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The Ron and Rand Paul betrayal

by on June 10, 2012

Rand Paul endorses Mitt Romney, just days after Romney was seen at Bilderberg and just a few months after his father’s advisers claimed he would deliver his backers to Romney in exchange for Rand’s elevation in the Romney campaign.

By Anthony Migchels for Henry Makow and Real Currencies

The backlash among the libertarian community after Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney last Friday is intense.

Libertarian leaders all over the place are denouncing him. Adam Kokesh is clearly hurting badly in this video. On Prison Planet, arguably the most influential pro Paul outlet, the headlines are all about Rand Paul’s betrayal. Mike Adams still cannot believe it and wonders if Paul Jr. is getting in to demolish the system from the inside. This YouTube video asks its viewers to vote to show how they feel and 90% dislike the news. Rand Paul’s Facebook page is being inundated with messages of thousands of disgruntled supporters.

It’s so bad one wonders whether the Pauls have miscalculated. And let there be no doubt, they have been calculating. Even to an outsider like myself, who never cared for either Paul, it looks like the most cynical, blatant and utterly ruthless sell out in quite some time.

Consider this.

In March Time Magazine quoted an adviser of Ron Paul saying ‘If you’re talking about putting Rand on the ticket, of course that would be worth delivering our people to Romney’. (go to 3:40 for the quote).

Lew Rockwell is now on record saying the whole Ron Paul campaign was never about winning. I wonder how the millions of his followers think about that. According to Rockwell, it was all about educating people on the wonders of Austrian Economics, not about winning elections. This probably explains why Paul Sr. never ran as an independent, but preferred losing primaries.

After working for years on Paul’s campaign as a republican candidate Rockwell is now saying one shouldn’t vote and shouldn’t be involved in partisan politics. Now, how disingenuous is that?

And of course all this is just days after it transpired that Romney was at Bilderberg, incidentally upping his credentials as a real threat to Obama big time. The same Bilderbergers, that started financing Ron Paul with millions a few months ago.

So what does it all mean?
Well it’s obvious. Ron Paul exists to lead the opposition into a blind alley. He doesn’t run as an independent, which he would, were he for real. To him it’s more important a GOP candidate wins and he’s undoubtedly worried he would split the vote of the right.

Ron Paul exists, according to his buddy Rockwell, to educate the masses, not to change politics. He ‘touched the hearts of billions of people’ with his love of gold and Austrian Economics.

In the typical Hegelian way his ‘antithesis’ of a ‘free currency market’ dominated by gold vs the ‘thesis’ of government/central bank controlled currency will lead to the classic gold standard the Money Power wanted always. The Daily Bell’s Anthony Wile seems to think so, anyway. Romney is not on board yet, but on the right the momentum for a gold standard is clearly gaining traction and the next crisis, expected anytime, will not be let go to waste.

The GOP will be happy. Ron Paul will probably retire now and is out of the way as the minor hassle that he was. Rand Paul has been completely incorporated and is no problem at all to the GOP establishment. He’s got the charisma of a dead fish and the war mongering program of the traitorous sell out that he is and being cut loose from the support of his father’s backing he will whither away quickly as a real force.

I think it’s fair to say everything has gone more or less as expected. The Money Power has co-opted the opposition in its classical fashion. The millions gasping for truthful change are left holding the bag.

After this election a new change agent will be quickly conjured up out of nowhere, perhaps to establish a Hamiltonian banking system, which, to me, seems to be the next frontier for controlled opposition.

What I find interesting is that both Rand Paul and Lew Rockwell look rather depressed in the linked videos. At least we can see that evil is not a pleasant place.

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  1. All criticisms of Rand Paul are well-deserved. However, it is unfair to suggest that Rand Paul deceived all people who claim to be libertarians. On May 24, 2010, Justin Raimondo, director of, warned readers that:
    “He’s not half the man his father is”
    “Since he’s spent so much time apologizing for, and running away from, his own comments – now claiming that he would have voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act – why doesn’t he spend a few moments backtracking from his morally reprehensible refusal to take nuking Iran ‘out of the equation’? Now that‘s something he really ought to get down on his hands and knees and beg forgiveness for – and maybe (just maybe!) libertarians will think about supporting him. Until that apology – or ‘clarification’ – is forthcoming, I wouldn’t give Rand Paul the time of day.”

    In 1988, Ron Paul was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for President. Why are critics of Ron Paul failing to make a distinction between libertarians and the Libertarian Party (with many leaders who are Zionist warmongers)?

    It is fair to claim that Lew Rockwell is obsessed about gold. You can even check the price of gold at:

    However, why is there no criticism of communist China’s plan to replace the American dollar within a few years with its own gold-backed currency?

    Americans who are truly anti-war supported Ron Paul. Obama and the other Republican candidates are Zionist warmongers. Some supporters of Ron Paul have questioned his position that America should sit by and let Israel and its Muslim neighbors work out their problems—after the West has provided Israel with nuclear weapons.

    Opposing the endless totalitarian wars of Zionists and of Neo-conservatives (Neo-Trotskyites) is more important than opposing relatively trivial issues such as usury and monetary reform.

    Paul Sheldon Foote

    • “Opposing the endless totalitarian wars of Zionists and of Neo-conservatives (Neo-Trotskyites) is more important than opposing relatively trivial issues such as usury and monetary reform.”

      I don’t agree. The Money Power is behind all these wars and even the seemingly all powerful Zionists are just tools in the hands of the London City’s bankers.

      Continuing control of the money supply, either through Gold or interest-bearing paper, is their main priority.

      Paul is supporting the real culprits of the ongoing wars with his gold standard and the monetary credentials of any candidate are indicative of who they really are, more than any other issue.

      I also consider the faith in Paul as a peace candidate naive. He lies about 9/11 and this makes him vulnerable to all sorts of false flags.

      Like I analyzed elsewhere
      5. Not noticing the risk of Ron Paul as a War Candidate
      The Money Power, through its agents in the CIA, MI6 and the Mossad is well capable of creating ‘facts on the ground’ that would ‘force’ Ron Paul into war.

      A ‘Gulf of Hormuz’ incident is easily created. It is hot at the moment too.

      What is Ron Paul going to say then?

      How is he going to explain to the American People that he is not going to strike in revenge, because he believes it’s a set up? After explaining to them Arabs attacked us 10 years ago?

      The fact is, Americans would rally behind Ron Paul if he is ‘forced’ to go to war. And this is a real danger. We saw what happened with our previous ‘Peace Candidate’.

      • To support anthony’s point about Ron Paul’s sincerety as an anti war canidate, look at his Restore America budget. Therein you will find, out of a trillion dollars worth of cuts, a paltry 15% will be taken from the pentagon, while 63% cuts will be made to food assistance, and 35% medicaid or — 22% to life sustaining entitlement cuts across the board overall. Clearly, Paul values the financial viability of the empire’s war aparatus more than he does for “useless eaters”.

      • Attacking Ron Paul without identifying a better third-party candidate running for President this year makes you an asset to the Zionists and Neo-conservatives (Neo-Trotskyites). Can you name even one American third-party candidate running for President on a platform of being opposed to London City’s bankers? As a former candidate for public office in California myself, I know that it would be a rare American voter who knows or cares about London City’s bankers.

        As a Vietnam War veteran, I agree with you about the ease of false flag attacks. However, I cannot place all of the blame on the Money Power. Millions of voters choose to remain ignorant or to believe the major news media of the world (whether by small number of private corporations or by governmental sources).

        The unrelenting attacks on Iran have taken more forms than some monetary plots of London City’s bankers. You need look only as far as your neighboring country, Belgium, and to Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) for its role in the sanctions on Iran.

        How do you explain the deaths of leaders of Iraq and of Libya and the attacks on Iran when these countries took the correct position that they should be paid for oil in gold or in their own currencies (not in American dollars)? Iran has even started its own Oil Bourse. Where is your praise for Iran?

        America’s warmongers learned from the Vietnam War to avoid the military draft (conscription). Now, they must depend upon Christian Zionist religious leaders to fill the ranks of the military. These soldiers know nothing about gold, monetary reform, or about London City’s bankers.

        Your model of the world is too simple. Political candidates must try to build majorities of support
        in order to win elections. That does not mean that their supporters support all of their positions. It is possible to be anti-war without supporting or opposing the gold standard.

        • Are you sure I’m to blame when I expose Paul even if there is no alternative?

          There may be one though, although I don’t endorse him for the time being: as far as I know Bill Still runs. Probably on a ‘greenback’ agenda.

          I believe we shouldn’t settle for the best of the rest (as Paul is), we should only settle for one good enough. So one that actually attacks the Money Power and their control system.

          Although it must be said such a candidate should preside over a major movement and this is not forthcoming.

          We agree that while the Money Power is the perpetrator, the populace is to blame for its stubborn refusal to learn.

          The US EMpire is NOT the Money Power That’s quite a crucial issue that confuses many people. The American Empire defends the dollar hegemony, but the Money Power owns all the nations and some them are directed to Gold based currencies, including china and Iran. Iran and Russia are portrayed as ‘independent’ because they resist the US Empire, but people seem to miss these countries are ruled by Jewish Freemasons just like the US.

          the goal is war itself. All the main actors are incorporated. And have been forever.

          Politics is completely controlled by our Masters. We shouldn’t get in there. we should never compromise with the banker whores, the freemasons, the B’nai Brit assholes.

          We should never send a good man there with that criminal enterprise in mind. We should only send one to sweep the field and destroy the murderous lackeys.

          Until we have such a man, leading such a movement, we should desert politics, their banks, their transnationals, their schools, their food, their pharmaceuticals, their media, their churches. Participation is compliance. Compliance is surrender.

          Luckily we already have nontoxic food and natural health remedies and professionals. we have an alternative media, infiltrated as it may be by the Gold dealers.

          The next frontier is regional, interest free currencies.

          It’s tough and it’s not done overnight. But I don’t see another way.

    • To Paul:

      The whole political system is intellectually unsatisfying. You have too many people lying and it is hard for any person that values his own sanity to take any of this seriously. You can always tell when a politician is lying: when he’s moving his lips. They have no credibility, honor, intellect that’s worth anything, and I’m quite puzzled that people still listen to them. Maybe with this sell out, the rank and file of the people will vacate the voting booth and go do something else more productive; like having a beer and watch the governments rot in their own corruption. The best thing to do is to get out of the way.

      The old ways are flawed and destined for failure. The political systems of the world are complete failures; they just don’t work. People cannot function or make good decisions when their leaders are lying to them.

      Now the American public is presented with the choice of 1. Shit Sandwich (Obama) and 2. Turd
      Stew (Romney). Thanks, but I’ll pass.

      Maybe it’s better to just let it rot and people will figure out on their own how to manage their own lives without the idiots that we have now. It doesn’t really matter who did what, they are all mostly liars and the mind cannot function properly under these circumstances.

  2. There is one more piece of evidence which i believe makes the case against Ron Paul incontrovertable: that in 20 GOP debates Ron Paul attacked Romney’s rivals 39 times while never assailing Romney even once.

    I don’t feel sorry for any of the libertarians that look bad. All of them were smart enough to know better and most of them did. I hope they get the backlash they deserve and choke on their collective crow sammiches.

    • thanks pm, quite a shocking statistic………

      It has also come to my attention that Doug Mead, campaign manager for Bush and Reagan was also a ‘senior campaign adviser’ for Ron Paul. Proving Paul is much closer to the heart of the GOP establishment than most people care to know.

  3. FauxCapitalist permalink

    What a reversal for Lew Rockwell. Here he was, less than four months ago, saying talk of a Rand-Romney alliance was an “establishment trick.”

    “Former Ron Paul staffer Lew Rockwell says that talk of an alliance between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul is an “establishment trick” to smear Paul by making him appear as a sell out.”

    Looks like the “trick” worked, Lew!

    On Alex’s live show today, he said Rand had basically married Romney, and may as well be wearing a white wedding dress. If Rand quacks like a sell out and acts like a sell out, then…

  4. FauxCapitalist permalink

    At 6:39 PM Eastern on Alex Jones’ live broadcast, I heard Alex Jones repeat the misinformation that the privately owned Federal Reserve’s charter is set to expire next year.

    I debunk that mis/disinformation here.

    • My understanding of this is that it had a 20 year charter and was never renewed. The problem is that there are so many entities to keep track of that is boggles the mind. Just trying to keep track of words like “United States” and all the various definitions is an exercise in insanity. I think we should just let it all rot, we’ll do just fine if left alone.

    • Brian Hughes permalink

      So what if it expires? You could look at it like it’s being jettisoned into the dustbin of history, having served its nefarious purpose. This wouldn’t mean an onerous system of control in general would end with it. Besides, next year is 2013, 100 years since the inception of the FED sytem, and we all know the Illuminati fondness for numbers.

  5. FauxCapitalist permalink

    Great article tying the latest news and commentary on this together, Anthony.

    They’ve got all the usual suspects out there to control the situation. Jones acting all upset, Rockwell saying government is to blame regardless of who is in it, the Daily Bell calling for a free-market gold standard that Gary North admits has never existed in history, and Mike Adams writing a ridiculous piece to keep the Rand Paul con game going for those few who are predisposed to want to believe he’s a constitutionalist rather than judging him by his actions.

    Another dynamic in this is who I call the Alex Jones double standard-bearers who criticized anyone taking exception with Ron and Rand Paul as “dividing the movement.” I wrote an article about them here.

  6. Another angle on the Paul scam can be found in our latest report:
    ‘Ron Paul Bubble Bursts all over Bilderberg 2012’ :

  7. There is no remedy for the people via politics – poly = many; tics = blood suckers.

    I believe that the people will one day realise this, but by then it will be too late for them. Let’s hope we who are aware have a place of safety by then and pass through another Red Sea.

    • well, clearly we need divine intervention to pave the way Charles………..

      • Rev 12:12-13 (KJV) Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time. 13 And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child.

        Rev 12:14-16 (KJV) And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent. 15 And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood. 16 And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.

  8. ron permalink

    the workship of gold and all the sheeps happy.This is the final goal to the Golem.

  9. Anyone endorsing the “Paulies” is either complicit or clueless. One good thing, they help provide a litmus test of sorts in evaluating the competency and genuineness of alternative media outlets.

  10. Anthony,

    The proper name is Mitt Romney, not Mitch. FYI

    However, that said, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that they didn’t have anything good in mind.
    I’ve seen Ron Paul give everyone what I call the “Two-Fingered Finger” which means that he is a satanist.

    No one who is involved in the occult in any way is capable of doing anything good. Evil does not, and will not divide against itself. To me, this is no big deal because I expected something like this.
    It’s just another day at the office. Old Alex Jones is probably doing his old dog and pony show saying “How could they do this to us?” Yeah, right.

    The political and religious systems of the world are steeped into the occult. They are good for nothing and it doesn’t matter whether it is Obama or Romney, the destination is hell. Romney may take us to hell a little slower, but the destination is the same.

    When you do anything, look for the occultic symbols and then stay away from them. These people in politics should be ignored. They are nothing but parasites who are too stupid to let the host live.

    • Hi Al, yeah thanks, I only noticed this annoying slip after publishing, but I’ve corrected it.

      Quite right on the rest too and I was really touched by your post today. Such a sad story.

      • Yes, but I’m happy just to have known the man and that there are some men out there who are willing to tell it like it is.

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