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Jesus Christ singlehandedly dealt a decisive blow to the Money Power and the Dark Side ruling through it. He described them as 'The Synagogue of Satan, who call themselves Jews, but are not'. He attacked the moneychangers in the Temple, but didn't find His own life worth defending. He was the only man untouched by Satan and He was driven only by His love of God and compassion for His brethren.

  1. Ross M Whitlock permalink

    You are a great source of inspiration. Thank you

  2. wenceslao ciuro permalink

    which jesus? the guy that came from a virgin, walked on water and multiply food? who knows if that character truly existed… and if he did, certainly none of the magical attributes were real.

    • Jesus asked of his followers: ‘who am I to you?’

      Each man must answer this for himself.

    • mick permalink

      the New Testament is the most well attested to document in human history…ask me how and I will give you the facts…but Jesus Christ offends most because He exposes YOUR sin ( and mine lest you think me “religious”). The credibility of the evidence for Christ far exceeds that of Homer or Julius Caesar

  3. Bring on Gods government headed by the prince of peace , I’m sick of all this shit , a day when truth will matter and the reward for life is to serve and love others .In the meantime we must fight this corruption and evil thinking of current and future generation . Thanks Anthony for your courage for not only fighting this evil and corruption but for also flying the flag for our lord Jesus in the face of atheistic interviewers who hold a negative view on our faith.

  4. It bothers me that google is filled with claims that Putin has kicked out the Rothschilds. I see no proof however. They still run the central banks, still drill for oil via Royal Dutch Shell, still raise the Rothschild flag over Russia, still haven’t eliminated their chemtrails, etc.

  5. What about Henry George? Have you read “Poverty and Progress”?

  6. To Anthony Migchels: Perhaps you would enjoy the musings of James Quilligan regarding a World Commons concept toward human resource development. I have reservations regarding potential erosions of national and personal sovereignty that may lead to the usual manipulations of private property, yet his basic reasoning is quite interesting.

  7. Eric permalink

    If you have read C.H. Douglas on Social Credit & his solutions to the “money problem” you might add him also !
    I presume you are also familiar with the Canadian monetary reform group COMER if so what is your opinion ?

  8. Jesus said He could have asked and His Father would have sent 12 legions of angels to defend Him. Jesus didn’t defend His own life because He was laying it down in sacrifice for our sins to make atonement for us, as the ‘Lamb of God, who taketh away the sins of the world’. Then He took his life up again on the third day. He sits at the right hand of the Father right now, and ‘ever maketh intercession for us’. He is the ‘Wonderful Counselor’, ‘Mighty God’, ‘Everlasting Father’, and ‘Prince of Peace’. As it says, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

  9. Jesus Christ – have a listen to Santos Bonacci on You Tube:

    J.S. Bach is God.

  10. I´d like to see Mike Montagne added. Architect of Mathematically Perfected Economy since 1968, which is singular solution of all categoric faults in our monetary system.

    Cheers Anthony. Your doing a great job!

  11. The “leaders” of the “truth movement” all somehow support the Rothschilds gold/silver money system and usury. The same system which bankrupted the US in 1933.

  12. i am just a man that raised four children alone for 16 years

    i lost two girls to a cult

    now its just me 45 daughter 24 son 16

    we have no future we have no hope I loved reading your articles
    but it doesnt change anything

    we are still without a car without jobs and can t pay the rent

    its just a matter of time before we are homeless

    come spring no problems but by next winter we die

    great life they have created and thats the point


    look up the GEORGIA guidestones

    I may not be henrymakow but I know the truth and have studied for
    twenty years about usury and the lying system

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