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Please support the Gelre!

by on May 15, 2012

(left: the Gelre Logo. It says: paying with the Gelre, Regional, Interest-Free and Sustainable)

Free market currencies directly competing with the Banks are the way forward. That is the basic premise of Real Currencies as we have put forward. But we don’t stop there: the Gelre offers a revolution in interest free currency and we need your help in building it.

The Gelre is the first Regional Currency (RC)in the Netherlands. But it is so much more than that: it is the first interest free, free market currency in the world that provides both convertibility to Euro and interest free credit.

The point is this: there are basically two classic models for free market currencies:

The first method is Mutual Credit. Barters around the world operate in this way. The famous Swiss WIR is Mutual Credit based.

The main limitation of this model is that there is no convertibility to other units. This means that participants are forced to limit their acceptance of the unit, to avoid being saddled with units they cannot spend plausibly. This is very damaging for the liquidity (what the currency will buy) of the unit.

A Euro or Dollar backed unit solves the problem of convertibility. Every unit in circulation is backed by a Euro or Dollar. Businesses saddled with more of the RC than they can usefully spend can convert them back to the national currency.

However, no interest free credit is possible: for every unit in circulation, there must be a Euro or a Dollar available.

This is the model of for instance the Chiemgauer, or the Berkshares.

The Gelre combines the best of both worlds!

It provides interest free credit on a Mutual Credit basis. And it is convertible. How it’s done can be read here.

We are very close to completing the necessary programming for the Gelre. But we need help. Two kinds of help:

– Money. We are cash strapped. We need every cent we can get to basically just survive until we can get the program on line and hook up the first few hundred businesses. After that it will be self-supporting through a small fee that businesses will pay.

– Programming help. We are looking for a great PHP programmer who will help us out with this. It needn’t be for free, but we would need a little entrepreneurship. A skilled programmer should require no more than net 40 hours of programming for the task at hand. Please contact me at info (at) if you feel you can be of help.

The Gelre lays the groundwork for a revolution. Everywhere in the world barters are initiated to help alleviate the problems caused by the credit crunch. History shows these units will help, but they will not end the need for national currencies. They are simply too limited.

The Gelre has been built on the answers to the question: How can we build a unit so powerful it can do away with the Banks?

I am absolutely, utterly convinced that the Gelre and the concepts it entails are that answer. It is now all about implementation.

The Gelre technology will be made available for everybody. The goal is to build high powered currencies capable of competing directly with Euro and Dollar in the marketplace.

Everything you have been reading about on Real Currencies is integrated in the Gelre. They tell the same story in different ways. The Gelre is by far the most important of the two as it goes beyond words and will speak a powerful language of its own.

Think of it in this way: we are building a printing press that will provide interest free credit that will buy Euro or Dollar and thus everything else. It will be made available to initiatives worldwide at (close to) zero cost and these regional (but also international Internet based) currencies will allow the people to buy back the world interest free.

People ask me where to put their money when they take it out of the bank. Put some in the Gelre!

I truly believe it is fair to say one would be hard pressed to find a more suitable cause to support in the face of the challenges of our time.

Please spread far and wide.

Thank you very much for reading Real Currencies and supporting the Gelre.

Anthony Migchels

PS 1: A PayPal donate button is available on the right.
Thanks again for donating. Your help is very much appreciated.

PS 2: soon, presumably next week, will move to

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  1. Hi Anthony

    Have you heard of Roger Hayes and his Lawful Bank here in the UK. I’m not advocating it, but I would be interested in your views on it.

    • hi Charles, no I hadn’t!

      But it seems interesting. Apparently he is turning the fractional reserve banking scam upside down by allowing the depositor the tenfold mulitplier of his own money himself. Ie: put money in, and multiply your purchasing power by ten.

      He addresses the key issue, which is interest (as opposed to debt).
      He circumvents the hassle of creating his own currencies, with the low liquidity such units have in the early stages of their development and the opposition through ‘regulation’.

      By definition I have problems with anything working within the current paradigm (as it is just too screwed up), but a quick scan of his system seems to suggest he his going all the way in using its loopholes to its own detriment.

      • I agree with you, as it taints of trying to reform the system which I believe is not possible.

        For me the other problem is if one has no money because the present system has relieved us of all our money or the bulk of our money anyway (as in my case) how do we put money in?

        Again, for me, if any new system is going to work some kind of Biblical Jubilee must be put in place first so that our God given rights to wealth and abundance are restored to us. In the USA they used to use the yard stick of 40 acres and a mule per family as the basic for sustenance and/or survival.

        • Yes, the bondage must go, as must the ancient fortunes. But the latter will automatically disappear when we close the banks, use modern energy resources and reclaim land via landreform.

          Anything within the system is ultimately flawed.

  2. I posted a link to your article on twitter. Might be a good idea to get a Twitter account Anthony. It’s another debt free way to get the word out and build up a following.

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