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Alex Jones, Disinformationist

by on February 11, 2010

I’m reposting this, because of the flak that Jones has been getting recently. It’s incredible that this guy is still taken seriously and making so much money by the milking the credulous who believe they have ‘awakened’. It just shows how both deeply corrupt and intellectually and spiritually inadequate the ‘alternative media’ really is. Although the article is a little outdated (mentioning Drockton in a positive way), the basic message is still very much on target.
Here’s Rixon Stewart’s take. And here’s how one of Makow’s readers analyzed Jones’ latest debacle.

Now, the Truth community has behaved really very reasonably in many respects, considering the enormous breadth of viewpoints that circulate within the non MSM real media.

It is noteworthy that very few character assassinations take place, clearly indicating the awareness of the people involved how damaging it is to your own reputation to slander others, even if you feel they are wrong.

There is a very thin line between slander and necessary questions and I think people like Rense, Makow, Stirling and and a few others have been really great examples of avoiding unnecessary name calling etc.

For quite some time I have been contemplating writing about the major doubts that my heart senses regarding Alex Jones.

Jones certainly has had a positive impact on the awareness of people both in and outside the US about the true nature of our plight here on planet Earth.

I’m pretty sure many people are grateful to Jones for showing them things are not quite what they seem.

Lately however, a few more notable voices than my own have been starting to shed some light on Jones. Brother Nathanael Kapner, for instance, delved up some interesting links between Jones and a famous Illuminati Powerhouse, the Bronfmans.

Now, you shouldn’t believe everything Kapner says, his infatuation with Putin for instance is rather bizarre, but this is a sore point. You can understand Jones not having anybody piss on his wife, but he should also understand that connections like these are creating some very serious questions, knowing how things work in the world.

And lately none other than Paul Drockton has started some serious complaining about both Jones’ attitude AND his message. Showing Jones flashing ‘the sign’ for instance, which is really bad taste on Jones’ part to say the least, although his buddy Ron Paul has been known to flash the said sign on several occasions as well.

I can’t just sit here and say nothing, when these gentlemen are doing a nasty and painful job: telling the truth about someone we would rather enlist as a powerful ally. However, they are right to do so.


There are two reasons. Content and communication.

Jones communicates in a most unpleasant manner, especially when faced with people he doesn’t like or even just disagrees with. Basically he is a bully. He yells and likes to tear apart callers in his show who put forward things he is not in to. Especially healthful Anti Semites, people who are hated by a certain category of Jews because they see that organized Jewish Supremacy is intricately linked to the Banker’s Satanic Empire.

Now, you can let that bit go, saying it is passion and you need to have a lot of testosterone to do what Jones does. But is it passion, or is it bullying? The more I’ve seen of it, the more I call it bullying.

Another little thing is his eyes. Just look at them, blinking all the time! Now, more enhanced disinformationists like Obama know very well what message blinking sends: a lack of belief in what you are saying. Obama is a master of hypnosis and NLP and he is not blinking his eyes all the time. He is too well groomed for that.

Non-trained people, who make a habit of speaking truth, don’t blink their eyes either. This is a well known, scientifically established fact. It is easily quantitatively analyzed. And it has been. There is a clear link between blinking and lying.

I think it would be very interesting to reverse speech Alex Jones. I fear we will not like what we hear.

The only thing that speaks for Jones’ blinking is that he is not such a psychopath that he can lie without it. These are the really nasty types and Jones is clearly not one of them. He is probably just a sucker for fame and wealth.

Then there is content.

The number one reason why I stopped trusting him is simple: he pushes the Gold Standard.

Now, in this day and age of Truth, is it really feasible that an honest man sitting on the info that Jones is sitting on, can still be for a goldstandard?

Is it really credible that Jones would not know that the bankers are pushing for gold (probably among other commodities they control) in their Phoenix World Currency?

Is it really true, that Jones is unable to sift through the various monetary schools of thinking and NOT notice, that the Gold Standard of earlier days was Bankers domination?

Isn’t it absolutely clear, that interest bearing gold as money will be scarce and manipulable just as the paper? Not to mention the enormous cost to Labor of this usury?

Doesn’t Jones know about GATA and Morgan Stanley going long on gold on an unimaginable scale?

Isn’t this issue of paramount importance when we realize that our not so illumined self declared ‘masters’ are central bankers who run this show by controlling the supply of money?

Is it really true, that civilized and understanding people can support a barbarous relic like gold?

No. And this issue is so important that it is very clear that the powers that be would invest in someone like Jones to gain credibility with a somewhat enlightening narrative, just to lead the opposition in a blind alley concerning the monetary heart of the matter, which is so important that it is only transcended by the spiritual battle between good and evil that is ultimately what is going on here.

This point is seriously worsened by the fact that Jones ONLY features monetary analysis based on gold. He mostly ignores the interest free money community.

Therefore it is clear that he is pushing an agenda and not enhancing debate.

Now, being married to a wealthy Jewess, lying about money and withholding more plausible points of view on monetary issues from his public, ignoring Organized Jewry in his narrative AND his not trustworthy way of communicating……..

Can we really afford to trust him?


There is an other famous case in point. Antony Sutton.

His reputation is quite unbelievable, I will not list his astounding volume of works, one even more unbelievably informing than the other.

But there also is his ‘War on Gold’. A fantastic book, a must read for all students of gold and money, and probably the best case for Gold ever put forward.

I believe this book might be the reason why Eustace Mullins commented once: ‘I always considered Tony to be MI6’.

It is too bad I can’t check it with him any longer…………………..

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  1. Timothy Fitzpatrick permalink

    The growing complexity of Alex Jones’ Israeli Connections

  2. Nixon Scraypes permalink

    Back again,Anthony,there’s a very good video called “Supernatural:Magic and spelling as mind control” by Jose Barrera. Part of it shows how money is a spell.When I found out that ancient priests controlled money,I had a eureka moment.Magic isn’t all the mumbo jumbo distraction stuff, it’s just creating something out of nothing and pretending it’s real- MONEY. This video is very good on that side of the control system. It also mentions a Warberg brother who was into the occult (as if they all weren’t) It may be him who was one of the first to take LSD ,no wonder they called it that! It’s worth a watch, if the twins let you

  3. Nixon Scraypes permalink

    I agree with your comments about Jeremy’s message,nobody’s perfect. The top technique of all Operators is divide and conquer,get the opposition fighting amongst themselves and halve your problem.Sutton’s Wall St. books were a great eye opener for me,they must have taken years of hard work for which I have the greatest admiration. He did a lot more than I ever have! As far as Rage and Bluster Jones is concerned, he comes from from that sort of culture, and has to survive in it. When push comes to shove and they send in the stormtroopers you need the big hard bastards,like it or not. Don’t forget, the cissy boys go very quiet when the rugby team comes in.Without these sort of people on board we don’t stand a chance against the new world order. There’s nothing between the herd and the lions but those nasty bad tempered old bulls,you know

  4. ron permalink

    The New Avatara will come great post like always These people controls everything ; long live the Braun an Inn school

  5. Maligning Jones

    In your Christian (drunken sailor) morality charlatan Alex Jones is a bad charlatan because he is one of them; at the same time Bill Still, Ellen Brown are good charlatans, because they are your kind of charlatans.

    The difference (the only difference) between Jones and other conspiracy industrialists (Henry Makow, Jeff Rense, Gary North, Ed Griffin, William Still, Ellen Brown, Webster Tarpley, Coast2Coast, Genesis Broadcasting, Radio Liberty…….) is the degree of money-making success. Conspiracy is the goods which they are in the business of selling, in different packagings.

    (Antony Sutton, trying to white-wash the British Empire)

  6. Jones is definitely a plant. He is there to cause fear, and keep you chasing boogeymen (like Bilderberg and the FED), but will not name names above Rockefeller, Soros, or other henchmen like Obama, Bush, Bill Gates, etc. He doesn’t mention Zionism, Freemasonry, the Knights of Malta, etc.

    If anyone still believes he “snuck” into Bohemian Grove, you are delusional, they gave him that to boost his credibility, then gave him the 9/11 prediction (after Cooper predicted it) and knocked off Bill Cooper who was highly critical of Jones, and would have sunken him eventually. He is a gatekeeper when it comes to 9/11, as he only allows the “mainstream truther” thermite, narrative and claims anyone with a different opinion is a CIA shill or a nutcase.

    He was put out to the masses via Loose Change, and his job was to lead the flock to Ron Paul and the other goldbugs, and acted like a baby when Webster Tarpley criticised Ron Paul and said that Paul’s economic plan would benefit the elite and was basically austerity. I don’t back Tarpley either, but he was correct in his critique of Ron Paul.

    Then u have his connections to the JBS, CNP, and Stratfor. He acts as the elite’s clearinghouse on every conspiracy, while spreading fear and leaving you with no solution other than to buy gold, or his bullshit overpriced vitamins, supplements and conspiracy books.

    His Piers Morgan debate gave everyone the impression that anyone who thinks like him or acknowledges conspiracies is a maniac. At the same time he promotes feudalism and was even race baiting about Mexicans when “Machete” came out, but said nothing about Tarentino’s Jew porn “Inglorious Bastards”.

    I can go on and on, but it’s clear that Jones is not on our side. I think he is there to stop real progress and possibly set off a Civil War.

  7. A.J. is fear based programing. Fear comes from cowardice and self hate. Alex actually hates himself, that is why he constantly lies about himself. Self love involves self honesty with deep reflection on inter-actions.

    I just received a fear based call about my so-called second amendment rights while writing this. Fear programing is on the rise, be weary of any that try to control through fear.

    As a child I used to wander around the woods of Montana with no fear and no apprehension. I would encounter all different forms of wildlife from big bad bears, foxes, skunks, eagles, deer, and so on. Then I was instructed on the danger and fear based program of nature, animals started to appear less often and re-actions were much different.

    Personally I have deduced that “Fear” is instilled through the illusion of ownership and the need of possession. You were given life, so life could give life again. You own nothing other than the thoughts and actions you have in response to the gifts you were given.

    For all those seeking a deeper understanding of the Control system I highly suggest listening to this interview.

    I also highly suggest the Ringing Cedars series of books from Russia, but only after one has logic and reasoning skills. Russia gives me hope. Putin, while flawed like me, cares about his people and the mother-land which they call Home. We have 5,000 plus years of indoctrination to unwind, lets get to it people.

    Peace brothers and sisters of life.

  8. Alex appeals to the primary classes, early on people who don’t have time to read and just want some other source that provides them with “information” that puts them a step ahead of the braindeadgoy herd..

    out of 300 million “Americans” who have an interest in preserving Liberty he is but one…albeit loud and obnoxious at times…at the end of the day the Truth about the Zionazi Elephant in the middle of the room is still the Truth, and those who ignore it do so at their peril…

    it would be great for Alex to have a program to expose the perfidy of the “Jewish” narrative, but alas…Money Talks

    just like the “Jewish” talmudvision “Media”..when you’ve had enough…turn it off

    Read, go something constructive and remember Alex will Judge Alex in the fullness of time, as it is written….”It would be better for a millstone to be tied around his neck and be tossed in the Ocean, than to lead just one little one astray…like Haggee and the Zionazi Psychophants

    Truth isn’t on Holiday on account of one overzealous Texas boy married to a “Jewess”…

    300 Million Mass Murdered by “Jewish” economic terrorists in the last century…

    who print the currency, own the Media and PAY the crackwhores in Congress

  9. Eugene permalink

    Listening to the video -“Alex Jones , establishment connections ” and the constant praise of himself, degradation of his listeners , or those who are not awaken to his bull crap , his bragging of the Elitists coming to him, seeking him out, the women who throw yhemselves at him, his high degree of moral strenght, his sweet , loving nature, his love of mankind and desire to help and wake mankind up, dedicating his life to the cause of exposing the Globalist and their plans is enough to make a decent person go mad. Maybe this is what he is hoping to accomplish.
    The person who put the video together did a very good job. of showing how Alex Jones exposes common sense , psychology, morals , religion,, daily life,, some knowledge of history, events,,politics, behavior and such to put it all together to show Alex Jones considers himself to be a Christ and able to resist the forces of evil who tempt him because he knows its all worthless.. If this video does’t show up Alex Jones as a stooge of the New World Order, A CIA assett, a Zionist shill as others have claimed him to be, not much else will make them see it.
    I wonder how a 1974 era born , 38 year old today , community college drop-out can marry a Brofman,? . How did he meet a Jewess from a wealthy family to marry this community college drop out. ? Maybe like so many stories :to guide him or to keep him under control.
    Alex Jones brags so much of contact with the Elite that it seems , he is a plant in the patriot community to draw as many people to his bull -crap as possibe. He puts himself up as the big cheese.of the patriot movemen,. who does it out of love to awaken his fellowman and his superior intelligence and morality.
    Lindsey Williams has been on patriot programs bragging of having a 76 year old Illuninati friend who informs him periodically of their coming planned events such as last year, Iran was to be attacked by October,. Information about the price of gas per barrell and gallon. . The economy. This year he said his friend has told him prices of gas will stay low throughout the summer, and Iran will now be attacked this fall.
    Kevin Tradau claims to have been a member of a secret brotherhood of Illuminati but left it , but has a friend or friends who have stayed in to keep him informed of their activities. He claims to have his own organization to reveal the secrets of the Illuminati which one can join for various amounts of money which I guess allows you to start in his organization at whatever level membership according to the amount of money you can afford or come up with.
    I have gotten offers over the years to join organizations claiming to be Illuminati. You are inticed with visions of members gaining wealth, power, fame, beautiful women, friends, boats, and on and on. Women fall at your feet and fame just seems to be drawn to your potential magnetic personality. You are made to believe you can have anything you want.
    Kevin Tradau is another one whom, i do not believe is very old to be into an Illuminati organization in which, I would feel has enough maturity, background, intelligence, proof of loyalty , and contributions to the organization to learn their most valuable secrets.
    These Illuminati organizations have secrets going back hundreds , if not thousands of years, They have infilitrated government agencies in which they can encourage the development of, and suppress , knowledge to the public, but use it for themselves.
    Examples could be in health and life longevity, mind control, psychology, psychiarity, , warfare, , space knowledge, religious history etc. as well as the supression of history or its alteration.
    It is hard to understand how Alex Jones , if one listens to him closely, seems to be so silver tongued as he loves to brag, has no shame, bashfulness, embarrassement about anything he says and does as most people might. Can prattle on and on and on,
    ONe thing he does is to sometimes almost say something and hesitate as though he suddenly realize he doesn’t want to say that particular thing or he will suddenly stop, hesitate and say something completely different.
    Is Alex Jones been under some sort of mind control program to mase him what he is ? He is too good at it and too vain and arrogant.

  10. Eugene permalink

    Some people claim Alex Jones gives about 80% true information. I’ve listened to him over the years and discovered that Jones give little information, like many others in what I used to call the patriotic movement, but now call government hating, anti-govermnment rabble rousers.
    Listen the shows like his , the Power Hour with Joyce Reilly, Rick Wiles, Coast to Coast with George Norry, Stan Monteith, Butch Paugh and their guests. It’s usually the same material over and over and over again, over the days, weeks and years told different ways.Just like listening to radio preachers preach the Bible over and over throughout the years , except slighty differently each time according to their point of view and what is going throughn their mind at the time , events and what they want to tell, unless they use the same material over and over.
    I’m not going to analyze these people ecept th say that most get the material from interent news sources and comment on them according to their view of our governent and the cynicism and feeling they nwant to project , that theyn want their listeners to feel.
    Alex Jones is saying lately, he can’t take it anymore; he wants his country back and I believe he said once that he wishes someone would take his country back. He tells of how beatiful this country is, nature, talks of love and on and on. He’s just trying to throw the love of his country , nature in to cover his ranting and raving which he many times admits to.
    He is married to a Jewish woman, but I didn’t know she was a Brofman. Alex does not like the mention of Jews and religion on his program and goes out of his way to explain that it is due to the fact that even if one can name religion, races, persons , that not all are involved, and that there are many in religion and races etc. who are innocent or do not know of what is going on.
    Alex Jones is only 38 years old. Read up about him and ask yourself if he did all the things he claims. For example: “I studied history.” He claims to hve read 100 books on nWW11 in high school. I don’t believe it for one second, unless he glanced at them or read the picture’s captions.
    He claims his faqmily’s history goes way back into Texas history and this country, but he doesn’t show documentation. He brags of putting three men in a coma, and how tough and fearless he is.
    There isn’t anything he tells anyone on his show that reveals the truth or any secrets already known and given by others in the past.
    I’ve heard he never mentions the Rothschild’s. I saw a video of him mentioning them at a Federal Reserve building at an apparent rally claiming it looked like a Post Office etc. and giving the impression that because the police did not eject him, arrest him, and one could see him shake hands with one policeman, that the police knew he was right.
    He knows that too many people know the Rothschild’s control the money system of the world through and with other families.
    This is an example of how he will throw a glimmer of truth in his agenda and then go on repeating the same crap over and over later about the Internationalists, money controllers {he has a term for them I can’t remember}, elitists, etc. The same terms used by the Conservtives like and especially Rush Limbaugh.
    He claims to have documentation:” We have the documentation; We have the documents; We have the proof: i said this 13-14 months ago; I told this in August 2001 and on and on and on and on.
    He takes calls and has guests and then interrupts continually to throw his points in as though he needs tom add information to add to it or clarify tghe subject.
    Look at the videos , others have posted about him . He’s a propagandists like so many others in the patriotic movement. He talks of many things but out of the past by other authors, like , for one: the John Birch Society.
    Ron Paul whom he supports is supposed to be A John Bircher. So is Dr. Stan Monteith. They don’t tell us that, nor does Alex Jones who seems to have the capability to instantly have his staff get instant references to his comments.
    Joyce Reilly of the Power Hour claims to have been in Desert STorm; a nurse; suffered effects of Gulf War Syndrom anbd recovered; been a Captain. I have never seen her show proof af any of it yet O’Bama’s birthplace is doubted over and over by these so-caaled patriots.
    Read the book: the Fox effect: How Roger Ailes Turned a Network into a Propaganda Machine. You will see that these so-called patriots are geeting information from past books, history, present news and turning it to suit their agenda.
    They are doing what we see happening in the Middle East. Years of propagandizing, and when the right period or situaation can be brought about, the people are encouraged to demand the overthrow and resistance to their government. Already, these so-called patriots are saying O’Bama will not leave office. He intends to stay, the same as was said about Clinton, I believe.
    There are only two forces wanting world power and control: MONEY and RELIGION. And these so-called patriots know it but only mention money , but not religion. Why?
    Robert Maxwell, a Jew said on TV: “You will have a one world government. You will have a one world economy. You will have a one world currency. You will have a one world religion. You will have a one world government whether you want it or not. ” He was later claimed to have drowned at sea.
    Be careful the so-called patriot movement isn’t being used to gather sympathizers as followers to such as Alex Jones so when the New World Order is ready to make its move, they will have followers to help as they are doing in the Middle East and as Russians helped overthrow their own government.
    Alex Jones pretends to have his life and families life threatened. His life and families life threatened. Where’s the proof. He claims to drive Austin roads to home, to sight see etc. and then brag of this beautiful country and how much he loves it.
    Then he’ll claim that he will not be harmed because that will show he is a danger to the government and they want him out of the way. But most of all he will BRAG of being the BIG CHEESE of the patriotic movement.
    If all the bull crap he tells on his show is so revealatory, why is he hiding on short wave radio. He should be on national radio with Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, Glenn Beck { whose antics Alex Jones imitates} , Bill O’Reilly, Bill Cunningham, and others who spew their hatred of our government and want to see a dictorship.

    • Thanks much Eugene

    • Eugene permalink

      Also, one more item or organization I forget to mention that Robert Maxwell said :we will have whether we want it or not is a one world military..
      A Socialist newspaper years ago told the story of a people who were protesting some thing against their government or business world.
      . The soldiers were called out and surpressed the people and put a stop to the protest.
      The point was to show that governments and military are controlled and paid by those who control the money.
      We always heard talk of the One Worlders, elitists, internationalists, globalist etc.
      The Conservatives and Tea Party tell us we must reduce government, We are spending too much. Our national debt is outrageous. Reduce government and regulations so business can create jonbs, and on and on. Also that we must reduce our debt by stopping spending.
      How come the Conservatives NEVER , and the patriot programs NEVER tell that our national debt is caused by the money printed by the world bankers, charged against our government , as also interest and we can NEVER and are NOT supposed to pay it back because the Bankers are parasites on the world, man’s labor, resources of the world, and they do not ever want to give up this power and are using it to eventually take over the world which is one reason conservatives want so much to privatize and put the control in Big business hands, where we will have no say -so , instead of the governement where we do have say -so through our voting privilages and rights to inform congressmen of our opinions.
      One does not hear the Conservatives or patriot leaders call for us to rid our governments of the parasitic World bankers , of whom , such as the Rothschilds are said to be worth at least half of the world’s economy. Look at the mansions or castles they own. They have made and intend to become master of the world with their money system.
      THAT IS WHY there are so many treaties, agteements etc going on in the United Nations, ovrthrowing of governments and documents These One worlders are using our government representatives to sign away our countries, resources and rights such as the gun treaty Alex Jones complained about probably because so=called patriots claim love of gun rights and to not mention it is too obivious.
      Rick Santorum, who wanted to ram his Catholic beliefs and agenda down America’s throat wants his supporters to protest the UN dictating how disabled children should be cared for. He is the one who said that if his daughter was raped, he would tell her not to have an abortion and keep the child as a blessing from God. He shows his sick religious mind.
      The thought or realization came to me one day that there must be a Satan these One Worlders worship as religion is so prominent in this world and possibly an agreement between his superior whom he disobeyed, and himself was made that he would be allowed to take control of the world if he could deceive mankind in to surrendering or giving or allowing him his rights to be taken by such acts of government as legisation , the UN through its treaty’s and organization, .
      An example is jobs and industries allowed to move to overseas countries and Americans told it would be good for us and provide more jobs. Now we hear complaing as though we were deceived .
      No The One Worlders reveal ALMOST EVERYTHING they want to do in siome way. That is why I say, I believe there must be an agreement between the One worlders spiritual leader and the spiritual leader of good.ness. Satan or whom-ever he is and his followers can enjoy and have whatever they can deceive us into giving, surrendering, or allowing our politicans to sign away without our protest as well as such with the UN and wars, drugs alcohol, chemicals in our foods , anything that will cause or help to cause diseases, shorten life, sell or steal our soul etc.
      I have never heard how long the agreement was for the Federal Reserve to control our money and economy. But a caller may have given it away when he said that 2013 will be 100 years fo Federal reserve control of America’s money and economy. Maybe 2013 is the year the agreement ends and world power must be sought soon as too masny people are aware of the Federal Reservse and its parasitic grip on the US and the world and happenings, such as depressions and wars.

  11. Henrique permalink

    Great article, BTW. I listened to AJ some time ago when started to absorb informations on the alternative media ( his operation is quite successful, got to admit, and there are even translations everywhere ) but I just couldn’t stand his delivery. Anyone with some self-respect should despise it, the guy is simply insupportable.

  12. Shame that Mr. Alex “I” “Me” Jones is crying about Google censoring him while he has been censoring his YOUTUBE channel for so long. Sheeple101 and other userids have been banned for disagreement only. Other have come to me with similar stories. Seems Lord Jones is a big hypocrite. Emotion and Logic when so strong cannot work together. The blood flow is reduced to prepare of the Flight or Flight it thinks it will be needing. All his sheeple as well are drawn into this state of hysteria and lose off contract with logic. His breakdown becomes theirs as well. David Icke and others are much better at waking someone up.

    One more note, is he on the cutting edge as claimed or does he wait until it is in mainstream media as he claims. How can it be both Lord Jones?

  13. I wrote to Alex Jones to inform him about the situation in Tibet because I had firsthand information from a Tibetan lama who has been in and out of Tibert several times over the last few years. He told me, several times, that Tibet is doing very well, and that the monasteries are flourishing as never before!

    Yet Jones, with his especially cultivated gravelly voice, which is embarrassing to lilsten to because it is so obviously put on for effect, trying to make himself sound super manly and tough and strong and powerful – poor man – lied about what was happening in Tibet several times after I had send him the right information.

    He preferred to give air time to a Tibetan organization which is entirely a NED outfit funded by Soros.

    Do not trust Jones! He is a masterful liar.

    But, Anthony, what is wrong with Putin? I have had high hopes of Putin. I wish you would enlighten us on what you know or what you think about Putin. Is he also untrustworthy? Completely?

    I heard, from David Hawkins who broadcasts each week from on RumourMillNewsRadio, with Rayelan Allan, and he comes out with some truly astounding stuff.

    He said recently that the MI6 man, found murdered in a holdall, in London, had on his cell phone his last four calls, and they were Putin, Anna Chapman, the Russian spy who had been exchanged for a couple of Americans, Michelle Obama who was in Spain at the time, and the wife of the present deputy prime minister of Britain!

    VERY strange indeed.

    • hm……I only just read this comment Astraea!

      Great info about Tibet, did not know.

      Does the question about Putin still stand?

    • Eugene permalink

      I have read that Putin is a Nationalist and the reason he is hated so.
      Also, I came across a web site in which a Syrian said not to believe all of the news reports coming out of Syria.
      I guess to indicate that the news may be doctored up to present particular impressions as to what is going on in Syria, just as you menntioned about Tibet.

  14. Scott permalink

    There are 2-reasons not to trust Alex Jewn$:

    His statement (an outright LIE) “The Arabs own Hollywood”

    And his behavior at the Austin Pro gun rallly.

    “Alex Jones Crashes Austin Pro Gun Rally, Then Lies About It On His Show”

    I could list endless evidence, but those 2 reason should be leaving anyone to question this carnival barker and zio shill.

  15. Leo Ranum permalink

    Gold and silver you cant eat or put on you or live in or drive, so what is money ? All that you can use for a better life! Thats worth something at least, If there was just one orenge left in the world! Do you understand its value? Start to realize that its a world of illusions you live in and use it to expand your mind. A J may be a disinformer, but at least he inform something all the time, then its up to you to understand it, make out what it tells you, dont belive anything untill you cheked it yourself. Go buy an orenge and pretend its the last on earth, then you will feel like a millionaire.

  16. i actually love your posting way, very charming.
    don’t quit and keep posting in all honesty , because it just that is worth to follow it,
    impatient to look over alot more of your current content articles, thankx 😉

  17. Kate permalink

    I’ve watched AJ for several years. What comes to mind is that what he presents is fact possibly 80-90% of the time. It is the 10-20% that one needs to discern and what may in the end be troubling. I have watched AJs facial expressions while attempting to make a point, and he comes across as insincere and fake while stating his case. He is much too animated and almost goes to the point of acting completely ridiculous so that his message will be seen as “fringe” to not be taken seriously. He does so at the expense of the people whom have worked tirelessly to get the real message of truth out to people. I agree that he has been useful for getting the message out, but is it really not just a 3 ring circus act when people see Jones as a useful conspiracy circus ringleader instead of someone to be taken seriously? He could change this fact, but he won’t because if he did then people like me would actually believe his heart was in the right place instead of where it actually is…M-O-N-E-Y.

  18. Mike permalink

    The one thing all failed countries or governments have in common is Fiat Currency, and their failure can be directly linked to their ability to print money!

    Gold and Silver are the only real money!

  19. Jeremy permalink

    Hi Anthony,
    I recently saw a video of Sutton saying the evils being performed by the war class could not occur without fiat money….a reasonable claim. I’m not a scholar on this and have not read “The War on Gold” but could Sutton have recognized this fact of fiat money but just not have evolved to alternatives……after all, his generation grew up seeing FDR overthrow gold for the NWO. Desiring its return seems natural, even if not realizing the full implications returning to gold after the damage has been done.
    If Sutton is indictable for this advocacy of gold….what of his other analysis of Wall Street and Hitler, USSR, etc….are they invalid.
    I hope you will reply…..I like Sutton and am interested in your take…thanks.
    (I can’t afford to loose two mentors in one day…..)

    • Hi Jeremy,

      Sutton is quite right with his remark, in the sense that at this point the bankers are running a paper show.

      I find it strange that he would not have realized how much gold has been controlled over centuries.

      In his War on Gold he is talking about politicians all the time not so much bankers.

      His other books I would trust for at least 90%. High quality disinformation is always almost entirely true.

      About the two mentor thing: there comes a point your awareness grows to the extent that you realize all perspectives are limited by nature. They all have something to show us, but none are complete.

      Often because you are being lied to, but at the end of the day nobody knows everything.

      You’ll have to rely on what you make of it yourself and make peace with the fact that you will never know everything and will be mistaken all of the time………….

  20. Doug permalink

    I have just followed my intuitive gut feelings about Jones and over the past year I have completely ignored his rhetoric. The thing is, Jones doesn’t really bother me, but his disciples, the people that post on infowars, scare the living sh!t out of me! I have come to the conclusion that there are many, many more mindless sheeple out there than I had first thought.

  21. Richard permalink


    Came to this blog via Henry Makow’s site (and your article there)
    … noticed the Alex Jones commentary and since it seemed to be endorsing my own distrust of AJ, I figured WTH, eh

    My distrust of AJ is simply based on many decades of social activism, and personal experience with nefarious socio/political/religious agendas; after a few decades you can kinda get a ‘feel’ for what and who to trust …

    The local 9/11 Truth folks seem quite ‘taken’ by AJ … which has me listening a whole lot more closely to what ‘else’ they propagate.
    (Don’t misunderstand: 9/11 was/is a scam – the ‘official’ story is totally lies)

    AJ gives me the creeps; comes on way too much agent-prvocatuer style …

    Thanks for the more seriously detailed background information which validates my ‘gut’ feelings … now I have actual ‘reasons’ to not trust him.

    peace and love
    perseverance furthers

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