism is not a philosophy. It is a sickness of the mind – a pathology.

      Is there anybody in the alternate media who doesn’t understand that the bankers financed communism in Russia? Is there anybody who doesn’t understand that the bankers financed Hitler’s rise to power? Is there anybody who doesn’t understand that what is happening in this country is due to the bankers? Anybody?

      Why then, would anybody give credence to anything said by Libertarians? Because the Bankers are LIBERTARIANS! And anybody who believes in the ideology of Libertarianism who is not a multi-billionaire is a useful idiot – or a psychopath who cannot think beyond his or her own needs and desires. They are sick. And they are a danger to society.

      “Freedom” “Freedom” “Freedom” is the Siren’s Song of the Libertarians. It’s an alluring message and it pisses me off to be forced to argue against it – but the kind of freedom that Libertarians want is the freedom for some filthy old man to have sex with children; the freedom to run con games – taking advantage of people who are not very bright – or old people whose facilities are not as sharp as they used to be; the freedom to be able to sell drugs to school children; and the important thing for most people is that the Libertarian brand of “freedom” means your slavery.

      The pattern is clear and history is repeating. Your enslavement in a communist system takes place as an iterative process of the breakdown of society and rules of organization. The way it works is that the Bankers succeed at breaking down the rules for how they should do business as a public service. Then they “relentlessly jam their blood funnel into anything that smells like money” – draining the economy of operating capital. As people lose their jobs and businesses, society breaks down as people struggle to survive. The longer it goes on, the more mean and hateful society gets. Corruption becomes endemic. It becomes unsafe to live around large groups of people. That’s when the Libertarians are at the peak of their power as the ordinary people cry out for “Freedom” and demand even more breakdown of the organization of society.

      When the bankers drain the economy of money, the government struggles to survive as well. It becomes corrupt and mimics the banks – jamming it’s blood funnel into anything that smells like money. This puts ordinary people under siege from all sides and that makes the Siren’s song all the more alluring. As society breaks down, and the government struggles, the police state builds and oppression becomes the norm. And in order for some kind of civilized society to survive, communism is implemented – “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”. And when that happens, you become the permanent slave of the bankers.

      And that’s why I’m arguing against ‘freedom’ – because freedom is slavery. Libertarianism is early onset Communism. And what set me off this morning is that the Libertarian psychopaths at the Mises Institute are debating whether or not to change the language of their con game. Read the article so that you will know the tactics and the strategy because the next phase of your enslavement is about to begin.

      Vicky Davis
      April 8, 2010

      • Rhetoric permalink

        Interesting, must-see viewing regarding Hitler’s rise to power; while the money masters definitely tricked the Bolsheviks and Russian people into their own genocide, it now seems obvious that they have taken false credit for Hitler in a strategic attempt to control the anti-usury rhetoric in the alternative media:

        Adolf Hitler: The greatest story never told (Part 1)

        • Hi Rhetoric,

          Yeah, I was watching this one, the other day. It’s a bit of eulogy, for instance ignoring Hitler killing hundreds of thousands of the infirm in the Reich and the eugenics link.

          But it’s true, the last few months I’ve been wondering more and more about Hitler. It’s true he took money from Wall Street, but once he came to power and starting printing his own things changed. I’m also thinking a lot about the Red Symphony, where Rashkovsky says that Hitler became a problem because of that. Interestingly, he also states that they did not attack him in public discourse on this, for fear of giving it undue attention.

          Hitler was surrounded by traitors like Bormann and Canaris, so that may explain a number of his more outrageous decisions during the war, like Dunkirk, not taking Gibraltar, a multipronged attack on Russia (instead of just hammering his way to Moscow) and a few other rather annoying slips.

          The fact remains that the second world war gave the Money Power everything it wanted and ultimately one knows a tree by its fruit.

          But the idea that Hitler was just another Money Power stooge is no longer with me.

          • Rhetoric permalink

            Agreed it’s not a cut and dry issue by any means. However when Gary North is associating public banking and debt-free currency with Hitler, thus evoking the imagery of a merciless killer, it immediately stops the debate in its tracks as everyone in the West has been told all their lives that he was pretty much the worst person who has ever lived. Our magician adversaries are nothing if not wickedly clever, though your need for tact on this subject is not lost on me. I agree with your assessment on the shortfalls of public banking as a stand alone solution but the Hitler propaganda is demonstrably false. I’d encourage everyone to watch all 21 parts of the film, not because it is a gospel, but because it will give one a much more comprehensive understanding of current events.

            • Oh, we agree completely. And the reason North and the Daily Bell are associating Public Banking with Hitler is simply called ‘guilt by association’. It’s a simple and stupid trick. It fools many, of course, but it exposes them in the eyes of people who actually want to know.

              • Rhetoric permalink

                Good call, don’t want to give the janitors of the operation too much credit, a simple and stupid trick indeed!

      • antislavery permalink

        Considering Murder, Rape & all forms of Theft are against the non aggression principle, your picture of libertarians is an ignorant misrepresentation at best, just because someone calls themselves something doesn’t make them that something.

        Check your facts Rhetoric.

        • Most Libertarians associate themselves with free market ideology because of the Freedom buzz word.

          I’m all for freedom.

          Too bad Libertarianism’s economics is all about Usury, scarce money, deflation, rentseeking. Also known as economic slavery.

          • antislavery permalink

            This is the problem with one simple label as not all of them agree with usury or rent seeking as they view that as theft as well, yet are still grouped together with the rest that do agree with it.

            Seems we need more labels.

          • antislavery permalink

            Quite frankly I have begun to see Civilisation itself as a problem & all groups as something to avoid.

  7. Tao Jonesing permalink

    Excellent post. Thanks.

    The reason Aristotle and Plato were against usury is because usury by elites ultimately undermines the state, which was created by the elites to benefit the elites while making them unaccountable. Usury– and the Western state– both exist to enable the elites to extract value created by the masses, people name789 seems to believe are parasites. So-called socialism is just a ploy by the elites to keep the extractive mechanisms in place by sharing some of their ill-gotten gains with the masses. In the meantime, the elites, the usurers, are the real parasites. The amazing thing is that elites have been very successful in convincing a good number of the masses that others of their class are the real parasites.

    • once again, you support my contention that sheeple are sheeple for good reasons, one of which is that they are unable to comprehend what they read.
      what did I write?

      the socialist is not a different kind of human, it is a human who adopted the life-style of the parasite;

      what does the socialist comprehend ? nothing; because he does not want to admit that the difference between the professional welfare bum and the banker is the degree of success; he does not want to comprehend that it is the money power that gives ye welfare and socialist programmes; he does not want to know that these low-level free-loaders learned all this from high level free loaders

      Under the management of gold-ite Presidents and ministers the debt of the United States was paid off; this is what people who considered gold/silver the only real money, people who considered gold/silver/copper alone the money of the United States, did.

      Twenty years later the hero of monetary reformists, and other groupies and porch-monkies, descended with his crew upon these united States.

      “My firm conviction is, that a reconstruction of but one government over all the states of our confederacy” is the only solution to our present difficulties and our future prosperity ~~~wrote the vice-roy in 1862

      What did the monetary reformists’ hero & co. do ? they promoted the concept of never paid debt, then established a funded (a.k.a. permanent) debt. The result is that in 2013 30% of taxes are used to pay interest on funded debt. Who are the recepients of the interest on bonds ? one half of these bonds are owned by teachers federation, public employee’s union, federal pension fund; so it is teachers and government employees who spend 29 years in retirement and receive princely sums every month, and welfare recepients who were too poor or too lazy to save for their old age (un-knowingly they follow Migchels’ drunken sailor advice)

      No wonder these teachers and government employees so eagerly promote and spread social-ism, the philosophy of the parasite; bastard children of 1862 whigs concoct plug & play equations of unpayable debt.

      A foretelling from 1820 about “the inevitable consequences.”—

      “Taxes upon every article which enters into the mouth, or covers the back, or is placed under the foot; taxes upon everything which it is pleasant to see, hear, feel, smell, or taste; taxes upon warmth, light, and locomotion; on everything on earth and the waters under the earth; on everything that comes from abroad or is grown at home; taxes on the raw material; taxes on every fresh value that is added to it by the industry of man; taxes on the sauce which pampers man’s appetite and the drug that restores him to health; on the ermine which decorates the judge and the rope which hangs the criminal; on the poor man’s salt and the rich man’s spice; on the brass nails of the coffin and the ribands of the bride; at bed or board, couchant or levant, we must pay. The schoolboy whips his taxed top; the beardless youth manages his taxed horse with a taxed bridle on a taxed road; and the dying man pouring his medicine which has paid seven per cent. into a spoon that has paid fifteen per cent. flings himself back upon his chintz-bed which has paid twenty-two percent., makes his will on an eight pound stamp, and expires in the arms of an apothecary who has paid a license of a hundred pounds for the privilege of putting him to death. His whole property is then immediately fixed from two to ten percent. Besides the probate, large fees are demanded for burying him in the chancel; his virtues are handed down to posterity on taxed marble, and he is then gathered to his fathers to be taxed no more. In addition to all this, the habit of dealing with large sums will make the Government avaricious and profuse; and the system itself will infallibly generate the base vermin of spies and informers, and a still more pestilent race of political tools and retainers of the meanest and most odious description; while the prodigious patronage which the collecting of this splendid revenue will throw into the hands of Government will invest it with so vast an influence and hold out such means and temptations to corruption as all the virtue and public spirit even of republicans will be unable to resist.”

      the producers pay all these taxes while the life-time tax-burdens receive it; but the parasite always kills the host, and one day ye run out of producers, and society collapses

  8. You purposely left out from you pyramid a few things; (above and beyond what we call the money power, there has to be a secret group which controls it all, not just finances but other elements of the conspiracy)

    you left out social-ism, the philosophy of the parasite, which is a desease of the mind –spreads and behaves very much like syphilis
    the teachers federations are carriers and disseminators of this mind-desease; so are journalists, government employees and their unions, social(ist) workers; and, of course, you left out weed, which makes your mind socialist and pagan

    today this disease is so wide spread that people fully imagining themselves to be opposed to the NWO are ful-fledged socialists (ignorance is their greatest bliss)

    thus wrote Eustace Mullins in January 1981 (he, apparently, had a very different concept of christianity than the pious, syrupy dog-shit that is oozing out of your belly):—
    “no Christian patriot would be allowed to appear on any of the Jewish networks to preach the True Doctrine of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, ‘who had walked in fear of Jewry, for they sought to kill Him.’ It is well known that the Jew, in his natural function as a biological parasite, must not only control the thoughts of his host people if he is to survive, but he must also establish their thought patterns and maintain supervision of them. Thus, the gentiles, or host people, are taught to respect and obey the smaller, weaker parasitic organism who is taking his sustenance, making him ill, and slowly destroying him. The entire host-parasite relationship flouts the most basic law of nature, the instinct of survival and of self-preservation. The Jew, being numerically weaker, must, if he is to survive, train the host to tolerate his presence, and to allow him to control the host. The first step is to destroy the host people’s native leadership, the Alfalfa Bill Murrays and [the Fascist] Ezra Pounds who warn their people against the poisonous presence of the jew. The Jew then recruits from the weakest and most depraved of the host people a new ruling class”
    and in 1985:—
    “LaPage notes that a parasite is not a particular species, but one which has adopted a certain way of life, the way of the parasite. Whether or not it is a virus, the parasite has a viral effect on the host, slowly poisoning and destroying it. Viruses are classic parasites. The spirochete, virus of syphilis, is a classic parasitic organism. In biological parlance, a collection of spirochetes is known as a ‘Congress’.”

    (building on this concept) the socialist is not a different kind of human, it is a human who adopted the life-style of the parasite; a cancer cell is not a different type of cell, it is a cell that adopted the life-style of the parasite.
    the socialist and the cancer received, and his deseased mind followed, the wrong information; a healthy human learns and knows that he has to work, produce and live by the sweat of his own face, provide for his family; the socialist with his deseased mind adopts the idea that it is his right to live by the sweat of someone else’s face, he develops the concept that it is the duty of society, the obligation of the commune, to give him welfare, to feed him, to clothe him, to house him, to feed-clothe-house-educate his children
    “There is and always has been a class of men who seem to think the Almighty excepted them from the curse pronounced upon the human race, and that it is their special prerogative to eat their bread by the sweat of somebody else’s brow. Accordingly their chief study is to devise means by which they may obtain possession of what others have earned.” –Sarah Emery, 1893

    Oh how good it feels when we first acquire syphillis
    Oh how good it feels when we first get free from society (through government) schooling, food, socialist housing and all other socialist programmes

    within a few days of acquiring it, syphillis can be harshly treated by killing it with a hot coat-hanger
    within a few months socialist programs could be harshly treated by cutting them off, its proponets eliminated
    but if syphillis is not treated, it goes to the head, attacks the mind, makes the host insane, then kills him
    similarly, if socialism is not treated (harshly) and eliminated, it makes the whole society insane and kills it

    “Another law of nature is that the parasite, not only by sucking off the life sustenance of the host, but also by altering its life cycle, will inevitably kill the host. This process is called ‘the decline and fall of civilization’.” —Eustace Mullins

    “It was the Congress of 1815 at Vienna which unleashed the rats from their nests, nor is it accidental that the Viennese School of Economics has become the principal vehicle through which the World Order maintains its political and financial power. After crushing Napoleon, the emerging oligarchy, which owed no allegiance to any nation or to any philosophy of life, attained power because it knew how to defeat its foes, the republicans and individualists of Europe; but its foes had no idea how to combat, or even to identify, its cleverly camouflaged enemy, because these people were a biological throwback in the continuing development of humanity. They were persons who were unable to become productive members of any society, and who could exist only by maintaining a parasitic attachment upon a host. Incredibly, they seized upon this striking difference as a sign that they had been chosen to rule all of mankind ! Initially no more than a harmless illusion, this self-deception was transformed into an evidence of ‘superiority’. Their biological uniqueness, their committal to a parasitic mode of life, became their principal advantage in attaining their goals. They setup techniques of immediately recognizing each other in any part of the world. They resolved to act always cohesively as well-trained and determined phalanx against their unwitting opposition. They made full use of their qualities of non-allegiance and non-alignment, which was actually enmity, undying hatred towards all nations, races and creeds of the host peoples who tolerated their presence. This freedom from all loyalties and moral codes of the kinds which governed all other groups gave them an enormous tactical advantage over those whom they planned to enslave and destroy.” —Eustace Mullins

    On the other hand, money reform groupies busy themselves with discrediting the concept of government-issued, stable currency; so this alleged feud between Realcurrencies and DailyBell is just fog to veil reality that they are on the same side of the coin

    Ezra Pound was mistaken about Lincoln and the GreenBacks; he uncritically swallowed the regurgitation that was presented to him by Overholtzer; but Pound was not mistaken about Mussolini, Fascism, the corporate state; he had first hand, eye-witness experience, and he highly recommended all three of them

    • Carl permalink

      Name 789,

      I think it would give more credence to the argument to distinguish between the Talmud-Kabbalah-Khazars “Jews” and those who simply follow the Law of Moses from the Torah, even if they only make up less than half of the population. Then your above average use of citation and quotation (most of which I agree with) would be further strengthened, rather than pegged as a racist ravings (which they inevitably would be). We can get into how Jesus was a blond Irishman, but for now lets stick to tribe of Judah and keep that in mind while we speak.

      Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill Matthew 5:17

      With that in mind, your ideas on socialism are fairly accurate, I especially can’t understand why “useful idiots” do what they do. I think that the social welfare system appeals to the merciful Christian. Too bad one issue with Christianity is it can stifle critical thought. Pagan’s with all their symbols and schemes seem to live on the edge, and that makes them dangerous and often sophisticated thinkers. But there is no doubt, Christianity is the best thing for family and foe in a world where many think dark deeds are holy.

  9. Brownhawk permalink

    I’m Brian. Brownhawk is my ‘pseudonym’ in keeping with my part native-american heritage.

    And OK, not “your” movement per se. I suppose calling it a “movement” simply means awakening people moving in a sane direction as the in-sanity plays out everywhere else.

    • ok thanks, I didn’t realize you were you….

      We have a Truth Movement. It’s really a big mess, but I kinda like it. But it is being attacked from all sides and we don’t need ‘End the Fed’ers’ taking it over. We’ll have to see where it all goes. I guess real people just take what works for them and use it to create some facts on the ground of their own.

      • sweJ permalink

        Jews specialize in creating controlled opposition. Much of the “truth movement” has been infiltrated by Jews seeking to keep us blind and unable to resist.

        Might I suggest Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique, available on Amazon or at

  10. Henrique permalink

    You’re the only one who seems to get this Money Power-Government dialectic. Most people fall for it, as it’s propagandized everywhere as THE real thing. Leftists worship government as an abstract ideal, a form of impersonal, “Universal Consensus” and hate what they consider ( and personify with disgust ) the money power ( which is the actual owner of their God ). Rightists worship the money power directly, also as an impersonal abstraction in the sky, hating and personifying it’s son, the state bureaucracy – they´re purists, you see. They ignore the fact that every ruling/aristocratic/paper-pushing class that ever existed throughout history, maybe with the exception of tribal chieftains and warlords of very primitive societies, were bankrolled by the money power, which many times disguised itself as the priesthood, being the only ones who coined money and handled usury ( in the case of the Middle-Ages the Catholic Church, to take the heat off it’s blessed crowned puppets of Europe and at the same time to purposely stigmatize a people in front of the masses – stigma that as we see would prove very useful in the future – only authorized the Jews to handle it and be the so hated tax-collectors ). Imagine the amount of money needed to maintain various private armies, castles, live in leisure with all luxury, pomp and circumstance. That’s the reward for being a good boy for the system and playing your part. Everything runs and always ran on money, and that’s how masses are pacified, manipulating the artificial structures ( priesthood, aristocracy, merchant/financiers ) in front of them to occupy their minds. Watch this:

    I guess you in Europe know Alain Sorel: The Money Power as the “nomadic-parasites”

    • Yes, it certainly seems to confuse many. In fact, the whole thing got me dizzy too. I still don’t know what the proper role of Government is, but I’m sure grateful to the Austrians for showing me Government is not the sugardaddy I used to think it was when I was still one of those hip salon leftists in my younger years………….

      But ignoring the top of the foodchain is unforgivable of course and once you dig the dialectic, it’s no longer so hard to see, I guess.

      • sweJ permalink

        Only a benevolent dictatorship (monarchy) works. We had that, before Jews tore it apart with their manufactured world wars and murders of monarchs who resisted. Democracy, obviously, cannot work.

      • Henrique permalink

        Government is an idea, a fiction. Individuals are real – so, power should be as decentralized as possible to keep accountability at hand. The leaders should get no money for being leaders; they should have normal jobs like everyone else if they want something to eat. Even in the larger sphere, as Nation, the structure should be minimalistic and mainly function for defense of the territory, leaving people alone to take care of their own lives. The Spartans were the most resilient of the Greeks cause they used large worthless iron ingots as currency for a long time – currency that was impossible to convert to anything used in the international market, therefore considerably immune to many forms of swindling thus preserving the local independence for much longer. In fact, seems that the Money Brotherhood of the time could bring down Sparta only after they infiltrated it’s political system with collaborators and agents, that abandoned the old “iron ingot” law and accepted gold and silver coins ( coined and administered from outside ) into the economy. Isolationism is the way, as has always been – as you mentioned, the central function of trade is for a country to get the resources it needs from another; if so then why should it be forced to join a complicated and malicious international system managed by a third party just for that?
        Plato wrote that those who govern should be the ones who want it the least.

  11. Lou permalink

    Interesting analysis. Some good points but missing the target a bit on the solution side.

    Commercial banks don’t create money out of thin air. We create it through our promises to pay. Our loan agreements are an asset that we give to the bank in order for them to create the money. If no one took loans out there would be no new money.

    The banks give up nothing of value in the process since the money is created as a ledger entry. In other words they are uneeded middlemen.

    Usury is not the only issue. Inflation/deflation sucks true wealth from people. Only a system that also eliminates inflation and deflation can solve the problems.

    A state monitored system that allows us to issue our own money (promises to pay) that must be paid back and out of circulation interest free at the rate of depreciation (or consumption) of the good. Eliminating interest and always having enough money in circulation for all the goods/production available. You’ll never have inflation or deflation this way.

    • That would be my ‘interest free credit based money supply’, which, indeed, must be run by a currency board to manage the volume.

      personally, I’d devolve money power further, if it were purely credit based. Like I said on the usury free Public Banks, there would still be a risk of inflation and even the boom bust cycle. The only money I trust the Government with is Social Credit, because it would have nothing to gain from inflation (as the people would get all the inflating money themselves and would thus always be fully compensated for any inflation). Deflation would be very hard to pull off, because it would have to tax more than it spends and this would be rather obvious.

      Therefore I suggest for instance regional currencies, which would also manage the problems of lesser competitive areas.

      perhaps you’d also be interested in The Goal of Monetary Reform, to get the bigger picture of the problems that need addressing in my view and their possible solutions.

      Thanks for your comment, I guess we’re pretty much on the same page.

      • Lou permalink

        Not quite on the same page. I feel the term credit is thrown around as a positive thing while debt is thought of as a negative.

        In the end both must be paid back. The key is that the debt must not be subject to interest and the money must be destroyed as its paid back.

        You don’t need a board to determine volume. We determine the volume by the amount of production we create. If I want to purchase someone’s production I create the money, pay them and then I’m obligated to pay that debt off at the rate of consumption or depreciation of the production.

        The only job of the state is to maintain the infrastructure of the exchange and to enforce the obligation. They have no control over volume. Another function could be determining credit worthiness and appraisals but this could be done in the private sector as well.

        Of course for all this to work we also need to make our government accountable and make sure they are representing us and not the Money Powers.

        • credit = debt. Of course all credit is taken out of circulation when repaid, that’s a given and indeed, it must be interest-free.

          One does need management of volume. In your proposal, if I understand it correctly, volume would explode. People would always have all the collateral they need for every loan they take out, because they would use what they were buying as the backing asset.
          This would undoubtedly lead to asset bubbles.

          I worked this out in ‘Mutual Credit and Inflation’.

          • randall rhodes permalink

            an equivalence theory of monetization — the agony and the agony

            1. money=debt
            2. the money=the missing value and the debt=the paper
            3. gold backed money=value therefore money unitgold unit BUT gold backed money is basically extinct.
            4. fiat money =/=intrinsic value
            5. fiat currency=federal reserve notes=unsecured paper debt
            —-all our cash currency is unsecured paper debt
            6. banking is the discipline of transparently stealing the value of people’s productive labor and replacing it with unsecured debt paper units deposited into accounts for them.
            7. productive labor over your lifetime=your aggregate value over time
            8. your aggregate value=/=your cash savings –cash is worse than worthless (it has negative value)
            9. the bank will never pay you for your aggregate value=denying you all wealth earned over your lifetime=slavery distributed over all the world’s labor force
            10. you own property=real estate=value
            11. you own a mortgage=property as debt
            12. property tied to a mortgage=value reduced over time by usury
            13. you possess the property –if you pay the mortgage BUT the bank has stolen a lot of its value from you over time

  12. Brownhawk permalink


    Makow’s most recent post of an article about “Social Capital” is an instructive one in terms of its basic concept. But as per my comment on it there’s something obviously missing and made me think of you and your movement.

    I’m surprised Henry didn’t use this subject within a context of a “Real Currencies” scenario. Could this be the makings of a new article by you?

    Not that you haven’t already written ones along those lines.

    • Thanks Brownhawk.

      The above article is a little long for Henry and he’s obviously not so interested in my personal little feuds. But I’m intending to work this article out into something independent from the Daily Bell. I had ‘How to create a completely usury free economy’ on my mind for some time. It’s important not to only address the problems, but also get a clear view of the way forward. This article is only the first time I connect all the dots I’d been building in the Interest-Free economics page. When I finish it I’ll certainly offer it to Henry first.

      I’m actually a little dumbfounded by ‘your movement’. I don’t really see a movement. Yet. And if there is or will be one, it will most certainly not be mine. But I also most certainly hope to be a part of it!

    • Brownhawk permalink

      If you’re interested Anthony, the author of the article at Makow replied to my comment and made his situation more clear, which was encouraging.

      To me, he provides a good example of what more and more people seem to be doing these days, like yourself. Actually DOING it and not paying mere lip service. And I’m intrigued at the thought of using the moneypower’s funny money in order to build up a base of operations with a growing strength in numbers before being able to potentially phase it out and eliminate it entirely.

      It seems to me that a big challenge is in those existing municipalities where those bases of operation would be. The local government officials would have to get on board with ideas of eliminating property taxes and the like. But I’d like to think that a growing number of them are getting sick and tired of ‘paying homage’ to the increasingly centralization of state power and are more receptive to grassroot solutions of ‘starting from scratch’.

      • Yes, I just checked out, my question is answered too, I’ll delete it.

        More and more people are fed up with these maniacs and there are some pretty brilliant people out there thinking up their own strategies and implementing them too. Let a thousand flowers bloom and we’ll see which of them have potential.

  13. REN permalink

    I would like to take the opportunity to clarify “social credit with demurrage” and also I don’t have another name – if there is a better name, I’m all ears. The system I envisage pumps seigniorage money into the base of the population, then stops when money supply is full. The idea is to have minimal inflation by following signals from consumer price index, or some other similar mechanism. It does match social credit in that there is a monetary authority.

    Seigniorage money drives Austrian mind controllers mad (except when it is gold dug out of the ground), but if we really think about it, it is credit against the entire population and hence all of a countries inherent wealth. Seigniorage money inflates the money supply when created, stealing a little by borrowing wealth against the existing money stock. But, that is ok considering the debt free advantages and our need for a currency medium. A sovereign people use their money to trade their output, thus they need a supply that matches their goods and services production. Seigniorage money can be scientifically added and drained as necessary to match needs of laboring producers.

    Counter-cyclical demand may also be required. I call it the comet scenario. Some sort of tragedy, like a comet strike, causes humans to reign in their spending and hoard. Counter-cyclical spending in a Comet scenario by monetary authority may temporarily be required, even in a demurrage world.

    Floating money can be thought of as an entity, jumping from pocket to pocket, settling transactions. The faster money circulates, the more efficient it is. With demurrage a force vector has been added, making money move faster and not float in place. Unfortunately, other forces exist that predators may employ to attract floating money. Namely, these forces are rents of various types. Mutual credit and other competing systems should be available to add competition and further insure honesty, allowing flexibility to the overall system. Mutual Credit and JAKS banks can kick predators out of their system, but a sovereign system must find a way to deal with the rent seekers.

    An excellent example of rents is Jesus with the money changers. The money changers were taking an exchange rate difference between two money types. An unstamped coin good for the temple was traded at too high a value relative to a coin that had Caesar’s stamp. Rents are takings in excess of the necessary cost of production. Rents steal from those who labored honestly. These rents so incensed Jesus that he overturned the tables, and as I understand it, used a horse whip on the money changers.

    We need a metaphorical whip – an advanced money system must have an advanced tax system, this to redress rents extracted with clever predatory schemes. Fiscal policy belongs to government, which is in alignment with Government’s need to tax, spend, and hence recycle the people’s money. Government is the most efficient producer in its sector. Government’s sector is control of public commons and regulating inelastic markets. (Do we really need two competing Navy’s, two competing sewer systems? Do we want competing highways? How do we make nearby competing sea ports? Inelastic markets must be regulated for the common good – to prevent rent seeking.) Government has a role, and it should be confined to what it does best. We can starve the Government beast down to its role if we own our money power.

    The monetary authority is an opportunity to staff with a moral priesthood, knowledgeable in the ways of money, human defects, and good at ferreting out rent schemes. Dedicated moral people do exist in our society, and they are the type we need to insure legal guidelines are followed with regards to issuance of our money. Sunlight is a good disinfectant, and public scrutiny of the monetary authority further insures good behavior.

    Inverting our civilization should be a goal, so our best elements are empowered, rather than our worst. Our worst elements are enabled today, as they work in the shadows, funded by the hidden hand of usury.

    • Thanks REN. Your appreciation of the situation and your solutions work just fine for me. You do what I think is necessary: take the best out of all systems and combat usury and rent seeking at every corner. My experience is that once you get on that path, it’s really difficult to go wrong, especially when sharing with others looking at the same thing.

      Hybrid solutions are the way forward. No ‘school of thought’ of the monetary is complete, but combined they hold all the keys we need.

      Regarding taxation: the Protocols suggest a tax on wealth and this seems natural. When all is said and done in the economy, wealth remains. The winners in the economy can pay tax. It also hinders all too bloated wealth gathering by the avaricious.

      By not taxing production (or even consumption, most certainly not the essentials, taxation on consumption should only bear on luxuries) the economy can behave naturally.

      Taxation can indeed be a useful tool to combat rent seeking too.

      Especially the Land situation can be effectively handled by taxation, ending massive land properties by elites who managed to grab our birthright hundreds of years ago and now sit pretty preaching ‘property rights’.

      • REN permalink

        People of good will can agree; also synergy happens as our thoughts become vetted. The process is important to good outcomes.

        A thought on taxes: It relates to Pareto and Gaussian distributions normal to all populations. The Pareto idea is explored by yourself in the top ten divided by ten divided by ten, until we get to the .0001% at the top of the usury food chain. A Gaussian distribution divides statistical populations into about 6 segments, with three standard deviations holding about 98% of the population (a bell curve).

        You may see where I’m going. Statistical populations must have redistribution, as both sides of the curve will have excellent (top 1%) and on not so excellent on the bottom 1%. Actually the numbers are wider even than 1%, and some people can cycle in and out of segments, as they get sick, or there is tragedy, etc. People on top can use their superior ability or maybe luck to dig in, perhaps for generations. Taxes also add a force vector to money, making it flow toward the taxing authority.

        On top of the Pareto and Gaussian view, we also have market dynamics. Three types of markets: Elastic, Inelastic, and Mixed. Within these types we must have efficiencies (lack of rents) otherwise pricing doesn’t work effectively. Without proper pricing, economics devolves into “value” theory, and we might as well be counting angels on the head of a pin.

        For example, in the U.S. some insist medical is an inelastic market (the government) and some insist it is elastic (private insurance), yet in reality it is mixed. Some time you have choice, and you can choose your medicine, depending on cost (elastic choice), or sometimes you are in a coma, and have no choice (inelastic). Rents can be taken by predators that hide in these conceptual gaps. For example, drug companies who push for their medicines instead of a healthier lifestyle. Seed companies that push for patents on GMO, in order to monetize nature.

        So, this is why I tend to favor a system that has some control knobs on it. Human variation and their cleverness at gaming systems, are linked closely to paretos, guassians, and market variations. The spaces between are places to hide and take rents. I see a new priest class ensconsed in the monetary authority. They become very important.

        In pre money societies Priests used diverse weights and measures to balance the distribution. Maybe somebody got lucky and caught a bunch of fish, so it would be gifted, but not to the point of rents. The priest would step in when credit/debt contracts became usurious.
        These same priests unleashed money on us, and in that moment of unleashing money on the world, they lost something. They lost the ability to mediate credit/debt contracts and prevent usury. Markets and Statistics are with us, we are not going backwards to non money, so we need to get a handle on the control systems too, and morality needs to re-enter the picture.

        I’m with you though on mutual credit, as alternate systems are the method for yanking back money power, and adding needed diversity.

        • “Statistical populations must have redistribution”
          Yes, I understand what you’re saying. Obviously, with the rents gone and with the artificial scarcity of money gone, people would have vastly more resources and far less focus on their own survival, almost automatically making them care for each other more.

          Government could organize redistribution, but on the other hand: Not long ago we had extended families. The feeble minded cousin with the strange twitch in his face just was part of the clan and something useful for him to do was found. Nobody was left behind. There’s a nice picture of the Rockefeller family on Henry’s site today: almost 100 people, all taken care of. Broken families are for the little people, not for our masters, who know what power there is in family.

          Usury and the Money Power are behind the assault on the family, the clan and the tribe. This goes back far further than the attack on the nuclear family, which, in itself, already was a much degraded version and the result of a longstanding campaign.

          I like it, by the way, that you see through the pareto analysis that’s behind the 0,0001% take that I put out there 🙂
          It took me while to realize that the Kennedy quantification of the wealth distribution (80 to 10) basically would be predicted by Pareto and was undoubtedly going on in the upper echelons too. That was actually a bit of a breakthrough for me.

          “So, this is why I tend to favor a system that has some control knobs on it.”
          To be honest: I’ve resisted it for the longest time. I’ve been looking for ever for systems that could be left to its own devices. But you’re right. It’s impossible. Every system made by man will be subverted by other men.

          In my own system I just rule like an autocrat. I have very few conditions in the houserules that participants must live by. One of them is: both parties can quit participation without reason at any time. Obviously, this is not something I would use easily. But the goal of it is simple: kick out any abusers, rentseekers, forthwith. No questions asked. In practice I simply failed to design a waterproof system, but it is easily guarded by myself, knowing what I’m doing. The problem is, of course, to find these people who know what they’re doing. Perhaps you’re right, you probably are. But I’m still not as much at ease with the notion as you seem to be.

          To be honest: I believe that when the artificial scarcity through usury and deflation is gone, people will slowly return back to a gift economy. Interest-Free economics seems a migratory tool, not the endgame.

          • REN permalink

            I’m not fully at ease with the logical consequences of it as well. But, both the dark and the light seem to exist in man’s breast simultaneously. I cannot escape the dual nature of man, and of course we need in-dwelling to help us reach our better side. Our enemies use this dual nature to tip man over to his dark side. How easy the Mason’s and other “secret societies” have at co-opting people – using maybe a little sex scandal, or perhaps usury recycle? The pride defect makes it even easier to lull man over to the dark. Advantage, their side.

            For me, it is the law, made well in advance, and agreed upon as a social contract. Under these conditions, the masses will agree to the light instead of the dark. The mass of people have their self interest at heart as well. They will want laws and enforcer’s of the law when they are to everybody’s benefit. Otherwise, we don’t deserve civilization.

            When our monetary authority “angels” transgress, it will be apparent for all to see….they have broken the law. Transgressions equal jail time. This is where the system breaks down, but my guess is it won’t.

            We elect Sheriff’s, and they tend to faithfully follow and execute the law. In fact, Sheriff’s are a good analogy as they go back to the Magna Carta, and are the people’s legal agent.

            It’s my opinion the Sheeple will want a Shepherd, and will instinctively “hire” that person to protect them from themselves.

            • You’re ahead of me on this one.

              I’m still hurting from the complete unraveling of the power structure.

              When working with people I can clearly sense the need and scope for leadership. There will always be the strong and the weak. The strong must protect and guide the weak, so they can grow too.

              But I still have great difficulty assessing the situation with a clear head. I’m simply not in a position to say something worthwhile about it yet. But you’re all too right to open this up, because the matter is inevitable and will have to be settled.

              • REN permalink

                I struggle too, so you aren’t the the lone ranger. There is a circular reference that I want to reinforce:

                The ancient priests unleashed money on us; abrogating their accounting responsibility. The money they unleashed floated and had no morality vectors; it simply was used to settle accounts absent supervision or intervention. A gift economy is warm and human, and the gift evidence is open for all to see. Money is sterile, mathematical and cold; money can be attached and made to do things by adding the vectors I keep referencing. Bank money will have certain “vectors” endemic to its formation and nature i.e. disappearing into the ledger and velocity path due to loan pay down.

                After money was created, Credit/Debt accounts settled at high speed, and any morality problems, then devolved to civil authorities. Kings, Queens, and civil authorities are ill equipped to understand the nature of money, and it’s cold nature proved easy for the dark side to manipulate.

                For the Priesthoods transgression, their money child echoed down the ages, and served as an agent of their undoing. The black nobility, Jesuits, and other attacks were all financed with immoral usury rents.

                I can’t help but wonder if any “movement” must include monetarily aware religious authorities. They need to be on-board, to help fix their child. They also will bring weight to the fight, especially once they understand their culpability.

                • fascinating narrative.

                  Taking it one step further, the introduction of money itself could have been an occult attack by the proto-Pharisees.

                  I don’t see many credible priests of whatever persuasion out there. This Bishop Williams and his traditional Catholics seems like an honest man. Most Imams are just modern day pharisees, Riba haram or not, not entering the Kingdom and keeping people from it too.

                  A real man in his prime should be a priest unto himself and his family. Don’t see many of these either. But that might change with the pressures of the years ahead and of course there is nothing stopping the few there are to do what they should.

                  One of the key reasons I stress competing currencies is to create a mechanism for all to see of success and failure. If people have access to several currencies, they are not badly injured when one fails and the rotten apples would expose themselves in the face of credible competition.

                  In fact, this dialogue is really helping.

                  Network systems are innately more stable than centralized ones. I’m sure you know the science behind this. The internet is a good example: one router fails, the network doesn’t even notice.

                  Competing and complementary networks allow individual systems to be managed by responsible men, facing market pressures (and indeed the law) when they screw up. People would not be too dependent on them, providing them with the autonomy they need.

                  Those most effectively combating cost for capital and rent seeking would have a definite advantage in the market.

                  • REN permalink

                    Anthony, I want this reply to be encouraging. There is a path out of the jungle, but it is narrow. I want to point a way.

                    Our predator enemies look at the world with gimlet eyes. We also need a steely gaze, and analyze the problem fully. Where are weaknesses, and where have we gone wrong?

                    Their main weakness is that they must do everything in the shadows and be hidden. They are shylocks sneaking around and making long range plans, funded by the usury mechanism. We don’t have to be sneaky, but also- we are not funded. Hence my thinking that organized religion must be involved, plus religion is lost now….they need new thought leaders. Look at the disarray present in the Catholic Church.

                    Our strength, sunlight makes the enemy wither, and moral imperative can be coded into law. Your blog follows the sunlight dictum.

                    Where we go wrong is our emotional desire to look on the bright side, and hence ignore certain realities. One of these realities is the legal/force nature of money. Like the dual nature of man, we cannot blanch when we look at this. Unfortunately, Eisenstein and Lietaer do not fully give this nature of money its due. I’ll say it again, they have not looked at the force/law nature of money straight on – and dealt with it properly. They allowed emotional thinking to prevail.

                    Money derived from assets, such as Mutual Banking, is essentially voluntary, and those private assets are then divided down (by money) which then circulates in the supply as a public good. Mutual Banking of this type is fundamentally altruistic in nature, and hence there is a mismatch of types ( between individual altruism and public goods.) Competing and complementary networks also use assets liquefied and divided to make money.

                    Competing and complementary networks are analogous to railroads. Each money type is a ticket to ride the rails of independent networks. The rails take the money by businesses and peoples who accept the money type.
                    Competing moneys may even be accepted by mutual businesses and hence the rail junctions effectively stop at the same place. But, competing moneys will travel in different directions, because inherently they are different networks.

                    When the government says, “I accept this token/ticket for taxes” then that forces widespread agreement amongst the businesses and peoples of the land. In effect, imaginary rail lines have been networked, and the ticket becomes widely accepted. The government ticket can ride all of the rails. Bankers forced their BM ticket far and wide to get their dual entry ledger money accepted.

                    A populist may arise in the population, and claim the government ticket to be superior and sovereign to all, especially complementary voluntary type monies. Money tickets have a force and law component to them. That is, money is used to settle legal agreements. A credit/debt contract, even if undertaken voluntarily, requires law and then force by civil authorities if there are transgressions. If I steal something from you, your natural instinct is to want redress. At that point money shows its legal side, and ultimately can evolve to force. It will evolve to force, which is why we go to war.

                    Competing and complementary monies operate under the umbrella of existing legal and force structures. Hence, complementary tickets are subordinate to those structures. We know this from the Gelre and other currencies outlawed.

                    Allowing an improperly structured sovereign currency to come into being, could and probably would – make complementary “tickets” become subordinated or even eliminated. The sovereign must be held in check if we are to have competing and complementary systems.

                    There is a careful balance that must be met. Please also consider the sovereign; he needs to be put into his box by giving money power to the people. Seigniorage money with demurrage is a different money type than assets liquefied.

                    Competing “asset” type alternate systems are a necessary part of the tactical and strategic picture too, especially for the tactical war ahead.

          • Brownhawk permalink

            A gift economy. Interest free-economics a migratory tool, and not the endgame. Now you’re speaking to my native-american side, Anthony.

            An ancient legend speaks of 2 alien races who came to this planet in a far away time. From these ‘root races’ stemmed the many races of mankind, and hence its civilizations. The story has it that these 2 races represent, to put it in simple terms, good and evil. And that the spiritual war between the two has been going on in ways that transcend time. i guess you could call it forever. But the actual physical aspects of it have occured in units of what we call time throughout the vastness of this galaxy.

            The intent of the evil ones is to conquer planets and enslave its existing inhabitants (those having a “gift economy”). A common m.o. is to coerce the natives into gouging the mountains for gold, from which the concept of “money” is born. This is where its being seen as the “root” of evil comes from.

            The forces of good battle them galactically, per the legends, and follow them wherever they go. These are the “good shepards”, so to speak. Those who seek to protect and warn the native inhabitants on planets in a galaxy FULL of them.

            So the “shepards”, among other things represent money (necessary evil?) as that migratory tool used towards a restoral of the planet before the scourge came to town.

            But the most intriguing part has to do with the true nature of the “town” before the malevolent ones came. This ancient knowledge suggests that it was not a so-called ‘natural’ World, but a preternatural one. A spiritual existence where what we call “matter” was not experienced in the ways in which we are familiar with its exclusively physical nature. This exclusivity started with the evil ones. Their arrival meant that spirit became ‘cloaked’, and transformed into matter.

            The preternatural reality sees the material illusion of “veins of gold” as the wise rivers of imagination they really are.

            • brilliant story brownhawk, thanks for sharing.

              It’s basic grist is really very close the hidden meaning of the fall of Adam in the Garden of Eden, which is also about the loss of our direct connection to the Spirit as a result of preoccupation with matter. The snake is the bad guy cajoling us.
              Abel and Cain are basically the two strands of humanity (good and evil) in the biblical tradition.

              Weird and quite telling how these major and profound ‘myths’ have so much fundamentally in common.

  14. Excellent!

    Not only would an end to interest prevent national exploitation and wealth transfer, it would end the horrendous state of affairs viz., international wealth transfer from ‘the South’ to ‘the North’.

    • Absolutely. The South is entirely subjugated through usurious lending. Of course, the ‘rich West’ has nothing to do with it: all the usury ends up with the same banks that whitey slaves away for too.

  15. Brownhawk permalink

    What is it about human nature, Anthony?

    You know how every once in a while you hear these stories about a physical disaster of some sort where somebody died, and it wasn’t until THEN that a preventative measure was taken to make sure it didn’t happen again? Maybe for a long time prior to it happening people would say “ya know, somebody’s gonna get killed out there if they don’t do something about it.” And often the solution is one of such pure,common sense.

    Your brilliant ideas on these matters are a perfect example of what I’m talking about. And the beauty of them are in their simplicity. So my predictable question is, “What seemingly inevitable disaster has to befall the World before the it finally wakes up to what is essentially a simple solution all along?”

    • It seems it will only get worse for the time being Brownhawk. A lot worse.

      It just requires some dedication to wade through all the nonsense the Money Power managed to pile on economics and the monetary.

      Basically you need only one word: Usury.

      In itself the situation is not complicated. But I’m happy to add some clarity by doing some dusting to get at the core and introduce some well established Interest-Free Economics to the equation. Then things really clear up for most people.

  16. Anthony, you are on a roll! Very interesting and provocative post. You and Memehunter are doing a real service. The Libertarians have eye-opening critiques of statist power, but seem unable or unwilling to recognize who ultimately gains if their proposals are adopt

    For years I had been stuck at a stage in my thinking whereby I reluctantly sided with the Austrians and Libertarians as they seemed more cognizant of the real failures of the state. Yet I always feared that there was more to the story. Who, after all, owns most of the gold and mines already? Yep, the Rothschilds. Ultimately, the Daily Bell seems a shill for the Rothschilds. Weird.

    • Indeed coinherence. They combine their gold buggery with a solid grasp of the New World Order. Most libertarian leaders scoff at ‘conspiracy’, making them entirely useless, but the Daily Bell caters at the real Truthers within the ‘End the Fed’ movement usurping the Truth Movement.

      That’s why Memehunter and I were interested in debating them.

      But it’s all just a ruse, whitewashing Usury and the banking cartel, all in the guise of the ‘free market’.

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