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The Ron Paul Challenge: 10 reasons why the Alternative Media is failing this test

by on January 15, 2012

We can consider ourselves lucky Ron Paul is not likely to win the elections. His economics are a disaster and the Alternative Media’s credibility would suffer a horrible blow from bringing him to power. Just think of the field day the Main Stream Media would have explaining they warned us of Paul when millions take to the street to resist his destruction of the economy with his 1 trillion austerity drive.
How could our best and brightest be suckered in to supporting a Freemason wanting a Gold Standard with an austerity program the IMF would tout as an example?

In many respects it’s heartwarming, the momentum that he creates. It does show how deeply felt the desire for ‘change’ really is. But on the other hand it’s sobering to realize how easy it still is to fool people with a promise of change. Even if it’s just four short years ago that millions were led to continuing disaster with that other change agent. How is it possible that after all these years of exposing Illuminati change agents it is still so hard for people to understand that ‘change’ can be a real threat and that it is not ‘change’ in general we want, but a very specific kind of change?

How is it possible that after all those years of digging in real history, exposing the Money Power and the Illuminati’s control of the money supply that we still can be sold a candidate like Paul?

How is it possible that when I write Ken Adachi about Ron Paul’s Austrian Economics and how he will maintain the Illuminati’s control of the money supply with a new Gold Standard, I get this reply:
You are mixing apples and oranges. I have no quarrel with Paul if he favors a gold backed US currency. That’s what we used to have until Roosevelt ended the fixing of gold at $35 per ounce and took us off the gold standard……

…….. We have a congress filled with NWO traitors who are working day and night to bring about the destruction of this once great land. The only one addressing the real issues of the shredding of the US constitution and the insane fiscal and war policies that are destroying America is Ron Paul.

Please understand I greatly respect Ken Adachi. I’ve been following his work for almost ten years. He was already exposing Chemtrailing when I was still explaining to people how wonderful our free market democracy really is.

But how can a man of his brilliance NOT understand that the NWO rules through their control of our money supply while using this control to destroy us with interest and the boom/bust cycle?

The fact is that of all the major outlets only Jeff Rense consistently provided links to Ron Paul’s real opposition within the Alternative Media. Most notably through the writings of Henry Makow and Dick Eastman.
And this shows that the Alternative Media is prone to the same myopia the MSM suffers from when it comes to ‘their own’.

All this is incredibly annoying. Ron Paul singlehandedly disabled the entire blogosphere as a source of opposition. He’s hijacked the voice of reason and we need to clean up our act.

So here’s a top ten of what went wrong.

1. Not understanding economics, not knowing of Interest Free Economics
How can we support a candidate offering a Gold Standard? What’s wrong with us? What does it matter whether the Government pays 700 billion in debt service for paper based credit or for gold based credit?
While it can print interest free money itself?

The choice is not to pay interest for Gold or for Paper.

The choice is to pay interest or NOT pay interest.

How can all the pundits miss that we had a Gold Standard up to the thirties (and via Bretton Woods actually up to 1971)? How can we forget the Rothschilds got rich from lending Gold to Sovereigns in the 18th, 19th AND 20th century?

How can all the commentators denounce the deflationary policies of the IMF and Brussels in Europe and next hail a man calling for a 1 Trillion austerity drive as the new Messiah?

We are falling for just another dialectic: Mainstream Economics vs Austrian Economics, or Inflation vs. Deflation.
It’s worrying that these dialectics still fool us so easily. Whereas they can be easily recognized: they always offer a choice between a rock and a hard place. Evil and lesser evil. When facing such a choice we should realize we’re being played.

I was lucky, I read Lietaer first and only then Rothbard. But it’s not too late: read up on Ellen Brown, Margrit Kennedy, Eisenstein, Greco, Dick Eastman, C.H. Douglas. These people are for real, because they show the way to end interest slavery. And the Money Power cannot be defeated without defeating Usury.

How are we going to end Usurious Usurpation with a Gold Standard?

2. The childish affection for ‘Capitalism’
That’s what made this country great, right? REAL Capitalism, not the socialized semi communist ‘capitalism’ we have now. Or so we say.

Why do we call it Capitalism? Because in this system Capital rules over Labor. That’s why.

Are the 99% of the Capitalist class? I don’t think so.

Why don’t we understand Capitalism is a Monopoly? Just like Communism? That Capitalism vs. Communism is just another dialectic?

Capital wants returns on its investment and it’s just another example of humanity’s severe case of Stockholm Syndrome that we are so enthralled by it.

Capital invented and financed Communism, because in Communism they can exploit their coveted Monopoly unhindered. Communism is Capitalism showing its true face.

Capitalism didn’t bring us prosperity. It brought us the despicable horrors of the Industrial Revolution, with forced urbanization and the hellish 80 hour work weeks in sweatshops for our forefathers.

What brought us prosperity was uncompromising resistance against these horrible conditions.

Capitalism has nothing to do with free markets. If there is one thing a capitalist despises, it’s a free market. He hates competition. That’s why he buys politicians to make laws excluding competition. That’s why all major industries are controlled by cartels of Transnationals.

Capitalism is a system where the few control Capital as a factor of production. Like it was said back in 1862:
“I and my European friends are in favor of for slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborers, while the European plan, led on by England, is that capital shall control labor by controlling wages… It will not do to allow the greenback, as it is called, to circulate as money any length of time, as we can not control that. But we can control the bonds and through them the bank issues.”

That is Capitalism’s real face. Not some nice little fuzzy cozy all American kind of thing.

3. Lack of Historical Awareness
Yes, historical awareness in the Alternative Media is much superior to that of the MSM. But the first two points show it’s far from sufficient. History shows that humanity has been at war with the Money Power for ever. When reading the history of the Roman Republic, the recurring theme is the ongoing struggle for emancipation by the plebs. Continuously looking for ways to limit the power of the patricians and ending their own disenfranchisement from the political process.

The Plebs lost. The Empire was a consolidation of Patrician power. It is not for nothing that when Caesar ended the republic he also ended fiat money. Up to then, the Romans payed with copper coins, but from then on scarce Gold chained them until they were liberated by the Huns. They were ‘compensated’ with free grains and ever more bloodthirsty ‘games’ in the Colosseum. All payed for by the Empire’s plundering of the provinces, of course.

And what to think of Jesus Christ: we all know he physically attacked the Money Changers.

We must come to terms with these lessons.

4. Settling for Ron Paul’s 9/11 story
Of course Ron Paul knows Israel and the Bush clan did 9/11. But he supposedly avoids this because it would be ‘unacceptable’ to the Media and the wider public.

What utter nonsense!

Most Americans these days understand the truth or at any rate understand the official narrative is a lie. We don’t need a candidate spouting the Noam Chomsky nonsense that ‘Arabs attack us because we are so mean against them’.

Arabs didn’t attack the US!

Everybody saying they did is lying and setting us up for war with them.

Ron Paul is a coward for not speaking out about 9/11. We are cowards for not daring to wait for a candidate who WILL expose what really transpired that day.

How can a peace candidate be for real by coming to power with a campaign based on such a lie?

We need a Real Candidate that will blow the lies out of the water and thus destroy everybody who perpetrated this lie. We don’t need a candidate who is afraid of the truth or the Media spin doctors.

We need a man with the balls, the brains and rhetoric to completely wipe away these nasty lackeys of power.

5. Not noticing the risk of Ron Paul as a War Candidate
The Money Power, through its agents in the CIA, MI6 and the Mossad is well capable of creating ‘facts on the ground’ that would ‘force’ Ron Paul into war.

A ‘Gulf of Hormuz’ incident is easily created. It is hot at the moment too.

What is Ron Paul going to say then?

How is he going to explain to the American People that he is not going to strike in revenge, because he believes it’s a set up? After explaining to them Arabs attacked us 10 years ago?

The fact is, Americans would rally behind Ron Paul if he is ‘forced’ to go to war. And this is a real danger. We saw what happened with our previous ‘Peace Candidate’.

6. He’s a special interest candidate
So we are happy to point out our current ‘leaders’ have stocks in the Oil, Pharma and Banking industries whose policies they implement for them in Congress.

And what kind of portfolio does Paul, owning 5 million in assets, have?
Gold, Gold, Gold.

Seems to me he stands to gain a great deal when he is allowed to force a new Gold Standard upon us.

It would amount to an unprecedented wealth transfer from those holding paper to those holding Gold.

Now tell me: is it the 99% that have Gold, or is it the 1%?

7. His ties with Freemasonry
Flashing all sorts of hand signs all the time. Masonic handshakes with Bill Maher.
Why is he not being confronted on this issue?

8. The idea that he may not be ideal, but at any rate not worse than the others.
This only seems an attractive idea. The problem with it is, that by supporting the lesser evil we are basically saying we accept this system.

We don’t. Or at any rate we shouldn’t.

We don’t accept this system and we will only work with it if it brings a President that will reform it beyond recognition.
By going along with the lesser evil we are maintaining the illusion of choice.
We are empowering people to keep voting, and thus propping up this utterly discredited ‘system’ of ours.

We are hindering the advent of a real candidate.

Boycotting elections, like boycotting their Banks and Transnationals, is real opposition.
Not supporting the lesser evil.

9. He’s a Republican!
Come on!

True, party membership does not mean towing the party line and Paul certainly voted his own way.

But he did serve the party loyally for decades. The party that sprung the Bush Dynasty on us and all those maniacs in Congress and the Senate.

Evidently Paul does not mind being associated with them.

And of course we would make the same argument had he been a Democrat. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Yet another Dialectic: Democrat vs. Republican, Left vs. Right.

We are way beyond that so why are we so happy with a candidate who clearly is not?

We need an independent candidate.

10. Our own lack of a clear program
This is what haunts the Occupy movement too. We need to develop a clear cut set of goals.
Occupy tried to solve this in the same way the anarchists tried it during the Spanish Civil War: discuss everything endlessly and try to find common ground everybody can agree with.

Forget about that. It’s not going to happen. It’s never going to work. We can never agree on everything. These discussions are incredibly wearying and they are usually dominated by ego and won by those most determined, not those most intelligent. It usually ends up with the lowest common denominator.

What we should do is have everybody say what they want. Be on the lookout for people doing what they are saying. Decide for yourself whether they are for real or not. And when they are real, support them.

Don’t weary them down with discussions about how you see things yourself, although we should never be afraid to speak our mind. Just understand that when somebody is taking the initiative and you support him, he’s in charge.

Or start your own initiative, of course.

If we just support people and groups we believe are for real, we would automatically gravitate towards centers of progress.

And it’s not difficult to create a basic program. It looks something like this:

1. Interest Free Economics.
Based on an interest free money supply.
Nationalizing or preferably closing the Federal Reserve Bank. The immediate end of bailouts. Ending interest payments. Comprehensive investigation of ALL the culprits, including the absolute top of banking, politics, media and academics. Disowning all profits from collusion, conspiracies and fraud. Reclaiming all interest payments over fraudulent fractional reserve banking based credit from the plutocracy. Closing of all banks convicted of serious fraud. Trial by Jury.
Providing interest free credit (or debt free money) to both the Government and individuals.

2. Truth about 9/11
Actively investigating the real culprits, including those in Israel.
Prosecution of all war criminals, including Bush and Blair. But also exposure of what happened with all the false flags in history, including Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin, The Main in Havana, Fukushima and Deep Horizon.

3. Ending the bribing of politicians
By making it a felony.

4. Ending the ‘rights’ of Corporations to ‘free speech’ and being a ‘person’ with associated rights.
Including making them fully liable for damages they do.

5. The End of Empire
Decimating the budget for aggressive war (‘defense’). The US spends a trillion per year on its army. All this money ends up in the coffers of the Plutocracy, while the weapons are maiming and killing millions.
The incredible fact is, that the US spends more on ‘defense’ than all other nations combined.
The army should exist only to defend the American People. A decent navy and air force, a few thousand nukes and a well armed militia is more than sufficient for this. A 100 billion defense budget would do just fine.

Whether he is aware of it himself or not, Ron Paul is a candidate absolutely typical of the Money Power. An agenda for ‘change’, because ‘change’ has been their battle cry for centuries. It is an absolute wake up call for us all that they can still be so effective with this strategy.

Apparently we still have not learned that ‘change’ comes in two varieties. The kind we like and the kind they like.

It is high time we get a better view of what we want, so that we can evaluate candidates according to our own standards, instead of being mind controlled with ‘Austrian Economics’ or ‘Capitalism’.

We are lucky the Diebold computers seem to favor Romney.
We’d had been hard pressed to explain how wonderful a ‘Free Press’ is, had we been responsible for getting Paul the White House.

On Interest
The Goal of Monetary Reform
Austrian Economics still is ‘Jewish’ Economics
Financial Warfare 2012: Boycott All Banks
Yes to Peace! No to attacking Iran!

  1. Well… I agree with many facets represented in your critique of Ron Paul. I was once a big fan of Ron Paul and Libertarian thought/speak, but Mr. Paul slipped off my political radar when he refused to demand a full-blown investigation of 9/11. He also turned American traitor when he refused to demand that Guantanamo be closed. He also never stood up like a man on the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act, the Benghazi incidents, and the suicide insanity of Geoengineering. Suffice it to say: I don’t think another lying coward in politics is what American citizens need for their wake up call.

    From #3 of your critique: “When reading the history of the Roman Republic, the recurring theme is the ongoing struggle for emancipation by the plebs. Continuously looking for ways to limit the power of the patricians and ending their own disenfranchisement from the political process.”

    I say: The only way to emancipate yourself into an individual soveriegn status as a human being is to start slaughtering the “patrician” class, and keep slaughtering the motherfuckers until no more authoritarian pricks or political assholes are left standing. These people don’t need limited political powers or social containment. They need to be slaughtered down to the last sperm and ovaum.
    You seem to believe we can talk ourselves out of the artiface of debt slavery, by being more clever with our political rhetoric. We’ve been putting up these cocksuckers for over 2,500 years, and they’ve been allowed to dance around in their silly ass Masonic dippers and papal fish hats for too long. Get a good quality automatic weapon and open fire until they’re all dead. All else is total bullshit and cowardace.

    For you pathological idiots that believe in God: Go fuck yourselves. I’m so sick of you whinny little pricks. There is no fucking god! Get over it. All your cringing morality is only a mask for your cowardace and lack of creative intellect.

  2. authorthat permalink

    A great example for the stupidity of our global economic system is shown by Paul Grignon. He also happens to be the first videographer of the chemtrail geoengineering, which has several applications even many on topic web sites don’t cover. There are biblical principles to economic success that if followed makes you profitable. The obscure Canadian Action Party is also among those trying to educate the public on the issue of the central banking system. World bank, BIS etc….

    IF…enough people were to buy physical silver, that would hurt the banksters. They don’t want the gold standard, they want the predesigned collapse to be a methodical one until many factors come into play that causes people to cry for their “mark of the beast system” or to be admitted into a FEMA center. This for many, can result in a cross contamination death sentence. This synagog of Satan want the biometric cashless carbon trading RFID chip.

    The best investment left other than small denomination silver, is the prepardness of basic necessities which are being taken by…for example, Agenda 21 protocol. The movie coming out this summer about zombies is really about going after those preparing for collapse. They want the perception that this is the same as being a hoarder. Remember, everything Hitler did was “legal”, and brought about by a tiny fraction of the elite, financed by the same posessed people we face today.

    As an energy expert, I am working toward complete off grid independence. This is best done by advanced solar, small scale wind backup, in a closed loop system generating hydrogen with the new higher pressure storage tanks. It generates pure water to be used for all personal needs. You also want water purification and storage, preferrably with a hand pump backup on a well if you can.

    For food, you can either buy military grade freeze dried, do your own canning, a combo of both, and have a stash of heirloom seeds. After it’s safe to come out of xray level protection from the passover of Nemisis, you can grow your own food using supply to supplement. Growing is best inside a geodesic biodome. You can get plans to build your own w/ $500 in materials @ 40 ft in diameter. Using aquaponics is desirable for a closed loop system of food and easiest to maintain.
    Include the use of tools like self built scalar applications. Use for example, black magnitite sand to grow extremely fast.

    There are a series of events to watch for. The blockade of the straits of Hormuz. The land for false peace treaty Obama wants to usher in, known as the abomination of desolation. This leads to the splitting of the USA down the new madrid fault. THe gulg loop current is dead & the maunder minimum is starting with increased rain fall & weather extremes assisted of course by the now weaponized earth technology of the electronic cage. This is the year of the comet. In Nov, one will pass about 700,000 miles from the sun, and depending on the level of exposure to earth of the solar mass ejection, will range from a mass extinction level event, to just a grazing that will destroy parts of the grid it reaches. When the timing is right, the elite want a controlled shutdown of the grid, which FEMA has orders to carry out.

    Space weather and physics are good topics to learn about, to know what to expect and how it can be survived. All this and much more is explored on my obscure blog. The Blogathon Philabuster, because the witness to evil must not remain silent.

  3. Ron Paul, the greatest congressman in recent U.S. history

    “The people are no longer worthy of liberty. Americans as a whole are soft, materialistic and too content with life to fight, let alone recognize the loss of liberty. As long as they are allowed to go to church and buy what they want, they think they are free. But the noose is tightening. The youth are even softer, so the trend is in the wrong direction.”

  4. 94th Congress, 1st Session,
    House of Representatives
    Report No. 94-345


    July 10, 1975.– Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union and ordered to be printed

    Mr. Reuss, from the Committee on Banking, Currency and Housing, submitted the following REPORT
    together with

    [To accompany H.R. 7590]

    The Committee on Banking, Currency and Housing, to whom was referred the bill (H.R. 7590) to authorize and direct the General Accounting Office to audit the Federal Reserve Board, the Federal Advisory Council, the Federal Open Market Committee, and Federal Reserve banks and their branches, having considered the same, report favorably thereon with an amendment and recommend that the bill as amended do pass.

    The amendment is as follows:
    On page 2, line 8, immediately after the period insert the following new sentence: “Except that reports required by subsection (c) shall not identify individual transactions.”

    The House Banking, Currency, and Housing Committee on June 25, 1975 ordered reported to the House by vote of 16 to 13 H.R. 7590 requiring a full-scale audit of the Federal Reserve System. This legislation will enable the Congress, through its investigative arm, to exercise oversight of Federal Reserve policies, efficiency of its operations and the administration of the numerous laws within its responsibility. Presently the Federal Reserve System is not subject to governmental audits as is virtually every other agency and department of the Federal Government.

  5. authorthat permalink

    Those blogging on here are all informed on many issues and are to be supported in teaching others to spread truth….I love it. To correct issues you guys discuss here however cannot be solved by any institution of man because they are created and orchestrated by the mind of the adversary as we all fundamentally understand. The ony effective solution therefore must come from a superior mind, which no human being has,which is the whole point. A civilization that basically lacks the knowledge of their own dual nature, must first discover it to move forward. Man was never meant to have utopia by the devices of his own mind, without being in relationship with God. Physical existance which is corrupted is designed to be temporary. Answers cannot come from ( ANY FORMAL RELIGOUS STRUCTURES, as corrupted as the firmament either). Eliminate usery…sure. With evil out of the world, you would never even have a monitary system at all !

    The money changers would never allow others to work with the second witness to scientifically prove thermite and mini nukes which (instantly evapourated) the victims in the twin towers. Building seven was for destroying the paper trail of these criminals. Years ago I investigated the derivitives but was ultimately forced out. Capitalization from funding facilities was for a stripmine I had a contract for. To this day the land is undeveloped, and took me years to discover the hidden chain of interference from the red shield. How they already knew exactly what is there and the value of it. Then the attacks became personal, and that’s when I began to use my intelligence training, intuition, connections, and all resources to uncover the truth. Today I have nothing left but debt….but I have truth, much deeper than even I suspected, and I have been beneath the surface. I already know what’s real first hand. I just never knew how deep and interconnected evil was. Past experiences began to make more sense as my research went on.

    The investigations on 9/11 have stopped due to the death threats against families of the scientists who were working with the second witness. The labs approached won’t cooperate either, any more than to uncover the truth behind the geoengineering to tereform our blue jewel which has been weaponized. No cooperation for solutions for the likes of….HIV, cancer ( 12 protocols & also, frequency therapy would eliminate any and all diseases), return of the 1918 flu, 9/11, etc…..
    The money changers cannot afford truth to come to light. They despise being exposed for whom they serve.

    The biggest revelation is the very dual nature of man, since for example studying the physics of it, discloses the root solution. One’s personal relationship with Yeshua. ( I NO LONGER GO TO ANY CATHOLIC MASS ), since coming out of Babylon. He actually answered me in my heart, because my head is messed up just like everyone else. Before my military career began, I merely had half my formal education to grade twelve based in vocational trades training. Even then I knew by the time I graduated, the industrial economy was going to be eliminated. I only matriculated because my dad insisted on getting that piece of paper. I was always too much of an individualist to do well in school. That same individualism ended my military career. I cannot conform to stupidity and waste.More importantly, I am unwilling to die for lies. The same thing happened in my energy career. I refuse to sell “green energy”, all very connected to everything else.

    My good friend Dr Mike Castle was the first to discover the welsbach seeding, which after building a core group like Hilde on Morgellons and Cliff on the aerosols etc… has now spread to thousands who at least are learning it’s purpose. Tereforming for the return of the Nephillim…at least today’s version. Barium has the same long term effect as radiation from being Fukushima’d. There is no body releasing the truth about the serious levels being released. Naturally I know all about NBCW, I was even exposed to CS gas several times just for training in the field, in the huts etc…

    Wanna know what earth will look like? study real conditions on Mars. I do not know of anyone who sees in the spirit that has seen past 2050. The pole shift for example. Nemisis is now in our solar system. An enormous dwarf star previously experienced, which we know today as the passover when Israel was trying to leave Egypt. It will shift the planet by 1,200 miles placing Canada where the USA is, but with a slight tilt. It will move over the course of about two months at about a walking pace whereas now, about 45 miles per year & speeding up. The Gulf attack has destroyed the heart of our weather system & a mini ice age is begining, with lots of rain, hidden by the aerosols which brings droughts & further extremes they want. It’s very survivable for those prepared in basic needs like energy, water growing food with magnitite and a cheap geodesic biodome design using closed loop systems like aquaponics. Once again, see The Blogathon Philabuster. You can learn of our weaponized earth by energetics.

    • thanks a lot authorthat.

      It’s interesting that you’d say that about ‘solutions not to be found in the institutions of man’. Just the other day Tammuz put it this way, elsewhere on this blog (
      “Without moral and altruistic people in charge there will never be a sustainable monetary and governing system. This is what is prophesied in the book of Daniel… that humans by their own methods and devices will ultimately fail to establish a sustainable system of governance to the point where “And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.”

      I fully agree with it.

      Could you explain this:” The investigations on 9/11 have stopped due to the death threats against families of the scientists who were working with the second witness”

      who is the second witness?

      when do you expect Nemesis to rake by us?

      • authorthat permalink

        The second witness had a few questions I do not as yet have the answers for. To answer them only the holy Spirit could provide them & these answers have not yet been given. Apparently there is a precise timing of events, based on what people choose to do. The ultimate issue is free will. I will tell you this. The witness of Ephraim has called out the witness of Judah. I know both their identities. These men have knowledge they are not yet permitted to reveal. As for a monitary system, your correct. Man will never have one sustainable because it’s never been in use according to God’s way. How could a limited intellect like a human being, ever compete with the king of the air, the adversary & devil ? Intelligence is all that remains of their former glory. Now they have none. Over several ages the fallen have prevented the vast majority from ever being in relationship with God before people died.

        As for 9/11, it was a mass ritual sacrifice initiating the struggle for souls in these last days of corruptability. There is only one place where you can get the explosives used, and it’s a base in the USA. Only one place makes it, and that’s in Israel. The bombs planted were the mona Lisa of the emplosion of buildings, u nder the watch of a Bush brother as executive for the company that handeled the security for the twin towers. They were laced with asbestos & millions per floor to replace if discovered.

        Trouble with room in the window…more to follow.

      • authorthat permalink

        Two E-10 govt ops aircraft were refurbished at Fort Collins Colorado they were outfitted with Global Hawk guidance systems & flown remotely into the towers. There were no people in them. The towers were wired by Israeli Mossad & ATF specialists. These were mini nukes with tritium and nutron insertion. The nutron insertion instantly on explosiojn, evapourates anything paramagnetic like plants and people. Anything with water in it. There is extreme heat, but very low level radiation. that’s why all the workers are dying, including anyone who lives or works in the area. Where did all the volume of steel & the people go ? They were vapourized instantly as was the steel. That’s right…people dust ! Landing on those alive and bringing radiation with it. If you have a look at my blog, perhaps the answer of the witness will be understood?

        As for Nemisis, you understand, I don’t have access to the cray five array to calculate that answer let alone the telescope to view it. I can say however, that Nemesis is now within our solar system out past Jupiter on the other side of the sun, just off to one side of it. It’s hyperelyptical orbit trajectory is from south of earth’s eclyptic plane. Approaching from the southern hemisphere, the danger point will be once it reaches paragee (closest point) to earth, for that time until it rounds the northern hemisphere & out to space again. Put a real picture of it on youtube and watch it dissappear in less than 15 min. More to follow

      • authorthat permalink

        As for the arrival of Nemisis, anyone can follow the seasons, but if anyone gives you the day,at this point he is a liar. or has access to one of the 38 or so levels of security beyond top secret. For protection from xrays you need 10 feet of dirt or 1.5 ft thick concrete to block the xray level radiation. Everything being done by the synagogue of satan is on a timeline of events in space & our location in it. An intervention will only come at the very end of our civilization by the second coming, but the tares will be removed first. Clutching their gut in anguish from the GMO food, and the mark of the beast system. That’s because they will no longer be wholly human, but as in the days of Noah, they will be part Nephillim & part human. The extra 47th chromesome will be used for the transhuman population who will follow the mixed blood who do follow the fallen angels. Some , due to the abductions already among us. These mixed blood are known today as indego, star seed, star child….and among the 70,000 or so who gather every year in the desert are awaiting the alien who will claim to be our space brother & offer to assist humanity. These people are gonners already. They worship the fallen. The idea is too remove all knowledge in the world, of God. There are for example in one of the many underground cities, over 100,000 supersoldiers that are being grown which is near Chicwan China. There is a fifth gen that follows my blog. His name is James.

    • hanneesh permalink

      Arrogance and ego. good luck to you sir.

      • authorthat permalink

        It is arrogance and ego that must be put aside for the takeover of the Holy Spirit in one’s heart, to hear & do the will of God. If not accomplished before physical death, you will wish you were never born…for eternity. Hell is real & I can give you a true description of parts of it and it’s location & overall shape. Souls will not be in hell forever, they will be sent to outer darkness into oblivuion where they will be remembered no more, as those in the new Jerusalem drink of the river of life beside the tree lined road of pure gold. Did you know even Mars is loaded with enormous mountains of gold? Please feel free to research & ready any topic you want on my obscure blog. The Blogathon Philabuster.

  6. authorthat permalink

    Your education is good, but Ron Paul is NOT controlled opposition. He is the only man in the race who has the integrity to do what he has been saying for decades. While I had made my decision on my own, You have obviously not heard what the SECOND WITNESS OF REVELATION ELEVEN has said about DR. Ron Paul.I really don’t think you even know the second witness is among us. You’ll find all about him in rev:11, King James version. All others have a copyright. If you find it hard to believe, you can always took at the pictures. For that you’ll need the original pictographs of the Hebrww language which, supported as being in agreement with the bible codes, is the whole plan of salvation. Honestly, if you do not see into the spiritual relm as a believer in the body of Christ…do more homework.

    • This is the kind of nonsense that makes me run from churches and people who read the bible and come up with stupid conclusions as this. People need to focus more on keeping the commandments and stop with the stupid “bible codes.” Writings are undependable in and of themselves unless they are true.

      Al Thompson

      • authorthat permalink

        You are a good man, but you have error. You are absolutely correct about the churches ! As for the bible, I would be careful trying to say it is not the word of the most high. It was answered prayer that led me to the second witness. So….LEARN from the second witness of revelation eleven. I dare anyone to check out every word he says and not believe he is the man I say he is. The Blogathon Philabuster

  7. Mr. Migchels,

    I am American, and I assure you that the majority of Americans believe the official 911story. This is a sacred ideology, and it provides the US government the moral justification needed to murder Muslims and steal their resources. Anyone who questions the official 911 story is immediately branded a traitor or a conspiracy theorist. Mitt Romney has never questioned the official 911 story, because Mitt Romney is a warmongering Zionist. Romney has publicly stated that he thinks US military spending is too little, and as president he will increase US military spending. Ron Paul is the only politician who has consistently supported a foreign policy of non-intervention and peaceful relations. Besides, this so-called Truth Movement you speak about is largely lead by disinformation agents who work for intelligence agencies.

    No one has presented any evidence that Ron Paul is a Freemason. I suspect he might be a Rosicrucian, but I can’t prove it, and I’m not going to make false accusations. I can force you or anyone into a Masonic handshake. PhotoShop technology nowadays is very convincing. I don’t believe most of what I see on television and the Internet. You can’t name one politician who is not a member of a secret society, because secret society membership is a prerequisite for any public office. Brigham Young and Joseph Smith were both Freemasons, and Mormonism is a Masonic religious institution. Ron Paul has publicly stated that he has never attended a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations. We will never hear such a public statement like this from Romney, Gingrich, Santorum or the Kenyan.

    The biggest problem I have with Mitt Romney is that no one knows what he stands for because he has flip-flopped on every issue at least twice. Ron Paul has voiced the same principles for over thirty years.

    Have you seen the latest news from Portugal? Drug addiction has been reduced by 50 percent since Portugal stopped the criminalization of drugs and started treating drug addiction as a public health issue. This is what Dr. Paul has always advocated. The US government used to put people in prison for drinking alcohol. The War on Drugs is an even bigger disaster than alcohol prohibition. Ron Paul is the only politician who advocates returning our civil liberties and rolling back the police state.

    Like you, I disagree with Dr. Paul’s position on the gold standard, for many of the same reasons you have articulated. But the point is moot, because there is no gold in Fort Knox, and the US dollar will eventually be replaced by a different global fiat currency. Gold is just a commodity that allows investors to preserve wealth against inflation and Wall Street scams. If you didn’t invest in precious metals, that’s your tough luck, but maybe you stop criticizing people who did invest wisely. Ron Paul is the only politician who has acted to abolish the Federal Reserve, which would require the US Treasury to revert back to producing interest free United States Notes to fund government spending.
    Ron Paul is the only politician who advocates reducing the size of the US federal government and operating the government with a balanced budget. He has talked about eliminating federal agencies and reducing military spending. He has never talked about eliminating social welfare, as you have wrongfully accused him. Ron Paul has publicly stated that we could take better care of poor people if wasteful government spending could be reduced.

    I think it’s obvious that Barry Soetero will win a landslide re-election, because America has become a socialist nation of idiots. Your wrongful accusations and hatred of Ron Paul is all for nothing. You have discredited yourself.

    • Hi Bruce,

      I understand what you’re saying.

      Please note, that I do not resist investing in Gold as a hedge against financial problems.
      I resist Gold as currency, which is a totally different thing.

      The problem is NOT moot, because Libertarianism exists to sabotage monetary reform by forever denouncing all ‘fiat’, ‘statist’ solutions, while forever plugging this Gold Standard. In this way the Money Power is enabled by Libertarianism.

      My position is, that the Truth Movement should NOT settle for a candidate that is marginally more attractive than the rest, while his Gold Standard is a disaster.

      Hiding behind Political Correctness to evade 9/11 doesn’t work for me either. People would be far more helped by a candidate showing real balls, forcing them to reconsider their own groupthink positions.

      The Money Power is a relentless enemy.

      We need relentless opposition to it.

      • All your article is about discrediting Ron Paul and at the end you present us the solution:

        “We are lucky the Diebold computers seem to favor Romney.
        We’d had been hard pressed to explain how wonderful a ‘Free Press’ is, had we been responsible for getting Paul the White House.”

        Nice try! Nasty article.

    • EX US Military permalink

      Bruce / Anthony

      I’m an ex service member. This problem of 9/11 being an inside job is rarely if ever discussed.


      This supposed 9/11 operation would need to incorporate the FBI, CIA, NSA, FAA, DOD (USAF, USN at a minimum) agents from several metropolitan police depts (NYC etc) and at lease two or three foreign intelligence agencies. I’m probably leaving several key players out.

      Having personally been involved in many operations that required input from many different agencies to include foreign forces and governments, the sheer number of people needed to insure a succesful “operation” like this would be large. Very large. I would say the number would approximate 5,000 people across inter agency boundaries. These people would need to come together to discuss timelines, execution, roles, contingency plans etc. The number of people involved could actually be much larger, but make no mistake it could never be less than ~1,500 people. That would be impossible, and I say that again, from being involved in several operations involving way less moving parts than a 9/11 type of operation.

      To my knowledge there has never been a leak, an internal document, a plan, a Powerpoint presentation, and E-mail or anything ever presented to show the actual planning of this operation. I’m talking about actual participants “pushing buttons and pulling levers”.

      To my knowledge there has never been one suicide, one messy divorce, one drug or alcohol police “event”, one person on their death bed that has indicated they were involved in the actual nuts and bolts planning of 9/11. Nothing. Ever. If someone participates in a plan whereby thousands of innocent people are killed, whether you know in advance or find out later, somebody would eventually crack. Everybody knows that. Sooner or later a planner would do something crazy because of their involvement in this supposed murderous scheme.

      People that think this can be compartmentalized, thereby each planning group not knowing the final outcome know nothing of military planning. That would be 100% impossible on an operation this size. Even if some of the groups were shaded, the planners would still eventually figure out they were involved due to odd changes in SOP and they would start ask questions. I’ve never heard of this happening.

      Let me give you a functional example.

      I was a member of an NBC (nuclear biological contamination) team. We routinely did exercises in which we practiced procedure under an “attack scenario” These exercises would need to include higher command, every major command on the facility, individual units, the civilian infrastructure etc etc. Literally 100s of people in planning alone.

      We would then execute the exercise in real time using the actual people at their post or position needing to interface with the attack exercise. Now we are talking thousands of people that had to be educated in advance.

      Here is a real world example of inter agency overlap that is unavoidable. On one exercise, we were tasked with moving personnel from one building, to a more secure building across the complex. The problem we found? We moved the personnel into the location only to find out there was nowhere for them to go. Each of the doors in the long hallway(s) were secured with cypher locks. We couldn’t evacuate the people into the building. When command was notified, suddenly we had an attache from a certain group of military intelligence and the CIA embedded on our NBC team. They had the access codes to the cypher locks and could let the personnel into the shelter. These unforeseen problems always show up — even after tremendous planning in advance. There is no way an operation like 9/11 could not have had tremendous planning and inter agency communication to cross check problems like this. No way.

      Again, having participated, been a planner and been involved with many military operations, I will tell you, that, with my years of experience, it would be impossible to have had 9/11 as an inside job. The planning, personnel, shear amount of data and time involved would have been exposed by now.

      • To: EX US Military,

        1. First of all, explosives were put in the two if not the three buildings if you want to include Building #7.
        2. They were detonated in order to bring down the buildings for whatever reason.
        3. Someone put those explosives or whatever they are in the buildings.
        4. A government or a group of governments had to have been a part of it in order to get that many explosives in those buildings. It wouldn’t need to take that many people to get all of that done. The government is the master of cover-ups.

        Those buildings were blown up with innocent people inside of them. I have a photo of a business man falling upside down, with his body charred from the fire, to the ground. That was some woman’s son, some woman’s husband, or some child’s father. I’ll never forget that photo. Everyone knows damn well that those buildings were blown up.

        The only question is who did it and why. We may never know. And to kill that many people all at once, is simply intolerable.

        But the big thing is that the truth is intolerable to those whose interests are compromised by it. There are just too many inconsistencies and contradictions to the official story to be believable.
        If you want to know who did it, just watch those who ridicule the evidence. Sometimes it is much easier to come to a conclusion just by looking at it.

  8. It became a movement organized and operated from within the ranks of Fox News and the Republican Party.

  9. skullnboner permalink

    Reblogged this on Skullnboner's Blog.

  10. Hi Realcurrencies,
    Interesting Thoughts, I realize that it seems much-fetched for a applicant perceived as significantly-left and yet another perceived as far-ideal to run on the exact ticket. It also would look unusual for a socialist like Nader to operate with a laissez-faire capitalist like Paul.

    On the other hand, there are some reasons why like a ticket could job. Ron Paul has failed to actively marketing campaign for the GOP nomination in spite of elevating about $20 million in the 4th time period (in good sized portion due to his Congressional challenge from Chris Peden), which means that he’s however loaded with cash. They consent on the matters of war and civil liberties. Nader has praised Paul in the previous as nicely and has generally known as for the Federal Reserve to be eradicated (Paul’s signature native). Apart from that, the sore loser laws will stop Paul from operating for president as a third social gathering applicant (but not vice president).

    This kind of a ticket would most likely be nominated by any primary third get together and maybe by Unity08 as effectively (if Bloomberg does not alter his intellect).

    Is it doable?

  11. you’re not alone in your distaste for “general electric” griffin and the main stream alternative media he represents and the danger of the change agent, the austerity, and the theft and destruction through deflation which ron paul represents.

    i like the comparison of ron paul to obama as a change agent. that is the first time i’ve seen that and quite true. it is the first time i’ve also seen perspective on ron paul being forced into military action due to his positions and possibly quite true.

    i think the msm likes to blatantly acknowledge ron paul’s existence, while they criticize him on foreign policy and treat him as unelectable for the purpose of strengthening his base. it would take a fully brainwashed and entrenched following to support what ron paul would do, and the msm would be in full support once the people are fooled into supporting him through the methods of bare rabbit not wanting to be thrown in the briar patch.

    i hope you’ll continue to develop to see the danger the landed power represents. you seem to have a good perspective and well-researched understanding of the dangers of the money power beyond myself and others. you even know ron paul’s portfolio. i hope you’ll also steer away from the esoteric and the religious heritage of many bankers. your abilities and ability to see and understand things are too sharp to waste your time going there.

    • You must be quite right about the msm’s attitude towards Paul. It looks more and more like steady grooming. Firing them up by ‘ignoring’ them and now every day a new MSM starlet says she thinks Ron Paul makes so much sense.

      I’ve wondered through banker demonic wonderland for quite some time, to be honest…..Still like to go there from time to time.
      It has shown me on what a scale this war is waged.

      But in the end the lowest common denominator it all comes down to is the Money Supply. If we get that back they’re not such a threat anymore.
      Although Land is indeed a much neglected territory (haha) as well, your work really opened that up to me.

      • In order to take over the money supply, revealing that banking is a complete fraud would be necessary. Once that happens, bankers and anyone that could be remotely proved having conspired with them will be an endangered species. How could they possibly be a threat when they are being hunted down like rats by the millions of people they have foreclosed on over the years? Hasn’t the prospect of needing to protect these people crossed your minds? Maybe your lack of compassion is what’s clouding the solution. Yes, subconsciously the ramifications of change are unbearable.

  12. The sad truth is this: Most of those within the so called anti-nwo movement, truth movement, etc, have not awakened to any thing. They’ve merely left one field to graze off another. Ron Paul becomes the Shepard.

  13. Michael,

    The problem with government and religion as we know it is that they are structurally evil. The reason for it is that they continually violate God’s law which in turn is natural law. You know that if Congress outlawed gravity, it would mean absolutely nothing. Gravity is here whether we like it or not. God’s commandments are the natural law and you can verify these commandments because their benefit is self-evident. Anything that goes against God’s commandments or God’s World Order is evil and stupid.

    The smart thing to do is to get rid of interest or usury; period, end of story. To do anything else economically that includes interest would be the same things as rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Whether it is Ron Paul, Romney, or Obama–the sad fact is that our economic system is a complete disaster area. Natural law trumps man made law because it is consistent with no controversy. It is what it is, and it is extremely stupid to attempt to go against it. The ultimate conclusion is that you can’t fix stupid. Usury is stealing and it is stupid. It violates God’s law and it takes the economic power away from those who do the most work.

    Bankers who are involved with usury are thieves, so no one should be surprised that an economic system like ours is in turmoil. No one can ever pay back all of the interest anyway; it’s not going to happen.

    If an usury- free monetary system was instituted in this country, the prosperity it would provoke would be mind boggling. It has been my experience that staying within God’s World Order is always more beneficial than the New World Order which is really Satan’s World Order.

    Any new system that arises would have to be within the boundaries of God’s World Order. Now,
    when I say God, I’m talking about the God who created the heavens and the earth and all that they contain. I’m not talking about religious fantasies.

    As far as the Masonic hand-shakes and the Two-Fingered Finger gives us a good idea
    as to whom these people are loyal.


  14. You’re the one shooting yourself in the foot calling what bankers charge “interest” when it’s actually embezzlement, or a term similar not yet coined. Though I don’t believe Ron Paul knows squat about monetary policy, I do volunteer for his campaign. I believe he’s a sincere but very arrogant man. My reasoning is that once elected, nothing will change, or he will be assassinated. By that time, the people I’m developing relationships with while participating will remember my predictions and give credence to my teachings in the future. Keep in mind, I do inform that he may be assassinated even though he’s actually not a threat for the purpose of diversion. Regardless of what happens, “defeat the bank” is undisputedly the greatest challenge for those concerned with a good challenge.
    As for bankers, they invented “communism” because they’re communists. Communism has conquered the planet.

    • To be honest, I don’t really see the difference between embezzlement through credit or interest through Gold.

      They’re both the same plunder operation and they are usually called interest.

      • Why am I saying there’s a difference? Take your best shot. I could spell it out all day long, but we know that people can’t understand what’s right in front of their faces until they’re ready to understand it. Obviously you can see from your perspective that most of the commenter’s here have a very limited understanding of monetary policy compared to yours. I admit I’m learning every day. My teacher has an objective perspective.

        • Embezzlement is just a form of theft or stealing. Usury is stealing and if you want to call it embezzlement, that would be just another form or style of stealing. The people who operate the government are a part of the criminal class. They are miscreants of the lowest order.

          I suggest that you keep your focus on the solution.

          • Your implying I’m not focused on the solution? I have a YouTube channel exposing the most common misconceptions about monetary policy and manipulative techniques of The Power Elite. I’m just asking you to put a little thought into it and give your best answer. If that is your answer, your wrong. Please try again.

            • Philo,

              I watched your YouTube video and it is very simple, clear, and concise. I liked your video.
              Whether it is embezzlement or stealing…well…they are essentially the same. I didn’t intend to offend you by saying you’re not working on a solution; I can see that you are, I was trying to encourage you; not put you down. But the way I wrote it was a bit short.

              The purpose of that statement was to encourage you to keep working on the solution. Yeah, the problem is there with all the Illuminati stuff, but really, any group that takes an oath is putting themselves on the darkside. If it isn’t good, then its bad. Keep it simple, which is what you did on the one video.


              • You’re right, I misunderstood. I jumped to a conclusion. But please don’t be concerned with offending me. That interferes with the task at hand. I really have a good reason for the question. I could just say it if you want. You could come up with a test for me. I should probably give a quiz at the end of my videos.

  15. Nik permalink

    I disagree.

    Ron Paul represents a more progressive door than the typical progressive politics of typical industrial western society of at least last century.

    The gold standard is not a great system, but it’s probably better than the current one – it would be hard to have a worse monetary system than the current one, carbon credits would be a more insane system or something like that i suppose.

    But Ron Paul, even if not agreeing with some of his particular policies, – like the gold standard – is standing for a different paradigm, liberty i.e. choice.

    And it is only through choice, that non political paradigms (including monetary ones) can fully emerge and bring civil society up to the level of the technological age beyond the basic ‘us vs them’ mentality which technological advancement has now made a real threat to self-extinction.

    • Choice and Liberty are great slogans and the Illuminati are good at those. These concepts mean different things to different people. They usually turn out to mean Choice and Liberty for THEM.

      They are also good at concrete wealth transfers, like the one we would see when Gold goes to 40.000 dollars territory because it will be money again.

      Ron Paul is progressive in the sense that he stands for change, but change is not the goal.

      Sound money and honest politics and the end of empire are the goals.

      • Unless the government and religions are permanently attached to natural law, then none of it will work for the benefit of mankind. It will continue to be one fiasco after another, not to mention the continual engagements in war.

        As government and religions stand now, there is little to no virtue in any of it because they violate natural law. This is why we have so many problems with these groups. They all seem to act like pagans. They are always ready to steal the product of the man or woman who actually does some work. They treat people as if they were livestock or animals. So the political systems that we see today are nothing more than an imbroglio that is very destructive for all those affected by it.

        One thing I might recommend is to keep the focus on the solution rather than pointing out all the errors of the Illuminati, Freemasons, and the rest. You already know that they are evil and stupid and that there is no end to studying their machinations. They are slaves to their own depravity, so it makes no sense to know everything that they do. Natural law is already well established, we just
        have to learn how to use it. Again, you can’t fix stupid, so why bother with solutions that don’t work?

        The main type of economic system we need is one which does not offend God and does not steal from anyone. There are a lot of ways this could be done, but never, under any circumstances, should usury ever be allowed again. We are now reaping the bad fruit from it.


      • Nik permalink

        Well it is due to the monetary system and politics that the Illuminati don’t really have any great scope of choice either…that is the sane ones and i’m sure they aren’t all gaga.

        Honest politics is a contradiction in terms, in the same way of ‘relaxed weightlifting’.
        And the monetary system is external war and internal resource depletion.

        So the Illuminati are limited in choices also, with Dummies & Dummer choices always in the fore front however counterproductive the outcomes are going to be.

        Choice isn’t a zero-sum game, Ron Paul giving more Choice & Liberty for the Illuminati as well, wouldn’t be a bad thing, for they have never really been in control of all the chaos and carnage of the power system of the current paradigm either; just in the front padded passenger seat with all windows shut tight, music playing and air conditioning on full trying to pretend they are on another road trip.

    • There is freedumb. Then, there is liberty. Freedumb is the freedumb to steal. Liberty is government coercion used to prevent the freedumb to steal. Ron Paul represents the freedumb to steal. Gold is the freedumb to steal through interest and deflation, especially when government coercion charters banks to create money as debt as long as they buy gold to partially or fully back the notes at prices inflated by government declaring them legal tender for payment of debts public and private. Ron Paul is not the liberty candidate for the working masses. Ron Paul is the communist candidate for the bankers, aristocrats, and King George’s Old Feudalist World Order.

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