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What drives those that betray us?

by on May 12, 2012

A recent study shows most employees of major Dutch banks would not promote the products of their organizations to their own family members. So why do they sell them to us?

Left: Bert Hellinger

By Anthony Migchels for Real Currencies

It transpires that no less than 67% of employees of ING Bank, Holland’s biggest, would not advise their family members to purchase its financial products. ABN AMRO fared only slightly better: 56% of employees did not trust their bank’s products enough to suggest them to their families. Only RABO Bank saw most of their staff answering they had sufficient faith in their bank’s products. But there also 20% of staff declined the opportunity to sell these products to their loved ones.

These results remind us of the 75% of doctors who claim they would not undergo chemotherapy would they be diagnosed with cancer.

These numbers raise serious questions. In the conspiracy community it is common to suggest normal people are mind controlled into submission: ‘forgive them, for they do not know what they do’.

But apparently they do. It makes one wonder how many journalists know they are lying to their readers? How many politicians realize they are betraying the people who voted for them? How many police officers know they are protecting the criminals, instead of locking them up?

A friend of mine is particularly upset with chemtrailing. Every day he checks the air to see how bad they are today and he often tries to alert people. Some time back he got into a discussion with some cops and he pointed up in the air: ‘and what do you think these are?’  he asked them. ‘Chemtrails!’ was the astonishing answer he received. ‘So what are you doing walking the streets looking for ‘criminals’ then?’ he asked in amazement. But the cop just shrugged his shoulders and was on his way.

Of course, such a thing as chemtrailing is not easily stopped by one man in uniform. It is understandable such a man would feel it was way over his head. On the other hand: what’s the use pretending you are fighting crime, when your bosses are spraying you and your family with an unknown set of toxins?

How many people are willingly wasting their time and actually propping up a system they know is a fraud and a danger to themselves and the people they love? Let alone the rest of humanity?

It’s not just about personal survival, the idea we need these jobs to survive.

Bert Hellinger, a German counsellor, discovered what he calls the group consciousness. According to Hellinger conscience is not a sense for good and evil, but a sense for the right to belong in a relationship. We have a conscience for every relationship we cultivate, both with people and groups of people. Conscience measures the score of giving and taking. When we take in a relationship, we feel guilt, signifying a diminishing ‘right to belong’, when we give, we experience innocense, a growing ‘right to belong’.

The more important the relationship is, the stronger the conscience is. It is for this reason that we’d rather betray a stranger than our parents.

Membership of a group comes along with the need to submit to the group’s morals. If we don’t and act in ways that are unacceptable to the group’s standards, we experience guilt. If we insist, the group will reject us.

However, we will experience innocence, even if we are involved in clearly criminal behavior, when the group’s rules allow our conduct.

A clear example of this is war between nations and the innocence that men can experience while slaughtering each other.

Another example is bank employees willingly and consciously raping the public, with ‘services’ they would not dare offer their own blood.

Hellinger’s observations are very important. They show us that to grow, we need to be able to endure guilt. Because clearly we cannot afford ourselves to succumb to the pressures of group conscience when it suggests criminal behavior, damaging other people.

It shows experiencing innocence is not the same thing as having clean hands. It explains the bizarre behavior of people working for criminal states and corporations. It explains how people can commit horrible crimes while being surprised after the fact

It also confirms the importance of cultivating our awareness of the fact that we are One. If we first and foremost experience membership of the human race, and rate other groupmemberships as secondary, our conscience will not wreak so much havoc on our moral compass.

Better still is to accept God’s call on Abraham to sacrifice his first born son. Because elevating our relationship with our Maker to become our main priority in life will provide our conscience with a correct hierarchy of relationships. We will experience guilt when sinning against our Father and innocence when doing the right thing, even when it is abhorrant to the mainstream.

Lest we forget: the Evil One rules in the World and we cannot allow ourselves to be corrupted by joining groups aiming at supporting his agenda.

Afterthought: I’d be most interested to hear from people who have first hand experience with operatives of the system knowing what they are doing, also if they were part of it themselves.


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  1. Bilderberg Scheme To Save The Euro

    Posted: 16 May 2012 12:29 AM PDT

    The Bilderberg Group is terrified that Greece’s potential exit from the eurozone could lead to a dramatic economic recovery and provide a template for other countries to follow suit, threatening to torpedo the euro single currency and the entire agenda for a European federal superstate.

  2. Robert M. Stockmann permalink

    It’s evil satanism which is threatening to overtake the entire world …
    oh really ? yes,
    Here’s some really revealing intermitting showings :

    French President Francois Hollande wants to do things the right way,

    “Get the French troops out of Afghanistan” [1]
    “fighting the bankers” [2]

    and wow does he get attacked by his evil foes and forces :

    Things can only get better: New French President is soaked on Champs Elysee
    and then is on plane hit by LIGHTNING

    “Then, a few hours later, his plane was hit by lightning as he flew
    to Berlin for a crisis meeting about the imploding Eurozone with
    German chancellor Angela Merkel.
    It meant that the presidential jet had to return to Paris, where
    Hollande had to transfer to a stand-by aircraft.
    ‘The first plane was hit by lightning,’ said an Elysee spokesman.
    ‘It turned back for safety reasons. Now the president has left again.'”

    [1] Francois Hollande, French President-Elect, Confirms Afghanistan Exit In 2012
    By Max J. Rosenthal
    The Huffington Post Posted: 05/07/2012 4:56 pm Updated: 05/07/2012 4:58 pm

    [2] How will Francois Hollande’s victory in the French presidential
    election affect the City?
    by Syed Kamall , Wednesday 9th May 2012, 12:36am

    “His greatest enemy is finance and his strategy for defeating it
    is taxing it to death. Francois Hollande has made quite clear how
    he detests bankers. He has also been shouting loudly about his
    plans to introduce a 75 per cent tax rate on all income above €1m
    and a unilateral financial transaction tax, although this is in
    fact Nicolas Sarkozy’s policy. Regardless of whether or not he
    actually follows through with such reactionary policies, which I
    suspect he won’t, the message to France is clear. Those working in
    financial services are no longer welcome. My message to him is also
    clear: please continue! London’s doors are wide open to any French
    citizen who fears that their country is heading back down the path
    to primitive socialism. Our tax rates are more competitive and
    London is now the number one centre for finance, food and culture.

    Syed Kamall is Conservative MEP for London and member of the
    economic and finance committee of the European Parliament.”

    (By City , these sleaze bags of course mean the City of London)

  3. “What drives those to betray us?”

    Easy, Satan the Devil via his corporate system or a system of limited liability i.e. no one taking responsibility for their own actions. The: “I was only following orders!” cop out.

    The only time this mantra didn’t work was at Nuremberg – I wonder why?

  4. Excellent article full of important concepts. However, I am getting tired of reading “we are are all one” in the plethora of articles that purport to shed light on our collective plight. First of all, the FACT of the matter is that “we” implies plural, which means that “we” cannot all be “one” with each other. We are all here experiencing on this ONE particular frequency range, the physical, as we call it. Second of all, I do not HAVE TO nor DO I remember that we are all one. And thirdly, “we” implies group membership which inherently is biased toward the group’s needs over the individual’s needs. Giving your power to the group means giving away your power as an individual for some sort of physical gain. I understand the author’s point with regard to identifying to the human group, however, as a spiritual being I made the choice as an individual to experience and participate in this galaxy (frequency range), this was not a “we” decision. A huge part of playing this game is experiencing what the consequences are to my/your being when we give away my/your power to others. This is why persons that are truly spiritually aware aren’t concerned with changing the game, they are concerned with observing and recognizing the game of life for what it is so that they (as an individual) can complete the game and move on to other experiences within the broad range of creation.

    • The collective well being is much more important than the individual one.

      • That is what the communists(communitarians) believe. Millions of people lost their lives because the welfare of the collective had more rights than individuals.

        The analogy for democracy illustrates this point too.
        Three wolves and a sheep sitting around a campfire voting on what’s best for the community to have for dinner tonight.

        • Theoretically, if the environment we create sustains the maximal prosperity of individuals, the maximal prosperity of the individuals, collectively, is sustained. Evidently, this is why many people are repulsed by the proposition of communism — because they aspire for true free enterprise and just reward… to choose their work as much as a reasonable demand/market predicate; to work so much and in the manner they choose; and to reap commensurable reward for it. This is man’s state in nature. Being as no ideal exists above and beyond just reward for freely determined endeavor, the only reason anyone would deprive us of just reward for freely determined endeavor is for an undeserved part of what our endeavors produce.

          Mathematically Perfected Economy is that environment.

          • Only MPE fulfills that, because a) only MPE sustains representation for the full extents of all endeavors (gold, “resources,” or “love” are only fractions of *all* things); b) because only the value of MPCurrency is immutable (thus preserving the entitlement it represents); and c) because MPE does all this, virtually without cost, and without impediment. MPE likewise sustains the aspirations of sovereigns (as the last post indicates).

            • It’s important for people to understand that money cannot have a centrally pre-denominated, *appointed* value (that such an attempt is thwarted by the very facts at hand). The only value an immutable currency can have is the value the participants determine for abstract units, at each and every transaction. That alone is true free enterprise; and that is the value that MPE sustains in MPC by its perpetual 1:1:1 relationship between remaining circulation, remaining value of represented property, and remaining obligation to pay just that much out of the circulation for the remaining value of represented property.

      • Surely the ‘collective well being’ can only have a “well being” if the individual has a “well being”.

        Wouldn’t a starving collective be made up of starving individuals, or am I missing something?

        Wasn’t Stalin rather keen on starving collectives?

    • Nobody here is advocating a physical monism.
      Nobody is disputing the common sense view of perception regarding the physical world.
      Nobody here is forcing you to accept communtarianism or utilitarianism.
      Nobody here is stating that you aren’t free to choose your actions and take responsibilities for them.

      Spiritual people have been historically the most courageous and powerful forces for change in the world. The attachment to physical things, wealth or personal pleasures and comforts are not important to spiritual people nor is the threat of losing them a deterent to action. That which is most real to spiritual people are spiritual in nature: justice, goodness, peace. A man that believes in only pleasure and materiality will not risk his life for these things or the welfare others. Such a man may not even risk his own life to save himself, preferring to live in slavery instead.

      The only exception to the foregoing regarding spiritual people would be the eastern mytical religions like hindus and buhdists that belief the physical world is illusory and your fate is unchangeable.

      • Patrick permalink

        That isn’t completely true of buddhism. Some buddhists may misunderstand, but the buddha never taught that the world was illusory; he taught that our Perceptions of the world were illusory. Big difference.

    • @ JP: on the tension between changing the game & seeing it for what it is:

      Ken Wilber on simultaneously holding a non dual + dualistic perspective on

  5. Anthony,

    I liked your article. This reminds me of: “I’m just doing my job.” “Law enforcement” officers are the worst because they never question anything a judges tell them to do. Law enforcement officer are usually in the nature of kidnappers, murderers, torturers, and all of that works under the Evil One.

    I’ve done the same thing with chemtrails, and I get the same reaction. Those chemtrails are done by the federal governments because those flights are flown under “positive airspace.” All of those planes are under a federally authorized flight plan. So the governments know what they are doing.
    But what about the asshole pilots who fly them. The government could never commit this genocide unless they can get the pilots to co-operate with it. Just because some guy wears an ice-cream suit doesn’t mean he has any authority to violate God’s commandments.

    So while the “elite” leaders are one part of the problem, the jerks who carry them out are the other.

    How can any man in the United States join the military? He joins, goes to some far off place, and then gets involved in murder. The military should only be fore defensive purposes, and not to impose ourselves upon other nations as if we knew what is good for them. But, the leaders are one part of the problem, and the followers are another.

    People have to learn how to control their own minds, instead of having someone else do it for them.

  6. When I first learned of the difference between our original commonwealth bank and, the debt machine we had foist on us, I marched in to the local branch and, demanded ALL my money NOW!
    First I was told by the underling that, the branch would have to order the cash so, I gave a lecture in a very loud voice – so other customers could not miss the points – on how the system worked. The manager appeared and told the underling to pay me, even if it meant bags of coins as well as notes (which it did).

    As I was leaving, at the door, the manager and loans wonk asked if I would meet with them, in the manager’s office tomorrow, which I did. Both of them knew, very well, how the system created debt only and, how the system should – and would – be changed back to a credit system.

    Do not believe them if they claim not to know what they do; the excuse, given after that meeting – which did not finish till long after the bank had closed for the day – was that they too had debts and families to feed and, what else could they do? They know the game can not last but, hope to avoid a hanging by, hanging in there in hopes they may be dead, or retired, before that day.

    It is your (yes, YOU) duty to hasten that day.

  7. The bible reports that Jesus turned over the tables of the money changers. The word ‘Usury’ was known by the bible authors and the ones who translated scriptures to English–see Leviticus and other books; why then does the bible not refer to those ‘Money changers’ as ‘Usurers’? Maybe they were just changing one currency into another but it seems that modern day commentators like to call them ‘Bankers’ which, in my opinion, is probably true.

    My concept of ‘Bankers’ is ones who lend money and charge interest–not the ones who change one currency for another.

    Changing one currency for another is a necessary service and my God-given logic and reason tells me that those ‘Money changers’ really were ‘Bankers’. This is a most important fact kept from us by the publishers and distributors of the bible so that we would not be alerted to the extreme fraud of the usury banking system.

    We have to question how much more of the bible, particularly the New Testament, is tailored to fit the agenda of the New World Order. After all: the bible emanated from pagan groups, called to affiliate themselves at the Council of Nicaea by Roman Emperor Constantine in 326 AD.The resultant religion was Catholicism and have you noticed how the Bank of England and the White House are built in Roman architectural style; many other official buildings too!!

    Did the disgusting Roman Empire really end or has it morphed into the Anglo-American Empire?

    • Satan’s empires just morph from the one into the other, I guess…………

      About the money changers: I sense, but am not sure, that the money changers raped the public through artificial scarcity of the coins the public needed. Not exactly the same as interest, but quite destructive to the victim nonetheless.

  8. Hello Bucko. You are wasting thought until you agree that money has a God. The name is Moloch. Moloch is the God that causes you to believe in Perpetual, ie national debt, money at interest and stock exchange(swindle) finance. The origin of all pollutions. Your guy in the diaper nailed on two sticks with thorns on his crown tried to explain this. Why don’t you believe? Check Mat 6:12. Thanks RDW

  9. Why people lack this moral empathy of which you speak has to do with a breakdown with our relationship with God as our collective Father. Within this understanding, it is impossible im my view not to see everyone else as a member of your holy family — even those estranged members that reject Christ. Your real family is spiritual, hence universal, and not of the flesh which pertains only to a select few. Christ told this to the Pharisees and this distinction has marked the divide between good and evil in the world ever since.

  10. Nassim Kamdar permalink

    A system that establishes the falsehood of “evolution” to cause us to sever our awareness of God, that promotes submission to our animal instincts instead of being master over them, that promotes obscenity and immodesty in its worst forms while actively demonising modesty and humility, that is the one we live under today. The solution does not lay in making changes or modifications to the system, or trying to make things better from within it; it calls for a complete rejection of the system and to replace it. That is our challenge.

  11. “When the freedom they desired most was the freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free, and never was free again.” Edith Hamilton

    • They never were free, no one is free in a democracy – real name DeMon-oCracy. Domination – Manipulation – Control

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