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The Goal of Monetary Reform

by on January 4, 2012

The Goal of Monetary Reform is to liberate all of the slavery to the Money Power.

Because all are enslaved to it.
Even those we know as Billionaires. Certainly, these people are high lieutenants, but even they are financially controlled by the small Plutocracy and pay interest to them. Albeit less then they are allowed to rob from those lower in the food chain.

Yes, behind the Money Power there is an even more nefarious and universal Adversary.
It has been given many names. Every man who sees it, sees different aspects of it. But it must be understood that the Adversary’s Earthly Kingdom is impossible without its financial and economic domination through the Money Power.

It is this understanding that leads us to the study of the monetary.

The Money Power’s greatest means of enslavement is its monopolistic control over the money supplies of every nation on earth. Although the degree of control differs per nation, it must be understood that money today is one interlocked system. This control over the money supply is abused in many ways, amounting to a horrific ongoing wealth transfer, eternally keeping all of mankind in economic bondage.

The three most blatant tools of plunder the Money Power acquires through control of the money supply are interest, the manipulation of the volume of money, resulting in the boom/bust cycle and the ability to finance those they own or want to own and starve the rest. The latter option allows them to control also the major cartels that dominate the main industries. Energy, Allopathy, Food, Telecommunications, Weapons, Automotive Industry etc.

Any meaningful reform must address first and foremost usury and the business cycle. Providing cheap, stable and abundant money to normal people will destroy the cartels also.

The main spheres of attention in Monetary Reform are these:

1. Government Level
Currently Governments create a currency monopoly with legal tender laws and then hands over this monopoly to a private central banking cartel, destroying us with interest. Interest amounts to a loss of wealth for the poorest 80% of anywhere between 5 to 10 trillion dollars per year.
This must be resisted. Public Banking, Mathematically Perfected Economy, Social Credit, Mutual Credit and even the inferior Greenback are important models for this. None of these models should be idealized. They are among the best we have now, certainly good enough to implement now, but none are complete and all need further development. Fractional Reserve Banking must be abolished. Credit can be created with extreme ease, not needing capitalization, and close to zero cost through what is known as ‘Mutual Credit’.
While providing interest free currency itself and never allowing a private monopoly, Government must end Legal Tender Laws, allowing competition from free market currencies. Government units have serious intrinsic limitations when offered as a monopoly.

2. In the Market
Privately controlled interest free currencies, designed to be fully functional high powered mediums of exchange, should be used, developed and promoted. They should compete directly with Dollar/Euro/Yen. We cannot wait for Government to mend its ways. And a Government monopoly is probably unhealthy as it is. There is enormous scope for regional currencies and international currencies via the internet. The technology and concepts are being developed as we speak, but need far higher priority.

3. Money is a means of exchange, not a store of value
A clear distinction must be made between means of exchange and store of value. A depreciating, interest free credit based currency should not be considered a store of value! The middle classes should be encouraged to quit hoarding the means of exchange and find other ways of maintaining wealth for future use. This would spare them the damage through inflation even if nothing else changes. There are many, many practical, vastly superior and immediately available alternatives to hoarding cash

4. Decentralization of monetary power
People should have access to several currencies always. So that they cannot be destroyed by the implosion or exploitation of monopoly currency. These currencies express identity on other levels than just national. The State is not the Commonwealth! Commonwealths exist on many different levels.
Continuing exposure of- and resistance against the Money Power’s agenda of World Currency and World Government.

5. The education of the public about monetary matters.
Initiating debate on the problems and options available. Facilitating dialogue between different schools of monetary thought, to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and work towards a Grand Unified Theory of the Monetary. The resistance against faux economics, typically ignoring the problems of interest, whether Austrian Economics, Keynesianism, Monetarism, Communism or any other paradigm supporting the Money Power’s agenda.

This is a spiritual conflict first and foremost.

On the material plane the Money Power is the main enemy.

Monetary reform is the key.

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  1. Muhammad Afzal Khan permalink

    Basically currency is a tool or means for purchasing only, it is not a commodity, when it accumulates to few in the society or in a bank, they use it as a commodity and trading currencies as well and charge interest on the supply of it. Our currency devalues or loss purchasing power annually as compare to the prevailing interest rates so the inflation, poverty and other forms of depreciation occurs to our belongings. The governments should not allow and avoid this criminal act towards their people and for healthy society, should check and stop this form of manipulation immediately.

  2. As an anarchist I am trying to wrap my brain around your arguments, which seem fine, but I have a few questions?

    1. Is all of this voluntary, or is there a state?

    2. If there is a state, is it free to issue any currency?

    3. How do you define money?

    You item # 3 I think needs some amending. You say:

    3. Money is a means of exchange, not a store of value

    ***True, in its role as money.***

    A clear distinction must be made between the means of exchange and the store of value.

    ***Certainly. But do you mean what people commonly call the “medium of exchange” when you say “means of exchange”?****

    A depreciating, interest free credit based currency should not be considered a store of value!

    ***This is why I ask for your definition of money. Do you call a “depreciating, interest free credit based currency” money? Either way, I would not call it a store of value either.***

    The middle classes should be encouraged to quit hoarding the means of exchange and find other ways of maintaining wealth for future use.

    ***Here I run into problems. Encouraged by whom? How? And then why, to what ends? How do you define wealth? That personal agglomeration of exceptional claims and money (narrowly defined?). I think the proper definition of wealth is and ever expanding assortment of goods and services that matches demand ever more satisfactorily, with ever falling prices. (Think telephones after deregulation, which then led to computers hooked to telephone lines, cell phones, etc. cell phones are nearly no cost now, no one saves money for a cell phone. In a free market, relatively speaking, no one would save much for anything, when effective cancer cures are $29.95, over the counter.) ***

    This would spare them the damage through inflation even if nothing else changes.

    ***Well, the problem with inflation is there are two sides to it. The poor can do well during inflation by playing the winning side. I think worrying about inflation is less important that worryng about freedom.***

    There are many, many practical, vastly superior to hoarding cash, and immediately available options for that.

    ***I could not agree more, for example, deregulate, or better yet, unregulate anything.

    But to fine tune another point. If you define money as the medium of exchange, and and observe often in history it is silver and gold, for the reasons often cited (and I and precious metals are also antibiotic, important in gold moving among far-flung lands) then these are also commodities. Money emerges from a commodity base, among the mix of commodities, for reasons contained in the very definition of money.

    Regardless if, say gold, is being used as a medium of exchange it is still essentially a commodity, serving also as a medium of exchange. As a commodity, of course its relative value, and thus “worth” at the point of any exchange, fluctuates. This is expected, and calculated when people make an exchange. Gold is attractive not because anyone believes it is a stable store of value, but because it is relatively stable.

    And finally, to be sure, the stuggle is essentially spiritual. Satan is a liar, but he must have been telling the truth when he told Jesus he could deliver the world to Him, otherwise the omniscient Jesus would have hardly been tempted. Jesus was the first, and probably the last, man to refuse Satan’s offer.

    Does your plan require people who always say no to Satan?***

    • Dark Dirk permalink

      1. No money system can exist without state, laws, police and prisons. Somebody should be authorized to enforce contract payments. Unfortunately not all of people what to participate voluntary in the system. Someones only what to get, but never to give or return.
      2. Money should be only “means of exchange”. They should not be saved, because saving causes lack of money for exchange. Money is a key part of the exchange system and should not be hoarded. Hoarding money causes deflation and more money have to be printed to fulfill the money gap left behind saving.
      3. There is no such thing like “store of value”. The only thing that you can store is this world is matter. Value is human term. It depends only of what other people wants at that moment in time. People should save whatever mater they think would have value in the future. It can be food, gold, silver, wood, coal. Whatever they want, but not money.
      4. People should be offered a state pension system. If somebody wants to have income when it is old, he have to give some money to state and receive points in return. When he reaches some age and points, he should be given pension.
      5. If they do not like the rules they should be free to leave the state.

      The only known way to prevent hoarding of money at that moment is to use DEMURRAGE currency. In order to defeat money power we should take out the power from money and make them mortal.

      • Aha, if a state is needed, then you are not anarchists. Money preceded states, and I am not sure you are clear on money vs credit. Anyway, good luck on your project.

        • Lol! I’m no anarchist, but I tend to agree money can do without the state.

          How d’you mean ‘money vs. credit’?

          • Well, money is a medium of exchange which emerges from some commodity such as gold or silver, say. Sometimes money is loaned, which is fine, unless interest (usury) is charged then it is an exercise in evil, done for the love of money which is the root of all evil.

            At some point warehouse receipts replace money and we end up with a currency representing the money being stored. This currency allows for fractional reserve, a fraud in which there are more warehouse receipts than gold to back it up. The percentage that is fraudulent is in essence credit tendered as money.

            So say they have 50% gold & 50% fraudulent warehouse receipts. Then the bad guys lend all of this out at interest. Now we have exponential evil. Interest on money and interest on credit.

            What we have not is almost all loans are made not in money, but in credit. In fact, bankers are clear among themselves, they do not lend money, the lend credit. And charge usury. This is why we have wars and poverty and pollution and all the ansty flows from lending credit at interest.

        • Dark Dirk permalink

          Yes, demurrage money system cannot work in anarchist society. Somebody have to guarantee contract payments. In anarchist society who will force bad gays to pay ?

          • Who forces the bad guys to pay now? You think Goldman Sachs pays its debts? An + archy = no + king. no king does not mean chaos, it means order out of chaos. Read 1 Samuel 8 to learn how God rejects kings, states, etc. But he relents when Israel demands a king, after telling israel what horrors await them. Bring on the horrors, as long as Israel has a king to fight its battles. Read it for yourself.

            Who is the cop in anarchy? You are. How are bad guys dealt with? The never get traction to begin with. Misbehave and no one will help you, and you die ostracized. it is what we have anyway, the only effective government on earth is non-state government.

            We already have anarchy, and it flourishes, yet the vast majority of people just shut down their minds and say “fight my battles for me… give me a pension… give me free stuff… I don’t want to be alive, really…”

            Too bad, because anarchy is the freedom in which we were designed to live.

            • Anarchy only works when enough live in Christ’s Grace.

              Otherwise the wolves will rule.

              It’s in fact like you say: we have anarchy already, culminating into the absolute rule of the strong, who hide behind a ‘welfare’ state and a protection racket.

              But it’s true that a man living in Grace accepts no earthly authority beyond that of the One and when enough of them do, they will drive the Money Lenders back in to the cave where they belong.

              • I think you have changed what I said to what you want me to say. Anarchy is working now (properly defined as a good thing) because enough of us now live in Christ’s grace. Anyone not an anarchist I think will eventually explain to Jesus, why not, given His everpresent grace.

                Wolves rule in the chaos that comes from kingdoms and states and so on. All that is self-inflicted, a result in rejecting Gods grace, as in 1 Samuel 8, or Jesus’ grace as in “”When Jesus heard this, he said to him, ‘You still lack one thing. Sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.’ ” (18:22)”

                Pope John Paul notes it is the “follow me” that is the sticking point, not the “sell everything.” Lots of people give it all away, the “follow Jesus” part is the hard thing.

                Satan offered all these kingdoms etc to Jesus but Jesus was not interested. As to money changers, Jesus only drove them out (maybe twice, hard to say), not back into caves.

                Yes, love of money (and its false version, credit) is the root of all evil. So love of something neutral is the bad thing… and usury is the most evil exercise thereof.

  3. “…but none are complete and all need further development.”

    I challenge you to demonstrate the fact of your assertion regarding mathematically perfected economy™.

    • Mike, my friend, nobody is perfect, not even you and you MPE.

      What are you doing?

      You need a pat on the back? I can give you that, I understand interest free currency is a lonely business. We’re colleagues, after all!

  4. Liam B Allone permalink

    Everything you wrote is absolutely correct in my opinion. We now come to the devil in the details. There are many ways to skin a cat but there is only one best way. That being said, your point that we start with at least one of the 4 offered models of “Public Banking, Mathematically Perfected Economy, Social Credit and even the inferior Greenback” is at least a start. I advocate Social Credit but with specific safeguards. The most important solution is one that cuts off the Money Power once and for all and replaces it with one that is fully accountable to and controled by we the people. This would require a 4th pillar of power in government that is superior over the executive, legislative and judicial branches – JURY. If everyone is ultimately answerable to a jury by way of Writ of complaint that must be answered, then nobody is immune to prosecution or of being brought quickly to justice. Lawyers need to be taken out of the Jury selection process. Nobody should be able to shape public opinion by selecting those who seem right in their eyes. The only legitimate reasons to excuse a juror are 1) he/she either knows either the plaintiff or defendant or has direct knowledge of the matter at hand and is therefore a potential witness, 2) is too sick to see a trial through or 3) is of insufficient mental capacity as affirmed by an accredited medical professional and one or more family members.

    Imagine a government where Obama could be charged with treason and brought before a jury of peers for signing a law that violates several rights as he just did over Christmas. Imagine also bringing to trial 98 of the 100 Senators who passed it in the first place! Imagine a system where all court cases must he heard within 90 days. Imagine a system where judges are merely referees and any attempt to rule evidence inadmissable will be answered by the jury foreman with “Shut up and sit down. We will be the judge of that!” Imagine a jury whose only constraints in rendering verdicts will be the Constitution as supreme law of the land and the statute laws that prescribe punishment for guilt. Imagine a civil servant who can be dragged into court for violating your rights because he/she was simply too damn lazy to look up the laws concerning a matter and did what seemed right in their own eyes instead. I’m waiting for that world and holding my intention and attention on it so that it can manifest. Anyone care to join me?

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